The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1896
Page 5
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fflB DOCTRINE. . Sfctetrs blmufu the Dsektatittti £Fe&i t& th6 ; ~ If England IS Cteiftiing ferf ItBf y 6ft Whicfa id RWsohable Dispute, Ouf Course id id interfere. Ih view of the conflict of opinion fcbout What the Monroe doctrine is ahd td what it applies, and especially ih View of the Very vigorous denunciations of the actioa of congress and the president by such preachers as Lyman Ab' bott and Dr. Parkhurst, every well considered disctlssloh is of interest How that public sehtitneht is being formed. Before the Social Union club Friday evehifag Rev. SteVens read a carefully prepared paper, reviewing the history of the doctrine, and his conclusions are exactly contrary to those of the New York ministers. He believes that the doctrine applies to the existing boundary dispute in Venezuela, and also that this nation should maintain Us position. The length of tho paper makes it impossible to giVe it in full but his conclusions are thus stated! "Summing up, therefore, the case, We find that the Monroe doctrine coii- BletB ttf two declarations: (1.) That the United States will not permit colonization by the European states of any part Of this continent; (2.) That we will not permit European monarchies to interfere with the liberties of the American republics. We find this doctrine based upon the principle of self-defense, and upon a feeling of sympathy with the re- toubllcan institutions on this continent. We find that this principle,, has met with the sanction of the American peo- )le from the time of Washington down; ,hat though thsre have been but few nstances requiring its assertion, yet [the doctrine has been consistently •maintained by our government, and has been tacitly acquiesced In by the European powers. The Monroe doctrine can scarcely be termed an article of international law. It is rather an assertion of our national policy somewhat analogous to the European policy of preserving the so-called " Balance of 'Power." It is a brave stand for derno- 'cratic liberty in America as opposed to monarchical oppression from Europe. It is founded on right, and sanctioned by the requirements of political pru- dance. It is a policy from which the United States cannot recede without a sacrifice of national self-respect, and a loss of political prestige. One question more remains to be considered: Would a boundary dispute vhetween a European power and. an Ainerican republic properly involve the Monroe doctrine, and would it be a question of sufficient importance to demand interference on the part of our government? We think it would. The Monroe doctrine forbids colonization of America. It is a historic 1 fact that extension of boundary lines has been with certain European powers a favorite method of •"'colonization..' Our people ought not to be blunt or otfensive_ in their enunciation of the doctrine, neither ought we to assume that the European power is always in the wrong in such controversies. It must be home in mind that the South-American republics are poorly governed and are weak in diplomacy, and so are liable to be extravagant and unreasonable in their contentions. If, however, investigation should disclose that European powers are wrongfully attempting to occupy American soil there seems no alternative but a firm insistence upon the principles enunciated by President Monroe." Rev. Stevens discussed at length the origin of the doctrine when the Holy Alliance—Bussia, France, Austria and Prus8la~-ialkod of • overpowering the young South American independent states; the application of it during the attempt of the French to seat Maximilion oh the throne in Mexico; and the ;NicaraiigUft incident of-a> year ago. As. (l to the latter he said: " The Nlotu'augui ease was very siuy >le. Ui'aat Britain demanded Inderonl- r for an alleged injury to one of her .tizens, The United States, in behalf if Nicaragua, requested Great Britain I arbitrate the matter, which request is refused, Great Britain siezed and ^^Id the Island of Corinto until her :claim W*is satisfied, ^having first given >ouv government assurance that sne intended no permanent occupation of any {portico of Nicaragua. The general judgement in regard to the posit on Itakan by President Cleveland in this toajer is well expressed by McMaster Jin. J&e following communication to the v York Herald ip which he says; In present instance the- doctrine does vv apply BQ long as England does not jold the ports of Nicaragua longer than [s necessary to secure tl}6 payment of II 9um she is 'determiped to extort. BHuuld she Attempt to hold Nicaragua torever, th,fl Monroe doctrine -would ap- ily, and our duty apd policy would be 'esistance," WfyMMP®™;^ Stleldsti By ft n&f-efiinf thS r< -.--„ ffrelf Of Fbtffil „ r -_, A socially fttirftcllve pfOfFSifi had b%efl arranged flftd Bb~ fffli't of wn* holiday eht^ftaihltflent has been more enjoyed. The music 1 «ae ft feature. Dr. Ittati whose fifie voice seems to improve with each new appearance, sang a solo, Geo, Mortoii-aCeotnffaflied himself with g"uliaf in a much enjoyed sdla. ges C'owan, Haggard^ arid Hunt gave a beautifully rendered trio, and Miss Stella Johnson played a piano solo skillfully. The literary features were hot less pleasing. Rev. Stevens gave a very interesting paper OH the Doctrine, which is referred to else- prediative paper on his style as illustrated in one of his works. Will Gal« braith, who has been studying oratory ahd Who shows innrked Improvement, rendered Rlley's touching poem "Good bye Jihi, Take Care of Yourself." It Was as delightful an evening's entertainment as Algona ever has, and the Social Union is on u high wave of deserved popularity. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAQGAUD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Huggard. of collections. REV, DAVIDSON'S FAKEWELL, A Ills Congregation Listens to Ills Last Sermon In AlRona—A Scholarly tuid Btoquent Effort. To the Editor: Rov. Mr. Davidson Breached his farewell sermon In the Congregational church, on Sunday morning to a very large and attentive audience. The theme chosen was "Christmas," as heralded by the angel's song of "Peace and Good Will," and the Christian spirit as exemplified by the life of Christ,' The subject was treated in a most scholarly and able manner. .Of, the "many, able sermons preached by Mr. Davidson in his seven years ministry in Algona', perhaps none would be pronounced more able and scholarly than this farewell sermon. His thought in part was this: " The greatest gift to the world is the gift of a great nature. Mrs. Humphrey Ward tells us it was the opinion of the late Dr. Benjamin Jowett, the renowned scholar of Baliol college, that the education of the future will be given more and more through the means of biography; through reiterating the deeds and thoughts of great individuals. Christ, born amid humble surroundings, gave the greatest gift to the world—the gift of hope. Rome.- had given power, Greece had given art. beauty and eloquence, but art was cold and power unfeeling until Christianity came to give sympathy, and life, and joy, and peace. The Grecian civilization at its best would sacrifice the weak and unfortunate. The Roman sought only self aggrandizement; Christ came to save the weak and helpless, to heal the sick and open the eyes of the blind, and to give immortal fife to all. Such a life, in a worldly sense, is always of sor- •row. ''Christ was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." Moses and the prophets were men called to endure great trials and to bear their burden of sorrow, butas the eagle has the power to bear itself above the storm and clouds and reach the clearer heaven, lol the true follower of Christ can live in the upper atmosphere of peace and hope." The beautiful and appropriate hymn was sung at the opening of the service: " There's a vldeness In' God's mercy like the wideuess of the sea, There's a kindness In his justice which Is more than liberty; For the love of God Is broader than tho measure of man's mind, Anfl the Uoart of the Eternal Is most wonderfully kind," In closing Rev. Mr. Davidson asked feelingly that a rich benediction may rest upon the eh arch where he has labored so long, and upon the people of Algona. And we believe. ..the wUll.Qf all will ba that Rev. Davidson' may be greatly prospered In his future work, and in the new field to which he has been called, and that his sphere of use- ulness may be constantly strengthened and enlarged. |TheSoelftl'tJn}cfB'olubis becoming a feature agjong Algona's at- Every meeting this fall Js r otlce. The undersigned, having pointed administrators of the J, J. Wilson, deceased, will ,he business .as heretofore. LENETTB W. BUTLER. 37t4 H. J. WILSON, been ap- estate of continue thelifiiewfts pasWfl vefy f>k UN Ihel Peached Al^Cfia. When the triaifs stepped aithat depot tful tieariy Id Sent ton, his acquaintance was getting ready tb leave the caf and ealdj "Dort't ybii make AlgOna?" "Oh" fto," said he glancing sarcastically across the street at the old brick creamery* "I don't make any tbwns smaller than Wesley 6r Whittemofe," His frieHd then told hiiii that Algona was quite a place and induced hiffl to stop off. Great was his surprise ahd chagrin when they got down town, and he proposed a walk down the street, seeing the joke was at his expense, Where they got sotaethihg warming with sugar in it. He "makes" Algona every trip BOW. m ~^ "" Minnesota Street to Go back oh the Old LitieS-ltoUtitie Mattel's. ALGONA, Dec. 28.—The city council met ih regular session. Mayor Haggard in the chair. Members present, Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Magnus- sott, Henderson nnd Nlcoullti 1 , absent, Ferguson and Bayers. \ Minutes of last regular meeting read and approved. It was moved and seconded that the following bills audited aiid approved by the finance committee be allowed and warrants dravvn for the same: pany,supplies....... . 440 Afgontv Fire Company, lighting lire IV 00 13. J. Gllmorei supplies........ H 5fl A. E, Wooster, meals for prisoners 1 40 T. H. Conner, plans and specifications forcltyhall S GO A. H. Allen, meals for prisoners y 16 Mulllca & Ohuatead, supplies. 76 W. H. Horan, salary aua cash paid 40 On Albert Anderson, labor................... 1 r>0 Spurbeck & Lambert, cheek valve....... 1 44 W. H. Richardson, Inspirator and manhole brace : • • 7 °S Chrlsehllles & Herbst, supplies J 40 Walker liros., supplies 0 00 Algona Courier, publishing proceedings, 7 t>0 Ayes—Vesper, Wadsworlh, Petll- bojrijKMagnusson,: Henderson, and Ni- •couitjAnoes—none. Carried. It wits' moved and seconded that the city clerk bo authorized to draw war- ran ts-in payment for the construction of the city hall to tho amount of $937.00 in-such amounts and at such times as the building committee muy direct. Ayes—Vesper, Wadsworth, • -Pettibone, Magnusson, Henderson, and NI- coulin; noes—none. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the building committee he-'authorized to dispose of the old city bell tower. Carried. ' ' The petition of M. B. -Dalton and others to extend tho extention of. Minnesota street straight south was received. It was moved and seconded that the south extension of Minnesota street be located according to the survey jnade by C. A. Tel Her and all sidewalks now out in said street be ordered moved back to the street line and; upon the failure.of any property owner so to do within ten days from the date of such notice, that the same shall be done by the street commissioner and the cost charged lo'tbe adjacent property owner. Carried. Council adjourned. CHAS. E. COHENOUR, City Clerk. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. ' Money. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J..J. RYAN. Office over the posto.fflce, Algona, Iowa. $1O,000 to J^oau on town property. DOXSEE & FOSTER. ONTARIO canned goods, The finest in the town. Opera House Grocery. FOR time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. apply * day JUST the things you want every at the Opera House Grocery. JUST arrived this morning at Gal bruith'e, something for the children in tho line of cloaks and jackets. Poultry Wanted On and after Monday, Nov. 18, 34 G. H. BLOSSOM. JOHNSON'S sweet apple oid'o'r at the City B.aUery,~34 LI.I IJ"U" l M al T "u 11^" 'H * - I ,'< t NEAPOLITAN P^taohio and crushed almond Joe oreapvat the City Bakery. cloaks, oloaks py the wholesale clocks, Capes, capes, o^pes! ai Gaibj-aUbj.. . Money Savefl, wltbput a doubt, by ' $ gtebWns, sow to ,'wbi9^ rejerp tq AltftQfk 8$ MU A Cl'stun UOlOred pofiy, branded _.," at John Gilbride's. Owner mve by paying costs. U rp can STILL some things you Opera House Grocery, want at the 0. M. toofcsee-ftSd'efcDljsIBSss lri|( 16 Des Moihes last Wanted—A Cook. An experienced woman cook wanted. pod wages and steady, employment to the right party. Address or inquire at A, Hulbert's restaurant, Algona.—40t3 - Dissolution Notice, The firm of Parish & Frise was dissolved on the 27th day of July, 1895. All bills owing to the late firm are payable to Parish & Frise, butF. L. Parish will pay all the firm's indebtedness, 4013 R. A. ™~~ Buckwheat Cukes At the New Daisy Mills- We furnish the flour—you do the rest, See ad, in another column.—40 MONEY tp loan on, long or short time, Apply to GEO. C. CALL, FOB SALE—A house and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F, H. VesperrW IN addition, to a large assortment of popular styles in jadieg' jackets we are Rowing a big line of misses' and children's garments, Gal braith & Co, MACKINTOSHES In single and double lined and. uijlinefl, all colors Miss Cornte Ihgha'ffi had twenty-four- youttg ladies to tea yesterday. Earl Samson is up at Afnboy visiting his grandmother during vacation, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. ftlsfc entertained a few friends at tea Saturday evening. Frank McCall is home for the holidays. He is a successful veterinary surgeon at Nevada. A. A. Sifert came down from Buffalo Center, where he is principal of schools, for ihe holidfly Vacation. Mrs. Annie E. Hepburn eatne from Des Moines yesterday to Visit her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Inghttm. Rev. Davidson goes to Delevan, WIs., to begin work next Sunday. Mrs. Davidson and the family will follow soon. Rev. Stevens begins his work at Rochester, Mini)., next Sunday. He leaves Algotta,to be there and located in time. Dode Wllkins, Perry Wilklns' son, came last week for a. holiday visit after an absence of six years. He is in Minneapolis. Misses Alleoii Marquelto and Florence Burnham came from Fort Dodge Thursday for a holiday visit at E.G. Bowyer's. Miss Luclla Andruss of Irvlngton is Visiting her aunt, Mrs. Brown, in Minneapolis?, She expects to spend most of tho winter there. ' Miss Aimee Wallace ia home from ChicagO'whero she has been with her father since September. She Is spending the holidays at home. Miss Alice Mann went to Humboldt last week to attend the funeral of Dr. Van Velsor, a pioneer who died whiloba- ing brought home from the west. The Frank Nicoulin family are all at home for a .visit, tho two married daughters coming from Minneapolis and Mason City where their homes are. J. W, Sullivan came home Friday on business and returned to Iowa City on Saturday, rejoining Mrs. Sullivan there, They will both be back this week. Will. F. Walker and wife returned to Chicago last Wednesday night. All tlie children will meet again nt. the summer vacation in Algona, and will spend a couple of weeks together. C. B. Matson came up .from Rolla Friday. .Ho has been 'Spending a great deal of his time in Chicago a.nd other cities. Ho says that lots of settlement is being made in and about Rolla. Senator Kamrar was up from Webster City Thursday for a day. Thesenator's name is being coupled with the vacant railway cpmmissionership. He would be an excellent man for the place. Mr. and Mrs. E. Wright came from ^pencer Saturday to hear Rov. David- 'son's farewell sermon. Mr. Wright is building a home on his farm there and is delighted with his surroundings. J. B. Eminger was in town Saturday fixing the insurance rates on the Boston block. He lives at Omahastill, but is agent for the insurance compact, as the trust is called, and goes about establishing rates. Ho stands high in insurance circles. F. A. Mathews, or Bert as ho went in Algona, came over from Spencer for the Christmas party and to spend a day with old friends. He is as genial as ever, says he is having a good trade in Spencer, and was heartily greeted. Spencer won one of Algona's best when ho moved. ; Prof. Carroll arrived Monday with his household lares and penates, and will soon be at home with his family, consisting of a wife and two children. Prof. Carroll is a genial man to meet and will be a successful manager for" the school. He will be all ready for is vvorls when the new term opens, Mt'S. J. T.ChrischllleS was called to ..nnsing Wednesday evening by the ill- ess of her sister, who is failing rapid- y with consumption. The two sisters are the only children in tho 'Nielander lorne, and grew up together, and the teady decline of her sister's health has been a great burden on Mrs. Chdschil- es during the past few months. The younger portion of the young eople'are to celebrate the 'New Year vlth a leap year party at Gardner Ipwles home this evening. The party s given for Miss Lilian McColm of Port Dodge, who is visiting her uncle, •. Cowles, and also for Misses Ma'f- quette and Burnham of Fort Dodge, vho are visiting at E. G. Bowyer's, m 1 "^ ,*C9» ~f }• **«• turning otit a fine quality and at prioas to suit the times, SSdP Patent, per sack, t , , White Daisy or Full Patent, , Choice Baker's, .,..,.•, Try It T ,'.'•• * ' Every Sack Warranted. This MeatlS that if it does not suit, you can bring it back and get your money, When you are On the Lookout Look in AT New prjoes. at the Now Palsy »t'« jpev Pent. a 'the espenaee P f • making the , 9/, wil§ preferred The lo&n ftap p§ ' ' s Specialties! Banquet Lamps and Onyx Tables, Silk Shades, China Globes, and everything in lamp fixtures. An elegant line of Gilt Glass, fancy fruit dishes, china pieces, etc. Drop in ; perhaps you may see something that would please your friends. State Bank Block. TELEPHONE 47.. .y FOR 24-pound Suck, 75 12-pound Sack, 40 cts* •# •% '••*;•!• RAILWAY TIMS CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & S*K TAUL. LOCAIi TBAIN8 WEST. No. 1 departs at .................. :.•.. 0:08 am Sfo. 9 departs at ................ •...'... i:S»PW Freights that carry passengers— No. 03 departsat .................... l J'?nS™ No, 71 departs at.,,. ..... . ......... 0:40pm TRAILS H»S»T. No, S departs at ...................... 1 2 : K? iV S No. 4 departs at.. .'... ............... 0:0ip» ' No. 4 departs at.. .'... Freights that early 'passengers- No, 7? i departs at..-' l departs at B. F. Agent NORTHWESTERN, For sale at New Daisy Mills, and at Mill office. New Daisy . , . 3 :05 p ni . . , . , . Pass ;.... .5:58 p m Pass ... . Pass, arrives at Chi Pass* , . ,7. . . . . 3 :26 p ra 8:13 am Mixed connects w cago at 8 a. ni, wY.008M, i? 130 am flyer and arrives at Chi- F* B. VJBSPBB. Agent. BEAN, per ton, . FEED, per ton, , SHORTS, pe? ton, $ S.OO . 9,00 . 10,00 sell in lots of 600 at to» m. Drugs and Madici m% • -^w ; ' i ™ .^SvPW

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