Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on March 25, 1923 · Page 22
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 22

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 25, 1923
Page 22
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'I 22 DECATUR HERALD SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 1 923. HECATUR HERALD MILLER NOTIFIES ALL BUT THREE TO GOME FOR TRAINING TWO LISLES AND COHEN MAY RECIEVE CAR FARE, Official D.D-D, League ; Schedule For 1923 CICOTTE REPORT FIRST PROOF OF SOX "SELLOUT" IF REPORTS WARRANT IT Miller Ships Out Letters, Asking Men to Report at Commie Camp on April 9, to Start Spring Practise Commy Testifies To That ' 3 In Jackson's $100,000 Damage Suit ' 1 :! - , II :-4 n I: ir It ii By MAURICE DAVIS 5portiug Editor, the Decatur Uvrald) All but three members of the 26 men the Decatur Commies have signed have been asked to report for Miller, manager of the Commies of Fay and Floyd Lisle of St. Joseph, Mo., and Cecil B. Cohen of Indiana Harbor, Ind. all rookies, may get car-fare to the Commie camp If further reports as to thir ability! warrant spending the coin. Miller In-; dieated. Time remains for Miller to investigate these men. if he wishes. Should they fail to promise enough: to make the Commie carfare andj cakes investment look worth while, he can release them. ; Jake Lost Cohen's Clippings Both the Lisles and Cohen were; signed on their own recommendation.! which could hardly' be prejudiced! againts them. The Lisles sent clippings to prove that someone at least no matter how inexpert' the critic figured they were a wonder brother battery. They played semi-pro ball around St. Joe. But because Babe Adams of the Pittsburgh. Pirates came from that burg is no sign that Kay. the pitching part of the combination, is another Adams; or that Lisle, the catching part of tho combine, is a Tin Wonder. Cohen sent in a bunch of clippings last year, bat Jake Jlill, the, Commies' presy at that tiYne. misplaced them and then forgot Cohen existed. Ho came up for air a ain this year. He wrote he had no clippings other than those Jake had misplaced. The teams he mentioned he had pitced against are fairly fast semi-pro company around Chicago. It will cost approximately $50u to hring the Com mie crew to camp. Miller estimated. Birds like Eddie Bland, the Taylor-ville recruit outfielder, are compensated for in the expense list by gentlemen of the persuasion, of Joe Lewis, the catcher Miiicr will Unport from. Houston. Three Come from Texas Lewis, Bart Pliilpott and Danny Gross are the three men who will cost the Commies the most money for transportation. Philpott, holdover outfielder from last season; and Gross, a. shortstop Miller expects to Kft from tho Houston club, are also Tcxans. Philpott comes from Abilene; Gross, Mesfiuite. others coming from a considerable distance are Odie Strain, a holdover outfielder from last season, who comes from Dustin. Okla.; Fred Reynolds, the pitcher the Commies bought from tho Inoa (Mich.) Central league club, who is in school in Kentucky; and Tom Kelly, a pitcher obtained from Houston, who lives in Scott's Bluff. Neb. Jack Kotzelnick, the pitcher, and Floyd Hill, rookie first baseman, live in Decatur and cost the club no car fare. Don ping, the former Millikin catcher, who lives in Casey; Gale Alexander, the Fillmore pitchci ; and Howard Fryman, another pitcher, from Alsey. are all in Illinois, and will cost the club little. Oscar Nickel, a southpaw- plthcing prospect from St. Louis; Bill Barrett, an outfielder, and Jim Tlce, a first baseman, both from Webster Groves, a suburb outside St. Louis, will cost little more. Indiana to Send Three Others who will be brought in are: B.lly Cole, holdover outfielder, from Cleveland; Petio Brauscn, last'sea-uuii'a third basing Hidden-Ball King, from Waunake, "Wis.; and Leo Garlin, an outfielder he signed from Vira-qua, .Wis.; Jesse Ilunscr, infield veteran and last season's captain, from Fort Wayne. Ind.; Donald Byrket and Walter Knot, infield prospects from Richmond, Ind.; Elmer Hefke, an infield prospect from Wichita, Kan., and Bay Hale, pitching holdover, from Kansas City, Mo. THREE-EYE SKED Decatur, according to the Pierson schedule, which the Three-Eye league adopted, gets ten Saturday dates, ten Sunday dales, and one holiday date one double barrelled bills on tiie Fourth of July. The club is out of town for nine Sunday dates, seven Saturday dates, and for two-holi-4tty cards in Rockford on Memorial Day and in Danville on Labor Day. If the Commie club is "up there" that late in tho race, the hard road stretching to Danville should lure, its share of Commie customers into Vermilion county. Bloomington is in Decatur for one Founded gsgg ' 897 t The Oldsmobile Four at $975 sets a new high record for quality at a low price. OLDSMOBILE CO. OF DECATUR J, fi' . if?; i: " 2S4 W. Main St. .1 . spring tarining on April 9, Charlie 1923, advised Saturday. These three IP RESTS MEN May Work Informally IN VACATION None of the Decatur High school teams will practise during the vacation period, William G. Muir, that school's athletic dlrec- tor advised Saturday night. Members of the various teams will possibly do a little training on their own. but no supervised instruction will be held. Several members of the track team have been running on the T. track for their own training and will probably keep doing so. Members of the swimming team will also keep in form with daily tripe to the pool. Practise in earnest will start immediately upon the reconvening of school. Saturday and one double-headed Sunday; Peoria and Terre Haute for a Saturday and a Sunday each; Rockford for two Saturdays and a Sunday; Moline for a Saturday and two Sundays: Evansville for two Saturdays and two Sundays; and Danville for two Saturdays, two Sundays, and the Fourth of July. Decatur is in B'.oomington for a Saturday and a Sunday; in Peoria two Sundays, one of which is double-headed; in. Rockford two Saturdays, a Sunday, and Memorial day. Danville has the club in Danville for a Saturday, two Sundays, and Labor Day. Evansville gets the Commies for a Saturday and two Sundays; Terre. Haute, for two Saturdays and a Sunday; Moline for the lonesome Sunday. Moline Weak Drawing-Card These are the "big money" days of minor league baseball, the days on which the club gets the do-re-mi to make up for weak week-day dates. When the visiting- team and the homo team are "up there" late in iho season, the later the date the more likely interest is to' Intensify. Bloomington, Terre Haute. Danville. Evansville, and Peoria were good drawing cards in Decatur last sea son: Rockford and Moline, weak. Moline in particular failed to draw enough to pay the ground-keeper on week-day dates in Decatur. Terre Haute was" a good week-day card Bloomington an extra-juicy Sunday attraction. The club starts away from home, opening the season in Evansville, Tuesday, May 1. The club sticks there three days, opening in Terre Haute on Friday, May 4, then stay ing there for a Saturday and a Sun day game. The Commies come back to open the season in Decatur on Monday. May 7, meeting Evansville in the first game of a three-game series. After it comes home, the club stays in Decatur 20 days. Terre Haute continues giving the fans the Indiana, brand of baseball, opening against the Commies on Thursday, May 10 .and ending on Sunday, May 13. Club Plays 17 in 13 Day. Bloomington, Peoria, Moline, nd Rockford come in succession. Bloom ington, the Commies' natural rival, plays its first Decatur series here on Monday, May 14. Peoria gets a Thursday opener on May 17 and ends its four-game series on. Sunday, May 20. Moline plays three games, start ing Monday; May 21. Rockford comes on Thursday,- May 24, and ends on Saturday, May 26. The Commies then leave town for a 1 game assignment In T3 'days.' This includes a Sunday double-header in Peprja. 4,nd .ttje, jjlcmpriaj day, pair in ttocKfora. The swing is an Illinois one. starting in Moline on Sunday,. May .'27 ending there on Tuesday, May 23. Four games in three days in Rock ford start "with th 'Labor day game. Mam 1142 FOUR ACT ' AT AT AT AT AT' ! AT AT - ' AT ' (id BLOOMINSTOX PEORIA IIOCKFOKD MOLINE TERRE HAUTE EVANSVILLE- DECATUR DANVILLE " VflllD June J30' July tl. J ,May 1. i; t May 4, 16, 18 -May SI, 22. 25 May .4.' SI. tS May It, IS. IS Mav 17. 18. 19. fSO ' BLOOMDfGTOJf I UUU Aug. tl9. 30, 21, 22 July fs. 9. 10 July 5, 6, J7 Juno It. 13, It Juno 13. J16, tlT-17 June t 4-:. 25. 26 June 27, :S. 23 Sept. S-3, 4' Aug. !7, 28, 29. 30 Aug. 23, St, J35, t26 July fC9, n. SI. Aug. 2. 3. tl. to July 2S, 27, S28 July 23. 2t. 25 " , V Aug. 1 Juno i tl0-10, 11 CDABT May . . t May 1. S, 8 May 21. 25. ts May 21. 2?. 23 May 17. IS. J19. f20 May 14. 15. 16 PEORIA juiy 3, 4-4 urUlf I July 5. . f! 3tty t-S. 9. 10 June 15, $16 Juno 12. 13, 14 Juno 27, 28. 29 June T24-24. 2S. 25 j Aug. 31. Sept. tl, tl Aus 23 24, 25, t26 Sept. t8, i3-3 Aug. 2, 3, it. fS-5 July t29. 30, 31 July 23. 24, 25 July 26, 27. 228 j ; ; , May 10. 11, J12. fl3 May 7. S. 9 flAM? Jun8 30- Jull' tl. 2 May 14,15, 16 May 17. IS. J19. T20 May 24. 23. t:S May 21, 25. 23 ItOCBLFORD jujv n. u, 13 July $14, tl5-15, 16 UUrE. Au&. tJ9. 20, 21, 22 June 124-21. 23, 26 June 27, 28, ?9 Juno 12, 13. 14 Juno 15. tie. U7 Sept. tl4t9-9 Sept. 0, 6, 7 SopU 3-3, 4 July 26. 2T, $.8 July 23, 24, 25 Aug. 2, 3. 14, to July t. SO. ' 81. '. " ' .. Aug. 1 ... May 7. 8. 9 May 10. 11. J1Z, tl3 Juno tlO-10 UAT - May 1T.'1. tl9. t20 May 14, 15, 16 May 21. 22. 23 May 24. 25. t28 . SIOLENE JuIv jn, ti3-i5, IS July 11. 12. 13 July 3, M-4 Hill "June 27. 2?- -3 24-24, 25. S6 Juno 15. tl6. tl7 June 12, 13. 14 Sept. 5. 6, 7 Aug. 28. 29, 30 Aug. 31, Sept. tl. July 22, 23, 24. July 26, 27. t28 July t29. 30. 31. Aug. 2. 3, 4 15 12-2 Aug. t 1 May 127, 28, 29 May 30-30, 81, Juno June t2. t3-3, Juno 6, S. 7, 8, i9 J Juno SO. July 11, 2 May 10, 11, tl2,. 113 May 7. 8 9 TERRE HAITE June 2i j2 J23 1 July 17 lg 19 jy 30. t21 III Aug. 119. 20. 21, 22 July 11. 12. 13 July $14. 115-16, 15 Aug. 6. 7. 8, 9 June 117, 18, 19 . Aug. 13, 14, 15 Aug. IS. 17, J18 Sept.. '3-3,. 4 Sept. 0. 6. 7 Sept. ?8. 19-5 - Aug. 10. til. jl2 ' ' ' May 30-30, 31, June May 127, 28, 29 Juno 6, 7. 8, t9 Juno t2, t3-3, 4 Juno UO-iO.11 THE My T- 8- 3 May 10, 11, J12. 113 EAANSADLLE j june 21, 22, t23 July 20. 21, 122 July 17. 18, 19 July 3, 4-4 -' lilt Ju,y 115-15. 16 July 11, 12, 13 June 18, 19. 20 Aug. 6, 7, 8, 9 Aug. 16. 17, IS Aug. 13, 14,. 15 Aug. 31, Sept. tl. " " . Sept. J8, 19-9 Sept. 5, 6, 7 Aug. 10, til. t!2 12-2 7 . June 5. 6. 1, K Juno 42, 13-3. 4 ' May 30-30. 31, May 127, 28, 29 May 4. to. 1 May 1. 2. 3 liEfftMTIIf) Juno t30, Julv 11-1, July 20. ill. 123 July 17. 18. 19 June 1 June IS. 19, 20 July 6, 6, t7 July 18. 9, 10 UCllA I UK 2 DECATITR Aug. IS, 14, 15 Aug. 16, 17. tlS June 21. 22, j23 Aug. 6, 7, S, 9 Aug. 27,28,,29, 30 Aug. 23, 21, f26 Au Aug. 10. til, 112 Sapt. 3-3, 4 . DAMTLLE June tl3, 13-3. 4 June S, , 7. S May 127. .28, 23 MJuno 1' 31 May 1, 2. 3 May 4, 15. 16 June 19. 110-10, 11 HERALD July 17, IS, 13 . July 20. 21, 122 juno IS, 19, 20 Juno 21. 22, 123 July 18. 9. 10 July 5. . 17 July 3. "4-4 Himl Aug 16, 17, tl8 Aug. 13, 11, 15 Aug. 6. 7. S, 9 Aug. 10, ill, 112 Aug. 23, 24, 125, 26 Aug. 27, 2S. 29, 30 Aug. 31, Sept. tl, 12 ' ' t Holidays . t Sundays t Saturdays FISH LOOP ENDS SEASON'S WORK Two Nights' Play Remains, Before "Y" League Sked Closes Teams W 1. Tct. JrllyfiKk 14 4 .777 Whalca J.V 5 .722 Shark ..: 1 7 Carp JO .444 Mackerel 8 10 .444 Dogfish . ... S 10 .444 Herring S 13 .SCO Trout 5 18 !W Two nights of play remain in the Y. M. C. A.'s Fish league. The' Dogfish will meet the Whales at 7:30 o'clock and the Herring will play the Mackerel at 8:30 o'clock, Tuesday evening. Thursday evening, the Jellyfish will play the Carp at 7:30 o'clock in the last game of the season. The club drops down to Peoria for another heavy-packed series on Saturday, June 2. After having played eight games in six day's, tho Commies end the trip in Bloomington with a four-day series from June 5 through June S. Danville is the first club to invade Decatur during the nine- dav stav at home. The Vets open on Saturday. May 9, play a double-bill on Sunday, then leave after Monday's game. ' "One-Night Stand" Start Rockford gets a three-day engagement, then Moline gets three. After the Moline series, the clubs play three in Moline, starting Monday, June 18. Three in RocMord brings the Commies back home again for a six-day stay. Bloomington plays a double-header on Sunday - to start the stay. Peoria plays the Commies here on "Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Danville and the Decatur mingle from June 30 through July The struggle starts in Danville, Saturday, June 30. A Sunday double-header and a Monday game, then the clubs play three in Decatur, one on Tuesday, July 3, two on Wednesday, July 4. "One-night stands'' start. The Indiana clubs meet Decatur in Terre Haute. July 5. 6, and 7; in Evans ville. July 8, 9. and 10. July 7 gives Tots a Saturday game: July 8, the Evas a Sunday game. The Tots and Commies-'play in Decatur on July It, 12, and 13. Evansville opens on Saturday, July 14, plays a double-head er on Julv 15, and finishes with a single game on July 16. The Commies play in. Peoria and Blooming ton six days. From Tuesday. July 17. through Thursday, July 19, the club is in Tractor-town. Friday, Sat urday, and Sunday, the Commies are in Bloomington. returning home for a two-weeks' stay. Commies Gone 25 Days Peoria, Bloomington, Moline and Rockford play here in that time. Peoria is here three days; Bloomington. three, including a Saturday date, Moline starts on Sunday, July 29. and plays four games, bringing the season into August. Rockford is here for four, finishing with a Saturday-Sunday combination on August 4 and 5. Then the Commies leave for the longest trip of the season, 23 days. In this time, the club meets the entire circuit in foreign territory. Moline, Rockford, Bloomington, Peoria, Danville, Evansville. and Terre Haute come in that order. From August 6 through August 9, the club is in Moline. It meets Rockford three games, ending with a Sunday date. Bloomington gets three; Pe oria three, ending with a Saturday contest. Starting on Sunday, the club plays four in Danville, then swings over into Evansville for four, including a Saturday and Sunday pair; and then ends the travel-period with four in Terre Haute. Deoatur fans get to see the club for but three days, as the season begins to wane. Vet In On " Brother-Act" 1 Danville is its opponent on Friday. August 31; Saturday, September 1; and Sunday. September 2. The clubs carry the "brother-act" to Danville for the Labor Day double-bill and for the Monday game. Then the "aet" returns to Decatur, plunging Into the twilight of the baseball season. They play Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. September 5. 6. and 7. The Evas, against whom the Commies started the season, end the year's work here on Saturday. Sep tember 8; and In a double-header on Sunday, September 9. And that's that. ' ! M'TIGUE IS OUT WITH BROKEN THUMB By HYPOLITO IGOE (Boxing Expert, Sew York "World) NEW YORK, March 24. The wandering boy of Innis. County Clare, Ireland, has been heard from. Tex Rickard has received an answer to a flock of cable messages sent to the new light-heavyweight champion of the world Mike McTigue. Those who are down at the wharf waiting for a chance to grasp Mike's hand had better knock their dudeens on the stringer and mope off home. Mike isn't going to leave the peaceful sod for somo time to come, lie sent the following cable message and 'tis bad news he has to tell: "Right thumb broken. Will not box anybody here. Sailing back in June. Will box Carpenticr, Tun-ney, or Wilson. Letter following. Regards to all." "And that's that," mused Tex as he scanned the message. Mike's message is the first real confirmation of the report that he had broken a bone in his hand early in the bout with Siki. A broken right thumb isn't to be sneezed at. It only goes to show that Mike was socking a bit that night in Dublin, and that the singular Senegalese lias a pretty hard head. Mike's declaration of his willingness to face Carpentier, Tunny, or Wilson proves that he is going to step out and be a real champion. None of the three are soft. Wilson is the middleweight champion (except in New York state). Tunney the American light heavyweight champion, and ' Carpentier is the MEOWS HUMBLE POKESMJUINTET W i d i c k Leads Scoring, With 18 Points, as His Teams Cops r The Cat's Meows defeated the Mighty Pokes, 30-15, in the Y. M. C. A., Saturday night. . Both teams are composed of High school boys. The Cat's Mows took the lead in the start, leading at the half, 15-2. In the last half, the Meows slowed up, allowing the Mighty Pokes to cut down the advantage a little. Widiclc, center on tho Cat's Meows, was the individual scoring star of the game, counting 18 points. Box score and summary: CAT'S MEOWS 30 fg ft pf tp Sharpe.lf 10 3 2 Taggart.rf 2 0 0 4 Wldlck.c 6 6 1 IS H.Shaw.lg 0 0 10 L.Shaw, rg 3 0 0 6 MIGHTr POKES 15 , . fgftpftp RlchdstUf 2 0 14 Sattley.rf 2 8 0 7 Mltchell.c . 2 0 8 4 Hendkn.lg 0 0 10 Ilghcs.rg 0 0 10 Totals 12 6 5 30 1 Totals 6 8 6 15 Score at the j?nd pf the first half Cat's Meows, 16; Miglily Tokes, 2. Free throws Cat's Meows: 'Widiclc, six out of seven; Mighty -l'oltesr Sattley. three out of five. Rcforeo Humble (Decatur High) motherTdTne state'sjhamps Villa Grove Basketball Team Members are Guests at Dinner VILLA GROVE. Mnrch 24 Mothers who had sons on Villa Grove's stale champion basketball team gave members of the team a banquet in the dining room of the Township High school, Friday. The High school board, the faculty, and guests of the team were also present at the dinner. Clarence Orf acted as toastmas- ter. Short talks were given by C. E. Pulliam, athletic director: and Wayne Hulse; Kenneth Reynolds, Ernest Combs, and Shorty Bill Barmore. the graduating members of the team; and by Harold Sunders, tho new cap tain. A five piece orchestra furnished the music for the evening. t "S .''vf, ?8OT J MIKE M'TIGUE SUNDAY SCHOOLS COMPLETE SKED Games Remain, Though Grace M. E. Has Already Cinched Flag Teams Grace M. E. ... Westminster First Presbyterian. First M. K. Central Clinrch ... St. Paul's Itf. E. ... W. . 6 4 .. 4 . 4 . 3 . 2 Pet. 1.000 .0410 .eon . BOO -'Mi.. .106 .000 First Christian 1 First V. B O Schedules for the last games ot Sunday school league tournament, under way in the Y. M. C. A., have been announced. Two nights of play remain when the First Presbyterian meets the First Methodist at 7:30 o'clock and the Westminster meets the First Christian at 8:30 o'clock, Monday evening, March 26; and When the final games are played Friday. March 30. In the final games. St. Haul's team will meet the Grace Methodist at 7:30 o'clock: and the First United Brethren tea'm, the Central Church of Christ team, at 8.80 o'clock. Grace M. E. has already cinched the pennant. , RIDE A BICYCLE. Come to the best Bicycle Store for your Bicycle- Bicycle Supplies and Accessories. - ED. KELLINGTON 715 N. Water. M. 442 one-time holder of the honor Mike now enjoys. McTigue will make a pretty fair champion, never fear. He is infernally clever on defense, he can fight like a streak when he elects to cut loose, and he can hit some. He has plenty of class about him. Bearing a title on his shoulders, he is bound to perk up to a notch far above the general opinion of his worth. McTigue is likely to whip any man. He has been through the mill and he knows the game. His injury came at a most unfortunate time. He wa3 In line for big engagements in the London Music Halls, but with a broken thumb, he will not be able to hit the boards. At that, Mike may be able to eing a comeallye, do a sand jig, and tell a couple of yarns. At any rate these are Mike's days. Victor Breyer, editor of Echo de Sports of Paris, cabled Tom O'Rourke that Criqufs departure for the United States brought about the greatest ovation ever given a Frenchman leaving that country, even greater than that accorded Carpentier, when he came here to meet Dempsoy. The night before he galled, Criqui was the guest at a huge dinner attended by some of the best known men of . France. Dan McKetrick is Criqui's representative in this country. "Mike McTigue has settled all argument about HIS weight for that bout with Siki. In a private cable, he. says that he stepped on the scales on the day of the bout, before witnesses, and tipped the beam at 159 pounds. That's THAT. EDDIE ANDERSON IS BLACKLISTED : CHICAGO, March 24. The Chicago chapter of the National Sports AIli-1 ance suspended Eddie Anderson, Moline, bantamweight boxer, and fined him tloO when it was found he. had refused to meet Jack Eile in a match at a suburban club here next Monday night. According to the disciplining body," Anderson agreed to fight Eile and then side-stepped the bout in order to appear in a fight in Minneapolis early next week. MATTRESSES at Reduced Prices Sale Price for Wed. and Thurs. 18.00 Felt Mattress for $14.65 rorr..:. sio.oo CJSO Coiub (nation jfl2resti for S6.35 Our mattresses -re much sliove the ordinary brands, being: full sized, sanitary built, stuffed with rlean mr.terlnls and revered Ith art ticking;, n attractive' patterns. DECATUR MATTRESS FACTORY 1023 X. Water Main 1UIHI SENIORS TO PLAY BUT TWO ROUNDS Eight Games Remains Before "Y" Loop Season Ends on April 4 Teams: W. I Pet. Stcrnbergs 7 O . 1.000 Scberers .4 " .0(MS Hermans .1 3 .500 "Wastoln 3 - 3 ..',00 Cochennoura 3 3 .500 Cantvtells 3 3 .500 Arron smiths 3 4 .428 Taylors 2 4 -133 Wendells 1 5 .160 The Senior Basketball league will end its season within a short time. Wednesday, March 28. the Scherers will meet the Wastols at 7:30 o'clock, the Hermans, the Cochegours at 7:35 o'clock; the Cantwells, tho Hermans at S:15 o'clock; and the Arrowsmlths the Wendells at 8:50 o'clock. The final games will be played Wednesday evening. April 4. In these games the Sternbergs meet the Hermans at 7:00 o'clock, tho Scherers. the Coch-enours at 7:35" o'clock; the Cantwells. the Wendells at 8:15 o'clock, and the Wastols, the Taylors at 8:50 o'clock. HAGEN CAPTURES SOUTHERN MEET ASHEVTLLE. X. C. March 24 Walter Haeen Tlritic, nrn cham pion, captured the Asherville-Bilt-more forest open golf championship here, coming from behind in the Get Behind a King Saul Cigar Next time you sniff the other fellow's good cigar, it's time for you to get behind a King Saul, and pass a good thing along. FRANK PAHMEYER FELSCH, RISBERG FILE CHICAGO. March "lri,,.i . Comiskey. president of the Chicaro , .mo cm,, w uu:- uasenau team was nearly destroyed as a result of the 1919 world series scandal, in a deposition taken for usi in tli - - -- - -- - - ..11 vi joe Jackson for il00.0f0 damages, to ha nearu ivunin ten oays in Milwaukee, testified, it was loarnM Rati.M... .i..' not until Pitcher Eddie Cicottee "made u coniession 01 tne alleged sell eut'" was he able to obtain anv ril ,-.-. firmation of reports of a "frame on" The CIcottc confession was made in September, I3C0. During the taking of the deposition George (Buck! Weaver, former White Sox player, was sent from the room on demand of Comiskcy's counsel and opposing counsel then caused Harry Grablner. secretary of the White Sox, to be barred from the room. 'Phone-Call a Tip-Off. Prior to the playing season oflDo, Comiskey testified that Jackson had been signed up for three years at a salary of SS.Oi'O a year, a Jr.. COO increase, and that Oscar Kelsch ami Charles Risberg also had received contracts at increased salaries. At that time, however, Comiskey said he had nothing definite to connect any members of bis team with the fan. dal rumors. The salary Increases were demanded of lilm, Comiskey said, and he was forced to pay them. On the morning of the second game in Cincinnati, Comiskey s.iid he received a telephone call and was informed that something was wrong among his players. After the series, rumors multiplied. At great expense he hired detectives and offered rewards, but not until Cicottc went to Kid Gleason. his manager, and told his story of an attempt to fix the series did he obtain any evidence. Comiskey said. After Cicotte mad his statement. Comiskey suspended the accused players. File fr $100,000 Each. Then the scandal broke in all its fury, the state's attorney had the accused ball players indicted on charges of conspiracy, and they were tried and acquitted. Jackson, Vrlsch and Risberg all have filed suit for J100.00 each for back salary and daninse to their roputation against Comiskey and the Chicago American League baseball club. - Ray Cannon of Milwaukee, counsel for the thre baseball players, con-, ducted the examination of Comiskey. The deposition is expected to be filed in Milwaukee in a few days. second day's rln' ar"i defeating Jock Hutchison, who Friday led the field. Hagen scored a 72 this afternoon, his total for the 72 holes bein? 284. Joe Kirkwood ups?t the done bv taking second place money Willi 291. although he played the entire 72 holes while suffering from s'.ntin-ed muscles in the rieht shoulder. Hutchison finished third. , -- madisox cars titlk MAISON, Wis.. March 24. Wisconsin High school of Madison won the state basketball rhampionsnip n-. Saturday night, defeating Oshkosa High school, 2G-13. tn- IV TH3CATTR BT i

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