The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1895
Page 7
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IOWA bxIV NOVJBMtilK 27, : 'wK_^£jSt& _L* ... •£ ijij .jSLj-iTij.— i . '..J - . i> t. i,i ..Assfe-... . .< -Mmr-ii—" T _ ^ ta _.*^ k ^fiiM.||A||U£*i||tft l |UfcJyuj£ugtt|» M | l ^^ BANOift. t 8tH»ttt « in ii«6if to Wfttfcit tti* lit * fhe fc±p<>H6hc6 6* ft Writ (b.) Hlfl Wild *» ft tfiftfc fa the clssing days ef yeaf the ftewspaperg dl Cieteland ^fef e tafeiftg ffantic but VaJfi effotts 1 t8 io- fiate Maggie Stofer, a i9-yewN»l&tBf*l Wb.8 had disaffected, • tM i>oll6S 6f the Ohio city were alse ttuch stlfftd ug over the 'aatter, but neithef they" fcof the gefleralJy acute reporters well able to get the slightest trace of the ffit&slng; girl. F'of *i6Bie time previous to hef disappearahee Miss .Stofer's eyesight had beett 1ft very bad condition, atod it was determined by her relatives that she should pay a visit to Columbus, Where, at the state Institution fof the bllttd, she expected to be benefited. She did ftpt reach the place, and after ttiak* ing thorough search her friehds came to the conclusion that she had In some mysterious manner met her • death as a result of her temporary affliction. A day or two ago she suddenly appeared at her home, In the best of health and spirits and with her eyesight completely restored. Miss Stofer says that her disappearance resulted from a mere love of adventure on her part, and that while she much regrets causing her relatives so much anxiety and sorrow she ffo«tfiet3lH«fitiUtl,Ofi!d, Jlfe^f.fc Bbtoftfian is fcot & bed at Hg is subjected to toafty hardships, 3,—AiBr ifa the Winter when be" Is exposed the bold and sfiow. fivefl in the summer Kit bear the intense heat Which beats upon him. Considerable nerve and . 3B86!»ioTM isaecesBftfy ina gdodbiDtor- t fof the lives and limbs ot his ftaiseh- ftw at stake, one of the best'ktiown ci tHotoi-inen in tfais city Is William --ft Who is at j#t»seflt running! a car on LUfflminstille elerttrlc line. He is not Well known to his fellow.elnployes but e people who travel on his car. Mr, "f is & young man about twenty-six ... ot age and resides •with bis wife and Id at 144 Belts Street, Cincinnati, O. Utdyear ago Mr. Frazer •was taken " serious stomach troubles. He bought •fll kinds of medicine which were rec- ended to him, but none of them seemed iVe him even temporary benefit. An jusift'stloadmirer of that famous remedy *tt as Or. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale >ple told him to try them, Frazer -was lost discouraged, but took the advice, a reporter of the Euquirer he said: ."I can most heartily recommend Dr. Wil- ims 1 Pink Pills. "They are all that is lined for them, in fact they advertise ,,.*.., - , ,. JittselVes better than any medicine I ever j nas found that she can earn a good llv- $^t was seized.some time ago with a bad , Ing on the stage. While on the way to ick of indigestion. My stomach hurt me *ly all tlm time and I could not digest Stood. , The pain Was almost unbearable B'l found nothing that would give me lief, 1 confess that when 1 bought the |t box of Pink Pills I hadn't much confl- Qce in their efficacy because 1 had tried firany things without success that I -was -JlOst discouraged. Before I had taken ae-box I was decidedly better. Two boxes Bred me entirely. While I hav* been undet .!§'Weather, from other causes, my indiges- Jon has never returned. If it ever should pow just what to do. I have so much ffifldence in the efficacy of Pmk Pills that pyer I,get real sick again with any disor- |r.l shall 'j?e some of thorn. Is is a pleas- re for me, I assure vou, to testify to the Ecellent qualitiesof these Pink Pills. They ot only tone the stomach, but regulate tho ttWels and act as a mild cathartic." '. TVrazer's testimonial means some' f. He speaks from' personal experi- and anyone who doubts that he re- jlvod the benefits stated can easily verify he assertion by calling on Mr. Krazer or Bing him Some time while he is on bis car.. Or. •Williams' Pink Pills contain all of. the ilements necessary to give now, life and phuess to the blood and restoraj-ihattered u ves. Thoy are sold in boxes at 50 cents ti'fbox, or six boxes for $2.50, and may bo Bad of all druggists, or directly by mail "rom Dr. Williams Medicine Company, Chenectady, N, Y. Jourimlistlc Finance. Suitor—I'm going to give a prize oE $10 J^tbe'girl subscriber sending ine the hand-' pnlest 'photograph of herself. ^Manager—Wo can't afford it; we're all Tit of coal. iitor-rButwo can sell the photographs ;, a cigarette factory for enough to buy jenty tons of coal. How's This! 'e c3Per $100 reward for any case of H< . that can not be cured by Hall's jfttarrh cure. ' J. Cheney & Co., proprietors, Toledo, Bio, I'We the undersigned, have known F. J. Jheney for the last fifteen years, and be- Ifeve him perfectly honorable in all busi- j^ss transactions and financially able to ' rry out any obligations made by their 3 I'm. gWest & Truax, wholesale drughists, To"do, Ohio. aiding, Kininan & Marvin,' wholesale gruggists, Toledo, Ohio. il's Catarrh cure is taken internally. cting directly upon the blood and mu- UOUB surfaces ot the system. Price. 75 ftents per bottle. Sold by all druggists, Testimonials free, - Hall's family pills, 25 cents. A Waste of Good Material. JSfS'Why is a great strong man like you iround begging? * "Ah, madam; it is the only profession in |\yhich a gentleman can address a beautiful llady without tho formality of an introduc- Ition." ^ A Child Kiijoya lie pleasant flavor, gentle action and oothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when in j|e<?d of a laxativo.-and'if the father or Bother be costive or 1 ' bilious, tho most [ratifying results follow its use; so that it Is'the best family remedy known, and every 'aiajly should have a bottle on hand. ^Walter Besant is authority for the state- pent that there are fifty novelists in Eng- pjd who have incomes of §5,000 a year or INCREASE YOUR INCOMES y careful investments in grain through .a sponsible firm of large experience and t success, Will send you particulars showing how a small amount of money be easily multiplied by successful in- ments, Highest Bank references, Op- E»or,t\vaitles excellent, Pattison & Co., ankers' and' Brokers, Room W, Omaha uilcUng, Chioago. '. ijGeogrftphers say that the entire coast fjB9 9? the globe njeasures 1SO.OOQ. miles, B Eu»ny fan tula Valley. ,SAJjJ3— The best improved he'(fa,rm) in Southern Colorado, Address P, P. Bajcer, Toor N. R. Baker, /.Tbe've aye lots o£ blpoming flowers " Thftt the frqst nips in toe patch, But we've other kinds of bloomers frost can never catch, la ycur wns TIM &,fpt'80)* Pay at Q'mi»t Junction .... inost suuceystful yot UeliJ- Thousands •0 U)eye'ttii4 evoryuody wus s/itlsttetl. A ,jt nwuy Qecid«(] to Jot-ate then.*. JSeplu a?, Fojtj SJOT llost")' llulWlng, Denyei'.Oolo. Jjusband epjpys poor - J ysuk}-- ' Cijre fpr Oojjsmnptiion lJfe last sufflHipr.-r-5tK8, the state asylum she left the train at Gallon, going to another small town there that same evening. There she met a young man whom she had known before, and they decided to get married. Accordingly, they started for Buffalo, the home of the young man's parents, who advised against the match on account of Mies Stofer's ailment 'and urged her to return home. This she seemingly agreed to do, but instead' secured an engagement at a local theater, where her vocal talents made her quite a favorite. Later she signed for the season with a traveling company, and visited Cleveland last winter without her relatives learning of the fact. When warm weather arrived last spring she resigned her position in the theatrical company, the discomforts of travel in the summer being more than she cared to face. She was then in Philadelphia, where she at once secured an engagement as governess for the two children of a rich business man. Long before this time her sight had been completely restored. Miss Stofer remained In the Quaker City for several months, and then", hearing In a roundabout way that her mother was in poor health, suddenly determined to go home, which she did. THE BANGLE AGAIN. It Cnino Into . Fashion with Elbow- SlecVe and Is Very Costly. One of the features of this year's fashion in jewelry is that the bangle is very different from the old. It came into fashion along with the elbow sleeve now so much in vogue, and is a flexible affair, comfortable to the arm and entirely unlike the stiff bangle of a few years ago. At one leading jeweler's there'are. a variety of these new bangles. They -consist of a narrow flexible gold band, set with jewels, alternating with one another. Six to eight gems are used, and the effect,is yery beautiful. Diamonds alternating with emeralds are the most in vogue, though exquisite bangles show diamonds and rubies and diamonds and sapphires.. Another bangle novelty has the same flexible band, but with the jewels arranged in a cluster instead of the separate gems alternating with one another. A Uffquois surrounded with diamonds makes valuable one of these new bangles, Strings of pearls are the fashion to wear with low-necked evening' gowns, The latest show four pearl strands caught together in three places by flat diamond clasps. Nothing could be more beautiful for a debutante's "coming out present" than one of these new. pearl necklaces. The fashionable bat pin of the moment has for. its top one gem framed in diamonds or tiny pearls, An amethyst set' in pearls is, perhaps, the most correct. In Ills Official Character, I was waiting for the postqfflce at Huntsville to open in the morning and meanwhile talking a bit to the colored janitor, who was sweeping and dusting, when a negro boy abopt 15 • years old came along and halted and beckoned the janitor to step aside. The old man Jooked at him sharply, but did not com' ply. "Say, yo'!" called the-young man, There was no reply to this, and after a minute he called again. "Boy! what yo' want wia me?" sternly demanded, the janitor, "J wants to speak wia yo'," , "Whoisyo 1 ?" "Yo' know who I Js, Yo 1 is du» Engaged to my sister, EjvangeHne," "Ob! yo' is her br udder Sam, Waal, what yo' want?" "Kin yo' lend me JO cents?" "Qn what grounds, sah?" "On de* grounds dat yo' is ewine to be Bjy bru,<Jder-in-law," "Boy, 4Qan yo 1 know nuffln' 'tall 'bout phijospphy?" shpnted the janitor, as he raised bis broom over bts shoulder, *'My bein' engaged £0 yo' Bister $van- geljne as a. private §m?en and my Btapdjn' heah represent^' de Pp-Hed States guv'menj; an' talkln' wJ4 ft gem', jao besides am two entirely different ' Ag yg'r fupher. bm^er* J'd, like tQ objeef 9 yo 1 , but as ft of fljg ^uv'inent, I yo' ftps* M»m and if yo' hey to swash ys' Free Yprfc f ravsjy rejRajfce4 the 4ftW8, at ihe ibe Wt^Wy Blait, . Gtea tbe eiJltQr Sf |hji guglp, ~" ^ fipitlstt Isies CbtfipfisS i.fiofl islftiida fthd Islets, fritfcdttt the Jtittiflga rdcks or Isolated pibfiftetee. It'tuts feeefl estimated that electflfi railways have already disj>iac'ed ift the tJfilted Stated ho less than 27S.OOO hofses. the t»eat efofe to Geofgla this jteaf 19 the lafgest oh fecofd. It Is estimated bjr those Itt a posltioto to khow and to judge correctly that It will exceed 300,000 barrels. The "life tree" of Jataaica la harder id kill thftti any ether species of Woddy growth khowa td agriculturists. It continues to grow and thrives for months after being uprooted and ex* posed to the sun, tt is a singular coincidence that in South bakota a week or so ago it was necessary to close the schools on account of the intense heat, and two days later they were closed again because of the excessive cold. Just laws are no restraint upon the freedom of the Rood, for & good man desires nothing which a |ust law will interfere With.^Proude. A Woman won't He for ber own sake nearly so easily as she will for the snko of somebody else, , •- . i ; J^tH|. . ,-. ^ffHginf - ,1 ClUfdfnfft has pf6dli66d seeftted tlolet the size of ft laf|6 pattsy. ftfae ortfiode* Hebrews date ffoffi t&* ereatfen, which event they glace 1ft ths yeaf B. 0. 3?60. According to the computation of the Russian chfonologists, the cfeatiofi took place B. C. 6508. the tendency in modern building in England is toward the abolition of stairs in favor of inclined planes. j Honduras was named by the Spanish in allusion to the depth of the water ofi its coast, the Word means "deep water." The peach blossom has been-selected by a Vote of the school children of Delaware as the floral emblem of that state, ) A hot bath, with or without soap, is a sedative and a help to the body when exhausted. It is best taken at night Whett tired. ( Doctor—I must forbid all brain work. Poet—But may I not write some verses? Doctor—Oh, certainly. Putt inltornmtlon respecting the best fruit and farm land In Riverside Co., Cal. Address Hetnot Land Co., Hornet, CaL Mrs. Martha White, 88 years of age, of Unadllia, N.Y., recently took a two-mile spin on a bicycle. Is a prkc fighter and champion in every contest with [RHEUMATIC PAINS, It knocks out in every round, and on its belt is written ' «t rffRF." ( ft Tobacco 9 . makes the nerves stroner, and I brings back the feelings of youth to the pre-1 maturely old man. It restores lost vigor. You may g-ain ten, pounds in ten days. GUARANTEED BAGGO Mm CURE, Go buy and try a box to-day. It costs only $1. Your own druggist •will guarantee a cure or money refunded. Booklet, written guarantee of cure and sample free. Address nearest office. THE STERLING REMEDY CO.. CHICAGO. MONTREAL, CAN. NEW VORK. Highest® tf^I'M 1%.'; 12S^ QFH MOUf H« the fidftyntte'* hhapnortist This tTaefttl Mfeiiliiferi Some otte has fallen In love with a mouth, and his mouth Is full of praise and song, To him some mouths look like peaches and cream, some like a hole chopped in a brick wall to admit a door or window. The mouth is a hot* bed of toothaches and a baby's crowning glory. It is patriotism's fountain head, and the tool chest for pie. With* out it the politician would be a wanderer on the face of the earth,, and the cornetist would go down to an unhonored grave. It Is the grocer's friend, the orator's pride and the dentist's hope. Rosalind wished all her friends Were one mouth so that she might kiss it. Much more than a mustache depends upon the mouth.— New Orleans Picayune. A lady engaged a boarding plnco in Portland a few days ago. and the first day she foreot the street and number and was obliged to advertise for it, $z A Wotttafl Ride* ailmfce , , On the affival ef & fitirlingtM freight tfain at Mtifttlyj Ment,, ly» the tfalfifflea discovered ,1 » ., afld hdndsoffle Wofflah and & boy HdlB«; upon one ot the brake beams proved tr&nip fashion. The . gave her name aa Mrs. said her husband, a barbel 1 , set-ted hef and a baby fee*vefa. ,. ago at Billings, Besides herself aM, baby, she had & mother ami a llttleji brother to support. A few days agdf;; she spent her last money to, l)urchase ! tickets for her mother and b&'by id" Sherldafi, Wy. ( where they have"" friends, and one night'she took the lit', tie brother climbed on the brake beam of an outgoing freight, find had been •, riding nearly all night when dlscov- ered. The trainmen gave them a place in the caboose' the remainder of ihelr, journey. , The Marquis of Salisbury, while living in the Australian gold diggings in 1852,, occupied a little log hut. which is still carefully preserved as a a relic. Salisbury at that'-' time was Lord Robert Cecil. ' . *.' !: m Timely Warning. The great success of the chocolate preparations of the house of Walter Baker & Co. (established in 1780) has led to the placing on the market many misleading and unscrupulous imitations, of their name, labels, and .wrappers. Walter Baker & Co. are the oldest and largest manufacturers of pure and high-grade Cocoas and Chocolates on this continent. No chemicals are used in their manufactures. Consumers should ask for, and be sure that they get, the genuine Walter Baker & Co.'s goods. WALTER BAKER & CO., Limited, DORCHESTER, MASS. •J3a candy cathartic euro constipation. Purely vegetable, smooth an easy, Bold by druggists everywhere, guaranteed to cure. Only 10c. STEEL WEB PICKET FENCE. GABLED FIELD AND HOG FENCE, Also CA1ILK1> I'OUl/J-'KY, «A1U>IC2V AM> KAIIItlT »• 1C SICK. We manufacture a complete line of Smooth Wive Fencing, and guarantee every artlclo to uo as repre- EenteU. H you couHldei 1 quality we 'can save you money* Cat<ii' o K uo frre. De Kalb Fence Co,, ' 2I the food for all such. How many pale folk there are! People who have the will, but no power to bring out their vitality; people who swing like a pendulum between strength and weakness— so that one day's work causes six days' sickness! People who have no life for resisting disease—thin people, nerveless, delicate! The food for all such men, women, or children is SCOTT'S , EMULSION. The hypophosphites combined with the oil , will tone up the system, give the blood new life, improve the appetite and help digestion. The sign of new life will be fattening and reddening, which brings with it strength, comfort and good-nature. St iurtyfK S<( StotCt Er/iultfen when you want ft and net a (keaf suMitute, Scott & Bowne, New York, AH Druggists, S o C . PLATE MEANS/', YOU SEE THEM EVERYWHERE A.n! '• ^ > \ <<<•.« •m ppmpwiion bn fccep growlog better, brlgliter every ye»r for mere Una ility ye.»r«." The Volume pf The Companion for 18961-- the ?oth yesr of its publieatipn -^ will give weekly entertainment instruction in. abundance fpr every jneuiber 9f the family, Holiday TOO Far Souvenir Wijmbere, 4Q«Wf ia Tbe eiz? of The Companion page Is Both youcg »»4 oW fisd in appropriate to @»ch se^goiji four times that of tbe leading W&%& weefe'e issue ajaysement ^ e W9w year's, WpWogtes's K4it9rt»l?i e, "Bertta ,e»4 ' ' " m giv*^,, Ooly l*.7§ More than 309,fungus Men and worofn have contritiited to t!)e next Vojuw of TH§ Send fof Fall Illustrate^ Prospectus and S»ffpl? CppJes Fr?p, ' *»f»»^^W.jffirfW«^»WMM^!H'V>»l(*«^WW^^ OPF^SI \yiU,?«t 9 u t this flip 6»a _wod it «*>* '*•««• wmmiy& a* «?**?* * w* ?Bw*-.«i *<UBW®? *\ JB%\ ^ j . /<?'.* ~ ' s f , l^' U<*W**W4W^W*HUWlWMW*W^^ lie 'AAMDAUIAU _-. /*.i.. u u.._ . A..^».._ D__A__ .;«•'" "i:-:. -. 1188 BWV pj^k , , (c HefttoM and Vi'*™ -• ''"••""- i^x&ii %foP * afe^^BSF ' I* • v t )>, ,^^ ^^^ ™ ^^^' n ,^%^W^^^'-' ,, , .,-v- > , For INfOWM AXIOM vouWliiit land Jn Burry Co<, ;j;

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