Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 17, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 17, 1946
Page 4
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'MMffi$&M$tatt^^ our HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 4. L iff Council Puts Off Action on Iran Case Wednesday, ApriM 7, 1946 ADVENTURES IN SPACE: The Story of Radar No. 13: Storm Warnings i "By FRANCIS W. CARPENTER New York, April 16 —(£V-The United Nations Security Council ttjciay postponed action on Russia's —">osal for dropping the Russian-Iranian case and adjourned urttlt tomorrow with three delegates demanding immediate consideration of Poland's charges against Franco Spain. Dr. Quo Tai-Chi. Chairman, announced x the council would meet at 3 p.m. E.S.T. .tomorrow. 'He did not state what would be taken up then. But France, Russia "and Poland joined in asking imrri'ediate: consideration of the Spanish case. Poland, .has charged Franco Spain -,,wiih endangering world § 6ace • an« .with -harboring Nazi dentists-doing research on new Wfeapons ii; ihe atomic age. Eight delegates lined up yes- tcfda^ 1 and today against Russia's proposal that the council immediately strike the Russian-Iranian case, from its agenda. ''Russia and Poland stand together" for the Russian move. 1 'The'-eleventh nation of the council,* Ftance, presented this morning a compromise proposal de- stened to have Secretary General Tryge Lie obtain complete in- foi"n*alion on the case for the council s report to the general assembly which meets here Sept. 3. This v-ould hav.- the effect of tak- in gthe kei. Lie tod the case rcnce of the biterness that marked its session late yesterday when the Russian delegate. Andrei A. Gromyko. expressed "doubt" that the United States and Britain wanted a peaceful settlement of the Iranian case. Edward R. Stettinius, Jr.. the tnenfs shad announced an "agree- American delegate, told the coun- m'fcht ana that Iran had with- cil today that his government still drawn the case. thought it not wise to drop the ' 3 The council referred the Lie 'Iranian case immediately, memorandum to its commitee of Sir Alexander Cadogan, .the pvijert" for a veoort within two [British delegate, who said yesterdays. This could bring the matter l da . v * na t the-Iranian case was-be- again on Thursday. I fore th^ council again only be- »o of? the council's doc- :idd the council a expressing doubt could legally keep Agenda. He noted tiiat«4he touncii had not declared oxis/fd. that xhe govern- BY DAVTD DIETZ .toted Science "WrUeri Author of "Atomlo Knergy in the Coming Era," Etc. (Written for NEA Service). x l) While ships and planes are being made more safe by means of radar and loran, these new devices will be applied to prevent train wrecks, too. Engineers in the cabins of locomotives will have radar scopes to watch as well as the rack and the block signals. This will ixtend the engineer's vision for many aailes. ' (2) The suggestion has been mack that a very short-range radar could be coupled to the brakes of an automobile n such a way that the brakes would »o on automatically if the car approached too close to another car or an obstacle. Such a device might prevent many wrecks, particularly those due to absent-minded drivers or drivers with poor judgment. It has also been suggested that radar might be added to traffic signal lights so that the radar would set the brakes if the driver tried to crash the light. ' (3) Radar can pcnciruie io# and smoke, but it can also tell the flyer of the presence of great masses of falling rain whipped up by 'atmospheric disturbances miles away. During the hurricane in Florida last fall, planes flying, into the storm took pictures of the swirling atmosphere. The hurricane was seen in the shape of a figure sis with tails, spiraling clockwise. (4) Taking advantage of the possibilities of viewing the distant approach of storms by means of radar, Army Air Service put radar into action over the Pacific area duringi. the wnr. A piece of radar equipment developed originally at Wright Field for blind flying was used to detect approaching storms from 100 to 200 miles distant. These weather observation planes reported their Information back to their bases every half hour. From the bases it was relayed to bombers nnd fighters flyincr dangerously near the storm arer TOMORROW- o/iostty Echoes. up agaii ?The c< ouncil saw a brief recur- Perscnal Property Floater insurance g i ves you more protection for your personal- property in you ! r home and outside than you are able to get in any other way. Roy Anderson INSURANCE Phone 810 210 S. Main Hope cause Russia had brought it up, the did not reply again today to Russian" remarks. Gromyko closed the 'discussion by telling the council that he had "called things by their names yesterday and I did not expect the delegate of the United States to agree." Dr. Ouo will be replaced as chairman tomorrow by Dr. Hafez Afifi Pasha, the Egyptian delegate, in accord with the council rule that each delegate will -be president for a month at a time in alphabetical order of the nations on the council. Early in today's session the secretary general made known his doubts that the council could retain the healed Russian-Iranian case on its .Agenda. ~ O- —: County Agent Notes W. W. Ellen, local dairyman, treated 65 head of his cows Saturday with DDT for hbrnfly control. He reports Monday that very few hornflies are around his cows and practically no', flies' haye. annoyed the cows since treatment. 'A rag was used to : ,mop ;the mixture on the cows as no sprayer was available. It required a half-pound of 50 per cent wettable DDT dust in four gallons of water to mop the 65 cows. Mr. Ellen expects to treat the cows again in about two weeks; They're Making Jap History Draft Muddle By JOHN L. CUTTER Washington. April 10 —(UP) Sen. Ed'.vin C. Johnson. D., Colo., today ment pidity lor clctiiandiny a one extension ol' thu draft law. The result, he said, has bn~>i the House approved nine months extension which renders the Draft Act "impoJLenl and inoperative" after May la, Johnson, ranking Democrat on the Senate Military Affairs coin- National Academy of Sciences. OnlyTruman Can Save OPA Says Senator By J. W. DAVIS Washington, April 1G—(/!')— Senator Morse (R-Orc) said today as- Kiirances from President Truman of "fair and reasonable'" OPA actions will be needed to pave the price Control agency in Congress. Morse told reporters he spoke- as a friend of OPA who wants to continue "regulations necessary to the objectives of price control as a check against inflation." He added: "It is perfectly obvious that the president must take a hand in this matter and give us some definite assurances that OPA is going to fair and reasonable accordance with the miltce, made his charges in a let- ir.-r to Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson. He called War Department officials "niuddle-heucls". accused them of juggling figures to justify their demands for a one-year draft extension' and insisted that a six- weoks extension would ; meet all resent requirements. ' ' . j The House yesterday approved and sent, to'the Senate ,n nine- i month draft extension which forces accused the War Depart- I a holiday on . all inductions f'om .if blind and congenital stu-j May to October and raises the for demanding a one year I draft age 'from II! to 20. - . Senate leaders' indicated. the House version was totally acceptable and planned to wrnk on their own draft of the measure. "The War Department must be held responsible for the confused and chaotic bill just enacted " Johnson wrote P.aterson. "It's blind and congenital stupidity is In blame. Apparently it has assumed that members of Congress arc dummies and thai they can be awed and influenced by a mass of distorted mathematics. function manner, in facts rather than in accordance with some ideology of some sub ordinatc official." Given those assurances, Morse said, fighters of inflation able to prevent emasculation of the OPA program." The Oregon lawmaker spoke as the Senate Banking Commitee recalled Economic Stabilber Chester Howies for further testimony on legislation to extend OPA ii year beyond June 80. Meanwhile, the House resumed debate on the bill utter yoslcr- day's opener produced such 'varied remarks .as luesc: By Chairman Spencer (D-Ky) of the Banking Committee: to lose control over prices would mean that "a disaster that is indescribable would come upon our people." By Rep. Tabor (R-NY): "OPA has dono nothing but throlle production." Lending a new lone to the situation was the presence of a "Mouse- wives' lobby" led by Mrs, Leon Henderson, wife o£ the former OPA chief, and Mrs. Ernest K. Lindley, wife of a Washington newspaper man. Mrs. Lindley estimated there were l,f>00 women in the group who came to Capitol Hill yesterday to urge a year's extension of price control, 1 !. She said they had a three-block long petition with 1,000,000 signatures. Administration-opposed amendments, on which House vottnfi will start tomorrow, include: 1. To lake farm products out of OPA'a control. 2. To end the meat subsidy which the government now pays processors to keep down retail prices. 3. To require price coil-nigs high enough to as.'iiirc a profit on every item of each manufacturer, rather Ihan "fair and etiuilablc" ceilings on an industrv-wido. -o- THE HARD WAY Weslbrook, Me., April 10 —(/I 5 )— A thief who stole $20 from Lawwill be, l ' CIK ' t ' Seavey's garage jimmied all but of 1H windows before he got in. The one he by-passed wasn't locked. Were Stomach Ulcer Pains Napoleon's Waterloo? The great Napoleon who conquered nations was himself a victim of after-eating pains. Those who are distressed with stomach or ulcer pains, indigestion, gas pains, heartburn, burning icnsation, bloat and other condition? caused by excess acid should try Udga. Get a 25c box of Udgo Tablets from your druggist. First doso must convince or return box to us and got DOUBU YOUR MONEY BACK. John P. Cox Drug company and drug slores cverwhere —Adv. The '.. Communist party in the United Stales is a direct arm of :lho Soviyl Foreign Department. It j selves a foreign power and never ] swerves from such service by a 'hair's breadth. .—Louis Francis linden/., former : Communist editor. I -Actually.-most of these boys are 'genuinely upset over an Aimy Hint jJLis't won't fit into our ideas of dem- •oeracy. '—Brig.rGcn. 11. C. Holdridge, retired West Point graduate, on • .enlisted 1 " man-officer relationships. For centuries Japanese have raised hands and pycbrpws in holy horror at the Occidental practice of kissing—but now we've got them doing it too. Shown above is the first Japanese movie kiss ever screened. It was made on suggestion from MacArthur headquarters that a kiss would "democratize" Jap films. Actress Hideko Mimura and Shinicki Himori carry out the suggestion. Mass Grave of Hellship Victims ' All pullets over 8 to 10 weeks of age should be vaccinated for fowl pox and::.moved. to a good clean ! range. The' chick embryo strain, of fowl .pox vaccine should be IT TAKES SKILL TO FILL A PRESCRIPTION! So let our Registered Pharmacists fill your next doctor's prescription, for you. BRING YOUR NEXT PRESCRIPTION TO US" We've WARD & SON The Leading Got It Phone 62 Druggist KNOW HOW Ql TAKE TIME C___GIVE SATISFACTION LET US SEE TO IT • that the transmission and differential are cleaned and the grease changed to summer weight. » >h,;t the crankcase is drained and good summerweight motor oil put in. • that the radiator is properly flushed. • that the chassis is completely lubricated. • that the front wheels are packed with grease. WYLIE MOTOR (0. Arch Wylie 3rd and Walnut Sts. Chas. Wylie Phone RECOVERS RING Troy, . K. Y., April 1C — (/I 1 ) — Willard B. Snydcr. enjoying an April sunbath in his backyn cl, noted a glint of light in tho dirt, Invcjstigatins, he found n ru'.jy found his wife had lost 21 years before and which they had believed stolen: o Mexico's most important exports consist of oil. minerals, fibers, co£ fee, bananas, cattle, hides,- and mchicle. DEPENDABLE and PROMPT Our scientific cleaning methods and expert pressing keeps clothes looking like new. Send your clothes to us and have your winter clothes put in MOTH PROOF BAGS. (STY CLEANERS C. McLAIN, Prop. Phone 384 111 S. Elm. Under this cairn, on the beach near Takao, Formosa, the Jups buried 483 Americans, prisoners of war who died when the S S. Enoura, notorious "hellship" carrying them from Manila, was bombed and partially sunk by U S. planes in December, 1344. Examining the mass grave are, left to right, Sgl. Robert Adams, Willsboro, N. Y.; Takaharu Sucnaga, Jap prisoner, and Harry C. Angst, Swiss representative of the American Red Cross. Exclusive photo, by Harlow Church, NEA-Acme Far Eastern manager, is first taken by a U. S. photographer in Formosa since 1936, when Japs barred the island to Occidentals. used. Otis Fuller of Shover Springs saves labor by using a planter that opens the row, fertilizes, plants and covers in one operation. The U.S.D.A. gives selected data that shows 160 man-hours of labor to a bale of cotton when cultivated by one-row mule and harvested by hand compared to 28 hours cultivated by a ilame cultivator and i harvested by mechanical picker. i As labor accounts for about half the average cost of growing a bale of cotton the practice that saves , labor greatly lowers the cost. Dale McGregor, Extension Cotton Specialists, advises that cross cultivation has been used by a I number of Arkansas farmers to ! reduce the labor required for chop- f'ping and hoeing. Farmers using , this practice cm productive soils I are finding that cross-cultivated i cotton, reciuivc.s onlv about one- i half the usual hand labor for hoeing ' and that their yields are about the ' same as normally handled cotton. The equipment used in normal cultivation may be used for cross j cultivation. The plows should be set so as not to throw dirt to the i cotton and thereby avoid unnec- essary ridges in cross plowing. Low to flat beds are desirable for cross cullivation. Four plants per hill are sufficient for maximum yield on balc-to-acre land. .no wheat used beer or ale And wheat alone can solve the problem of feeding the ivorhFs hungry So Thf*y Say If some people must suffer I am bound Icj say that our allies, like the Indian people who have fought by our side, have higher claims than the Germans— for thai people is responsible for ihe unhappy slate of the world. •—British Prime Minister Clement Alllce. No thoughtful man will fail to recognize that with Use dcvelup- menl of science anolher war may I blast mankind to perdition. Bill I still we hesitate. Still we cannot. I despite the yawning abv.-is at our feet, unshackle ourselves from the past. —General MacArthur. No matter what plausible arguments are advanced, fundamental i science cannot flourish in peacc- I time under the regimentation of | a wartime setup. i—-Dr. Frank B. Jewell, president J:\ctually wheat has never been a large item in the brewing process—only j^qoO of. the entire U. S. wheat crop was used in 1945: In accordance -with United States Government policy, the brewing industry has used no wheat whatever since March 1 ? 1946. OTHER MATERIALS CUT 30% The other grains used have been reduced bv 30%—lhat is, to 70% of the 1945 amount. iVheat alone can solve the problem of feeding the hungry. The grains to which the industry is now restricted, are of a variety and grade not normally consumed by the people of the world as food. LESS BEER AND ALE Altogether, the brewing industry'is using 30% less materials than in 1945. This results in a proportionately lower production. But since the current demand for beer and ale is about 25% greater than a year ago, the real shortage is nearer 50%. Consequently, your dealer will not be able to supply you with all the beer and ale you •would like. We know YOU will understand the reason for this. * * *. Your alien lion is earnestly directed to the recommendations of President Truman's Famine Emergency Committee, which are summarized in the box below. This statement lells in clear, simple terms 'what each of us individually can do to help during the emergency, Whul ihe President's Famine Emergency Committee asks us all to do 1. Save nnd share wheat and fat products ... Co light, r-i all foods llml lake u-liail, fats tmd oils—save braids, macaroni, cak^s, cool;'<:s, jinsirics and dcrji-fricd foods. Use drippings for pan-frying. Save salud oil — use boiled dressings. 2. May and serve more plentiful foods . . . Balance diets with ilia more plentiful foods, such as potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. 3. V> aslc NO food . . . Dress up today's leftovers for lomorrotv. Make every crust count icilh inelbd luast, crumb-toppings, bread puddings and sinkings. Take no inure, than you can eat. Clean your plale. Turn in UHUsuUvfut sutiugepromptly. UNITED STATES BREWE11S FOUN11ATION ednesday, April 17, 1946 fr~——«--i —-- —_-.— —^r.-r^rrr; 56 of the 75 Counties Are in Good Shape "]> (No. 6 of Secies) A goneially healthy condition of opcrntlni; funds of county ('ovcrri- mcnts in AiUmisiis is reflected In a study recently i.-nmplolcd by the Arkansas Public Kxpui.tiilure Council. The report shows that ;">() counties nt the bc|{inniiiK of 194f) had net cash balam'i-.s, exclusive of bonded debts, of SI,IS1(),(M2. The otlu'r 111 counlies luid deficits of S2')H,:)';i) for their operatinj! funds. Sonic of those by this lime, doubtless have wiped out their deficits and now show cash balances. AjFourtucn of the counties with cash balances icpurted combined investments of $-110.till!) in United States bonds. Investinonls in bonds and surpluses added duriiiK ISMS probably have increased the cash totals to $2,()UU,ni)() or mure to servo as » backlog lur postwar speeding. The major portion m the accumulated county hinds Is in the General lU'vonue Kund. Tin: cash balances for this fund lor all 75 counties showed a total of Kl.217,877 with $275,!I!IH in warrants outstanding at UK- beginning of 1945. 0 The road fund accounts were much lower with a total of $7.'i5,- 5r>7 In cash on hand and $528,1512 of this sum needed to retire war- ilints which had been issued but not cashed. The APEC table in adjoining columns shows the conditions of the operating funds in the 75 counties on December '31, 1944. Two to Join HOP I STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Foge Five Washington, •'•April; 16 — (IV) —A proposal to bury two "unknown Americans" iiom World War II beside the Unknown Soldier of the First World War was tentatively aprpved today by the Senate Military Committee. .., Chairman iJ.ibert TJiomas (D- .IRJtahi said the cvnimiUec would combine a Mouse bill for burial of one imlmcwn American with a measure 1 by Sen. Kriwin C. Johnson (p-C'oioi providing :"or two, one from the Kuropoan theater and another from the Pacific area. The legislation provides for burial in the memorial amphitheater of nearby Arlington National Cemetery. \vilh apiiroprialc ceremonies. The unidentified bodies may be of soldier, sailors or marines. •"» The plans for the: U. S. Capitol were submited- in 17!).'! by William Tho'-niiip :i physician of Tortola, West Indies. SEE US FOR ATTIC FANS 30 inch and 36 inch Hunter COUNTER FANS ,20 inch Northwest HOT WATER 30 Gal. U. S. H. DEEP FREEZERS 6.2 Cubic Feet 250 pound capacity One Gas Range, used and Usr;d Radios Appliance Company 108 S. Elm Phone 901 Hope, Ark. Table 16 FINANCIAL CONDITION OP OPERATING FUNDS On December 31, 1944 1'iilnnkl ktl.HHl.SS)|)|)l -- lulfnl'SMII Se 1 in Btla n Union . . ('rnlqlu-ml riillllp.i Crlllenilon— flnrlnnrt WiiHhlnKlnn T-'lllllHClll. ,Vhlln .. ,,, , Itmilnn it. KrnnclH . ... llonipnlGiul Mlllnr Oiiiii'hll.-i <>rmttm .. , Cnliimliln .tmnlfn [•Inv . . •1,1, .nl )n.qhfi _ ._.. ,nn Auhlny jlnrlt.qnn . (?rn<<M T.nRnn ITrmlknnr .. 1 'npn 3 nfJopnmltjnco _Arkun.M:iM , Chit-It ( Vnwfni-iT . Bjtwrnnrn ,- ( 'ufiwuy ^Innrnn , ;VPII fJnvnrln llrnw Jl .Ifirnln Hiillnn ;ilt>i Spring .Inhnsrm .Randolph .. Ttriullt.v . Hrm-ii rrl T.llll« Itluor iKfintin !|'iillc TiViiiililln Vr.-ilrln E ovinr - •nrrnll 'M.-ifllsnn in.-illns Kr-nlt iCInhnrnn ,,. flznrrt t •Invnlnnrl , Ron rry , , ,. Plkn Khnrp NftUMnn , . ,, ., , (Jrnru TCiixlrr Viillrin i n ll\lnrlnn Wnnlgumery Klnno 13 <M'ry County Q.-nornl (,'tlRrl Unlntico J 127,780.11 8,,'!2II.7S t)2.:nu 20 •).'»,li27 Ifi 51,G!I5.82 17.!I7(1.28 80 !i:H.7'J (!n,375M5 57 4I14.K. 24.010.07 lit GO'I IH 8,02fi.2S 20.nS7.r.() 4. 291.16 In, 4 00.1 U 2.2r<l> 38 32. Of>ft. 01 2H,4;s:i.r.n 17,8311.08 7,882.09 8,3<i6.r>7 1.D4U.60 :2,l!47.3b 1 1,6!>3. 21 26,007.81 20,277.23 28,790.78 14,002.35 13,107 30 6,609.27 B.401.48 23.380.95 4,200.11 211.142. 96 3,730 81 7.8[>5.'!0 16,804.54 8,017.42 11,171.48 3.B7U.31 4,025.40 «,12!l.0(i 83,070.80 14.080.34 3.S12.C4 JO.Cf)f).38 9,4211.19 13,344.32 7.3S7.61 12,«G6.8G 9.12S. 54 li. 122.3!) • 9042.03 10,757.45 12,211.07 11,387.40 'J.221.U5 22,578.19 8,028.72 9S4.12 4.005.89 «. 009.14 6,852.02 2,049.78 9.427.50 4,004.89 4,847.19 0,143.05 10.349.27 8,035.00 3,028.04 6.S8G.79 5,524.85 lu.413.37 5,387.38 $1,217,877.50 OiilRlnmllnK Wnrrftnla 1 6,044.30 U,4i!l.29 7,028.45 4,077.82 1, 009.59 4,220.33 0,049.08 U, 830.83 4,592.110 1,539.53 3,107.18 6,894.33 400.01 8,050.10 2.421.00 2,005.18 7,393.44 1,084.40 6,32(1.23 1.759.48 8,428,10 4,800.88 41,512.00 2,79(1.33 305.80 4,014.23 0,537.73 1,0711.22 1,070.03 401.83. 2;03ri.OO- 20,!I62,95. 9,04 4.1H 1,318.35 20.407.42. 1.C22.13 •4,307:46. l,254;49i '8,080,89 1,258,39- 1,?6'5.71 I,lir,.l'J 2,708:96 1,'036,48 3.031.00 260.19 1.107.44 1,171.83 . 2.312.18 2,313.83 1,21! 17 1,007.81 I.il5.23 791.14 1,083.98 3,172:34 2.1G3.33 2.989.43 42?:OS 2/833.87 1,393.04 502.55 2,357.82 1.473.24 570.47 1,325.90 290.25 2.200.30 676.60 1,289.06 1,420.97 230.70 1,113.78 1.171 00 612.44 $276,998.21 Honda and tllghwoya CifBh Dnlanco I 37,802,29 11,112.86 20,239.78 143,2(10.04 89,171.00 8,707.04 18,180.32 B,SJ4;I7 29,005,08 1,180.78 8,572.91 867.02 8,061.60 4,346,51 2.016,67 ' 2,240,98 13,0'J3.1» 0,009.38 81,054.04 080.18 4,033/70 2,184.42 7.642.91 4.979,60. 0,164.61' 6,268,49 3,114.02 1,502:02 6,080.70: .3.020,19, 7j6'7KG6 11,097.00; •5.010.16 18,00,7.35' ' ''777.04 •.,t4'6.M- , 1,6.77,24 •;^87,«0- M.207^0 .MfMV, ios.ir 'K/usjcig-. 67j300,19 -14,288.48 Bi'D4B.4l8 : .6,08'7.K8 ' ' S3 2, 25 2,44'2:7'S- 4;71!4 1 82 ' ' 's.irio.bs '3; 179.95 1,68JG,87 6,897.22^ 760.62 11,427)07 4.BC0.1J 3,995.82 9:050.f>9 10,222.72 '-.. 00,90 8,669:89 780.74 ,120.97 7,249:16 i,or,s'.*a 4,600.52 3,029.66 ,1,915.23 6,727.87 772,27 .249.89 123.25 3,539.78 ^.OS 4,809.00 (736, 657.23 Oulslnndlng ' WdrfRnla I 1.677.78 2!l,,181.73 1,066.83 • 252.20 2,312.34 40,563.60 1.854.84 6.400.62 2,810.88 4.24 7,0t7.73 6,530.1)2 666.62 6,300.86 10,213.00 1,288.31 3.431.42 1.082.54 0,304.28 1,502.63 0,128.61 637.08- 852.79 17,391.76; 17,658.97 2,622.51 25,'0l8.67 20,Cf.8.82 . 13,090'.'D9 ' 'l,49a'.J5 41172,68 ' "SidfiiO . -.:]»B8',<».' . . 88,S.«i:!)6 • •,''^76 ; - '.'«ll 40.65 •' •7r»7l,8J, < 8i8.!l8,36 1 . 13y141i60! : '7>629:'f2i tl.632.78 •i;c'dJ:62.- Ii87i,00 'l;i,24;32', '.•;'•! oiis.' . '1,737.88 •liSBT.OS •4,nt:s4 ,2.878:2)) 20;622.2 ! 7 i,4i9.'rs "S.920.9.9 1,.4,0,4.8» Ji071.36 ,a;as7.B!6 11,058.04 liSH.l? : - 2.iO-'64 8,T)S9.'6,1 8,674.73 , 6,'51».1R 2.295.10 • 501.7 J ll,'44fi.:08 6,154.49 UO.S"! 8,302.48 11,31 3.60 3,1^3..43 IjB'bO.rt •676.17 10.M7.0B 6H,0'.7J 'P.11-V $52831 S.tB United BlntoH lionda t 60.000.00 "oMTdoioo 126,000.00 : ~25.000.00 1.000.00 20,000.00 25,000.00 S! ,• '•• : • ' •' ' "• ',- ',.'.: ••'••• ''..: : . »;../) '•.:,-•: ' * ; '^ . ^ /_.__ •_ '_ j'o.g'o.pioo ; ~4\la 00.00 ;.. '".,' / .''.. : : ;. ••••••••••• .; •• '•:', '.- ' . '. -, '•/ 2:000.00 Ti o.ooo.oo '26,000,00; • • . . \ -.- ~ 2.0.0000 y :.,,';,. ;',' "_ \ .' '' '!".' '.' ' • ^_-^^_ 8,880.00 •'" _ '':.'•• $410,680.00 Total Cash and Bonds $ 216,172.37 19,439.14 147,n4'J.9S 3I3,H88.09 140,860.88 21,084.22 49,12. .11 76,749.62 81,110.23 25,777.48 28,177.65 4,482.30 49,240.19 8,637.00 10,016.76 21,496.36 70,148.14 35,442.88 48,803.12 8,508.27 13,299.27 4,124. 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An impressive service has been planned, with Dr. Thomas Brewstcr as the principal speaker. Officers of the Scottish Rile club uigc all members to attend and take part in the meeting. o V * l_l'! I mg HIE! to Graduate 14 Thursday Commencement exercises for- the 14 seniors of Spring Hill High School will be held Thursday night, April 18, at 7:30 in the high school gymnasium. Hev. D. O. Silvcy, pastor of Gar- rctt Memorial Baptist Church of Hope,-will deliver the commence ment .address. Winfred May will be valedictorian of the class of '46 and Gracia Fant wiH be salutalorian. o Large Turnout Is Expected for A.U. Track Practice Rocks, Chicks Are Rained at L R. in a small creek ropcrty — not 100 house. o- on Boucher's feet from his • , '8 t > ' • There are more of woodpeckers. than 450 kindC SKIN i i Includes $!i,!Ml!.00 Sfilos Tux carried .In oepnrnlo lund.-v • >Y';"•'•' '- '•"> • '•"'' '.- ' ; ' v i Note: Cash accruals or wiirranls Ishiied Ini-.11)46 (or 1944 expense. noMnqli/ded. lirsijma counties, revenue In the hands nl collecting officers, hut 'not paid Into ilio treasury fur credit lo ihe accounts until nftor'Dec. 31, would -Infirease Ilia cash balance or decrease tho deficit Likewise, warrants issued lu 1945 lor 1DH expense would Increase the dolicll or decrease thi^'balancerus the case may be.' 16-Year-Old 'Salome 7 Go6s on With Forbidden Dancci-^ and Detroit Has a Probterii Detroit, April 17 —M')— Against a backdrop of a night club scone and slow, jungle-like music, Beverly Anne Cort, 10-year-old high school junior, performed her criticized "Salome" dance last night before an audience of 300 tecn-uged youngsters — less than half the caapcily of the Center Line re- realion hall. Her net — which resulted in a strike at suburban Lincoln Senior High school when a teacher criti- cised it during a school assembly performance — was the final num-1 ber of a variety show, "Teen Age Talent, Inc." Shapely, brown-haired Beverly described her dunce as "strictly ballet," but said last night's performance would be her last as "Salome." results shown /» Improving the LOOKS „. boosting VITALITY! GETTING VA&.U5 out of the food you eat is YOUR No. 1 HEALTH PROBLEM whether you eat 500 or 2,000 pounds yearly. To do this, medical science says, you must have an adequate supply of natural stomach DIGESTIVE JUICES, and RICH, RED-BLOOD must be present. SSS Tonic may help you get both if this is your trouble, without organic complication or focal infection, as these two important results enable you ten wake use of the. food as Nature intended. Thus you get fresh vitality... pep... do your work better... become animated,.. more attractive! SSS Tonic has helped millions...you can start today,...at drug stores in 10 and 20 oz. sizes. ' 8UILO STURDY HEALTH and laep STALWART ©S.S.S.Co, STEADY • STRONG STURDY HEALTH She appeared in the- sial black-lights with" -q slit ..krifee- length shirt and slraplpss bca'.y.A necklace and : painled red toe'riails completed.'her costume:;, ', '."-'J'K '. The attractive girl: \yas al tearfully, indignant that' veils.-'a been mentioned as^.&Ypart of.,hcl\ costume. - . . f i , i •''.'•-'''.". "You can see for'yourself there are no veils," she said throwing "back the coat she -had; wrapped around her. vl . Beverly asserted '.jhat her costume had the approval of school officials. Walter Bradley, school principal, said her ;costume was not objectionable to him but added that it was definitely of adult cali- ijor. Bradley said there was no thought of expelling the girl and probably no action would be taken. Detroit, April 16 — (/P) — The case of Lincoln high schol's "Sa- lOino," whose, scanlily-vcilcd dance ,vas the hit of a recent 'Icon-age assembly revue, went before thq school board today. An estimated 150 of the 800 rural high school students struck Monday after a rumor spread that 16 year-old Beverly Cort would bo ex polled for her forbidden performance in the revue. Waller Bradley, principal, said there is no thought of expelling the girl and that she probably will not be punished at all. He said he asked the students to return to classes and to send a delegation to discuss the matter with the school board. : Beverly, Bradley said, was to have worn slacks in her appearance in the assembly room. In- slead, he said, she sliped out of them al the lasl moment and "Salome" danced in abbreviated shorts and ballet skirl with a top resembling a bathing suit. A "vigorous protest" came from the show's sponsor, Mrs. Stella Koski, civics teacher at thea school. Bradley said Mrs, Koski had asked elimination of the skit, en- tilled "Salome, Where She Danced," on grounds lhat it was more suited for adults than for school children, and thai Ihu slu- denl show people had agreed. "Yel when Ihe show came on, 'Salome' danced," Bradley said. "They slinnod the skit back in on Mrs. Koski." He added that Beverly's "com- binalion" costume was not objectionable to him but agreed that it was definitely of adult caliber. The student casl had prcsen.lcd the same program in evening performances oulside the school, Bradley said. Neither he no:- Mrs. Koski objected to it under those conditions, he went on, but felt it was out of place on the schol stage. Bradley said he didn'l feel the sinuous Beverly was "too much to Progress! of Bill Washington; April IB—(/I 1 )—A pro- tpst' By • Senator Bridge's— (R-NH) blocked''the Senate ,,Military committee'^'plan to send the army- navy, ^merger bill .16 : a sharply-divided,. Senate! today/. -•••''. Bridges- told a re-porter, after a closed - session he objected to the move because he \yas "not satis- fled! 1 , .with the legislation which would create a single department of common defense. "It involves," he said, "to great a concentration of power in the hands of one man. I believe we can have unity of the armed forces without too great a centralization of authority." Bridges said Chairman Elberl Thomas (D-Utah) agreed to another session of the committee to hear a detailed analysis of the bill before final action is taken. He •added that he had favored open hearings on the measure but pro- pouenents had objected. Senator Hill of Alabama, the that "every effort" will be made Democratic whip, told a reporter to get action this year on the legislation. But Chairman Walsh (D-Massi, served notice that the Senate Naval committee doesn't intend to be by-passed. He said that when the legislation is completed by the Military Committee, his group will demand time to hold a scries of hearings. Thomas advised newsmen with a smile that he will be glad to appear before the Walsh committee to testify. Thomas, Hill and Senator Austin tH-Vi), drafted the pending bill. State to Demand All the 'Breaks 1 From Race Betting Little Rock, April 17— <UP> — The state of Arkansas wants all of the "breaks." Slate Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook, racing commission secretary, said yesterday that the commission is considering asking the 1947 legislature to amend the Arkansas law controlling' horse- racing. Under the proposed revision, the slate would get all of the breaks on odd cents wagered through Ihe parimuluels. Present regulations give the stale and race track equal share in Ihe breaks, which cannot be computed by the parimuluel machines. Since the beginning of this Fayctcvillc, April 17 —(/T)— A large turnout of candidates was cxpcclcd loday for the beginning of formal track and field practice at the University of Arkansas. Track Coach Hobart Hooser indicated thai several outstanding prospects would be among those reporting today bul bemoaned ihe fact that track drills .have been leld up until- the 'end of spring football, which came to a close yesterday. ' / Most cf.' Ihe track candidates were members of. : :the^ :"ootball squad, although a .small group of non-griclmen had been working out on the cinder path under the direction of Assistant Coach Bud Tomlin. Hoser announced that the Razorbacks' plans for participation in meets had been changed. He said they would meet Oklahoma A. and M. in a dual meet here May 4 and would enter the Southwest Conference meet at College Station May 10 and 11. They will not participate in the Kansas relays April 20 or in -a meet with Wash- inglon University and Southern Illinois April 27 as previously announced. o Daughter of Jose iturbi Commits Suicide, Hollywood Beverly Hills, Cal., April 17 — (UP)—Mrs. Maria Hero, 28-year- old daughter of Spanish concert Pianist Jose Iturbi, shot herself to death today in her father's Beverly i-Iills home, police reported. Mrs. Hero, separated several years ago from her musician hus- jand, Stephan Hero, left no nole explaining why she look her life. Summoned to the Iturbi residence by the pianist shortly after midnight, police found Mrs. Hero gravely wounded in the right temple! Officers said: a .38 caliber revolver was beside her. Removed to Beverly Hills receiving hospital, Mrs. Hero died three hours 'laler. Mrs Hero's Iwo daughters had been living with their grandfather for two years under a court order granting him their legal custody. Ilurbi said his daughter was not a fit person to rear the children. Tantalum, a rare metal, melts at !),1(32 degrees Fahrenheit, more than 2,300 degrees above the melting point of iron. Bv ROLAND DOPSO N Atlanta, Ga., April 17 •— (UP) — The last gaps of winter threatened six of Ihe eight Southern Association clubs today as they prepared again for the second opening day exercises. The weatherman called for light topcoats following yesterday's rain that forced'postponement of season opener ceremonies for Atlanta at Birmingham, Memphis at Little Rock and Nashville at Chattanooga. Cold weather held opening flames at Atlanta, Nashville, New Oilcans and Memphis last Friday to less than 36,000. In .yesterday's only game, New Orleans won its fourth straighl victory, 11 lo 7. over Ihe Bears bofore an ODcnin" night crowd of 7,944 at Mobile. The Pelicans had swept Ihe firsl three-game scries of the season in New Orleans. The Pelicans' heavy clouting by Iwo outfielders spelled (he difference between the dogged Bears and J\cw Orleans. In the uth, Tom Ast bury homered with two on base thai drove in three of the four runs, And in the sixlh, Paul Bruno had nit a nomer wiln two men on also that put New Orleans in the lead. But Mobile tied it up in their half of the sixlh. '.• The Pels' Jesse Danna started on the mound but lasted little more than one inning before the Bears blasted him for four runs. Lee Pfund, who started for Mobile, also failed to stick it out, being relieved in the seventh inning. Curtis Johnson and Tom Perry, both entering the game in the eighth, were the winning and losing pitchers, respectively. Today's schedule: Atlanta at Birmingham (night) Nashville at Chattanoga (afternoon) - . Memphis at Little Rock (night) New Orleans at Mobil e(night). HIS OWN BACKYARD Jasper, Mo., April 16 — (IP) — Good fishing —like gold—is where you find it, say Roy R. Boucher and Clarence E..Brown of Jasper. Sadly they retorned from a tiring trip to Grand Lake, Okla., where a full day of fishing ncted them one tiny fish each.. A neighbor, Mrs. Eli W. Scott,, thereupon casually displayed two large and luscious catfish. She caught them in -a few idle moments IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Eczoma, acno pimples, simple fingtf'orfn, totter, Bait rheum, bumps (blackheads), nnd Uply broken-out fikin.' Millions re- lievo itching, .burning and Boreness of. these miseries with thisfiimple hone treatment. Black and While Ointment goes to work at once. Aids healing, works tho. antiseptic way. 25 years success., lOc, 25c, COc sizes. Purchase price refunded if you're not satisfied. Use only as directed. Vital in cleansing is good soap. Enjoy Black rind While Skin Soap daily. ma X order any of the "<W through 01 system, Die state's share rosp. from $16,770 during the 1942 meet to $38,457 .at the recent spring meet in Hot Springs. OKE WEEK SERVICE Unless material has to be ordered fi BY EXPERTS The most delicate movement can be repaired by us for precise timekeeping. STEWART'S JEWELRY STORE Your Reliable Jeweler Super " : House Paint Inlaid Linoleum 300 Patterns Gardening Tools Hoes, Rakes, Wheel-barrows, and Garden , Plows Garden Wire |4 Wash Tubs blame" lor the furore. Mrs. Koski, who was teaching a class when the skit went on, snid she would have "sloped the show" if she'd seen "Salome" dance, but added: "She is an excellent dancer." Fights Lost Night By The Associated Press Toronto — Jack "Spider" Armstrong, 130, Toronto, stopped Mickey Logan, 132, New York, 2. Bout between Willie Joyce, 139, Gary, Ind., and Jimmy Matcher, 140, Lake City, S. C., declared no contest, in sixth round. Los Angeles — Joe Kahul. 179, Woodburn, Ore., T. K. O. Hilton FiUpatrick 171, Oak Hill, \V. Va., 7. Congratulate me...Have a Coke ,., sociable refreshment for all hands 'round "I'm engaged!" An event no girl ever forgets. Refreshment is in order, so the invitation is Have a CoJ^e. Coca'Cola just naturally goes with happy, friendly moments of informal hospitality. Coke belongs in your icebox—because it belongs with good times and friendly living. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HOPE COCA-COLA BOTT Phone 392 L ! N G CO. Second end Louisiana Sts. Coke = Coca-Cola l"Coca-Col,\" and its abbreviation ft"Coke" are the regiMcred trade-, I marks which distinguish the- prod- fuel of The Coca-Cola Company. . © 1946 The C-C Co.,

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