The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 5
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ere s a <«pt ^ p urrimer '.. * l * -With a big H, • t % -,-,".* iur 11-jeweled Gold r atch for $7.50 You see it—that settles it— ;/ you buy it. We want to sell I? 'em ; we are here for that « purpose, MEANTIME- - '>• Guess. We will give away ID Eltpt [T lady's or Gent's, |iy to the person guessing J^ the nearest to the num- "$jl\l?er of people who will fi; enter our store the day Christmas, r™!^/'*^^ JfWUW^k ^|F jf^A*W-^Tj" »E'? »V"*',rf ' -fctS * '' «>' &".$& .v^ Pier's**. '- • - n^-^Tfej, 'A-. i -. •*',/:. -, ^Mis Woffiftfl tteld at Cedar Rapids In the SchneHe Mftttef is Sftld to Be Missing. he wny of & sapper tbiftotrow night &t he church, the ffieft dd the, cooking tthd sertin^. Recotaeic Rftfidftll is hief cook flnd he gi^es us the ftssttf* .bee that the supper won't hurt ahy- fidnd fetitig Only $306, She Probably ti'igUrtd it W4§ fiftSier to Jtiftip ft , Than lo Stand Trial. LoaiiB at M pef CeHl, And the expenses of tnaklfig the loan an be paid at Option of the btifrotf 61», nterest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan* eaB be paid n whole or in part at any interest date. It is wore than probable that Miss Elizabeth Staffiy, the ftomaa under J300 bonds to ftt)pei\r before the federal grand jury and answer to the charge of receiving, opening, and destroying letters addressed to others, has shaken the dust of Cedar Rapids frottl her feet and sought a more congenial clitne. She is the person Who appeared at the postofflee recently, dressed in men's clothes, and attempted to get a registered letter addressed to Gottlieb Schuerle, supposing, as future developments have shown, that it contained 510,000, a sum of money left Schuerle the death of his father. The Cedur Rapids Republican says she had all preparations made to lenve when she WHS arrested, and it has received a card which is written exactly as were the letters to the Algonti bank, as all will see who have read them, The card to the Republican reads: "the latia an truest News of Miss fi Stamey of cedar Rapids. She has left the city to sum far dlstan city ware she Will meet her metiey fronds with hapy greting." If she has gone the $300 bond will be forfeited, which is probably sufficient penalty for her offense. Sclnici'lo iu Aljfoim. Gottlieb Schuerle, the long lost, arrived in town Monday evening from the west. He was at Pipestone, Minn., and only saw in the paper Sunday the story of his inheritance. When he did see it he says be thought Herman Rantzow had been starting •& story at his expense, because he knew there was no $10,000 for him, and also that he had no lady relative in Cedar Rapids. But he was interested enough to take the train for Algona. Arriving at 0 o'clock he went to the post- office and asked for mail for Gottloib Schuerle. Mr. Hinchon directed him to Mr. CbrischilleB, and steps are now being taken 'to get the $700 that is his share. It will take about two "months to get the money and Schuerle will spend that time in Fairville, where he has friends. Money. I haye unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a speclulty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. Sloney. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the.privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at tho time of paying interest. J. J. RYAN. Office over the postoffloe, Algona, Iowa. EEV. STEVEUS BESIGUS. AJuronu's Baptist Pastor AV11J Go to Uocliester, Minn.—Farewell Sermon Ijust Sunday Morning. ' Rev. A. O. Stevens handed in his resignation as pastor of the Baptist church last Wednesday, having already accepted a call to the First Baptist church of Rochester, Minn. Rochester was in 1890 a city of nearly 6,000 people, and has a fine Baptist society and church. Rev. Stevens gets a considerable advance on • the salary paid Ihim here, $1,100 and a parsonage when he has use for such an appurtenance. The resignation was regretfully accepted, and the following resolution was adopted by the church hero unanimously; Resolved, That It' is with deep regrets that we accent the resignation of our .beloved pastor, Rev. A, O.Stevens, and wo hereby express our grateful recognition of the devotion and^fldelity wlth^whlch he has served us; and we also commend him as an honorable preacher and an earnest and faithful one, and it js and will be our prayer that the blessing of God may rest upon him and his labors in his future work. Rev. Stevens has made many friends in Algona. He is a young man of very exceptional talent, and he will, with f ood health, go to the front rank in his enominatlon. His place will be bard to fill in Algona, I HAVE left and will sell one $18 stove for $14, two $16 stoves for $1?, two I stoves for flO—all new' stoves, At these prices they will go quick. Come early if you want a "snap. Q, M. JJOjfSEE, Hardware. THE WBEg'8 Rev. Southwell will preach to the children Sunday morning. Rey, Bawen will preach at the. Episcopal ohurgb, next Sunday. Tb'e< Presbyterian spepial meetings, begin, at the, Swedish Me&hjjdijpti ohurefc prof. Rjoe "•"•*•" /I •»•--•-ff •- K 1 p."^rj -** "* V v; *> *- A •n««Mj4£ iV A MCE line of fruits. 8812 LANGDOtf & Not the largest Or costliest Hhe, but ottiething you all want and can hfford n nice china, lumps, and glassware at he Opera House Grocery* FOR SALE—A house and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F; H, Vesper.-29tf DEATH OP MISS ftELLIB WALKER, L. SUfgtcal Operation for Tumor l{o- sults lu DeiUh in tho Chlcnjjo Hnp- tlBt Itospltnl—A Sudden Summons. Probably but few people in Algona now that Miss Nellie -Walker Was in Chicago for medical treatment. It was •enerally supposed that she was mere* y vi jdting her brother. The news of er death Saturday came therefore as a ompleto surprise. It seems now that he went there in the summer and was ixamincd and that for some months she las been under an electrical treatment or tumor, and that a surgical bpora- lon was finally found necessary. It was performed last Thursday by Dr., Thompson, one of the ablest surgeons n the city, with every prospect of a avorable outcome. But there wore ound to be two tumors, and tho extent if their ravages greater than had boon uspected. She rallied from the operation and seemed to bo on tho road to 'ecovery, but Saturday at 3 o'clock she complained to tho nurse of feeling [ueerly and wanted her friends sent or. At 6 o'clock she was dead. She simply gave out under the strain and aded away peacefully and without pain. Her brother Will and wife came it once to tho hospital and Rev. Walter of Elgin and Rev. Rome of Bolvidere irrived Sunday. The four in company vith the remains arrived in Algona Monday morning at 8:13 o'clock. Miss Walker, was 45 years of age, the oldest of her family, being born Jan. 3,* 1851. She was well known in. Algona as an active church worker and nls,o through her numerous business and social relations. She was always ljusy, il ways cheerful, always competent, always willing. She was the mainstayi of a rapidly aging father and mo'.her, one whose helpfulness could not be estimated until, it is withdrawn. ,She was an earnest Christian and met death calmly., In letters to each member of her family she wrote before she underwent the surgical operation, fully realizing what might result, and assuring them all that ; whatever the outcome she was content. Thpse have proven a balm and comfort. Tho funeral was hold at the home yesterday at 2 o'clock, conducted by her brothers, Rev.' Stevens assisting. A large body of friends met to pay their last respects and to follow the remains to the cemetery. Walter read passages from the bible and paid a beautiful tribute to his sister's memory, describing her birth in Vermont, her life in Illinois and.her 17 .years in- : Algeria. Rev. Stevens followed with an appreciative estimate!, and Rome closed the services with prayer. The participation of her brothers' was by a request she had made when the possibility of death first confrented her,'and made the service peculiarly impressive. I HAVE two second-hand Oak heaters for sale cheap. Call at the store to see them. 0. ¥. DOXSEE, Hardware, THE cheapest place in town to buy your choice Xmas meats and poultry—turkeys, ducks, and geese, home-made mince meat, home-made sausage of all kinds. Special attention to telephone orders. Prompt delive/y. MOEi BROS.' MARKET. Santa , , , - j .ffi In, Holiday ( Gopds at' * , / v : • ' -' - -*'' *^« Ff\ID ON T1MB DEPOSITS? I A New Proposition, gpim ' ' •I offer to those who have money lying idle an opportunity,to that money earn you something until you use it. Until further notice I will pay six per cent, interest on all time deposits, ' • •' OEO. C. Gf\LL. Money to loan on first mortgages, second mortgages, and good collateral.- „ ' ,- ' : ,,'HfiffS '\i&? 'II r>3 "BLOODY BRIDLES" WAITE Sheriff Samson Had an Interview with Colorado's Governor —Doesn't Like the Cut of His Jib. Refused to Honor Gov. Jackson's Requisition for Trivial Reasons—The Cripple Creek Country. No Agents, AH persons— especially dealers— are hereby cautioned to allow no one except members of my family to trade on my account without a written order from mo, as I will not pay one cent charged agivint me, no matter what the pretense, except as above, AMBROSE A. December 10, 1805, 38t3 MONEY to loan on long or short time, Apply to GEO, C, CALL, ALL kinds of fancy baking fop parties at the City Bakery ,-34 Ipj addition to a large assortment of popular styles ip jadies' jackets yve are showing a big line of misses' and children's garments, Qalbraith & Co, WE can gupply your wants for that Xn?M,s dinner, WAWfER BROS. SWEET cider, Langdon & Hudson. It»tes, On Deo, 24, 85, and 31, 1805, and Jan. 1, 1896, the Northwestern JJne will sell excursion tickets at reduced rates to stations wlthtw a, 4}stance- of 800 lijlles, •opd for return passage un.tjl Jan, g, 890, inclusive, - J'op.tioUets and, full }n* formation apply to agepts Chicago & North western railway,— 89tg '/'Sheriff SamSon had a session with the famous Gov.,,Waite of Colorado last We?k. * His opinion of that public funo- tlo.nary is not increased on that account. His t feeltng was w.hen he 'was done that he would like^to, have him out back of the capital a few minutes. The sheriff went out to secure, Wm. Compton, late of 'Bancroft, who is said to be in de- .mand in that town to father at least three prospective additions to the population, Ho* had the proper papers made out by Gov. Jackson, and had Compton located in Colorado and went to Gov. Waite to have him honor the requisition. The governor found fault, however, with some items and County Attorney Raymond wus telegraphed to and tho matter fixed, Then the governor refused to honor the pa- pei-s because Compton had not yet been indicted, and so Sheriff Samson had to come bad? without his man, The trip was a big expense to him and one the state will not allow for, and be will not go to Colorado soon again to secure a criminal. It is unfortunate that he could not bring Comptoq back, for he is deserving of a life sentence to the penitentiary, While in Colorado Sheriff Samson was in the midst 'of the 'Cripple Creek gold excitement. Cripple Creek ' is about'as big a towp as "Wnlttemore and- not half as well built and there are now 20,000 people in it, He had to sleep three in 'a bed to get a place at all while he was there, and the real gold mine, in his opinion, would be a big barn divided into bed rooms. For the accommodations one gets ho pays $4 a day, and glad to have t>he opportunity. He was in the Bljiok Hills during the gold craze, but he says that was nothing to what is now to be seen at Cripple Creek. A HOUSEHOLD TREASTJEE, D. W. Fuller of CunojoUarle, N. Y., says that he always keeps Dp. King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very best results follow its use; that he would not be without It, if procurable, G, A. Dykeraan, druggist, Catskill, N, F., says that DP. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he has used it }n his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it'.' Why not try a remedy BO long tried and tested, Trial bottles free at L, A, Sheete' drug store, Regular size 50a, and flQO. 1S©5? BOWYER Wants it remembered that- He has the largest stock of elry, Watches, and Clocks eve|| brought to Algona. He has been in the business:herel 17 years, and knows the, -ft of the people. The quality of his goods are;;jus1t: represented. Try Electric Bitters as a. remedy fop yow trouWes? If pot, get a bottle npw and get relief. Thie medicine haa been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and owe of all female complaints, exeyting a wonder- spells, or ave jiervous, sleepless, excitable, melat^olly ov troubled w(t,b cU??y SPQUf . Electric Bitters is J tbe medipine you nwd. •Health and strength m-e guaranteed by it8 .use; Iwge bpttles only 60 cents at Dr.X*. , Sheets' - • atjd crushed almond ice cream a,t tthe Pjity For Holiday Presents :| He is showing elegant things m-'Ster^ff ling Silver Novelties and Cut Glass, all'$ »-^ i 1 1 \' i , * ^ 4&A ijfT of which will go, at har.d-Hrnes prices, v:v2f ^•^ ~* ' t ^ " \ ^ " J > f " ,?rj • - •>' new cases df plated ware. , ,..'-"; .v '*•**» i f « . f ^ E. Q. BOWYEB, Jeweleri When you ; Are on the Look Out Look In at our ' r ; ,-,,,,] • -'"<;$ ."• >.« Banquet Lamps and Onyx <!. Shades, China Globes,,and' _ iVr ...... VHfCT? lamp fixtures, An elegant' Urn of; \jjglp • Glas^, fancy fruit di9h^, : 9huia.'d^l£ Dlop inTpwbaps y^my-^ r - r - yourfTOnW/'V*^M ? ^% T , ,'? ' ' - 1 ^ _„ - ..4.'^' ' %tt,lfc.S •,, sn „ .;?;?, Fpr the above meeting, to be^ heW at Pe.o, 31, l§95, te Jaa. 8, ll

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