The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 8
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li^S^^^V^^f^,'^^" : **?' f V i < -,;''" :• r* ''•;">. • ' "^VC*v^n- ;: ^T" t'-'^ '--^.^^^^^S^'.''^^^ &&06I&,'tow*;• jwfitfifKBMDA\v , •' --^ : >^£_^a ' •t^r^Tv*' «"•.«-•* ^>ir .—<••• — r*-' -— 7 , 7 * .. ,.,_'.. A ^ j ^.JL „ - .<-,-., .^.'—..^ a_i/- N , .in ii.flmBHa aiMMiMirtttiifBM^tttrininfiilBBBBBlBBiT""^^^"^^ ^.?!MJ1^4&^V , •gj i $$fa&^^^&t&3&i&t&!&liZ&fet. „_. tffia sold., come , ana & general banking .'• J»ftSs^e_tiek|tS to or rates. , John & Smii 'n f ,1»eWl8 H. SiMtfi, 3, the First National Bank > • .....160,000 Special attention given to collections. A. OAtiL ................ President i HtlTCttlNS .............. Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON ................... Cashier 0. fc, SMITH,.. ................ , . Asst. Cashier Directors— D. B. Hutehlns, S. A. Ferguson, PUlit) Dotweller, W. F. Cnrter, Ambrose A. Call, «. B. Spencer, Vrtn. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable fates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. $onJ*« ALOONA, ronM.. . OJtcern on* Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0.0. Ohllbb, Vice Prest., Thbs. H. Lantty, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraith, Fred. M. Miller. ' Myron Sohenck, j , Thos. F. Cooke. , * General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS 'fgrinterest paid on time deposits. O-EO. O. Pays SIS' per cent. Interest on Time Deposits for money left tliree montJis or more. Money always on hand to loan on first morl gages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. Notes bought. A Merry Christmas to You All I THE C1ECU1T, A merry Christmas. The cotmty editors meet la Algona Monday, Jan. 6, A good hoiise was out for Jahe loorabs in Bleak House. From Christinas to Christmas there mve been 151 marriage licenses issued. The Methodists had a Christmas pat- ace last night for the little folks, and it s said to have rivaled the world's fair. The Gongregationalists gave the Sunday school a big supper last evening Visitors ffoiri Whittetnore were over. Representative Mayne was in from Bancroft, and several visiting knights from Minnesota and Wisconsin assisted. The lodge did not adjourn until a late hour, and & big revival of intefest among the members is noted. Everyone who attended the public school exercises Friday was struck with the fine musical training displayed from the lowest to the highest room. It is almost invidious to select any one for mention, all were so excellent, bu f / the young men's quartette is worthy of special praise. It is composed of Carl Setcheli, Walter Tellier, Walter Steb- ALGONA, IOWA. PROFESSIONAL. •+s-+**^**r*t^**r+^^^+^*^*^*t^*~i^s~*. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNS Y8 AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S, S. SESSIONS, - ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschilles' store. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. • SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-JperKUson bl jck. GEO. R, CLOUD, • „. [Successor to TV. B.'Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALGONA, IOWA, 1 :• Office pver Kossuth County State Bank. , . - E, V, S WETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. L.'K. OARFIELP, P., Hrv 1 W A i! |; ( k PffYSIQIAN AND SURffEQN, '"f. ' •i? tote st,, one door east of Cordingley, " ce, McGregor, at., east of the public ppbool buijding, McGregor. street. l PHYSICIAN AND 8URCEQN for Christmas. The Baptists are expecting a preacher from Tama to supply the pulpit for a while. He will be here Sunday. The steam heat men expect to finish the Thorington job this week and get started on the court bouse. A big Christmas dance at the court house this evening will enjoy music by the Algona Military band. Ida Van Cortland plays next week in Des Moines in the Grand opera house. She plays all the week. E. P. McElroy occupied Rev. Davidson's pulpit Sunday. His sermons are highly praised by all who attended. Chas. E. Cohenour and L, J. Rice went to Rolfe Monday to interview an absconding tenant, who was located there. The Rock Rapids Review has the best big edition for the holidays we have seen. The Review is oneof Iowa's brag papers. Preparations are being discussed for the annual state university alumni banquet. A year ago it was tho social event of the season. Neighboring papers are inquiring about the gas well on Jas. G. Green's farm. The gas Is about gone and he has a good flow of water. County Surveyor Tellier has been platting part of G. S. Wright's farm near West Bend. Mr. Wright is making acre lots and five acre lots. The Webster City Tribune gives Hamilton's metropolis an illustrated send off which is done like everything else in the Tribune office, with-gumption. A company of old friends gathered at C. M. Cady's Thursday to celebrate Mrs. Cady's birthday. Some handsome presents and a general good time are reported. Saturday was the shortest day of the year. It was a mild, rather damp day. The days begin to lengthen and the old saying is that "the cold begins to strengthen." The social union program will be of unique interest Friday evening on account of the many excellent features. The room will not hold all who will care to attend. Algona's shooter, Gilson, is willing to meet Axel Sundstrom of a 100 live bird match. The Register last week did not refor to the matter. Is Bancroft willing to back Axel? Mrs. Lenette Butler is taking active management of the milling business left by her..' father. She is fully acquainted with all its details and it will lose nothing of energy in her hands. T, M. Whitman came in Monday from a mail route trip for Call & Cowles through Texas and other southern states. He tried to get here for his daughter's wedding, but was delayed by bad weather and slow trains. Marriage licenses have been issued to W, H, Ellis and Ella May Smith, Albert Bleich and Katie Larkins, Florin Bartlett and Nellie Hudson, Elmer Peterson and Elsa Nelson, Victor D. Johnson and Rena Omholt. The telegraph office is moved over to the front room in the Algona State bank building. Miss Eva Lantry has not fully decided whether to stay in Algona or return to Sheldon, but will probably take her old place here, There is a well defined rumor out that Senator Chubb will move to town omoe with pr. j n the spring and build a home, He is reticent about verifying it, but our readers need not be surprised to see him begin Algona's building boom for J896. Manager Blossom is putting the seats for Ida Van Cortland to match the times and she will put on a series of standard plays at 25. 35, and 50 cents for admission Everybody can afford to hear her and will hear one of the best actresses who ever came to AJgona, The grand jury investigated the case of the Arnold boy, who got drunk in kedyard pa liquor so d »F J)r ( Dunlap'e dr,ug store, and indicted both the doctor and hla clerk, There is a dispute W to the f»o>, which wHl bo fully ** • • ' trial, whioh will cowl bins, and Sidney Smith, with Charles Crammond as organist. The following note comes from one who knows: " Will you please state in next week's issue that Mrs. L. B. Mann, not Mrs. Horace Mann, went to California. Thought the item printed this week would be rather startling to some for at last account the family record remained unbroken and Horace was still a single Mann." We hope that our last week's item, though mistaken, may be prophetic of better things. college he idcfttio* ifi Calias, twctMBfBSt8 f afid has /already established Kirn'self, Eveff bright pfospe&t tiel before, &&<f as the happy eouple f§av"d Alfefift Ifaey ftiti 6aP?y With* them" A best tff .wlsbei ttiat they Witt to more than - Motief. • J have Unlimited money td loan oh Cook Waste of fuel ar tfflfe, withattt uftrfg the titipteasant f&tfufes ef fjfJL - <tok. stove, an'w| .", !iV The Cor with Hustler speaks of Miss Carrie Colburn's four year? consecutive teaching in one school, and .says: "The school is an object lesson in the practice of holding to a good teacher as long as possible Instead of this everlasting changing about. Not only does the school take the high rank in the distinctive work of the public school, but around it centers the intellectual and moral life of that community." They have a pretty good joke on one of the stage boys at the opera house. In Bleak House they use a lot of snow, or what passes for it. While the preliminaries were being arranged the stage boss said to this boy "its about time you were getting that bushel of snow." "Snow," said the boy, "there hasn't been a bushel of snow here in a month." When the merriment subsided it was explained that a bushel of white paper cut into small pieces was what was wanted. io Pinjriey he counted a crowd, press too, ear}y to give the re* A happy marriage was celebrated at G. M. Howard's home last Wednesday, by which his son, Walter B. and Miss Ethel Whitman were united. Rev, Adams assisted by Rev. Stevens conducted the ceremony. The newly wedded pair took the afternoon train to Cedar Rapids, where they will make their home. Mr. Howard is a traveling man and is popular on the road. Misa Whitman has been one of the .county's best teachers and is an attractive young lady. The Bancroft Register says: "Minneapolis people are preparing for another big wolf hunt. This time they have bought a number of wolves, jackrabbits, foxes, etc., which they will turn loose on the appointed day and proceed to hunt them before they get out of range." The Register adds: "Here is a valuable suggestion in this method to the Kossuth county hunters," and says: "Jas. 'McCowien ^or some other old hunter might be employed to gather in a bunch of them and stake them out securely at some agreed-on spot, then the problem of a successful wolf hunt would be solved." Geo. E. Clarko was in Chicago last week on a case which ought to interest all shippers, Everingham & Co., big commission men, closed up Nick Halsey of West Bend. Halsey has shipped them upwards of 1,800 cars of hay and Mr, Clarke has put in a counter claim for him of $10,000, which represents what he expects to prove they "knocked down," He expects to show that they systematically reported less to Halsey than they received, ranging in amounts from $7 to $20 on a car. Halsey also claims $5,000 for wrongful attachment. The result of this case will be a test of bow the commission business is done in Chicago. The many friends of Miss Zada Call, the youngest sister of Geo, C, Call, will be interested in the news that she is to be married today at Manchester, N. H., to a young doctor of that state, and that she will make her permanent home in the east near Manchester. Miss Zada- is the youngest of the family of Algona's pioneers, Judge and Mrs. Asa C, Call, and as a girl grew up in Algona. In late years she has been away at school and has made her home with her sister in Manchester. She is now an attractive and cultured woman and will adorn her pew home to which she goes with the best of good wishes from all the pioneers of Algona, and Kossuth. The Pecember number of the Lawyer and Credit Man, a journal devoted, to questions arising out of reports of tbe financial standing of business houses, has a leading article by Geo. R. Cloud, with a fine portrait. He refers indi' reetly to matters that have lately arisen in this county, and discusses the whole matter p£ financial reporting very ably. Hjs conclusion is tpat so long as lawyers are expeptefl to, report Wfi faiake a specialty of collections. Cldtid & Maiggard. Nearly all the college students afe homo. Albert PaltePsda came from Blairs" bu»*g yesterday for the holidiiys. Mrs, Geo. C. Call and Mrs, S. C. Spear returned from the east Mon' day. Mr. attd Mrs. ft. B. Warren went to Whitewater last evening for a holiday visit, A. D. 'Clarke and family will get started south soon after the new year opens. Miss Stella Johnson is Visiting her old Algona friends, the guest of Mrs. Sheetz, Miss Kate Wernert came home last week from Emmetsburg with ah attack of quinzy. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Jones have now gone on to Florida to escape the chills at Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan spend their Christmas visiting his old home in Iowa City. Miss Eva Lantry is back from Sheldon and is heartily welcomed by her Algona friends. Mrs. Jessie HunUngton and Ada Smith are joining in a family reunion at the Smith home. Archie and Mrs. Hutchison expect to get to Algona early in January. probably about Jan. 10. Theo. and Mre. Chrischilles have gone to Chicago to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dorland. Mrs. Auditor Caulkins will spend Christmas in Blue Earth, and Mr. Calkins will be there also, probably. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dlngley will not go south before February, and if our Florida climate continues may not go at all. Miss Jessamine Jones was invited _to respond to a toast at a state university banquet at Iowa City last week, but was unable to attend. Chas. W. Parker is back from a three weeks' visit with his brother and sister, and many other relatives in towns north of Sioux City in South Dakota. Prof. Gil christ left Algona yesterday morning for his farm at Laurens. He has added to his list of Algona friends by his able work in the high school. Miss Cramer spends her vacation in Laurens, attending the state teachers meeting in Dos Moines. Miss Cora Hibbard goes to Emmetsburg for vacation. Wm. K. Ferguson's father and mother returned to their home in Malone, N. Y., stopping in Chicago a few days. They have had a pleasant visit in Algona and have made many friends. a • 4tf \ •'* Better* Soon saves enough to pay made In all styles and for all a. for itself, Riversides fuels. Sold by NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Busittess.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford. Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Eockford of Bockf6rd, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, Uni'ted States Life of New York. GHBO. , , t,., TWO ENTERTAINMENTS. One Performance on the Stage, the Other In the Audience. I attended & recent performance given by some amateur actors and actresses- very good they were, too—and while 1 enjoyed the stage entertainment I was not unmindful of the one that was in progress directly behind me. It was furnished by an old lady and two young ones—when I say "young ones" I don't mean children—and its beginning antedated the overture in this style: "Can you read the programme, mother?" "Why, yes; but it must be wrong. Here's Annie's name down, and it says she's a servant. I thought you said she was an actress." " Only a servant in the play, mother.'' "But that seems a kind of mean thing to play. She doesn't have to do that, goodness knows 1" "She has to play whatever they give She's a beginner, you Live Poultry Wanted On and after Monday, Nov. 18, 34 C. H. BLOSSOM. Notice. The undersigned, having pointed administrators of the J. J. Wilson, deceased, will the business as heretofore. LENETTE w. BUTLER. 3714 H. J. WILSON. been ap- estate of continue ONTARIO canned goods. The finest in the town. Opera House Grocery. JOHNSON'S sweet apple cider at the City Bakery.-34 FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. her to play. know." "Well, I wouldn't begin that way." "Annie" appeared presently. She said, "Yes, my lady," and "No, your lordship," and "I will tell her ladyship that you are here,'' and a few more stunners of that sort very well, I thought. But when the French count with tho j pointed beard chucks her under the chin.; I could bear tho old lady behind me get-1 ting into a fine rage. I "Well, the idea of our Annie letting j a man do a thing like that!." "But, mother that's in the play." "I don't care if it is. I suppose he'll \ kiss her later on 1 The idea 1" Well, he did kiss her shortly after and got a good slap in the face for his pains. The old lady almost rose in her seat. "Good, good!" she cried in a very audible voice. "I thought Annie wouldn't stand anything of that sort 1" She objected to the young girl's little love affairs with the footman, however, and could hardly be kept in her chair when the two plighted their troth. "I don't call that play acting," she said. "They were just like two servants, and I don't like it." When the curtain dropped,, they all went around to the stage door, and somehow I felt sorry for Annie, coming from the stage full of hot enthusiasm, only to receive—'mentally at least—a bucket of cold water,—Polly Pry in New York Recorder. whioh women frequently owe In neaitn» and to whioh many delicate persons way attribute the deprivation of the full enjoyment of their homes. The cost of operating an electric elevator in, say, a five story house, making 60 or 60 trips' every day, will not exceed $3 or $4 per, month. The devices for operating these elevators have been so improved that an invalid or a child can manage them,« The old lever arrangement can be dispensed with, and the elevator ascends or descends on the pressure of a button. It, will stop only at each floor and will ^ Itart only when the elevator door is-"! tlosed.—New York Times. Force ot Habit. The genial captain of a steamer plying on one of our American rivers was appointed a vestryman in an Episcopal church in a city which lay at one end of his route. One day shortly afterward it was reported to him, when on shore, that there was a leak in the church. He was accustomed to promptness, and on receipt of the message he went to the church, took a candle and started down into the cellar to find the leak, evident- - ly thinking of the basement as the hall of the good ship Zion. The- captain himself tells the story , frith much apparent enjoyment of its lumor.—youth's Companion. Having a Bully Time. . —Life. JUST the things you want every at the Opera House Grocery, day HABRT WALKLEY'S HEIES. A Curious State of Affairs Disclosed In Court on the Division of XUo Walkloy Estate. A matter which did not attract much attention in court last week is still of interest to all who knew Algona's old citizen, Harry Walkley, It arose out of the division of his estate, It seema that one of his brothers, Daniel, had married in early life in New York and three children were born, Then growing tired of his surroundings, he left that part of the state, married again and had seven children, The second marriage of course was illegal, but the children never knew it until this prop? erty came «p for division. Under the New York law they would inherit nothing, but under Iowa law, by prov* Ing that they were notoriously the children of Daniel Walkley, they would bo entitled to their proportion' ate part, They secured Geo. E. Clarke's services and be established their claim and they wlU coroe in for a division, , the standing and credit of lopal ae,sg arise free pi charge, it will be possible to get »PJ' yery accurate sys. ftgcertainjng the ml facts. ( «, syg^TO «f va.lue is the tiwe and trp«We upju,e facts }». FRJJJ! Send your address to U. P. Bupklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Pr, King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince ypu of tjbejr -werits. These pills ore easy In action and are particularly of, f ecilve'JB the ewe of ppagtf Ration and sick headache. For malaria and liver trouble they have prove^ invaluable, They are. Wy free frpm every , 4,to fee purely veg f bey 0,0 not weaken by thei hut by g|vj M THE SICKROOM NURSE. Her Duties, Her Authority and Her Power* For Evil or Good, No person has greater power for evil or for good than has the nurse in the sickroom. Her actual authority is second to that of the physician, but her opportunities for exercising it are almost unlimited. If a physician in a country town wishes to secure a trained nurse, he should telegraph or write to the nurses' directory, to some hospital or physician, whom he knows, in the nearest adjacent city, stating for what sort of a case he will require a nurse, what he will -pay and when he will require her. Such a message should secure for him almost immediately whatever service he requires. The traits of character whioh make the ideal nurse are patience, obedience, taotand good sense and temper. The nurse's costume should consist of a cam- brio or seersucker gown, with white cap, cuffs and apron. Woolen gowns should never be permitted in a sickroom, Her authority is absolute after the physician's. She must obey his instructions to the letter, even if they are against ber judgment. She has no dispretion in the matter. But the patient and the patient's family must obey her, She .must never be allowed to disobey the physieifln'i or* ders, and the first symptom of any such behavior should be reported immediately to the physician, AU his instructions with reference to treatment, diet and, pare should be followed, fftithfnWy, fact that her patient is » man s make no difference jp behavior the sipteroom, He i§ ft pattwt, not 9 man, an4 she a nnrse, not a woman- A Means of DIalnfecting*Welli» Heavy rains are apt to contaminate wells and spread disease; hence Dr. Franck has brought under the notice of the Polytechnic society of Berlin a means of disinfecting wells, which he employe with success. It consists in suspending in the mouth of the well an earthenware dish containing 60 to 100 grams (0 gram is about 15 grains) of bromine, which, being volatile in air, forms a dense vapor that fills the well, and ia absorbed by the water, thus disinfecting it The water, it is true, has a slight taste of bromine for a time, but is whole* some enough. — London Globe. <f How It "And where's Sappeigh?" inquired the returned clubman, who was posting himself. " Is he still courting that bright Western girl?" f "Oh, no," replied his friend. "She jollied him for six months or more and fooled him at last, " "Ah," with a sympathetic sigh, rejected him, did she?" "Not much. She married him, "-» troit Free Press, , ber dismissal ft4n8aWe fi»Uy°4?_.,.... L , . .. , dootor to d.l6oUwgQ Jter atofloe jppjaytefisbj' 1 - ' " " iifwiM to frlpt* •.'jwrT^EiTOfnjf^ >—«-?«« r£pOTTOFp*r iKiMM Mr, Neyergo-^Don't! you ejwent? Miss We§rie.-»Why, m 1$ Andrew tan, BrffeSmWbnlldl

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