The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 1
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AMONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY* DECEMBER I' "• ' /{"'• !-f~;t v !'i'«';«iAte^'S! 'j'.-i. ;>VWvV%yfj.;V" ^ ,% jipTFS!? .7(f- HOICE8T TABLE DELICACIES Hnr< " * fc IKw iwln < .^.^ .* / delivery i'CONVtCPS SMART TRICK, knocked Sheriff Sclinmllc Off the Sidewalk fttad Escaped, but Was Recaptured Later On. A Small fUot at Anamosa in WhUh Ftte- man Ash Is Knocked Down—Othet Northwest Hews, More than 50 plates atad ithef dishes wet's btokeBr Guards Bftith, Sargent, Bean and Martman were stationed in the dining fOota With Winchesters, attd the (Jonvieta wefe uiidef eovef of guns, FoUP of the cbii* Met6, ttyaa, Bohson, Stewart and Wll« lams have been punished for the part hey took iti the uprising. >>'• OPERA HOUSE GROCERY. ake Notice. We call your special attention to our " Drive, In Ladies' and Children's Underwear. IB Cents. G. L. Galbraith & Co. HOLIDAY GOODS. ftFVO not fail to call and examine my im- 5^/- mense stock before purchasing else- fe .'•" where. Prices according to the times, s» \ (• . , , **^ James Patterson. Sherift Schmiillo of Garner had a serious tltne tfyitigr to deliver the mun arrested at Ledyard foi 1 arson, horse stealing, etc. He was sentenced to three years nnd a half at Anamosa, and the sheriff and he had arrived at that hospitable city, After getting off at the depot the convict, who was handcuffed, asked, that he tnight be taken to a certain house that he might see if he could get board for his daughter. .They went to the house and in passing along the sidewalk from there to the penitentiary, just at a point where the wulk was high, the convict tripped the Bher* Iff and pushed/him off the walk on to a pile of stones, six feet below, The sheriff, who is a large man, was badly hurt, but he scrambled to his, feet and chasod the convict to Struvvborry Hill, where he lost sight of him,, Although, parties scoured the country In every direction, nothing more was seen of the convict that night. About' three o'clock the next morning he 'appeared at the farm house of one Glenn, in Pleasant Valley, where he told an untrue story about his appearance, and begged that his handcuffs might be removed. The farmer loaded the convict into a wagon and hauled him to Olln, where he was turned over ito a constable. The constable took him to Anamosa and turned him over to a relieved officer, who suitably rewarded the captors. The Montlcello Express, from which we learn' the particulars, says: Sheriff Sohmalle, who weighs. 255 pounds, was unable, to leave his room because of injuries, the next day, but was able to start for .home Wednesday. The Anamosa Journal adds these items of interest: Monday night Sher- Jff A. W. Schmalle of Garner, Hancock county, Iowa, arrived in Anamosa with a candidate for the penitentiary, one Mark Bending, alias McDonald, alias Bond, alias Vivion. This man was dismissed from the Anamosa penitentiary in'March last, and was arrested in Garner for the crime' of arson. He was tried in the district court at Concord, that state, before J udge John G. Sher- wln, last week, and although he is an unpromising looking Individual, a day laborer, he appeared as counsel in his own.behalf, made a four hours' plea to the jury. He was found guilty and sentenced to three and a half years Imprisonment, ^hen Bending was .dismissed from the prison in March he was passing under the name of McDonald and had served five years for the crime of arson. Arson seems to' be a fad of his. ' , _____ ' ' Ash of WeBlqy Knocked Do\vn, Freeman Ash of Wesley is a guard at the Anamosa penitentiary. The facts have leaked out of a small riot in which he was hit by a convict with a heavy vinegar bottle and hurt, '•• The Wesley Reporter says he is now up and that he was not seriously Injured. 'The report of the fracas is given in the dispatches One of the guards took three pairs of boxing gloves to the prison and the convicts had considerable sport with them* The next morning after the gloves were introduced was when the rioting occurred. Nearly two-thirds 0. the convicts had entered the dining room for breakfast when convict Ryan struck a guard named Ash over , the head with a heavy out glass vinegar bottle, Ash was knocked down and rendered ipsensible. This WHS 'the signal for a general' riot, Knives forks, plates, and dishes filled the'air Some of the convicts made a rush for the door and the guards were powerles to stop them. The ponvlcts were fjp&l ly gotten to their cells, and Guard Ash was taken to the hospital, bruised and file speiicer HuslHess Prof. Seeley and B. H.' Samuels are it Spencer. The News says! "Prof. Seeley reports that prospects are very ncouraging for opening the business college with a good attendance the first of the year." It also adds: Prof, Samuels was called home to Algona the atter part of last week, on account of the Illness of his wife. Later reports state that she is better, and thatass'odn as sufficiently recovered she and her husband will come to Spencer- to live jermanently, _ i _ __ York Buckwheat i $3;oo, at J f E,&C,J, 500 PRESENTS To 500 500 PRESENTS 'JMie Tnh At O<». lbtt Sulo The big Poland China sale at boldt was a success. The h'ogs ran in price from $11 to $86. , Many of them ranged from $40 to $00. Mr. Taft hud a line herd of hogs.and this, with his liberal use of printers' ink, produced his ine sale, The hogs averaged close to !30. The' Republican adds!' Had the lord hot been recently afflicted with Ickness, it would have averaged near i40 per head. _____ , . Ilorsos Worth More Than Notes. Horses are pretty valueless, but up at Swea City they are held higher than worthless notes. Some two months ago ailroad graders bought a lot there and gave notes. Last week, : the Herald lays, the farmers went over .into Dlck- nson county and got 20 horses back. The graders were still buying but were making no provisions for paying. \Vliy Ho WHB Excused. G. S. Wright of West Bend has been an active grand juror for some time, but asked Judge Quarton to bo excused at this term of court, The West Bend Journal notes the arrival of an eight- pound boy at the Wright- house. Two >ther grand jurors wanted to be ex- iused and the Journal is awaiting reports. ; They StrucK for Boor. Over at Emmetsburg the manager of the poultry picking room would not al- ,ow the pickers to haye a : keg , of beer on tap. The men struck Saturday but Monday they came back., The rlng- .euder was dismissed then and tried to t the others to quit, but they decid- to stick tp the job and get their beer between times. >" • ' ' KosButh'B .Bepresentntlve. The Ledyard Leader notes a, visit Trom Samuel Mayne and says: Mr. Mayne expects to leave for Des Molnes about the 12th to take his seat in the state legislature, which convenes on the 13th. We miss our guess if Kossuth's representative doesn't make his presence felt at. the capitol, this winter. A Shooting Contest. , • G, P. Christianson of Webster City has challenged Fred Gilbert of Spirit Lake to shoot for the world's championship.. It will occur at Spirit Lake soon. Why are not Sundstrom, Gilson, Grlinm, etc., In this contest? We want to make a Merry Christmas I , " J ,, I , , 1 , || r to you all. Sp call at our store, on Christmas morning, from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock. • Langdon A Hardware Store IS A. Queer • Place- • -'• m , 'I'M < > J T , < fi! to see Santa Claus, but nevertheless he will be' there.tb-.'o'll 1 I S •! - ^ ! jf'^ >J morrow morning and remain a week. (Look in the west; ^jj window of our store.) • ' ' ' , - ' (< l ' ~''-^ , He is not very rpbust in appearance ; his face is a little palej 'his legs and arms mere pipe stems ; but his;body looks as if it can stand many'hard knocks—altogether his general make-up shows hard wear, but. he says he feels that he has \riotQ\tnettle in him than he has had since he lias, been' in the Santa Claus- business. He, may seem to have a hard heart, but when,he,' gets his eyes riveted on you, and'smiles Kis' tin-y >smile,'you ; i may know that he is the same dear old Santa, bright with' the'< thought of your anticipated joys. Don't fail to see, him' before- 'Christmas, for he is never seen after that'time. ' '• " V *"* C. M. ORIOLE prunes. House Grocery, Very fine. Opera JUST arrived this morning at Galbraith's, something for the children in the line of cloaks and jackets, The Pilgrim, (Holiday number,) Full of bright sketches—prose, poetry, and illustrations—by bright writers and artists. Entirely original, new, and entertaining. Mailed free, to any address on receipt of six (6) cents in postage stamps. Write to Geo, H. Heafford, publisher, 415 Old Colony building, Chicago, 111. THE National Guard Cycle exhibition will be held in Chicago, Jan, 4 to 11, 1896, at Tattersall's, Sixteenth • and State streets, The fare will be a rate of one and one-third fare on the certificate plan.—38t2 FINEST out glass at Walker Bros,' We have plenty ,of things left which would malc'e' thejn. ' ^| Would call your attention particularly to ' - : '" rj Odd Pieces in Fine China, . " Perfect Beauties THOSE Iryingtou, Iowa, , sf **'>' > ':,?-\^t :w 5' 4 ^ *•>••'? ^ , r aM. AxruaftrAi X&IG&PAL •"- ^|»PJiflW,|P^W-^» ^^f^Jlm^i ^ , - t< Hazard. & Peek, Such as Cup$ and' Sa^ucer^, Chocolate' and Tea PotSi ';^| Salad and Fruit Bowls, -etc., etc, • All perfect in j every> '* respect. These are really the choicje , 4 ware""a l rid ( ldepi^np;^ of last year, arid w^V-owing to the' .hard\time§7T' n ia4^' : V'« the mistake of buying more of FINE goods^than tye^e v ;|j needed, Result; We sold off th§" ch§ap§r "~" VJ ~" u " 1 ' kept the§e. ,/ ' '• , ", ' , / « a... „ No Dealer, Any where .would sell th§,S^||$^X^||| JTY of vvare at emr present priqe^ ! ' p^We, ;Qoiy f wa|jfiq>| CLOSE THEM OUT, They, ar.e;marke^f^XlStll ., CLOSE THEM OUT, They, THAN THEY COST US IN NEW YOBK And Magniiicent R*4L Eibte»B«4

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