The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 2
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l , . - , V y, /A^^.^A^...^.*^ .. '- '•- , tig ittiiifi.who lacks in gallantry tptfotftif'kftdjtlHitlt• it tow&rci H itt h d(remOrs6 the other day, No feard 6t demic are" entertained. «,« r . While not sympathizing greatly with &/ v tn«^ultan, we think it may be fairly |v|f; said that his job ia no sinecure, . \ . " The candidate discovers r that "no; i'./cross, no crown," is about the shape of '•' it 'Under the kangaroo dispensation. »•• v , . * High breeding gracefully insists on M.' Its own rights. Good breeding grace- fe ' fully remembers the rights of others. , f/ f- { , ; ,__...„ ' The nawab of Basoda may not be a very learned personage, but he Is splendidly adapted to the purposes of comic -'.opera. We imagine we can hear Col. Dan Stuart praying for a Restoration of.the ''paVlty 'between lumber and- physical' .cultiire. • .Ordinary talk doesn't seem to affect the sultan. After a while some of the 1 war ships may come along and give him a blowing up. '' The sultan Is decorating those who committed the atrocities, not neces- .Barlly for publication, but simply as an evidence of bad faith. .' Coxy did not go himself, but he sent i his son to Cuba to help struggling Cu'->'; ; baps to keep Spaniards off the grass. j^'H Gl| a Coxey due credit. - { ^ y '' A^negro wjio wounded tour peoplesin .«V"'Kansas wlt^ a hatchet/has been-^e- fH^"leanedand the victims have been bou%d - 4 " oW to'k^eep''the peace. •* New York, not being able to get , •• , either the republican or democratic con- Ky \ventlon, might try, /for th'cF populists. Tbey would not be afraid of the Tiger. • From the way oil wells are 'being dls- *. covered in Indiana it might be sup: posed that the earthquake had shaken • '• part of Russia over to our side of the 1 Men who feel that the safety of tho country and the success.of .candidates of 189? -will bej dependent t, upon; what , they'do''"frill be'"very "busy"'from time on. ,>„.:* T - ; ' It is difficult for a man coming home late at night to realize that the towering female who stands at-the head of ^J&teJJtm^toid,,ijttie asked to be his wife, ' A Kansas man has been committed •tor contempt ia refusing to taste bjeer in court Most of jii§^lpj^Qe.» will look upon him as being justly punished ' ior despising an opportunity. These repeated rumors of .... 'David B, Hill intending to marry 1 very distressing to that young ~ Mr, Hill thinks the public ebould Ize by this time that be is wedded to fc' ; r A» inquiring, rnaja, Abrupt b(§ flayers. i-'^'ijlto a horse's'mouth ^to'see'kow many he bad. The horse closed tyJWfft&flWy^nw*!" $* ad, The curiosity of each was fully journalist of Cbicag? eenj; to ^U for fojyj-mpnthj Jfft saying that ano$W« wap had been penitentiary, vhp|i, Jpjact. i and there was np,ooeasion' j him, H§ apologized and bee,B who gaye Ww tft» etoi-y, a ^m fee tfflBfgi,'<%%•»*&£ ^hcflesteads |fee by|th@ ai&l flgrifiUlWlral Wtichitt ica.'^7lli be 16s^ : enchanting IW:LUD um- contehted Geffitaas, the emigrants will i-eniaia subjects, 6f QgrmtHy and will . t^i-iu -»".^^^h e dttloni&s'atld itt the ifi$ fisVeiiUdQ 10* tho hdfil6 ' fh'e bill imposes aflothef hardsh!|i ,upoa-aH%htj'lnteiid'to-8ait fof Atnerlcsu ' respective .towns a'nd villages . Weeks, before their depattUrSi , Their, names' Will he published' in the dai^y papers, and if the .least objection to their going can be raised Jn the wayftf debt, ,th& authorities will be notified and they will forcibly detain thdm, ' MISSIONARIES STARVING. American* • In 'ITUrjtor Saporlns; from' and Cold. • New York, Dfec. S.—Rov. H. O. Dwight, a missionary of tho American board at Constantinople, yesterday cabled from Philippopolis, Turkey, to the Chrtstlon Herald, New York: "Remit funds telegraphically. Karpoot missionaries telegraph that starvation is imminent. DWIGHT." The Christian Herald says that this message from Dr. Dwight has a peculiar significance, as it discloses the fact that the missionaries at- Karpoot (whose missipn buildings were totally destroyed during tho recent massacre there) are themselves suffering 'the pangs of hunger and cold, probably as severely as are the Armenians. The Christian Herald will forward to the missionaries by cable, free of expense, all sums contributed for the relief of the sufferers in Armenia. Hudson River Tunactl Project. New York, Dec. 3.—It is said'on good authority that the Hudson Rfvor Tunnel Company has been reorganized and that the work of tunneling under the North River from Fourteenth street in Jersejr City to Morton street will be 1 resumed in a tevf months.^ It' is calculated that only $1,000,000 "is/requlred to complete the tunnel, and 1 ' |i,GOO,000 additional to erect the approaches on each side of the river. The plan of reorganization, it is said, is to have the bondholders, most ft- whom are in England, surrender J6(i per pent' of their holdings, pay an assessment of 30 per cent, and receive new .prior lien bonds atupar 'in the new company. •ty-ftf v **>fw yj'* _*tfj*i,V>;" ^ i "_ fJt PS , ' jrff J M8%ffl®!gSt53i^i&^~1& The I)arrant Case. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 3.—The attorneys for Theodore Din-rant 'yesterday presented affidavits upon which to base .a motion for a new trial. Durrant's affidavits repeated the allegations of popular feeling against him, which he thought prevented him from receiving a fair trial. The district attorney In reply presented affidavits averring the fairness of the trial. Affidavits were also presented from each of the jurors in the case, stating that their verdict bad been rendered 1 strictly in accordance'With the iaw ? and'tn,G evidence,! ^The motion'for 'pfyrfiyf, trial .will be argued today. f '• fl\.~ t : J-' ~ *- " ' ^ ^ i * ' t Important Liquor Decision. Charleston; S. C,; Dec.? 3 f —In the .Uriitpd States, otrralt court ye^te^dajj. .Judge ^moa'ton fileq b^eclBiqn^ih th4 Cplumbia club cas^, -involving Qie Hgh^ of a member of the'club to. import an<J store liquor in the club house fpr his personal use. The decision finds' the seizure, and confiscation ^f the liquor •was Illegal, and the- Ilguor Js ordered retu'rned, " The constables concerned are ordered to bQ tftken^into custody and. detained'until, the cost, including }g an4 BervJces of the special' master, Karopoan Stock Market8. ' ] s l^on^ob, fleQ.Js.f-jiihe, stock racket opened dull yesterday on the political $jtuatipn, .but^ improved later, con'gbls. 'iPjgiBg the'rally/ The ^closing waa steady to firm. Americans opened we&K, but cleged* betterMpn New J! '.•"'* *" • .^fwis, D^c^S.-YThe -, Battlement i»* bQuree Qlp§^d flrm,* i,' 3,-~The markets e«ntenc : ed to ..Ier,,Savlog,'iajwiAitte4 fii : ieisida, ,: ' At ; tile senate- and nouSe w6f& <mll§d day' tile senate- and nouSe w6f& <ml§ td erd^f la,th8lr/,F«isfreettVe tihaAbeff aftiid the 1 scene's of anifflaUott ftfitf ,§*dt6ffleat. V*h8, grt!at^§t, l ihtefeel,^ei , , , isiufsej centefed la the house, where ffiaB^.,bld ftad faffliliflt ffletobefBP, 'replaced by hew',tne» f "ana-iii l tliB'BK ganization of the popular branch, tte6d was elected Ipeakefc H6 rec S§4 -Votes' 6f the 'tbtai df 38d, Mf , ' had '85 Votes, Sell 8 and (5uibers6hri. fho othef repubiiean flomineea were .... ,' "Clerk— Alexander McDowell, of Pennsylvania. , . ', - , Sergeant-at-arms— Beniamln B*. Russell, 1 Of Missouri. Doorkeeper— William J. Glenn, of New York. Postmaster— Joseph C. McBlroy, of Ohio." Chaplain—Rev. H. N, Conden, of Michigan. By 10 o'clock the marble corridors of the' house" 'tfefo thronged With -sigh, t- seers and place-hunters, and before 11 o'clock the galleries, public and private, were packed to the doors. From the galleries tho visitors looked down upon an animated and confused scene on the floor. New members, old members, ex- members and place-seekers chatted in groups and filled the hall with a roar of voices. On -the speaker's desk were great bunches of American beauty roses tied with streamers of red, white and blue, and other floral "pieces. Flowers wore conspicuous, on the desks of various members. ^ •At 11:45 the house was cleared, and those who had noMhe^rlvilegie'of the floor" reluctantly retlreVand "sought at the thronged doors of tnti galleries an opportunity to get a glimpse of, the proceedings below. Under the - direction of Clerk Kerr the r'611 of members elect to tho fifty-fourth- house ^was called. He announced that 341 of the 356 members of the house "wero -present, and also that no -credentials -had been received from the tenth New York and the first Nevada districts. Mr. Kerr then called for nominations for speaker. No nominating speeches were 'made. Mr. Grosvenor. (rep.), of Ohio, chairman of the- republican caucus, ' placed in nomination /Thomas B. Reed, of Maine; Mr. Bayers (dein.), of Texas, the name of Charles F. Crisp, of Georgia, and Mr. Kern (pop.), of Nebraska, John C. Bell, of Colorado. • - . • The names of both Mr. Reed and Mr. Crisp were vigorously applauded by their respective party associates. All the Republicans voted -for Mr. Reed, with 9n,e ex^'p^lfin, tb,e;DGinocrats for Mr.-'Oisp and^the-popUHats for, Mr. Bell. Mr. Grain (Dem.) of Texas voted for his colleague, Mr. Culberson, of Texas. The result of,' the -vote was: Reed, 234; Crisp, 95; Bell, 6; Culberson, 1. Mr. Kerr's announcement of Mr. Reed's election was greeted with ,a thunder of applause. Messrs. Crisp, Grosvenor p.nd.Bell were appointed a committee to conduct the speaker to the chair, and soon appeared, at the main entrance, Mr, Reed leaning on the arm of Ex-senator Crisp and Messrs. Grosvenor and Bell arm in arm. As they moved down the center aisle the house rose en masse, A r.oar of applause, followed, • the ' galleries joining, with great enthusiasm in the demonstration. ' « As Mr. Reed ascended the rostrum the roar swelled until It was deafening, Mr, Harm'er (rep.)',, qt Pennsyly'Wte* .the Old>s.t' i»Ji?teer iri, continuous" s present, "ca'wq fpvywd/ "And. tered.tho oath of office to thp ^speaker, The latter ihen turned^ to . the house. Looking- Into the gea''of ( upturned fap^s, he delivered his Inaugural.' :$ tftwlWRd distinctly the words" fell'' from' i(Ui lip's. At many places bis\very' brief .speech was, puftctuatod.with' a^plaus^; * At th'e conclusion of "'bis : speeoh.ith,e, ;memhers came forward }» fjp u $ds »s. their 'nunies were called" fanj-swiih.vujfljf t°<J a E»l s swore to support and defend the constitution. ; ,,,,„,, ^ ,,.„ ,-n r,', Th,e'< /ppt^mayy^, resolutions* »,yore adopted notifying the president and the senate v of tbje electlon,flf Jfr, Rjed'pd Mr., $$cp9w'ejl a§ speaker' and clerk spp'ctlye.JJr) and an motion of Mr, Payne (r|P,)'-Qf Ne^jYurkj & committee con 'was • appplftt€4- Jiy^the- 1 a sjl|i(iilar -committee' from £bo 'senate to notify the ^resident tha| the h9us 'and Ws' he dfoaflfltf. thdrawal rttfeittrt- , . 6f 'Buying toil in 6ftfi&UBn waters ffiaS t« wsBalij at Uife.tiftiids ef congress) fdf it lias .been wntetided alJ.alttfig that the &riv1leg x e"en 1 joy:6d" by^ahadiatt rail* roads of -carrying godds lift bbiidfe through the tMIted States -Was Wore than & sufficient effect jtd,, the 'favore ' to American flehermcfl by Catottda, ' C ' '''..,' .„ ______ action of the Cattadiafa govern-- rftent just takon has hot yet b<*en oft' lially reported t6 the BtateS department, mt it is regarded here as an iddica* ion of Canada's purpose to emphasize ;he necessity for yenewal of negotiations looking to a new fisheries treaty. Sln-np Confer en t:o a Washington, Dec. 3.—The' silver con* lerence called for .yesterday was a disap'pbintniflrit to'its projectors. 'Tho only senators who attended were Allen, £yle, Petfer and Stewart, popultstfi', Tlllman, democrat, and Prichard, Manle and Teller, republicans. The' last named gentlemen were only there a 'ew moments and took no part in tho proceedings.' The sinall attendance showed those present that nothing could-be done at this meeting. Senator D effer was of the opinion, that party ties were too strong to hope to organ- ze a-silver party in the'senate, while Senator Allen said he hoped'somcthing 1 might -come from this preliminary meeting. ' • ' • ' •' ' llrpnbltran f-unatorn ciincni ' Washington, Dec. 3.—The re'publifnr senators were in caupus for half an hour after the senate adjourned-yesterday, but adjourned until Wednesday with-. out taking any action on the reorganization of the senate. The'prevailing sentiment'favoreJ republican organization, and some strong speeches were made, notably by Mr. Davis of Minnesota and Aldrich of Rhode .Island, w'g : ing there ,shpuld. be no combination or with,-any element outside the republican ranks. ThisJ appeared' to voice :-the general view of senators,' and no opposition speeches wei'e made. Senate HUH a Dull Scsalon. ." Washington, Dec.' 3.—Nothing -hap-' pened in the seriate yes'terdaj^ that ha'l not been expected. The body was called to order by Vice President Stevenson. The new senators and, those who have ^n, i^relec,ted'Wfre,-BWO,rn.ln v .' • A com- m'ittee>was.a'ppolnted'to' noll'fy^the president and the usual resolutions incident to the beginning of a session wero introduced. The senate took a' recess of an hour at 12:28 p. m. and at-1:30 adjourned alter an' absolutely uneventful session. HOURS nulea Will Hn ModUled. Washington, Dec. 3.—While the new congress goes on record'as adopting the rules of the .fifty-first'congress, it can be stated -with positiveness' that theec rules will be softened somewhat to suit the changed conditions, : , Message to Ue .Delivered To-day, Washington;, Dec. 3.— Jt>a the organization of the house, took * several hours, the President's message to congress will .not be sent in until this ifternoon. „ WARD , llun Uown ot JSUMtf vf*.vr ^TUMI* *1MI» '"•*" TT**^! WU ^ XWUBSlH' «f claims for the . pa&eft|e *fcfed fegeaid? l ;uafd ship'through (brB&fdafcrfl&sf*;/ >:¥he standard's Vtetfha, odp^pattden't telegraphs that he learns fram a trustworthy- source itt CottBtantitiople -that the Sultafa is in hdurly'feai 1 ef deps*- sltlon. Hid courtiers wafti'hltti that the powers have decided Upon this action, aftd 'that they want the Second gila^d > , • dfir 1 to provide the necessary force' to"" carry it out. The fiorlin corre*ipond6nt;6f the Daily News says that the Germ'an ii*6nttiad, Hagcn has been ordered *to Turkish' waters. fr . \ t ' sv The Chronicle ray» the British Consul nt Moush reports to the foreign office that the relief work at Sansoun is at a standstill, and that the country is in so disturbed a condition that caravans are 'nrit able to leave Moush for Sas* '• soun. / NATIONAL MANUFACTURERS. Convention at Chicago Next Aftinth Will Uo a. 1»K <>ue. Cincinnati, O,, Dec. 8.—Secretary B.. P. Wl|son of ithq 1 , National Manufaciur-^ ers',Association has just returned, frottf 1 Philadelphia) where he haa been'iri con'- v . sultation with Prcnident D'olan regarding the national convehtldn to be-held in Chicago^ next -monthr-'Ho said'last night: "ThiH gathering; promises to be one of the most important ever held ,in the United States." Every' line of manufacturing will be represented and "more, capital than at any assembly dver held' In this country. Large manufacturers from every staLe have joined the'asso- ciation and' more are being added every week, and\half 'a .billion, will-be represented. The subjects discussed in Cincinnati last winter will be considered, and now that the association has entered the second or working stage of its existence you can look for some results from its efforts on such questions, as the Nicaragua canal, reciprocity and a tariff to protect home industries." Uctraycil by :i Jealous .Woman. Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 3.—Charles Willier, bookkeeper of the Cincinnati Abattoir, company, committed suicide last night to prevent, his arrest for embezzling several thousand dollars from his employers. He absconded with |2,000 several weeks ago and took a woman with him to Chicago, leaving h'ig ! ,w,ttfi. aqd flyfi< fttiildr&n, E^gjnijjtg' reconciled with his family, he had quietly come home to take them with him to Chicago. The woman with whom he had eloped, in a fit of jealousy, gave the f tip to tho officers. When the officers surrounded his homo at Camp Washington he escaped to the garret and shot himself through the. heart as, they pursued him." ' ' * j • f ' • Attempt on the JAto of the Cs»ir. 1 London,-Dec.'3.—The Central News correspondent In Vienna says a report is in,circulation-there a projectile, was, thrown at the Czar in'St, 'Petersburg* yesterday'. * The, mtftsHe. jt is' said,' grazed his Majesty's "cloak 1 and fell harmlessly to the ground. Nfo one was, injured. Th'e" report*'says ^o'urte.enf'' arrests have been" t made 'in; t connection with the affair,- Confirmation of'tbe rumor is decking, Washington, Dec. % 3^—The state department has been' informed that A. JC. Ward, the Memphis forger and em-> bejigler, was arrested Sunday on board a steamer a,t Livingston, Guatemala. ,fio, Tva.s taken in custody by the,,Memphis,, police' offipor wb,o has;been in, pursuit, • and startpd'U?89?fdj»$o|y on-: the steamer for New 'Qrleajns, en route •' to Memphis. Ward's peculations were of' a particularly vicjous' 'nature, bo cause of the $300,000 < he stole a good quantity of it came-from widows and poor people who intrusted to him' tbo, • handling of their means. »jte moved • in high circles at MempW^nd when be absp,pnded, tUo old southern- city. ex" the, j grea.tgsi seagftr, ', Havana, n,e'.c, 3, evw. lit this, j;|mfl that he,wiU ^ able -to ye» n«a.ce,' - "-Te m B'- '«>. J ; Voluntarllly Port Dodge, Towa, Dec. 3)—The Pleasant Valley and- Collips Coal companies at Qoalvillo, six miles south of this city, raised the wages of their employes from 50 cents,ta'QO cents a ,top,,,The raiBo-was unexpected and unasked by the miners, but the coal business has improved so much of late $haj the pro- New Socialist; New York, Dec. 3,—TUe rowtlng of district assembly 49 of K. of I*, which lasted from 8 o'clock Sunday evening until 2 o'clock yesterday morning, rein, tjje passage ,of rp^Oluttftna afl- af a. pe,'wf intl} 1 - tq,be ; composed of the of Visible Sqpply of York, pec, 3,—The visible supply Of grain Saturday, N^ §0, es comr piled by the NOW Torfc i, js AD fpjiows: ifc wdfite,'S28,5f4,028| miscellaneous,, (erffianea total, , t ,i. s he -supreme' botiri'Of lay enteted Judgment in t agalfast,HarfV May ward for the of 6ath6rlne ,6iag, Dec. a, 1894, i,. notice gets,'forth' that the case heard* by tho'supreme court on Nov. ,4 afad decided ott Nov. 20, the judgtnVn£(' of the lower court being affirmed. case .will ,be certifled,,up to. Clough some time to*day. or still declines, to be i. ho question of date 1 ; but the bpiflion'd£\ ,tate capitol prophets is that'the hattg-* ng will occur on Friday, Dec. 13. '~Gqv^ ernor Clough has received a petltlbn*' signed by a dozen'Minneapolis physl- 1 -, cians asking ^hat'^he^ extreme penalty be not Impo'sed 4po*4 HJIyward because vr. hereditary .lH'aani'ty; v .57% Articles.- High. Wh't-Noj 2. Dec.' ...$ .57 Jan. May lorn- Dec. Jan, 'May Oats- Dec 17% F,eb 18% May... .20% Pork- Dec. Jan., Hoard of Trade.,,.,„<%.., t ,' . Chicago, Dec. 2.—The following ta- "'" )le si < wo tne rai'ge of quotations he Chicago board of trade today :J' 4 ^i 26% ,25% ,.! 8.72% . .*' 9.10 Lard— Dec. ...' Jan. ... May... S. Ribs- Dec. ... Jan. ... 5.17% 5.37% 5.62% 4.25 • 4.37% 4-62,% t -56% .567s .60% .25% .26% .28% i <• .17% .18% '.20% 7.62%' 8.67% 9.05 5.15 5.35 "5.60 ! 4.25 < 4.35 ' 4.60 .26% .26% .29% .17% .18% '7.65" r 9.10 5.17% 5.37.% 5.62% 4.25 4.37% .26% l ' I . r? 5 w .26%' ''. .29 :-. ^ - ' .'V,.t$ \ rf -jfe-* Mi%r-i-l'f -.^%-^gl 7.67%f^>ip ; -T&/ JT| 9,15 » J ,'-1fc| 5,22% >;,-|^ ^f;£V> 4.27% ;>i| 'i j • / ' Single Tajrers Stand Aloof.'4 t ' ,'{" " York, Dec/, 3.—Responses • re^%«? ceived from leading advocates o^the-,? single-tax theory throughout the coun-^ try to the invitation to participate'in'>r the conference of so-called reform forces/ t in Cbicagoln March, 1896, are generally; ^ unfavorable to the proposition. It has. , been-decided tb'reply formally tO'the'Y invitation in^ part^as^ follows: v '^e (( do, lM not all agree on the 'money question^ but we all,. ; regard that issue as a sec--; on'dary mattejj; and^we adylse all single-''''t!'^ takers to devote ,th_eir "energies tow,ard4>i|* forcing, to.'the front the land questlo ' *'* leaving those to advocate other refori not believe <that free land the fundamental reform." ' ' Urltiery Trial Comruencog, Springfi4l,d, 111,, Dec. SA-' pepreBent^tive Milrot'H.,Qll cago,' charged with accepting ?300 from Thomas J, Bunn of ington, secretary of tae .In Building'and Loan 'Association, commenced yesterday in the circuit court; A jury ,w^s,secured testimony commenced. Court.; lourned until to-day to enable 1 the to examine the, Lowonjthal re^ol a^nd ^ascertain if tlje statue o^thj^^p Jutlgn'Vjn 'the thiriy^nji^ ^^jfa|\aj sembly-was. such that U*;.M K »MD«^ vvuiiJi \ •• m have beep committed, the resolution ^fl simply being intro"d\\ced H*'"^ *>">' nnm^m mittee, ' Minneapolis, Minn. Sunday thl , ^ . ., , , - •* mi*~* "1-,-j-*,*-','"-?^, *^^u **i resented by a delegate, Pr^lepoyf/ V

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