The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1895
Page 1
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. . , - , . , ., ^ ; ypyg. . r _ _. f , ?^.V^t»/^OT , • • • /•*;'•' - ", ,'"•"<»"-* "^ ;''-V/£*>^'*S| ^Vtfktf v-^^/^'.fk'" -./-^^SIS »•* B. -.jg 3*j- ^r= /lAji^,*-^,. 4t-.--I '3^5fc >'V *-•- *~-»*i-~>r£r '*M fo^fe*- 1 . £*', '^•&."JK& JByBul ^H«, .'^alEsw ?••«'' •' -•'••',—jsjrf^v.nrx: AL00NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOYUMB1R ONTARIO. Opera House Grocery. " / T V 1 TVT -L* RKP \otirp JL CllVV^ 1 Y'V/Ll^v^i I We call your special attention to our Big Drive, In Ladies' and Children's Underwear. 25Cents. G. L. Galbraith & Co. APPLES. APPLES. That carload of fine Apples I spoke of has arrived. Now is the time to lay in your winter apples. This car I [Bought before the last advance and apples can't be sold at the price I will sell this car by anyone who buys on the present market. Come at once, If you have not the money it will pay you to borrow it and buy your apples now. iCowles' Block. James Patterson, A new line of fall and win ter caps just received. Call and see them before buying. \ J, B, & C, J, BBMMM Piatoter'wd Haggard & ^j$ ja^T ' I§4cs Abslraets HON, J, P, DOttlYBtt WEDS The Ceremony tJnltitif oui 1 wan with Miss Pearsons—Was Strictly Sam Qre&ne Safely in Jail—Iowa Mutual ItisUi-ance Figures—MeWs of the Northwest Generally, The marriage of Congressman Dolliver iast Wednesday was a democratic affair in the good old meaning of the word. It was for and by the people. The church was open to all and following the ceremony everybody was invited to the armory for a public reception. Fort Dodge turned out to do honor to the happy pair and from various parts of the country visitors joined in the festivities. In the church a choir of 26 trained voices heralded the wedding party. At the,altar Rev. DolHver, now nearly 80, read the civil portion of the Episcopalian wedding service and blessed hia son and daughter, Rov. Greene reading the religious service. The armory was a bower of floral decorations. From 8 till 10:30 o'clock an incessant stream poured in and out, 1,000 personally presenting their good wishes to bride and groom. The attendants were, maid of honor, Miss Gay DolHver; bridesmaids, Miss Augusta Lurrabee of Clermout, daughter of ex-Gov. Larrabee; Miss Betsy Chapln, Evanston, III.; Miss Anna McColm, Miss Bessie Doud, Miss Jennie Rlngland and Miss Fannie O'Connell. The best man was Geo. A. Pearsons, brother of the bride, of Los Angeles, lal. The groomsmen were Dennis loughlan, Will T. Chantland, Carl Smeltzer, Fred Loomis, John T. Cheney, Dr. C. J. Saundere, Dan K. Pearsons and V. B. Dolltver. The bride wore white satin en train, trimmed with point lace. The maid of honor wore green silk and white illusion. The bridesmaids all wore dresses made by a Chicago modiste, of white silk mull over green silk. The Messenger says: "The array of wedding gifts was he largest and most valuable ever seen lere. One of the most notable was a sliver set from the Iowa congressional ielegation, and bearing the names of >oth of the two senators and the eleven representatives." In a lengthy and peculiarly fitting 'eport Geo. E. Roberts speaks appreciatively of his friend's happiness. One mragraph sums it up: It was abeauti- ul wedding. It was a joyous, generous wedding. It was elaborate and stately n the forms which give dignity and beauty to the holy ceremony, and it was as erenerous and simple and inclu- ive as the neighborhood affairs in the West Virginia mountains where the on of the humble Methodist circuit- rider developed his broad and sturdy American manhood. Its beauties and }leasures were for all who felt interest nough in him and his to wish to share hem. The two seemed to wish to take all whom their lives ever touched into he happiness which overflowed their wn; hearts. ' Sam Greon Safe In Jail. The horse thief caught by Sheriff Samson last week and taken to Wells, dinn., is safely housed. The Blue Earth Post says of his crime: Last Wednesday a man named Sam. Green, almost a stranger, who had worked anound Wells a few days, hired from he stable of Herman Barnlck in that place a team, alleging that he wanted o go to Alden and would be back in a ew hours. Instead of going to Alden je drove straight southwest to Led* ard, Iowa, where he tried to sell them r trade for another horse and get the ifference in money, failing in which e placed them in a barn and skipped n the night. Barnjck and Constable Billings of Wells got on track of the earn and followed on to Ledyard, vhere the rig was found, Sheriff McDonald was notified of the theft last friday night and found the man in a orn field in southern IOWH, Monday. Iowa Mwtiinl Insurance, The Iowa mutual farmers' insurance om panics met in Des Moines last week. The secretary's report has the follow- ng interesting figures; Amount of risks in force Nor. 20, 1804., »38,100,488 Vmoirat of visits written awing the year,. „.......,.,„ U.338,737 \mount of risks cunoelea and ex plred 4,537,126 et increase during the yew, ,.,,,• 8,788,600 the facts and rigures and kftOw them td be correct." A fast ttun »& the Milwaukee. Mrs, Cosgrave, wife of the superin* letfdeat of the Milwaukee foad, died at Prairie duChiett last week, A special ran from Mason City with her husband In two hours and twenty minutes, in* eluding a few stops. That id different frorn the old days when Hogan and Cald* well left Algona at 8 o'clock itl the morning and got to Prairie du Cbleh ut 7 at night. _ Another uollivei* story, The Messenger notes the State Register's tale that Dolliver's wedding wfts conditioned on Iowa going republican and says: Thnt is not our understanding of the bargain. We understand that if Iowa was republican they were to celebrate the wedding and If it Was democratic they were to seek consolation by getting married, Will Eat With Wooden Spoon?. West Bend Journal; Kossuth coun« ty's jail tax failed to carry at the election this fall and prisoners over there will still bo denied the privilege of tak- Ing their walking canes with them when incarcerated, Use a Hnmmcr Ifoxt Tluio. A Germanla citizen named Splltz drove a cap out of an exploded shell, using a loaded shell to dolt. The loaded shell cap got the heaviest blow, and the man's hand was bored with a neat hole the size of the shell. The Standard says no bones were cut. Now UatiKor In Skunk Hunting. A Mulroney boy hunfed skunks last week in Palo Alto county with another boy and a revolver. The revolver went off and. the bullet hit frozen ground and glanced up Into Mulroney's leg. The skunk is still in his hole. . Only Wooden Knives Wanted. The Garner Signal notes Algona's jail vote and says: Ed. Bailey can continue his visits to Algona and sell pot metal knives to the prisoners for their use In cutting their way out of the present jail cages. A Close Call. Up at Estherville the 'busdrlver tried to cross the track ahead of an engine. The latter took his 'bus squarely in the middle. , No one was inside and the 'bus man jumped and was saved. Swea City Has a Factory. R. M. Richmond has secured a tow mill for Swea City which will be ready for business Dec. 1. The crop of flax straw is immense there and a big business will be done. \movint of risks in force to a.-vte.. .134,950,0^5 secretary Bfti<J; '»Tod»y weJmve t least 35 tnutqal jissoojfttjyns wJ^ipl) aye parsed the $1,000,000 Une, and the otal cisljs of all the mutual aswia- ipns are Httle lose thaa $190,000,000; be aggregate savings duping the past ear w(!J amount tp not less than 00," Officers were elep|ed w 'resident, A- W. BuQlkman, Jce'presjdent, A, J, Graves, Awes; eorejtm-y, J, B. Herriman, Wes Mplnes; J. g. Ymonj, Waterloo; , Jivmes y»ill, Cedar Bftpids; «e,cutive pouimlttee, A. N, Buokroan, C. J. Anderson, kenos, W. P. NflW Sfg J Lat Blsj§ Kapib wbeai yfelfl, U«p« is be fe{qd «| f tuff ,tb?, COTTON STATES EXPOSITION. Atlanta, On., September 18 to December !il, 1805. The schedule printed below is a comprehensive guide to the best and most desirable route to Atlanta from the north and northwest, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Terre Haute, and Evansville. Palace day coaehes and Pullman sleeping cars are attached to all trains shown in this schedule. :. • Extremely low rates have been made to Atlanta and return, via the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway, All trains run solid between Nashville and Atlanta,'except train in last column. The train in third column, which leaves Cincinnati at 4:80 p. m., runs solid to Atlanta. This is the route of the famous " Dixie flyer, through "all the year round" sleeping car line between Nashville, Tenn,, and Jacksonville, Fla, 000 ftrtrt 10101- HlOCI 000 dftP. o in if; 00 oo Ti'R i|i T J, 000 . ftrtrt 00911" rt Pi ft 10 OO) HOC; Pkrtrt OOP JJJ 0 9 0 090 OIOO OHIO 000 Art rt 'O MOM OOTht o'o'o' JJJ :00 IriP. 090 00,3 000 rtftft OMCO 909 ftrtrt ooo fcfefc 900 900 000 00 SI WO) 000 rtrtrt oinm 000 000 rtftft O CO 115 M10 » For fui'tbec iufonnution ar4 F. Hill, Dorthai'n passenger «gent 888 M^rquette Building, Chicago, JU,; R, 0. Oowttr4'»i western pnaeenger 40§ By, J5$otnmge Qijiiajng, SJ, Mo.! (U 1 0, J. Mullnney, extern 59 W. Fom'lb street, • , • W, mm laoom B»ie9 iraUDtispw HOT CAKES Are noted for their ability to quickly, especially when made from duj| New York Buckwheat Flour, with a liberal allowance of House Maple Syrup. our Club. Try them. Langdon & A Thanksgiving Dinner Cannot be well served unless the host has a good > Carving Knife and Fork, and a good Steel to , keep it sharp. We have a good every-day set, including' Sundays, with serrated edge, for . . . .. ONLY 75G t If you want something a little better in "Stag,"' "Rubber," and "Celluloid" handles we have theni for $3, $3.25, and $3.50 per set, the best quality steel., —We are offering a fully warranted beech wood .'handle BUTCHER KNIFE for 25 cts. This knife is the celebrated '' Sears" make, which is a suf- . ficient .guarantee of its excellent quality. At this price you cannot afford' to use an old case knife. We have butchers for 150, but they are not warranted. C. M, DOXSEE,, Heavy All-wool Flannels, Cotton ades, Jeans, Cassinaeres, Fine Black Dress Goods, Children's Underwear, Children's Hosiery, Yarns, Ribbons, V Notions of all kinds, The Gran FURNITURE!

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