The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 3
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^if^SS 1 '^-^!"'^;^yy^\; ; '.-:..- : ' l ^..":V._ r ..*X'_ :•_, '..•" ''....'• -- L.:. A, - v ..'..'/ ^ iirJMiiiiV^ii^ ' •'--- '-•"•••""—^^-—^^^^si^ t?' "SANTA OtAUS -COMPANY- LIMITED). eso days of corporations It would truly i?V RAPjn to b6 foendld'plan If Santa Glaus would,look P" about and see |he;could not incorporate himself, and so 'X'expand 'usefulness to cover every corner of the ' land. Hfe noticed, as I've looked about on Christ'.. mas days gone by, lot'of little children who have failed to 1 catch his eye, when the Yule was at Its height had not a single toy >-blt of peppermint to flll their little souls *'' "with Joy, _nd there have been some persons who SL '.'h,ave ventured to remark fjcredence In his being they had not the u> slightest spark, had' there been a person of his kind . ( 'twas very sure, bere'd be some signs of presents In the 'hovels of the poor. tileh is a point he'll have to meet, with k',, many of that sort |he shall ever find himself haled up be- fB'ifore the court. »t. J, who've always found him most at- y,,tentlve unto me, jifcertaln that he does exist and works faithfully. t certain, too, am I that In these Cbrlst- !Sl3 -;',masjB of late [6;S found his work, unaided, for his IJtro'igtb by far too great; i hence I think that he'd do well to _,' form a company' gd*' everywhere throughout the land to ' • place an agency. J'all who love him for his labors In the is days now past i,-put, tUclr u»raes down In bis books— •' * K i stpok should go'right fast, 't seem that It qould meet with fall. nre, just because djy 'must be few who would not take 1J stock tn old Santa Glaus. S^rJyJe. 3m}th, }n the "Editor's Drawer," Magazine for December. f,' » ForiuiU. 0 little town 61 Bethlehem. HOW still we see.thpe lie! Abate thy deep atid dreamless sleep .The silent Hours go by. tet Ifl thy dark street shineth The everlasting llghb . The hobes ahd fears of all the yea?$ Ate met In thee to-night' For Christ Is born of Mary} • And gathefed all above, , . Willie mortal* sleep, the antfeU keca Their tt'ntch of tvondeHUg 'O* 6 "• 0'morning stars together- troclaltn the holy birth, Attd praises sing to God the King, And peace to man on earth! 1 silently, uwii «••-.—--»-. , xne wondrous gift Is given; Bo God Imparts to human hearts The blessings of .HIS Heaven. No ear to hear His coining; But In this world of sin Where me«k sonls will receive him «tttt, The dear ChMst eaters In. BftlttMW t,rtj- * to fci«t fifgll *n» Wert> Aftd the fhetfy old sftlnt had left Ms deer', fteiigei to harnest d ««f6 te-it Saytng, "i'H make ii Wth 8ft t fi* totted »stii 6tf nU It& « Hsewpiaee* wftwe i Idad was htrft* nfid fcfe.ffirssed thj Which fofiaeHy brtghlefleA th« Middy gT6W OJ his fnee-but hVthetightj Bftd fimlfed/" ' f Hat his mission wa& eacred t6 iaa'ny, ft So he chirked to the triUlft And rattled his And sang 6f his love for girls nfid All hall to Father Christmas, A merry soul Is he; Within his train he ever brings Good cheer and jollity. We love, his ruddy visage, With happy'Siin,l(es aglow; We love his'crpwh of'holly green, And pearly mistletoe. So here's to .Father, Christmas, To all hearts ever'dear; Let voices sing aud loudly ring Whilst cheer succeeds cheer. Air hall to Father Christmas, 'He kindles thoughts to-day Of loved ones who are sojourning In lands far, far away. We almost hear their greetings Behold each cherished face, For Christmas with his magic wand As uaught makes leagues of spact* go here's to Father Christmas, To all hearts ever dear; Let volcos ping, and loudly ring , ,, .whilst cheer succeeds to caeen All ball to Father Christmas, Who aye befriends the poor; His presence makes the purses opa And yield their gojden store. He wields a wand of magic, That must potent be; For even from the miser's hoard He draws forth charity • So here's to Father Christmas, Whilst cheer succeeds cheer, Far, far away In a distant 4 Palry sjnall told, me, Over tUe frosty sno>v au4 rime Is a vlclj plum'pud4lug tree; ." A pudding-tree so large and flue, ', Tlmt never a day doth pa^s That aozens pf pwWluss and pies cllvlns pon' ( t |ftU po tile soft gv ee » grass, -A.ud'1 told the'Falry that tola we tUat »q?o seejttet sytoen-'jOluWmfta'Cafflie^ ^ -l'o"tafce good cftre^-thftt a J»lpjc fftt . ,e boys, \vltU big AS 'tfte l^atry waj wee •\Ybo ipng for a gefieg of A maiden faif, beyoUct o, Wltb tresses brown—yes, gold bfowtt hair; A face like morning's, fresb and fttlr— Ab, lovely glrll Those eyes of blue—they must be blue! A Heart tbat beats forever true, A form divine, fait- maid, have you— My soul's a-wbirl. You greet me \vlth a smile so sweet; To know you would be Joy complete, And yet I fear we ne'er shall meet- Sad, sad regrets 1 Life's full of cruel blows, alack 1 I lote you, but I'll put you back Just wbere I found you—In a pack Of cigarettes 1 —Geo. V. Hobart. DEACON SUM'S WARM CHlUSTAtAS. Hflmfeef ef .Small BUM &lf dtd mtte loss Holes wheti he has Sarsaparilla The One True Blood , ;|l)' 8 'tot f& Arranging the But Tommy and Dick had It In for Niels And conspired to play him a dirty trldk, Forgetting the work the saint had done, In the many years since his task begun, Says Tommy, "I'm tired of lying still And letting old Santa my stockings flll With things that I'don't want at all; Let's capture St. Nicholas, toys and all." Thay danced with glee and then to the door Of papa's room, whence a sonorous snoro Told them at once that the coast was clear, Then to the parlor, and In the firelight there Were hanging the stockings, empty as though There was no saint with gifts to bestow. And then for an hour the sprites that stare "It's a cold nlRht outside, boys and girls, but we'll soon bo feeling warm and happy here." It's uncommonly warm! 1 '— i pills cure biliousness, headache, 486 World's P.lf I HIGHEST AWARD. iMany shave come and [been missed by few <$ !nond u eEopularityofthl$ ! FOOD steadily increases! Sold by DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE \\ \ John Carle & Son». New .York, - Whentosay>'N6. When the clerk tries to get'rid of :,,i,3 some other binding by, calling., it ' : fM just as good as the , , >v - "! v/^J ~il**- • -', -':' '..-d Santa Clan* Strikes-the Album. From the glowing coals did 'nought but- glare. At two of the busiest boys on earth Who, with stilled laughter and quiet mirth, Arranged tho details of a villainous plan, For bagging tho little, brisk old man. A guuuy sack, capacious and strong, With nails they spiked tho roantol along; Its mouth was stretched by aid of a stick, And all made ready to catch Saint Nick. And to bo dead sura they added a charm In the shape of a livery burglar alarm. Tbon to tho corners, each behind a chair, ', Torn and Dick went and waited there, And all unmlndfyl of his coming fate The saint puffed along, tho hour was late, Bias Velveteen Skirt Binding. Simply refuse to.take it. ; No me wears or looks as yrell «§. H. &M." ' ; ' • s -; ""1> If your dealer will not supply you,.Wo: • > - , will. ,.-!-,- - ' '' t ;<S , , * Send for samples, showing labels > »nd mite- rials, totha S. H.&M. Co., P. 0. Box 699,.Now York City. \ '>- ' . '",«, .-' - • WHY- shouldn't n fttrmer'k?ep »vgpOd horseT 'he is oft^n -without the rlghl meuns toi care for them. 'Such tilings 03.,Curbs,< Sulluts,' Spavins, Wlndpuffa, 1'ftnd Hunchoa can all ba-1 ourq4 enslly~wlthouti • WB enn provo It,' If you thlnli'a-JforBB wbrth^ hnvlnis Is » horse worth sivvinn, write »r par- • itlcularl, TrlcoJl.OO. Smaller sizo 80 cents. At all druggists: or sont by mull. W. B. BOPTT * c6., WWt«»>»U. N-Xi AMrf^M^^^A^^^^^^V^^'V TBB AERMOTOR^,' does,half tbj iwrM* wlodmlll buslnest beq»u«i It Iiaa reduced the co« rf wind MWWWI.W what «WM.« It L „,.... a ,-.. i . i ,^n» " ^ww* -&-SF^JSSjRS%SK?$. . wred, mpletl _ ' »n« Slxed Steel Tower 'Frames, Steel reed Cutt ,, . Or|nder«, On application it will name on» ... 'of these wtlclestHrtKwUljrwpUh 1 until Stioun ~M « 1/3 toe usual price, -it Mw nuke* f ot nil fclndi. " send (or cauloaue. ' '~ rindmllls, T»tmr ^ rs. Steel BUM iB»wiv utters »nd;Jreeil,,f , -. r ,w-*.j.. .p..— T? — , , i *v a * J ' i t* 7 "f-j •*••, *« •; >AaHi.lrjm4ilil"i%i W iHllir m (ntltejV' 4ft? &J&W&W'$i. '8tiBS^^-( ' * iVA- 4j/I/','f tl|^?3||fyifJ F ^>:,^^.,^ ^-WWTO^».«J?^^ "A draught olF lemonade Js fop people wbo are overcome beat, PI- excitement. The Doyn Cni>turo Santa Claoo, He was making his way to every home, Climbing dq/wn chimney with never a groan; Though his work was hard, It was gladsome toll. " '" r " And he cared not a snap for tho clothe* he'd soil, Thus It was with the saint and at last he got To the place wbera he was down for another lot; 'Where Tommy and Dick had the bag pro- All was ready and Saint Mick WAS snared, With 4 rush be . descended the chimney blank, And Into the sack be went ker-smack, Then Tommy with p&<Jle?lt and Pick with key, Made fast their prlzo wltb boyish . glee, And reveled (a toys, for Santa's (Stock F«J1 (pto their hands— and th,ey made 01 tbij prayers pf Nlpk tvm within sack, Ai bo begged to be glrep bU llbei^y b»cU, WELL MACHINERY Sioux OHy Kpglne nnd • Bucco3?or« tp Peck Mfer, Co, Slowx city, * OIIABB MAOHINSBV Co., "White Gcrmnn O»tt M m<?9t prpduotiy<i J Jp;t^f':>v= world rftlaU W DQUUdtt POP bUll^OU Yi^lM QVOCftQ |iyi i biiih«i» MJ ftr»™ WI«r<«»»»i.W it tb«*fl»At«tt>l toM ' mi »i)oy? «re«itio»Mop», B»it bank Mtysnow 4n^«r^ To-morrpw old Santu will sit PW a In a dlwe museum, apd people will stare At a real Jive saint too m»S to Tommy ana pick grgfr 8 bumped A J?»ul JJoaraiog bouse tarjfl r»l;«8 this fl $;$ merry . to you, |«p glr|,< gijte h ,a last eapi ssp§«}apy. aftKjfflw^

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