The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 7
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meats 'in charge. he. said:" that a thunder storm has its inception a,way in the upper regions, "and .begins theJ-b aotnetlmea. before w.e feel it here, and we,know how to pre* diet it, but as to the great storms ot five hundred or a thousand miles in diameter, ths main forces that cause them may begin to operate there a long time before we feel them down here, Our high-air explorations are going to , be for the purpose of clearing up that 1 much mooted question, and determln • ing whether these great storms originate there, and to determine also wheth- er'or not we can see'the,very Inception of 'the''storm' by' this''uppef-alr route and foretell its coming some three days before it arrives. "Our experiments will be along a line that has heretofore been considered impracticable,, Because ..there have been '' no balloons 'coated'Up' to 'the' 1 present '• time that will carry our instruments up to the height we want to go. We propose to go somewhere between'three and five miles, .and we canaot use tho balloons or- kites as,they are now 'constructed for the reason that when made captive they Will, mjt'remain, for a,sufficient length of 'time in the air, but will fall to the, earth. - ' , "But w> 'lJhaye^B > o'ime i ',ideas by which think we can''erect"an'air-ship—a sort of combination between a balloon and a kite, combining'lhe principles of both —that, will not only carrjr our instruments* to the.height' we' desire, but which will remain there for r a sufficient length of time, although made captive. "We will have-.^o have F something* jthatfwlltfbe-'forqoa up'into'the air tho same as a kite is,.and'yet a kite will <not answer' the purpose, for it is a hard thing to force a kite into the air much over 1,600 feet. In this air-ship, or whatever it may be 'called, we will place our instruments, which will bo automatic..,,\WJB have,yet to perfect some of the instruments, although I am .quite sure it will be simple enough, and 1 the outcome promises to be fruitful enough to pay us to make the effort. Our object will be to Improve the man- j .ner^pf .making the predlctidns,' ••>,' aigjpgater a^ccu^y, 1 caWtyp^ohjaj "In the last twenty-rive >, years~^wi§ have been able ,to, almost ,,reSch-the acme of. forecasting-,' as can be'seen from our forecasts. 'We can even make better forecasts with, our forces at work in the air. If we are able ( to reach the upper; air regions^-we,. can ,now make f Charts to,show the condition of the atmosphere at the earth's,.surface—we can make'charts to show the= condition of the air at .some place two or three mUeVhlgh. "if"th'e-experiments appear bo of no value,'we,will drop them I and stop the expense. TK»' "J-do nofr'k'now that we will be able/to |fprepast,by that" means,, and'I am'not ^sanguine, but we will strive'to do'so,' •; |i»mi'now simply worfeln'g'-Jn'.tfiaf d'irec ition. There is.always,a great'deal of nost valuable, property,lost by storms r< , . ||o foretell 'euclj a etgro' f t, slty/a^yanee ojt'ltjs .cpwjng, *ye.,thf> people ample time>to pre'para \t. : 'If ,we can find, ft way' by, ,whl4h (Will be able to read the 'air in 'the jipper, regions', -we can forecast guc f b |tarms." „<•.,- , ' '/it It • i.. i .......... .. - n, the same policy , Jn the official receptions held ujjy, accent^ by opjymj's ivlfe a,nd M Biskra, ' ' ' ' cpnssjjato qr'' pame e>»n4arflf ..of' '' T**fi.*™ r, "y ' -. i^vitjspv jJwTcKr-i ^y! 1 :^ : ffl r t« T^Tff^ffW^ M ^^•''^^B^ J*TO^Pgiw(§*b &ji*t.t> ^ O I^aa «4»J>flmsvtnA ^mM^r^lAAlrinw^imBvk miwm^i w m ^&R beeu tired but sttftll audl' , com* t>88ed principally of m on and Domett whd v e m ained .loyal ^to Ihe » old -church fevett "though now surtouuded Ihrgely . by business houses; A marvelous change, however, has eliddenly come over this time-honored landmark, and to-da'y the First Presbyterian church of Washing* ton, owing to the wondroua eloquence of its newly installed pastor, is every Sunday besieged by multitudes, many of whom stand there frequently houra in advance of (he opening of the service in hopes, of being able to wedge their Way Itt.som'ehow.or other, and to listen to the .matchless eloquence of 'America's foremost pulpit orator. • , ' ' People all over the country are wondering whether Dr. Talmage, in moving to the National Capital, and in exchanging his .Brooklyn residence for a, house in Washington, has actually divorced himself from all connection with the east • Dr. Talmage was recently Interviewed on this subject by/ a reporter of this paper, and the reverend gentleman said that as long as his .editorial 'chair had two legs in New York and two legs in Washington he could 'never', be considered as having .severed ail hjs connections* with the metropolis.' "Tljo Christian Herald," he said," "with _its wide circulation, is a tremendous power for good," and as long as the Lord gave him health and strength* he would write for that paper— in fact, he would be-in 1 his editorial chair at the' Biblo House more frequently 'now 'than ever. 'Continuing, the 'genial .preacher '-said: » "There is no paper" in America that wields a more potential influence for ,good thaniThe Christian* Herald,' with a, circulation of nearly two hundred thousand copies weekly. Nothing but death shall separate me from it. Dr. Klopsch. its proprietor, is a'man of extraordinary. enterprise. .This year besides pointing 'The Christian Herald every week in beautiful colors, a veritable enchantment for the eye, ho offers as a 'premium a 1 complete library, consisting of ten splendid volumes, full of, interest, and full. of entertainment, with an elegant' bookcase,, delivered free of all expense,' 1 together with the paper Itself,' flfty-tw«) ;t}ines,,f0r , ,the ^moderate sum • of $3. Hereafter let no home 'in, America be ^Without, a library. , ; I asked Dr. Talmage whether he could Recommend the library to people. Who contemplated securing it, and he Bald unhesitatingly/ "I', know every book. They were carefully, and thoughtfully prepared, .either specially/ written or compiled by most eminent literary men, and there is not a weakling, among them." "How are the people to secure thlo great library, and this wonderful, paper of yours?" • "Simply by 'sending $3 to Thp "Christian' Herald, at, 858 to 8?5, Bible Blouse, New York City, and by return mail they will be delighted with the result, flyer Bipce ( 'my boyhood,' ,I'vq had ci passion, for, .books; ,J love them still-rcouldji,'! live unless' surrounded by them: So I'm something of a judge of good litera? •ture,'And;.i$;my wjiple-}lf° I havo-nevey Been a/bette/ pelectioii in small compass than thesXteiv 'books wbleb'Dr, jqppsob has had prepared for his subscribers. It's a perfect library of inforipatlon, entertainment ,'and amusement, and. is the climax of the wonderfully enterprising and- far-seeing management tUat-^ae placed The Christian HeraljU 'ahead of all competitors ad a Christian v how'a! journal, pp you k'uowi" CQ»* tinued Dr. 'Taim^go, "tjiat this paper 'has 'ijj 1e.ssHl)aa six. ypars ' eaipep^e^ 'pearly ?7ftO,OQQ in various, beneficence^ at home amj abroad?", < , ' .• Just theB.Mj^s. T&lmage came in-; to call her distliiguJsiiea father to dinner, Interview ej»defl. • too address,, 888 tp 8pf- House/ JtywtYprk Ci)y. , t% ^, u t this po&ttlon only iteeds ffi Be stated to 't ttfiferl^ *f the Jtft^ Ste ifid^ iBc'-wh6i>Va"nge b 'b«» 'thole whose facial ft Wftl '6omer|ttes8 has bill little exceeded, if M,ali,;"Ui6 general divine Of IttmlBl Cfaafffil , Ah, there et a deo^f sOUndittgr been ktiawttito cfiffipa a very eafnil qtmntity'df inteili«enco, let aldto m^iiAct, and charm, as 6ne witty fellow Mas, is A'tnysteflous felectrlcity not- always bn tap. Intelli* gence? . , Intellectual • power? > Hardly, -rouf w,bman of Intellect, like your man of the Ufttoe ilk, is quite apt to be a bore ot large caliber^ the very kind Rev, Sydney Smith meant when ho re- fainrked that a certain person possessed a forty-parson power' of YdUilttg.' I ro- mcrabef discussing this question of a. a. .ly-Vh|^,' ' * * lt -"*4 V fe« W\? is'troflovt^fey fbafif W b^. fificle fecenti? that city, and 11* 1ft treat ,6t is the latest stheme of .iclen&l td ^n- weathelP td make Its tho new chief of the bureau, Will have the ' expert* To & correspondent >W1(i«Wif^ , ft Dane, »'epr<> co{9t»y of Oafish, settlers in '', Nprill the tfee sojiaty, Hp tbisfes tber§ ja a »tran| of Wr'fcojgny setUJng |n *V''•».', Ifftmr w.wUMi fsM$^fto*ta Jl< fiftd;' that C$Tl$aji 'J"7^V™*T ! ^^'W7 ( ' 1 1 .^V«<f$ 1^1 , LULU TABBR. •what catches the public,,with a dramatic .critic of largo'experience whose 'only sin was that;he co^ild not Wrlte'of play- •ers as keenly, as incisively as ho talked, nn_d lie,jromarkca of Lottn: "Slio kicked herself into .popularity. It was the Way she could,slt on a table and flourish her heels ^that fetthed the crowd. • She had plenty of talent, yes, but her feet were her fortune." j But, in writing of- Lulu Tabojr, let nie'npt be misunderstood as 'implying that she has no moro.sufflcient cause for success than a pedal, njmble- ness or kind of mercurial,,, winged grace might give £er. .Tho'^athjete or gymnastic part of her performances 'as Ma(\ge iu "Oldl Kentucky," albeit that which makes, her a picture in. the popular imagination,,IB by,no'means the -best of,her. -Her performance of Arabella In ''A .Temperance Town" and other minor roles;have convinced me that she is capable of'far better things. Born on a California farm, she evinces a brqeziness which Time may change into chic or Into'emotional intensity—Quien sabo? I think that "character"'work should be her stronghold In,the fut- Jvure, and - while, she 'has, much to .learn, , and. perhaps, to: ualearnrthat ako ''will be an ornament,of our stage before many 'years, appears a fair'hazard. 'Grace is hers, intelligence, ambition, Industry, a dash of something dashing, ' akin to magnetism or- charm—and youth, ever enviable -youth! Yes, the odds arc decidedly In her favor. It is also decidedly in her. favor that she appears i» no tearing, flaring hurry to be a star. • KINO Daw Carloi T., Who I» . VUltlnK the ' I'rlnoo ot \fnleb , Tho king of'Portugal, Dora Carlos J., who is visiting England and is at pros/- ent the guest-of the prince of Wales at Sandrlngham, was born in Lisbon, Sept. 23,1S63, and is the son of Lpuis I., whose reign was characterized by .wisdom, moderation and benevolence. During the' prevalence of'a yellow fever;epl» demlo in Lisbon, during the closing pe* "riod of bis"Ufe, he'was'remonstrated with for 'going abput ampng ,'tbe sufferers and.''administering tp fcbejr .wants, and ropUed; "My,, post, is whore the band of sjckn.csa >welgb« '«a tyito "ft fie lighfi? A WeisS ralifttft *!lt~ ftfltat M* I« keeping awake'wne has td git tip *ilh & ^.I «fc... *«.sd^ — , , ! > of fsete&is h« mdre AfSJjfeei&Uiii itthfei? Wer§ dl & better, fif tteic qiialltyi • dead orafigQB afe scarce, fthd exp*n- llvV&firrelfibtff, HS'W pf1e§, »SV oe said to have gone wji ifl a balloon* f he Chinese ha¥e More Waya bf c60k- tag A 6hi<sk6fl than we, with, alt eur cuilnafy philosophy, ever dfeftfflod of. Oajsd'o^te/yj salad is & c»»tJngeat upon- the tuiaUty'df the t»il tised,' Avsld tho kind used lo lubricate machinery^ There id a popular ittpre&lan that a French cook could make a delicious toup out et an dfdlflafy billiard ball. Thase to wham peftrs are a fatal fruit seem to increase/ Therefore, look not upon the Bartlett when' it !* grdhite.' Young turkey is Beasonftble and palatable, although farmers' say' they would be' all ,the better "hardened up""wlth cooler weathfef , Apple plea at a Catalan hotel are described as having a "hard wood finish," that Is to say, a crust apparently made of the real Georgia pine. Immersed in hot water before bitten, the race track restaurant sandwich lessens the necessity of going direct from that place to the nearest dentist. t Mil iilJSA ft! I<nil, ^ fkyr A™mo;t.t$fiW have an . "W&ti" ' ' *• «'We'.*6 f«A ths goat with the bijt bith gwtise,. »nd .new wete tofn 1 id )et htm dfti" - ' At * t , Farmer BaysGett-'Ard J-ioil the rnatt thilt hswSM wnestirtfiB. " •" , ." < ' *~ Clefk'-Yes. •--; „ , i. , ,f arttier Hay*eed**ilo» ttthoh do y^u "dct « wee k« ,,,.__,..,. ..... . -I:. ..,.'..... ,"• tf the liaf..r I* fctatttbR Te*itii, ,' , '!„ ' — — „ -~ _..- -.. „ ..** t )"* 5to sure Aitd usd Ibd* old Ahif <»*!!• tWeil Wswedy. nun. Wigtown Booimiw Mmc* tw dhiidreti *eetiiifi6i . ... , u.... .;.". i . k f > I A wotrittn's lovb'lM gohWiilly Intotisllled by the knowledge that tho inftn shoisgolnp; to marry is rich. you* tfeS ' the ' tt il said that thei'C are Bl*X 'Idled in the. white house aad have ,th«j right 6f \tfai? at ftll 6 "A BJudeford, $Je,, ,'fijF" 91 with a malady that ajfijt OVerdde, Me is '§'" cutting a wisdom X „ • , t ,,,^» Tho recent census has' ehown'lii Men aro more susceptnble tolltittory I linn women, bncause they know, they are lem deseivlhg. ^ ___________„ CHH Not He Cnrnd | By local application*, 'as they cannot i-each the diseased portion of ihe ear. There is only ono way to cure deafness, and that to by constitutional remediea. Deafness Is caused by'an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eua- tachlan Tube. When the tube-is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It is entirely closed Deafness is tho result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out anfl this tube rentored to, Its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine oases out'of'ten'nro'caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing 1 but an Inflamed condition of the mucoua< surfaces. We will glvc'One Hundred dollars Cor of DearnebH (caused by Catarrh) that cannjt bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Sond for circulars, free. P. J. CHlSNWY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists; 7Gp. , Hall's Family Pllla. 3Co. Twenty-flvo per cent,of all tho babies born in Russia die before they aro a year old, and forty-two per cent do not reuoh tbe age of 4. tit tti« oldent nnTboiCTt will break tip it Oolil (itiloUer limn ftiijthlnifolw. tt M always reliable. Try It. 'Man and dog uro alike iu ono thing—they both growl. Otherwise the dbg has tho advantage. _ "A. C,nn of l»<irkt»». 1Vn at night moves tbe Cowolg in the uioriilug." ,What a man wants .in a woman is hot timing, but a blind obedience to 1 His slightest wish. Tlio«rt n&il nsthpy itro.Jllml'rooiTis tvlil r. niuvotliom Mod limn you can wnU ami run anil jump tu you Ilko. Says Julia Ward Howe: "Sixty years ago I was Ifl. If 1 know BB, much now OB I thought 1 did t hen, I might have something very instructive Io'tell. •* ' ' ' Exi>«Tl«ii«'o l«itrt> miiny motliei'k trt «ny "Duo I'lir^ur'sUln 01 Toi lci,'t i rmiunaltlni Hpi:«l.illy good forooids, |iu|n uiid nluuwlovury \\u..lmeB». Rev. l^Junry Edward JUell, vicar of Clml- Ion, Bodtord, England, died last weolt. He wns over 80 -' ' ot age nnd tho oldest clergyman of the ohurah of Euglaud. Tho hired man is veryoftoh a'tired man by Irrigation. The hot winds nnd lack o'f rnln'thnt destroy the hopes of the ftirmor In other states hnvo no terrors for tlio liilinhltnnts of the Untml , Valley. Thpro Is and onn bo '.no n« failure of-cro[)s'to'tho-lna,nBtrlou8 and 'Intelligent former of ' the Qfftnd' 'Valley; ThW la not tlie only advantage he enjoys. , Zeph. Chaa. FeM, 207 Uoston Uulldlng, Peiiyer.Oolo. " I 'read the newspapers to see' how Cod governs tbe world.— John Newton. A Dally Paper 81.00 Year. Only ono dollar a year for the Des Koines Daily News if you subscribe belore Jan nary 1st, 1890. A Mississippi woman who chews tobacco and drinks whisky thinks that) woman have all tbe "rights" they need. > ' '"Brown's Bronchial Troches" relievo throat irritations caused by cold or use of voice. Tbeigenuine sold only in boxes. ___ _ ,._ think'pretty well of yourself, don't you?" HWI think I am -not far from an nngel." Pall information reflecting the best fruit and farm land in Riverside Co., Cal. address Hemet Laud Co., Hcmofc, Cal. 'London has decided to convert into parks and play grounds lor children its ITu disused graveyards. ' , . We think disc's Cure for Consumption is the only ixieilluine for 8o\]|;hH."JENMij PiNOKAHn, Springfield, m^.-Out. I, 18SM, If yon must confldu in some one, confide In yourself, aud it is hardly safe then. FIT8'-A]|FttHBtoppe<l free by Dr.Kllne'ii Great ' erveUeutorer. NoFltsafl *-" - - - ' TreaUdenni Scales 'are,now leln' male with such ncouracy that they will w»'«'' a Bninll' wurtt made by aipeiioU upon paper. To Hmp.iB'not HI, »yi evidence of ft.war rgcofd; it may bp.a'.uvg bite. Brings comfort and improivement and • tends -to personal enjoyment . when ' rightly used. .The many.* who live bet>' ter than others and enjoy! life m'pro, with, less expenditure, by more ''promptly adapjiing ,t^ie, world>'"bel?ti iJ tJroauct8 \to', the .value to IicaTiflib1i!'t)ib r 'Ri . laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Ijjilyrup of FJgs. "• i.'i ,. Its eicellenco is due to its presenting', In the fprpj'';no8't ( a'c x ceptable" arid pleas-' ant to the taste, the ,ref,r,e'8hing'and truly f beneficial properties of a; perfect laxative ; effectually cleansingjthe system,, dispelling'colds, headaches''and fevers and permanently curing constipation.' It) has given Butrnfaotlon to.,rni})ionsapd met with'tho''approval ofi/the., medical j profession, because it oc-UMm tho" Kid-. 'noVa, Liver'and. Bowels 'Without weakening them and it in perfectly free frorn •every objectionable subatance,' '''''••„ Pyrup of Figs }s for sale'by'all drug-' gists in 50c andn$l bottles,;but it is man-, ufactured l?y the Oa.Jifornia v Fig Syrup Ooj only, 1 whose name is printed on e very package, also the n'anje, Syrup of FjgsJ' and'being-well-informe'diyb ~' n "'' accept apy eubstituto if , THH OKIOAQO OHBQNJOLB., tants, of whom 18 per 'live ia the capital, Co. ; It IB reported that at -.««»-.,».,. real estate in Lombard stroe't, Loni a plot of fifty-seven Square y'frdP at-$6,BOO a square yard, -y ,.,\ if BennlngtonrVt, farmers'are 86 their potatoes six bushels for $1S| is 'the lowest price yet' reported";^ yield is'vftry kijge all ^m-^i.^ ..-- A-Burlington, ,Vt lost, made In 1769, It is^po shape nnd the'mbst extrem^ pit prevailing" toothpick ','sh'o'e' "col madp on It. **. ***M.MM.*S .<i,- V, 4 . •'<' • f < (V*> < !'"'A > « in" your Back", yoa'r-'jkitliW oles/s-ypur, Jpiiits^';' ylbiur,!* Head, otid all diseases', jW'j Impure Blood, are caused^ by sick kidneys. ! ' v ,- '' ; i> \* - Sick " kiducVa ^ caa fb"e* cured,' -^strengthened, 1 '' re-; vitalised by . 1 < ',' U; : Vhcy.relieye tbe.,p r _,. T purify the bipod,' cure all; .diseases of which sick' kid- f; ' ueys are the cause., At all*' i? druggists; for 50c; ! per'niox,^ "or mailed .postpaid (on ^re-x celptofpncct \- ,'< > >i > sg'j, , t' Write for jainphlet;* } * • •''< ' • * <' u " , CHICAGQ. ,M|«WJPr)l!<M,V, , ;, For INFORMATION raeanllnff land In T HIS COMING YEAJl, ypu wHl, no Oowbtf ^leo'lda on Bfle^riflg something, te%lor, Ibotb^ i»-,nuftl}ty and Quality, ./r newspipess }EIbo west, Jms^i^^ibj recQg^ised^s >p| bas a«ne rqvwj i|n.d is^pw dgjn^ ^^ to^aj'd| upbuilding: the A^flut two years ago }te paWls 1 ' •'— 3 -* h -—'-'- J A - '--*- - Wflst, »spepia)Jy - in Jts ow» gt^t? f § Cents P^r year, »n uabenvd ut flffwre jro,r • !&?*)&!» with. Wf/tjh? p»^]i6hers S|- ^ ji8S.< 'v>r8pHtofeten»v49 ^fe|! with 1 Tte ^fte/^;:»V>r; WiaxkI>-I«r «\nr«AM I,no4- tr**n*f <^V>«. "VTxkkn X7>xu1f. fTlu/ti..i 1 To e«<n up«-*we, wak,e tl>Q ' - > I • »<f,i , eeaMf.nt ifearihsy *rfi*fl ^ t l''l.''- -, M*,. 1 ? 1 ' i ^"^V^^ .^r^fe^i^W

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