The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1895
Page 2
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. -ctafe, madeYfetk»fc fooetdr; (Mitert took place at size,, with V rd5ffis about id feet square ahd with & celiaf imderaeathi T"here Were ua or scfeeBs 611 the cellar, aad J ffauseoiis products of the same . *ou1d easily" enter the roortis above. ' ,f he Jiouse was cf bwded with Irlends of the couple that were married, and there , was scarcely room to go about from ',' one room to another. The weddiag 'Btlpfcterwas served, partly within the house and partly on the lawn. The '•iood was chicken, turkey, ham and Other articles. , Tho chicken was killed oil Tuesday morning and the weddittg cupper was not given until Wednesday night. The chicken in the meanwhile * was placed in an earthen vessel and placed in the cupboard without ice. The turkeys were killed in the afternoon. The ham was thoroughly 'Cooked, so much so, in fact, that it could not be sliced without falling into crumbs. The next morning after, cooking the meat, the lady who did tlie cooking went into the cellar and found the meat covered with flies. She noticed a very offensive smell arising , from the meat. She covered it up and left it. The guests on the night of the weddine noticed a very offensive odor about the meats, and noticed that it did .not taste exactly right. Twenty- four hours after the supper the first Symptoms appeared, and forty-eight hours afterward strong manifestations of disease. One hundred and seven were taken -.sick, and eight of these • have died. L-AND CASES. stall 106 'd^frtfifSd with a A-"dbtitiH«i6tis gas thdlbotbm af the hiaflger mtih stitlltatid td' d a fi ! it>6ei"libib fptti' iefet I6&g to i'ftrialtecli^thfe inilidn/ efips. These chip's 1 afe Iftstefied over the teats of the c6W and held there by aif p"res- stffe, the sttctibii quickly drawing the milk from the todder. The pressure for the entire number of dows is supplied by a waehiiie otit doors. The cows take te'fy 1 kindly to the flew inecihan ism, itt fact, if their actions count for atoy thing 1 , -it is away ahead of the old processi The Jrori pipe leads to a large reservoir and the inost absolute cleanliness is insured. Two men can fasten the cups and' inilk 100 cows in an hour. TWO MINERS KILLED BY DAMP, Trouble' In Store for O'Brien County ' i Fanners. DES' JMoiSES, , November 0.—The . United States land office has been filled ( the past two or three days with persons from O'Brien county anxious to ascertain 1 what their rights are to be 'relative to entering lands in the grant forfeitedunder*a recent supreme court • decision by the St.'Paul and Sioux City • railroad. The action of Register Evans "in refusing to receive applications to enter."the lands' under the homestead .Jaws floes not - seem to ,have deterred them in the least. 'As soon as they re^ -ceived notice tha't the entries had been rejecled^they 'came to Des Moines to learn the reason. All were answered in the same way and all have combined in retaining a well known local land 1 ' lawyer to look after their interests. < Many- of them are persons who have purchased from the railroad company or the town and land companies organ.' ized by the railroad companies. They ,,fiay they realize their title has been , lost and that the only way to preserve their rights now is to enter the land under the government laws. They are making preparations to sue the rail- Voad company or the persons giving them title through the railroad company, as their, purchases were made either by contract for the transfer or by warranty deeds. ROMANCE IN IOWA REAL UIFE. Council liluffs Girl Bequeathed IS80.00O By a Stranger. COUNCIL BLUFFS, November, 8,—Miss , Marie Clark, formerly of Chicago, but "now of Council Bluffs, is reported to ' have fallen heir to 580, QpO. At the age of 10 years Miss !Clark was left an orphan, without home, friends or mpney, Being a girl of resolute character, she started out to provide for 'herself as best she could, Three years ago on East Monroe street, Chicago, a little frame cottage caught fire, The occupants were a widow and two Children, • Miss Clprk happened to be • passing 1 pn her way to work just at the time and discovering the two little children in th6 burning building, broke in a,nd rescued them, She was badly bur,ne t d, -and now carries the scars from received. 'Ope P. 8 S, Pa vis, r heawt'pf her b,j;»Ye act and pf her deeds of limpness, has rewarded b,er'' by a bequest of ,PO,OQQ;, Miss CJw? k wJU sooa take up Wpcp|n, Neb., where marrwd>P» - Tried to KoBcuie IjdBt Tools Fl-otn n Wallocl Up Room. OSK'ALOOSA, November 0.—Two old and experienced Winers lost their lives at Muchachinock from "black 'damp." About a month ago a room took fire, and to keep the flames from spreading the entrance had been walled up. In doing this some tools belonging to George S. Swanson were left inside. lie had spoken of them several times, and his room-mate, James B. "Drown, agreed to tro in and get them for him. •It appears they feared the deadly effects of tho gas, as a string was tied to Brown's belt and held \jy Swanson. Death must have been almost instantaneous, as Brown was found in the middle of the room and Swanson with only his head through the aperture. FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT, Two Section Men Killed By n Train In Linu County. feDAn RAPIDS, 'November''. 11.—A frightful accident occurred on the Milwaukee road, just this side of Marion. Charles Taylor and Pearl 11. Lutz, section men at work at"tho west end of the bridge,] stepped from the main line to allow a freight train to pass, and stepped in front of a train coining from the opposite direction on the Kansas City branch. Lutz was thrown from the bridge and Taylor was crushed under the wheels. Both died within a 1 few hours. TREAT ALL ALIKE. Put No medallions On tho Soldiers lloiiunieat. Pj;niiY, November 9.—The radical step of opposing all images and: medallion portraits of any persons on the Iowa soldiers' monument has just been taken by No. 20 G. A. K., of Perry, which has just issued a circular calling upon all G. A. R. posts of the department of Iowa to unite with it in this demand. FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT. ., l/sfttiritt, November i.^The trbilefs operating the Journal pianl r which afe located uflder N6« 4& Lafned street exploded at t) o'dldck, ygsterdtty' ifijf, completely Wrecking the lishments of Johti fe Davis & Co.« dealers iti groeers' specialties, No,, 45 Lamed street, and that of Chas. Wright <& Co. ( manufacturing chemists, }fo. 43 Larned street, i}, J» ililler, a book binder, occupied the second floor and employed about twenty-five girls, all of whom Wetit down in the crash. A large number of persons Were employed in other parts of the building and all went down with the falling floors. The debris took fire and' the firemen worked hard to put out tho flames, but many were burned to death before assistance reached them. In all, probably three score of persons were in the building. None escaped with- ottt injury and maay are dangerously, some fatally injured. Seventeen dead bodies were taken from the ruins, and twenty-seven are still missing, probably all of them being dead. DETROIT, November 9.—The dead body of James Thomas, a machinist, was taken from the ruins of the Journal building. This is the thirty-seventh body recovered, and, according to the list of missing, was the last body left in the wreck. Thomas M. Thompson, engineer of the building, has been arrested, and is at Grace hospital under custody,.an. expert having declared that he was responsible, as one boiler was'alleged to have run dry. lie is badly injured. FIXED THE SETTLEMENTS. Miss Cousuolo Gets a Dowery of -Jflvo Millions. NEW YORK, November 7.—Win. K. "Vanderbilt, his daughter, Miss Consuelo Vanderbilt, and the Duke of Maribor- ough, met at the home of Mrs. Vanderbilt at 34 West Seventy-second street and signed the papers affecting the marriage settlements. Mrs. Vanderbilt was not present. Mr. Vanderbilt drove to the house with his lawyer, J. Henry Anderson. A few minutes later, the duke arrived with his solicitor, Mil- rt'ard llarding. An hour was spent in joing over the terms and finally the aapers were higned by Miss Vanderbilt, icr father and her prospective hus- 3and. It was subsequently learned on good authority that by the terms of settlement Miss Vanderbilt gets a dowry of $5,000,000. 'LONGER TIME .TO LIVE. A ISrakemaii Killed on the Burlington, Cednr linplds & Northern. IOWA FAM.S, November 8. — William King, a brakeman on the Watertown division of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern, was thrown from the tank of an engine that w'as backing .up to connect with'the rear division of a freight that had been cut in two to "double" a heavy grade near Supsrior, and killed. Ofikiiloosti SUO.OOO Fire. OHKAT.OOSA, November 10. — Fire in the basement of the Mclntyre Bros, & Wilson dry goods house did $10,000 worth of damage to thuir surplus stock. The flames were extinguished before they reached the upper floor, or it is probable that the largo store and the Bird&all Hotel would have been burned. The fire caught from the furnace. ., < J\ avfe WJU Come. or MEXICO, November 11. — Richard p. Rowe, charged with assisting his brother, Chester Rowe, in em- $33,000 from Poweshiek county, Iowa, will be returned to Iowa. Chester, haying taken out papers, cannot be extradited, Carver Vound. , November 10,— Willjajn Carver, who has b,een missing for ftye weeks, telegraphed from Klmwood, }]],, that he has just come tQ his senses jo ^ styajjjge town, ITEMS» • - •" — Rnpw fell in northern Iowa on the 7th. ' ' • . > AtPleasa^tville recently l^ewis Ramsey, a. }mia about 7° years, pf was fqwnd deftd iu 1U$' nji}}, h eJf , by ', ha^gimj, JJe- IK rppp abqui Jiis neck then Ued'jt to a beam in the "en|gr}n,ft roepa, an<j then is wippos,e4 to' have 4 bea,nj. jJo w«,s » gppd f lespQndpnt'. fpr tipo nast, >vbi»U ^yas Jitc^ly the Ilnrraiit's Trial For the Murilor of Minnies Williams Postponed. SAN PKANCISCO, November 10.—The trial of Theodore Durrant for the murder of Minnie Williams will not go on until after the holidays. This was definitely decided at a conference between District Attorney Barnes and General Dickinson. It was agreed that the case should go over until the middle of January, and that it might be called then, or at any time thereafter, by the prosecution giving the defense two days' notice. Durrant was brought up for sentence for the murder of Blanche Lumont, but on application of the prisoner's counsel a continuance was granted for two weeks to give them time to prepare a motion for a new trial. Chinese Itobellion. LONDON, November 10. — A dispatch from (Shanghai t>ays that letters received from English missionaries ia the northwest of Chjna confirm the statement that the Diingans in that portion of China who recently revolted were nearly all provided with Russian rifles. The leader of the rebellious Dung-ans has sent an ultimatum to the imperial government announcing his intention to advance upon Pekin unless'' he receives a favorable reply. The rebels are 00,000 strong and have entirely overcome the imperial forces. Many large towns and hundreds of villages have bqpn- pillaged aud the fields are strewn with the dead bodies of men, women and children. THE CZARINA. - LosnoN, November 1J,— -It is reported on trustworthy authority that the caarina of Russia h&s submitted to the Cassarean, opo'ration, and is now in a very critical condition, A conference of phytdcijvus'has been held, aptf the doctors Jiavo told the czar to be pre? pared for the worst. Th'e danger of death if from the sjioyk of the operation, Fr«e tp In Ov&lu, I'rpyUtttUti «ncJ*8tOJife». . O»e hnudred page? of ireful, information pp the markets for past !}3 years will top ypn on appijoution. Avolfl pjajleij ypn on application. Avolfl lniol«.ipt t,d trade \yhere yoiu- order wjll air feet the niarket, - • • < <, ' ' , "PWM.VART mHI^Q 1SSO f brokers, njemfesvs QliioagoBoard of Trade and Stpptejqplumge, Jfl and $J»ae fleam, °1L§1 Of '" *'' *"-*° n - e ' — ? * Chl ' bf th6Tlifk:is!i0fti^i'e, w"8fg «-eftt, • to »'ljh6 --, poftfe kM ' and adequate- i-atioti of order be talcefl s that'otherwise, tlie pbxvefs, 'a6ti*Hgi iti concert, Would take their own steps !tt the matter. It is added that" ttie attlhassadofs also requested the TAii-k» ish minister for foreign arfafrs to state What the porte intehds to do td te! 1 * ,mihate the preSefit state of abarchyi WAfwix&TON. Novembef 8.-^The slt« uation itt Turkey is said to be daily growing worse. The army and navy are said to be disaffected, and a state of anarchy exists. BKKT,IN, November 0.—The Cologne Gazette's correspondent at Constantinople telegraphs that Baroti Von Der Golt?. Pasha has made application to be relieved of the command of the Turkish army< o i CoNs'TAStitfopi/K, November 11.—The official Ga/ette announces that Bahrie Pasha, dismissed from his official position^ at the demand of the British ambassador for ill treatment of Armenians, has been decorated with the grand cordon of the Osmameh order, "as a reward for his good services." This action of the sultan is most significant, as a distinct approval, of the ill treatment of the Armenians, and a deliberate snub at Great Britain. In fact, it seems us if the sultan is openly defying the powerB. OFI-ER TO FREE WALLER.' . \ 'fiffl** ^f£^fl i 'T2^j^«^^???§**MvT,3^v^?jH, , fj,f^ ^*'t Mnnfc orirl- 1i« mmt(*ti ." fit A/1 '-iriao*«iWI«'.w' franco Will C.rnht Him His Fremlom as , a IT.ivor to the tJiiitcrl .States. WASHINGTON, November ,11. —Secretary Olney has received 'an intimation of the willingness of France to release John L. Waller from prison as an act of graciousness to the United States, but as an acceptance of this offer might prevent this government from subsequently demanding an indemnity for his imprisonment, a condition to which" Waller,.'it is understood, doss not ag-ree, the prospects, are that tedious diplomatic negotiations are tho last resource. It is positively denied that Mrs. Waljer has been compelled to a,ppcal to the state department to secure Waller's release on 'the ground that he is dying in his cell. Preacher Hlnshuw Sentenced. DAXA-ILLE, Ind..November8.—Judge Hadley called William'E.'llinshaw, the convicted wife murderer, into court and sentenced him to the penitentiary for life. Belief in Hinshaw's innocence is gaining ground and a mighty effort will be made to get a pardon for him. BRIEF ITEMS. A few daysago G'onsuelp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. K. Naiulerbilt, was married, at St. Thomas Church, to the Duke of Marlbprou'gh. A remarkable story is reported from the Santa Catarina district, in, Potosi, Mexico. A shock of. .earthquake was felt, and it was immediately' followed by the sinking of large areas of ground, in ofae a piece of ground for the distance of a mile long, sank to the depth of 500 feet. The noise caused by the falling in oC the ground was heard for 100 m iles. Near Louisville recently at the Fountain Ferry track Arthur Gardiner, of Chicago, broke the world's record for one mile, paced, flying ctart, by riding the distance in l:-)3 4-5, This breaks Windle's record of 1:40 i-r,. The three-quarters, paced, ilying start, world's record, was broken by C. R, Coulter, who made it in 1:18 1-3. The best previous record was 1:21, The rebellion of the Dungaus in the northern part of China is extending seriously, and now em braces the whole of the province of, Tlie Chinese gpvernment has dispatched all the troops of the garrison of JCabhgar to the scene of the uprising, and has appointed Li Ilung Chan/j imperial commissioner extraordinary to direct measures to suppress tho rebellion, A recent dispatch from Vienna says that highly respected" eye-witnesses write horrible descriptions of tho Trebizond massacre. Feet, hands, ears, eyes and tongues were severed, it is said, befpre the Armenians were finally dispatched, 'The Athenian jpurnals affirm that the sultan has appealed , for the projection pf ' tljo English fleet against'the machinations of the young Turks', A Paris cubic bays: The ministerial declaration of its policy was read in the chamber of deputies, It promises further inquiry intp the publication of the fujlest informatipn obtainable regarding the »Sputher,n railway scan- daV Measures will be Introduced by thp new gpvernweptr to include an ipcpme tax bill and a bijj to prpbibit pf $hp legislature from be» (joining 1 directprs pf finuppial or poin,» jper9ip.ll pn.4 ei 'taUJ«ir%' o.r having aoy transactions'wjty the'gpverninept;, f • a ~" 1 -—"— alsq pr'pniUes - 1 in tbe'cr-imina} Jaw, |e? ,38;, a6'<ft/4*y. el •'^awUs^iyjp^' i^d, r £^^^^-^^^^?^ ' ip*' n.n>fii»hinl« s n*n i,n« liAf'tiik^^ J"l«X*« L f i^^w^'^i»«_ ^°^ Ma ^m^M dial fetto?fiS afe as lOlldWs: brake, 20t,S6d; Babb, 143^211 Hacofa f Iii334j Drake's brakes majdi'ity) 23,301; • , The pluralities for the rest of the re* publicafi ticheA^riil be larger, The re» pttblic'aflfe will ha,?8 43 ia the senate aad the democrats ?. la the house the repub* licans Will haVe SO and the democrats &0. This gives the republicans 123. Oti' joint ballot. NEW YORK, Ntew YORK, November 8.—The republicans^, have carried the state by probably' 01.78J phtralitt' 1 . Both branches of the legislature will have decided republican majorities. Tammany has carried the city by 10.000. oiilo. CotuiiBufi, November 8.—The democrats contfede the state to the republicans by 90.000 plurality, while tho republicans claim it by lob.OOOor more. Coxey polled about 35,000 votes. Tho legislature will be largely republican. , MASSACHUSETTS. BOSTOX, November 8.—Oreenhalge, rep., has been elected governor by about 03,000 plurality. , NKW .1KRS15Y. THKNTOX, November 8.— Griggs, rep.. Is elected governor by a plurality of 27,083. This is the first time in thirty years that the republicans have elected agovernor. The legislature isstroilgly republican in both branches. JIARVI.ANI). * UAr/ruronE, Novembef R.—Lowndcs, rep., is elected governor'by probablv 10,000 majority. In the legi"lature the republicans have a safe majority on joiuMmllot. KBXTUCKY. LouisVIT.T.K, November 0.—Bradley rep., is elected governor by f.'l,5(i:!. Further'surprise was created when the democratic strongholds riot heretofore reported came in, .showing astonishing republican gains and placing the complexion of the legislature beyond doubt. It is republican by three on joint ballot. PENXSYI/yANIA. PHILADELPHIA, November 9.—Complete returns from every couuty in tho state show that a total vote of 738,000 was^cast for the republican and demo-, cratic-candidates' fdr state treasurer^ Hay wood, rep,, has a; plurality of 184,- Jiississuvi. JACKSOX,-' November 8.—The dem- offi-ats have the state by' about 30,000 majority. VIUOINIA. HiCHMOXW, November 8.—The democrats have both branches of tho legislature by large majorities. NEBRASKA. OMAHA, November 8.—The republicans have the state by about !),000. UTAH. SALT LAKE, November 8.—The constitution has been adopted by a laro'e majority. The republicans elected the .governor and a majority in the legislature. KANSAS. Toi'KKA, November 8.—Kansas is republican by about .10,000. CHICAGO. CHICAGO, November 8.—The republican county ticket is elected bv probablv 30,000. ' . DKTHOIT, November 8.—1'ingree, rep,, is re-ojeuted mayor by 10,000 plurality. CUBA. NKW YORK, November 0.—The World's Guatemala correspondent says that a committee from the Cuban insurgents has interviewed tho secretary of foreign affairs, and been promised that (Jautemala will recognize the insurgents as soon as the United States does, HAVANA, November 9,—Roloff, the insurgent leader in the' province of Santa Clara, has ordered peasants to remove at least three miles from forts and towns, under penalty of boiug shot. • Captain General Campos, to cpunteract the effect of this- order, is re-inforcing garrisons in the province, and has ordered country people to concentrate around the towns and granted farmers the use of all available lauds near towns. Johnson n -FHSter Rider, LOUISVILLE, Ky,, November-9.— John S, Johnson made a trial against tne standing start, paeed, one mile world's record, held by the class B man, Ottp ^ie^ler, and though he rode over one' third pf a roil% unpaced, he tied the record pf IsSQ M. Not satisfied with this, hp tried ,jt, again within twenty minutes, ap,di notwjthstjanding a mos't miserable pick-up, by the second quad, which, carried hjm putside to the toppf the,bank, he lowered. tHe recpj-4 to 1:50 K>, Two <,sueh, fast miles, in spite pf uiifprtiinate piekmps, in&ide pf a half hour, is .beyond any pf the performances hjthertp' known on this tracl?. - ' , " from Ngyetnber I*(i! |>$ IY-V* /to Wofid'S P&tte dofr-espofidfetfl sends J followiftg' trkttslation 1 6i' bfHeiat dispatches fttf fildftt' To Minister tfltfamifr. Mddr fei-rin'g' to j-b-ur ttiUle^rtttli of _ 30, expressing dissatisfaction newspaper interview in which pressed aa opinidrt thals the- Luiuc^* States wollld recoghiKe- Cfibail-tmlli|¥ ereney, 1 reiterate thy statefh6tf1ifxftii4f : say further if this war Is fioi brdurfH" " to a speedy -tenhinatidn by g>a'htmj liOffife rule to Cuba, the tfhited "* " will surely give aid to the inili „ tttid Spouse their ciaUse sootier or lat^rV 1 1 urge that autonomy be graatett-t^j the island, believing this to be the oaljff trieahs of avoiding a struggle withoW the loss of fdany lives and most Of 'thijfi immense wealth'of the island. MAimNEfc DE CAui'ds/ -^ The following is the re.ply: ', ; To Martinez be Campos, Captain General, Havana, Cuba: The question" of autonomy is being r-onsidered, but we fear that the Cubans will not accept i*' • Ul/niAMAli. "V« '«^oi DISGUSTED DIPLOMATISTS/* •«•"'.'•'': the Sultau 1 laying: n Oonlitlence Onitt^ on All of Them. - - LoNi>o>f,, November 0.—A dispatch, from Constantinople to the Times- says that the entire body of foreign dipio->' mats accredited to the Turkish capital<• regard the present condition of things' as unbearable. The sole policy of tho sultan in the circumstances is that of playing off the powers against one another, a policy which ho has pursued / in many previous emergencies with. success, but upon this occasion lie'is completely nonplussed by the unanimity of the representatives of - their/ powers in pressing their demands. The. correspondent of the Times does notfL™ expect that there will be a fanatical'/^ outbreak against Christians. The W< ''"" 'danger, he thinks, lies iu'another direction. •'!'< Fly?'. CHINAMEN '.BEHEADED. ', -^ * l \ -_* (, They Wore ^oaUern In the Missionary l,' J f New YPRK, November-0.—A cable to the World from Foo Chow, China, lS saV&> the five vegetarian. leaders in, tlie * massacre of missionaries at Ilwasang" 1 have been publicly beheaded. Before' they were put to death there was an' -imposing ceremony in a tent on the'/'' execution grounds. The members of r , r '> the American and Jh'itish'consulare'oin-'i? mittee, who went to Ku Cheng to'> watch the trials, the Chinese prefect of " the province, two native magistrates"' and many Americans and Europeans < were present. There'was a procession. ",:,.^i to the execution grounds arranged to V'-'^-l impress the natives. Arrests of person's" '|,pjj implicated in the massacre continue to , '''j^'t be made at Ku Cheng. ' • /ff STRIKE SITUATION. ^!| TUe Omat Xorthorn Will Deal with Male.' '"v'l liKitors With a rirm Hand. , ' ",[,«£ DEVIL'S LAKE, N. D., November lO.rl-,-,Vw The first overt act of the present strike '."'"^'r was committed when spikes were pull-, Vfl e'd'from several rails a mile west of this ,4'tSiJ city. Tlie broken trackage was dis-;,V^! covered before 'the passenger train'/*V $j reached here. ^wpnty more, special . fell policemen arrivecl:{tp-day and are pa-'-i.^jj trolling the yaj-ds.,, Trains are being ,\"^ sent out hourly), principally manned b'y , now men, although three old conduc'-V tors took out their trains, The 'Strik- 1 -; ers say it is only a question.,of,>!ft 'few, "j| hours when every A. R, 0,' employe ' <-r ' ! the road will quit work. Forty m^.., participating in tho strike have be'e»^' discharged. " ' CORPETT RETIRES/ Leaves the King Because It Dpes : NEW YOHK, November 8,~-James Corbett, after his arrival at Jpj-sey announced that he had decided tiro for all time from the ring. (t j faiV^ll tp see any money in the fighting ness just now," he said, fl and that :js?S| my sole reason tor getting put of it,'V J '"'I '— —— • ' >.'„;•%'< IOWA PATENT OFFICE' 'Tfify 1 ^ «*i fi^ffyxf'- 'raw ^'•r^wT.w wf»rWe%neWe|| DES MOINKS, -November 4 — i •hundred and seventy- three* ' lT«ite HtRtes parents were 'j&sued for' week ending Octqb'er 99, iQwa'is ' resented in the list by ejevei):' atorney shave been repently from> practice i n the y patent office, A .Canadt* been granted to Edwarc] Wlmt Cheer, Iowa, fo r for miners, for which patent, No. 530,304, was heptember 18, 1894, A aUpwec] to I)r, J. .\V, w invention sot for^J,' m follows; . A steam ancj radiator _ cpmprisJpf • a lipllQw pipe seoticms, a partition near the bottom p openrendeA pipe witliin lead ing ivoMtov ^ point ne ft r its top, meanl ing cpinmunicfttion «e 9 tl Qn « below, ^ directly abpye for the purppses 's tafqrpiatipa . to any sidriress, . dwvfngs and 8p9pJflo»tion

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