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Hull Daily Mail from Hull, Humberside, England • Page 1
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Hull Daily Mail from Hull, Humberside, England • Page 1

Hull Daily Maili
Hull, Humberside, England
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imt DAILY MAIL DEC 31 1343 SI FT A SAH SAYS i A1 READY CRUSHED SALT faKiB WEATHER showers MOON: RADIO: cold No 20fl04 TEL 15100 (15 Lines) HULL WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 31 1952 Registered for transmission ae a Newspaper TWOPENCE AT THE SUMMIT Cheers handshakes pats on back when Supreme Court announce verdict COSTS PRITT NOT GUILTY AWARDED Publication of cable sent to four MPs not contempt COMMONS QUESTION Goodwill message CHURCHILL COURAGEOUS jyj-R WINSTON CHURCHILL speeds Premier on way to US SAILS ON MISSION sailed in the Queen Mary from Southampton today on his wa New York to meet his old friend Gen Eisenhower nlted States and President Truman It was a quiet departure with no formality no fuss no crowds and no cheering The Prime Minister who went aboard the liner with Mrs Churchill and their son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Christopher Soames remained in his cabin during the morning and had breakfast in bed There was only a handful of people on the quayside at the Ocean Terminal waving goodbye to passengers crowded on the rail The message ends Bon voyage a happy New Year and pleasant holiday" "A THE KENYA SUPREME COURT today found Mr Pritt QC not guilty of contempt of court in publishing a cable he sent to four British members of Parliament The court awarded costs to Mr Pritt The cable concerned the trial of Jomo Kenyatta and five other Africans whom Mr Pritt is defending against charges of managing the Mau Mau secret society It contained the expression It amounts in all to a denial of and Mr Pritt had been called on by the Supreme Court to show cause why he should not be sent to prison for contempt Lawyers and members of the public surrounded Mr Pritt after the judgment was announced shaking him by the hand and patting him cn the back Hundreds of Asians and Africans lined up four or five deep in the passageway outside the court to cheer him In proceedings Mr Pritt had been rebuked by Chief Justice Sir Hector Heame for thumping the witness box Dentist found dead in home A fellow-passenger aboard the Queen Mary is the new British Ambassador to the United States Sir Roger Makins who is travelling with Lady Makins and their four daughters and son Before the liner sailed Sir Roger told the Hull Daily Mail am going to Washington with a feeling of responsibility of challenge and of opportunity My task will be to do everything in my power to further the understandine between the British and United States Governments and Mr and Mrs Churchill may join other first-class passengers tonight for the New Year festivities GOODWILL With him on his trip to the United States and a holiday to Jamaica Mr Churchill takes a message from Mr Tom O'Brien MP chairman of the Trades Union Congress saying You carry with you the goodwill of the workers of Britain and the Commonwealth in your courageous John Harper (left) and John Haidenby getting ready for the Nativity play given by pupils of Lund Church of England School last night President-elect of the Man had every rib broken Prosecution WHEN a 49 -year -old labourer appeared on remand at Birmingham today on a charge of manslaughter it was stated that another charge might be preferred against him Before thp court was Patrick James McCormick lodging in Golden Hillock rd Small Heath Birmingham who was charged with the manslaughter of his 71-year-old landlord Leonard Frank Helps of the same address He was further remanded ih custody until January 8 STAMPED ON Mr Pugh (prosecuting) said that apparently the men had a quarrel between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day McCormick was arrested on Boxing Day and charged with manslaughter He had made a statement in which he made certain admissions Helps had every rib in his body broken There is no doubt that he had been stamped on in a most violent said Mr Pugh Det Chief-Insp Harris said that McCormick was a native of the US but went to Ireland when he was young He had been in this country for the past 25 years LEGAL AID REFUSED Legal aid was refused after it had been stated that McCormick had £25 in his possesion when arrested and another £100 in the bank The inquest on Helps was opened later and adjourned SIGN from Mr Churchill he sailed to New York en on board the Queen Mary before route for his Jamaica holiday TRAVELLER JAILED FOR £51 FRAUD A BRIDLINGTON paint traveller who pleaded guilty to three counts of embezzlement at Bridlington Magistrates Court today was sent to prison for a total of two months He was Arnold North (40) of Hermitage-rd- Bridlington who admitted embezzling a total of £511- from his employer Arthur Westoby of Hull Chief-Insp Hall said the total amount involved was £17622 Chief-Insp Hall said that Triple shock caused by Sabre jet BLAST SHAKES BEVERLEY A TRIPLE EXPLOSION over the East Riding to-r day is unofficially attributed to a Canadian Sabre jet pilot bursting through the sound barrier Jet aircraft had been manoeuvring in the area since early morning and the explosion about 930am was clearly heard in the Beverley-Cottingham districts where windows rattled and many glances were sent hurriedly skyward In the air at that time were FISH TRAINS RUN AGAIN FROM HULL MUCH TO THE RELIEF of Hull's ftsh trade especially to those members of it who do a big business on the London the two-day strike of shunters at Cross goods depot is now over The strike caused the cancellation of two Hull fish trains yesterday but normal traffic was resumed today Although some Hull merchants did not make any dispatches because of the curtailment of rail facilities others took advantage of road transport free access for road vehicles being allowed on the Hull Fish Dock BOYCOTT FEAR A member of one of the local firms which stopped all consignments for the day told the Hull Daily Mail there was a fear that if road transport was used by firms which dia not employ it In the normal way porters at London Billingsgate might not handle fish sent in this way New Year message to colonies THE Colonial Secretary (Mr Oliver Lyttelton) called today to make 1953 shining page in our In a New Year message broadcast in the BBC's general overseas service he said LATEST PHONE NEWS TO HULL CENT HIM An INQUEST is to be held on Mr Harold Watson (66) well-known dental surgeon with a practice at 913 Hessle-rd Hull who was found dead at his home 146 Wlllerby-rd Hull Police broke into his home after suspicions had been aroused Mr Watson was a widower and lived alone AURIOL SEES LEADING RADICALS PRESIDENT AURIOL today received two leading Radi cals in his efforts to find a new candidate for the Premiership They were Herriot veteran president of the National Assembly and Delbos president of the Radical Parliamentary Group Later it was announced that the President wax- to receive Radical leader Rene Mayer to ask him to try to form a Government Hesitation by Centre and Right-Wing parties last night caused ex-Premier Bidault to abandon his efforts to form a palition Government DIVIDED discussions to end the week-old crisis caused by the resignation of Pinay showed that the Radicals Peasants and Independents were seriously divided on what he regarded as essential elements of a future Government desire to bring the Gaulists into the Coalition to give them the broadest possible basis met strong opposition from the Radicals who claimed he was introducing the enemies of the Republic into its TIME FLIES At the end of 8am BBC news the announcer apologised to listeners for saying at the beginning of the bulletin that today was January 31 instead of December 31 of Jomo Kenyatta and five other Africans charged with managing the Mau Mau Apologised After Sir Calm KJr Pritt apologised for the incident Mr Pritt's cable was sent to four Labour Members of Parliament Miss Jennie Lee Sir Richard Acland Col George Wigg and Mr Anthony Wedgwood Benn They had asked Mr Pritt for confirmation of a Parliamentary statement that he was satisfied with arrangements for the trial except on the issue of its venue Many protests Mr Pritt's cable replied that he was protesting continuously that Proper preparation of the was almost and that this amounted to denial of When the House of Commons re-assemble on January 20 Col Wigg (Dudley) intends to re-open the question of the notice of motion for alleged contempt of court served on Mr Pritt Next- chapter Today Col Wigg said of the Supreme verdict This ends another chapter of what the Speaker of the House of Commons described as an unfinished story The next chapter will presumably open on the way the House of Commons meet I have already given notice to the Speaker that I shall reopen the MP glad Sir Richard Acland told the Hull Daily Mail that he was glad personally that Mr Pritt had been found not guilty I would have been very sorry indeed if a train of circumstances started by my colleague and me should have ended in Mr Pritt being put in he said Complete judgment In Page Five 1951-52 Mr Pritt had said it was a disgrace to the judicature in Kenya that lawyers in the colony for some discredit-- able reason Or other had refused to touch the defence several jet planes and a heavy bomber Immediatelya after the explosion one onlooker saw a jet climbing swiftly if it had just pulled out of a 20 JETS IN THE AIR Observers at Leconfield RAF station identified the plane as a Sabre jet Nearest Sabre squadron a Canadian unit is at Luffenham Peterborough where a reporter was told that 20 Sabres were in the air today some of which were in the Humber-York area A pilot would probably but not necessarily inform the control If he broke through the sound barrier" a spokesman said No crash or ground accident that might otherwise account for the explosion has been reported to the police and Leconield RAF station say It was not one of our RELEASE OF LIGHTHOUSE MAN TODAY? ANOTHER EFFORT is to be made today to take off one of the keepers from the Wolf Rock Lighthouse near Land's End who was due to be relieved 23 days ago The Trinity House vessel Satellite left Penzance early today to attempt the operation A spokesman at Trinity House Penzance said today may be a prospect of landing him today but there is a south-westerly swell running fiom the Some Christmas parcels have still to be delivered to the duty lighthouse men AFTER TWO YEARS An inquest will be held at Bridlington tomorrow on Alfred Forbes (80) of Malthouse-lane Bridlington who died in the A-enue Hospital two years after fracturing his thigh in a fall on the footpath The Lord Mayor of Hull (Coun during their official visit to the matron Miss Allison (left) INDUSTRIAL PEACE THREATENED DRINKS CHARGE: SUTTON RAF C0 CONVICTED rpHE COMMANDING OFFICER of RAF Station Sutton A Wing-Comdr Herbert Frank Bishop pleaded not guilty in Hull Stipendiary Magistrate's Court today to driving a car when under the influence of drink to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control Woodhouse prosecuted and Bishop was represented by Mr Rosen Bishop was fined £30 and disqualified from driving for 12 months Dr Scott police sur geon said that he examined Bishop at the Central Police Station and formed the opinion he was under the influence of drink to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of a car Answering Mr Rosen Dr Scott said that he had heard that Bishop had never been in trouble before and he would imagine that being arrested would be a shock to him One third of the signs could have been due to the cold and the effect of drink on Bishop would be more drastic because of his cold Pc Grant said that while on motor patrol duty he saw a RAF car in Great Unionst He assumed the driver probably wanted to go to RAF Sutton and he drew level and directed him He then resumed patrol duty but stopped to see if the driver took the right road SLOW SPEED The car however turned round and went over North Bridge into George-st All the time it was being driven at a very slow speed In George st the car was driven from the nearside kerb to the crown of the road and back again The driver braked for no apparent reason and then went on at slow speed with excessive revving of the engine He stopped the car opposite the Dorchester Cinema Mr Rosen: I put it that after you went down George-st his driving can be accounted for by the fact that he was looking for somewhere If so he was driving without due care and attention Pc Grant said that although Bishop's face was florid today there was a big difference compared with that evening KNITTING FOR KOREA Under Operation KK (Knitting for Korea) British Legion sections have sent 6953 garments knitted by members to men in Korea In addition says the annual report published 'today they sent many small gifts which were slipped into socks The report for discloses a membership of nearly 250000 and branches totalling 3 260 Ex-Foreign made Explaining why he an ambulance to be sent Foreign Legionaire Leon Victoria Mansions Hull said Court today that he was Hull when a couple is standing here st' On arriving at the house him self he was arrested Police alleged that he had in his posession a cosh of rubber piping weighted with metal and a bunch of keys One of them fitted the back door of the house in Ella-st where he had at one time lived Kandulski claimed that the key belonged to a house in Middlesbrough He was fined £1 for being ROOM ABLAZE IN HULL TOY SHOP HRE WHICH BROKE OUT in in a room at the back of the fancy goods and toy shop of Turner and Kitt 439 Hessle-rd this morning destroyed almost all the office equipment The outbreak was discovered by Mr Turner who walked into the room and found the place ablaze It is thought that paper which had been thrown onto an open fire in the room had fallen off and set fire to some cartons Hull City Fire Brigade were summoned and had the fire under control before substantial damage was done to the room OIL DISCOVERY Big development Development of what may be one of the largest potential oilfields in the world is to begin immediately Overland Industries Limited of Edmonton Alberta announced last night The company said that they had obtained oil reservations covering more than 800000 acres in the James Bay basin of Northern Ontario to whether or not to join the strike in sympathy with the other workers The possibility that 30 dressers a' the base Asan hospital will also strike after being paid next Friday is causing the authorities concern If this happened it would be necessary to evacuate the hospital a spokesman said today Doctors were at'empting to dissuade the dressers from striking The hosDital at present has 37 parents FRUSTRATED" The Singapore Army and Cicil Service Union today asked Headquarters Far East Land Forces for an early meeting of their joint committtee to discuss pay rates A union statement sad 'hat members were feeling frustrated at the delay in negotiations and that any further holdup result in a breach of industrial us enter upon this year of the Coronation of our young and gracious Queen with trust in ourselves and faith in our future Given these who or what can prevail against us? WINNINGS AT POKER Two members of the crew of the Finnish steamer Kaste who admitted at Hull Stipendiary Court that they concealed a total of 2800 cigarettes with intent to defraud the Customs of the duty said that they had won them at poker Gunnar Holger Agren (21) ordinary seaman who admitted concealing 2400 cigarettes under a deck cargo of pit props was fined £20 with 106 costs and Raune Gunnar Montonen (34) trimmer who said he hid 400 cigarettes on a ledge in front of the boilers was fined £4 with 106 costs TRUMAN BUDGET The White House announced last night that President Truman would submit the 1953-54 United States budget to Congress on January 9 He would deliver his State of the Union message early next week and his economic message approximately two days after the budget message ber 23 an ambulance called at the house and he was asked if there was a dying woman in the house He said there was not and a little later he was called out again by a policeman Kandulski wbo was there smelled strongly of drink and was shouting DOMESTIC It was stated in court that Kandulski had fought during the war with the French Foreign Legion before joining the Polish Army After his release in 1948 he came to work in England and married an English girl For some time he had lived at the Ella-st house He was now legally separated from his wife and the domestic trouble had affected his outlook Insp A Hallett said that Lthe day before sending the false ambulance call Kandulski had seen a fatal accident and had called for the ambulance in that case A relief man was operating the bridge at the time An official of the City of London Corporation committee who control Tower Bridge said today committee will have a report made to them on the incident and will consider whether any further steps should be since January this year North had been employed by Westoby as a traveller at £6 a week plus expenses for travelling plus commission North whose work included booking orders and in some cases collecting accounts had in each case obtained orders from customers the goods had been delivered and he had received the money and it He had been In debt to the amount of £300 to his previous employers and had agreed at the time to pay this back at £5 a month WAGE NOT ENOUGH North was alleged to have told the police that he was financially embarrassed when he took his present job and in order to meet his creditors had used his firm's money His wage had not been adequate to keep him Although he had taken more than £7000 worth of orders he had not received any commission Chief-Insp Hall said commis sion was paid at 2j per cent over £3600 and North had at the time when the offences occurred just become entitled to commission Commission was paid only when his firm had received cash for orders and the firm had received only about £3600 at that time North told the Bench I am very sorry I just could not make ends He was sentenced to two months imprisonment on each charge the sentences to run concurrently BUSMAN NOT TO BE EXPELLED mHE EXECUTIVE of the A Transport and General Union are not to expel Mr Abe Tegerdine the Wallsend on Tyne busdriver-instructor chairman and foun der of the Bus Antinationalisation Society His expulsion had been recommended by the Northern Regional Committee In a letter to the committee Mr Arthur Deakin general secretary of the union says that the view was that there was insufficient justification on the basis of the complaints made when they were related to the rules of the BEDDING FIRE Hull Fire Brigade were last night called to 12 Tranby Park Estate where two mattresses an eiderdown and a carpet were alight The fire was soon extinguished HULL ESTATE Mrs Florence Lidgard of 136 Westbourne-ave Hull formerly of Malm-st Hull wife of Mr Joseph William Lidgard retired oil broker left £3326 brid ge to the other people lured hospital Of the 20 on board 13 were inured Three were detained in The main question were asking today was did it When the bridge is being opened warning is given by red SINGAPORE SOCIALISTS APPEAL TO LONDON SINGAPORE LABOUR PARTY today cabled Mr Oliver Lyttelton Secretary for the Colonies urging him to Intervene Immediately in the strike by 10000 Aslan workers at Singapore naval base The cable asked the Imperial Government to the Admiralty to submit to the Singapore Industrial It emphasised that industrial peace in Singapore was vital The strike which began on Monday is the climax to a long-standing dispute between naval authorities and the unions over claims for better cost-of-living allowances improved medical facilities pension rights and more paid and sick leave A naval spokesman said on Monday that the strike would seriously slow down the refitting of British warships but everything would be done refit those needed in Korea HOSPITAL CONCERN Three hundred Asian clerical workers employed at the naval base will decided later today Legionnaire phoney call rang the police and asked for to a house in Ella-st a former Kandulski (31) unemployed of at Hull Stipendiary Magistrate standing late at night in Newland-ave passed him and one of them said and his wife is dying at 118 Ella- £9478 Mr John Jeffery Farnol of Little Dene Denton-rd Eastbourne the author of 40 or more novels including The Broad and Amateur Gentleman" who died on August 9 aged 74 years left £9478 (£5263 net duty paid £158) JETS ARE BIG EXPORT Orders in hand for jet and turbo-prop aircraft alone are now approaching £75000000 without spares a large proportion being for export says the Society of British Aircraft Constructors Li the drunk and disorderly and £3 for making a false telephone call for an ambulance for the purpose of causing a nuisance to the householder Martin Jack Webb senior research assistant at University College HulL NOISE IN PASSAGE Webb stated that on December 21 he was sitting in his home with his wife when he heard a noise in the passage He found Kandulski who asked him if the house was 109 He told him it was not and put him out About midninght on Decem- that the usual warning signals were given The superintendent engineer of the bridge said bus came unnoticed on to the bridge as it-was pust on the move It had sufficient speed to bridge the gap but the rear wheels must have fallen with quite a TOWER BRIDGE OPENED AS BUS WAS CROSSING INQUIRY TODAY -WL -VV -ar: AN INQUIRY was being held today into the opening of Tower Bridge as a bus was crossing it last night The bridge opened as the bus was in the centre of the two sections The driver carried on and the bus fell about three or four feet from one half of the ights a handbell operator The bus driver Albert Gunter of Theberton-st Islington said that the traffic lights were green as he drove across the bridge He did not see or hear any danger signal A City Police inspector said traffic lights and the ringing of bridge A Jacobs) and the Lady Mayoress (Mrs Florence Russell) Victoria Hospital for Sick Children Hull With them are the Sister Kennington and patients Ruth Benedict Alan Barnes and Stuart Leathley I.

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