The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 7
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Woam ADVERSITIES, |e«* Aitite fcuttotfaate Stt.t *ift6tt by Df. tiftatttttfii tletttte of the - ••' ^ ', i5.d s Dec. 22.—ih his sefmoti to*dfty> 'br, f almage chose the Universal 'theme 'of the seasdfi '—the Christmas "tide, Tha text selected was, "Mow when Jestts was born in Bethlehem." Matt. . ».!' nidttight from one of the galleries, chant broke. To an ordl- feerver there was no reason for Tcelestial demonstration. A poor and wife—travelers. Joseph and 'iby name—had lodged In an out|p an unimportant village. The 3, hour of solemnity had passed, btt,the pallid forehead and cheek >,' God had set the dignity, the Sr, the tenderness, the everlast- divine significance of mother- ^tich scenes had often occurred in aem, yet never before had a star pjttfixed, or had, a baton of light 'llled over the'hills winged or- If there had been such a brll- mighty recognition at an ad- Ik the house of Pharaoh, or at an 3:, In the house of Caesar, or the' %f Hapsburg, or the house of rt^We would not so much have s'dVhut a barn seems too'poor a Jfbr such a delicate and archan- iircumference. The stage seems |all for so great an act, the music irand for suchJinappreclative au- 1'jthe winddws of the stable, too be serenaded by other worlds, ifmy joy to tell you what was born . in the village barn; and as I |to make my discourse accumula- "'" : climacteric, I begin, in the first |by telling you that that night in Ijjthlehem manger, was born en- ement for all the poorly started, i'only two friends—they his par/'NO satin-lined cradle, no deli- ientions, but straw, and the cat- id the coarse joke and banter of iamel drivers. ' No wonder the •- —* painters represent the oxen leling before the infant Jesus, for •were no men there at that time to Ip. From the depths of that pov- .6 rose until to r day he is honored Christendom, and sits on the im;throne in heaven. name is mightiest to-day in fendom? Jesus. Who has more ijjon earth than any other being? Before whom do the most thou- IJcneel in chapel and church and fal .this hour? Jesus. From lepths pf poverty to what height j>wn! And so let all' those who I'orly started remember that they tVbe more poorly born, or more Ufantageously, than this Christ, .em look up to his example while ave time and eternity to imitate know that the vast majority Se .world's deliverers had barnlike places? Luther, the emancipator pgljgion, born among the mines. Tcespeare, the emancipator of litera- >J ? born in an .humble home at Strat- Columbus, the discov- jjTof a world, born in poverty at Ge- Hogarth, the discoverer of how art accumulative and adminis- ^ of virtue, born in an humble- aelj in Westmoreland/ Kitto and jpaux, whose keys unlocked new pments in the Holy Scriptures •"- had never been entered, born in •-, Yes, I have to tell you that nine ' ,i;en of the, world's deliverers were |in want. |tir your holy ambitions to-day, |iwant to tell you, thougb the whole. 'may be opposed to you, and in- nd outside of your occupations'or sslpns there may be those who gj'hinder your ascent, on your side "njigted in your behalf are the sym- jjetjp. heart and the almighty arm L who pne Christmas night about ;n,'hundred and ninety-five years wrapped in swaddling-clothes |J|4|l%''a- manger. Oh, what mag- gnj, encpuragement for the ppprly n| : | have, to tell you that Jn that |e.£arn that! night was bprn gpod men; whether you pall it k}nd- p forbearancei or forgiveness, or • py 'affection, PJT }pve t/ ItVas -••-•-- fceaven'to send,its fa- ~t wag gac- After the y/ inrparad.jse, npt only dl$ the ' j"gpre, and the adder tp g^Pf, jiejjjaBttQ projte ,w}th, bis tvjsfc,, Jjpft t9 PHt tp .bftd use tOPtU ''" '' ' the yery tree ,frpp I'fruit wag plucked put .-war? and 'revenge- • &S4 j set the* ' 9979, f'Bleea f.fe jpjt ,p«tj?ftpiitm88 Bjght puts lheft-^1 gay you bH-bd eh*Mlan% of ytfti fit-e ft vfeff ineoilslfetenl tSiMStiafi. II j^'bti fofg1ve hot ja4t Iheif tr^assesi h»w cStt you eifie6t y«W Heavenly Pathef Id forgive yftttt -" ^dtgive then if they-ask yfluf foftlHnfegs, attd fof- gi^'them anyhow* Shake hands all affiflftd. "Gepd will io nien." Oh, my. L6fd Jesus. ;lfop that spirit Intd all 6Uf hfearts this-'bhristfnas tltne. 1 tell you what the woHd wants mo/e than anything else-'-toore helping hands, more sympathetic hearts, kind words that never/die, more sltion to give other people a fide, aftd to carry the heavy^efid 6f the Ibad attd give other people the light end, atid to ascribe good motives instead i)f bad, and to find oiir happiness Iti making others happy. Out of that Bethlehem crib let the bear and 1lott eat straw like'an ox. "Good will to men." That principle will yet settle all controversies, and under it the world will keep -on improving until there will be only two antagonists In all the earth, and,they will side by side take the jubilant Elleigh-ride intimated by the prophet when he siitd, "Holiness shall "be on the;bells of the horses." Again, I remark that born that Christmas night in the village barn was sympathetic union with other worlds. From that supernatural grouping of the cloud bank over Bethlehem, and from the especial trains tflat ran down to the scene I find that our world is beautifully and gloriously and magnificently surroundedi The meteors are with us, for one'of them ran to point down to the birth-place. .The heavens are with us, because at the thought of our redemption they roll hosannas out of the midnight sky. Oh, yes, I do not know but our world may be'better surrounded than we have sometimes imagined; and when a child is born angels bring it, and when it dies another takes it, and when an old man bends under the weight of years angels uphold him, and when a heart breaks angels soothe It. Angels in the hospital to take care of the .sick. Angels in the cemetery to watch our dead. Angels in the church ready to fly heavenward with the news of repentant souls. Angels above the world. Angels under the world. Angels all around the world. Rub the dust of human imperfections out of your eyes, and look into the heavens and see angels of pity, angels of mercy, angels of pardon, angels of help, angels crowned, angels charioted. The world defended by angels, girdled by angels, cohorted 'by angels—clouds of angels. Hear David cry out, "The chariots of God are twenty thousand. Even thousands of-angels." But ''the niightest angel stood not that night in the clouds over Bethlehem^ the mightiest angel that night lay among the cattle—-the Angel, of the new covenant. As the clean white linen was being wrapped around that little form of that Child Emperor, not a cherub, not a seraph, not an angel, not a world but wept and thrilled and shouted, Oh, yes, our world has plenty of sympathizers! Our world' is only a silver' rung of a great ladder at the top of which is our Father's house. No more stellar solitariness for our world, no other friendless planets sput out into space to freeze, but a world in the bosom of divine maternity. A star harnessed to a manger. Again, I remark that that night born in that village barn was the offender's hope. Some sermonizers may say I ought to have projected. this thought at the beginning of the sermon. Oh, no! I wanted you to rise toward it. I wanted you to examine the cornelians and the jaspers and the crystals before I showed you the Kohinoor—the crown jewel of the ages, Oh, that jewel had a very poor setting! The cub of -bear is born amid the grand old pillars of the forest, the whelp of lion takes its first step from the jungle of luxuriant leaf and wild flower, the kid of goat is born in cavern chandellered with stalactite and pillared with stalagmite, Christ wap born in a bare barn. Yet that 'nativity was tire offender's hope, .Over the door of heaven are written these words: "None hut the sinless may enter here." "Oh, horror," you say, "that shut's us all out!" No, Christ came to the world }n one door, and he departed through another door. He came'through the door p'f the manger, and he departed through the door of the sepulchre, and bis one business was so to wash away our pin that after we are dead there will be np more sin about us than about the eternal God, 'I know that is putting it strongly, but that is what I understand by full remission, All erased, .all washed away, all scoured out, all gone. That unr dergirdjing and overarching and ir- radiatjng and imparadising possibility for ypu, and for me, and for the whole race, that was given that Christmas njglit, JDo you wpnder we bring flowers today tp celebrate such an event? PC ypu wonder that we take organ and youthful voice and queenly pololst tp celebrate Jt? PP XPU wpnder that Raphael and Rubens and Titian and Glpttp and GhJrJandajlp, and al l the Pld Italian and German 1 painteri gave tbp mightiest- strpbe of thejr genius to sketch the/ Msdqnna, ^ary and her boy? • . •, . JQW I see, what tfte 8S£ n geir was, Wgh the gU4,e4 a.n<j ^weled §»4 embroidered cradle pf the Henrys of ? the feQula pf. FraBpei pjr the pf ^pusjja, NOW i 8u4 eut MBjetJiiphem, cpife fj<j .»9t |Q Bniy .tn6 sttlnglnl of IfcS fof & gfeSt chtirtfs tit ,tyro worlds* the bass to be fcatfled By iafthly ft&tfdftS saved, and the sopta'no fey ktfigd6ffis 6f gfofy won. dh, heaven, heaven r heaVeft! 1 shall iBeei you there, Aftefr all GUf impef* fedtibns are gone, t" shall meet yott ihere. 1'look out to-day, through this mists of years, through the f6g that rises from the cold Jo"rdafi t through the wide opfeh ddor ot solid pearl to that reunion, t expect to see yoii there as certainly as 1 see y6d here. What a" time We shall have in high converse, talking over sins pardoned, and sorrows comforted, and battles triumphant! Some of your chlldi-en have already gone, and though people passing along the street and seeing white crape on the doorbell way have said: "It is ottly a ehlld," yet when the broken-hearted father came to Solicit my service, he said: "Coine around and comfort us, for we loved hef so much." What a Christmas morning it will make when those with whom you used to keep the holidays are all in heaven! Silver-haired old father young again, and mother who had so many aches and pains and decrepitudes well again, and all your brothers and si&tere and the little ones. How glad they will be to see you! They have been waiting. The last time they saw your face it was covered with tears and distress, and pallid from long watching, and pne of them I cart imagine today, with one hand holding fast the shining gate, and the other hand swung out toward you, saying: Steer Ohis way, father, steer straight for -irvo; ' Here nafe in heaven I am waiting for thee. Oh, those Bethlehem angels, when . they- went back after the concert that night over the hills, forgot to shut the door! All the secret is out. No more use of trying to hide from us the glories' to come. It is too late to shut the gate. It is blocked wide open with hosannas marching this way, and hallelujahs marching that way. In 'the splendor of the anticipation I feel as if I was dying —not physically^ for I neVer was more well— but in the transport of the Christ- maH transfiguration. , • . What almost unmans 'me is the thought that it is provided for such sinners as you and I have been. If it had been 'provided only for those who had always thought right, and spoken right, and: acted right, you and I would have had no Interest in it, had no share in'it; you and I would have stuck to the raft : mid-ocean, and let the ship sail by carrying perfect passengers from a perfect life on earth to a perfect life in heaven. But I have heard the Commander of that ship is the same great and glorious and sympathetic One who hushed the tempest around the boat on Galilee, and I have heard that all the passengers on the ship are sinners saved by grace. And so we hail the ship, and it, bears down this way, and we come by the side of it and ask the captain two questions: "Who art thou? and whence?" and he says: "I am captain of Salvation, and I am.from the manger." Oh, bright Christmas morning of my soul's delight! Chime all the bells. Merry Christmas! Merry with the thought of sins forgiven, merry with the idea of sorrows comforted, merry with the raptures to come. Oh, lift that Christ from the manger and lay him down in all our .hearts! We may not bring to him as costly a present as the Magi brought, but we bring to his feet and to the manger to-day the frankincense of our joy, the prostration of our worship. Down at His feet, all churches, all ages, all earth, all heaven. ; Down at His feet the four-and-twenty elders on their faces. Down the '"great multitude that no man can number." Down Michael, the arch-angel! DOwn all worlds at His feet and worship. "Glory 'to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good-will to men!" Tito City of Churclips, Brooklyn is no longer the city of churches. Philadelphia now lays claim to that distinction, Besides, in proportion to the population, both Chicago and Baltimore pass'Brooklyn. With a population of about 1,000,000 the city of Brooklyn has about 340 churches, though there are 4,000 saloons. Chicago has a population of 1,500,000, with 626 churches. New York, with nearly 2,000,000 people, has but 522 churches. Philadelphia, with ite 1,250,000 inhabitants, has 628 churches, and Baltimore, with 500,000 souls, haa 218 houses of worship. In all thes,e cities, excepting one, the Methodists are at the front in the number of cnurches. New Yprk is the exception, where the Episcppalians come first, the Catholics secpnd, the Presbyterians third and the Methodists fourth. It may also be inter- e3t(ng to note In this connection sprae otner figure?. There are altogether 150,000 churches in the United States, against'50,000 In England, 40,o,po in France., 40,000 'in Germany, 25,ooo in Ita)y, ,20,000 In Spain and 50,000 in Russia, f MEM ALL, 81 1*6 M<JWM, t6 The MOnon Route, with its ftfy entefptlse', has lifit oti a, hew faftt {faifl that makes th&'ruti betW66Sl OW* Sago aiid JacksonvJlle ih 35% hoUfS. fhis train is cdmp-osed cf ^lepant Pttll* «aa Perfected Safety VesWniletli Opett fthd cempartment Slpefoers, includinf Drawing Room ahd Buffet Sleepers, as well as comfortable day cflaches, with Monon Celebrated .High-back Seats. ThiS train leaves Chicago daily at 8:32 p. tn., arriving at Cincinnati next morning 7:30, Chattaftooga 5:30 p. m,, Atlanta 10:40 p, fa., reaching Jackson < ville at 8:20 the second morning, in ample time to make connection with ail lines for points Iti Central and Southern Florida. This is the fastest time ever made by any line between Chicago and FloHdA. FRANK J. REfiD, General Passenger Agent, Chicago. City Ticket Office, 232 Clark St., Chicago, For , time curds, pamphlets and all other information, address L. E. SESSIONS, N. W. Pass. Agt, Minneapolis, Minn. An Ulcctrlc Tttrget. An improved form of the electric target has been brought out by an Austrian officer. The target consists of small meshes of wire, which are painted a bright color. No matter how long the range may be, as soon as the surface of the wire is struck by the projectile, a signal which passes along a connecting cable, is registered on an indicator placed near the stand. The impact of the bullet on the figure or wire rings that represent the upper part of a man's body closes the circuit' and rings a bell,, the ringing being simultaneous with the signaling on the indicator. The apparatus is placed under ground and acts automatically, requiring no care whatever for maintenance. It has been well received by Austrian army experts, as it enables a man to bo dispensed with in indicating the points and so removes what has been a more or less fruitful source of accident in military shooting drill.— New York Times. County Map of the South, Froo. If you are interested in the South and would like to have a county map showing the principal cities in detail in the States of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida, send your address to P. Bid Jones, Pass. Agent, Birmingham, Ala., or C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. This may is made to fold up in convenient form, and contains letters written by several northern people who have settled at different points on the Louisville & Nashville R. R. Now National Club for Women. A 2.°^ PJitionaJ woman's club, designed to carry on one phase of woman's work, has recently been incorporated under the name of "The Home Makers." This club has national officers and a national constitution, and has national headquarters in New York and there are local clubs of the same name forming in most of the larger cities of the Union, to be auxiliary to the national organization. The originator of the idea of the Home Makers' clubs and the national president is Mrs. N. doe Stewart of Cleveland, 0., who is also president of the Cleveland Sorosis. A Whole ftttiiltf , tt6fih HUMS, W. fiHSseeiaU Q. ff, Stltfl of this city fcitd nearly become a physical wfeck th*Ot1gK l*6eSslv6 ttl« Of tdbacce, aftd hte bMihcMft-taws Soil* M-ldtf aftd falheMh-laft w#6 ftlSS ift ill health from th<s Sftftis 6aus<*, fotif meH all begafi taftifcf N3 at the Datae tlMe, and thoilgu eefttlnf gi-eat difiefeftceg ef aga aiul lh firttHy, they have 68t Only been eatlibly cttfed of the tdbafcco Habit, but are now 4 in the best possible physical bdnditlOfti The quartette are proud df the feeuit ahd recommend Nd-fo-8ac with th& greatest enthusiasm. Hundreds of tobacco «66rs are followihg the example of the Sum family, Paste fof the Moniohoid. Paper hanger's paste is made by fifst mixing flour with warm water until perfectly smooth. The flour made by the old process IS besh Then boiling water Is stirted into it until the mass swells tip and becomes stiff and yellow, tt is theh done. A handful of pulverized alum is added to the flour. This makes the paste harder, helps keep it sWeet, is a preventive against insects in the wall and destroys that stickiness which makes large pasted surfaces difficult to handle. This paste will be found useful for many household purposes. . Kow'g This I We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Oattirrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. we, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last IB years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business, transactions, nnd financially able to carry out any obligations mado by their firm. WALD1NOI, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly Upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price, 75o per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Hall'n Family pills, E5o, _l^..._ Map of the United States. Tho wall map issuea by the Burlington Route is three foot,wide by four feet long; is printed in seven colors; is mounted on rollers; shows every state, county, important town and railroad in the Union and forms a very desirable and useful adjunct to any household or business establishment. Purchased in large quantities, the maps cost the Burlington Route moro than fifteen cents'each, but pn receipt of that amount in stamps the undersigned will be pleased to send you one; Write immediately, as the supply is limited. J. FIUNCIS, G. P. & T. A. Burlington Route, • Omaha, Neb. Cheap Bates te Atlanta and Return, On Dec. 21st, the Monon Route will sell tickets to Atlanta at the exceedingly low rate of $15,15 for the round trip, tickets good ten days. For full information call on Or address Sidney B. Jones, City Passenger Agent, 232 Clark St., Chicago, or L, E). Sessions, Traveling Passenger Agent, Minneapolis, Minn, A Uiih.v's RoOm. A room that a young mother of means has fitted up for her > baby is all in white,and .rosebuds. The paper is of white cream tint with a garlanded rosebud frieze. The rug is in the same colors. The crib of brass and white enamel has at the hend a drapery of white china silk with white net over it, and the chairs, table and chiffonier are painted white and sprinkled with rosebuds... The cushions on the chairs are of rosebuds on a ground of cream col- ored.chintz, with the same material for curtains and' mantle drapery. Tho Modern mother Has found that her little ones are improved moro by the pleasant laxutivo, Syrup of Figs, when in need of the laxative effect of a gentle romqdy, than by any other, and that it is moro acceptable to thorn. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. The truo remedy, Syrnp of 'Figs, Is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co.. only. . , * ' i .j Points of Etiquette, You know thnt' it is hot considered polite to be asked to labde? polite to ask to be helped twice to any dish when you-.are at a stranger's table, but did you know that when friends are visiting you it is correct to say, "May I help you to some-ot* this?" ignoring the'fact that the person addressed has been served .with it. It is one of those minor points of good breeding which distinguish the lady from the good hearted but ignorant hostess. running by Irrigation. The impulse now with every visitor to the Grand Valley is to own a ten-acre fruit farm, and to retire: from the vexations, trials and disappointments of grain raising in a country dependent upon on uncertain rainfall. It is an attractive picture, is it not t And as independent and profitable as it looks, too, 2eph. Chas. Felt. 207 Boston Building, Denver, Col. Christian T&e first Christian Endeavor society Jo Norway was fprmed a ftsw weeks &gp (8 ChrJ§tJania, gpme Juniprs, pf Ten, nesses are, circulating pledgee that the prppeedn frpm a}} eggs l&Jd pij Sunday to given to mjissteng, 4, ohrigtlan !n4e,a.vpr pppjety pf ninety memb,@.rj exists jyRQng th?'j69ld.Jer§ gt Fprt'IJou.8* ,t,Qn ( Tex, .4 flpurjahjng 8»nd.a,y ^ e ^ and, midweek gospel geryjc,§,^ye ppi!^ put Ql it, S,9»e Colorado, E,n(Jea,ypreM have erg»nige,a ft ' tQ ftf Kain'a Duel to Dentil. An interesting duel was witnessed in Pike County, Pa., not long agp. The duelists were prize rams, and their method of combat was uplque, They would repeatedly hack off from each otjier to a distance pf about forty feet, and then dash forward until their heads collided. This plan they continued until one ram dropped dead. Comfort to California. yes and economy, too, if you patronize the Burlington Route's Personally Conducted o»ce-ft-week excursions "which , Omaha every Thursday morning. Through tourist sleepers Omalm to Francisco and Los Angeles. Second-class ticHetu accepted, Pee the local agent and arrange tickets and berths, Or, write to J, F, g. p. & T. A-. Omaha, Neb, A Double A hen in 'Danbury has produced a curiosity, and its cackles of delight are frequent. It has laid a double egg,' shaped like a dumb-bell. One of the spheres contained' the white and the other the yolk. _ California ana FOR olive, almond and ™ i. \ ' . *•**?* #»w»**ww uifyo, nu,., „_„ English wulnul lands a.t 8J5 per aoro; Uvo awes will make you Independent for life. Payments, »8.50 per month, OAWVAOA COLONISA- TION CO., Suite508.815Pearborn St., Chicago. "It is always best to lie on the right' side," remarked the stump speaker when he heard of the election of the man he had been advocating.—Texas Sittings, A PiiUy Paper, SLOP n Only one dollar » year fpr the Des Moines Daily News if you subscribe before January l9t, 1806. IP Chicago the shoe stores sell shoes by the sisse. A pair pf shoes for a, Cftl* cago bejle costs from thirty tp fifty dollars, Adelina Fattt has earned' $5,000,* QOQ aa a. vocalist, It It Ifie* tSf iS ,'JVi .' *& t - tft ___.,. >*t5 — —.._ — ft ihS;l _,— itttittnfclHitt.-. *:~';i*\ A "low descending treats his lathe* It is the pfistmastef w voluffliiiotis letter that words. m Bttslhesfc Chtineo—A fcdesl tite«M6< 0 ^1 We pay you to sell fruit trees, gftf^ NunsfintBSj LOttjalafaa, Mo.i rttrfcltftort; 1 It is getting to be the cueteffl 1 wit'.,'!__ when a bank suspends to gusjpeaa 1181 president also. ''"^l! Warranted to cut* of money MuiidMb Aik frMtf druggist tor It. Pilta It cento. Life is like a game of whist—its my£> , terles will be solved when the last ;fr trump is played. Any man, no matter how lafcy, can grt,l Vi into the habit of work, by donning workman's attire. , , , Co<s'« Cnneii iintttt'iti _ * ' • ;, Is tlie oldest mid best, Itwlllbrenk llliaOoldfiliiClter -' than aliy tiling else. Jt is always l ellablo. Tl-ylt, ~-"'An Omaha man has an egg he kept for ten years. It must be a cade egg, of course. . • . . ^ > ; If the Maby Is Cutting TfootTl, ' . • j^> He sure and ueo thnt old and well-tried remedy. , Mns, V 1 \Ym8tow'B BdoTiliHo Bvnw tot Children Teething, If the conceit was taken, out of people there wouldn't be enough of te left to hang clothes on. ' < ,'',;, ',, Piso'e Cure for Consumption hasno equnl ^ as a Cough Medicine.— B 1 . M. ABBOTT; 883 Seneca St. ) Buffalo, N. Y.. May 0, 1894. ' -f Returns from congressional district!* 1 ;^ far! to return many congressmen Tyljo'^" anticipated re-election. ' ! * ' * SiNouna AMD Aimsis GHNEIU.IJLT. tiro >«$ users of "Brouw's Bronchial Ti'ochw" far > ' fs Hoarseness and Throat Troubles. They ' r s all'ord instant relief. ( ,*' m A man can subdue the elephant, the -\|s lion and the rhinocerous, but the tlgM^}^ generally gets the best of himv' ' „ O ( $ Des Moines Dally News one year $1. • ""^, ; *ff Senators Morrill, Palmer, Pugh, Mor-' fi'lf gan, Harris, Sherman and/Gear 525 years old. Whip a poorly nourished horse when he is thoroughly ' tired. He may go faster for a few rods, but his condition'' is soon the worse for it. Better stop and give him foodl' Food gives'force. Jfyouare thin, without appetite; pale, because of thin blood; and easily exhausted; why further; weaken the body by applying the whip. Better begin on a more permanent basis. Take something which will build up the tissues and supply force to the muscular, digestive, and nervous systems. of Cod-liver Oil, with hypo,- phosphites, meets' every demand, The cod-liver oil is a food of great value. It prp- duces muscular, digestive, and nervous force without the aid of any whip,' Every gain is a, substantial one, The hypo i phosphites give strength and stability to the nervous^ system, The improved appetite,' richer blood, and better fle§)i- come to stay. ( ' ^ ! ';; $ good is j?f y$r $$ gp<j# && When answering advertisements <, Wooden Water "Wooden water pipes, with a bore, are used in the streets of severa} towns of Washington and Oregon, Tj^y Jast as }png as irpn pipes a»d ar'e 1 much pfceaper, A pipe-line seyen miles Ipng pf pins IPgs, recently W» cost '' ' The first acute twinge o[

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