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Wilmington, Ohio
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3223122 1937 LJ776 GEORGE WASHINGTON WILMINGTON OHIO SATURDAY JULY 3 1937 PRICE THREE CENTS NINETY NINTH YEAR NO 223 Diplomatically Ill RUSSIA AGREES Missing Aviatrix $4500000 Crown WAR TENSION SLACKENS ALLEGATIONS ARE DENIED REDS BOAST WORK Mrs Amelia Earhart Putnam SENATORS BEGIN Continued on page two) I 4nllia OICIAL CHARGED WITH SECOND DEATH JURY AGREE IN IRONTONTRIAL ORD DOUBTS AUTHORITY EDERAL BOARD DONAHEY OPPOSES UNTRIED THEORIES TAX WELARE BUDGETS SNAG TO COMPROMISE OX SIGNALS HEARD ON RADIO BATTLESHIP armers Protected By New Legislation HEADERS CLAIM PARTICIPATIONO COMMUNISTS WHEAT LIMITATION 1 PROPOSAL REUSED SITING STORIES OEBRUTALITY Believes Buoyancy of Gas Tanks Would Keep Plane On Surface ormer Kentucky Political Head aces Two Trials Japanese Army Leaders How ever Doubtful of Com 'jjlete Settlement CINCINNATI PLAYERS SOLD NEW YORK July The New York Giants today announced the purchase for their Jersey City International League farm of out fielder Phil Weintraub and pitcher Walter Brown from the ClnciUpati Reds HUSBAND IS HOPEUU SKYROCKET BACKIRES COLUMBUS July 3 (Zf) backfiring skyrocket set off an estimated1 $500 work of fireworks in a roadside stand in suburban Grandview last flight treating the neighbors 4oa vivid IP Impromptu pyrotechnic display before the fire department finished things up'No one was injured Auto Association Lists Motor ist for ourth Senator Repeats His Dislike Of Administration LOCAL MAN RENAMED ON AGRICULTURE BOARD COLUMBUS July py Mrs 'A Steele of South Vienna a director of the Clark County arm Bureau' was namedby Gov Martin Davey today a member of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture to succeed Mrs Mollie Ketterer who resigned Galvin of Wilmington was re appointed to a term which ends October 10 1941 LYING BOAT LEAVES ON HOP TO ENGLAND PORT WASHINGTON July The flying boat Pan American Clipper III left the ha'r bor here at 3:25 A (EST) to day on the first leg of an experi mental flight' to England The big ship rose smoothly from the water after a short run starting the 3500 mlle trip exactly on schedule The crew went aboard at AM warmed the four engines made a preliminary taxi to the starting position and started away with no ceremony Senate and House Scheduled To Resume Work On und TuesdaV 'V IL' Markets At A Glance Kero your boss to the grindstone and it never git Into other folks' business Imitation may be tho sincerest 4 form of flattery but I ad vise nobody to growl at a bulldog Aviatrix Believed To Be Down Within Distance Of Goal TOKYO July (ZP) Russo Japanese war tension eased today after Soviet Russia' agreed to withr draw naval patrols from the dis puted Amur river Islands between Siberia and Manchbuk'ub but pow erful Japanese army Jeaders kapt close 4atch of 'the situation ap parently considering it not Oom pletely settled The foreign office announced Ilia lauiueui Arrange Three Rallies In Ohio Pennsylvania or Sunday Committee Starts Preparing i Report on Memorial Day Strike i Battle CIO Attempts To Purge Union As Strike Captains Are Put In Jail Cannot Regulate Relations Of Employer and Employe Claim Act That Enables State To License ertilizer Dealers Takes Effect Today LOUISVILLE' K'y July (ZP) mysterious death of a woman was charged today to Brig Gen Henry II Denhardt In a civil suit which was filed against him asking $70000 damages in the fatal injury a year ago of pretty Patricia Wilson 25 year old in a hotel here1 No criminal charges lhavo been filed The 61 year old former lieuten ant governor and adjutant general of Kentucky: faces a tplai next fall in Henry County on a charge of murdering his fiancee Mrs yerna Ga'rr Taylor 40 The jury disagreed at his first trial recently A Edward Langan Jefferson Caunty Louisville) Public Admin istrator who filed the suit yesteri day as administrator of Miss1 Wil estate alleged' Denhardt saulted beat and thqgirl "causing her to down an eleva tor shaft at the hotel Answer Charges UAW En tered Conspiracy Cause Riot Incident Seen by Observers As Severe Blow To Soviet Prestige IRpNTON The jur trying three men and a wom an on charges of altering ballots following last November's election reported 'at noon today a verdict seemed unlikely Common Pleas Judge Wie land asked the' jurors before send ing them to lunch whether they had reached a decision 'The foreman replied that the nine men and three women were about evenly divided and that a verdict was remote The judge did not indicate whether he would dis charge panel After an afternoon and evening of debate during which further in structions were requested from Judge HCWielaml the jury re tired at 11 yesterday WASHINGTON July 3 (ZP) The American' Automobile Asso ciation a list of to day for Independence Day motor ists weave1 in and out of traf fic spurt1 ahead at high speed jor drive when fatigued "Don't drive on the wrong side of tho road pass on hills and at street intersections or slump in the driver's seat overeat when driving drink from wayside streams or take chances on' ptomaine poison with foods thathave been too long without refrigeration' swim when overheated go in tho water Until an hour after meals or dive until you are sure of the depth of the water expose yourself too long to sun rays or there will be pain ful and perhaps serious NEWSrJOURNAIi TELEPHONES BUSINESS OICE 2571 NEWS DEPARTMENT 2578 Gov Clifford ToWnsend Successful efforts of Gov Clifford Townsend of Indiana 1 in obtaining a truce in the jI strike against' Inland Steel company on terms satlsfac both to the union and the company were planned while he was at home according to disclosure made by the gov enftsltoself that pretented ill ness was a ill which' kept him 1 away f' from the office and during Which time he worked out the Inland truce lants as Ineludipg carrier or 'culture of a specific 1 micro organ ism or mixture of micro organisms represented to Improve the'wil or the growth quality or yield of 'This includes any seed soli 'fer tiliser fertiliser substitute In oculated fertiliser "or any anala gous product? represented to be in oculated with or containing such a culture" The Director of Agriculutre is authorized to license dealers at $25 for each' brand1 handled Licenses issued this year will be good until the end of 193? butthereafter they will be issued on an annual basis Two other laws effective today prohibit members of library boards from having any pecuniary inter? est in any board contracts of be ing employed by it except as clerk or treasurer and clarify proced ure for appeals from the State In dustrial Commission' TO WITHDRAW NAVAL PATROLS WASHINGTON July Senate investigators began today to sift Kxtnasa of conflicting tester mony aboutthe bloody Memorial Day battle atChicago between po lice and Heel strike demonstrators Although SenaforThomas (D Utah) said theeWqnce indicated "extreme police brutality neither he nor Chairman La ollette (Prog WisLihdtcated what further action tbeir civil liberties committee might take 1 Committee employes said they probably would publish port of the shooting In whlchiO strike sympathizers were7 and "leave the rest tozthe people of Chicago" A dozen witnesses some of them still convalescent told the commlt teefour platoons of cluti swinging patrolmen 'unexpectedly had charged az "peaceful demonstra near the Republic Steel' plant A nefwsreel publicly shown yes terday for theflrst time their testimony that police fired point blank Into the fleeing crowd and clubbed many of the dembn Crown of Um Andes You aw looking at the Crown the 'Andea a $4500000 center 'piece which graces a table at the Great Lakes exposition in Cleve land The crown contains what is claimed to be the largest end most valuable emerald It is tmbeded with 452 others The crown which has a long Spanish Axtec history recently was pur chased in South America by a syndicate beaded by? a Chicago jeweler AAAAnnounces That 31 States Turn Down Plan WASHINGTON July 3 The Agricultural Adjustment Ad ministration announced today that representatives from 31 wheat states had turned down a propos al that a definite limitation be es tablished on wheat acreage under the ederal farm benefit program for next year Agricultural Adjustment Admin istration officials had advocated establishment of a limit on wheat plantings similar to the "corn used this yeir or the cotton and tobacco quotas used under all programs: 1 The Agricultural Adjustment Ad ministration sald the farmers agreeda large acreage pfobably would be planted this fall and next Spring but decided methods avail able for controlling acreage under IN NEW ENGLAND NEW YORK July With a secret visit to New York in their honeymoon record ranklin Rooseveltf'Jr and his bride the former Ethel Du Pont were be lieved to be somewhere In New England today They' left for Boston yesterday afternoon 4 after a night and a day at the St RegJs Hotel July (ZP) ord Motor Company iija formal answer to charges of the National Labor Relations Board that it had violated the Wagner act chal lenged the authority today The the company said should be dismissed "because the LRB has no authority to regulate relations between employer and employees engaged in local pro The answer signed 4 byMrrj Bennett 'personal director of the ord? Company: denied iall allega tions contained in the complaint issued by the board last Saturday following charges by the United Automobile 'Workers Union A hearing before a trial examiner is scheduled for next Tuesday In the answer today the ord company charged the UXW tered into a conspiracy to Cause a on the property of the com pany at River Rouge It asserted tjiat employes of the company who engaged in the fighting atXhe gates of the Rouge plant op May 26 "had at all times acted Xn self defense and within thei legal and constitutional Election raud Case Panel May Be Dismissed NEW YORK Stock' market closed Saturday Monday No sales CHICAGO WHEAT Strong Canadian damaged Unsettled "profit taking No trading HOGS Nominally steady? load top $1266 NO PAPER MONDAY ollowing its long es tablished custom the Daily News Journal will not be issued Monday July 5th All employes will be given the full holiday and offices and plant will be closed during the day HONOLULU July Dis tress signals signed the cal! letters of Amelia mono plane Hashed over the Pacific to day id the midst of a feverish sea and sky hunt for the famed avlA trix missing in equatorial waters surrounding tiny Howland Island Amateur' radio operators in Los Adgeles' beard repeated calls of "SOS early today more than 14 hours after the intrepid flier sdld her gasoline supply would last but 30 minutes on het flight from distant 'New Guinea The amateurs Walter McMena my and Carl Pierson said the big hais were so weak they' could hardly hear them through dense static and that once when they taught the letters A for latitude the signals were blotted out byx interference "KHAQQ" is the call 'of MlsS Earhart 'A plane last heard from in the air esterday at 2: 12 when she reported she and her navigator the veteran red Noon? an could not sight land sad vraaA nearly out of gas Another message slgned'wifh the call letters and seek ing radio contact waslckedp in the South Seas earlier by the New Zealand 'warshlp'Achilles7(he San rajaClsco coast guard reported The Achilles many miles south and east of Howlandy messaged: station heard to make: (Please giveiis a few flash es if you get us! This station made KHAQQ twice and 'disap peared Nothing more since then" The message said the radio was leard on 3105 kllocy i (Continued on page seven) WASHINGTON July 3 (ZP) Senator Vic Dopahey (D Ohio) s' re emphasized today his opposition to somo administration measures and declared "this is not a time to experiment in unusual and un tried theories of government The Senator who previously ob jected to President plan to 'reorganize the Supreme Court said he would vote against the government reorganization" program discre tionary appropriations and cer tain taxation measures He said also the federal govern ment should intervene in thd Ohio steel 'strike only on request of the state government PLANES AND SHIPS SEARCH OR AMELIA EARHART COLUMBUS June (ZP) new legislative act intended to protect farmers In the purchase of seed sou and plant inoculants be came effiective today The law defines plant Inocu HERE ARE SAETY HINTS OR WEEKEND uupnuuiuft uuuta thji presenl Soil Conservation Act were inadequate YOUNGSTOWN July yPj A CIO began today as the union's axe fell on Gus Hall rand two other strike captains in the Mahoning valley steel sector John Owens general CIO strike director in Ohio announced with out comment the removal of Hall now in jail under head a ring" as strike ptain'in the Warren area A joint leadership of Harry Wines anti John Grader replaced him Owensalso stripped two of his Youngstown strike lieutenants of $pthlr authority removing Bob Burka chief organizer at the Re public Steel plant and John Ste Yensop organizer atthe main plant of the Youngstown Sheet Tube Co 1 Communist participation in thetrike wax claimed in circulars distributed through the valley to day Tn the circulars Phil Bart valley secretary of the Communist party" said: "Of course the Communist party and its members' in the steel mills participated 1n the drive to or ganize steel and all other unor ganized industries The Commun ist party joins with all Democratic forces in the struggle against re ppen shop violence and ascism Philip Muriay chairman of SWOO said at Pittsburgh he nothing the removal of the Ohio strike leaders Governor rank Murphy 1 de plored Communist activities when at Lansing yesterday he said that a recent "labor holiday" "In the Michigan capital the cbar teristlcs of Communistic technl Tom Girdler chairman ot Republic Steel Rep'Cox (D Ga) and others have charged that CIO I leadership has come under A Bart's statement said Wuay Communism is 20UvXentury Americanism" American he said "heard Glrlder shout President Roosevelt in the last election but the answer of the American people was clear and decisive Today this same pn Be ws Journal night local thunder showers Sunday A E'S A IR 'E SERVICE' the incident growing from a Raglan and lapanese Manchoukuoan forces June 30 was settled explaining the Soviet gov ernment had promised to recall her forces from the trouble zone Actual Russianevacuatipn how ever apparently was awaited by Japanese army leaders before they relax their vigilance especially since they alleged Russia broke a previous to withdraw Some Japanese authorities still went on to insist Moscow must give adequate guarantees against a repetition ot the Amur affair and recurrence of border incidents generally An official communique in Mos cow announced the Russian evacua tion had been ordered after the Japaneseambassador Mamoru Shlgemitsu agreed to the with drawal of' Jap anese Mancho'iikuoan military cutters from the Amur is lands Though the settlement apparent ly removed any immediate danger of war informed circles feared that in the long run feeling be tween the' two countries would be greatly embittered by the Inci dent Many saw tha result is a ser ious blow to Soviet prestige in the ar East an incident which might rankle for a long time to come (Continued on page seven) TWO MEN ARRESTED ATER tSUN SLAYING JEERSONVILLE' Ind July 3 Two men were tinder ar rest and a third was "being sought today in connection with the ma chine gun slaying of a patron and the wounding ot two others' at a cafe Place) 10 miles north ot hero last night Clarence Amster 30 prominent New' AlbanyInd businessman was killed Mrs: Jane Maddox form er stage and screen actress and wife of Walter Maddox' 38 cafe proprietor was wounded critical ly pud heri husband wounded slightly by three gunmen who fired between 50 and 5 shots Maddox told officers 1 COLUMBUS July Bud gets ror tne state taironi slon and welfare department malued as a snag today to com promise efforts on theblennlal annronriatlons bill whl continued' to function on credit A conference cpthmittee of the senate an dhousp of representa tives with tpm new senate mem bers was scheduled to resume work Tuesday morning in an "at tempzlo reconcile bills passed by the two bodiesLieut Gov Taut Yoder said he would name Senators Emerson Campbell (D Belmont) and Ber nard Donovan (D Lucas) to the committee replacing Horace Baggott (D Montgomery) and Wil liatn JI oss (D Mercer) who asked to be relieved Representative Al Kalb (D Ot tawa) chairman of the bouse Com mittee said the conferees re mained about $1000060 apart on the welfare department ahd more than $50000 on the tax commis sion budgets with the senate de manding lower amounts A partial appropriation act un der which the slate government operated from the first of the year expired June ou re the state 11 III 11 I Ilf A Mm 8 WAHilJJ nllnlul Illi JI I Jl 4 tsi Lk WW 'W' wnim V': Wv? wvwXvX ''i iKXif wj a ww wlw vwj Viw1 'SMI ftH 'w M' A fp HIT" UM Xvffi I11" lu 1'' Ji 'T1" 11 1 1 iwffrsnbfi 1 ht a 1 MT Wj HL MiV ft Vt zY ri Wk a "x' 1 Hill! it 'fl" If S' i I ri 7 IWIU 1 1 Aak: sSTTfe i tsan i IWI IrOi 11 1 4".

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