The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 2
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Cftfif wBi feruttttly fcMftttltcd in her S'V'-'J^iJd Vo« tie* tftfUfeft. ihS hftd a tostttlm&l'fleo, attd ltd he i pny H f Shu wfoto to ft girl • hi BoiJft Maine, t« whew he wai» - I _, w ..^i1, JiM loW her uottio to'«t» >ott« r <Hjfntotf YOB <tef ttoidon'ii history which Hfc WftS nttXlrttlm to hnvo concealed, ;• Veti 4at* IteWdti Jont no time In gelling Abotit Jo o'clock p, m. •g, Hhoftang's house ^ find announced his ' ^POfcejtteo toy Ifflocking her down. After ,,jMlftnnoHhg i h'er to his heart's Content he dwtggod her into tho hack yard, tore 1 off hot- clothing nnd pounded Her until nhe wn» hlaak nnd blno< About 8 n, m. he returned nnd gftvo tho woman another thf fishing, nnd droxv a Yovolvor, wllli which ho threatened to Wll her. This time Cnplnln RettBlo nrvlvctl on tho scone In time nnd arrested Von'dor lleldon, against whom , He preferred rv clinrgo of nhsnult nnd bttttery In \pollpo court. Von dor 'HoltWi wnsWind guilty nnd pent to jnil for thlvtjf dnya, CURTIS KEEPS HH9 SECRET, ***** m&r ttmrden, in eottnty, , ttef ndutli paft of It Wa*th6 result b? ft neighborhood quaffel. ftidf 6Wfcf is «i pettceabic colored eitfgeti, whd lives nloue. It 1ft said Wallers *as Iflng abwsect ttttrl threatetted his life. , He went to Ridtfeway's hotis6 and threat* dnod to kill him. Ridfeway warped him awny, but he persisted, until ttidgeway drew a gun and ehot him iti the abdomen. The wound is ft bad one but the doctor* think Wallers will recover. Rtdgeway gave himself tip. lie hud a henrlng and gave bonds of 8fiOO for his nppearatieo. • TWO IOWA SUICIDES. Not twonty.flvo Oralnn of Mofplttntt Touch nn OttnmWn Mitti. OTTUMWA, Jnnttnry 0.—Tho fact that a mnn can lake twenty-five grains of morphine nt n single dose and live has been demonstrated. "William Weir, the mnn who, as It was thought, attempted suicide, Is recovering and declares he did not take tho drug with suicidal Intent, but thought it Wan a seidllts »o Throw Any t-lfitnt On III* K|R- tory, .Tnn\uiry 4,— While R. U, Cw'vtis was iKilnfr subjooted to the rigid uxnwInntUm incident to his uclmishlou toncnnl wwitwlo, he fnilod to give i\«y<1c«nitofnc«s of his history. As IHWo In Uno\v» of tho mnn now us nt. any «vcvUm« tiww. nnd nothing 1ms \>oo» known of him prior to n few recent yonva. JJu sttitwl Ihnt ho wns l»qm in NovwnlU, Ohio, He is ontered upon Hio pviMUi recowl ns U. It. C\\rtis, nlins 11. R fowtt, When nsUed whoro they Muiuttl write or tolweruph to llnd }\\s, volutlvea In e«w vf slcknoHs, ho told th'e prison nuthnrltU>i» to notify his nt- twwy. J« L, Sheonn. If ho ninkes his Rood ti»»vo ho will \w disohiivtffd from tho prison Soptemltov Ift, 1S09. He told Donwty Warden Andrew thut Iw had not been fairly t rented in Amunosn. There wivs no sympnthy for him. He probubly bo sol to work nt the qunvry nnd X'O given the benefit «ir «nd exercise* Wii.MAMsntino, .Tcnnnry 0,— George lTcrber,v nbou£ .40 years old, well drcBSod, cnme here from Anmna. Ho eomplninod of sleeplessness, ate breakfast and soon nfter was discovered in his room (loud with his thi-oat cut and a riiEo'r in his hand. . No cause is assigned. his hnud. IT IS L. D. RAYMOND. OhoUson AppulntR tho Solillora' Homo Tru»«oo. MOINKS, January 5.—Governor Jnokson hus appointed L..B Raymond, of Hnmpton, a trustee, of the Marshalltown Soldiers' Home, to take the place of RcprcHontntivo-oloot N. A, Merrill, of DeAVltt, who resigned a few days itgo to tnke up his duties ns a member of tho next general assembly, "Mr. Raymond will serve the four months of Mr, Merrill's unexpircd term. Ate »r««ri»S of DAWSON GETS IT. to thw by flrt UOSS VERY HEAVY, by t Summit two othw hriuk blocks and buildings \wv destroyed Yw a time the entire business \ was threatened, a timely | Tho RtUtronil .CnwiuU»Um»riliIp Goes Itrvmrr Cmiuty. DKS MOIXKS, January 3. — Governor Jackson has appointed Ed, A. Duwson, Of Waverly, Bremer county, railroail commissioner, to suecewVCaptuin J. W. Lnke, deeeusecl. Mr. 15;i \vson is of tho fu'ia of VN'Vs A Dawson, and is ubout i5 years of agc.^ ______ _ ___ JanttWy 4,*-Late leave 'na dsilbt that the testiff ent« in Iftrfft fd¥66 ata ia the .province of Havana and ftfe fegfettd over a wide space, theif fear guards stretchifag back into Matanfcas province, While theif vangttar A is ai Agiifleatej a town of some importance oii 'the failroad iltte betweeta Matanaas and Havana and only a little ovof thirty miles from Havana. Apparently the full force of the insurgents is engaged 'in this renewed incursion towards Havana. But they maintain the same scattered for* matlon, divided into columns, which proved so effective in carrying them Into tho immediate neighborhood of Matanzas, the different columns apparently retaining the intuitive faculty of knowing the whereabouts and needs of each other, nnd thus being able to co-operate with one another and avail themselves to the fullest of the flents and 1 diversion's Whieh'the different • columns carry out for the assistance of tho others. The Spanish commanders are apparently unable to cope with this style of warfare or to check tho destructive advance of. tho insurgents. which is ndw once more directed straight to Havana. OSO.OOO MORE IS DONE. Er-Treiisurcr Uolltn, of Oniithn, Is Charged With Heavier Theft*. OMAHA, January ft. — Several months ago City Treasurer ^Bollin was forced to turn the office over to his bondsmen When a defalcation of §25,000 was found. A committee appointed by the city council at once commenced an investigation and has delayed its report from month to month. A report was to have been made Ihst night, but nt the last moment the committee noti- iled the council that the report -must again bo postponed. In explanation, the committee said that a new and unexpected discrepancy had been found. This would indicate a big additional shortage in the city treasury. In cheeking up tho entries on the books an unaccounted account of 577,700 was unearthed by the experts, and the money 'Which it is said to represent has completely disappeared. W r hen questioned as to this entry Bookkeeper Fead simply admitted that he had written down the figures' probably be- sa\jse they were necessary to make the recounts \nlnnea. »f ABltinvr^wM 3&WOW' , ,. develafid has Issued his ptwdwBfcMoB declariflgtJtftha state 6f tof J^ the flew dottl5tittitioa t which was brought hefe twb wefeffs »toee hjj'. to* Utah eommisslonef s, Jertold R. Letcher and fiwyt Sherman, nephew of Senate* John Sherman o! Ohio, had previously been examined by the president and Attorney General ttai-mon, who found them to bo in all respects i« accordance With the terms prescribed in the enabling act. ^ AWFUL DISASTER. Nine Meh Canglit Ih a Cave-id attd Fon* safely Ueititi Victon, Col., January 0.—A terrible accident occurred at the Anna Lee mine of the Portland Company, on Battle Mountain. Nino men were caught in a big cave-in, and four who were on the cage when the ground gave way, are probably dead, Five others, who were in the mine, are also supposed to he dead. It may take a Week for the rescuers to reach them. TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Mollcf Explosion In ft foanut Moose KUli nt I oust n t)o*eti. , ST. Louis. January 3.—Five men arc known to be dead, ocvcn bodies arc supposed to be in the burning . debris nnd thirty people are injured as the result of an explosion of the boiler in tlio basement of the Anchor Peanut Company. The business houses of the Little & Becker Printing Company, Standard Wire Company, Leavison & Blythe, stationers, were also involved. RUSSIA IS A'FTER INDIA. SSSsssSiA ASHSflTos, Decombef ei.- resolution providing for the roorgan «ation catenate on the lin*. arranged by ho republican steering committee, trtrfcB wonld place the republicans in .control After two hours debate the resolution *fta adopted. Adjourced. •WAsmsotoN, toocembor 81.—SENATE— Several resolutions *ere introduced and debated end referred to committees, niter which the senate adjourned until Iriday n6 Ho'tJ3B-After the rending of tho journal the house adjourned until Friday next. •WASIIINCITOX, January B. —SENATE.—Elkins sought to secure an immediate vote on his resolution directing that all bonds issued be advertised and the bonds offered to the public. Hill opposed it. Sherman made a vigorous address favoring it and upon a vote only Chilton, Caffery, Hill, Mitchell, of Wisconsin, Murphy and Brlco voted against it. George introduced and asked unanimous consent for the present fonsideration of a bill to repeal tho Inw which requires proof of tho loyalty during the war of the rebellion ns a pro-requisite in any application for bounty lend wnr.'a^Jn to soldiers in the Mexican wnr. IV -"passed. Adjourned till Tuesday distasteful to the fort* ^MESON ACTS ALON .1* BREVITIES. the town, the C, A, llousts . S50.0W. Eight other lost their stocks of uior- in the SwmmU house Vlwk «utl the Icvst tibaost totally. The lw, Cottvnv sS: Waok's jri\> J, \V, rh^ny, drutfjrfcrtJ Kunath total loss \v|tl» InswrftttW at a taut ROPE FOR A DEPUTY SHERIFF, OPPOSES SALISBURY. marshal »o«a Coxiwty* aw* M, A, \va*j\ vie* ^rcs^eui o£ th<* O*s,ta»a Savings lfc»ak, of Mr. to the to, Josoph K. Matthews, who killed his wife with an ax in Jefferson'county iu has just died at Anamosa. At Bubuque recently Judge Shi- iS sentenced Prj»nk McUivern, cou- of alvstraeting a registered letter he Dnbnque postotttoe, to two years at Anamossi. Sentence was suspended on good behavior. 15\wy ivafter of this ps»per, who is a western fiunuer, living on his own farm, and who is not a subscriber to sjuuple copies of that practical farm journal sent to his address on trial, free, by simply sending,on a ixvstal eanl his name aad ptostoftieo address to the IOWA HOMKSTKAIH Des Moines, ! Iowa, The HOMESTEAD is a practical I farm jovtrnaL Its editorial eo»tr»bu- f to*-* Uve aad work on their own farms. I They write oJ the work done on their ! farms, with their own hands. They have years oi experience, and are to advise ami suggest the standpoint of practical personal kutwvledjjw a! matters pertaining to \\esiiertt agrkwltwre rather than. at ot th* sidewalk polMe-taiou Send yoar naute anvt jxxstoflk* addrsjss to the ilttJOSSTRXBs, Res MaJses, lovra^atxtd tewiv? a number of free- sample copies, life,said Senator^lect J. S^ Lathrop, (.xf Wotjdbuxv/ c*»ittiiy, is pwjsjkrwga bill ta gitfovM* for th* rearrattgetnen.* of th« jweseat JwS&tM tUstrSrtS, aatl! also- tor aa apjKjllat* t<«ttrt. The- ,pp*ll!Bite court fe. to div&le stat^ iata two dfeke&Hi&. ataking- the A London Newspaper \Vl>lch Believes ilrltlsh 1'oiltiou U Wrous. LOXPOX, January 3,— The ghronicl-a prints nn article sayingr tfi^.t it has learned on the highest antE^yity that Karl Granville in 1SS5 virt^xlly eon- ehuled with Blanco a treaty Curtaining ST. PETERSBURG, January 3.—It Is fecmi-officially stated that the publication to the effect that the United States had been sounding Russia regarding the Venezuelan dispute and that Russia was prepared to support the United States was at--least diplomatically unfounded, and that. Russia will observe entire neutrality in the matter if her interests be not affected. Ctibnus Surround Havana. KEY WEST, Pla., January 6.—Late advices from Cuba confirm the reports that Gen. Gomez is now in the vicinity of Havana at the head of a wing of the insurgent army. He is now reported near .Gxiincs, less than thirty miles from-JIavana, with 18,000 men. Four thousand men under the command of Lacret, the insurgent leader, burned the Renion station, only twelve miles from Havana. ax\ arbitration clause covering the Venezuelan international -Boundary dispute. The mai-quis of Salisbury, however, on coming- into power later in the same vear cancelled this clause Six Cremated. Cor.rirBVS, Ohio, January 3 —As a result of a mysterio\is fire in the home of John H. Hibbard, Mr. Hibbard, his wife, one son, two daughters, and tw« sisters were burned to death. It is thought possible that the furnace, which was fed by-gas, exploded. TV.uezu a t Commission. \VASIIIXGTOX, January 5.—The mcm- bei-s of the Venezuelan commission, excepting Mr. White, met in the office of Secretary Olney. received their com- i X>y limiting- the provisions of the treaty [ Uiiss i ons an " d elected Justice Brewer as Eto comiuerelal questions, Xothing^ president. Xothing eoutd have l>een more unfortunate, says the Chronicle, inasmuch as the boundary dispute was oa the eve-of a permanent settlement. The Chronicle that it is convinced by careful convicted of wrecking a Rock Island adds that it is convinced by researches that there is debatable land both north and south of the Seham- burg line, and that it would be a grave error to imagine that a rigid insistence on the Sehontburg- line and a declaration that there, is no ground for arbitration constitute the essence oi the English ease. OUR AUASKAN BOUNDARY. Davis fe* a t encf U. LTXCOIJS, Xeb. T January 5.—Judge Holmes sentenced George W. Davis, Survey AVhich 3to- Result Sabaatlte*4 ia ut January 5. — General the eMef of the coast and geodetic survey, has presented to the secretary of state the joint report rapon the Alaskan boaadaory \~hieh. was agreed on by hint &n& the Otnadtan reparesentative, Mr. King-, at at Albany. Tfeftrepons vrQI b* made pabt&s antfl tt fe to congress, bat it shows- a* agreement between! socEreys of the- two gesTernaBestte an<i taay have the- effect oi ^eEefcEag- the/ a^srsisesnaas of twofe-De boaastdsjary. Tito thfrBaes. ran. by tie- e«cg«ta«ess oi fch* s£$. feet IB?, vfew Of jwsttHis ol bhs- 1! wi* sHarwy^ fen. DaSttM passenger train near Lincoln, whereby eleven lives were lost, to the penitentiary for life. TERSE NEWS. The state legislatures of Xeiv York, Massachusetts and Maryland convened on the 1st. . A Washington dispatch says thai the poresident is, angry at Banker Morgan and is nowtalkingr of a popular loan. ATn*>"gr the Sew Year's homozswMeh have been; gazetted in Eoglaitd is the appoitttmeali o£ Alfeed Austin te> lie peek lauatemte- of cf Mgr. Sffltoffi to ^y«?- ear^maJatfr ace cmnre<i at Baltimoirc' on t^j" sthv ™ tie preseitee of many TKiBfag 1 pjrelates. tevi P. Meartonv «^ USew Yacfe* fofflHaUly Itrltlsh nnd Cupo Colony OfiicllU Bcpudlate Hl» Course. '. .OXDON, January 3.— Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the colonies, has issued an official statement that he is now in communication with President Krugcr, of the South African republic, in an cndcavoi to avert serious consequences of the unauthorized and altogether unjustifiable act of Dr. Jameson, the administrator of the British South Africa company, in leading a force of from 500 to 700 men into the Transvaal to issist the Uitlanders in their contention against the South African republic. uovernor Robinson of the Cape Colony tias issued a proclamation publicly repudiating the act of Dr. Jameson and has caused to be published in the newspapers of Protoria and Johannesburg in injunction in the name of the queen to all her majesty's subjects in the Transvaal not to give aid to Dr. Jameson, but to obey the law and observe arder. Messengers have been sent to Dvertake Jameson, conveying orders to him and every officer accompanying him that they shall retire from the Transvaal territory immediately. The situation is very much aggravated by the fact that Dr. Jameson cut the wires behind him, rendering telegraphic 2ommunication with him impossible. Mr. Chamberlain sent a dispatch to the British South Africa company asking them to repudiate Jameson and his acts. To this dispatch the company replied that they were entirely ignorant of Jameson's acts or promises Mr. Cecil Rhodes, prune minister o the Cape Colony, in connection with this reply, stated that Jameson had acted without authority. He (Rhodes) had tried to stop him when he learned that he had gone into the Transvaal, but found that the wires had been cut, and that consequently he could not communicate with him. LOXDOX, January 3. — A dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph company says Dr. Jameson has been severely defeated by the Boers before Johannesberg. It says this news has been confirmed. A later cablegram from Governor Robinson forwards a dispatch from the British agent at Pretoria stating- that Dr. Jameson's force has surrendered, Colonial Secretary Chamberlain has eaTbfed to Governor Bobinson T»ig re> gret tfeal Dr. Jameson's disobedience &as lei to> saeht Isss of life. BEBLES, Jamrary •$. — Emperor »Til- Cfeim has telegrapfced PresiSemS Srne- geary of tie Transroail rejmblie^ eon* (TTratmlaCfag- fyfm ttpoo Ms stceeess. ia re» o, time, atid Is considet'tthly: canse just at this junotilf d, GeriouB wattefsi—Ashiint South Africa, «id VottoMol stance-flrts demanding uf|M tiofl, the United State* fthottti the front with a question thtv| England closely. It is « fact that the Salisbury gol made no demand for Sndomnllj cr losses sustained by EttfrHsl| aries and other British BuhjoiS atolta and Armenia, nnd nowl United States 1ms presented claim, the government is HUl embarrassed by qncsllons f plaints in regard to tho lent by It to the sultar tn a gq .tho.dlplomatlcttctV .;y of Ur.ij Minister Terrell atCpnstttntf not found favor in 'Dovvnlni IJtcagcd round by no Such cuil and embarmssing rcstriotioif Imposed upon the so-callc powers, Mr.' Terrell IUIB ma| moves that in not a few InHtanJ taken away the breath of tholi reprcBcnttttivcs, who arc comif gauge their words and actef nicety and carefulncsa that must bo painful to their con«| No outrage that has been coi| by the Kurds in Armenia but J?j followed by an carneat protcHfc j part of Minister Terrell, %vll British rcprcsentative.Sir PhiHpif has been practically Hilent. Thfl of this dfegmccful silence i«, hd' I not far to seek. Britain lias Ixxyf f -' Mohammedan subjecte in Ind|.''" Egypt, and in the fodeH of the!; whose fanatical feelings mu«t nc aroused. Stern repressive measure^ on the part of England toward tW ! caliph wcrald be immediately followef"',: 1 by murinurings and di»turbaucei., ' among the follmvera of Mara in Hin ' lustan and elsewhere, and hence tlw , Salisbury government has Yxjen dccid edly tender toward the grand Turk For this reason, ass well a» for othei^ special causes, Great Britain does not; like to sec the United Stateo become^ an. active participant in the affairs erf the ottoman empire. What she i» • pleased to call the rashness and blunt^, • ness of American diplomacy may de- ! , stroy the finesse and intrigue now ^ prevailing at Constantinople,, and %fciiV up a hornet's ncsS. \ Ki DOMINION PARLIAMENT for tb s, Ja&mjajrsr 4, — It: is rumored Dr. Jameson; ftg.«. been tried by a.ffi eeunt maaitfal aaz4 shex, !LasiM>3f T Jispraaary S~ — A&rtees from say t&aK t&e British aoze stevere-. tEuDse at t^« aJ^gfet. Thet r£E»ber of 's ferca tfEfedi m aosd! t&* wcoosSeiS. at thirty. at- arestfll il wg- <&ni B&e- la.imle fleM and that tfere* Ju»Jge& froea poi by tk* eonnaL < jsioni : o€ _ ScqjEttrae- 1L Alwey, of "MaxyHaatS^ e&jjrif jusuSaii- aC t&& eooaiti o£ appuaJ* o£ Tsae- Btudrii^ e£ Bl. Fkat&sjfiifi: Chsteiics J. tey y. BeaJfflen- «£ c&i±- Saaji of fc' ia am»ng Ufiar e^iilielia; Sir«*i«BOv MTccts to Fssg ZZcmedlal Lavrg School Controversy. ' OTTAWA, January 4.—The openin, of parliament was purely formal, tb. proceedings comprising the reading o the speech, from the throne by th governor general and motions in th house of commons and senate adjourn ing until Tuesday next. The speed, from the throne briefly mentioned iW question of ^passing a federal law ze establishing separate schools Manitoba, his excellency siateig- t&a Premier Greenway, of Mianitoba, lacs declined to do anything to provide fa the re-establishing of separate sehoofc when called upon to do so by th dominion government, and that tit federal parliament would be asked t pass a bill to that end. DISTRIBUTING Alp. A. British Philanthropist Allowed to Opet *te at Kbmrpot. COXSTASTESOPLE, January 3.—Owia to representation made to it T>y ^ Phflip Cnrrie, the British ambassadoB the porte has instructed the Tali <E. Eharput to allow Mr. Barnum to dis tribute the fund collected in Englazu for the relief of the suffering AraW'. ians, Trnstworthy reports regarding recent outrages in the villayet of pot alone show that 138 towns villages were desolated, 5,06* burned and 2,078 persons killed. & single Turk was killed so far known. has accepted the mediation of powers between the government the insurgents of Zeitonn, HEART ON THE V/RONQ SIP| Peculiar B^C fa T/fttiab John Wis,, January Martel, aged 80, of this city, was wrong side to. That is, ^he o belong jpp the left side ar^ ea and vice versa. Tfcus has pq^ttoa o «&Kri4 With* left constructed, from childhood

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