The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 2
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%a& killed ib a ftimway ' '• :3«»£3m ' "^.^|^ ' rftW§:0r§tVBN BAVS Of* f „: MlsS Jufie, the youngest daughter of «x»Aiidifof 61 State B. S, Hendetsan, difed at - Mm Main §1*6% t m' ftemeanldflS wefe Badly ktif t» ' _ ' , Alite Well! afid^enhie .Whltefaead, fettals fhsenltilfitPs, bfli*ed ta flealK ftlfif 'Mdf-tfifitdwn/tf. C. f while steeping around a camp fife. f he steam heater la a day coach bittst while the train was passing through Sterling Ky>» badfr scalding Mrs. tt. M. H6fiey fend hot twa children, fhelr ift* are aerieus but lot necessarily hlf ftfsllnatioH. A ift fli8stay\Bf; -, --------- .,.- „ mi' ftf'tttMtiutMttr awaidifit w» 'AfftbtSSaaefc -BflyAf d fat" his *un»Antet lean ,littef&fic^fi rt Ifi , his sgeech at th& Sdlfibur-gh llnlveflity Senatar ctittdm si itlittow ffiadt Btf6fig Speech in the SeHate Tuesday, the uneaffiptamlsifil fatal, The bady a* a man supposed ta be 0, Robneh, with the clothing all burned off his was found in-, a ravine near nor, wha came In 184«,.ajfe dead. Matthew* woads, a bathelar, aged 80 years* was found dead in his raom >t|Priiieet6ii, Ind. Heaft disease was «ih«i cause. • " Frank Lewellen, an engineer on the Pennsylvania road, was instantly killed by falling beneath his engine. Fred Peitsmeier, a convict serving a life sentence far the murder ot Officer Graves at Ottumwa, hanged himself in his cell at Fort Madison, Iowa, .The Central Christian church at Browhing, 111,, was dedicated. The services were coaductea-'by Elder D. B. Hughes of that city. The 9-year-ald daughter of Superintendent Kealer of the Richmond, Ind., Street railway was struck by an electric car and,instantly killed. meet 61 the Mehtae •tot*' to? the 6f t&cfc e! it. Fife at cauBcil Staffs frftffitierJ^i3*fliaSe ll , did At a meeting of the directdrS 6f the Tennessee Caal, if oh and Rallied toft* held In New York, Hugh M, in 'The, Jury-, in. the Jacob Alexander . ''• . v Schroyer murder trial at Bloomington, ' -'. - 111., werfe Unable to agree upon a verdict ' and were discharged. They were out .' seven days. ' ' Barney Barnato, the South African ', gold king, is to visit the mines at Cripple Creek, Col., with a view to invest, ment. , Plans have been formed to organize , an frish-American army in the United States. The idea is to make an effort to free Ireland if'Great Britain be• • comes involved in a European war. The American missionaries in Tur" .key are reported to be all safe. Suffering among the Armenians whose vil- , , lages hkve been destroyed is described as appalling. Samuel Gompers of New York was . •, elected president of the American Federation of Labor, defeating John Mc- 'Bride by eighteen votes. , A new organization, to be known as 1 '' the "Patriots of America," is being v > formed. Its chief aim will be to foster ' 'a sentiment in favor of the free coinage of silver. ' ,- The 'American ocean liner Indiana ' I' was badly damaged by a collision with '" 'a'British ship in the Thames at Lon; don. the sandaval road, north>of Central!^ HI. The man had been asleep in an old Shed, lying by a fire which he had kindled to warm himself. An envelope was found addressed to EJ. E, Roff, Swanswick, ill, Fire at Council Bluffs, Iowa, swept the business portion of the city, causing a loss of $600,000, The firemen were hampered by a strong wind and a scarcity of men, and were Utterly unable to control the flames. Fire at St. Paul, Minn., late Thursday night did damage., estimated at 1200,000. More than five hundred workmen were--thrown out of-employ ment. ,By an explosion of dynamite near La FolletterCampbell county, Tenn., eight workmen engaged in building a railroad-were killed. The schooner Elwood of San Francisco is missing, and is supposed to have gone down off the Alaskan coast between Cook's inlet and Glazier bay, with all on board. FORE1CN. The embassies of the great powers at Constantinople have been placed In condition to withstand a siege. The situation is extremely critical. The Red Cross society has agreed to take up the work of aiding the starving Armenians, and has Issued an appeal for funds. Russia has sent a strong note to -Pillsbury, the American chess champion, .has won four games and lost none In'the"tournament being held at St. -Petersburg. Sixteen thousand New York tailors we on a strike against an effort made by the employers to' break up the unions. • Chairman' Carter. of the national republican committee, has issued the formal call for the convention at St. Louis June 16. Woman suffragists have issued a call for a convention to he held at Washington Jan, 23. Great excitement has been cre- , Rted' at Beunos Ayres by the dis- ',covery of rich gold deposits near Men- 'doza. Ah'American firm is interested. Several mines have been opened, and the ore taken out has proved to be re, .markablyrich.. That part of it brought - bere for assay by the government as! 'jsayer ran thirty-five ounces to the ton. A.t Pes ;Moines, Iowa, the su- court has affirmed the death sen- of George Weems and John Hamill • M this city,,convicted of the murder of L, B, Ridpatb, in May, 1894. The murderers are 21 years old. \ > A]t Wj&sbington tbe secret ser- 'Vice has dispvered 'a new counterfeit fgQ .TJoit?4'SJates note of the series of ^ j?8Q, wjfb tbe portrait of Hamilton poprly engraved, Tbe paper shows red :'4pk lines in imitation of silk fiber. Tbe Japan demanding that that country at once evacuate Corea. The militia in British Guiana are said to be preparing to resist an expected Venezuelan invasion. The trial at Toronto, Ont, of Arthur A.' Dicks' for the alleged murder of his wife, to obtain $20,000 insurance was thrown out- of court for la'ck of proof. Dicks still is held for arson. M. Adrien Lache'nal, Vice-president ot Switzerland, has been, elected to the presidency for 1896. He is a radical. M. Deucher Thurgan has been elected vice-president. The Spanish cabinet has resigned because of the recent popular demonstration against the ministers of finance, justice aud public works, who supported the municipal authorities. The overdue Dominion liner Scotsman has arrived at Halifax after a hard fight with heavy seas for 12 days. She left Liverpool Nov. 30. Fire broke out at Havre among 400 bales of cotton on the after deck of the steamer Samoa, Captain Frazer, which arrived here Dec. 8 from New Orleans. The fire is under control. A body of dervishes mounted on camels has raided, plundered and partially burned Anendan, north of Wady Haifa. A detachment of cavalry has been sent in pursuit of the dervishes. The British privy council has affirmed the Judgment of the Queen's bench of Canada in the case of the Eastern ' matt was elected a director ta fill, a vacancy, . . . A, J. Gaadflch has been -appeinted traveling passenger agent ef the Mm- tteapalis and St. Louis, Vice F, P. RUthi erford, resigned. Me Will have head' quarters at Minneapolis. The Rack Island dividend -Wtll»not be declared until late this month. Presi* dent Cable says business is very slack. About the only way the road can mak^ any money, he says, is by cutting expenses, From last Sunday the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago has operated its line between Chicago and Valparaiso as a double track system, the last six miles of the second track having been Just completed. The Western Railway club will hold its next meeting on Dec. 17, at 2 p. m., in the Auditorium hotel, Chicago. There will be discussions on "Air Brake Equipment on Freight Cars," "Piece Work in Car Shops" and "Locomotive Service," the latter to be presented by J. H. McConnell, S. M. P., Union Pacific railway. The American Federation of Labor considered a resolution to memorialize congress to establish postal savings banks. The Michigan state grange, before its adjournment, declared for the free and unlimited coinage ot'silver at a ratio of 16 to 1. R. G. Dun & Co.'s review of trade reports business in a very slow condition. A heavy gale raged along the Atlantic coast Friday. Many vessels are missing, but no disasters have been reported. Williard Green, a 16-year-old lad, living in Buchanan, Mich., is at the point of death from cigarette smoking. The •youth consumed from. five to eight boxes a day. He is a pitiable object and is slowly dying in great agony. Allan G. Thurman, the veteran statesman, died at Columbus,' Ohio, Thursday. He was 82 years old. ••Justice-Gaynor of Brooklyn has granted an injunction restraining the receiver's sale of the Long'..Islam 1 Traction Company's stock, which was to have taken place In New York. The Injunction was made returnable on Friday. Delphin McLeod Cobb, a wealthy manufacturer of Brooklyn, N. Y., was granted a divorce from his wife, Phoebe M. Cobb, at Perry, Ok. The $10,000 damage suit brought by Mary Mikels against Perry Heath, an Almo, Ind., druggist, resulted for the , damage th&fe F>Way night W the am&u&t ef $§60,060; *he individual losses a*e as foiibwsj Beef^weiis % fliemelit company > alt itUl^*** M buildings, covering half a bleck, $2o«,* 000} shugart, Walte & Weils toplf* fflefti cafflp&ny, $200,0005 fifflpKie & SUchaft Hard waif 6, Safbed Wire Fettfte cdmgaay, |iOO,000 A heavy wind forced flre toBfldi/i evefy directidh, and made oppbsltian practically useless. The fire broke oiit in the center of the agricultural' implement .district. It started in a frame warehouse owned by the Weif-Shugart company and used by the Empkie-Shugart company as a transfer warehouse for handling the goods of the eastern correspondents. When first seen the fire was-creeping out under the edge of the roof, Before the first engine company was on the scene the roof was in a blaze. A strong wind was blowing from the southeast and the flames soon communicated to the great brick warehouse p: the Deere-Wells company. Thence i' rapidly, cut, Its way into the heart of the great implement district. The'wind'car- ried the flames to the R. H. Bloomer & Co. fence Works on the opposite side of the street. This building was licked up in a Jiffy. The firemen, reinforced by a large body of volunteers, endeavored to stay the flames at the Deere- Well . tl6*i attfl fid ffiallflftl IfiUfSSife Ifi de» Is flfiw ex'ueeted until &ftef the iBfl«f»l , ' difiee that gfefitef actifity Will &ad- that wiiich un a little earlier than usual gain be called ifita opefatidn, . "The'gevefnment crap i-epoft caused scarcely a ripple ef interest, theugh Ja» dtcating d,40&,&06 bales of cotton, larger acreage than had beea ex* af wintentciiett, The great-sup- plles of cotton brought over from frfe- viaus years render It unimportant whether the yield of 1896 is seven ar six million bales, except as affecting future planting, and the extensive organizations of-planters to keep back their cotton deprive small receipts of their natural influence, Whether from that cause or not. receipts have recently Been' oveA'O per cen't smaller than'last year, but takings of spinners and exports are also smaller. ' The price rose 3-16 cent and closed at 8.66 cents, "Wheat continues to come forward so rapidly that past estimates of yield whether official or unofficial, are discredited. Western receipts were 6.003,404 bushels for the week, against, 3,403,611 bushels last year, while Atlantic exports, flour Included, were but 1,846, 355 bushels, against 2,357,218 bushels last year. At current prices, it seem Improbable that marketing has been out of proportion-to yield, and prices for the week show little change. •< "Iron furnaces In blast, Dec. 1, turned out Alien S* Thufmaii died at Thursday at CdluinbuS r Jtldge fhufman Was buff, Va,, ifi 1813, aad the, Ohio, with of age, Yoiifig education at Sketcb fti HI* /-,•! m defny,"and f ead law uadef late' tib^ illi^ -A^' at that place - ated to the widowed mathef ; and it was late when he warried'Mafy Dun, of Waiter Dun, of Ke^ntueky,, tarn <y&>'. ,' •*>* -* Townships Bank' versus Rough and others. CRIME. Miss Pearl Daum, while attending a religious revival at Evansville, Ind., was fatally stabbed by George Ruh- right, a maniac, Judge Stone of Ishpeming," Mich, sentenced James Guinan, better known as "Gid," to twenty years' imprisonment for burglary. The Jury at San Francisco in the case of R, H. McDonald, charged with embezzlement of Pacific bank funds, returned a yerdict of acquittal, The Jury in a former trial failed to agree defendant. She alleged that Heath sold her hlsband whisky. The revenue collections Thursday at Peoria were $104,000, the largest since last April, and extra heavy collections are expected. Additional gangers have been employed. The defense rested its case in the Merrick-Orchardson will case at Quincy, 111. Samuel Woods, an attorney, testified that he thought Mrs. Mer- rjck was sane, except as to her belief in spirits. Ben Hur Lodge, No. 203, K. of P., gave a reception at the Vandalia, 111., opera- house for John J. Brown, who was recently elected grand chancellor of Illinois. One thousand people attended. C. B. Johnson of Springfield and W, D. Newton of Bloomington, president and secretary of the Illinois American Protective association, are at Peoria making plans for the annual convention of the order which will convene there in February. lines of hose In the street, and their work was useless. Then Chief Templeton telephoned to Omaha for assistance, but for some reason the message was not delivered. The second building of Deere, Wells & Co. was soon attacked, and sparks ignited the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy freight depot. The latter structure 'was saved, but the entire plant of Deere, Wells & Co. was destroyed. The Keystone company's building, on the south, was also badly damaged. How the fire originated is not known, as there was no one in the building after 6 o'clock. A shift in the wind after the second Deere, Wells & Co. building was fired was the only thing .that saved the Burlington freight depot and the big warehouse of the Union Transfer company and Aultman, Miller & Co. The citizens were compelled to battle as best they could with any fire that started in other parts of the city. No very serious damage resulted. By 9 o'clock the fire was well under control and all danger of spreading was over. One fact worthy of note is that the Wells company has often sought the condemnation of the 'Weir-Shugart warehouse, claiming it was a menace to their own. It finally proved to be. GALE ON THE ATLANTIC. Many Vessels la Danger but None Reported Lost. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 14.—A gale with an average velocity of forty miles an hour and increasing in force raged along the coast from Sandy Hook to Cape Henry last night. Although the heavy blow has been prevailing for nearly sixty hours,'no shipping disasters have been reported. The greatest uneasiness is felt concerning a number of vessels which are thought to be close to the coast, as they will not be able to work off shore in the teeth of the gale. The three-masted schooner Varuna, Capt.St. Oliver, from Darien, Nov. 23, for Philadelphia, with a crew of seven, men and 300,000 feet of lumber, is among those for which there is anxiety. She was last seen off Lookout Dec. 3, The Delaware breakwater .^harbor IB 303 Nov. 1, with increases of 8,000 tons n stocks unsold, but actual consumption is much smaller than the output at present, and prices again declined, No. I anthracite to $13.75; bessemer pig, at Pittsburg, to $12.60, and gray forge to ALLEN O. THtlRMAN. and two daughters are mafrted-,*thfr ter residing one in the east-and other in the far west. Judge Thurman served one term', in, .3; congress from the Chillicothe district;,>? being elected In 1844, and, returning,^ f!2." Finished products are weak and to the practice, was elected sell below quotations, though .quoted, prices average about half of 1 per cent lower for the week. Higher prices are expected for ore and coke, and it is believed this will cause, an upward turn in iron. Copper is much demoralized, with large sales of lake at $10.50. Lead, is lower at $3.27%, and tin lower at $13.85, with increasing ;visible sup- iy» i "Wool has not advanced with London sales as was expected, and 5,536,100 pounds have been =sold; .-2,303,700 pounds foreign, against,5,479,300 in the same week of 1892,, of which 1,413,500 were foreign. The slow market for goods hinders dealings. Business in cotton has net gained, and print cloths are lower, at 3% cents, while a few more reductions are noted in prices of other goods. The manufacture has a highly profitable season, though dull now. "Failures foV the week have been .338 In .the- 'United States, against 349 last year, and 64 in Canada, against 40 las'; year." FIRE AT ST. PAUL, MINN. Much Damage Done by an Enrly Morning: Illaze—Workmen Thrown Oat. St. Paul, Dec. 13.--At 2 o'clock a. m. yesterday fire broke out in the Wann building, occupied by Henry S. Sternberg as a Jobbing dry goods and clothing house and by Guiterman Bros., manufacturers of shirts, pants, overalls, etc., at Fifth and .Sibley streets, The whole department was called out. The fire spread rapidly to the roof oi the building adjoining, which is occupied by Price & Robbins' wholesale paper house. The whple upper £oor of the building in which the fire originated was damaged. The pipemen had a hot and dangerous fight on the top floor, They were forced from the building to the extension ladder, and at one yery pppr. Nineteen of the I ciaus A > Bllxt » wften askeft concern- we found on the person of Louis who has been arrested at Toi - jedo, pbip,.where he had already passed of t|»em. He is believed to be new pf. the anthracite coal bave Agreed to, restrict tbe. m the present out- 'TMf -wiU reduce, fbe January out* »t ing Harry Hayward's alleged confession of killing Lena Oleen at Duluth in 1894, said be believed the story and that Hayward bad also intended tp kill him. It 4eveJpp» that tbe recent trouble with Apaches at ClbWH, Ariz,, was PC*' ca&Qne4 by a» attempt by Sheriff Tbpmpepn pf GlPbe with a posse tp enter tbe, reaervatlpn .tp arrest Indians LATEST MARKET REPORTS, who attempted to^ske stores from a CHICAGO, Cattle—Com, to prime., ,$1,55 Hogs , •• 1<75 Sheep—Good to choice,, 1.25 Wheat—No, 2 , .57 Corn—No, J3 25 Oats Rye •W. ,35 Potatoes ,,.,.,..,.,.1.. .16 MILWAUKEE. ' Wheat— No, 2 spring , , . , .57 qorn-No. 3 ,86 Qat»— No, 3 white .,«,.,, i 48 ©5,25 @3.50 <§>3,50 @ ,58 © .28 @ 49 @ .36 © M @ ,22 © ,58 9 -37 9 ,19 filled with tugs and other small craft which are unable to venture out in such a gale and heavy sea, Capt. Jamieson, commanding the Earn line steamship Earnford, which arrived from St. Jago, says that the sea outside is runnipg very high— the highest he has experienced along the coast for years. His vessel, as well as the Bostpn. steamship LU tliC f 1 Ol*****VW) »» «*« ***^W«»** f — — ^ (,/•?; •Supreme-bencb, hi 1851, relusing r a r ,e-"' f ¥| nomination after four years''V;^ His record as'chief justice was an'en-'f?; ' viable one. • ' \'Ji In 1867 Thurman was nominated ior,^- governor in the face of 42,000 majority.'^ He effected such an organization and^ conducted so-masterly.>a campaign that-'J the large majority of the year previous;;,., was cut to less than three thousand, v$| and, although defeated himself, his^ ^ party gained a majority in the general -\| assembly, and in recognition of -his>; splendid campaign elected him to thOvi United States senate to succeed Ben- ', Jamin F. Wade. He served twelve years, from March 4, 1869, and his splendid < record in that body was one of singular ' ability and prominence. The name of Thurman was prominent before the national conventions of 1876 and 1880, and , again in 1884, when the Ohio' conven- _ tion sent him as delegate-at-large to the Chicago :,cpnventlon. .He.-hfOV refused to allow the use of his »a< the latter convention. His nomination y and defeat for the vice-presidency 'areA recent history. Before the "Old Roman" was npmin-;', ated for the vice presidency his name had been suggested for a high honor at1 y . the hands of President Cleveland, His J friends thought he would be chosen secretary of state during President" Cleveland's first term. They .were dls-^ appointed, however. The Thurman home is located in ft commanding position at Rich street and Washington avenue. It is a double brick, with spacious lawn, and is ar-v ranged for the convenience of two faml- " , lies, one side being occupied by Allen, ,j.m W. Thurman, the only son of the "0,1$ "^Jl Roman," who has assumed in' recen| ^" years the management of all his father's ;f business affairs. By this dl> Judge and Mrs. Thurroan had a by themselves and at the same. ' The Spartan and steamship Providence, was badly iced up three-masted scboppner NpUie' I. . _.... , Capt. McLean, from St, J>hn, was'.iced up beypnd recognition. The schooner Talaf, Capt. Fletcher, from Tampa for Qartaret, N. J., with a cargo of phps- phaWpqt ij»tP tbe Delaware bay ana anchored fpr a barb'pr at tbe Brandywine, This veBBej bas bad a mest tern- pestupus passage sinee leaving tbe gujf. Tbe sbip sterling, Capt. Wbejdpn, wbic,h pjeare4 Mpn4ay &r New yprfe , to Ipa4 fpr San Franciecp, was ,stJU ' 'time 'the' ladder became charged with electricity from the wires ^below, but they we're cut before any fatalities resulted. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it started in Guiterman Bros,' factory, where the bands were working owing to a great rush of business. The IOSE to this firm, chiefly by water, is estimated at $65,000, fully covered by $150,-" 000 insurance. Five hundred employes •pf Guiterman Brps. are thrown out of work,' ' ' watchful care and association^'which is afforded" by an Interesting bevy,. ,of y ;fe grandch,iJ4re.n- AJlen ^Thurman " 1 ' gre^t- rea,de r r, a man of .w>4evrftng^ P**j information with a mind stored,w|tbs r . the beet in the classics and hist< data, a Jurist of renown and a whose political experiences and mansbip were equalled by few, Jn his new home, where be nays, be spent most of -hi library, His custom was'to 'M r FM$I , !/3.fe! Sensational Murder at Omaha, Omaha, Neb., I>ec, 14.— Samuel Du* bois, councilmanTelect, was fatally shot last evening by C, H. Hoover, his broth- er»iB-)8W, Hopver is unde^r arrest. He was, -4rwfe 'when tbe shooting occurred'. PabPie «»4 he b&4 quarreled several times pf late over a sisteMn-Jaw living Hopver'S family, whop it 1.8 cjftime.d, was ppt keeping proper company callere. dinner," and. 1 then,-* toon up bis reading, Thurman was not, a In the strict sense, and Yery<o;$en*^f wag pQet}o^Uy,prpfa,ne, yejt -' private and pub»p i}feiW» for its pnrity. Since the wife, two years ago, I eyer,, more. display, yet b'le grief ' Hoover hap frequently threatened to ,reja;/an4';w>R ; tb,fy''"nj§t'4pt,eve. whose occupants were 8ncbpre4-Jn the bay yesterday Bordentewn, N, J., tbe pelaware twm abore tp The discovery that grave. robb|ng,bj8 as tfce c»nd| 9$-t,be bee» iy8$e.njaticaUy carried on by the tbe quarrel »n4 of tte Kansas, Tepeka rpu8§4 the te tew, a»4 a »gb were gww Ipto Bttepdlag a revival at leifte Strtet cbwrcb last »Jf bt, Mies P«arl Paum, a yowg Ift4y pf tw| » i -jte»mwt y§iter4§y and tp. have be.f» the Qiuri«u»A fibwrff in mfcx>mb%*M tp sw.WJMi (~ '^T'SKW- r,i* ^ *>*• > A *S' I* v %. *» 3 mimo&'m^te-m nHn'Winnectlfln with the. g .M> M f^W$BgP|gji| '''

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