The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
Page 7
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fafy^3ffi>*^l$&&4&+~ " '^ > 5V> '*' f> '" *' **( ''--f** J;-"^? J *4 ^/i^vifi* '£/'£',•' /A - ^ ^ > •> \ . • - ^ ,. 5 K> -,-• • ' • ii(f VrSV' "*•' „•"*•*_ 'j"~*> v ~ s >( J w 'j-j. , &?^>-~:^A,F>~-"""'' • ' .'""- J" aSl'* KOHN BROTHERS. CHICAGO, "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING. ^^liik • ii^^^i --•.-'- : ^ ) ^^^uuWj^jyttttK^H ^BwgugA^I H AAA XA/^DTU OF MEN'S, BOYS' AND ,UUv VVUn I M ^^OHILDKEN s $2,000 WORTH Odd Pants and Vests. $1,000 worth of Fur Coats. Our entire stock of Clothing must be sold before January i. Don't miss the Great Sale and slaughtering prices, KOH1M BROTHERS. CHICAGO, ;.' .' : "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING, ,'g OF MEN'S, BOYS' AND .CHILDREN'S OVERCOATS JNO. GOEDERS. HAYE A NEW TIME CARD, The New Schedule on the Northwest. erri—Alffona Hardly Benefltted by the ,Clmnges. They Are Said to Be Chiefly in the Iter- est of the Northwestern Flyer- Railway Notes. The new Northwestern time card is out, and that morning train to Des Moines on this lino is not in thelist. It was rumored that Assistant Ashton would work it in, but the Eagle Grove Times says it called at headquarters some days ago to learn If the rumor "was' authorized and was there informed , that the passenger service at present is not paying expenses on this division, and that no new trains would be added. The plan talked of was a passenger ' leaving Algona early enough to reach Des Moines by 9 o'clock in .the morning and returning from Des Moines about 6 or 7 o'clock In the evening. It would be a convenient train and ' it is to be hoped it will come sometime. • Not only is'this train off the list but from what we can make. out of the new time card, we should say, if this were not the time for renewing advertising contracts and if Supt. Hughes and Assistant Ashton were not such genial rail way men and had not so often done Algona favors, that Algona and other Kossuth towns are worse off than they were befor9. The through Chicago night train has been leaving Algona at 6:20 in the evening and making close connections at Eagle Grove, Now it will leave at 5:58 and have an hour and a half wait at Eagle Grove. This beats us out of supper here and makes a long break at Eagle, and while that is the best town in the world to stop in, no one wants an hour and a half there when he might as well be at home. Just why this change is made is not apparent. The train could seemingly just as well leave later, it would then make connections with the Milwaukee train from the west and accommodate passengers wishing to go south, which has lately been quite an" item. And leaving bere later it would give an added inducement for Chicago travel, which now the through Milwaukee sleepers leaving at 6 o'clock possess, , The night train from Chicago is equally bad for us. It leaves Chicago at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and arrives at Eagle Grove at 4;50 in the morning. Here the passenger must wait till 0 o'clock, reaching Algona at 8:13 as at , present. Tap new schedule is'as follows: The passenger south leaves Algona at 3:04 p, m., arrives at Des Moines at 7:55 p, m., and. at Chicago, at 7 a. m, The passenger north leaves Chicago at 10:45 p, m, • and Des Moines at 9;40 a, m., arriving in Algona at 3;04 p. m, This is half an hour earlier in Algona, the north and SPUth passengers passing here, The , mj^ed train south leaves Algpna at5;58 -p,' m, and arrives at Des Moines at 11:50 p, p, anA aj Chicago at 8:45 a, ro. The TOjsed train qortb ''leaves Chicago at 5 U m, and Des Moines at 2;35 a, m,, arriving at Algona at 8;18 a, m, The freights north leave Algona at 9:30 a, jnvand7:33p, m, The freights south • leave Algona at 9:?0 a.iJtn, and 3:04 p. 'P, The changes will convenience the • public, • ..... _ ' " Cause of Me ^Tew Schedule, ',; Tb^se, Qhftnges pe a.11 to acconjmo- ' company's fast Chicago and to sjaPrano}sc$j itf 34- hp«rs • legs d}s- days, w»!l three, and the trial for the fast mail service will be'a hot one. As a matter of local pride we hope to see the Northwestern, win, even if we do have to visit at Eagle Grove longer than seems necessary. Hallway Notes. Dubuque is to build a line to connect with the Northwestern at Tama. The rail w«y commissioners have decided that their authority does riot extend to securing reduced freight rates to Chicago. The Nevada Representative lost a ton of paper in. a North western wreck lately. It says the company paid the loss and extra expense of getting a new lot without a quibble. That is the company's reputation. Four years ago the total shipments of flax from Corwith for the season were four cars. In September las't one firm in Corwith shipped-out 110 cars of that grain. This illustrates the development of business on the M. & St. L. road in recent years. Tom N. Munson, a Northwestern brakeman, got his fingers in the bumpers at Gold field last week .while the south freight was switching and loses three fingers of bis right hand. A short time ago he had the tips taken from bis left hand fingers. Referring to the Sexton wreck reported last week the Mason City Daily Globe Bays: Conductor Hurley and Brakeman Wm. Beam were in the caboose and were quite badly shaken up. Hurley was hurt about the face, his lower lip badly cut and four teeth knocked out. Beam had his left knee sprained so badly that ho will be laid up several weeks. Both men reside in this:city. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. Haggard. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. ONTARIO. ( JOHNSON'S sweet apple cider at the City Bakery.-34 NEAPOLITAN Pistachio and crushed almond ice cream at the City Bakery. IJlve Poultry Wanted On and after Monday, Nov. 18. 34 0. H, Blossom, ONTARIO at the Opera House Grocery IN addition to a large assortment of popular styles in jadies 1 jackets we are showing a big line of misses' and children's garments. Galbraith & Co. OYSTERS—standard and select—in bulk, at the City Bakery.-34 n FOR SAWS—A house and two lots on •West McGregor street. Inquire pf F, H, Vesper.-29tf FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, A aoop Beatty organ for sale or to trade for ft bicycle. Inquire at tbi,s office.—17tf ONTARIO, CLOAKS, cloaks, cloaks, cloaksl Capes, capes, capes! by the wholesale at Galbraith's, ' ALL kinds of fancy baking for parties at the Pity Bakery.-34 PIOI?LED pigs' feet, fine ones, at Moe Bros,' market,' Thorington street. QN.TAJWO. Highest Honors—WprM'*' Fair iW^^™^W^ THE MOBTUABY BEOOED. Mrs. Mary J. 1'rosnell of Wesley— Other Deaths of the Week. WESLEY, Nov. 18.— -Mary Jane Hershey was born in Pindlay,- Ohio, May 22, 1843, was married to Thos. Presnell May 26, 1861, and moved to Wesley, Iowa, Jan. 2, 1878, living in town two years, when they moved to their farm in Boone township, ' Hancock county, where she died Nov. 13, 1895, with that dreadful disease, cancer of the bowels, aged 52 years, flye months, and 22 days. She was converted soon after their arrival at Wesley and united with the Baptist church and was a consistent member and lived an exemplary Christian life, always patient, always hopeful, and having a pleasant word for all, and always ready tp administer a kind and helping hand •where it was needed, All the months of her extreme suffering she never complained, saying if 'it was God's will that it should be so she could suffer it, and never once doubted the saving grace of Christ whom she loved to serve and knew that he was able to save. A few days before she departed this world she called her children to her bedside and told them that she would have to leave them, and committed them to the care of her heavenly father. Her mind was clear up to within a few hours of her death, and the last audible words she washeardto utter were "yes, Lord, I am coming." The funeral took place Friday, Nov. 15, at Wesley, conducted by Be.v. C. E. Plummer, his text being found in Revelations 14-13, after which the remains were taken to the Wesley cemetery, followed by a large concourse of sorrowing friends and neighbors, where that form we all loved to call mother was laid to rest. She le'aves a husband and five children to mourn her departure, Sarah Jane, wife of Pred Anderson, W. T. Presnell, A, H. Presnell, Ada A,, now the wife of W, A, Gillespie, and Phoebe Presnell, all of Wesley. _ Mrs. Geo. Wells. Mrs. Geo. Wellg, wife of the big Ramsay township land owner, died at her home in Guthriecounty,Nov, 10, of cancer. She was about 60 years of age. Her husband is said to be the wealthiest citizen of Grundy county. Miss Caroline Zelllioefer. A well known teacher in the normal school last year died at her home in Grand Junction, Nov. 12, aged 29years. Overwork is given as the cause. She was an active worker in education and in the church, her father a Baptist missionary. The Gazette says: Miss Zellhoefer was personally known by many Eagle Grove people, She visited here with her brother, Rev, A, 0, Ze hoefer, when he was pastor of the ^Baptist church, j _ ^_ Miss Ettuna Sundstroui. The funeral of Miss Emma Sund strom was held Sunday at the Ad ventist church, E, P. MoElroy conducting the services. She was 20 years of age and died of pneumonia, Her parents live south of the fair grounds, She had just secured a teachers' certificate and was about to begin school teaching. Two of the younger children are sick Miss Nina Sample. The little elght-year-pld daughter of 0, B, Sample of Trvingtop succumbed to diphtheria. <His other child is entirely recovered, One child of the lady, Mrs, Daw, who has been keeping his family) died also. IF you want a veal A No. 1 mince pie, some of that nice, homeTjnafle mipoe t) only 10o a pound, at Moe Bros.' market, street. Saved, without, a doubt') by buying your , groceries pf Anderson fa Ste b,b, jns,jBputli pf $ie court bouse. known and It can't bo true," Wo admit that it is phenomenal for this country, but such yields are known. Washington and Oregon aro snld to grow 75 bushels to the acre sometimes and what has been done anywhere else may be done here if the conditions are right —besides it must be remembered that this is a strong republican county. We do not blame our Iowa neighbors for not believing the statement. Mr. Ryan himself, who raised the wheat wouldn't believe it if he could help it. When he gave the item to the Post he said he. did not expect the people to believe it, and that he would lilcely disbelieve it himself if anybody else was' to tell It, but nevertheless he declares it to be true, and the books of the threshers, as well as the evidence of the help, verify it. They declare that the wheat poured out of the spout like oats. The field stand's out by itself and is said by the neighbors not to exceed four acres in extent. The Post has confidence in Mr. Ryan's integrity and does not think that he,would lie about it, ,or that he was mistaken. We assuro'THE:UPPER DES MOINES that he is an altogether different person from thoir Mr. "Adam Bigliar." •Hard .Coal Stovo.for Sale.. A hard coal base burner stove for sale cheap. It's a bargain. 35 Mrs. Laura A. Hunt. ONTARIO may be seen hereafter at the Opera House Grocery. A NEW and full line of Club House canned goods—just arrived. 35t2 Langdon & Hudson, REMEMBER that May Bud Tea is sold only by Langdon <& Hudson. One Hundred Palls Just received of fine syrup, that I will sell at the small sum of 50 cents a pall, 35t2 James Patterson. COTTON STATES EXPOSITION, Atlanta, Ga., September 18 to December 81, ISOfJ, The schedule printed below is a comprehensive guide to the best and most desirable route to Atlanta from the north and northwest, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Terre Haute, and Evansyille, Palace day coaches and Pullman sleeping cars are attached to all trains shown in this schedule, Extremely low rates have been made to Atlanta and return, via the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway. All trains run solid between Nashville and Atlanta, except train in last column, The train in third column, which leaves Cincinnati at 4:80 p, m., runs solid to Atlanta. This is the route of the famous "Dixie flyer, through "all the year round" sleeping car line between Nashville, Tenn,, and Jacksonville, Fla, FURNITURE! • I T W E call especial attention to our new Boole JRacks and Wall Shelves. Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. 1IOF$S . *tt?m ." ." •', .',*'.';•'-' "*4i CAPS. \ 1 .1 ! \ •' in in i> HlflcM OIQU7 WM5* aaa rt AP, P. cart ftrtrt ooo wow c4P.Pi OU5O OHIO see ooo now ' sa plpt no? aea (3 t^ c€ oioin ootf O90 '0 wiooi A new line of fall and'wfai J J ' v^'XMh ter caps just received: ^3^| and see them before J Yours truly, J, R, & C, J, Louis, Evansville, .Louisuille, and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensacpla, Mobile, Jacksonville, and all Florida points, Pullman sleeping car service through, Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of the Cotton States Exposition, and tourist rates to all points in Florida 'and 'gulf coast resorts during the season, For particulars as to rates and through car service, write— GBO, B, HORNER, Dlv, Passopger Agent, St. Louts, Mo, J. K, HIPQJ3LY, N, W. Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111, C, P. A'WOBB, ' Gen. Passenger Agt-i Louisville, Ky- For Sale Ohowp, 'Livery barn known as the Grove barn south of Tennant house. The beet livery site, in this, the best county seat town in northern Iowa, Stalls for 45 horses, besides shedding. This barn has been thoroughly repaired from foundation to rpof, City water piped in barn, There'. never was a. better titne tp engage in tihebusiness. Horses, carriages, barneys goods, as well, ' as feed were never as cheap before. . I de*' sire to dispose of this before ret/upnjog tp Galifprnla, 0a.U on or address, SOtf M. L. JUST arrived thjs morning at Galbraith's, something for the children in the line of olpaHs an4 jackets, E. 0. now at the npw ^tanft In the Oowles block,* &?. ' t ; has n opniplete stock qf', - _ J A -i,|,ffl '- ''.'„' . --".V.'^ AND>INE JEWELRY/",, -"O Eyee tested tiom pf charge, Large lljje &. tlgal goo4s always on hand. ;' *"$» :<",'• ' , "' i '4C^ Itepatring , <y*,^w wotoes « «j5 "" ••''••« "P.'.:^ ^ Alsp./^.'.jtmKUn^l nd aef? Bie, ft? wy^|S a's IJvgjy bajn^, TV Abstracls of TitiB, Np,J departs at.,,,, No;8 dearts at.,.,..,,. freigh

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