The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 8
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&& K< .* IT n V J&jUUH *Ul U ftHeflfjMtit HNK S * i' J i l(*1"f*# U«51 V, i { I rT^'.'S'T, it"f\« •:-..•> l*^f v*- "• ' •^K am Ires at .v.DeSMi 2:80 6 i& fafadftfflVesatOhl- .. .._.„.„ A i l >ff ? ii-w) , f ^ Wxy.fc**.* groin 16 to ^ pet cmt, the . , . eu FII* teato USfl HOWS*. THE CITY CIRCUIT, ate Bank ,,,., t „, tSo.ooc 'f f£ Ittcttrpbrated tinder general laws of Iowa. L?^' Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and 1, domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec -. F s tlons made promptly, and a general banking ^gflsiness transacted. Passage tickets to or 8Ujjj.I$din the old countries sold atlowest rates. W, tNOHAJl , President JOKES k Vice President ,, SMITH Cashier 'i* y * t i * *" i-plteMots—Wm. H.-inghatn, -John G. Smith, ££B,Jone8, T. ChrlschiUes, Lewis H. Smith, J. ^'W. Wftdsworth, Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank ^'CAPITAL •' „ $50,000 ^| \~ Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ..President ^ '' f , H. HUTOH1NS Vice President - WM. K. FERGUSON cashier 5' 0.'D. SMITH : Asst. Cabhler { ' Directors—D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, I ^ Philip Dorweiler, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. . Gall, R. H. Spencer, Wm. r K. Ferguson. \ "-','Money always on hand to loan at reasonable ^ rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. m V ALOONA, IOWA. ' '• ' * <tffteert and Directors— > -A'. D. Clarke, President, ^ ' O. C. Chubb, Vice Prest!, .,. - .Thos.- g. Lantry, Cashier, - kCteo. L. Galbraith, . , - ,f,.Fred. M. Miller. ' • ' ,i ,, VMyron Schenck, ' V Tho&'F. Cooke. j . 71. » l< General Banking., \ fRIYATE SAFETY -DEPOSIT VAULTS. paid en time deposits. ' - 1 , ; A, Chipffiah afid fatally have lato Bui-t. tfrfflk 6ases ffoto Wekley ftfe booked foi« trial at this terta, KeV, Southwell pfeaohed an excellent Thanksgiving sefinon Thui'sday. ' The city fathers are contemplating shutting barb wire fences out of town. The Sterabach-Cady orchestra played Monday evening for an enjoyable dancing party. J, D. Shadle has begun on the city building, The foundation will go in the first warm day. A baby gtrl arrived at J. W. Robinson's borne Sundny evening and everybody is well and happy, The steam heating apparatus for the courthouse is expected to arrive today. It will be put in at once. December opened with a record of 10 degrees below zero. That Is pretty stiff for the beginning of winter. Mrs. Fred. Anderson, who came lately from Bancroft has been very seriously sick, but is recovering. Chrischilles & Herbst. are. .now in their new store and have, as handsome quarters as any firm in northern lo'wa. Rev. Stevens preached in Minnesota last Sunday, and it Is- rumored 1 - that- he is likely to have a call - and , leave " Algona. Mrs. J. B. Reeve, mother of the Reeve girls who had a millinery store in Algona a few years ago, died in Hampton last week. The Milwaukee road has a new time card, but the only change 'at Algona is in the number of one train. Train No. 9 is now truin No. 3. That Humboldt drainage case has hung alonp till this week. The Algon- ians went Monday to attend and now ' is continued till next term. it in^f- " PROFESSIONAL. •V^^^^^Xrf-t^-k^XX^^^^-sX^rf^^x^w^N-*-*. CLARKE & COHENOU'R, ^ATTORNEYS AT LAW. f '<t * '', • '. , \ Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E, H. CLARKE, ', ) « '" { ''Collection agent.' ATlLAW. ' -i ; ) ,' , Opera House block. ' ^ S.' S.' SESSIONS, /". ATTORNEY AT LAW.* I»rdmp't collections. - Money to loan on chattel security, Over Chrisohilles' store. & BUTLER,.- . .LOAN8S 'LAND,* ' ,',^ •„ ,, ejections a specialty, , ', , 'b^Bce'in Gardner Oowles' new building.' ,*1 SULLIVAN & MoMAHON/ ATTORNEYS AT LAW, r> t Office in goxje-FergUBon pljck. , , f <JEO,-'R. CkOUD/ - ' '"' [Successor to W. B, Quarton.] and Counsellor at Law, • QJBce over Kossuth County State Bank. '.'E. V, SWETTI s NG, AT LAW, ," P. f AND > ,. OW-4POI 1 e^^t of Cordi^giey, .M»n«awAW eifr aoa*- «*4.1,-T" * H. 0. MpCQY, M, P,, Office wl^h pr. !«iP,>;;V/'" ~>^,''' \ iwti Wm A'&^'^H: «<&J1* e4 Mrs. Hugh Smith has been at death's door the past week but is improving at present. Atone time Dr, Kennefick had little hope of her recovery. Aug. Studer's'child fell in to'a pot'ol boiling water at Sexton; one" day ' last week. Dr. Kinney of Wesley came over and the little one will get well. • -i * , " Ai< L. Bixby and Jim.Biitler of' Lotts Creek bought a corn shredder 'at the Wigwam the past week. It is the first sold in the county so far as reported. Manager Blossom has two more high class entertainments booked for the opera house. Jane Coombs comes this month and Ida Van Cortland in January. • Amy Peugnet advertises in the Armstrong Journal that he will move his stock from there to Algona after Christmas. He will be welcomed back again.' , Hugh Hedrick, while wrestling at the Tennant house last Thursday, got his elbow sprung out of joint. Dr. Morse pulled it back in, and it no,w goes in a sling. . Wm. JDielz, who graduated from farming in Creeco to a restaurant in Bancroft, has now bought a- saloon in Mankato. - Jt is said, he has'the best saloon iu the city. ., , , • It ia reported that Judge Thomas may hold the term of court which opens Monday in Judge Quarton's place, as the Jatter is interested in ope or two cases on.for trial, Mrs. B. B. Butler and H. J. Wilson have been appointed administrators of the J. J, Wilson estate, and business will coqtin,ue for the present unde.r Mrs, Butler's management, ' Here is West Bend's challenge to Algona. The Advance says: "West Bepd is not afraid to contest with Al» gopa in regard to checkers, sipging, music or female lpveliqess," • E, P, McJElroy lectures to the history olaas wt the ngrmal school this week op Daniel Webster, giving his personal' recollections of him, Mr, MoBJlroy saw, Webster of teo,ia Bostop, Rev.-Boardman of Humboldt, who preached for the CottgregaHotiallBts a wjttbte df titties lately, has heeu givefl a dttll by the Webster city church, He g&ve great satisfaction there. straightening of Minnesota street down by the fairground is post* pohed another month. Several surveys have been made and legal tangles are suggested wheti the city finally acts. • All who have special books they would like to have bought for the pub- lio library should hand in a list at the meeting Friday evening. The general public is invited to attend, eat, and suggest; The Northwestern company have been relying on the river south of Ren- wlok for water, but the river has dried up. The company has nut a 200-foot well in at Renwtck and is building a big tank. D, A. Haggard disposed of a lot of pedigreed pigs at the Thorington barn Saturday, prices ranging from $7 to $23 a head. They were a nice lot of pigs and had been shipped in by a breeder from Poweshiek county. L. L. Colby, the whiskey vender several times In Algona for the illegal sales at Swea City, was brought ; before the .United States authorities at Fort Dodge lately^ but was not convicted, the Armstrong Journal states. , The teachers of the county "will meet at Burt a week from Saturday,' Dec. 14, at 10 o'clock and have a running discussion of school topics. ,These meetings have 'been largely attended' and have been very interesting. - ' The oldest daughter of Mrs. Al. Caulkins, who married Henry Merrifield and went to Oklahoma, is back in Algona. She says she will stay here. The family like it fairly well in Oklahoma, but get homesick occasionally. The Bancroft Register says the old water tank south of Algona will be torn down. This is news here. The tank was recently refitted and a s,team engine added to the equipment. It is the old tank south of Ren wick that is doomed. Rod Jain writes from Portland to call our attention to the miss made last week of that township's old people. Portland has played, top..important a part in the county's .history to be over-' looked, and we have hastened to make correction. It is said-that the IjTorthwestern, rail:, road has adopted a r,ule : that''no 'one' will be employed on' the road- who is under 25 years or over 45 years of age, must be able bodied men and healthy in all respects, have a clear railroad career and be strictly temperate. The railroads announce that hereafter baggage left longer than 24 hours at the station will be charged storage room. Also that bicycles and baby carriages will be charged for if checked as baggage. Heretofore bicycles have been carried free, but they will be-no longer. Cal. Wilson, one of Ledyard's leading citizens, died Sunday evening after a long siege of typhoid fever. He owned a big farm and was a rising young man. He was a member of the grand jury and has been a frequent visitor ,in Algona, where hel Was well and favorably known. , ., , Rev. Carl Sinclair of JDeWltt preaches for the Congregatiorial'iste next 'Sun-:. day as a 'candidate ,for the pulpit -va-, cancy. He, comes yeryvfaighly com-' mended by church authorities, and a meeting is called for Monday afternoon to decide on accepting or rejecting his application, Everybody should, read Dickens' Bleak House before Miss Jane,,Coombs presents the powerful play bivsed upon It in Algona. It is ope of his greatest works and the play Js an .accurate dramatization of it, No actress ip this country has bad higher praise than Miss Coombs, , - • • A crowded house greeted the Social Union club program last Friday evening again, The mandolin mueio was excellent,, as was jUso Mlsa.Bdith, '' yer'a piano solo,\ appreciative ' of , and Miss Uzzle Wallace, recited two of Field's poems. J. J, Ryan read a re. T* j. • nr > r\ j_ Hnrtv nrn 1 QI I Ully luiu AxiL V ' " • Clocks, *fev'?^ f»f, ^ * ~ •, 5* r •>"** ?.'{•: Vil rf!i» >l:''i r/»'| • <( ': ' 'W$ K */ • '•jHrJ 'V-t*?^ »<A*i&.*C * "u f L *i<U ''Tt" -i * '' «*J » v T* t. * -f ftKFRtB HWBS'IL «&& alt iSFf lctl§< KIVIDK l* .vtjr-y • ixjiJuiBU.; clear estifttile of his infUienee 6B J 'MtW'&tftMti ,&fBMir faHed tSctffie tfeAljMB* --"E P, MfiMfttjT fined, tflti ,U al pulpU,, It It bat 1H&I t$& home Citizeh to §rty tlmVhts D0 .— ,tr8VfeTOeft the fflajdrity 6! hJr «6fffi was fully .eaual fa Ifiotsi' Ifctsfjr Itste Phtl. C< ttahna is just up • Frotfl s ght weeks'attack of ty-phbid !<§.-_. He him been eared f6r at thy, baffle of MPS. H(ihtia*8 puretita iti Liverwort HJs bfotbeP George tells thq LuVeFHfe News that" Ph'lL is the leanest, hinkestj scPttWdyest, poorest specimen of hu« fiaaflity that he ever set eyes OH." TttE Uppfift-t)ES MolNEs is indebted to Ambrose A. Call for a copy of the Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, Commercial Advertise^, whldh tells of the ap« polntmeht of J, Alfred Magoon to the bench. Mr. Magoort was born in Algona and next week we will publish the interesting sketch of his career as given by the Advertiser. The second sho&t betweett Al. Gllson of Algona and Bi'ttt's 'chuWplon at 100 live birds each occurred at BrlH last Thursday and Gtlson won the. $160 by a score of 82 to 79. , It,is said by the boys who were over that Gllson could have done better if necessary. Everything was peaceable and orderly and Brltt turned out a good attendance. An important suit for the coming term of court Is that of J. J, Watson of Emraetsburg against Schneider of Wesley for $5,000 damages. Watson sold Schneider a section of land and then for some reason the latter failed to complete the deal. Geo. E. Clarke is for the plaintiff and Geo. R. Cloud and Sullivan & McMahon for the defendant. Trial notice bus been given. Our readers will remember the report Of a four legged chicken at P. T. Ferguson's in Plum Creek. The fowl flourished as a pet for some time, but in some scuffling One of the boys' stepped on it and so ended a natural curiosity. All four legs were well developed and .seemed tofat up equally, giving promise of an extra'allowance of good drumsticks at some thanksgiving dinner. ' Wm. K. Ferguson was called to Fort Dodge Monday as a.witness in the suit between Hyman and Arensber&r the former proprietors of the Leader store in Algona. Arensberg turned the stock over to his relatives and then failed. Hyman conies in with a $4,000 claim and says there is fraud. Mr. Ferguson is to testify as to their relations while doing business in Algona. Agent Vesper informs us that the North western passenger south is held at Algona for passengers who come in on the 6 o'clock Milwaukee train from the west, if, they are notified. The agents who sell tickets at stations west qan- telegraph .ahead,, and the Northwestern will wniffor" This is not ad it should be, but it- may be a convenience to many wanting to go south. . An attempt .was made'to cause Dr. Dunlap trouble'tbis week for selling.a boy a pint of liquor at Ledyard,, the boy getting drunk and nearly freezing .to death. County Attorney Raymond investigated'and found that the boy came to the doctor and claimed that the.liquor was wanted for a .patient of his.,who had had a leg amputated, and the doctor sent it by him. The boy got out of sight and filled up. Prof, Webster lectured on Jeffersonian democracy Monday evening, his talk being on the preliminaries to the war of 1812. Tonight he carries his hearers, down into Jackson's administration, discussing Nationality vs. State Sovereignty. No better informed or clearer speaker has appeared in Algona and however much, one may differ from his conclusions no one should fail to hear him,' He should have a'good audience this evening. ' ' -. ''Bailey p£Brj,ttentertained,tbe crowd going, east after ' Hamlet with an account of bis seat in "a box." Bailey telephoned over a-few bours before the show to THE UPPER DBS MOINES to know if be could get two "good seats," Everything in the house was sold, but he was promptly assured that the beat were saved for him, So he persuaded Potter of Corwith that a'box had been reserved and on they came, When finally they were seated it was in the back row in the -gallery. • Bailey Bays he likes the boxes over here if he did not have to come down through the skylight tp reach them. He says also that he never saw Potter in such »n elevated plane, of society before, The school board haye. elected A. B, Carroll prjnclpai, pi ^§ public^ schools. Prof; Carrels well known hera, bay ing «pme wM Prof, Bldridge tp assist in one teachers' institute and )a$er to conduct two himself. He was conductor ofSup't, Reeft's first institute, He ,cojnes now, from tSaltna, ^an^as,' and brings ve.ry high recommendations from the tpwr.g where be bee taught, *w ffiw • known here gs a successful manager of teachers and ppgjgeggej the es§Q«t|yfl faqylly n^dgg in :JL;'* The , , ; t , . enough io 1 - pay far itself, Riversides aw made in ail 'styles and .f6r ill fuek -Sold'by re ' • O, NSURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.. omce over Algona State Sank. Farmers' of Oedar Rapids, Phoenix of ftartford. • Hanover Of NeW York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford Of RoCkford, ' Lloyd's Plate.Qlass of New York United States Life of New York, ' TO OAMFOBtflA, 6rent Reduction in Time. ' Once more the Northwestern line has reduced the time of its trims-continental trains,' and the journey from Chioa 'o to California via this popular route is now made in the marvellously short time of three days. Palace drawing- room sleeping cars leave Chicago daily and run through to San Francisco and Los Angeles without change, and all meals en route are served oh the dining cars. Daily tourist sleeping carservlce is maintained by this line between Chicago and San Francisco and Los Angeles, completely equipped berths in upholstered tourist sleepers being furnished at a cost of"-only .-$8. eacb .from Chicago to the. Pacific} coast. For detailed information concerning rates,routes, etc., apply to ticket agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.-35t4 JOHNSON'S sweet 1 apple cider- at the City Bakery.-34 NEAPOLITAN Pistachio and crushed almond ice cream at the City Bakery. Live Poultry Wanted On and after Monday, Nov. 18. 34 C. H. BLOSSOM. Florida and; Southeast. If you have any intention of going to the Southeast this fall or winter, you should advise yourself of the best route from the North and West. This is the Lovisville & Nashville railroad, which is running double daily trains from St. Louis, Evansville, Louisuille, and Cincinnati through\t'o 'Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, • Atlanta,' Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensac'ola, 'Mobile, Jacksonville, and " all' Florida points. -Pullman sleeping car service through. Specially low rates-made to Atlanta during the continuance--of the Cotton States Exposition, and tourist] rates to all points In Florida and gulf coast resorts during the season. For particulars as to rates and through car. service, write— GEO. B.' HORNER, Dlv. Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. J. K, RlDQELY, N. W. Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111; C. P. ATMORE. Gen. Passenger Agt., Louisville, Ky. • MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written by Rev. J. Gunderman, Dimondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as >the results were almost marvel- ons in .the case of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at<River Junction she was brought down' with pneumonia 1 succeeding La Grippe", Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with little interruption and it seemed as if she. could not survive them. A .friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in• Its work and highly satisfactory in its"results." Trial bottles free at Dr, Sb'eetz' drug store. Regular size 50c, and f 1,00, . l FOUR BIU SUCCESSES. Having the needed merit to more than make good all the .advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have readied a phenomenal sale: Dr, King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs, and colds, each bottle guaranteed; Electric Bitters, the great remedy for liver, stomach, and Wdneyj; BupWen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's New Life Pills, which are a perfect pill, All these remedies are, guaranteed to do lust what }B claimed for them, and the,'dealer whose name }a attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold ftt Or, L. A, Sheets' drug store. - I E* G. BOWYER, now at the new stand In the Cowipo M . , has a complete stockSf blook) AND FINE JEWELRY. GRADUATED OPTICIAN, Eyes tested free of chargo. Latse Un«< n t J. . tical goods always onfanfl. 01) ' «)'.« ,%8 Repairing qf flne Watches a * P. L. SLAGLE, .; Manufactnrerand^deWrifl •• 'f Harness, Saddles, lips, and all Harness goods. Also a full Una of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. BeoalrinB neatly and promptly done. I Si ""P"™* DR. JOSEPH HANS' : REMEDY FOR HOG CUA, , Positively the best remedy for cholera In h oi or chickens. Come and see me, at new BtancL adjoining Chrlstensen's livery barn. ' s , DR. 1. A. SHEETZ, : Drugs' t and Medicines, Full assortment always on hand of dmgs. med, clues, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. i , Booleo aaad. ' M ONEY ON REAL ESTATE. HQXIE & BRUNSON. WATER OR NO PAY, r . UIUH^IP Wlfffi • FOR tlme.ioa'ns on' r>^f eft^ at Kossuth County S^te.'jBank, Water:w;'N6' Pay, The State Unlyersity? 'JE'Q^RTA. ' K i-^ >•'*' Artesian well contractor, I have the only cable steam drilling- machine owned in the county; sink wells for water supply fortowns, •oltlea,- und. '.railroads.' • Special attention to farm well w.or^. ,Bstlmates made. I ,6m- ploy Only expert' drillers, Address A. (ley, Algona, Iowa. ' ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COU3T OP KOSSUTfi,' County, lowa-^The-Kossuth County Stat? v Bank versus David Bradley Mamifaetur- , ing Co,, Aultman & Miller Cowpsny, D,-M, ,, Osborne & Co,,,I?etobem & Johnson, John G. Edwards, State of Iowa, Parlin Orendorf &' gforttn Co., Stoddwd JUfg. Co., Sterling Mfe-, . To'sajd defendants; You are hereby notified that there Is now on 8le in the offce ort&e, rtiawlr fit +\\f\ f14n4-«J««. A „.._!. ,.« Tr.t«i»«frti AnlinrV. . on^your * v»-« uuiiange, us que on i your jwujut? gote of thRtJat* gives tp Ljither p. Gfa and also asking for the foreclosure of the tain mortgage invent*? secure the flame "' th IrRptiQBSl pne - halt, 9|«' the. SPU Gravesi

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