The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 5
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'/^'C&S " ''",'*.Wfi^f tCTJBB ALC?QMA f IOWA, •IBAf KKOfTY UW POINT, ; is 1 Qnestion of Jnl'Isdictlon, tfttdge ThottlUB id Stoldiiiff tt for Fftf the? Light, , MlSCfellafiftous Matters ift CoUtt Ar« poSed Of—Cbtltt AdjdilrftS fof the f rftseni. , Judge Thomas did not {iftss upon the dispute ovef the rights of Minnesota , pltfties to Use the Iowa ctftivts "to wash thelf dirty linen," as Ged< E. Clarke called it, It seems that S. E. McMa* hen ftad H6t Judge Cook Is responsible for* this interesting controversy. Gar- tey is a section man at El more and his wife was treated by Dr. Jacobs. She did not get well and Garvoy thought she was not properly treated. Mr. -McMahon brought the action for him and told the Officer to catch Dr. Jacobs over the Kossttth line some ti me and get service. This he did and so the case came to out 1 courts for hearing. Mr, Clarke's motion to send the parties hack to Minnesota., where they pay taxes to support theooui'ts, was argued all , day, Mr. McMakon making the argu- >ment to sustain the suit. Judge Thomas has notified the attorneys to cite more authorities and will fahnselt look -, the matter up before passing on It, but : he notified both sides that if he had - any right to send the suit back to Mln- * nesota be should do it. It is the nicest question raised In some time and is a feather in Mr, AI«Mahon's legal cap. C. W, Brown IB Mnd. '•, \ G. W. Brown, who lives in some -other town, sued Frank Nicoulin for $160 for services in selling some land. In sending his papers he got them mixed . and sent the petition to the sheriff and the notice to the clerk. When he was notified of his mistake lie got mad and said the officers were monkeying him. Then he filed his.petition in the right office but forgot to file a copy, "and on motion of Mr. Clarke his case WHS dis- .missed. When he begins again he will begin right. A Steliiuer Note Deal. Mrs, C. H. Boals sued Mrs. Henrietta Carlon for f 100 due on a note. The • facts developed that N. J. Skinner had ' secured the pnpers from Mrs. Carlon "• 'and that she hud paid the money to him. He had turned them over to Mrs. Boals,but had not paid them off. ; Judge Thomas released Mrs. Carlon from any obligation. J. C. Raymond was her attorney. - A similar case is C. H. Boals vs. W, Ferguson. We hear that Mr, Skinner is now in Texas. An Old Divorce Matter Dropped. An old case entitled Caroline Ward " vs. Arthur Ward has been hanging fire for years. It wns brought to secure the children left with Mr. Ward. Judge Carr kept it. along as si club over .the defendant to secure good treatment to the children. At this term it was dismissed at Mrs. Ward's cost. It is reported that she is now married again to a man in Rockford. The Pants Goods Shrunk. Two interesting cases were John McCann & Co. vs. F. M. Evans for $65 and John Wilson for $75, Both are cloth peddler cases, the goods being scant measure, and In Wilson's case the Chicago house where he had it made up on •MoCann's recommendation, never sending back the goods, suit, nor even a pants button, S. Mayne is defending Wilson. The Holms Get a Now Trial. ' Judge Thomas granted a new trial in the Bohn fence case. This brings it on 'again at the next term, but the jury -'will not get another chance to inspect •\the posts on which Judge Carr and "Judge Cook expended so much elo- , quence. Matt.'s furnace has long since -.reduced them. Mr, Clarke will be in ', the case at the next trial. Beimler Heard From, The outcome of the awl stabbing at Bancroft was a suit for $1.000 damages by the stabbee, Mack. Mrs, Beimler 1 'appeared and got a continuance for her ,. J)jisbp,nd, stating to the cowrt that he \Wftsin Montana, 30miles from a post- office, Beiraler skipped out of Ban- leaving a lot of mourning credits, ' ^ The Big Bancroft Damage Case, Tbasuit of Sohemrnerhorn against C, '• Movehouse and others lor $5,000, |||fwhjGh he alleges he was damaged by Kr 'b'§ing arrested in Montana, Js contin- / j}e<J. Lawyer Botsbord of Fort Dodge ,,,J9tends, and his wife was very.sjpk and iij$.ww unable to leave her, lirpdy.Tremajn liaofl o«se, decision was made afc this term in Ite Wf land case tried last term. Mr, »i» pf Humhpldt failed to cora< a §&le pf laM to Mr, Brady of and was sqe4. Judge Br»dy a judgment fpi- . jfjji |fee pp'peftl pf Fr&pk Bamsey from essed, ffaiBpt Ww ty far feeing 1 arwnte and agreed to a-judgmeht 9? ?§ all, the 009(9 te and answer Cloud I leny 611 the T*he tJeath adultery case goes over UneiUeffiti. Lu» iiquot pBfmit case at V^fflegoes over till next term, In Ketehum & Johhson vs. Simmons & Sobs of Lu Verne the 1 latter pay coats ahd the case goes to tlext term, The suit of Harry Simpklns against the Anchor Insurance Co. f&r $100 due on the old laundry fire, is continued, No decision has beeh given yet by the lafad office departuifht in the tl-ee claim coifttestfor Geo, W. HttUnti's eighty hear Corwith. Old cases accumulate on the docket, Here is an interesting reminder, E. D. Leatherthan vs. H. A. Latta, It hits been continued 18 times. Borneman of Lu Verne beat Marly of Lu Verne for $5 and costs in justice court. 'Marty appealtid and then paid the $5 and all the costs and quit the legal field. L. K. Shadle got his divorce from Rose Shadle. Judge Thomas dented D. C. Chase's taolion to lake the case to Webster City and granted a divorce. S. S. Sessions was Mr. Stmdle'a attorney. Ed. James, the boy who was caught taking goods from the home of the notorious Stelser of Hurt, was not indicted. He has been in jail some months. It Was thought that he was not the guilty party. Hay & Bice have a suit against Z. H. HomringhaUs 'of. Clinton for a failure on his part to complete a trade. Judge Thomas transferred the case to the Clinton court. Judge W. f I. Hays is Hotnringhiius' attorney. Ralph Johnson vs. Ralph H. Johnson raised the question whether a suit begun for $150 in justice court could go on by the plaintiff cutting his claim to $100. Judge Thomas held that the justice would not got jurisdiction. Carson, Pi rio, Scott & Co. pot a verdict of even $1,695.83 in the Frlnk case. An appeal has been taken to the supreme court to have Judgs Thomas' rulingson the law reversed. Geo. E. Clarke; Geo. R. Cloud and Barney Kelley join. _ Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. Money. I am loaning money on farm lands eA six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. . J.J.RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. .510,000 to Loan on town property. DOXSBE & FOSTER. Kstrny. A cream colored pony, branded G.," at John Gilbride's. Owner have by-paying costs, " T can STILL some things you Opera House Grocery, want at the Wanted—A Cook, An experienced woman cook wanted. Good wages and steady employment to the right party. Address or inquire at A. Hulbert's restaurant, Algona.—40t3 Dissolution Notice, The firm of Parish & Frise was dissolved on the 27th day of July, 1895. All bills owing 1 to the late firm are payable to F. L. Parish, who also pays all the firm's indebtedness. 4013 R. ! A. FRISE. Buck,wheat Cakes At the New Daisy Mills. We furnish the flour—you do the rest, See ad. in another column.—40 JUST arrived this morning at Galbraith's, something for the children in the line of cloaks and jackets, MONEY to loan on long or short time. Apply to GEO, C. CALL. ALL kinds of fancy baking for parties at the City Bakery.-34 IN addition to a large assortment of popular styles in jadies' jackets we are showing a big line of misses' and children's garments. Galbraith & Co, MACKINTOSHES in single and double texture, lined and unlined, all colors and sizes, at Galbraith's. Money Saved, without a doubt, by buying your groceries of Anderson &Stebbins, south Of the court house, NEAPOLITAN Pistachio and crushed almond ice cream at the City Bakery. FOR SALE—A house and two lots on West McGregor street, Inquire of F. H. Veeper,-39tf ONTARIO canned things in town, at Grocery, - goods, the finest the Opera House Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair* fOfi Al*ona*8 CohtinKent ftgafly All Oil Hftttd fof ChHStniftS Tnfrkfey, One of the features of the holidays iti Algona is the returfi of the College student, For a town of its size Algona has beeh a liberal patron of tfisUtuUdnS of learning, besides keeping up excep* tionaliy excellent schools both public and private. At present there are 26 Algonians in the different colleges, most of whom are here now or will be for a visit. A hasty list shows them distributed as follows: Geo. Hortofi, Harry Sheetz, Claud Niooultti, Howard Wallace, Louise McCoy, Mable ahd Ruby Smith, AHc6 Wadsworth, Lulu Clarke at the Minnesota State university at Minneapolis. Clara Hamilton at Carlton college, North field, Minn. Wm, Hihchon and James Katn at St. Johns College, Collegevtlle, Mitin. Wm, Galbrallh at a private school in Omaha, Neb. Frank Telller in Iowa college at Grtnnell. Margaret Rutherford, Lou and Grace Smith tit the state agrlcultral college at Ames. Chester C. Call at Northwestern university, Evanston, III, Alma nnd Carabel Ramsay at Cornell college, Mt. Vernon, Thos. McDermot and M. 13. Schleicher at the Iowa City law school. F. A. Wartman at Highland Park- college, Des Molnes. Cyril Hay at a select school in Woodstock, III. Lute Stacy at a select school in Dixon, 111. Miss Bertha Hancock at the Chicago conservatory in the auditorium building in Chicago. Public School Vacation, Friday was a festive occasion at the public schools, and special holiday exercises were held in every room. School is out for two weeks and wUen it reopens it will be under Prof. Carroll^ charge. Prof. Gilchrist was remembered by his high school students, who presented him with six volumes of standard • scientific works tastefully bound. He has been very popular as an instructor and has rendered the town and the schools an excellent service. Normal School Notes. Miss Edith Wilkinson has charge of the library and office. Miss Waters is recovering from a severe attack of neuralgia. She will be ready to resume her work on Dec. 30. Will Reed, brother of our genial count,y superintendent, has been added to the faculty as teacher of pemanship. His skill With the pen is well • known. The normal school has a vacation till Dec. 30. The school is in good condition and everything looks favorable for an increased attendance after the holidays. A special class has been organised for those needing additional assistance in arithmetic. We now have three classes in arithmetic besides the drill in rapid calculation. The debate at the normal literary society* on Thursday evening gave evidence of much thought and study. The question, "Resolved, That as a man and a discoverer, Columbus was greater than Livingstone," called for frequent trips to the library and many heated discussions in the reading room during the preceding week. DB, GABPIELD IHJUBED. Ills First Serious Runaway Accident In a Practice of Over 5O Years. As DtvGarfield was coming south in front of the Hohn farm in Plurfi Creek last Wednesday afternoon the south passenger on the Northwestern frightened his horse, which is the same one Mrs. Dr. Garfield and Miss Simpson were overturned by some weeks ago south of town. It ran some rods when the buggy began to tip over and the doctor jumped out, His feet were tangled in the robes and instead of getting well out he tripped and fell on his left shoulder, which was dislocated. He picked himself up and walked 80 rods to the house and sent to town for medical aid. As Dr. McCoy was not at home at the time he did not arrive until after 7 o'clock, and Dr. Garfleld says that the pain during that time was almost unendurable. As soon as the dislocation was reduced he got into the wagon and came home, where he is still confined. He says, however, that he will be up town shortly, although his shoulder will probably bother him for a year, The doctor will be 70 years old in June, and for over 50 years has been driving horses. This is his first injury in all that time. If his feet had not been tangled this time his unusual agility for his years would undoubtedly have saved him, " '• ^ i~ l " i "' ^*'^\^'%T^^f$^Sjjj§ b v/ ^;.: ; '^M^P boas to Pltiffi Credit >»n* day morning at 10 O'clock* She leaves % 0 Sons Ih the county, JAntt Wftfttef pf Sdtieda, &bd MafrisoB Warntlf, tlies^ home »as frith hep. She was* siek about a week and died as the result of the iHBrmities of old Bge. tirfini freed I StiorUl New prices at the New Daisy Mills. See ad,--40 * Pftflw Lonns at 0 $ei> Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower, Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred, The loan can be paid hi whole or in partfttftfly interest date. S&tJNSON. Holiday For the Christmas and New Year holidays excursion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Pau\ to stations within a distance of 200 miles from selling stations, at one fare and one-third for the routtd trip, selling Dec. 24, 25, and 31, 1895, and Jan. 1. 1890. ^ _ OYSTERS— standard and ' select— in bulk, at the City Bakery. -34 THE cheapest place in town to buy your choice Xmas meats and poultry — turkeys, ducks, and geese, home-made mince meat, home-made sausage of all kinds. Special attention to telephone orders. Prompt delivery. MOE BROS.' MARKET. AWAY, Settler of 84 Years, Mrs, Laura of IMuro Creek the Advanced The funeral services of Mrs. Laura Fitch were held at the hope p( her daughter, Mrs, B. M. Gardner, last Thursday, Rev, Stevens officiating, and the Baptist church choir of AJgona furnishing the music, A large gather-- iogof old settlers was present. Tbe remains were taken by Mr. Gardner and Panlel Rice, to a cemetery sputli o£ Fort Bpflge, where Mr. Fitch, and their soi), Pe,ye»' } are buried, Mr, and Mrs, Fit0h came tQ the ogunty in }8<H opened a farm now owned by $. Keith, .Mr. Fitch 4ie4 J B ig&t at SOB'S home in Webster county advanced age, Mrs. Flteb there until her SQ» 4|eS, an4 »g9 earns ,t° Mr 8 * Sartner's, wfaers she to §ino.e mate bsp home. She years eia jajt August, and has y ysw m altnojt belplw leavitwa chM»'&n» Ewtuj FiJgh wraps gut at me Bantes* WWBrowraV^SfiF^f'BfVjiW KOSSUTH MIHTABY AFFAIES, Wo Can Furnish a Company of Expert Kino Shots If Johnulo Hull Heally Wnnts. War, It will give an increased feeling of safety locally to know that now as war threatens, Company F has the best target record it has over made. Lost year it had only 01 to its credit, but this year dipt. Haggard is able to ro- oort an average excellence of 78 8-10 per coat. There are six sharpshooters in the company, Walsh, Witham, •Wnrd, Stephenson, 13. T. Bui-bank, and Capt. Haggard. These hnve an aver- ago of over 170 out of a possible 225. There are 10 marksmen, Boals, Mart Weaver, W. E. and Burt McMurruy, Will Hnokman, A. W. Burbank, C. S. Reed, W. J. Harvey, Henry and Roy Carpenter. These have an average of over 135 out of a possible 225. The company is in first class condition, but will soon be called upon to select new officers. Lieut. Chubb has sent in his resignation and Lieut Dougherty's will go in soon. They have both been pop 1 - ular nnd efficient and the company will miss them. AMUAL MEETI3J& Town State Teachers' Association. For the above meb.tihgvto he held at Des Moines, Dec. 81, 18!)o, to Jan, 2. 1890, the Northwestern line will 'sell tickets at reduced rates on the certificate plan. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.-39l2 RAIL WA Y TIMS CARDS, OH1CAUO, .MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TBAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:08 am No. 0 departs at. 4:84 p ni Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at,.......... .Il:fi5am No. 71 departs at 0:40pm TJIAINS BAST. No. S departs at,.., 10:23 am No. 4 departs at .,...,,, 0;04 p m Freights that oiirry passengers- No. 76 departs at, , 8:SOpm No, 04 departs at. ,, l;45pm B, F. HiSDiucK, Agent. CHICAGO 4 NOBTHWESTEKN. South- Pass. North- Pass 2:2Gpm Pass 5:58pm Pass...,,,,.,.8:13 am ,3:05pm Freight.. 0:30 am Freight. ,:g45pni Freight 0:30 am Freight 7:33 pm Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m, Lv. Des M. Z :30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chicago at 8 a. m. F. H. VBSPBB, Agent, Water or No Pay. We have a new well-digging outfit, the best that is made, and one well adapted to this section. Our long experience in making wells warrants us in guaranteeing satisf ao tlon In all oases. FBA.SER BROS, Scientific American COPYRIGHTS, etc. - »^T«« -a-*'?? a" 1 ? fiw Handbook write io MUNN & CO.. 881 BRO*PWAT. NSW YOBK. Oldest bureau for geciirlna patents la America. Every patent taken out by us 19 brought before the public by a notice giveufteeQf i i4B \mmw The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Witt fygin the war 1895»9Q are turning out a fair quality of FKi and at priees to suit th$ timei Fancy Patent, per sack, , ,•••;' r|S White Daisy or Full Patent, . v Choice Baker's, Try It : ; Every Sack Warranted) This Means that if it does not suit, you 1 can bring it back and get .your money* 1 When you are On the Lookout Look in AT-OUR... Holiday Banquet Lamps and Onyx Tables, ''Silica Shades, China Globes, and everything 4n|| lamp fixtures. An elegant line,of 'Cufill Glass, fancy fruit dishes, china pieces, etc'y| Drop in ; perhaps you may see something that would please your friends. s State Bank Block. WALKER BROS; TELEPHONE 47.. FOR Ho I Buckwheat Cakes. 24-pQund Sack, 75 ctsm 12-pound Sack, 40 For sale at New Daisy Mills, and at Mill office, New Daisy i » » FEED, SHQBTE -*.-m opp,-pw ton, -..,- i. y fi^L^S IQBTE' p§?, tpft ':,; ; -•:-.•-*:• ••-'<.' aAll.Wo •>**•>Ann ^•iVntta'^/ :< v'.PWJ f ^^

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