The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1895
Page 6
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ag4d • 6, tug-same tfeg aad will be -, v, • < •^jir thlif,Paghj , Iflfl,, fell ll; 'v 3'dse^li;KSaflie;a ee&l i ta tnbxtcatea^He'wae eut to' tfain. by , Beaf4stey;a ^aiiittf/of ,; lay dowa in the* sao^ and went ^ tfasifep Saturday ; n!(ght .while 'ItobsEi- |t«.'4*atid»s He 'froisetb deaths >' i^fge Eby, 'aged 9, of Watselta, ill., a'r playing With a cartridge, when it exploded, inflicting a wound that , fatal shortly afterward, & Joha Casey of Freeport, 111., a brake- the 'Illinois Central; fell under > th,e cars in, the Rockford yards. One -,'Jeg was cut off, and -the other badly , maagled, Htls recovery is doubtful. i'.; ;, George Tiicker, one of the oldest resi- ^,dents of Charleston, ,111., is dead, /! .'Bernard -Winkeljohn, ' aged 59, a -'. farmer living near Carlyle, 111., died „; ,8U'ddenly of heart failure, i.V^^he body of James Smith, an in- l - fd'rmor on 1 ' Gebrgia moonshiners,' was £,, found -strangled to death in a well at h,' i During a race rJ6t at Heidelberg, a *C Pennsylvania mining town, Luigi Fra- j.^titini, an Italian, was murdered by ^Sicilians, ,, . .', While coming to anchor at Tomp- lnsville,'S: I., the battleship Texas lost anchor, caused by a pin dropping from .the shackle. • ,- * John Ford, a co'al mirier of Athens, arrested in Springfield, 111., for disorderly conduct, hanged himself in his cell with a muffler. / It''is feared that the City of Omaha ,' will be unable to recover the $30,000 ' shortage' left by ex-Treasurer Bolla ,' ] from his bondsmen. .- The federal grand jury at Omaha will ."investigate the manner to which Rich- .s'ard Outcalt was.acquitted for'complic- , 'it!y in'wrecking the Capital National :» was kill«a by, a triiH at 'falls, Idahe, 'i • , . -, .-, By the bursting ef a water, pipe the ' etfcen't 6f of ; Ihd.," was dftinaged td, the B,600. * Suest, ft ininef, aged 20 year's, felUbwn a.ehaft at Spflag Valley, 111., a depth of 4S7 feet, and, was killed. Every member of the family of William pfeil o! Wabaah, Ind., wae poison* ed by eating cracked wheat and milk, Six men were injured by 'the explosion of a boiler in the engine-house df the New Athens Coal Company at Belleville, 111. Jacob Hmig and Henry Sands are not expected, to recover. both bit Ihi geld.aad' the c%reTficy;fe / « , proved, the success -it- was Thursday's feeeipts amoufltedad '" Marshall County MusfS era' association met at Henry, ill. Bick nell Ifbttng, Professor Wallace and Hi S, Perkins wefe in attendance. The Illihdis state board of health has issued certificates entitling to'practice medicine and surgery in Illinois to H; B. Almes, B, H. Boyd, D. W, McKenria, C. R, Whitcomb, Chicago; C, S. Estip, Lexington; C. A. Mueller, Rock Fallsj D. Cl Leyinan, Huntington, Ind.: M» ffadeiafSi , gfeessivl'1iidfifge-flc'e r !t>pfi 'buying, whSft,»f!clS'? ""*"" , la'tfeaMy.^teff: . s thai defiHae 1 , retarding yet' Mbfe* Aftfcf, the halt* days.'mea'lddk fof a large? demand, . the jfe.Sent the spHnga of a6W business are funning low; ; but eneugh Js doing "OH bid er dew 'to kee^ md^fc'of the works employed .in! bartend a good propof- tibn fUllyi financially influences have not hlndeij6d> and rarely has the opening of a session of Congress affected business 1 B,o little. "Wheat, 'has advanced about a cent for the wifeek, though Western receipts have betih 7.014.9JL1 bushels, against 3,- ''< Washington dispatches announce that,this government will protest vigorously* against, England prohibiting t v-r; the.importation of American sheep after '. s "January. tiffi*' ^Banks at Cincinnati have exploded *<'%, the sensation about Z. T. Lewis, the f- y '' bond forger, securing $200,000 from j,AV^them, leaving forged bonds as col- |i..-.,,' 'lateral. The total amount is $50,000. '.The,coroner's jury investigating the = death of Carl .Ringe, the St. Louis in- ^•'surance man whose body was found on 7 a street, was unable to gain any light on the,matter^and returned a verdict $f f ; , that he was murdered, *'• '""* " 'Two fires in Chicago Sunday caused , a'loss of $700,000. y -The American/Federation of Labor T, met in annual convention at New York ., Monday. "One hundred and fifteen delegates are-in attendance, representing ' nearly a'million members, '<• More troops have been dispatched 'from army posts in Arizona in pursuit } of the, Apaches who have murdered ,- stpckmen. It Is believed the rising will ''be'put down without much difficulty. <V;Fred Munroe f a prominent American banker; 'committed suicide- at Paris Saturday. Ill health is believed to have : been the cause of the act. • .Cincinnati day at'the Atlanta' exposi- ,fipn was marked by cold weather with - £ slight faH °f enow. President Collier ^welcomed ,the visitors and President p',,'^ Freiberg, of the Cincinnati Chamber of 'VjQpnjmerije/responded, Mayors of both ^citife? also, made speeches. i< »:St''}s'estimated that about 25,000 old :were stolen frpm the'fie rppm • treasury-,^nd,their stamps re- by;WiHiaw Washington and an " * ' najned Edwards, whp are psfle^ arrest. Tb,e papers were Aw£7 ( Jn sraal}, quantities and 'u t*v ^«i*«i%*« jMAAu ovj.xa |4.1S;i&ggfdlnf tt week ,*4V% .Men .a&d 52'ifi eahadft, against 4b last ItaCes fet tae faBt SEA PORT OF THE SULTAN'S CAPITAL SHOWING- THE GAL ATA BRIDGE. Fire damaged the mill of the Norwich, Conn., Dyeing, Bleaching' and Printing company to the extent of $50,000, partially covered by insurance. FOREIGN. A crank fired two shots from a revolver in the French chamber of deputies Friday. No one was hurt. He was immediately arrested and'povsd to be a harmless lunatic. A report to the London press says Great Britain has landed marines at Pera, a suburb of Constantinople, to protect the British embassy. Said Pasha, ex-grand vizier of the Turkish empire, and president of the council has taken refuge in the British embassy at Constantinople to escape the sultan's wrath. It is possible that if the European powers insist upon their demands re- .specting Armenia the sultan will declare a holy, war, Jn which every Mohammedan in the world will take part. The consequences of such an act may deter the powers from pushing Turkey too far. The Norwegian bark Elsie, from Quebec to London, was wrecked on Anti- costi Island, The crew has reached Halifax after intense sufferings. M. McDowell, Vincennes, Ind'.;' John R. Neely, Wilmette. . The Michigan Federation of Labor rescinded the resolution denouncing Colonel A. T. Bliss, of Sagina'w, Mich, a leading candidate for the republican nomination for governor, w.ho proved that he was innocent non-union labor. Governor Altgeld has of- employing restored the |,6Q pests aja^ stamps an4 signatures CRIME;. Vaults in the bank of Oronpgo, Mo., were blown by safe crackers, who secured $1,300. The building was wrecked and books and securities burned by the explosion, The governor of Illionis has honored the requisition of the Governor of Ohio for Harry Lincoln, , ,wanted at Cleveland for stealing a, diamond and under arrest in Chicago, /Allen M, Thompson, a farmer of Mott- vilje; Mich,, has been held to the Circuit .court in bpnds of $1,000 on "a charge pf attemptipg tp destroy Dr, Bweetla&d's office w#b dynamite. George Winchester, aged '45 years, was fpund dead in his apartments pve'r the Andpyer, qbip, natipual pank, It is tbpught he committed sujcide, .,gt the gantft Fe ana ypip R ' the All janq,e. BX ' rights of citizenship to Thomas Maher of Joliet, who served three years in the Joliet prison for robbery. Members of the Michigan Press association met at Detroit ! to discuss' a winter excursion to Mexico. It was decided to make the trip in February. Robert Hosey, employed by a butcher at Anderson, Ind., has received a check for $25,000, his share of an estate left by; a relative in Germany. Dun & Co.s' review of trade reports business in a sluggish-condition. The markets are crowded with goods purchased at low prices. An improvement is looked for after the holidays. The report of Attorney-General Harmon, delivered to congress Friday, calls attentipn to the abuse of habeas corpus, and suggests remedies. He also out^ lines a plan for dealing with the Pacific railroads. A deal has been closed whereby the Oliver Typewriter 'company will remove its plant from Epworth, Iowa, to Kenosha, Wis. The Alpha Paper and Bag company of Franklin, Ohio, has assigned with an indebtedness of $60,000, Assets not stated. MARKET REPORTS, CHICAGO. Cattle—Com. to prime,. ,$1.40 Hogs 2,00 Sheep—Good to choice... 1,40 Wheat—No, 2 Cpnj,-~No. 2 ,56 ,26 .17 .36 @5.25 ©3,60 @3,50 @..57 9 .37 @ .18 @ .37 9 .,,,,,,.,,.,,.,, ,1? MJkWAVK Wbeat—Np. 2 spring,,,, suffering frpw in, commute^ su}cl4e *y taking 'Jto;Miamr t ';~ ,4:1/8)9 Jfr A i9jrt»Wty s wTMtatt A-aK mM-'^m^ *mmm ssigJOjW Mutating on .a train returning ,from 727,788 last year, and Atlantic exports, flour included, again exceed last year's, 2,326,093, against 1,887,737 bushels. The best Western estimates of the crop have been raised again. Corn comes from farms less freely than a year ago, the low prices hindering, but exports were 1,293,774 bushels, against 178,813 last year. Cotton has been weak again, declining a quarter for the week, and the January option 27 points, The quantity which has come into sight, 35 per cent less than last year to date, does not yet indicate a yield 30 or 37 per cent smaller, as'many predict, though the recent movement is .very slow. "Northern spinners have taken about a third less than last year. Wool has been slightly strengthened by the London sales, but the average of quotations by Coates Bros, is only a tenth of 1 per cent higher. Sales continue 1 large, 6,463,100 pounds for the week,'Of which 60 per cent was foreign. Manufacturers have much machinery idle at present and orders thus far are not encouraging. Dress goods are ih less demand and Atlantic all wool J cashmeres were reduced 10 per cent. "Iron and its products are lower, The average of all quotations is 8% per cent below the highest point in September, but actual sales are frequently made below quotations. Proposed combination of lake ore producers has not. yet been effected and with the fajl in. the price of iron is less probable. Rails have not ctianged, while Bessemer pig has de- , tfr'dni Oonst&ntinepie allege that.ti, "M, Sitlffldgene and Cockatrice have landed blue jackets at Pera to protect the English embassy, - ' •" . , ,- a suburb bf Constantinople, bri the north side of'the "Golden Horn," on the summit t>f the hill Above Galata and Tophane. It Is two miles in length, chiefly, inhabited by Franks, and comprises the residences of several am-' bassadors, with Greek and Roman Catholic churches, a Mohammedan college, and a monastery of Dervishes. A dispatch to the Chronicle from Vienna says; "It is stated that ex-Sultan Murad has not fled from Constantinople, but has been secretly killed by the Sultan's entourage on account of his liberal tendencies." The Constantinople correspondent of the Daily Telegraph says there is a rumor that-the Armenian committee^ has become desperate at the inaction, of the powers, and will organize frfj demonstrations. Paris, Dec. 7.—It was denied last evening that there truth in the story telegraphed i Pall Mall Gazette from Rome'tha sia and France" have withdrawn'from the concert of the powers regarding the Turkish questions and that efforts are now being made to hold a European conference. Similar reports have been circulated, it is claimed, by agents of the Turkish government frequently during the past month or so. In fact, the same rumor has been started several times in different shapes during the past week. REPLY FROM BRITAIN. ! Venezuelan Note . Beaches Secretary plney at Washington. Washington, Dec. 7.— Lord Salisbury's reply {o Secretary OIney's letter requesting a final and definite statement of Great Britain's purposes .concerning Venezuela is in Washington, having been delivered to Sir Julian Pauncefote.the British ambassador, last night. The answer was brought to Washington by Donalson, the special messenger of the embassy, who .makes regular trips to New York for the purpose of carrying the official mail to and from Washington. Donalson immediately left for Washington. The greatest interest centers here as to the nature of the rep'iy;,which Lord Salisbury; has made to the American secretary of state. Ambassador Pauncefote s,aid last night that Lord Salisbury's letter would be presented to Secretary Olney today. 6? einefv "ft!" eejslea frdfr:"*efila1t ._„_, . thfelf colorings find combitiftl f he*f fflte dani ifi 1 tinevea .tfeittti-e, that is* iWlae Of I Bai c"6l6f-, ihteads used la fid well dyed that' the? tar to JR Without changing fcdler,' tfa" skilled in blendiag cblof § |t of .this kfldwa, novelty of ' of MMdtalMrk'hf broidery, although' the jewels made with the~'aeedi& 'and of ery Silk, tt fora &aleVpiece, ui- toilet matS df whlteMineii^iue,!!;-^^ regular edges are usually buttonhoied> v ;l with white 'silk, inside i<* - >1 * huM *#*'*. distance of one of .two festooned border, like that Which' be formed if you were to lay a tte'clj of,beads on the cloth, waving ;ft ' and forth in slightly of deeply:'ei festoons, In the nicest,-designs curves are wide and not deep, / ter raised dot Of bead In each larger than all .the othefs, 'thbse^ft^ each side decreasing gradually in f pften three strings.of Jewels; one under the other and forming curves, are used.. In work that'is 5 ,tdjj| be washed the dots are first''eloseij|r •worked with cotton, in order, to ralsf; them. They afe'< then worked.;d^er| 3 ^ with silk. Each one'is worked'-'--•— •»'- ki the outside with an outline 'B—^silk, a shade darker, than that xt'sS'd i the jewel. .' /.• ''*,,$ ''f^..^ , Sometimes the deslgfi iB'reVersed; f att'jl| the curves of the pattern are turned tp-'>' ward'the center of the cloth instead.'b'f,, ;he border. Bach jewel is connected^ with the one before it by, a .thread;; worked in a very narrow stem stitch": 1 For artistic designs for this .kind' of J 7 |?!p needlework it would be well; to study {£•!$ the jeweled designs seen on--Cpalport^;|.;'' i? and'other china, whefe the jewels' ^-^^ combined with scrolls. ~, > Gen. Edward Wright Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 7, — Gen. Edward > Wright died yesterday at 2:30 o'clock after an illness lasting several weeks. He served through the war, bo- ing brevetted brigadier-general for valiant services. He was chosen speaker of the eleventh general assembly and in 1866 was elected secretary of state, serving for six years Jn that offlce. In 1873 he was elected secretary of the Capitol commission, holding that office until the new state house was completed. He also superintended the ImprovV ment of the state house grounds, Sympathy for the Sake of Duty.' V v Sympathy, beautiful and pure', is apt to be marred >by its .being prompted |J| merely by a sense of'duty, and thus its ^, true and natural spontaneity is •(«»'"'»•» v >It is true that the habit becomes I , nature to us, and by habit we-naay'and'^. . do develop honorable and • charitable; W sympathy with all suffering, but"the*ff truly sympathetic are so born, and,it'll'| is as Impossible for them to enshroud, t' their true desires and actions as it^is-5; "to soil a sunbeam by a touch." -It'is5 in the late youth and mature > years 'V,K that, as a rule, we see its most splen^^ $ did achievements. In childhood > it',1s,- apt to be in abeyance. In the o'd'age : of good people its beauty is <enhanced, 'l'W£ and yet in many instances, in tbe/'sere ' . i and yellow'leaf,'all that was ofv'sym-f"'^ Ohio Conl Mine™ Obdurate. ' Columbus, 0,, Dec. 7.—The Ohio miners have refused tp meet with' the operators' committee of seven, to whom was referred*the adjustment of the demand for a cash' rate in this state, RUF,US W. PECKHAM, The New Associate Justice of the Supreme Court '„ Late Howell E, Jackson, Who Succeeds pathy, what little there' might. have been, becomes bitterness, and the self-*/' Ish man clings to what he,has'gained,''.' coveting what he has not, with a te- ' nacity which baffles description. - All » his treasures are on earth, and, as hav knows he must and shall leave them>* there can be no eternal hope in him^ and his mind becomes centered on 'that '^ which is of but short duration. He be'- ' comes "earthen," and the rest of -his;' days are spent in sordid contemplation'ij' of what at best is but an idle dream V"-Wi — •— 7 _; v'ifgf Do Foreign Missions Fay? '„,? jApfl Pessimists 'deny it; optimists affirm n-4 it. Whether the one is right or the'^sf other must be j Judged from the'-f£cts;vjtl First fact—In India the number-$$9™ heathen is on the increase cbntinualiy^l There 'are 2,036,590, native ~ ' '"' "" iw out of a population of •m Mahometans number 67,000,000: Hindus 200,000,000, It is said that were 30,000,000 more Christless s,ouV 1891 than in the previous N Second fact—In the'same'count! dia, the nativp ordained ,pas_tgjfs increased 90 per cent within »%§ ' ~~ ^ t & % TRUTH. ,' Vu ' True consecration'wjij s 'make muscle twitch for Christ l}ie Sfci dance, > ' ' ,", t , 7, Jesus never stpppeo" 'tp asls s ii tameus had been vacpiji'at'e,a and. gated and deodprigefl, , ., , • -., It ain't enpugh that ','Trutb to the earth will rise,' again{",, WRll », business to keep, evil frpBi m^kin'1 pup,ii9 road pf Truth, '. , ' ;tS You va.«'t worship Gpa in J ' JlJWi vWfo. i yj)W gfoiwjr } s ' the Ten CPmm>n.dinents, ' Pf pajjrpfidg Jk&£ pun OF ep , i^s^

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