The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 7
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, rheumatism. feofiistlpatloft RVeftige'height of ,el6uds above U-, is between one and twd mtiea. The Fdepetfds imich (ipofi the season. you to sell fruit tfeea. i Louisiana, Mo.i Roektooft, 111 ^ -- • ' i iKofditti begaa to Wfite whett 1 bid and was earning money writing it ifi«ffiift«8 sou-gfc tt Ifif #taffi, tn«a6fi8f to m&kfi tie |WltMltt» ttil eapi fiatoftt ffifidi aS iabch AIM «V§MJ WaS fcis fifSt dffefiBf ttlS ft« tttftt utft«t, and as fee ducked his head at the VMUdlftg bffiget thef6 1WII ft la his Voice afi he ske the . ....-soft's fcJtagld c*o*a SaHte.* .tiled to cuie ot- money wfutided. Able ymtt I for it. PHoo IB cents. ftolice board of Jersey City is retiring ' because they are getting "too [ 4 Ctt1> of Pttflss* Ten at night moves bwels la the morning." emaii William A. Smith, of ean, began his career as a newsboy (treet popcorn seller. stoPI'eit tff f by Dh Kline's Qrflit rter tu« tjr»t «my '» uiy. ''' lootbnll Idclced in front of 12-year-old ence L'Hoinmedieu's bicvcle in Brook- hrew her off and killed hen panythlngelic death , tecbrded -ifl Washington the other day, was for than three years con» nected with the tfttlted States' sett* ate. He Obtained his military title during the war, WUD u he was chosen commanding officer Of a company of home guards organized at the capltoL 'His first-lieu* tehant was Arthur PUe Gorman, at present the senior senator from Maryland, a'nd who has been connected with the senate ever since he started as.a page, like Capt. Bassett. It was tn 1831 that. Capt. Bassett first attracted the attention of Daniel Webster, who took a great 1 fancy to the lad. At that time the'elder Bassetfr was one of the doorkeepers of "the senate and little Isaac used to come to the building with his father. There was only one page in tho United States senate those days—S. P. Hanscom, who afterwards became one of the editors of the National Republic- Ernest Leverson, who writes so isingly in Punch, is a very pretty nan, qni'.o young, and always beauti- J \, V U^U »' *V1 *** **•*•« — — -— .',• — - ^ ail y accompanied by a hesitaae? el speech, as it uncertain whether his remark's would fall upoii appreciative and "t'mlttf/W hot the day might be Capt, sassett nfcver appeared In the senate chamber unless he was dressed with scrupulous neatness and eare in a suit of blaek broadcloth Even his necktie was of the same satn ber hue, with just a gHmftse ftf Whit shirt and collar visible above th closoly buttoned double-breasted frock coat. , Oespite tho fact that he had been as sociated with senators the greater par of his life Capt. Bassett has never bee accused of presumption, but was alway deferential and unassuming in his de meanor. Ever since he has been about the senate he'has born in mind that speech is silver, but silence is golden, and was apparently deaf,, dumb and blind to all that took place about him. Although Often importuned to write a volume'embodying his recollections, it waa the invariable reply of the good old man that such a project must await his convenience, when he could spare time away from the capitol. in the union, fthdde tfctttd is sinaliest of the states ifi respeet area, e6Vei-lnsenty,i,«a(JsawW6 miles, eftjfi fe a,rth ftttd ws challenge you to while Uelaware'liastJffl^lZAoo, Connect* pfti fa e& & s e «iuai, tcut 4,?00 and MeW Jefsejr 8,300. But tl ^ tfti ^, tt 46tt d 14 cents te staffifts the poulatien of the stat§ is in e*fcess to t ^ e 3^ A. Sake* Seed Cd., Lft of 360,000 and ihct easihg fapidly, DUf- c ^ ss ^, ^{ s ., you will get, free, te*« Tne tmrena weekly.'""*•«*£"*••.; tilS , t&wwtir* o 60,000 an hct eas p, - c ^ ss ^, ^ s ., you w e, ing the first twenty years following the pftc k a g es g rtt { fle and grasses, revolutionary war fehode Islandj which -p eo8 ( ttte stttirt'S'i Giant incarnate became a state in If 90, gained very lit* clov fetdj att ^ QW jaammoth cata- tie in population, and in the year IBTO catalogue be. tot mailing, w.a, the total population Cached oflly 175,- l °B^«- a », r , - ^_. 600, or less thaa half of what it is to- »«t «•• *&"**£**' -n day. With the enormous increase of 8h|-Aia I the first woman you manufactures, however, during and l ° He _.. Y6S( A m I the first man you since the dose of the war, the Indus- i 0 v ? d? . ^. •trial populatioh of tfie Union's small- She (tempestubu^^lfoU ar,e est State, which now has $40,000,000 *» I . ^ <•• invested in the cotton factories, and as la oidcn *tadM much more in woolen mills, has taken feople overlooked the totto rtantc i 6f a rapid Jump upward. Since the taking permanently beneficial effects and were Of the first federal census Itl ItOO, satisfied with transient action i but how when there were on the average sixty- that it is genially know* that Syrup of three persons to the square mile in F i Ba will pertinently cure « 1 ««» ' It wili be ifiteresiiiig, W short 8 Sfetitefide" 6att fce aijsh&fcet. The tfoatte, &i „... be to get to such Inters as *j yi* tJS'CbfagfesSiaafi Bryafi)' wlltt the paper aed pfeaeh^s ffe*silv< age, must have a gddd invefitlf & to devise these novel schemes. The rfeftte&t medicine Is a Wtte Si* WfllifiM TempW, If tlio Baby Is Cutting Teeth, ore and use that old and -Bell-tried remedy. Mas. ow's SOOTHIKO Svnop for Children Teething. le of those fellows who are always Itting up statistics says if 82,000,000 women fould clasp hands they could reach around Be globe. iWe have not been without Piso's Cure Ir onsumption for 30 years.—LIKZIB FBII- L, Camp St., Harrisburg, Pa., May 4, '94. iThewifeof President Cleveland has a ffost mellifluous voice, and an admirer fiys: "Her speech is a continual song lithout words." Comfort to California. Yes and economy, too, it you patronize ,e Buriington Eoute'6 PersonaUv Conduct- i .once-a-week excursions which leave imaba every Thursday morning:. Through tourist sleeperu Omaha to Ban • 'anciBCO and Los Angeles. Second-class and arrange about lickeVand'fcerths. Or, write tj° BA G. P. & T. A.. Omaha. Neb.. ,_ man likes to take medicine unless here is some woman around to see turn ake a face. Cheap Bates te Atlanta and On Dec. 21st, the Monon Route ell tickets to Atlanta at the exceeding- low rate of $16.15 for the round trip. „ _ call on or ad- ress sYdney"-B* Jones, City Passenger- L gent, 232 Clark St., Chicago, or L. B. tssions, Traveling Passenger Agent, iinneapolls, Minn. _ Surely, if all the world was made for In, then man was made for more than Be world. iliould use Hlndercorns. jj orBeB B0 ^ ttt auction in Chilllcothe, f ew days ago at 13 apiece CAPT. ISAAC BASSETT. 3less talking and swearing, any other I braying?— L'Estrange. dollar spent In Farlier'* Olntcer Tonlo II lnvcsie.1. It mbilusa pain, ivnrt brlnas beiWf n, better strength ana better healtli. venue officers captured an illicit still renne&eee recently. It was operated | a church, and a deacon of the church I one of the moonshiners. , he queen of Koumania fairly revels in rature. here is morQ than one food ien. 'will cause the 'body to reaee in weight, A, free pply of sugar will do this; "will tfje, starchy foods;, arn," and some other fats, t to become fleshy, and yet Imain in poor health, is- not [hatyou want, Cod-liver oil Icreases the weight because is a fat-producing f god. But K does far more than this. , It iters, • or Qhanges, the pro- 'es 'of nutrition, restoring normal functions oUhe jrigus prgans-and an, published here until its absorption into the Washington Post, Hanscom was principally occupied on the democratic side of the senate and it occurred to Webster one day that the whigs were being discriminated against in the matter of a page. .Accordingly he made a fight for the appointment of Isaac Bassett, then about 12 years old. After considerable opposition the additional page was ordered. This marked the only stormy passage in the official career of Capt. Bassett. Since the '30s his lines have been cast in pleasant places among dignitaries who have seemed tireless In their efforts to do him honor, When he had completed his fiftieth, year in their service a magnificent silver salver was prepared and presented to him. This he prized the most of all his earthly possessipns. At. another time a magnificent gold snu« box was presented him because of his efforts in behalf of the snuff-takers of the senate. This'recalls the fact that Capt, Bassett's . principal .duty during «th.e letter,* days of the nineteenth century came through his custodianship of the two black snuff poxes in the recesses at the right and left of the presiding officer of the sen^ ate It is one of the traditions of the senate that these boxes were established because of the persistency with wh'ich senators used to borrow snuff from one of the early Vice-Presidents of the United States, Finally patience ceased to'be.a virtue,'and.calling Capt, Bassett to his aiu the presiding officer directed that boxes; of snuff be maintained at the public expense for the use of senators who like, to take a Mtt« np their noses to make them feel ea»jr Cant, Bassett wa§ fgr ye^rs the o»)y snuff-taker left, but about f8 is annual }y investea ia tW» tloWfcg article «< that ft' supply is always an band in f it js ' '- — >-* •Tho'Largest' VOBBO!. One of the largest vessels ever placed in the cotton trade between this country and Europe is the American, recently launched in Belfast. Her total cubic capacity is 587,220 feet, making her easily the biggest ship ever coming to New Orleans. She is 8,200 gross tonnage, 475 feet long between perpendiculars, fifty-five feet beam and depth of hole thirty-nine feet six inches. There are nine engines on her and she Is loaded through six hatches. Her water ballast is 1,500 tons. She can carry 24,000 bales of cotton. present, has, Detained "its" distinction of being the' most closely populated in the g ccro t ar y Gluey 1ms now attained tho I country. Massachusetts has held the distinction of being tho best dressed man second place and Connecticut had the In the cabinet. . third until 1870, when New Jersey EU- FoB j nBJTAt ios o? THE TnnoAT caused by perseded it, and Connecticut fell to Coldoruseof the voice, "Bwum'sBrtmcWat fourth place. Compared With Some Troches" are exceedingly beneficial. European countries, however, the present density of population does not ap-. pear so great. By tho last official enumeration the population per square mile in Belgium was 530 and in England 605. Rhode Island has a water area of 165 square miles, which is more than one-tenth the total surface of the state. The gain in its population has been greatest, of course, in the large cities, but tho manufacturing i-ndu- <*les of Rhode Island are diffused so generally that there are" more than a dozen small towns with rapidly increasing industrial population. Between 1870 and 1890 Pawtucket increased in population from 6,600 to 27,000. Woonsocket from 11,000 to 20,000 and Providence from 08,000 to 132,000. Bristol county, Rhpdo' Island, which is south of Providence on the Massachusetts border, has an area of only twenty-five square miles, whereas New York, prior to the annexation of the new Westchester territory, -had a land area' of forty square miles. An erroneous notion prevails In many quarters that what regulates the density of population in a state or county is the compact habitation of all parts of it, but the fact is that a high percentage of population to the square mile comes from the number of cities and towns within the state or county, and railroads or waterways account largely for-these. No Witter. In India one of the severest punishments meted out to a convert to Christianity is cutting off his access to the village well. His family is compelled at once to tramp through hot sun, and with a heavy water pot, to some distance to get whatever water they use for bathing and cooking. This is all against the law, but sometimes the persecution is so severe as to compel a return to the forsaken faith, or exile from the village. To prevent : th>s the missionaries often have to engage, in behalf of their converts, in long and bitterly fought contests. Most of these persecutions are instigated by a lew high-caste people, who virtually owa the villages, and the majority of the Villagers are usually glad to see the cases decided in favor of the converts. LUMBAGO, LAME BAD/.,STIFF NECK, and nothing: w promptly , ' ;;^S'i ST. JACOBS OIL !••••»••©•••••»•«•« When answering ndvertlsements kindly monUon esuretobrirj 'arid no other, font is Ought to Potassiumorthodinitrocresolate is the name of a new antiseptic discovered in Germany, but as it is intended to be used generally it is also called anti- nounin. One part of the substance is from 1,500 to 2,000 parts of soapsuds, is destructive to all the common parasites injurious to plants, Yeast used in jrewing remains fresh for a long time when treated 'With it; it destroys' all bacteria, and yeast can endure a solution as strong as 5 per cent of the sub" stance. Jt is odorless and very cheap. The Re Kept His Word. It was a sailor, up before a London judge for assault. He got ball, and was dismissed, pending trial. He disappeared, and his bondsmen might well have worried, especially had they known that he had gone, on some business, to Cardiff, 170 miles from the court room. There he found himself 10 CENTS almpst.ppnnilees and tbe.,dayfori thei 'trial approaching. What did he do?; He set out to walk the distance, ,ltj took him seven days. To get food, ibe pawned most of his clothes, For the fast two days of bis toilsome journey hefcr CABLED FIELD AND c v**fi > * ffr^* *H™ • • - te.n dollars from the poor box. LCpdHiver CHI, with hypo,^ ihQ§»§»,; . it' la bwauw ef , ings;'* .First tbei Sifff^h 1 & ^w&BJSJ i;p$ip9$ ! ' $ *PW$ $W, 1-, » Mwt$m?!wm- .,. »*![,««»»»-:"'*'_ _• -j , _ t_ ^ 'ftWt'el tup PJWWI WVej DE KALi \\4* „„,„, *,,..,,.,. Ills Sentejuse, A man wno eighteen years ago was senteneefl to serve a year in the penitentiary, but wnp had been at hope ever since, no effort ever buying bes'n made 1,0 take biw to, jail, -appeared before Governor Brown 9* Kentucky a y.epk agp and asked, that he be pernjjtted to serve Ws terjn or else that be be par* do,ned,' The mm said th&t to 1877 a JW fQUU4 WW H-*'~T . -y; cutting and. he WAS ae»te»ceft, t9, a ,.,»§.' ,."»i 'ifp- •*•*".,.**•»,PPI »^i53xw'5»- k .J5fc«i;?an3i»¥IwfB

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