Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 26, 1924 · Page 5
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, February 26, 1924
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DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1924. DECATUR HFR ALD DECATUR HIGH SCHOOL FLOOR SCENE OF MEET ON MARCH 6, 7 AND Seventeen Teams to Compete Victors Meet Here Following Week in One of Four Sectional Championship Events .-.. plenty or action tor their money March 6, 7 and 8. and the following week. On the three named dates next week are to be played one of the 35 district tournaments on the Decatur floor. The following week one of the four state sectional meets will be held here. ihen the tour winners m sectional play clash at Urbana for tee state pii I'ti . l luie. So devotees of the cage game can start risht in with the district play here, follow the winner through the sectional and on to -the Illinois cham-; pioMhips. Drawings for the district tourna-ir.fst to he held in Decatur were an-aounced yesterday. Seventeen teams m-;:i compete, as follows: Decatur. Sullivan, Atwood, Loving-ton. Bethany. Argenta. Warrensburg. Jlaroa. Mansfield. Arthur, Bement. Blue Mound. Stonington. LaPlace, Veldnn. .Niantic and ML Auburn. Maroa and Mansfield will meft in the frst game, and then the victor of that contest will take its place w:!h the remaining 10 teams. This will eliminate the necessity of a bye. The pamos are to he played Thursday Friday and Saturdav. March 6 T ar.d S. Salem District Drawings Out CENTRAL! A. Feb. S3 The draw-ins on tr.e e stnet High school basketball to ba at ?a!rn March 6, 7. and S were re; la.d today by the State association fs:raiia. as usual drew eomewnat of a dark horse for thefr opening game which 1, with Sparta. Keports ay that Sparta ba. fc;n defeating some of the best teams In southern Illinois. If Centralia survive, her operant,- game, the home team will bjci up acalnst her old rivals. Mt. Ver-P"ri as that team will not have any difficulty if winnmir her first mine. Koollow-1e? is the complete drawings: Game No. 1 Kinmundy vs. Opdyke. ' ilarse No. 2 Centralia vs Sparta. Game N-. 3 Sandoval vs Odin. Gt-T-e No. 4 Nashville vs. Mt. Vernon. Game N". 5 Mason vr. Kvansvillc. r,a:n No. f Pinckneyviile vs Salm. Gam No. 7 TValson vs l 'ouoltcrvilie. Game No. S Farina vs C'arlyle. In the second round of the tournev In t plays the winner of games 1 and 3, "they fc.vicg drawn the bye. Lincoln District Games Announced LINCOLN-. III.. Feb. Following are t.e drawings for the district tournament ,v uc i:d-ci nere -March fi-7-K; Games (1). ArminKton vs. Beasnn: (2), .......... .-. ..it. j-uiasKi: Kmden vs. ".ursine; Vi, vvapeua vs. Lincoln; (5) Hanshurg vs. Llkhart: (6), Willlamsville vf. Atlanta: (7) Chestnut vs. New Holland;: (Sj. Kenney vs. Deland: . winners one and three; (10). winners twoc rd tour; I1). winners five and seven-i:i. winners six and eight: (13. win. o niii im ivn. iki. winners mil twtive; 1 1 S winners thirteen eleven and lO'-ncen. SEPP IS READY FOR PERGENTOS Esthonian Finished Hard Training for Go Here Tomorrow Night. BY LARRY DAILEY Augjst Sfpp didn't shave yesterday. Now August usually keeps up personal appearances. So we were perturbed by the two-day f"owth of beard on the Esthonian'9 tnus. "What's 'smatter. Augie. got the toothache," ive sympathetically iskerj. Nope," he said. He said it "ona like a growl, too. "Best girl lone back on you.' we queried. "Sope," he mumbled. The truth of the matter Is that August finished hard training for a resiling match. As all close followers of boxing and wrestling inow, when an athlete nears the day of a match, he (the athlete) becomes father hard boiled. Some boiled larder than others. That process of training, the boiling out and the trind, together with the natural ten-"m when a contest approaches, "altes th&m all hard to get along ith, some more than others. Sepp is to meet Lous Pergenos on ta rr.at tomorrow night at 249 West ood street. Pcrgentos is a fellow !ih no little grappling reputation. J is said to be a-fast, tricky chap. Too he win have the advantage of a w Pounds in weight over August, w Indications point to an exeremely to'Jgh match for Sepp. Hence the non-shave. Thus the ear-grouch. But hard work is over. August '! have a shave today. He is ttiiv. YOUNG STRIBLING LOSES 6-ROUND GO -r-J.ALO, N. T., Feb 23. Jim "ung) Stribllng it here tonight. in a : six-orund May Make Hoppe and Horemans Match Today XEtV YORK. Feb. 25 Negotiations r a title match between Willie "owe, of New York, world's profes-'nal balkline billiard champfon, and "ouard Horemans, Belgian chal-nser, may be concluded at a conference tomorrow. Sox Get Pitcher Moore from Tigers on W 'ewers Urt lT' Feb- 2S Ey Moore, a ,. t-banded Pitcher, has been sold by '. e Detroit Tigers to the Chicago : ""ricans at the waiver price, it was "--nd today. 8 "oiui ana vicinity will nave DISTRICT CAGE SCHEDULE HERE Game 1 Maroa and Mansfield. Game 2 Sullivan and Atwood. Game 3 Bethany and Argcnta. Game 4 Decatur and Lovtngton. Game 5 La Place and Weldon. Gme 6 Arthur and B-ment. Game 7 Xlantlc and Mt. Auburn. Game S Blue Mound and Stonington. Game 9 Warrcnsburs and winner of game 1. iame iv T inners of games 2 and 4. Game 11 Winners of gameb 5 and 1. Game 12 "Winners of games 6 and IS. Game 13 Winners of games 3 and 9. Semi-final Game 14, -winners of gamel 11 and 12; game 15, winners of games 10 and 13. Finals Winners of games 14 and 15. Little 19 Cage Tilts This Week Are Important i Wesleyan, Augustana and Eu reka Contenders for Championship THE STANDINGS w Augustana. ' .......... 10 Wesleyan '15 Eureka 3 Mt. Morris 5 Lombard 5 Knox 4 St. Viator 3 Illinois C. 6 Bradley 7 State Normal 6 Millikin 5 Monmouth. 2 PCT. .S33 .81S .714 .714 .667 .600 .600 .500 .420 .35 Basketball championship of the Little 19 probably will be decided this week. First of the important trames booked is tonight when vves leyan and Eureka clash at Eureka floor. Wesleyan leads them all with 15 victories and two defeats, with Eureka third. Augustana, a third team in the con Terence race, plays Monmouth Thursday night. Eureka clashes with Illinois college the same evening. Both leaders should win. Bradley may give Augustatia a hard batte when they meei at Rock Island. Millikin's only game of the week is Friday with Northwestern at Naperville. Bradley was forced to the limit last nigh to dispose of Monmouth". 22 to 21, at Peoria. Its victory put the Techmen even for the season, with a .500 mark. Monmouth's de feat pushes that team further into the cellar, with two wins and seven reversals. Following are the re maining games for this week Feb. 2CSt. Viators at Kalamazoooo; Wesleyan at Eureka. Feb. 27 St. Viators at Lansing. Mich. Feb. 28 Augustana at Monmouth; Eureka with Illinois college. Feb. 20 Knox with Lake Forest at Chicago: Millikin with Northwestern at Naperville. March 1 Bradley with Augustana at Rock Island: Illinois college with Milli-lfin at Decatur: Knox with Northwestern at Naperville: Valparaiso with St. Viators at Kankakee. CENT R ALIA BEATEN BY BRIDGEPORT HIGH CEXTKALIA. Feb 5-The Cen-. tralia High school basketball te lost the second of a two-day trip to Bridgeport, 27-17. The game was fast and the score 'ould have been much different had not Centralis been without the services of their husky center, Clarei.ce Saul. He was unable to make the trip and it was evident that the team missed1 his not being in the game because Centralis has defeated both Olney and Bridgeport at earlier dates in the year. BABE RUTH THIRD IN HOT SPRINGS GOLF HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Feb. 23. J. Bour. of the Calumet Country club. Chicago, was the medalist in the Qualifying round of the spring tour nament, which opened today at- the Hot Springs Golf and Country club course. Bour turned in a 8". "Babe" Ruth was third with a card of 89. The noted baseball slugger will enter the match play tomorrow. First Methodists and Presby terian Victors First Presbyterian basket tossers defeated the First Baptist quintet by an 18 to 16 score Monday evening In a. T. M. C. A. church league contest, while the First Methodist team knocked off Grace Methodists 15 to 10. The standing of the teams are vr L PCT. .soo .hoo .800 .750 .500 .400 .000 .000 Grace Methodist 4 1 First Methodist 4 1 Central Christian .... 4 1 Westminster 3'' 1' First Christian 2 2 First Presbyterian ... 2 3 First Baptist 0 S St. Paul's Methodist . . 0 4 BASKETBALL SCORES Bradley. 22: Monmouth, 21. DePauir, Z3; Marquette, 20. OFFICIAL THREE-I LEAGUE SCHEDULE CLUBS AT AT " AT AT AT , AT PEORIA BLOOMIXGTQV DECATUR DANVILLE TERRE HAJE EVANSVILLE . May 13, 14. 15 May 19, 20, 21. 22 May 2. J3, H, i May 16, 217, tl8 April ', 30. May 1 PEORIA THRFF.I June 13. 214. tlS-15 June 19. 20. 121. 122 June 4. 6. 6 June IS. 17. 18 June tl. 2. 3 B mikak'l July 17. 18. 19 July 24, 25. 228 July 4-4, 25, t6 July t20-20. 21, 22, 23 July 7 8 Aug. 19. 20. 21. t31 Aug. 22. 223. t24 Aug. 6. 7. 8 Aug. 25. 26. 27 Aug. 29. tlO-10. 11, IS ,'ay 11- t3?"3?' PI ... May 16. 5". tl8 April -29, 30. "Way"! May 2, 23, t4, 6 May 19. 20. 21. 22 BLOOMIXGTOV i"n" JjJlyK1, 3 RnY QfiOPFx June 16' 17- 18 une f1' S- S JU" 5. 6 June 19. 20, J21. t2S Aug. J3, 4. 5 DUA OIlUllLW July t20-20. 21. 22. 23 "Suly 7. 8. 9 . July 4-4, 25, 16 July 24, 25. 22 Aug. 28. 29, 230 . Aug. 25. 26. 27 Aug. 29. tlO-10, 11. 12 Aug. 6. 7. 8 Aug. 22. 223. 124 May 26. 27, 28 May 23. 224. 125 May 13, 14, 15 April 29. 30 May 1 May 2 23 t4 5 DECATUR . June 26' S7- -8' t:S Jun !3' Z4' 55 Mill I DC Jun 13. 114. 115-15, 3C June 11. 2. S June 4 5 6 DECATI.R July 31. Aug 1,23 July 127. 28. 29, 30 fllLLOC July 17, 18. 219. ' July 7. 8 9 July 25. 16 Sept.s. 5. 26. 17 Sept '1-1. 2. 3 Aug. 19. 20. 21 Aug. 29. 110-10. 1, 12 Aug. 6. 7. 8 May J10. tll-11. 13 May 6. 7, 8. 9 May 29, 'SO-SO. 231 May 19 , Mav 16 217 18 DANVILLE - June I0' 12 June 7- tS- July 5- 3 DDIHTCIl June 19, 20, xil. 12 June 16 17 18 DANVILLE JuIjr n U3 July n. 15. 16 Aug. 13. 4. 5 rlllH I VM July 24. 25. 2;6 Ju"y 120--0 'I 22 23 Aug. 13. 14. 15 Aug. 216. H7-17. 18 Aug. 28. 29. 230. 131 ' ' -3 May 23. 224, 125 May 210, 111-11, 12 May 6. 7. 8. 9 May 26. 27. 28 J9 .30 30 Jn TERRE HAL'TF June S3' 2i- 25 June ,0 12 June 7" t8' 9 June 26,':7. J28, 129 111 TUC June 30 July 12 3 icivhb HALTE July 127. 28, 29. 30 July 10. 11. J12, 113 July 14, 15. 16 July 31. Aug. 1, 22 IM I tit An tl J 1 Sept. '1-1. t. 3 Aug. 13. 14. 15 Aug. 216. 117-17. 18 Sept. 4. 5. 26. 17 " " Au ;8; :'9 30 May. 6. 7. 8. 9 May 26. 27. 28 May 210, 111-11, 12 May 23. 224, 125 May 13. 14. 15 7 EVAVSVIl 1 r June 7' tS- 9 June -6. 128. t29 Jun 10, 11, 12 June 23. 24. 25 June 13, 214. 115-15" UEBJII II LLt' July 14. 15. 16 July 31. Aug. 1. 2 July 10. 11, 212, 113 July 127. 28. 29, 30 July 17. 18. 19 nCtlflLU Aug. 216. 117-17. 18 Sept. 4. 5. 16, 17 Aug. 13, 14. 15 Sept. '1-1. 2, 3 Aug. 19, 20. 21. 131 NINE SUNDAYS TEN SUNDAYS ' TEN1 SUNDAYS'". NINE SUNDAYS TEN SUNDAYS '. NINE SUNDAYS TWO HOLIDAYS ONE HOLIDAY ' ONE HOLIDAY TWO HOLIDAYS ONE HOLIDAY TWO HOLIDAYS . y " ' Holidays ISundays tSaturdays COMMY PILOT, ARRIVES TODAY Will Discuss Prospects with Prexy Wylie and Visit Fans 1924 SCHEDULE FAIR BY LARRY DAILEY Harold Irelan will be in Decatur today. The man who will carry the burden' ot putting the Commodores in the Three-I league campaign the coming seasor is due to arrive at noon from his home at Indianapolis. Irelan and Prexy Wylie will discuss the outlook for the season, and complete plans for spring training. Pitchers and catchers will be instructed to report here for work about April 10, and the rest of the tossers w-ill gather about the middle of the month. Harold is en route south. Birmingham is his destination and he will aid in getting the Baron athletes into shape. This too will give Irelan an opportunity to'get into condition and he should be in shape to crack his whip over the rookies who aspire to draw pay checks from the Decatur Fans association. Knows Few Fans Here. The visit today of Irelan will be his first since he took over the Commodore managership. In fact Harold has been in this man's town only onvone or two other occasions and knows but few fans here. Irelan will be here a day or two on this trip and will take occasion to get acquainted with the diamond devotees. A Terre Haute scribe, writing in The Sporting News last week said that all weren't satisfied with the schedule for this year. If every club isn't pleased with the playing program nothing could satisfy whoever is riled. Every club shares practically alike in the distribution of holiday and Sunday dates. Each club has either nine Sundays and two holidays, or ten Sabbath dax dates and one holiday. What could be fairer? Long Stands, Jump Banned. Long home stays and equally lengthy road, treks are eliminated. The schedule, released today, books 140 games, opening the season April 29 and closing Sept. 7. The champions open at Terre Haute; Bloomington at Danville: and Peoria at Evansville. The holiday dates are filled as follows. July 4 Decatur, at Evansville: Peoria at Danville: Bloomington at Terre Haute. Decoration Day Danville at Decatur: Peoria, at Bloomington: Terra Haute at Evansville. Labor Day Decatur at Bloomington; Evanavllle at Danville; Terre Haute at Peoria. Central Illinois Farmers Form Baseball Loop Amateur Circuit to Provide Recreation for Tillers of the Soil LINCOLN. 111., Illinois farmers Feb. 23. Central are going to play ball. With the object of lightening the drudgery of farm work and add ing some pleasure to the lot of the athletically inclined tillers of the soil, the Illinois Farm Bureau Baseball League has been organized. Teams wil lbe placed in the counties of Logan, Sangamon, Macoupin, Menard, Morgan. Cass, Scott and others. Only farmers and sons of farmers, or those who are employed by farmers, will be eligible to play. The games will be purely upon an amateur basis and all professionals will be barred. Games will, be played on Saturdays only and only with farm bureau teams of adjacent counties. Efforts are being made to. organize teams in every county of Illinois which has a farm bureau, and. it is expected, a large number will become affiliated. For many years, Illinois farmers have been concerned over the attractions of the city for the sons and daughters, and they have sought to make farm life more attractive for the young people and thus make them more contented. The baseball league is counted upon to prove a strong factor In overcoming the lure. of the big city and keeping the youth of the rural districts more satisfied with pastoral existence. It is planned to open the season as soon as the weather will permit In April. Change in Plan of 35 District Cage Tourneys Winning Teams in Three Meeti, But Week Allowed Between Each BLOOMINGTON, Feb. 25. Final instructions are going out to the various prep schools of the state, preliminary to the thirty-five - district basketball tournaments on March 6, 7 and 8, from the office of Manager C. TV. Whitten of the Illinois High School Athletic Association. The increased number of district contests this year shortens the traveling item, none of the competing teams being required to go farther than fifty miles. This reduces the transportation charges materially. The winning teams must play through three tournaments, but a week is allowed for recuperation. , Sectional Meet Here. The winners of the district tournaments will assemble at Joilet. Peoria, Decatur and Benton on March 14 and 15 to compete for the sectional honors, the winners to go to TJrbana on March 21 for the finals, two days being allotted to the state title competition. The new sysem of three separate tournaments, has proven to be a great success and is a great improvement over the original arrangement of a single meet with sixty to seventy-five contesting for the honors. Close Schedules Soon. Most of the prep schools close their season during the coming week and the squads will then prepare for the district competitions the first week of March. Approximately 500 teams will compete in the district tournaments, Indicating the great increase in interest in the pastime. PURDUE FIVE TO MEET BUCKEYES Conference Leaders Tangle with Ohio State Quintet Tomorrow LAFAYETTE. Ind.. Feb. 25 The Purdue university athletic schedule for this -week is very light when compared with the sports programs of the last few week-ends. During the week only one contest is scheduled, the return basketball game with the Buckeyes at Columbus, Wednesday but this contest will be regarded with interest becau-e of its bearing on the Boilermakers' championship hopes. But one home event is scheduled for Saturday, the swimming meet with the Northwestern university tank team, while two teams will enter foreign camps. A portion of the track 6quad will journe." to Urbana for the Illinois relays and the varsity wrestling team will travel to meet the Chicago Y. M. C. A. mat men. The varsity wrestling team completed its conference card in the meet with Northwestern at Evan-ston today, and will probably be engaging in its last dual meet of the season against the Chicago Y. M. C. A grapplers Saturday. Baseball practise has been in progress steadily for the past week and the Boilermaker diarr nd squad will continue its indoor practise next week. , POP GEERS IS READY FOR ANOTHER SEASON Seventy-Three Year Young. Veteran Heinsxnan to Strive for Kecord with Peter Manning- Ed (Pop)) Geers, who is 73 years of age, Intends continuing his light harness racing. This grand Id man of the sport will strive to mark Peter Manning in a mile of 1:561 or better this year. Report Says Iowa State Wants Gopher Mentor AMES, la., Feb. 25 It is reported here unofficially that T. N. MeUalf. track coach at the University of Minnesota, has been offered the position of director of athletics at Iowa State College here to succeed C. W. Mayser, resigned. Metcalf was here yesterday, but refused to deny or confirm the report. . , HOUSTON HAKES DEAL Two transfers were made by the Housten club. Pitcher Walter Schults was railroaded back to Syracuse and Ed Handley, third baseman, was sold to Winston-Salem of the Piedmont League. TO SMOKE OUT MR. LUIS FIRPO Tex Threatens to Build up Quintin Romero-Rojas for Dempsey SOUTH AMERICAN, TOO (By Associated Press.) ' NEW YORK, Feb. 25 Jack Dempsey may be called on to defend his heavyweight championship against a new South American menace next fall, if present plans of Tex Rick-ard materialize. The promoter announced today that he had guaranteed Quintin Romero-Bojas, Chilean heavyweight, $100,000 for a title fight with Jack Dempsey, possibly in Septemben if he succeeds in disposing of three preliminary opponents. Rickard said that reports 'reaching him justified the prediction that the Chilean might prove an even greater sensation than Luis Angel Firpo, who gained a match with Dempsey after cutting a wido swath through the heavyweight ranks. No Agreement TVlth I.uia At the same time, Rickard revealed that he has no definite agreement with Firpo for a return match with Dempsey, and that he may abandon plans for isuch a contest if Romera-Rojas demonstrates that he is a fit challenger tor the champion. Rickard has received the assurance of Jack Kearns, Dempsey's manager, that the champion would be ready to meet Romero-Rojas if the latter comes up to expectations. According to present plans, the Chilean's first bout will be with Fre Fulton or Floyd Johnson as an opponent. Should he emerge victorious, a match with Jack Renault, hard-hitting Canadian, next would be sought, Rickard asserted. The promoter said he would not consider an elimination fight between Romero-Rojas and Firpo. Tex Offer Stands With practical abandonment by a New York syndicate of efforts to match Firpo and Harry Wills, Rickard declared he stood ready to renew his recent offer for such a contest. Rickard's proposition of $100,000 for Wills and $200,000 to Firpo was rejected by both fights, but the promoter he would reoffer his bid. Rickard said he is ready to etage such a fight in Boyle's Thirty A;res, his Jersey City arena, in July, if his terms are accepted. The syndicates offer was for a purse of $500,000 to be evenly divided by the principals. Plan Firpo-Rojas Go in Buenos Aires (By Associated Press.) BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 25 Efforts are being made to arrange a bout here between Luis Firpo and Quintin Romero-Rojas, the Chilean heavyweight, before Firpo sails for the United States. It- is thought possible that something definite will be arranged tomorrow, when the time limit, fixed by the South American Boxing tedcration for Flr-po's answer to the challenge of Ro- jas. expires. Rojas told the Associate! xress today that he had sent a cable dis--patch to Tex Rickard in New York, accepting an offer for three fights in the United States, but that his departure for Hew York immediately depends on whether or not Firpo accepted his challenge for a battle here. Tex Before Commish Today in Ducat Probe NEW YORK. Feb. 25. Tex Rick ard, accused of collusion with ticket speculators In connection with the Dempsey-Firpo match last September, will appear before the state Athletic commission tomorrow to de mand an immediate examination ef the charges made by Charles O'Rourke, veteran promoter, in Albany last week. MOVING Personal Attention to All Orders' Anto Trucks ANDES TRANSFER CO. Day and Night Service 159 N. Broadway. Mala 40S3, ' Night Phone Main 4S87. Greenwood's COUGH SYRUP Prevents Flu, Pneumonia. For Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Waynesville to Battle Decatur Quintet Friday Basket Teams Clash Here Afternoon; Plan Free Throw Contest m Decatur High will play Waynes ville in the local gymnasium Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The game was scheduled because there was no other contest fixed for this week and that city was desirous of playing the red. Waynesville has a strong five this year, the boys being together for three years straight. The double victory of last week was "sweet" for the D. H. S.. A special celebration at the auditorium was held yesterday morning. Coach Crooks is planning a free throw contest to be held at the noon hour. Registration is 10 cents, the money to go to the hospital fund. Boys, girls, and faculty are invited to participate. Twenty five shots are allowed and the winner is to receive a season ticket to the district tournament. Entry will close tomorrow. MEDAL PLAY TODAY IN HOUSTON OPEN HOUSTON, Texas, Feb. 25 Medal play in the Hodston open golf tournament, which was postponed today because of rain,' will be played tomor; row regardless of weather conditions, according to an annoucement late today by Harry T. Kendall, chairman of the local committee on arrangements. CopyriRht 1924 The House of Kuppeuheimec TpHE official arrival of Spring is announced in a hundred ways, by the robin and. the first green leaf. But for the well-dressed man, Spring is ushered in by our exhibit of splendid new suits and topcoats from the House of Kuppenheimer. Beautiful colors; superb; finely woven fabrics. Expressive models of the very latest fashions. Flawless tailoring. Suits, $45, $50 OICATUI mwmn the house of Kuppenheimer good clothes Mini Upset Michigan Iowa Scares Michigan Orange Exhibits Best Game of Season and Trounces Badgers, 31-20 Hawkeyes Hold Wolverines to 27-25 Score URBANA, Feb. 25. Illinois exhibited the bes.t basketball form of the year here tonight to step away from Wisconsin for-a 31 to 20 victory. Stilewll, . Illlni center and scoring ace, made 13 of his team's points, and Captain Potter contribu ted four field goals. Captain Gibson of Wisconsin played the best defen sive and offensive game for his out fit, but the whole Wisconsin team was ragged on shooting and failed to follow the ball consistently. Repeated fouling by Wisconsin gave Illinois a 13 to 10 lead at the half. The Illini scored nine of their points in this half from the foul line. In the meantime the Badgers were tossing away their chances, Farwell missing five free throws in a row. . The Illinois offense opened up in the second half and ripped through Wisconsin the second half. The Badgers were helpless - before the fast Illini floor game. Potter. Stil-well and Popken each dribbling through or around Cardinal guards for sleepers under the basket Cord Lipe, rgeular Illini guard, was-injured when Farwell crashed into him on a similar attempt and knocked him against some bleacher seats. He may be unable to start against Iowa Friday night. Lineup: ILLINOIS (51) WISCONSIN (20) Portion. Potter (C.) rr .... Mauer If .... St 11 well c ..... 'Pken rg .... Elsom Farwell .. Gibson (C Barwig Lipe lg ... . . . Dlebold Field -Goals Potter 4: Stilwell 4: Pop- ken 2; Parker (sub for Lipe) 1; Farwell 2; Spooner (sub for Farwell) 1; Gibson 3. Free throws Mauer 3 out of 5: Stilwell S out of 6: Popken 1 out of 1: Farwell 3 out of 8; Gibson 3 out of 4; Spooner 1 out of 1; Varney (sub for Elsom) 1 out of 1. Referee Schommer (Chicago). Umpire Young (Illinois Wesleyan). WESTERN CONFERENCE TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD JUNE 6 AND 7 Stagg Field Scene of Annual Cinder Path and Field Games. CHICAGO, Feb. 25. The "Western conference outdoor track and field games will be held on Stagg Field. June 6 and 7, It was learned today. Abandonment of the National Collegiate A. A. meet for this year because of unavoldble conflict with Olympic plans has solved -what appeared to be a serious conflict of dates. Toppers, $30, $40 ILUMOI IOWA CITT. Feb. 25 Iowa university threw a bad scare into Michigan tonight In a Western conference basketball game, but Michigan finally won after a hard battle. 27 to 25. Both teams fought intensely but the superior basket shooting of the visitors gave them victory. The Hawkeyes slumped at the beginning of the second half and the visitors piled up a good lead, tliv score at one time being 24 to 16 in their favor. The Iowa five again hit its stride and brought the scor; to 27 to 25 in favor of Michigan, but was unable to better this score. Hicks starred for Iowa on offense and defense while Doyle and Deng starred for Michigan. Lineup: MICHIGAN (2T) IOWA (25) Positions. Henderson rf Laude Haggerty If . Janun Doyle c Jensen Klpke lg Duhm Deng rg Hlrks Field goals Janse Jensen 3: Hicks S: Henderson 2; Haggerty 2; rjpyle 3; Deng 2. - Koul goals Laude 1 out of 1; Janse 3 out of 3; Jensen 2 out of 2: Hicks 1 out of 2: Speed sub for Duhm) 2 out tl Henderson 3 out of 3; Hsggerty 3 out of 4: Doyle 1 out of 1; Klpke 1 out of 2; Dene 1 out of 5. MADE IN FIVE iGRAOESy cousin) rCHAT For Correct Grade consult chart at any Standard Oil Service Station and at most garages

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