Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 29, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1896
Page 1
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, THE JOURNAL VOL- XXL LOG-ANSPpTi INDIANA, SATURDAY MOBNIN& AUGUST 29,1896: NO- 207. A Handkerchief Sale, - TODAY - Another Novelty Just Opened. 200 Dozen Warranted Hand Embroidered Pure Linen HEAETY WELCOME. Extended to Li Huug Chang on Hij ''Arrival at New York, Boom of Cannon and Tooting pi Whistles Greet the Chinese Viceroy —Received by Gen. Rugeiv Ladies' Handkerchiefs At the Uniform Price of 10 Cents. A Guess on the "Two Wheels" with each sale. WILER & WISE; New York, Aug. 2S.-—Li-Hung Chang, viceroy' of China, ambassador e.xtraor- diimry to Enssia nnd world-renowned diplomat, a.rrived in _\eu' York 1'rjday nnd became the., guest of the'nntion, The stately St. Louis passed Fire Island nt. J{);,'i3 a. m. with the distinguished visitor on board, • The day was u perfect one. Ilriglu KLMilight overhead, an atmosphere clear ns crystal, with a tinge of autumn coolness in it, and a light breeze that ruffled the surface of the buy combinod'to make the first view that Li Hung Chang had of the harbor of the metropolis .a pleasant one. Added to its natural biMutios was the imposing spectacle furnished by the presence of the finest fleet of wfir slwps Uncle Sam has ever gathered together. They were tJi.; best of the jjew navy, and every vessel wns polished nnd painted nnd made ready in lli'istol fashion for the roc-option ot the honored guosf. There was tho fine cruiser Xcw York-, Ikig ship nf the lleet,-- with Admiral liuiicu 011 board; the cruisers Ciueinnnti, Columbia, ilaieigh, 409 and 411 Broadway. 306 Fourth Street. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in groat favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer lino of woollens and worsteds to select from than ours. Important Features ... „ in the make-up of our clothes m ark thoir superiority. We are not , . , the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 flarket Street. bowed his head and said: "I thankyoi for the courtesy." ' How LI Wan DroHHmt. .: ,Li was dressed in that highest o Chinese distnctions, the famous yellov 'jacket, with its accompanying O rna rntnt, the peacock'feather, all of which the grand secretary wns temporarily .deprived of once beomise he did not manage the Chinese-Japanese war to the emperor's liking. Hi- wore a dark blue brocaded snrciiat, opening on to One uf paler blue, which was turned •aside to display the yellow :idiug jiicket. This wns completed by a crim spri skirt, which was profusely covered with floral designs. The peacock fo'rithcr hung from a red-topped button- crowned nrnndarin hat and dropped down to the back of his neck. ; ''Li was formally presented to all pres- •je'nt in the room, some dozen or more, ^.lle shook hands with them all. JTo was asked if he would like to slip out on the'deck and look at Hie harbor as- the ship sailed up, but he motioned that h* preferred to sit flown and talk with t'hose present. . Gen. Kuger took a seat, to his left and' the interpreter to the right. The viceroy, in a democratic position, threw pne''knei' over the oilier nnd began to ask questions. He would like to know if the president of the republic was in Nf\v York. He was told I hat he wns tind. that'he would see him Saturday. To ..this the viceroy bowed his bead in j acknowledgment. ' I Stop* on Aiiit-'i-ir:! 1 ^ Alton's. " It. wis J.:20 p. in. \\-lK-n the stxamer tom'J'.ed the pier. Li's sedan chair was gotten ready for him, bur he turned to the..men and said: "J rlo not need it. I .prefer ta walk upon American shores." ' ,A.t.l:30 ))..m., accompanied by the "official party, he left the steamer by a .private gangway find was greeted by the.naval militia, who bc.-il a welcoming tune .'upon dnnns. The party descended, from the upper pier by elei'ator, which, was 1 elaborately decorated with Chinese colors, to the floor below, where., another company of nav;il reserves formed a cordon. Here irighD carriages were in waiting for the for- first secretary to tho viceoroy, is one of tlie sub-governors-of the Province of Pi;h- Chlh-li. He- speaks English, French and German fluently. The Pr«>tdcnt to KBCC|V<! I.I, The program-mi! for Li Hung Chang's cirtcrtiunnipnt while in this country has been outlined, but of course is subject to the vir-eroy's personal wishes. Saturday he will be received by President Cleveland at, the residence of former secretary of the nnvy, William C. Whitney. The meeting will be of informal character. Several members of the cabinet will be prcsentv but. as Li haj* to carry on conversations through a.n interpreter it is not likely thai the reception will last, long. In the evening the ex-ministers to China win-give a dinner in (.lie earl's honor at tin* Waldorf. WITHIN OUR BOEDEBS. A MOTHER'S DEED. Takes the Lives of Her Three Children and Herself, Put the Little Ones to Bed and Then Shot Them—Was Undoubtedly Insane. Nowa Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. Injured on u Kuci- Truck. KushviHe. Jud., Aug. US.—During- the list half of the 2:.10 pacing race at the 'nh 1 grounds Thursday afternoon, while he horses were coming' into the stretch .t u U'n'ifie pace, .Mamie Woods sulky lotlided with that of Czaretta, and Yoii- ihtil, tin* driver o'f the former, was hrown some distance. Tin: others dashed over him am! • : aplo. the driver of Mamie Woods, fell from his scat. She dashed into a crowd of 2.000 people at n fearful paco, trampling under foot men, women and children. -Those most seriously injured are as follows: Mrs. Thomas, bruised about abdomen and lower limbs, condition 'critical; George B. Vouphul. Grernsb'urg, ' two ribs broken, shoulder dislocated; Mrs. Frank TVindiv, cut about,'.head: >cC)el!nnd Maple, back injured; Miss Bertie Kins', prostration from fear, will probably flic: Mrs. George F. .Moore, badly bruised; two children trampled tinder the horses feet. See Our Prices on Granite Ware/ 4 QUART SAUCE PAN : ." ,.. 25c 6 QUART SAUCE PAN !-. 35c 5 QUART SAUCE PAN '. J. 40c LI HUNG CHANG, Kcwark, the battle ships Indiana and Massachusetts, peerless in their class; the Maine, -the Te.vas, the monitors irhphitrite and Terror, the ram Katah- xlin nnd the dispatch boat'Dolphin, Fvith the reception committee on board. The inen-of-wor formed in double column, ,ancl as :.the ?t. Louis passed between r'tlie ILries saluted in turn with the roar of their batteries. A Tlioi Ro'ceptlon Committee. • The/coTpmijttec from .the Dolphin warded the.St. Louis off quarantine and accompanied''- Li Hung Chantf to the pier of : ,th'e. i ATnerican line at the foot of Ful ton: 'street,', where the landing'was inucle.. ; PreWrationg for:.the reception f.f .4-1, ~ .-#>._!. L.. ,. f*>l*. •_•_ _' ^ _ 1_ .. Jl ^ _ _ ' _ 10 QUAIIT SAUCE PAN.. 12 QUART SAUCE PAN... C QUAIIT MILK PAN 4 QUART COFFEE POT... 5 PINT .TEAPOT , DOc , Cue ISc 60c 35c NO. 28 WASH PAN 20c NO. 30 WASH PAN.. '. 25c CUSPIDORS L 25» T.J. FLANIQAN, 3foHarket Strict. Logaospoit & Wabash Valley Gas Co Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the : irst of each month, ten day's gra'ce. All HI Is payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street, Special—Low rates on heaters duringthe nonths of August and September. ,«ainD l ''"'a;Tr'"S, J i(Pv,3xr<AC teg 1 Jfe^MH PROTECT YOUR EVES. !' The Hlrchberg Optical Co., ; ' • Tho welt-Known Specialists ot New York have apolnted X>. A. HAUKasagajitfor their celebrated Spectacles pd Eje Glaswa, every pair'guaranteed. . D. A. RATTR Has complets assortmaat and Invlti all t Hutlsfy tliomselvos ot trie great superiority of these gdls over 307 manufactured, at .the storo of D. A. HAUK, Bole tent for LojsnspoitInd. ^ ' J, . •' ' ] < ' NolFeddlers Supplied, of the'famous Chinnrnan had been cnre- 1'ully'.'arranged. Mnj. G'en. Thomas Kuger, commander of the department of the east,.-as the personal representntive of President..Cleveland, with his two staff officers,'.Mni. George W. Davis and Capt. Mills; William W. Eockhill, first iissislaut.'secretary of state, representing: hls/flepartment; the Chinese minister, "Ya'ng-. .Yu. nnd secretary; the Chinese Consul S;:e, nnd a representative of the press, boarded the .United States dispatch boat Dolphin early in the morning-; and. stemned down the bay to meet the ambassador. As the St. Louis stenmed up toward quarantine, along the rail of the hurricane, deck could be seen a row of strongly-marked Chinese . faces, all eagerly noting 1 the different objects of • interest in the harbor. They peered out of their sla.nt eyes with a look of wondering astonishment nt the impressive -fleet lying idly at anchor. They talked hurriedly to each other and kept continually pointing 1 at the death-dealing 1 naval machines. Flon.tr the Chinese Flag. At the. masthead of the St. Louis Con ted the imperial colors of China, the yellow flag with an 'immense drag-on boldly outlined in the center in natural colors, blue, red, green and yellow. When the St. Louis came to quarantine n steam launch was lowered from the davits of the Dolphin and the receiving party conveyed over to the big- liner. Reception on Board the How York. After Gen. Euger and party stepped aboard the St; Louis they went immediately to the aft drawing-room, where they weVe met by Vice President Wright, of the American-line. Li was in his state-room, and word was sent to him that the government represe nta- tives were ready to meet him. About the big liner were, gathered crafts .'of every description, crowded with-people anxious to get a glimpse of the celebrated Chinaman. Whistles were'kept going, yachts boomed cannon,.and on some of the tugs fire-crackers .were set off. Coming by Fort Wadsworth, a salute was fired. As the St. Lpuis passed through the warships the flag-ship New York fired a salute of 10 guns, which is the English lord high admiral's official recognition.•• • Gen. Uupor'u Uolcomo. . ' Li Hung Chang, after a delay of 15 . There was a delay of hair.an hour in getting away. In. the meantime an immense crowd had gathered outside the Americhn line dock, at the foot of Fulton street. A 1 large, force of pol'iee was 071 hand, nnd they had all they could do to restrain the throng. A detachment of tlie Sixth cavalry, U. S. A., -was in waiting, to escort thu envoy.and his suite, to the Hotel Waldorf. A'-sturt was made at two p. ro. About'300 lea'ding'-Chinese merchants were in attendance. Their faces, usually expressionless, fairly beamed with joy at the-prospect of welcoming their great countn'man ,\'\. GJvon %n Ovation. In tl^c,;.first carriage was Li Eung .Chftng,' Ttjf''secretary' and .interpreter,^ Gen. Eug'er and Mr. Rockhill, assistant .secretary of state. The rest of the suite followed in other carriages. As soon.as Li's carriage came off the pier into West .street half the cavalry de- Land Company Fnlls. Anderson, Ind., Aug%'2S.—The Phillips Land & Gas company of Alexandria ma.de an assignment,and L. P. Goodrich was appointed as receiver. He gave a bond for $30.000. and is in charge. The liabilities'are estimated nt S2S.OOO; assets, .$1,1,000. The receivership was brought, on a claim for $20,OQO, filed by Aaron Campfield. from whom the.com- pany purchased the land laid off into ad- 'rljtions. Owing to the depression and depreciation of real estate, in the gas belt boom the-firm-was unable to meet the last payment. There are many thousands of dollars.yet due on the streets, builton the ten-year plan. Purchasers of lots also suffer. Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 2S.—At noon Friday the family of Chai-lcs W. Green r traveling passenger agent of the Big Four railway, consisting of Mrs. Green and three children, a boy, aged 13, a girl, aged nine, and a little girl of six, were found dead in their home. 019 West Thirty-fourth street. All the little ones were in their beds and the mother lay dead in a doorway with a revolver by her side. The murder or suicide Is supposed 1o have occurred Wednesday "morning, about two o'clock, as at that hour neighbors heard pistol shots near the Green home, but no investigation was made until the non-appearance of the Green family led to an inquiry. Mr. Green left the city a iveuk'ago last Tuesday to go on .1 trip to Salt Lake City witli Mr. Lynch, assistant general passenger agent of the JJig Four. Thursday morning one of the neighbor's children went to the Green home to play with the children. ITe could not find anybody at the house and told his parents. They thought it strange, but did nothing until Friday morning, when 'they were still no signs of life ;.bout the. house. JJepeated knocks at the door failed, to bring a response; then n ladder was raised to a second-story window and one of the neighbors went in, and the dead bodies of the family were found. Mrs. Green had not undressed for-bed and it was evident that she hnd put the children to bed, waiting until they were asleep and then sent them into eternity. The only explanation of the terrible crime is that Mrs. Green was crazy. Mr.. Green is now on his way from Salt Lake. lie always appeared very much devoted to his family. His friends say his home life was especially happy. BIG' RUSSIAN ORDER. •minutes, was conducted to the drawing-, room'by. President Wright and his interpreter and. secretary.' He was at once, presented toGen.'Jiiijjer, who said.; .' "I am directed by tlic .president of the United States to meet you and ex-' tend to -you-the freedom of.the nation. I bid you welcome.' 1 .The. linor-iv tachment- fell in .and preceded the por- cession. The other half joined in behind the last cariage, and in this order the march to.the Waldorf hotel was begun. t 'AH along the route large crowds had].gathered. The name of Li Hung Chang.was upon f'very one's lips, and he received, a great ovation, the likes of which was never tendered n foreigner :ip this. country. The streets were jammed all the way with a cheering multitude. . | LI Hung Chung's Vlnit. The mission of Li Hung Chang to the United States is ifc>t of an official character. He has no special mission from • bis emperor, although he bears an autograph letter from his royal highness to President Cleveland, The viceroy is simply taking advantage of his homeward trip after the Moscow coronation ceremonies to see somethingof thewest- ern world. 'Old as he is, however, he is credited with a desire to institute drastic reforms in his native land, and one of the reasons given for his present toqr is his desire to obtain knowledge of the workings' of the governments of the different countries, to get a personal glimmer ;into the inner life of Americans and Europeans and to investigate their modern civilization. His visit to this country will doubtless prove an interesting and instructive one to the great Chinaman, for he frequently has expressed doubts of- the wonderful advance' in science made here. He has just; completed an extensive tour of Germany, France and England, where he was received with honors, none greater "than which could have been bestowed i upon a king. France spent 80,000 Vfrancs in entertaining him, but 'England ; 'has not yet reckoned up the cost.j .iHe may prefer -th(< democratic style, in which he will-be entertained in this country, for, owing to his age, he does jiot -court pomp^pr ceremony, and much-prefers-to be ..left to himself. Tn Ilavre itbefy had to;pu : t him in apndded room' while the flrinp.'Of powerful guns was in operation. . .His nerves have r'.ecessa'rily gone to pieces. :'. ,; •'•'•. LV» liie Suite. ' Accompanying El Hiing Chang is a finite befitting his exalted rank. One of the most noted members is Viscount Li. Wn;kln» Family Kounlon. Kokomo, Ind., Aug. 2S.—The descendants of Thomas Mahone Watkins, of Montgomery comity, Va., born in 17SJ. held a reunion in the city park here, em- . bracing 300 persons. Among the representatives were Eliza Watkins, of Middletbwn, Ind., and Ellen W. Walcott. of TCuncie, the only surviving children of the elder Watkins. Officers were chosen for next year as.follows: President, John J. Watkins, of Swnyx.ee; vice-president, Horace McDowell, of Windfall; secretary, William M. Wai- kins, of Kokomo;'assistant secretary, 'A.'P. Watkins, of Lincoln. The next reunion- will be held in Kokomo in August, 1S97. Sawed tho Jail Bur*. ;' Marion, Ind., Aug. 28.—Sheriff Ashae! Alexander and Deputies Lewis and Bradford stopped an attempt by a number' q!t prisoners to escape, from jail. Bert Pyle, Harry liabcl- and Josepli ffilscher obtained five hack saws in eomc manner. They began work and kept sawing at one of the bars of the cage until it-' was so nearly severed in two places that a little'pressure would break! toft. Wednesday night they broke off thebarof the cage, and,standingona plnnk, began sawing- the bar's of the north window. Two were cut when the officers rushed into the jail. liuUdln ANBocifitlon Victory. Wabash, Ind., Aug. 2S.—The stal* board of tax commissioners hns notified, the members of the .Wabnsh Building nnd Loan association''of this city that In the appeal of that, association from the ruling of the county auditor that running stock in building- and loan societies was taxable the prayer of the appellant wns granted. The Wnbash county auditor refused to exempt tha stock from taxation, although the law is clear, and an appeal was taken. The decision is of importance to the shareholders all over the state;' Secures m. Vast Amount of Tube nnd Ftp* Mill M:iclilnfMT. Philadelphia, Aug. 2S.—One of tlie most important investments of Russian capital made in the United States for some time has just been announced in this city. The Russian jjovernmetit has .been negotiating for^some time with the Delaware Iron 'company, at Xew Castle, Del., to secure a vast amount of its machinery,;and the bargain has been_ consummated on satisfactory terms to both parties. The contract entered into means the delivery of all the material of the tube and pipe mill connected with the company's plant. It also involves the sending to Russia of a Jarg-e force of workmen, who will be,engaged abroad to put'the'ma- chinery together and stari it in good running order. ' ' 'Dr. Gallnclier .Released. London, Aug. 2S.—Dr. Gallagher, the' Irish-American dynamiter, who 13 years ago was sentenced to imprisonment for life, was released'from Portland prison Friday morning. He was at once driven to the railway station under the escort of the principal warder of the prison. He looked pale and thin, and his hair was very gray. Ifo one was allowed to speak to him. His destination is kept secret, but it is be- ! lieved that he will be closely guarded until he is put on goard the American liner St. Paul at Southampton and 1 under the charge of Dr. McBride taken tc New York. the.-ambassador's adopted son, in real- itjvhisarephew. Li Hung Chang adopted him. when he despaired of "liaving a son of his own. As a. matter of fact, a son wasT'afterwards born to him who now. accompanies" his father on. the present-tour. Lo Feng Ljih is the most valuable 1 member of .'the suiw, for he . acts- as Li's" in'terpreter. He. too is of high, run It and a-thorough scholar; He ..was formerly n naval officer and now, besides holdinc' the -appointment of United lirctrun. W-nbosb, Ind., Aug. 2JB:— The first annual session of the Wtltc river conference of the United Brethren church sonvened;at LincoInviHe, this county, Bishop .E. B. Kebbardt, of Baltimore, Md., presiding. I?ev. Bv.O. Darling was reelected secretary. Revs. J. Y. Roberts -and Alonzo'Myer submitted reports of the work in their districts. Eight .newjj'churches were built in the conference. -the last year and a new church was purchased, , Olney and Chamberlain to Sleet. Washington, Aug. 28.—It is said by those in a position to know that during the forthcoming visit of Mr. "Joseph Chamberlain, British secretary -of state for the colonies, to New England, there will be a prearranged meeting between that gentleman and Secretary Olney, for the purpose of arranging -the few comparatively 'insignificant differences remaining between Lord Salisbury and this government on the proposition-to submit the entire Venezuelan boundary dispute to arbitration. vrwoive-Year-OliI Girl In .Tali. 'Porte, Ind.. Ang. 28.— Hosa SclVmidt, 12 years old, is confined in jail en a charge of forgery, it being alleged that she forged the nameof-Eev. Dominick Shutik; a Catholic'priest, and that her peculations represent a large nmount. . uoin continues to Come. Pfew"York; Aug.-2i??~.:Further"^"en"-.' g-agemeutsofigold-fpr import increases the.'aggregate known to-be on the-way from. Europe" to' 510;70'0,000. Ligonier, Ind., Aug.".28.—Efforts are being made to form an interstate fireman's organization to include the Michigan cities of Bcnton Harbor, St. Joseph, Xiles. Buchanan, Dowagiac, Kala- maxoo, Cassopolis, Adrian, Sturgis and .Cold Water,-and in Indiana, Ligonier. Michigan City,. La Porte, South Bend, Sosheu, Elkhart and Fort Wayne. A meeting will be held September 5 at Benton Harbor. Reunion of Cavalry. Xoblesville, Ind., Aug. £S.—The annual reunion 1 of- the Eighth and: Eleventh Indiana cavalry was in progress at Sheridan Thursday, Many are .here from distant states. The homes n the city arc wide open and gayly dec- . -^ated. Addresses were made by State Commander Taylor, Pev. W. H. Hick- mani'o'f Terre Haute, K. K. Shell of In- :n;;j.iapolisTi XT id State Senator Boyd and- fapt. ' al triT • Terre Hau" " -id., Aug. ZS.—:,:;„, Laura Bay,' a ®" rrOv in the city schools, was Icillcd ^y? 611 * . w '^T.om Jjer bicycle.,,, She was on hjustffios it. Inform*-...), cuU=. who live i will Ije cheertnlly furnlshea „ "iitatlves cfthe Penueylvanla 1 , Riico IT • Chrisncy, Inc. .. . • currcd'-at the 'fa^- 11 which' burned '''Sfor The Journal, 40 oenta » horses that.'were), . 1" the rac'es

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