The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1895 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
Page 11
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,. ^Tytfv*^ < a™.'?*, *•»,'*» , ' d oat ft tnorsei, waving, faa> 1 ;.«• W S AL00NA, IOWA, , -.--*• '^I^I'V 1 -§&v. wi-V-v-^v; Ball fcknl excitedly, "It meatig'I doft't I db o* flot, 1*11 wait a little lon&e* I'll wait a little lotiger,"' & fl > Cl •"• " -nmSst-A.J" - ^."*-™^*fe^J IA 1016. , . really believe Cholly Is going ,6t msrtied. SStelP^Wh&t wakes you think BO? Uttldeft hear he has joined a cooking hOol» i ,., ' , P . A Iteafty Welcome ff retUf ning btaei" by day and tranquillty 5 t \nlght is exte&ded by thorbeumfttlc rafcleflYWfetf awes these blessings ta Hos- IttetJB.Btomach Bitters. Don't delay the JKsef this fine anodyne for pain and purifier of the blood an instant beyond the point when the disease manifests itself. Kidney 'rouble, dyspepsia, liver complaint, la Srippe'&nd Irregularity of the botoels are Believed and cured by the Miters. An OptltnlHt. jBuekton—How do you enjoy living in "pmtnutersville when the weather is so Itatlybad? JNeudick—Splendidly. It is so mud 3y out Here just now that our cook can't get 9100 Reward, 8106. ».the readers of this 'paper will be neased to learn that there is at least he dreaded disease that science has .Sen able to cure in all its stages, and Hat is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is life only positive cure now known to he medical fraternity. - Catarrh being Iconstitutional disease requires a con- tutlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh ¥e is taken internally, acting directly oiifthe blood and mucous surfaces of Be 'system, thereby destroying the .undatton of the disease and giving the Jatlent strength by building up the con- (utution and assisting nature in doing SiWork. The proprietors have so much uth in its curative powers that they fifer'One Hundred Dollars for any case at'It .falls to cure. Send for list of itimonials. Address fi, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists; 75c. "Jail's Family Pills, 25c. Caution. j'ady of'the House—You can earn your finer if you will chop that heap of Ore- Tod. Beggar—Urn—what Is the menu? S.uerrltta, the tamous bull-fighter of tin, earns 860,000' a year by his profes- n.-, For each appearance in the arena he " $1,200. "Beauty lies within ourselves, After all they say; And be sure the happy heart 'Makes the happy djiy." any a silly woman has been able to i;a wise man around by the nose. -pere may be religion in art, but there is girt in religion. Jjb.yirtue that is the result of fear can be light by example. .KNOWLEDGE If, Brings comfort and improvement and Spends to" personal enjoyment when sprightly used. Tho many, who live bet- iter than others and enjoy life more, with Jess expenditure, by more promptly Adapting the world's best products to the needs "of physical being, will attest the value to liealth of the pure liquid fyxative principles embraced in the medy, Syrup of Figs. ^ Its excellence is due to its pyisenting ijin the form most acceptable ard pleas- a i|nt r to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- tive 5 effectually clennsipg the system, elling colds, headaches and fevers permanently' curing * constipation, It ha? given satisfaction to millions and et with the. approval of the mediqal BBicjp, because-it acts on the Kid- Liver and Bowels without weak- .them and it is perfectly free from "eyerjr objectionable substance, ".' Syrpp of Figs ia for s^le by all drug. jistJ) jn §0c and $1 bottles, but it is man- l>y * e ' Californi^,Fig Syrup name is printed on every %hls^ed' In .v . fimttefed In h*li,- AM eehd caught faintly $& g&and as it fell.*' to Lofd fiyfafi.-but really by Cathef ifae f fthshawe, haf e the lettSf "h" M their Wot d f 6higme. aaya the Spectator, Hawthorne gave 6ne of, h'ta best'kndtvn Works the naine of "-the Searm Letter," -and dne 6f Charles Lamb's ineffectual dt-atnas 'is called "Mr,'tt., H its not very entertaining J)16t ttlriiing on' the concealment of the hero's real name, which in the 6tid is found to be ttogsflesh. Headers of Dickens will remember "Mr. FVfi aunt," while the riots at Convent Garden theater, familiarly known as the "0. P." riots, live chiefly in the pages of "Rejected Addresses." When members o£ the same profession speak of individuals by professionally abbreviated titles, it is generally a sign that the speakers are "talking shop." Army men, for instance, strew their conversation and documents with so many vowels and consonants that they seem to be making use of a special cipher, unintelligible to outsiders. There is nothing derogatory to a member of parliament or a queen's counsel in being spoken of as "M, P." or "Q. C."; it is a familiar abbreviation in which all the members of parliament and all the queen's counselors share, and written d9ctiments are naturally so addressed, but some of the abbreviations used In conversation have a decidedly colloquial ring about them. As a nation we seem to have a faculty for casting off superfluous words and phrases and for making use of contractions, and our titles of honor present a perennial aource of difficulty to the foreigner. It must puzzle a Frenchman unacquainted .with our social distinctions to discover the meaning of "Bart." or "Kt." or "Esq.," or to unravel the Intricacies of "K. C. S. I." or "M. F. H.," though on the part of a Briton such ignorance would mean ignorance of the usages of society. On the other hand, initials may be used in a derogatory sense. If we hear in private conservation a man referred to as "old J.' we may be sure it is hardly intended as 'a compliment; while the bourgeoise who calls her husband "Mr. J." at once conveys to her hearers a sense of easy and vulgar familiarity. In our complex civilization symbols have come to be looked upon as integral portions of the system of decorations and awards. A Woman Bldog a lirako Roam, On the arrival • of a Burlington freight train at Huntly, Mont., recently, the trainmen discovered a young and handsome woman and a boy riding upon one of the" brake beams in ap- pijpved tramp fashion. The woman gave her name as Mrs, Peterson, and said her husband, a barber, had deserted her and a. baby several months ago at Billings. Besides herself and baby, she had a mother and a little ^brother to support. A few days ago she spent her last money to purchase tickets for her mother and baby to Sheridan, Wy., where they have friends/and one night she took the little brother climbed on the brake beam of an outgoing freight, and had been riding nearly all night when discovered. The trainmen gave them a place in the caboose the remainder of their journey. Still Nearer, Relationships are very confusing to the juvenile mind, but there are not many children so delightfully at sea as the small girl of the following story: She appeared with a small brother at a public school, and gave in their names as "Ralph and Edith Johnson," "Brother and sister, I suppose," sai'd the teacher. "Oh no, ma'am," said the little girl, "we're twins!" NEWSY TRIPLES. The British isles comprise 1,000 separate islands and islets, without counting the juttings rocks or isolated pinnacles, It has been estimated that electric railways have Already displaced in the United States no less than 275,000 horses, x The pear crop in Georgia this year is the largest on record, It is estimated oy those in a position to knpw and to judge correctly that it will exceed 300,000 barrels, The "life tree" of Jamaica Is harder to kiJJ than any other species gf woody growth known to abartcuHurlsts, It continues to grow and thrives for months &fter being uprpoted and ex- TjQse ft to the sun. , , ' It is 1 a singular coincidence that in, PaHota a week or 90 ago H was tp eios,e the schools on ac'« of the intense .he^t, and two' later they were ciose'd again because the excessive cpld. > ' m ^h'e' country disjripts, both In laijd. &n,d aermany, there is w W§a that j,f the bees, pwarm upq« ft rotten tree will t>e_ a deatk in the faartiy p, jiving en tfte property before ''' In the : styles ,$ d#tinj vrere it to,i l&m Wttwi to » 4ei; may »l aw- mm MUE f ro TEXAS Over tie ^f eat Heck Island Route. Will Beta ihfcFtficst frfbtt flhd Ing fcoflnfcry Ift the World— 1T«W for Settlement. fispeelsi Advantages ate that the laud H6s higher thnfa ahv other similar tract af-> fording superior arainftRe, so nece&sar'y with rainfall in- that district. Land will cost you ho tnore tbhn (he rentyott are noW paylngi Rich and productive soil; noii?ri» gallon needed; mild and delight ftil climate. LA&O sfttAs os siottf. Two towns and two railroads oft the tract; Others near by, Boil ttftequalled for the production of Corn, Cotton. sugar ,Cnfte, Alfalfa and every kind o( fruit and vegetable. We have thousands of acres of Janet Mar Houston t Texas, in this tract to select from now Which Will soon be taken Up, This means a home and comfortoble fortune to the vender If ho will investigate. Write to tw. Send us the name of your friends who want a home of their own. Leave the blizzards, taxes and high rents of the north. Ix>cate in the choicest district of the Gulf Coast country And you will repeat the success of your more prosperous neighbors. Send for our pamphlet, entitled "Fertile Farm Lands," plats, maps, etc. Low ' price. Easy terms. Low rate excursions constantly running, Don't you want to go? When you write give our address in full, Address SOUTHKHN TEXAS COLONIZATION Co,, John Jjiiulcrholin, Mgr., lip Uialto lild;;., PERSONALS. lira. James L. Gates, of Milwaukee, owns a Bible that was brought over In the Mayflower In 1620. , Mme. Adellna Patti, who was taken suddenly ill in Birmingham, is suffering from laryngeal catarrh, Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth, wife ef the commander of the Salvation Army, has started on a tour of the Pacific coast. Col. M. Lewis Clark, the racing expert, is going to South Africa to visit his brother, Jefferson Clark, who has made a large fortune in mine speculation. Alexander S. "Williams, ex-captain and inspector of the New. York police force, has been nominated for state senator by the Republicans of the Twelfth New York district. Mark Twain/has been quite a prolific inventor. His first patent; taken out in 1871, was a strap for suspending trousers. He has been assignee of quite a number of patents, several of : recent date. Gen. Guitierrez, governor of the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexipo, who Is now •In Atlanta, is one of the richest men in Mexico, owning valuable farming lands and mining concessions. He is commander of the Mexican army. It- is said that the pope is strongly opposed to the proposed visit of the King of Portugal to Rome, and tried to dissuade the king from coming to the Italian capital. In Vatican circles it is said that the pope will refuse to receive King Carlos, who is expected to arrive October 17. :;J ••" P ISO'S' CA)R-f His LiiBt Ulissful thought. The organ-blower of Pinklebury lay dying; the curate was visiting 'him. "Would you mind, sir, asking our organist to play the Dead March over me?" asked the sick man. "Certainly I will, Jones," said the curate. "Thankee, sir, none o' that 'ere tweedledum Bethoven, you know, sir. only Handel's." "I'm sure he will do it," responded the curate. , The old man lay placidly for awhile then exclaimed with fervor: "How thankful I be that I shan't have to blpw for him when he plays the loud part at tho end." " •• IT BEATS THEM ALL. Twenty- four Hours Chicago to Atlanta. The popular I • Four Eoute has, in connection with tae Queen & Crescent and Southern railway,, established a fast schedule -between Chicago and' Atlanta, leaving Chicago '13 o'clock, noon, and arriving in Atlanta at 1? o'clock, noon, the next day. This is by far the best and quickest time from •Chicago and the northwest to Atlanta and the south. Bend for time card, rates, etc,, to J. C, Tucker, O, P, A,,, 234 Clark street, Chicago. The United States has produced sine 1848 $1,870,000,000 in gold pml $1,078,0.00,000 in silver, aggregating 83it)43,OQO,QOQ, ' A' Child Enjoys • The pleasant flavor, gentle action and soothing effects of.Syrup. of Pigs, when in need" pf ft laxative, iwd if the father oj mother be costive or bilious, the mps| gratifying results follow its use; so that it- js the best family remedy known, 8»d ovpry family sjiould have a bottle on hand, '' ' ' c«n Cutch jt. • , The Teaoher-Np w, wbp COB tell me which travels thP faster-heat or cold? .'• Jphnpy Bright (pVQniptJy)-Heftt, Qf course, Anybody can Pffljoh. Gryima out, «..X% i prono tty 1 V 1 ?! 1 , 1 w u> . v A^, 11 Uy, number of'the Grand Junction : "it tjie nqoplu wUQ vlsltecf vy on I'MvIt I)«y gouW ouly uelj now live, It Svo»lfl pot " " .jJffflPWJMr., w«,v. TJit'.y t \vp,iil(V full ,9v$c u^wsptipui' l«Ut, Jl'fs exit«i)y 8 wl 8 iul >l0 I f<mud M sottui njjiiwleufio J(l ^imvvl s rfpople' fflir^aSo biWHt Fe|t> w ^wwi h»w\s, Is the tfttfef Arc »6t the *fa* ttltftWI. "1 wag eathe losifig &ld& attflflg tfes late waj-j" said ft6|er fila6kefl§hip to a frftfty; ef vets ^hb wete flghtitig Ihefr battles d'eif again itt the 6Wf id»« of thf Southern, "1 helbnged to 6. Mississippi regimeat, and the last mether's sdl df us expected t6 return, home with at least a doiea yaakee scalps dangliflg at his belt, ouj- orators had led us to believe that all we had to do was to shew out 1 * selves and the yanks would break for lall tiniueri % Our coleael was & ttlaatef and a small fry politician wha had aevef seett a feal live yftnkee, aad he fully expected to plant our regimental colors oa the dome of the national cap* Uol before we had been out a month. We were eager for the fray. "Just before Grant invested Donel* son we encountered a'scouting party of Mlchiganders. They numbered only about forty, and the colonel took the company to which I belonged and attempted to head them off. They made a hasty scamper for a brush field that was surrounded by a rail fence, and we broke ranks and lit out after them in go-as-you-please order. Every matt of us wanted a yankee and realized that there were not enough to go round. Just as wo mounted the fence we received a volley 1 that laid a score of men out. Before we could recover from our surprise those Michiganders were over the fence and at work on us with their sabers and six-shooters. We concluded that we had made a mistake—that we didn't want any yankees after all. "The colonel was the first man back to, camp. Half his left ear had been shot away and he had an ugly saber gash in his shoulder. I helped the surgeon fix him up, and after we had made him comfortable he turned to the major, who is also an editor, and said solemnly: 'Yer've been a-tellin' us in yer darned old paper that the yankees wouldn't fight. Dodrat yer measley hide, what do yer call fightin'?'. The major replied that those men were westerners, only half yankees. 'Only half yankees!' snorted the colonel. 'Damme if I ain't< goin' home! If them's only half yankees, I'll just be dad burned if I'm goln't' tackle any whole ones.' "— Ex. Uorellctlbn of tho Now Woman. "Laura," said the husband of the emancipated woman sternly. "What is it, dear?" asked the latter in a conciliatory manner, for she saw that trouble was coming. "Laura, in the last three weeks I have given you three letters to mail, addressed to dear papa. What have you done with them ?" "Mailed them, of course," replied the •wretched woman, in a determination to bluff it out if possible. "Laura," the husband went on, ','that is not true. I received a letter from papa to-day in which he says he has-not heard from me in a month, and anxiously asking if anything is the matter. Now you have, got those letters somewhere about your clothes if you haven't lost them, I know just as well as I know that I am standing here that you never mailed those letters. Now go through your pockets and see if you haven't got them." The emancipated,woman commenced to look through her pockets and soon turned out the missing letters, which she laid on the table, with the remark, "Well, I could have sworn that I put those letters in the letter-box at the corner." The man sneered. "You can't trust a woman to do anything," he retorted. "Hereafter I'll mail my own letters and I won't occupy your very valuble time with such errands, Before you go I want $10 for household expenses, The emancipated woman meekly laid 'the mpney down o'n the table and went away with' the remark that she would leave the ofilce early in the afternoon and come after her husband to take him to the nmtlnee.—jiHarper's Bagar, .QASTRONQiyilCAL HINTS, . In the early autumn the bon vivants' fancies lightly turn to thoughts of game. A -Welsh rabbit will assist one in keeping awake who has to sit up with « sick friend. ' The abundance of peaches this year , -Would be more appreciated ,if they wero of a better, firmer quality, Qpod oranges are scarce and expen*' sive, and lemons, PS .to price, may be sfUd tp have gone up in a balloon. ^ The 'Chinese have more ways of cooking ^ chicken than lye, 'with alj our culinary 'pliilpsopby, ever ' There is a popular impression that 4 French oogk could maKe' ft deijoious soup put of an ordinary billiard ball, • Those to whQW pears are a fatal fruit seem to -increase, Therefore, jpbk jjqt upon the Bartlett .^hen }t is granite,Young turkey Js seasonable and paja* tai?ie, aU&QHgi} farmers say they would be au the better "bardepea U p." copier weather, ' '< . , Apple pies at 'a, Catskjii hotel are scribed as having a, tftit $ to-sfty, B, wuBt ,J' e W Qwglft pine. b,o.t m?&*** i -w&$m MORE OR LESS HUMOROUS, She—What Is ydtlf favdfite IfistfU fflent? He^-Pekei—b.ut 1 neVSf without n6te8.—yfe's tJaisnaah fhyfiielan^How dW.'yati get flueh & cold? Patient—Whit'naS thai got tb do with your business of cUHtig It? It is a condition, not a theory, that con- frontfl you,—Boston Transcript. A maiden writes: "Can you tell me how to change the color of my hair,, which all the young men tell me is red?" Certainly we can, .Get rich; they will then call it golden or auburn.—Brie Messenger. "But Jumpsey drinks so." "He's no worse than Bu.nker." "Yes, he is, too." "Not a bit of it. Bunker is half full all the time and Jumpsey is all fullshalf the time. It's an even thing."-Jlllus- trated Fashion Review. '^'V Dozber—Do you think that constantly wearing'a hat has a tendency to make a man bald? Jazlin—No; but when a man is bald I've noticed that it has a tendency to make him constantly wear his hat.—Roxbury Gazette. Stlfflns (a neighbor)—Hello, Jones, what you doin'? Laying down a carpet? Jones (who has Justiwhacked his thumb)—No! you blasted idiot—the carpet was here when we moved in, I am just putting the floor under It—Truth, He—Miss Kitty, I've hoard it said that a kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt. Is that so? She —Really, Mr. Smoothface, I don't know. I can't tell, for in all my life I never— He—Now, now, Miss Kitty! She—Ate an egg without salt!—Comic Cuts. "Mary, I thought I told you you couldn't have company in the kitchen." "This is only me brother, mum." "Your brother! H'm!" "You see, mum, it's only two minutes since I promised to be his sister, 'mum."—Harper's Bazar. Wattso—I don't know but that I rather like this horse. Is It an animal my wife can drive? Haicede—I don't know. Watts—You ought to know. You say you raised tho horse. Haicede —Yas, I allowed I did, but I never seen your wife try to drive.—Indianapolis Journal. Awkward, ' She—Can you tell me who that exceedingly plain man was you were speaking to just now? He—That was my brother, She (much confused}—Ob, I beg pardon, I had not noticed the resemblance. From Now Until Spring Overcoats and winter wraps will be in fashion, They can be discarded, temporarily, while traveling in the steam heated trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Railway. For solid comfort, for speed and for safety, 110 other Hue can compare with this great railway of the west. Fashionable young ladies in Paris, when ouc on their wheels,aro attended by grooms or governesses who are also on bicycles. The especial attention of our readers is called to the notice in this paper, '-Free Fare to Texas." It offers a grand opportunity to secure a home in the garden of prosperous Texas, Read it fpr further information, , Daniel Scheeue, who, it is said, once saved the life of the old emperor of Germany has applied to the poor authorities of Denver for assistance. 1 could not got along without Piso'i Cure for Consumption. It always cures.—Mils, E. C, MOUJ,TON, Needbam, Mass, Oot, S3 '94, Wm. Ludlain White, of Jamaica, N. Y,, casts a Ms shadow - for a boy Of fifteen years, His weight is 909 pounds. * If the Baby Is Catting Tooth, I)e sure and uno that old uiid well-fried remedy. Mltfl. WINBLOW'H HOOTHIKO SvK«f for Qblldren 'i'eptlilng. Nails are not used in constructing nese bouses. The parts are joined by fin ingenious system of mortising. Full in tor in at I on respecting the best fruit and farin land in Riverside Co., Cal, &.ddress Hornet Land Co,, Heme^i Cal, The Empress theater, London, has a stage BO Jarge that, there Js.spaop on it for t),QW people. • ' ..... , , ................ , -JITS,"*!! Fits stopped froeby Dr-Kllne's GreaS Nirve Keijtoror, ffo mtswfter thu flm day's nee. li* ivml «3 trial bprtle f r$o«* iiiiV,o3» Ai-uii fo,, yjjiia,, fa, , Marvelous bitr*». Tj Jfl(«»8es. scud to Pi 1 . Many a maij. would rathej be a dppr- keeper in the legislature thaw split, rails j g tbg wilds of thQ.coHntjyy forever, , ' Wavi'fuited to uuie pr money n>fmi4etj. Abl£ ypiu ui*. i'leli ' "• ' Our.llfe is sav^ as it is blended wJt£ tbe 'pQmmp» J o| pm» feljlpw beingg/; . ; ' ' ' ', Coft'B COIiffil ^Hftift It the oWest and best, » w(|| ba-eii(; u the biggest-r»so^ls'aye who coutenatbetiwithe rasc«ls belqng to pne party, _ ;_ i ' «A C!||w"»r"i»iii'I«(i 1 *"T*» at mpyes the BoyelB fa tfto If a wan m^mAs^sSi&ui^L i^^,^t Lenity has almost alwiys justice on Its'Sidif Get your enemies iy ivmjv«"» "«»«« ia order to mend"theniHf6^^uf'.ffli|ll is so much'Hke ydur sec^ad'fielf'i "*"""*' will judge tdo much liki '3 Humanity is divided * 1"",,,. i/ UUU u ?K . shillings and 'pence, TheiBduhdjfilllfe, the shilling trade and the : p8ncHab1)r,tJ' The unconsidel-ed trifles are the fajfth**4i^ ings.—Labouchere, ' •' \ v -Jv|' In every kind of art there is a deglfeeat of excellence which may be reached^; eo<|| to speak, by the mere use of one's^WH 1 .'" natural talents. But at the same timel „ it is impossible to go beyond that pplttt^ unless art comes to one's aid.'—Qoethe, ; ;« The question is not whether a : trine is beautiful, but whether it is'triie^ When we want to go to a place, we don ask whether the road lead* through pretty country, but -whether it/lsTth right road, "the i*oatl pointed out by."It thority, the turnp'ike road.-^Jufibs Hare.-', • ( __ ;\. I do not think that We have an: . i . w ^_, 5J! .,, to think of a heaven for .others',>mif6fr gj) less of a heaven for' ourSeiyes^'itt^tM^J world to come until we are wholly"deTffS termined to make'this world a.heaveh%J for our fellow men, and are hoping,'vb&j^S lleving,' loving and working -for 5 , that£| and its realization, not' in a thousarid;:^! or a million years, but in a neaifer'aii'd^ffrf nearer 'future.—Stopford'A'. Brooke, A" %$L t God is perfectly powerful becaus'e ^hd-jf^ is perfectly and infinitely'of -use,'''and'| perfectly good because he delights 'M-£ terly and always in being'of use, there- ^ fore we can become like, Gq^i onl"* J ~^ " proportion as we ;become of' 1 use," life, all dovotion ( . all ^iety, • are,..* worth anything—only' dlvind and ' like and God beloved—as,Vthey,! means to that one end—to be of vu Charles Kingsley. 1 '. v, .' -'<;'"";',$ HISTORICAU. , ' The Gregorian' calendar, was adopted 1 ^! in Great Britain in September', 1 the third of that month being called fourteenth. t } ' ,,"'*"' Speaking of the,.visit of Lafayette to:^. this country in the winter of 1824-25,",,^ the American ' Monthly"'-MagazineroC-'p Washington says: "It was during these's| days that George Tickrior,''of B,p'ston|''|«. ^ presented a foreign ,'gentleman ip v/ 'ex7 ,^|| President Adams. Politics, was/a' ta- tff* booed subject,'but just as,they were-to^ take their leave Mr. Adams asked' Mr'i '' fe Ticknor how the'election was proceed,-, ing in the house. Mr. Ticknor replied that he understood it depended on, tffe' vote of New York. Mr'.- ! :Adanis arose and exclaimed: 'Then God help Us! As boy and man I have known New York politics, for seventy years, , ^and. hei^ politics have always been among 1 theV*'|f devil's incomprehensibilities."" e^- i? generally . ' '{ a fo'rfn of Ki4n'§y .' "."• y '..if - , - ou§ne$!j,-- Hysteria r7 j 1 leeples?«, l In 'th?

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