The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1896
Page 8
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.450,000 ly JV £>!-;J^feial kttlnaol given to.coilectlons. President itrHIE>f(J«lNS ,'......'. ...... Vice tHRGUSON , :*(3«,hier ». a. Mut*hlns,8. Uft Dorweiler, W. P. Carter, Ambrose A. . Call, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Fergttsoii. ".Money aHviiys oh hand to loan at reasonable . raws to parties furnlshlflg first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, 160,000. ."FT,, ' ' A.LQONA, IOWA. £.' ;, • • HtHem and Director*— **\ % * i ' " "A. D, Clarke, President, ' 0. C. Chubb,* Vice Front., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, * Oeo. £i?Galbrafth, K i'red. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, . Cooke. "'" General Banking, '. ( ' t PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSfr 7A.VLX8. |»~lntorest paid on time deposits. * G-EO. O. Pays SIJ.' per cent. i Interest on Time Deposits v • 'for money lqft tJtree months or more.- -Btoney always on hand to loan on first movt- / .* "t" gages, second raortgnges, and good , ',-> <i i collaterals. Notes bought. ALGONA, IOWA. h»s Mends to do tire* B tot past faWrS fceft PROFESSIONAL. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, .Office over First National bank, Algona, la. .',,. , 'E. H. CLARKE, s.\. ; ATTORNEY AT LAW. l * ^*i. >' Oqllectlon agent. Opera House block. ^ ' S 'V,^' SESSIONS, /:'-/ 'ATTORNEY AT LAW. ' "Prpmpt collections.' Money to loan on chattel '; , security. Overphrlschilles' store. DANSON * BUTLER, LAW:' LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. , Office in Gardner Bowies' new building. SUM-IVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, f j Office In Hoxle-Fej-Ruson bljck, . CUOUD; .[Successor toV, B. Quartpn.] , and Qounsellor at Law, '' ' ALOONA, I0^1^A. Offic^ oyer Kossuth County ptate J?unk. B. V, SWEATING, AT LAW, t Algona, Jowa, F, M. jBpmeopathlo, :> ^Office, ;> - SURGEON. ft»i' residence. Jn the Bpston Block, ,. - " (in the new block.) JU. K. QARFJEUB, M, P,, eQregoi' St., east pf the Sfl', iRW« (THE A happy Kfetf Dr, Tribon has fflttVeclJiHo the Boston block, Redman, the absconding tenant L, J. Rice found akRotfe, paid $150. The regular prices for the Ida Van Cortland week are 50, 35, and 23 cents. Swear of and wake some good resolutions. Turn over a now leaf. The new year is here. •' Brownell & Allred are moving into their handsome new quarters in the Boston Block. F. A. Witham in his official capacity joined F. B. Ellsworth of Hobart and Miss Violet Collenson in marriage Saturday. ' Prof. Rice, whose evangelistic meetings are filling the court room to overflowing, will be there tomorrow night and speak on hypocrites. The new Masonic officers are jF. H. Vesper, W. M.; M. F. Randall, 3* W.;, W. J. Studley, J. W.j W.K. Ferguson, treasurer; F. M. Taylor, secretary. Holiday marriage licenses have been granted to Warney Ollinger and AbSl- nar Barker. Franz- Knott and Kidle Sobafaur, Wm. G. Pfeffer and Ltfttio Eggerth. v *t • A. E. Peterson's family is petting along nicely and the little one will recover. They are all quarantined for membranous croup, as bad a disease as dlplherla. "The Sterzbaok-Cudy orchestra played for a club dance Mond'ay evening. Like all the social gatherings of the season, it was well attended and greatly enjoyed. "'"' A bouncing boy,arrived at Geo. H. Barr's home Saturday evening. George is living at the Alex.-Brown farm, and Alex, bears his honors as grandfather pleasantly. Mrs. Lon Sessions is very sick in her Florida home and-her daughter Nellie K. will go south at once. She has chosen Wm. K.,Ferguson as guardian and the court has authorized him to act. '' The petition of Goodwin & Goodwin of LuVerne for a liquor permit In' Lu- Verne was presented to Judge Quarton last Thursday and was considered with the protest, The judge decided to grant the permit. The county editors meet Mond'ay and occupy boxes at the Van Cortland v en- tertalnment in the evening. Every editor in the county is expected with his wife or best girl and a good meet- Ing Is anticipated. Col. Spencer has made a good -suggestion. It is that the county itself pay all the delinquent taxes instead of selling to outside parties to pay them. If they are not redeemed let the county take th* land, -Several neighboring papers have taken the matter up. Jaflk McCoy, one of the men caught at Whittemore and fined$300for selling beer, who was allowed to go at large to raise the money find who forgot to come back, was gobbled up at Emmetsburg last week by Sheriff Samson "and was brought ovqr to board in jail a"while. A telegram came Friday announcing a Christmas son in the''family of Wm, G. Clarke, He is now located' at Lincoln, Neb,, where he is attorney for the street railway company and where he stands high among- the lawyers. His many Algona>friends will congratulate, During the. past week all- kinds of produce have gone down in the Chicago markets. Tne holidays a>Q a bad season for business. The local market IB; Corn,,18 cents; oats, 10 cents: best baled hay, $5; hogs, $3; butter, J6@J8 cents; eggs, 17 cents; potatoes, 20 cents, G, B, Wright of Garfield township will farm scientifically. The WestBena Journal says he went to Waterjop Monday and.purobased a twelve horse power Davis gasoline engine and will have pis feed mill in operation as soon as mechanics can'get the machinery i» place, • , W, H. Nycurn closed up bisfeporiAg' administrator of the O, jj. JWmer eg,, tate and was discharged last week hv>; Judge Quarton. Qne who known tbat.tpQ high praUe cannot be given to straightening oyt the" " left tQ him, ' Sidney I^st, S. S, Hie "Joints ,*?* »l*»tyjw. Cft *o0 * property frdm Herman Helm's father on an attachment. Herman replevied, claiming to be the real owner. The at' taehing creditors resisted, claiming that Herman's father wrts the owner. Bonar & Fellows argued for Helm and J. C. Raymond and Welt Miller de* fended. A big* list of witnesses were examined, Helm won. J The steam heat men nre still at the Thorirtgtonj# - Landlord MoMurray is putting in $7 radiators, one in each bedroom in the house, and has a guarantee that he can keep his hotel at TO degrees when the mercury outside is 30 below. As soon as his job is done they begin at the court house, Friday the Eatherville law ond order league will appear before Judge Quitr- ton in Algona to secure injunctions against the saloons there, which they say are violatiug the htw. Estherville has boasted considerably about the advantages of the saloons. 'It will bo Interesting to have the facts brought out. . The county ngrlcultural society will hold its annual meeting the second Saturday in January, Jan. 11, At 1 o'clock. Every man who attended the fair Is wanted on that day and wanted bad. Come out and take a hand in running the best fair 'association in Iowa, and help get ready for the great exhibit of 1890. John Nevina and wife of Burt swore out a warrant before Justice .Brahm Watkins charging Ed Lindsey, son of our old Algoniiin, H. B. Llndsoy,' with rape on Mrs. Nevins. The case was tried yes'terday, but wo are unable to report the outcome. Ed bears a goo'd name and denies being at or near Nevins' at the time alleged. Ghas, Pooch wants his neighbors to keep their stock at homo. He is afraid of hog cholera and has escaped thus far, but says that contagion cannot fail ; tp spread . when stock runs at large from infected places. In times of hog cholera everybody ought to be very careful about keeping everything penned up as close as possible. The low prices charged for the Van Cortland entertainments are cot because it is a cheap company. Miss Van Cortland is as good an actress as bus visited" Algona and has a company which is drawing houses this week in Dos Moines. It will be an exceptional opportunity for our people to see standard dramas at very little erpesea. At theMetbodislChrisitiasaseaasneases Rev. Southwell was ssaike fca^sgr presentation of & laanSssm^s " lamp by the SundsjsetMasi aunfl M. F. Randall received & kia&Sam&s mauoitel clock, in recognition ®£ ME sandaaf SB superintendent. •jTSbe-eranssSf* *2D«r- cises were a great *aBfiess anS CSuruift- mas was made mt-roy am a^oaS way, The Congmegafinnfiilasts atnfl friends will m&elsA HJssra* 3L home tomorrow tema&ng ai> -tnwsfi parting grut*i sm Rev. Davidson » and also Be*. fibiiHti»u All <«3ii> awe interested In -fite ChnjpttyrtriaHniiliHt church or w-bp titianfltffbs «Hrvaw» ivre invited to join in.tiativhig lute am -au- joyable aeeuHhm. There vejsea.Bfist g^usss* <«*; to ibe crowd Ubut wpulfl «uw Mk ,& irtft Clark DM tiSfs lit* thertftS a itone MttiMfc li s * tiwabie ftnd charming young lady. ie4 bteh, but Ihese strdnfef 1 Wtt «6me ibStt with era. We haffl just bearf »bout th# sottbtftftefsr Mflaia eitliens, whose father thought he **» attending School tintll Ihe teftdher came to ieMU|re ntjdut the boy** wbefeabotite. ThW tk devel* oped that tofttferiftri weeKS he had befifl doiftgf odd jobs iB the city and saVlhg his money td get enough to btty a ticket back td Algoha. The boy lives Iti Madison, Wls., where Ale*. Patterson lately went to locate. Mavor Hatch of Whittemore has sentRnbt. Drew over to Algona to spend 30 days in the jail and sober up. Drew has evidently been ofl a prolonged spree for no sooner was he placed in the Cooler than he was seized with delirium trettiens, and whatever else may be justly said of the court house basement it will not unaided put snakes in a man's- boots. It required all of Dr. McCormack's experience and skill to straighten Drew out. It is said that he celebrated his spree at Whittfemore by breaking in the front of Tom. Me- Ooverh's drug store, for, what purpose is" not stated. ;' .^ J. B. Erainger's suit against the street railway company of Omaha for $26,000 comes on in February.' Last March his daughter was riding oh the head car and the motorman failed to stop long enough for her to get off. , He started as, she had one 'foot oh the ground and she was thrown, the second car passing over one leg at the ankle and completely smashing th^bone the time it was thought sb'ef'n" " her foot, but now she is ,p with a cane and may get' pre' over the lameness. He does pect the damages now that would been assessed if she lutd lost tlie-"'fobt, but will get a heavy verdict. The natural perversity of inanimate creation showed itself ip our types last week, which made a "fine, grade of flour" appear as a "fair grade of flour," as the product of the Daisy Mills. The fact is that while the first output of flour from the new mill was not wholly satisfactory, for some months it has been turning out as good flour as any Minnesota mill. Every sack''is fully warranted and we are 'authorized toj say that the warrant means' what',j,-it- says. A fair trial of our home all the concession in its behalf'' thatl asked. If it is not as good as sold, no one need keep it a Another instance of how news is manufactured comes in a Sunday-morning Register dispaUsh from Algona. A report was received last Wednesday that Frank Bamsey was hurt near Chicago while going in with a car of stock. The report seems to be unfounded, al- ifaaagb Bamsey got into trouble of axse kind, and* telegraphed (pr his; who went in for .him. But tens is the Register's item for it: Frank Brammerly, a prominent farmer &Dd stockman living near here, was >BQt to paaoes by a Xortb western stock near Chicago, Thursday. The man was accompanying- a e to Chicago, and in idimmLag- over the cars while in motion between them, being literally OBI to f&eeee by the wheels." The cor- ifoeo relates in graphic slyls 43j® fflgeaajr tus& despair of the fatni- zte. Fort Bodge baa had a oJ aseij oe-wa for some time, •but Alg&aas. as UA to be left behind in mndfer si sews Iffi 0' ttiL ,on s « i.un it will m otter. Easily wefkjd, able cooking, to all styles for any Mi Sold by NSURANOE. Also Land, Loatt and Collection Business.^. Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers 1 of Cedar Rapids, Hartford. . , Miatiesota Fire, Minneapolis, . Kookt6fd6f Rockford, " . , Lloyd's l*late Glass of Mew York, United States Life of New York. o-aeo. $90 Pays For and Ja,uub 3SsU»ui 1,777 »nd H^Kt, tf/itt; aigiii tnutuiwr $1 bapp/ tbej atafl iio t&e»- Ml WotA Cheater TWMfe *t«M88* &ar sotU at M. B, S»*s3«fegr Siffte8B«««» Jae, 11, at 2 o'clock Al& Ws$& t£ hstaey fa&teg for parties esssxied ibc finest *s*aitttt* Ste we SLAVED, ",i» w »i»^' """^B ^*-"^S****** IHawes* of inaction City. i^^iatWkuu^ll^w^SAjai^i^ &ctoi» »be ' " *g^r|«m9<ttB«j«i»a«&a*<&«ine was no tope for which his will £3$ l.V-fifl gf*l& thus dg- BieBe ale- ,»oa qso lepoeitary." '»pnce InyV loupd that the o^a 8 ^ e ^ e , Champion B «g. Vggen, ISO Florida raftered from a ? sg consumption; telM1 wlSfflfesu* mwdt vtersWnK else, then jfto«!faMtj£t:l»r,KJojK'8 New Disco v atSi»tw£w«&*waB cored. Natural- a* nifciaiilrfiai. It, U Bucti results, of nm sajaplas, that prove the of &te medicine In colds bottles at Sheetz'! gajsr»«zean. 5 /TIAM. 0W5BA HQUSE- V o. H. 3ix>BSOM, Manager, O»g WEKJi and Saturday MatJnee, coaHaenclng MONPAV, JAN. o". 7, , I»A.;yAN;CORTLAl and her excellent con toire o( h}gU c GRAND SCENIC In a reper- Invra ~ MQNI .-£ "JNGOMAB," Board, Room, Rent, Heat, Light, Tuition, Book Rent, and Stationery in the Commercial department of the Northern Iowa Normal School, Algona, Iowa, for a course of six months. Remember you are not confined to the Commercial course alone, but have the privilege of selecting studies in any of the courses in the Normal Department. We Educate For Usefulness, The Commercial Department of the Northern Iowa ^Normal School gives to young people a thorough up-to- v clate business education. Our social, moral, and educational advantages are superior to nine-tenths of the commercial schools. Special Advantages. This is an established institution. It is no experiment. There are six complete and practical courses of s'tudy. Normal students may take up work in the commercial department without additional expense. Business ^situV dents may take normal branches ^without extra tuition^ All classes 'are in charge of experienced and competent teachers. 'The building contains a library of i, 100 volumes, to which all pupils have access, besides the privileges of the reading at the city library. No deposite required for text books. You pay rent only. Special instruction given to those who need it. When to" Come. Students may enter at any time, but NOW is the best^' time If you have not yet received one of our catalogues, we will be pleased to send you one at your request. We shall be glad to answer any inquiries in regard 'to the school. Let us hear from you, or better yet, COME AT ONCE, \ , A. J. LILLY, Andrew Hansen PL UJV[B E R Plumbing and Repair Work a Specialty. building, P. L, SLAGKLp!, Manufacturer and dealer }n'-< Harness^Saddles, Whips, on, J08tp|i,i«ws''L nog G.BQWYER, ^•sfti! The State m. "* : V •''-: •>*&

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