The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 5
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IVfVGU aa»U\S UUJO ClUU. UbUVi ywwfi «{ftt fBtefSsVaftef wfeifcfi ifte Itc'lioft Mete Last in flfteefi tbepviile will go dfy ftf!» Such is the decision nf „{• lofii fend J§ lh§ 6ttt85me of the in* fe'tioH pfodeediBgS begfltt' recently tO 6Ut3 Urtll I) 11 I»UO lUOUJUUio TT**E CIIIWTT «- Hitle wafts %i>lhti$lasm- IB the flatter of beld iR W^leyjgggjjiffig ta June. •DEAffi OP BAtlfi ilflst the $sth8i?ville saloons, kf ton gave a hearing to the ed parties Ott Friday add Saturday Bast week tit Algdna,- Ht which a i number of witnesses' were exam* land several affidavits read, As Jht be expected the evidence was Bfllcting, but the prosecution sucked ih convincing the court that an Junction would be a good thing, and t order was granted closing the sa§as until the next term, of court In btnet county, which conies in two Ieks. A Large army of legaU talent Is on hwnd for the battle, which was ,ught for all there was In It. Messrs, lim'and .Dow represented the prose- Btion, which is backed by the law and fder league of Estherville, while Geo. I Clarke and Attorney Penli conducted ne defense. . |Tbe trouble, which has already .as- iimed considerable proportions, seems, I nearly as-can be learned, to have -bme about chiefly as a resultof the ad- tent In Estherville of Evangelist Williams, who did a land office business in She matter of converting sinners, no less than 400 having been turned from fheir evil ways-by reason of his magnetic influence and the lucidity with vhich he was enabled to present his fcause. Thereupon the'law ; and order fieague was organized and war Upon the fsaloons was begun, all very commend- f able in its way, providing the saloon •keepers'were-guilty as charged. A treading of the Estherville papers shows f that much bad blood has been engend- fered, though it is hardly likely . that Ithe town is In such a state of siege as finight be imagined. As viewed .by an Rbutsider it is simply an effort on the f part of the opponents of the saloon sys- Itern to close the places where liquors fare dispensed-, illegally as they claim. ! This is a fact to be determined by the I court, and the hearing will; : be had at ttheir next term of.court. .;.. I'.. The question of whether the saloons §were operating legally under the "con- J sent" or mulct regulation was at first a ? part of the proceedings', r bul, was waived "pending the determination of the questions as to whether they were selling i to minors and habitual drunkards. I, The "consent" question will be likely i to come up at a later date. At any rate S-It is a lively war, tbe outcome of which f will be watched with interest. As Soei? In Estliervlllo. ,;'•' /The Vindicator,,:;!!!!; .waiting of-the I matter, says: Acting 'for a special fJcommittee of the law and order league, Attorney Dow went to Algona Friday, with affidavits in proof of illegal selling, to consult Judge Quarton, and to secure a temporally injunction if possible. The judge granted the injunction sought. Saturday morning the injunction papers were placed in the hands of Deputy Sheriff Jehu for service; but the saloon men, having; secured information of what was going on, closed' up ' their places of business and disappeared so that service could hot be made. ^n the meantime their attorney, A. J. "Pann, telephoned over to ' Judge Quar- ,-,ton and secured a temporary stay of in- function proceedings until .Friday pf f this week, on condition, so the prosecuting, attorney states, -that, the .defendants should appear and permit service of the injunction aqd would, im- 'mediately file counter affidavits, ' w.ith the -judge. The saloons were then opened an,d 'selling .proceeded 'fpr a short time. But for some reason or otheritbe injunction,paper.6" were pot 'served.''Attorney Dow then went'be- t 'fore Justice Salisbury, and .procured tb,e \ igsue of search warrants,'; The papers were placed>'in the hands'- of; Cpnafahle i» Williams; but, rather than -have their igoods molested, .the keepers agreed to iclose, The city was thus twice wet and ftwlce'dry in the same day, Monday fforenoon the defendants secured, from IJudge Quarton injunctions restraining fjustice Salisbury and Constable Williams from further action In the matter. ' > matter was then , allowed to rest •v«uii'tomorrow, when the case ';yill be [tried on .its merits before Judge "Quar- tqn at Algona. • Money, I have unlimited money to Igap on |opg or short time. xJ, Yv, ,; WE make a specialty P f - JJoufl & Haggard, , A^-fty Silcldeiiij 1'esterdny ftt iteekfrifd* llli Ga^ld buttoii dieil yesterday at the hdnie of one o! his daughters at &oek- ford. 111, - He was Otie of the early set* tiers of the county, and lived on his farni iti old IfVifigttJh (later Sherman) foi'hmtiy years, where' he prospered financially and was well'todo in the material things which go* to make up the sutn of human happlfiess. Two years ago he left the farm 'and built a house at Ifvingtofi station", where he hoped to enjoy thg fruits of his lottg labors, Last April Mrs. Dutton died, and since that time Mr. Dutton has showed signs of rapid failure. Not long Hffo he started for Chicago in Search of medical treatment, but got only as fur as Bock ford. The telegram received by his relatives here" gave simply the announcement of his death, but it is known that he has suffered for some time with stomach troubles. The remains are expected 'to reach here today, In Mr, Dutton's death another of the pioneers passes out. He was a genial, big'hearted, upright man, such ns is well fitted for the development of a new section. He wns nearly 60 years of age, and as nearly as can be learned at present had been in this county upward of 30 years. He was held in high esteem by all his neighbors, and it was a common remark that David Dutton's word was as good as gold. Seven children survive him, residents respectively of Georgia, Illinois, nnd. West Bend, Irvington, and Algona. It is not now known when- ;the funeral will take place. . • • '• '. -'Money. ' , ' : I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. Gj-Chubfo^hattmaBj , .*he sftme members were present as last year, fthd Mf, Chubb cbntltities lil the same posi* tiofl he* has so efficiently filled befofe, ¥he busiuess bf the session has been to" TSrflltf&tt "Mm** nvwa u ' ifc etefy direction* bfft .... jj BftctJff ahd th« B«hy^ ^m the rodhi, escflp-ed ttBinio'Mts Defies WefietfatSd 1&6 fceillBj* Sttd sid6 walls. Thafc all escaped ts«iHr "" i " tj " ly (filled ' ' • ' " -*•••••*-- chiefly routine. A bills We^e allowed. lafge hum'beF of ft. H. Spencot-, tfatutttfe*, . . I. fi.D W. B. H. , , deputy,-.... orse. eotneft . . , 00 w. jail m ivLuroo, uuiuuoit., «-3, W, Statt, toWtishh) cieth »00 0.0. Sainsoh, sherlrtj °.ooo IfioeTt. C0nsta,bi6, i ' • • B?0 500 SOO 500 1,000 500 500 .WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. WE'RE here now, but Jan. 20 we will be opposite the postoffice. M. Z. Grove &,Son, Opera House Grocery. GIRL wanted to do general housework. None but a competent one need apply. ' MRS. J.-J> WILSON. -•. JOHNSON'S sweet apple cider at the City Bakery.-34 , . . NEAPOLITAN Pistachio and crushed almond ice the City Bakery, CLOAKS, cloaks, Capes, capes, capes! at Gillbraith's. cloaks, cloaks! by the wholesale • Money Sav.ed, without a doubt, by buying your groceries of Anderson & Stebbins, south of the court house. FOR time loans on real estate .apply at Kossuth-County State'Bank... JUST arrived this morning at Galbraith's, something for the children in the line of cloaks and jackets. •• MACKINTOSHES in single and double texture, lined and unliiied, all colors and sizes, at Galbraith's. $1O,000 to Jjoan on town property. DOXS.EE & FOSTER. Will yoHi 1 widow dress as well vip wife ^pes? Make :,3ura , that illby-a'poUoy >ja,t-he .. T r --------------- as "INGOMAB." Masterly Presentation of the Play Monday JCvenliiK-Blll for the UB- ' muluder of the Week. The crowded house that was out Monday evening to see "Ingomar" found no occasion for compliant, One must judge of the acceptance of a play by its effect upon' the ' audience, and using '-his as a criterion It must be said to have given perfect satisfaction, Jdti Van Cortland is no straijger to Algona, and in her " Partheuia" she added new laurels to her already well established reputation here. Her acting is superb. Mr, Butler's "Ingoinar, the Barbarian," ranks up among the very best, He has a masterly conception of the part, and those who have seen the character as portrayed by other flrst- class artists pronounce his eaual to any, Last night "Forget Me Not" was presented, together with some specialties between acts which were highly ap- preoiated, On the whole the company is doing excellent work, and those who fail to see them during the week elm- ply miss anopporjmpity to witness some. of tlae best dramatic work that has ever been brought to our city. A splendid bill is unnpunoed for the remainder of the WQek, Tonight will be giv^n" John Peyton's Wite," a do- comedy in ,fovu' -'act?;. tomorrow P, W. ColewftB, stWMe, A. F. Stelmbttrg, asssssof,. B. P. Reed, sujierintetiaent, A, C. Mersali, consUble,.. . S< K. Gaard, justice .» . H nrtn A, O. Johtsotti assessor, i J'X, S; 0. A. Te'lHefi Biirveyoi 1 , • 1,000 SHESlFP OfrflCE' RECEIPTS. Sheriff Satnson's report for 1805 showed a total received of $1.394.89. The sheriff's salary is $400 and fees, a total of $1,794.89, which Covers the deputy's salary. . six MONTHS' CLERK FEES. Clerk Crose reports fees from June 10, 18!)5, to Jan. 1, 1896, at $501.70. ROUTINE MATTERS. Geo. Turner is allowed $10 Der month to care for Mrs. Turner, providing she Is discharged from the asylum and returned to her home in Algona without additional expense to the county. The classification "of personal property of 1890 is same as in 1895. Irving Dodge is i-e-nppoinled deputy treasurer, .-•'., ,,i u > ' A-road-asked .by-Frank Nlcoulln in Plum Creek is laid if he pays all costs. Clerk's fees from Sept. 9 . to Nov. 9, $59.65. •-". /.. •."•• . ..-' E. H. Cltirke's annual report as justice for 1895 was approved. . Clerk's fees from Nov.' 11 to Jan. 1, ffilBoad asked by,L. Ertl laid as asked. The county will help Henry Blinkman with his eyes. The auditor is authorized to. investigate and make necessary expenditure. Blinkman is granted $8 a month until further notice. , Road asked by J. B. Sexton laid as asked. • ____________ SEVENTEEN TBAK8FEBS.. Doxsce•• * Foster's Reiiort for llu- Woclt Shows Some.Healthy Ijiuicl Transactions. John Adams to AWlo O'Rourko, lot 3, blk 8. Germanla. -.; • •. • • A D ClarUe'to Frederick ^ohweider- ososk}, blk 03, 03, Call ad Algona. .... 2oO 0. C. Samson sheriff to Citizens Hank of ^ Decorah, nw nw, s'/ 2 nw 27 00,28...... 2,877 R. H. Spencer to G. Cowles, se. sw 8-08, 27, e!4se 38-95, 28. ....:.... State of Iowa to Philip Dorweiler, u'/4 ne 10 05, 30..... •••• — Jas. Callanan"to Henry Brullns, \v/» ne 3-08, 28..-.. .-.M......--1,03 Frank Secor to E. J. Murtagh, sw 0-07, _ 29 ' !J,7oO A. D. Clarke to Chester H. Giles, se ne ey s sw ne 34-100, 20.....; ............. S. Braker to Michael Bonstetter, ne SO- _ 05,80 • • •••• *' SO ° Joseph Steinberg to Nelson MeAuluch, wl70^anw5B9, 29...........:.,...... C. B. Matson to Harvey Ingham.und n'/s n swlS-100, 30 vir-nb 1 ' W.-V. WilcoxtoThos. Gray, s'/4 25-98, _ 29 8,000 John Kampmeyer to John P. Bollig, s'/$ 10-98, 30 • .;;,• 7 ' 040 Toopold Stolz to Peter Koppen, se 32- , •• 100,'27 •'••• 4 i 100 Henry Kllngelhqfer to Theb. Schumaker • . el*nw-82-1)5, 30 1,840 B. f. Curtis to Frank Weliner et. al, wl& . SW 27-90, 28...V 1,*40 Citizens' Bank Decorah to FranlrWei- mer etal, nwnw sH nw 27-90, 28...... 2,100 Money. : I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J. J. RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. OYSTERS—standard and .select—in bulk, at the City Bakery.-34 1ft.flf*--"'*'-^™-- ja ' >Jp ""' J ' J ~"TlrJTnrTff-1fJJmlimJi.-Wr j rTli|- * ^ " ' * " ' *, f t And tbe expenses of making the loan catf be paid at optidB !tf the borrowed tnterest payable annually Unless oihef* wise preferred. "The loan can be paid in whole or in part ftt any interest date; Soxife & BfttiMsoK. TfiE cheapest place in town to btty vour ehok'e Xmas meats ahd poultry— burkeys, ducks, and geese, home-muds tnihce meat, hbtne*taado stttJaHpe of nil kihds, Special'ft tlentitffi t6 telephone orders. , Prompt delivery. MOB SROS.' ^Ti^^tfSS, »*,»;>• f*-V £Y$$Jj iHu'.kwlient ^ At the New Daisy--MilIs. We furnish the flbur—you do the. rest.—40 PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Judge Quarton is holdl«g court at Kolfo this w'eek. Mrs. llev, Sinclair cnme last week, and houBukeepIng ivill begin siion, Arthur Gillespie was over from Spencer tills weok, the guest of Guy Taylor. Mr, Brown of Ellendale, N. D., is a guest of W. W. Annis. Their wivesare relatives. Mias Edna Luntr.V is down from Minneapolis fora visit at the T. H. La n try home. Miss Jessie Stevens of McGregor is M guest at the homo of R M, Taylor, her uncle. She came Wednesday. Miss Lilian McColm, who hiia been .(siting her uncle, Cfurdner Cowles, reiurnud to her home in Foi't Dodgu Monday.-; <•: -Th'o". TIiHchison is' down from "St. Paul for a short vihit. He is; old- timer here, and son of oho of ( Algomi's flrbt settlers. Miss.Edna Molntyre has returned to Clilcago. She haa chargar"if Jus. .Taylor's millinery 'department d uriug the busy season. , MK nnd Mrs. A. J. Robinon of Bi'itt came 'We'dnesdiiy for the BM.rlli.Mt- Clai'ko wodding. • MTU-. Dr. Coliiy otune from Clear Lake, Miss Edna Wutorhouse rrotiirnetV'tb Minneapolis Fridiiy, after a pleasant visit wilh old friotids. She occupies a position as'stenographer in the "Soo" railway offices. J. W. \Vadsworth 'wont to Dos Moincs Monday, and wllt'-.-ropruBept Kossuth county at the annual meeting of the etato ngrlcult'ural Boclety. The..meeting is'espeotud to be a lively ene. . Misses Louise McCoy,- Alice Wadsworth, and Mabel.arid Ruby Smith returnee! Monday morning; t-o thoir school, work nt Minneapolis^.-•' Miss Mnrne Farrc'll went to her., homo at-Mason Clty-yesterdsiy, and by this time most of the students who spoilt.the'- holidays at home have resumed their studies. turning out a fin© _ . and at prices to suit th© times, Fancy Patent, par sack, , , White Daisy or Full Patent, , Choice Baker's, ,,.'.,., Try It Every Sack Warranted. This MeattS that if it does not suit, you t ^Jj can bring it back and get your money.'^gr • . 'M Goods. o o CJ '(5i'^_$ o ; : ;H P^ :fV|l a^ay • • !'<$"% BUY your goods at the Opera House Grocery whjle it stays. Wanted— A Cook, An experienced woman cook wanted. Good wages and steady employment to the rigV|t party. Address or inquire at A. JBulbert's restaurant, Algona.— 4Qt3 Dissolution Notice. The firm of Parish & Frowns dissolved on the 27th day of July, 1895. All bills owing to the late firm able to Parish & Frise, butF. L. Parish will pay all the firm's indebtedness. 4013 B. A, FHISE, Foi$ SALE — A house and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F. JJ, Vesper.-29tf _ IN addition to a large assortment of popular styles in jadies' jackets we are showing » big line of misses' and children's garments. Galbraith & Co. Uacpu Uurt at Wesley, The Wesley Reporter of last Friday gives the facts regarding a bad- accident at Wesley: About 6 o'clock this something got wrong with the hot water apparatus connected C. Bacon's cook stove, and as Fred .wag s,toop}Rg down to soe what was mattejp the s^ove' exploded, Htera. Winter Carnival, St. Paul. For this occasion excursion tickets can be'sold-to St. Paul :. and return by the C., M. & St. P. By.,. Jan. 20 to 30, inclusive,'good to-return on or before Jan. 81, at one and one-third fare. In addition to these arrangements excia 1 - sion tickets cnn nlso bo sold on Jan. 21, 24, and 30, good returning day fol-. lowing day of sale,-at one fare for the round trip. •' H E - KN EW • J ERSEY EGGS. The Wise Printer Could Tell by Their Bizo and Shape, Two printers lunched at a'Park row- restaurant the other day. One ordered "beef and" and the other two boiled eggs. When the eggs were placed before the one who ordered them, he said to his companion, -"Why, those are Jersey eggs." "How do you know they are Jersey eggs?, ..They might have been laid in Pennsylvania or Kentucky for all-you. know." "Well, I guess not. Those eggs came from Jersey, and I know it." To prove it the proprietor was called into the discussion, and when asked he said the eggs were Jersey eggs. Then the egg eater explained: "Over in Jersey the farmers, or some of them at least, use a board with holes, large and small, bored in it. All eggs that Will go through the small holes are sent to market, and those which will only go through the large holes we reserved for home consumption." Another printer devised ft scheme for procuring good butter at his boarding house table. The landlady had two tables for her guests ranged oue each side of a large room. At one the women bparders and married couples sat,- while at the other table the bachelors were placed. At the women's table there waa •always good butter, but at the other the fcutter was emphatically inferior, A printer boarder suffered Jong and patiently, hut at last he rebelled. He went the' -diwjig vobw juet before dinner jone" "evening a.j$ pranged, tb,e butter .1 QUO table to; the,. $h,er, A howl !rom~the women's" table shortly after had the desired effect, butter wna of equally go°4 °jwl- ity at' both tables thereafter,- "— Journal, i Walker Bros. TELEPHONE IT MAY DO AS MUCH FOR YOU. Fred Miller of Irving,'111., writes that he bad a severe kidney trouble for piany years with severe pains in his baok, and also that his bladder was affected. He tried many so-called kidney cures, but without any good result. About a year ago he began the use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapted to the cure of all kidney and liver troubles, and of ten gives almost instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price, only 50o for large bottle at Br. Sheets' drug store. 6 KNIGHTS OF THE JIAQQABEES, The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "After trying other medicines for what seemed to ,be a very obstinate cough in our two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and'at the end of two days the cough entirely left them. Wo wiP not be without it hereafter, as our experience proves th,at it cures where all other remedies fails'—Signed F. W. Stevens.State Com.—Why not give this groat medicine a trial, as it IB guaranteed and trial bottles are free at Li. A. Sheetz' drug store. Regular size 50o, and f 1. 6 BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALYE. The best salve iu the wprld for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay requireq,. It is guaranteed to give perfept satisfaction or money refunded. Price 35o a box. Sold by L..A. Sheetz, Hran! Foed! Sliortst Now prices at the New Daisy Mills, PROFESSIONAL. ' • > l ^^^~ f *~^^ n **^^^~*^'*^^~****-'*>- f *>~r*+*+-^^ i ""'«"•& i*' CLARKE & COHENOUR; ' , '• '4^$ ATTORNEYS AT ' LAW. • ,f*J$i ' 'feSs Office over First National banlt,'Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, '• • '/.^'l ATTORNEY 4T LAW., /w| Collection agent. Opera House Wocli!-., • , ,>_ „ > . . , ;— ',>,£, S, S, SESSIONS, , ~i^ ATTORNEY AT 'LAW.* , .Uj Prompt collections. Money' to loan oh chattel, -» *J security. Over GhrischiUes 1 store. • * " /^t 'DANSON & BUTLER, , • ' • \ ^/^ LAW. LOANS, ZASfD.l'.'fyffi Collections a, specialty, i -ti .^ m "• }'\>tC Office In GardneivCowles 1 n^w bullfllns. c, < •" r 'k?»Js T!' '!-i\?ffffi " * - * vj 1 fit.» , SULLJVAN & Mc.jyiAHON^ t » *t-fV'-^ ATTORNEYS"'*!*, '.£<A,W,l,]'^^. Office Jn Hoxle-Ferpuson bUck, RAILWAY TIME CARPS, CniOAUO, JIHWAUKEE & ST. PAUL, J.OCAL TJIMNS WEST. No, 1 depart^ at ...................... 0;08ara No. 0 departs at .............. , ....... * '•"* P TO Freights tli^t ciirry passensei's— No, 03 departs at...... .............. ll:55a,jn Np,71 departs at ..... ,.., .......... 6;40pm - NQ, 3 departs at,,, ..... ,..., ......... No, i departs »t ....... „ ..... „,,..,. o:04pm -Freights that oavry passengers— Np,7« depots ivf...... ..,'., ......... 8;20pm tfp. pidepav^sat,,.-.. ........... .-• 1/46BW .. B. F. / Ageut. «v<:^ '•-';$£ GEO; R. CL,OUD, ., [Successor to W, 9, Quarton,] >. • ,. -^ Attorney and Counsellor at Law,' •' ,''rf) ' ' , ',''-', :if , IOWA, ' ''- ' f *' Office over ICossuth Opuuty State Pank, E,, V, ATTONEY AT' a, Iowa, F, L, TRjeQN, M. P,J PHYSICIAN AND Office and resiaence to-tba posto'a -^idpte'',, 1 ^^ • L, Qfflce, gtate at, OIIQ 4001- PMt/% Oflyd^ley, ''-M Re^deRce^ jr, M fc" •>" ;*m tearing it tp piece?; , . night,-" The New Magdajep," a dra- above the eye and Friday night, tbfl b,e»W"fm sp- ' pieces of tb.9 etove with Pass, ......... , Freight, , . . , . .0 1»0 , comedy *« Qu,een,a,-5» Gilberts, famQW comedy, d Gala.1;eaJ', waUnee, wm o,'olQek.fa$ * which' ,y?J be, ' , . . .... , . . . t8« B m FreUrtU , . . . - ,,7 $3 p m ass, arrives ^t D&ioagp at 7 a mi arjlyes at ' A e»ok of flour, 6§c, JUST think, of Awarded Highest Manors on Hlj Pefe»t, E?-Sepator Ingalls, speaking of bis 4efeat at Topejta. jn 1890 weu be was ^-ejection, <?ame Jtt au<J J ea;W JiQW Qyep >YW a»4 wUjit tQ TO^be en4'o| 1§ yeas' jice jja tbe Anej?ica» senate, njy th flyer ana F f " R,, 'iw • g9W|f to hto-

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