The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
Page 3
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>~ IT •* *. V ii^Mfr'/itf •-''-•'.•''" * < *'' -' «• I JL l!i kW» . jU-i .. „ I Vrf^* , ? * " J* »§',, " A 1 I'-'"' , &' i»v hottfe- lot n^apiiyTneaV 6f J-entj had flndeftftkeii. to build a Cftbin on jjaillidnaifd -Stout s island . tb; shelter himself and little glfl through the ^winteiv * ,The .miHibfiaifS had ettjtrtned him. Me had ignored the injunction, and when the officers appeared to setve the attachment tot contempt, Thomas, insane with rage, attacked them with & hfttchet and carving knife. Then •followed a desperate struggle in the little cabin. Haesle leaped at the madman's throat, while the deputy • Sheriff seized the arm bearing the hatchet. Both officers were cut, but Raesle renewed the attack, and after receiving a slash on the jaw, hammered Thomas into helplessness. The court turned the prisoner over to the commissioners of insanity, NEARLY BURNED TO DEATH. , Wdwfi inges. The e*ploSi8ft alse Shattered : 1iftlf thf ^lat'ls glass ffdfit ;oi Itel " ffae f a Which wascaptuted redently, and one <rf Whifili Was killed by the sheriff! of Washingtttfi tJOtliity at Washington, A J4&SBB is mftet; thd nlen t At 8MENANDOAH, frdttiber tArd Other Billy Miller, of Fort Dodge, Hag a Narrow Escape From Death. FORT DODGE, November 15.—Billy Miller is a clerk in Mulroney Bros.' store and was engaged in cleaning out an old kerosene tank. The tank had not been used for sometime, and Billy, with a ctindle to assist him in seeing, opened the tank, and while bending over the opening the escaping gas ignited from the candle and an explosion followed. Theimfortunatc younp man was blown a considerable distance and was injured by the fall, as well as being frightfully burned. His face and left hand caught the bulk of the flames and the left hand was burned so that the skin was nearly all off. He was taken into Sackett & Haire's drug store and his injuries dressed and the pain in part relieved. It is difficult at present to tell the full extent of the injuries received, but it is safe to sa.y that his face will be badly scarred. SLAUGHTERING THE FISH. A Party Near Burlington Defying the , November 16.—A party ..of fishermen living in a cabin boat at the head _6f Otter island is openly defying the state laws by seining fish in Iowa waters.,' In addition to the usual paraphernalia of the fisherman, they possess ; r a new device known as a "skimmer," by the use of which the capture of the finny tribe is inevitable. This,latest acquisition consists of a seine of enormous proportions, its depth being sufficient to touch the bottom of any-lake or stream in which it is used, and when pulled through a lake it is safe to predict that the unsuspecting angler's fond anticipations will not materialize. MOTORMAN HELD UP, SHENANDOAH, November i?.~-The J. W. tarimore lumber yard and the '1. S. BoWer bins and buildings Were destroyed by fire about 4 o'clock a. m. The loss is almost total, and will possibly reach 830,000. There was a reasonable amount of insurance on the property. The books of the lumber company were destroyed. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. BAD CENTERVILLE FAILURE. Merchandise Firm of Merrltt Bros. Fails For 030,000. > CENTESVII/LE, November 18. — Merritt Bros., one of the largest merchandising firms of the town, has made an assignment Liabilities so far foot up to nearly $35,000; assets unknown as yet. The Standard Coal Company is included in the wreck. Drink r.lndo Him Insane. * November 14.—Douglass Darling, a lawyer of Clinton, has been adjudged insane by the commissioners and ordered taken to Independence for treatment. At one time he was a promising young lawyer with a very bright future, but he became addicted to the habit of drink, which caused his downfall. He now thinks his father has robbed him and that all his friends are his enemies. But the \Vonld-bo Highwayman Didn't • • Get a pent. DUBIJQUE, November 16. — .Tohn Prindle, a motorman for the Light and 'Traction company, was running on the Linwood line when, between 8 and 8 o'clock p. m., as he was switching his trolley preparatory to making his re-. • turn trip to the main line, a stranger stepped up to him and asked him how he was fixed. Prindle said he did not comprehend. The fellow then shoved & revolver into his f^ce and to}d him to shell out all the available cash on hand. Fortunately Prindle had not a eerit on his person and the disgusted hjghwayfnan disappeared inthegloom. POCTOR COMMITTED SUICIDE. A Davenport I'liyslcitiii Killed Himself Before Witnesses, J?AVPHPOBT, November 15. — Dr. , .Riehard Pruessing, aged 55 years, took poison in tb'e presence of several' wit- •ne?ses, telling them he had the stomach and was taking medicine, He b§f pro a doctor could be secured. •JJke act wag caused by povepty, Damage , November 15,— As a re- of charges made against W, I, , Of Waterloo, jn a §peech oppps- tejg.Ws candidacy jfpr secretary of the ;-,^TO. 'Wrywen'g association, and "TW% resuj|$d fa ftis dpfeftt by C, L, ;\6»J»wVQf t fiwg '.Hampton^ ,. fcas-beep sued for S35,PQP Ball Spikes Kemoved. DES MOINES, November 17.—Train No. 59, on the Northwestern road, was wrecked four miles north of Ames from the spikes having been pulled out of the rails at the north end of a small bridge. Mrs. John Oswell, of Story City, was injured in the side, and Conductor I. K. Dayton, of Des Moines, had his collar bone broken. I'lro at Calliope. CALIJOPE, November 17.—This place has been visited hy two severe fires. The steam roller mill was burned at a loss of 812,000; insurance $4,000. Later a large elevator containing 1.0,000 bushels of grain was destroyed, and the 'Milwaukee depot went with 1 it. Killed by a Derrick. . DUBUQUE, November 10.=—John Sullivan, a teamster engaged in hauling rock for the new Methodist church of Dubuque, was fatally injured this afternoon by the falling of a derrick, while unloading his wagon. Prices Advanced. CJJXTERVII.LE, November 10.—The coal operators in this district have advanced the price of mining from 90 cents to SI.00 per ton. It is the result of a scarcity of miners. Found Guilty. DES MOINES, November 18.—In the federal court Charles H. Dale, a reporter of the Ottumwa Courier, was found guilty of impersonating an officer. CONDENSED ITEMS. In accordance with the custom, Gov. Jackson has issued his proclamation naming Thursday, November 2S, as a day of thanksgiving and prayor. At Panora a few mornings since fire destroyed three business houses occupied by C. A. Baughroan, harness &nd buggies; Jennings and Nichols, furniture, and Kramer and Butler, .general merchandise. How the fire originated is not known. The loss will amount to about $10,000, A Des Moines dispatch says Governor Jackson has suspended tiio six months' sentence of John Schaffer to the penitentiary for grave robbing, pending an appeal for pardpn. Schaffer's friends are urgent in his behalf, claim' ipg, althpugh be was present at the robbery, UP supposed Overton had a permit, wd that it will work a great inju^tjce' tQ send luro to the pen^ itentiarybecatise of a technicality of the law,, Uodar Rapids dispatch: When the Bever? fjlpd th,eir petjtipn in the fpv u changa Qf venue fit• the 1 i, - W/T 1 **?*.. *'*?/'*"• *>*V»WJ-T*' fVPW.^m 3*»ii« (T'S^'iV'i.j *&T u. is It is clear that i! the pcJW efs Waste atlditibnal time in negdtift- tions the need laf these, negdtiations Will be passed. If the rumors should be eotinrffied that ff (Shell and Afflefi* can missionaries have been injured in any of these outrages it is believed these powers will tto longer confine themselves to protests. The American fleet, it is believed, is only too i to commence active operations. It is generally agreed that the end is not far distant. Bantttf, November 14.—"A dispatch to the Cologne Gazette from its corres* pondent in Constantinople says that all ot the Christian and American teachers between Erzeroum and Treb^ izonde have been massacred, NAPLES, November 15.—TJhe Italian squadron, ordered to co-operate with the British squadron in Turkish waters, has left for the east. ST. PETEnsStmo, November 15.—Five Russian war ships have been ordered to start immediately for the Mediterranean to join the proposed naval demonstration against Turkey in favor ot the Armenians. LONDON, November 16.—A dispatch to the Daily News from Constantinople says that a careful estimate makes the total number of persons killed outright in the massacres 15,000, and it is probable that 30,000 will die, of starva- ion during the coming semester. It cannot be realized in Europe how awful is the situation. "A member of the diplomatic corps," a correspondent of the Standard says, "remarked to me that wherever foreign ambassadors lad established Consuls, the allegation ;hat the Armenians had commenced ihe disorders had been disproved. Much can be done 'to stop the massacres and it is believed that the sultan now recognizes that he must do something." CONSTANTINOPLE, November 16. —The sultan has again snubbed Great Britain ay reinstating three prison officials at Moosh. dismissed on demand of the British ambassador. Great Britain las demanded that they be again dismissed. CONSTANTINOPLE, November 17.—It s asserted that the reserves recently called out by the Turkish government, ostensibly for the purpose of restoring order ip Asia Minor, are re^Jly being prepared for participation in the European war which the sultan and h is ministers believe to be inevitable. WASHINGTON, November 18.—A -Constantinople cablegram from United States Minister Terrell confirms a report of the massacre of 800 persons by the Turks at Kharput, and the destruction of a large amount of American mission property.' The scene of the massacre is far inland, beyond the reach of a man-of-war, which would be obliged to pass through the Dardanelles into the Black sea to approach even the neighboring coast. THIRTY FELL TO THEIR DEATH. Awful Street Car Catastrophe at ,Cleve> land, Ohio, CLKVKI.AND, November 18.—A heavy electric motor car, carrying 'thirty passengers, went through the draw of the central viaduct and drppped 101 feet to the river below, and every pabsenger was killed. The central viaduct is a huge stilt bridge, 3,000 feet long, made of iron. It connects the south side with the business center of the city. Directly over the river is a draw bridge of the pivot swinging pattern, and this is 101 feet above the surface of the water. The south side street railway passes over the bridge. The accident appears to have been the fault of the motorman and conductor. The draw was open, the red lig'hts were up, and the gate was closed, but the car crashed through the gate and pver the precipice. The inotortnan jumped and was saved, but the CPU- ductor went down to death ,with the passengers. FORTY-EIGHT DROWNED. Steam Launch 'Belonging to England Sunk In \Vatera LONDON,'November 16.—The admiralty has received confirmation of a dispatch from Shanghai saying that the launch of the British cruiser Ed* gar had been sunk, with a loss of for- ty-eigjjt Uves, The disaster occurred p$ Nagasaki, ^nfl the l^oat contained fprtyreight marines. The British steamer Jjpo, frpm Odessa fpy Cppewhagi-iji, has fpURdered off the coast of Denmark, Fifteen put of twenty 090 persons «D I3oar4 wore ' . ^ Vottri ff M a ft «f titttfeSi? ft fieecnelP, ^ years of ftgi and S, ffiembef of otie of the" mttst pfotstfi^ll 7ftlnfflfel ill ' tne ditjr wlfg bfbilgfat W his hSffigmt a late n&uf. The body nafl beett Fttii 6f 6f By a Michigan Ceatfal tffclfl thfeS ffiiles ttttt& Lapeef. it ia believed that Mf. ^eedhSf Was ««fdered and robbed and the body laid bfl the tl-aek t6 eovef tip the sefime. Ills watch, shoes, and $3$, the cdnitents of his pugse^ are missing. BAUGMtLrt BQftN T5 tHfe 'all, W&68nil & gift of . ed 'States, StfS-tMt withla - - ' All KUSilft ttall* the Advent of the tittle ^r. J?BTfeKsttUnGj November lO.'- daiightef has been bora to the and czarina. Court physicians in attendance at the accouohment of the czarina report the child to be a hand* some girl, and they add that the mother is rapidly recovering. Services connected with the birth of the infant Were held in accordance with the rites of the orthodox Greek church. The baby has been named Olga. LORA BOBS UP AGAIN. She Sties an Insurance Company et al. for SfiO.ODO for Causing Her Arrest. ST. PAUL, November 15.—The papers in the damage suit of Lora M. Perkins against the Fidelity and Casualty Life Insurance company, of New York, have been filed with State Insurance Commissioner Smith. She asks for $30,000 damages, on allegations to the effect that the company, through its agent, W. N. Todd, of St. Paul, caused her arrest on the charge of having myr- dered Mrs. Hawkins. CUBA. MEXICO CITY, November 17.—Aprom- nent Spaniard says Spain will throw 3uba into the hands of England, conceding to.England ostensible possession for a number of years until England collects the sum of money which is due her from Spain for advances made to carry on the war with Cuba, before ihe will concede Cuban independence or permit the island to come under a nited States protectorate or rule. JAPAN'S~PLANS FOR THE NAVY. Japan Will Spend 8800,000,000 on War Ships. SAN FP.ANCISCO, November 15.—Although Japanese officials have denied ;hat the mikado will spend $200,000,000 n war ships, it is reported by advices ay the steamer Coptic that ten vessels are to be built abroad, and that possibly the orders for them will be equally divided among the ship builders of England, France, Germany, Italy and ;he United States. Held For Murder. CHICAGO, November 18.—Eight private detectives have been held for the murder of a young man named White, who was killed by one of them while n search of his brother. Author of "America" Dead. BOSTON, November 18.—Rev. S. F. Smith, author of "America," dropped dead at the New England depot Saturday night. Carried Ohio Uy 93,138. COLU.MUUS, November 18.—The plu- •ality for Asa Bushnell, candidate for fovernor on the republican ticket, is 93,138, 1 BRIEF ITEMS. At Louisville a few days ago Otto Zeigler lowered the mile open, class B, bicycle, record to 1:53 8-5, Three ironclads have been dispatched from Athena to Constantinople. They are prepared for action if necessary, The Washington Post says that Secretary Carlisle may be appointed to the supreme court bench to succeed the late Justice Jackson. .OfiQcial advices state that the Armenians at Zeitoun are in rebellion and have killed thirty-flve Mxisselmens and carried off the arms and cattle of the people of that neighborhood, At Grenada, Me*,, recently a school building, in which over one hundred school children were present at their studies, was destroyed by fire, A panic seized the young people, and despite hard work on the p»rt of the teachers apd others who came to the rescue, forty of the children were burned to death. The express oifice , ftt the S^pt^ FB depot Ht Colorado Springs was robbed a few .nights ago of $§0,000, Immediately after the departure pf the night express at 0:42, George Kroijt, express agent, stepped frpm the platform intp the pffjce ap^ WH,S, confrontpd by two mftsVPfd inen, w t hp Jeyelletf their revolvers w$ ordered him to ppe» the . 1 ho,idS4, svnd rthey Jjelpefl to pwp pacHages pf 'pjopey, * $5,00.0.ftnfl f]S,'0(i9 >?6pe(st|y|Jv' be^fi' iSSttred cdtt* fJ-dgT&in td be addptedbythe anneiationists during the tionlinf ' W,ifaterV , T'he' fesblutldn wilt b^ inlfodttfled either ifa the hdiise of the senate requesting the president to negotiate a treaty of annexation with thfe ^ovefsnidttt 6f Hawaii, fhis resolution will have the sanction of the president of thfc HftWaii&n fepiiblicand of the new Hawaiian minister to this eapitalj Mf. Hateh, whe has just arrived in S&tt fra,neis<56 en .route to Washington. Still more important, it will have the approval of .President Cleveland. The resolution, as introduced or amended, will provide that if the president concurs and the government of Hawaii approves, the question shall be submitted to the people of the islands, who will vote on the proposition. THE GOULDS MUST PAY TAXES. The New York Supreme Court Decide* Agulust .Tny's Helrg. NEW YOBK, November 17.—The supreme court has decided that the heirs of Jay Gould must pay taxes on $10,000,000 of personal property, the valuation on which the tax .commissioners based their assessment. Geo. J. Uould and the other executors of the ^estate applied for a writ of certiorari "against the commissioners . that their action might be reviewed by the court, claiming that the assessment was made January 9, 1893, and that they did not have the property in their possession at the time, as the will was not probated until two days afterward. The general term dismissed the application for a writ, the Goulds appealed and the supreme court .dismissed the appeal, thus %ustaining the lower court. BRAZIL'S MONARCHIAL PARTY. .Twenty-seven of Its Officers Are Executed. Rio JANERIO, November 15.— Persons just arrived from 'Nichteroy announce the shooting there of twenty-seven political prisoners, among whom there were two colonels. This has caused the greatest excitement in all circles and nothing else is talked of. The executed men are known 'to have been in sympathy with the monarchial cause, which daily is gaining ground. It is stated that many of the officers of the army now operating in the south against the rebellion also favor it. It is stated also that both England and Germany will favor the movement, and the plan is to place a German prince on the throne of Brazil, probably Prince Henry, of Prussia. "MESSIAH" DISAPPEARS. Denver Wild Over the Disappearance of Hchlatter. DENVER, November 15.—"Messiah" Schlatter has disappeared. When a member of the Fox family went to call him for breakfast he had mysteriously departed and left ^this note behind: "Mr. Fox, my mission is finished. The Father takes me away. F. Schlatter." Schlatter has been effecting some wonderful cures and the crowds who have come to receive the healing touch have been growing larger and larger, until thousands have been in line every day. Schlatter was a witness in the case against some "blessed" handkerchief fakirs, and the commissioner has issued a subpoena for his arrest. He took no money with him. . • , * FREE COINAGE CONVENTION. A Conference at Washington Will Arrange for One, . November 17,*— The executive cornmUtee of the American Bimetallic League unanimously adopted a resolution accepting the invitation of the national silver cpmmittee of Chicago in calling a conference of those who believe in the free coinage of gold and silver at 16 to 1, independently of iipy other countries, to meet at Washington on January 23, 1896., for the purpose of arranging for a national convention. By the terjns of i the resolution each orgapix-atipn is tp be equally represented, neither to have more than twenty-five representatives, }]o>ygate Goes WASHINGTON, , »Ustri9t cpurt of Appeals has c.on$vf«9d the decjsioi^ pj .Judge Corliss »n''tl>e case of ijoniy J^wgute, charged with forgery. Howgivte was senjepeed , to four years on each pf two cpu'nts, 1 Howgate has surrender^ himself an.4 is flpw |p charge of tJ}0 jpfti^hft].. An •£*-« •*7 V •"-;••••«<- v'T-i,.' -V,,, YJT'fTV ,"' ^T I/' STf 3^* 'tffflWJJHtivixfftofi rtMWM ^«RIW ^Pi>^ ^ i wt^ 1 ^^y*X^>^-A^.^'|i-^>: W>»- • ' ^MSfii 1?r«poWl f Wite t^fido* Stole k>lu«!dfi of tne question -!§ i£ Afili!iti jga&jfciAiL'A* j^ji fcfiiet'flrfL JC&" 'A &!&*fimfi" OCCU p clti On i BKGtCLl"S fli FauOGF? tionat plafi oi opratloW t! Bosnia, whi6h cdufltry readiest access to the heart df T"C Austria, it says, could without throw 100,060 men Jhtd MaCge who Could march btt to Said undefended line. Great Britain's sha: ifi the Work Would be eaffifflafj SftiofiJea by the sea, and . jointly" France sending fleets " through JDafdattelles to Constantinople, Ktissia would co-operate in Af Though the.cafrying out of ,this ^ would be tantamount to the dienlem^-M bei'ment oi the Turkish etnpife; tb&'[ Spectator proceeds to say that iJuropVii gigantic armament could not be better^* employed than in restoring the east to> ^ the dominion of civil'iz'ation. Tnk "^ Work, it says, could be accomplished '-£3 within a year, and 20,000,000 "meb, '^ would be finally delivered from-the^-' destructive horde, which, since it came^ <•¥: out of Mongolia, has ever proved the most brutal influence in the civilized;; world. The article concludes with the" declaration that the achievement' would be well worth a certain war, for to do the Ottomans justice, they are capable of facing the whole world in arms before submitting. But it is the-, only chance. When the leading- unionist organ writes this, it is evident, that the reign of the Turks in Europe , is obviously closing. SOCIETY DUDES FIGHT A Now York Young Men Bottle a Controversy '$$&& With Pistols, *, --'*','nT' NEW YOUK, November 15.—Warren '; ';! Kalphe McVeigh and Paul Tupper "$ Wilkes fought a duel with revolvers at f$, short distance on the Palisades at Fort -Ip-f Lee. They were seconded by Robert^ ,*J Ratcliffe Owens and Frank Butler. j$ Both men were wounded. The four V1$ young men engaged in the affair of .-'.,.* honor are well known locally, while /'j^ three of them enjoy reputations that'.! 'M might almost be called national. * Me- «"' ; v Veigh is a newspaper man, a writer -of., . t ^j short stories and a leading member of \j^j southern society.. Wilkes is famous", 4 throughout the west as the slayer o'f ,/~ George Shepard, one of the leaders of,, ''$'! the Kiel rebellion. The wounds re-'^X2 ceived by the two contestants were not /3f serious. The firing of all the cartridges }",$ and no actual injuries received termi- ^ nated the'duel, according to arrange-^' ;,^< •nents made at the start. -.^ • fe Corbett-Fitzslmmons. -, "-.'; Ei. PASO, Tex., November 10.—Dat' ,^ Stewart says he has found a battlefield -,',' I for Corbett and Fitzsimmons and will ' v give the principals $20,000 for a fight. '***\ If he fails to bring it off they can have <£ the $20,000 as a forfeit. fy: NEW YOUK, ".November 16.—Regard- J l 'J ing Dan Stuart's proposition to give a" ' .% $20,000 purse for a fight between, '- .ft; Corbett and Fitzsimmons at J uarez, ' ' 'f^ Mex., the former says: "I have noth- i/j'$ ing to say, Fitzsimmons' had an '°£$ opportunity to fight me and .failed to "M take advantage of it. I have retired $ from the ring and turned the champion- '• ship over% to 'Mr. Maher, whom I,'-//': consider quite capable of defending it ' ,\\i successfully against all comers." ' ' '($ China ^and Germany. - - ^r| SHANGHAI, November 16,—It is pos- ( > ^ itively stated that China has agreed * M] that Germany may occupy the island 1 -;»' >$f near the entrance to the.port of Amoy,^//-"% to establish a navy yard and 'cQal-'C^I depot. It is feared that this _ result in international complications, "14' as France and Russia are certain .to '*'seek similar privileges, ' ,•<„'. Gold; Koserve ' »'*' WASHINGTON, November 10,—Tin' withdrawal of $1,850,000 in go]d for' export from the sub-treasury at NewV York leaves the true' ampunt of the' gold reserve at $00,491,517. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT^, DBS , MOINBS, -November' lubricant; to 'J. H. OUnmwR,Jor a poujtryrcmte; Baker, of Muscadine, JEpv ft maol cleaning and scalding. to^at I, Pergmann, of .Fort Madison, penholder;tp.JV, Britton a n d button, of Bgono, for a diaphragm ' locomptjve boilersj to \ 4 , W, EUis, sAn^inosa, fp? a sheaf carrier! to Caraes, pf Cedav Rapids, fpra for blast stackers! tp », P. ka •Dubuque, tor a Upse j-eplj to G, of Wawkpn for a bpokpto* "A, A, Lutterman C?6 h register; to J, M, is J^ssn,nce, toaWp^dinki tp Dea MOIDw, W a Pfirabj D ed etc,, e of bar

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