The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1896
Page 1
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1§65, AWONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAHUABY 1, 1S0B, ^•* WB.IUB ait ^a-^^ * We Haven t Sold Everythini Yet- But we are willing to, at the Opera House Grocery. Take Notice, We. call your special attention to our , In Ladies' and Children's Underwear. 25 Cents. .r" G. L. Galbraith & Co. We wish our. friends and patrons a Happy New Year in more ways.than one. We wish them even more—we wish to assure them that their happiness will be largely augmented if they Ueep an eye on the fact that our grocery stock is always large ajU comprises the very best to be had on any market Look at Our Crockery and Glassware, You will wonder at .the cheapness of these really fine goods. Cowles' Block. James Patterson. Choicest New York Buckwheat ' Flour Per 100, $3.00, at ;.Jrvington, Iowa. 3*as. Oxs, Painter and a, F, Haggard $ Peek, *&$'*siff Real Vf TOWN VS. DOWN TOWN fthe Webster City Public Scales Prom Ise to Keep in Evidence Years—A flown flight, SheHff Schmalle Tells About His Ex pfcrietlce with the Ledyatd Firebug —Other Northwest News. The Webster* City scale case promise to achieve a permanence equalled ohlji by Jarndyce and Jarndyce. Elgli years ago Banker Millei? was fighting the issue in the legislature. . From there it was adjourned to the courts and -now it apparently hns severa branches, one of which goes to the su preme court on appeal from a recenl decision of Judge Birdsalt. The scale!! in question Were located In front of Mr Miller's handsome home. He objectet to them because they were too near The rest of the opposition object to them because they are too far away He tried to get the legislature to re sctnd the whole compulsory weighing statute on the ground that it is an un constitutional interference with person al liberty. The law is that a city ma; adopt city scales and everybody who sells in the city must weigh on them But the legislature failed to act.^ Now it appears no one objects to the city scales in theory, but many do object to having them on one side of the busi ness center, so that weighers from the west have to drive across the city to the scales and then back again to mar ket. The..present'.controversy arises out of an injunction ngaihst the city. This Judge Birdsall did not sustain, and it will be heard by the supreme court. In the meantime an obstreperous citizen named Owens has refused to weigh on the scales and has, we believe, been several times arrested, and these matters stand in abeyance Until the injunction is disposed of. Back ol all the disturbance is an old "up" and "down" town squabble, the ".up getting the scales, which they propose to hold. The Last of llendlg. Scheriff Schmalle tells the Signal different story about his misfortune at Anamosa while delivering the firebug caught at Ledyard. He says that they were on their return after visiting the house to engage board for Bendig's daughter, Bendig walking ahead. They came to a place where the walk was some six or seven feet high and Al suggested that they had better. take to the street. At this Bendig suddenly burned upon Al and attempted to strike him in the face with his' handcuffs. Al was ready for a scrap and threw Bendig to the walk. In the fall his feet slipped and to:save himself from falling on his head AMiad to let go of Bendig and landed upon his feet on the rocks and Bendig was immediately on the run. Al fired one shot which wasafter- wards found to have passed through Bendig's coat sleeve, and gave chase. Ee was close on to Bendig when his feet, which had been badly bruised in the fall, gave out and he was forced to Btop and call for help, while Bendig es- japed into the timber along the river. The next morning Bendig was brought in as related in the news item. The Signal adds: Scbmalle's feet were badly used up and forced him to keep housed up for ten days. Bendig proves to be a tough one, having served a term of three years at Fort Madison for arson and five years at Anamosa for larceny. [f his record had been known to Judge Sherwin on the recent trial his sen tence would have been for the full five years. _ _ ' Saloon Troubles in Spe»cev. Judge Quarton on Tuesday granted an injunction restraining J. H, Lewis From selling intoxicating liquor at his present place of business in Spencer, and directed the sheriff to seize and destroy all liquor found there ^and to dispose of all fixtures used in conneo tlon with the saloon business and close the building securely for one year. A Good Joke to Imitate. A Blue Earth City man took a Pillsbury flour bag and had it filled with hpine made flour. His wife v thought that local flour was no erood, Now she says that/last bag of PUlsbqry's best beats any previous bag she has had, The husband don't dare tell her. the truth and has to keep his face straight while she talks about it. VfWn Forgery, ""* J)eo. 30.-"SpeoJal; . bert Noble, a young roan wanted ftt Verne, lowft, fov forgery, was &pre,s$ed, here this morning aq<j held awaiting. arrival of of pfHoers ' frpjn Kofsutn pointy, Npble deniej &U p{ the. oriroe with which he is charged. He is »n Englishman abo«t 81 }we of a f e< ' ,.,„,,... J. to t POJR ,J4»B Th§ it AV Iowa City a young wa,e has Edtsern lines to Minneapolis, but the latteP company refuses absolutely to al* low a connection. The lov*a Company ob ih the Spfibg will accordingly push to the twin cities. to a r*ost, Mr. Whltford of Portland township walked beside the wagon he was dfiv* ing, He came to an icy place along the fence and the wagon swung at-ound and pitthed him fast. The Burt Monitor says he had two ribs broken on one side and three on the other. A tf6W Shift Called Vof. Hal Pettlbone Is buttermaker at Fenton. White fixing some belts a few days ago he got caught in the pulley and his shirt was torn completely off. DEATH OP MBS. A. D, BABE, The DntiKlitei* of a IMoneor Passes A \vny- Cnncni 4 tlie Cnuse. Two weeks ' ago THE UPPER DE8 MolNES noted the serious illness of Mrs. Andrew D. Barr, Death came Saturday evening and yesterday at 2 o'clock, Rev. Southwell preached the funeral sermon at the old Blanohard home in Union township and sorrowing friends followed the remains to the grave. Mrs. Barr was the oldest daughter, and fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Blanohard, who took the "claim she has always lived on in 1857, coming from Waterloo With , an ox team. Both parents are dead and Mrs. Bai-r came into possession of the old home. She was a very strong healthy woman but last summer had a cancel' cut out without securing relief. Her last months were of such misery that death was a welcome relief. THE WEEK'S MEETINGS. Next Sunday evening the Epwortli League, assisted by the young people of the Baptist Union and of the Christian Endeavor society, will give a New 'Year's program at .the Methodist church. '"-'•. ' • ;','..."" • ••• '• : <\'f' : The West Union literary society, which has reflected credit on Union township for several winters, will organize for the season tomorrow night at the Scotch school house. The president is Will Bourne, and Arthur King is secretary. A program will be given and a good start be taken for the winter.' - : • ...-'• - _' : ..• '••• Friday evening Rev. E. S. Pilling will give a lecture at the Methodist church on the work of the modern hospitals, with stereoptican views of Asbury hospital in Minneapolis. It will be exceedingly interesting to all who Jo not know what is now done in our best hospitals. The lecture will be 'ree, to all. He uses a powerful oxy- hydrogen light and beautifully colored views. •*.' : THE WEEK'S TRAUSFEBS. Doxseo <b Foster Report Twenty-two Deeds Recorded. W. 0. Diinson et al to Wm. P. Callios, sw 2-06, 27 , $4,000 John Engdahl to E. A. Howe, ntf nw 1300,80 2,400 Isaiah Fry to Martin Brunson, land in no sej 24,05, 80 v 1 Wm. Moffatt to J. D. NeWcomer, se Be 22-100, 20........ 1 Wm. MoflatttoG. D. Smith, ne se 22100, 20 .',...,. 1' Grace M. Oarr to J. J. Kelly, sy, nw 8-. 08,20 ......,...,,.. 1,520 Barclay J. Woodward to G. E. Hartweli; sw33-05,20 ,..,,...,.,..... '••••.-, Wm. M. Blchie to Mary A. Richie, se 17100,20 ;,....,.. 500 A. N. Drake to G. L. McOlannahan, ei/ 3 se, swse 13-100, 20 ,.., 3,000 G. H. Cowing et al to State Bank Germania, ne, e'/4 nw 18-00, ,27......, 6,000 C. R. Henlte to James L. Beed, ne 0 04,27 Maggie Beimler to Thos. P, Kelly, lot 4, blk 1, Searles add, Bancroft.... ...... 000 Mary Lacy et al to G. H, and J. W. Cowing, ne e nw 18-00, 27 ,,,,,. 5,760 Geo. D, Waterman to Geo. B. Bobbins, ' senwSS-05,30 10 A, G, Smith to 0. V. Christopher, wH se 17-08,27.,..,. .V;......,;,.. • 1 Frank Lindsey to Bobert Undsey, wH HW1004, 27 ;,,,.......,, 2,400 Alice M. Tamier to B. Stanberg, lot 4, e 14'4 ft 5, blk4,Wbittemore.,.,..,..... 1,500 W, A, Hammond to E, W, Albee, lot 8, blk 41, Call ad Algona ;;......... 1 Sarah L. Daniels to Aloys Meyer, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, blk 11, 6, 7 blk 12; Murtagh aft Burt, f.. 525 Jacob Marty to D, W, Bamm, lots 14,15 blk 0, LuVerne,...,. 3,000 Jacob Huber to P. H, Huber. nw lot 1, b)U 2, Civil ad Wesley,.....,....,.,,.,,. 1 BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve iu the world for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, feyer sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, aim positively cures piles or no pay required, It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price S5o a box. Sold by L. A, Sheetz. OYSTERS—standard aM select—in bulk, »t the City Bakery,-34 STEAM aASOLINE * ENGINES, There is Always A Best .-. In everything—why not in Groceries?, Try our Teas and Coffees, anil you : will say the same. None surpa'sjs'and few equal our " Diamond Mocha and J ava > May Bud Tea. Wish you a happy New Year, Langdon &> 1 15. «,{• W While Many are Turning Over a New Leaf At the beginning-of the New Year, we wish to announce that; our business policy for the coming year will be read from .the" same old leaf. Our aim will be to" satisfy our customers.' 1 Everything in our store down to a tin cup will be sold on its? merits, and anything not satisfactory to the purchaser may be , returned (if uninjured) and money will be refunded. We do, not wish to encourage " kicking," but' We Want You to Kick ; if our goods are not what they are represented to be. 'Don't: * complain to someone else, but come to us. While a fe,w will abuse our policy we believe the great majority of customers 'are , honest people, and will appreciate our efforts to give them.good ' goods at reasonable prices. We believe that this is not o'nly good business policy, but it is right and will benefit mutually^ the purchaser and seller. We wish to thank our old customers/ for their encouragement during the-past year, and hope we /may become acquainted with many new ones the coming' season. C. M. DOXSEE,, able Holiday fife -jjn 1 'j ,"•-' We have plenty of things left which would make them, ' Jtl Would call your attention particularly to Odd Pieces in Fine China, Such as Cups and Saucers, Chocolate and Tea * v ^» -« Salad and Fruit Bowls, etc,; etc, All perfect in every respect, These are really the choice ware and 1 , desighs.- of last year, and we—owing to the hard tiraes^-— J -'" the mistake of buying more of FINE goods, tfean needed. Result; We sold off the cheaper r goods, kept these. ' No Dealer Anywhere wouldseijtheSAMl „ ITY of ware at our present prices, as we 'only w^»* w .CLOSE THEM OUT, They are mwtal fcr' &$I THAN THEY COST US IN N|W YORK CITY, ? inspection is invited. ' 1 • The Grange Store,

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