The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 1
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* , .... - JSsfcA,* .&* .r«. *£'£$«, Wv . ^ - -!>*$> ^^ttf^Vto^'viJ* ^^t,v W^i^fr*^ * •*t vt <\ '• ,^^rm^'-^"^^ /; *>'»'-3$ c ' ^'tf '••' '•s^ ; ^v^a^F^ i m^^,«?iK3 ; ^ ,'•«-''' : V ' vlv •>'"• w ?*" v -' , ^; ;", ; - 'v- -^^/N;.7-^;V->^raiK , • 5 •;•'•, i A ',-; tuV-'v;' ''",-', ' ', ' - f r ' J '"* *4M%: ' ", £' •'• '"^l V*t*tjX'^fli J .«.\«-j«C,fet,»vt.yj»,'J . jit*',,, J*fct>^4i.,(<Y^"*'*^*'--"' i ^*'«<~^V«^ < «^~»^'i<>ii', "#«..-'>-. •> *«»'*-?i *<*,.»• ,». f •„'!(»,,rfji^fcrf^j J A>i?to,SiSyi7j _^_ _ *.. ~f ...I— ' * ~ "" '"j * ^ ' r ^ .* ''.*-. ^ -' , r c .' s l_,'^ - „ s' e - "^ J -^ % *"£-ii|> '*-'-5-^§ &"* ''SBPfc' ^: r «*i •->'>«Y* JjMfe^^^l-' 1 ^'." %tfto^f^^^W JffO -A-O "V. JtlLlOT-^s^^,*^-A--D ' ', us," / 4 •s.iir, • C-*^ ii S5f-^':;lfti »::-;.-s.?.4!*.*4 lojtf ^v v -vTV--wr .V;. -,v *?»*;•>*& ' " ; '• • '• '-'' : •: ^^'^t&^tf^&t •MM^.^^)A»«t!J*-tf*«..iy*)i. fc«aa>wr-*fefa^ftiii^rijbuiMi*ttiiLi*aa^fa««A^fej^ --"~fa~^^"-rt^ff-II'^JJa^mittilmilkiS AMONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DIOEMBIB 4, ;*i i CHOICEST TABLE DELICACIES Ld their prompt delivery obtained from OPERA HOUSE GROCERY. We call your special attention to our ig Drive. In Ladies' and Children's .Underwear. '5 Cents-. G. L. Galbraith & Co. HLIDAY ) not fail to call and examine my immense stock before purchasing elsewhere. Prices according to the times. Block. James Patterson, f$Vi ;i> **• ' m t §Sew York 'Buckwheat A. 'JLV' v4-# w *^*^^^^^^^ r 100, $3.00,; at r» i * i v V *" " «" Ifti ' &&r I B'A-'P I lUIWflF? J, a,«U, J, IJUllUWo, Ii^iagtoii, Iowa, ^'•-•^--^OasEu |^^ '^''KJv,^, v g^j^.'-i 1 ^» v'^.-'n; : ! . ^ , • • f&jjtvri *v- «f.- Hs i n far« Q H n C *Si v ;- ? :*;.. f WmyS?* ' { 4i*H i r nsqri^ ^,^. 4x "_•; f Hanfffti'J H^ird*.M| ) ^ > •* t ' ' J * e * Si, '.v' * I / . 4 . -t , , r iT^«wj iT^Tlt' "."""^"..vriffWT 1 * t ?•-*> fc -«r< ,- ' * 'TSt^'"" 1 ""'! V < TS*''''i'''i '"' '"'J' '''T-*,*' 1 ^PSllJftttnri^'iu^«44lft^ iiiiiyi^yMjUAi^^4§«^MM«^ SERVICE, Bro. fitttt, in the Iowa fails Setitihel, Roasts to ft Turn the tiiion Company, Cites ft Ga&e tri Which Aigdfla Parties Wete interested—fofteMl News bl the Northwest* A case of neglect on the part of the Western Union Telegraph company of local interest is written up at length by S. C. Platt in the Iowa Falls Sentinel! If there is any one institution in the United States of America that needs to be taken hold of and regulated by the strong arm of the law,, it is the telegraph monopoly. An instance- of- 'the outrageous and lawless manner in which they do business came to our notice; last Week in connection with the sudden death of Dr. Pride. His mother and sister, Mrs. O. P. Thompson, as is well known, have recently removed to Chapln (six miles away), so recently that Dr. Pride's wife at Algona was not aware of the fact. On the Saturday afternoon before the doctor's, death, (he died on Sunday morning)a telegram was sent here to Dr. O. P. Thompson, conveying the intelligence of Dn Pride's dangerous condition and requesting his relatives to "come at once," and notwithstanding- this telegram was sent and must have arrived here that evening, it was not repeated to Chapin nor delivered to Dr. Thompson's father, James Thompson, nor to any of the numerous friends of the family here. On Sunday after Dr. Pride's death, two more* telegrams were sent to Dr. Thompson here, but so far as any of the friends of the family now know no attempt was made to deliver them, and all that day and all of Monday they must have laid in the office, and had it not been for a telephone message sent by Dr. Paul of Algona to Dr. Harriman on Monday evening, the remains of Dr. Pride would have arrived here simultaneously with the tidings to his mother and sister of his death. If a team that could have been driven eight miles an hour had been started from Algona when the first message was sent, the man would not have laid dead over 36 hours within 50 miles of his nearest relatives and they in ignorance of the fact. And if there had been neither railway nor telegraph line to "Algona, Mrs. Thompson at least could have stood by the bedside of her dying brother before he breathed his last. The managers of the. .tqlflgrnph. .company,.,of course, screen"themselves behind' the statements that they "do not desire commercial business," that "Hampton has no night operator," that' they -are! "not obliged to keep their office open after 7 o'clock," and that they 'are not 'obliged to receive or pend messages on Sunday. The employes of the Hampton office should not be blamed, however heartless their conduct may seem to be in this case, as it was just exactly in accordance with the rules, regulations and practices'of. the telegraph monopoly that compels them to'do double work for half pay, and we do not write this to criticise them, but as a fair example of the way this great monopoly does business. Why does the government and why does the state legislature hesitate to take hold of this outrageous and heartless monopoly and straighten it out? They Sow Hobart. r/'Emmets^urguBent ..3§ ..over, to hear Hamlet, the delegation returning on the night'freight. The Reporter describes the return ride and says; It was asplendi'd delegation and the people of Algona were highly pleased with it. Every one of them" was highly pleased with the trip and felt- that the play more than nmply repaid them for the time and money 'spent, Then, too, such a delightful trip home in the early morning hours in a passenger coach behind a long freight train. The train was very accommodating and stopped a half hoar at Hobart to allow everybody an opportunity to vievy the architectural beauty of that city by moonlight. Another stop was made at Wbittemore for refreshments and at 8 o'clock the train arrived in Emmetsburg, to the intense satisfaction of the whole dele* gatipp, ^ . »T9lm Ft Puucotobe's Condition, , Dr» Owen of'Chicago, chief surgeon for the Illlnoie Central and Northwest* ern roafls, and. one of the rooet celebr^t* ed surgeons in-the country, pame to EortDpdge to .consult with IOP»! sur« geonsoyer the o«se of John F, Dim« combe, It was (Jiepovored that there wfts a fracture of the thigh bone, with* in the ball and socket Joint, It IB ajv most impossible to get ttt the , injured part nod there is danger of a, permanent phprteBjnganaetiflenlng'tpf the limb, HroHifl requlreihe ujepf Qrutoijei, a«d in 8 hours and SO taiHuteS he h asked 11? bushels in the field, He husked the fleet load of 62 bushels in 3 hour? and IS minutes. UeHi H, E\ tVaticl&coof Mason City, in his experiment with (torn as fuel, says thai he can get ns much heat and pleasant fire out of $5 worth of corn at fs cents pel-bushel as from $?.50 worth of coal. Ail Excellent Dairy Showing. Germaniit's bullet-maker had an exhibit at the state dairy meeting at Waterloo nwd was only beaten by eight out of 200 exhibits. His butter scored OGi out of 100 points. OOTTON STATES EX?08IT10K. Atlanta, On,, September 18 to December 81, 1805. The schedule printed below is a comprehensive guide to'the best and most desirable route to Atlanta from the north and northwest, Chicago, Indianapolis,: Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Terre Haute, and Evansville. * Palace day coaches and Pullman sleeping cars are attached to all trains shown in this schedule, Extremely low rates have been made to Atlanta and return, via the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway. All trains run solid between Nashville and Atlanta,'except: train in last col* umn. The train in third column, which leaves Cincinnati at 4:80 p. m<, runs solid to Atlanta. This is the route of the famous "Dixie flyer, through "all the year round" sleeping car line between Nashville, Tenn., and Jacksonville,Fla. ass ftrtrt rHin t>[ eoni> eas lip. P. 88 "rt'rt oo i-( 10 III wer§ SQ ftry cfHue jn ^Ql «em wiy-a, u s an ^s grmipdt» A te°t? fliii^*- M F»»W 5-wfc,, f to' »Mt • ww MM flrabsat ^uni/. *P.«www.« fym»b«ai$w Caging ftatr^f rtJ&tei^m saa im-fi «io« aas rt P.P. moot eett- saa ftrtrt OOO asa ftrtrt aaa rtap, oino Or* 1(5 888 ooo non ddd dJ Jd • 88 ice p. 888 P. p<ca 3S3 aaa CC1P.P. ootoo 07H9 888 P. dec) ooo noio aaa P.P.CS S t-o H* •iWW aaa rtP.0, CM (MO iCfH^I ass Actct; oxo Tl'JO 0)0) t- aas Pirtcti >mno WrJIH fcfcfc 553 88 P.O. oo <*••»< 888 rt rt rt 888 rt Pi Pi OWIQ nmex ill 533 For further information address Brl- and F. Hill, northern passenger-agent, 828 Marquette Building, Chicago; 111.; R. C. Co ward in, western passenger agent, 405 Ry. Exchange Building, St. Louis, Mo,; or D. J. Mullaney, eastern passenger agent, 59 W. Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. W. L. DANLEY, • G. P.- & T, A., Nashville, Tenn. CHEAP EXCURSIONS SOUTH, Winter Tourist Rates via the Northwestern .Line. The Northwestern line'is now selling excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates to the health and pleasure resorts of California, Florida, Texas,- Mexico, New Mexico, Arkansas. Louisiana, Mis* sissippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Ten- Tjessee, and Alabama, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chica* go if Northwestern rt>ilway,-84t4 Cures OTHERS, Cure You. AVER'S Sarsaparilla MAKES THB * WEAK STRONG. STEAM s < * a TfYT p A-lirTJC -HU1 UArLJDs.j iC'Xi - "*i*,i 8-1-»r .' ,!, ^i-sift;! Are rioted for^ their ability to disapp quickly, espedially when made fromd ' , : -'.>V New York Buckwheat Flour, 49 •-w with a liberal allowance of our ClublJ House Maple Syrup. T" Try them. Langdon ^~^ Boys' Girls' Men's » Ladies' •<"• '2m ;. > "f'^f '. .v"* ••$* ^•^'.vfef 4 ' j »1S ^:w^ii ^a*-.:c:^| . / 'rr' ^ 4 ' ,H • ' , >• t* , !<iA x%l 4 * -';«;-i;4 1 ' i*I>i' ' ' ''-'--'I G. M. DOXSEB, Heavy AI Cotton adee, Jeans, OassimeresJ Fine BlacM !5ress Children's Children's Yarns, Ribbons, > '• r-.^fr^ Notions of ? all Kinds, "II flM5l^>|: ,RS'',Pl !l i' I' *V' • v " . v Ftl'" i>;|^; iSfil|- ; :;'li^ K: ^'i&C^ I-l.ei^^i^»I A *Ml '. ' v A'.;".' -.u v.^^^'tv-i4"y"V^K%?A»| " ^ '<*'!' { '-'\>»''j j MllfflHMJt Ml,' *^1' *'* lt *%^S *•'"" ' ''•• '' ^ -''^'^c^^SIPMi^ig^R'J •/'.« :, • .r^r^MHfflSral^£^££L^

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