Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 13, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 13, 1946
Page 3
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ueorgo street. tient at there. , W0fE, ARKANSAS - _ . •_. . fff pril 13, 1946 By Chick You 119 , ;8hun<ff up and want to onti* was cool as agaTden salad. HE -WOUIDNTOIVE AME. OUST SAID AFTER MAGUIRE NO. 1 FIRST 1'C.L ( REPWIR THE LITTLE S RADIO IN THE ( BEDROOM >-^\^. NO! FIRST I I'll Ml THINK ruu ^> BUT I'LL TAKE A LITTLE NAP / PLETY ROUGH WHERE ' IT'S BEEN A X / YOU'RE A SWELL\ MILLION IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO TONIGHT rLLWRfTE SOME I lOVELY EVENINfi SPORT, UBBY.AND\ REPLACE THAT AND SUGGESTED WE LOOK FOR YOU HERE MR. FLINT. NOT rWHATACHUMPI ) SINGLE DULL /WAS FOR DRAGGING } MOMENT, J YOU. INTO CREAKY < FLOOR BO4RD ') r suppose v\e&. THEY WEBB =V WOULD LIKE TO /SWELL CAPTAIM \ TALK-TO WU, MISS ( 35 REAPV EASY HAS \ LA RUE. {KJMP0M0 AM6SSASE CALLED//Jt> TOLD US FCOV\ EMILL WHEKE TO FIND VOU EVA' HAS TAKEN. VOU'BE BREAKIN 1 HU IT PCETT.Y HAPDl \ THEY'RE iPSETTY / SO'SURE THEIR. CAPTAIN'.WHAT DO YOU WANT .l DAUGHTER HAP ALREADV POOR KID... ITMLIsr OUT AN 1 LEAVE HER TAKE TH 1 VOWS' STORY?.. \ BEEN JJESTOBED TO Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST MAIDENS Tridemark tlcgiStcreJ U S. Patent Oftlct JUST AS SHE'S FOUNP "MI.SSED FOB SO LON6-. J THE. 0UZZARP MOORINGS FRO.H THEIR PLANE AS THE AVALAMCH ROARS DOWN. UFDN THEM...SrOKHy BENDS THE THROTTLE TOE A SNOW-SLINPEP WE-OFF IN A DESPERATE RACE WITH DEATH r —•—^=r—— ^ "Possum dyed muskmt! Possum dyed mink!, • • "May I surest that the gentlemen return their thoughts Skunk dyed 'muskmt! Don't you hai'CJUSt a hlain from,Pacific atolls and get on the immediate,target!" muskmt bcin* itself' 1 " " ~^ By Hershberger Freckles and His Friends By Slosser ?unny. Business mtmmik .FTER CHAMGIMG MY TlRE", AREM'T VOU, J NOT THIS WEEK.' a^J; EVEN SOIMO TO LOOK AT THAT'S ANOTHER SIXTEEN] MQRE PERFUME IN CASE YOU EVER * PROBABLES"/ /TH5RE THEY GO,) THEY V I'VE AN IDEA THEV'LL ^ WATCH IT, EUBER1 SEEM i HAVE PUENTV OF f| MAKE WITH THE TO BE -V PRACTICE BEFORE 6AP6ET OR ABLE TO J.f THEY &ET BACK }\ THEY'LL GET DEAL ^^. FBOM ATLAMTIS AX. OUT OF WITH IT.'-yiliL__ I/tm$^ RANGE/ HEAP OVEE HEELS IN TROUBLE! I PIPNJ "M WELL ' BUT BKAMP V ALLERGIC CHAIWS "I'm seeing that the pup gels a square deal! ' T. M- REG. 0. S..PAT. OFF.' v -, . * -COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC ' *7 '4 Popeye Thimble Theater *. WKlt COW^S V^OW ^Ht OT CftVi HNROVV VOW TO LCOPk. H46 tl» HEA iirDVICi: We T. M »CC U. 6 P»I Off Out Our Way By J, R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople LI55EW, MISTER OW YOU TELL I FAR IT IS TO HUBBA-HUBBA/ •pW^AWAY.' / VE GODS.' i <J//3 I FORGOT TO PUT ( JAKE. OUT AMD * > HE'S SLEPT OM BREAD DOUGH ALL NIGHT.' 1, I'D BETTER I GET MY OWM MOV4 GEE HEREj KLOTZ./1 VMrA<=> ROYAL PROVEMDER EXPERT FOR. Klt^G EDWAR-t) VU /-**-SO L ^KiOVJ MV CDT6, AlOt> THAT LEG OF LAMB YOU HA^JE TMER£ IS VOT VOU GOT DER, REtl A.80UT, A DOT SOES TO MRS. MRS. HOOPLE ORDERED ISS VJRAPPED op HANW / VOT YOU ARE ES6SPER.T OM ISS BALOI^EV, AVE US DIS MONEY/ 7 ME SOM.E:- THIM& ELSE '5TAR.1LEO EYES, THE « COACH APPEALS i TO BE -OUT OF THIS . ' 8ORM 7HIR7l»VeARS TOO SOON tbtH&Mff&%&«,, ^. 0 . «« •» KM IM*»I, me. T. *. iu. ii.«. HT. <ai. BUTCHER. ^^ fc tOPE Social and Persona! Phone >68 (Between 9 a. m. and 4 p. m. Social Calendar Monday, April 16 Tho circles nt tho W.M.S. of the I'irst Buplisl church will meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 at the following homes: Circle No. J with Mrs. W. A Williams, BID South Muln street. CiTde No. 2 nt tho homo of Mrs. jr. Fi , ozmcr, J301 South Main street. Circle No. 8 nt tho homo of Mrs J. S. Gibson, Jr., South Grady street. Circle No. 4 with Mrs. John Shi- vor nt the homo of Mrs. Byron Hefner on Rosston Highway. C'l'c'e No. 5 nt tho home of Mrs. Clyde Osborn oh South Grecninc 1 street. . . ' Circle No. B at tho home of Mrs. . . Young on South Main Wednesday, April 17 The Gardenia Garden club will moot Wednesday .afternoon at 2:30 «U the homo of Mrs. 'C. V Nunir with Mrs. Sam Womnck as associate hostess. Betty Ann Benson in Recital at High School on Tuesday Betty Ann Benson, advanced plnno student of Mrs Bnlnh Routoh will give her sen or r*c t Pa Jn the High School auditorium on M? s , ny ™ l{ * t ' Apr" 2;! - »t 8 o Clock The public and .especially music lovers arc invited. 37-Mon Road •Continued from Page One matters. ,1° Sndlor 's report, .$0 f 000 should .go back into state highways in yearly construction if the system is to hold its own would, consist of 130 miles of HJPPE, ARKANSAS Helena to the Desha County line, 85 from Walnut Corners south, 40 ™ om ^ l!llne onst. VO irom West Memphis to Forrest City and from Brmkley to Brasfield, Cl from Marion to. West Memphis, ;G7 from Pocahontas northeast, 03 from Marked Tree to the Critenden County line, five .North Litllo Rock north, 07 from Benlon south 71 from Texafkana north, and 67 from Texarkana to Fulton. Most of these rouds -are slated for resurfacing and widening with only route -01 .from Marion to West Memphis to be rebuilt completely.' Pointing out that only 120 miles of concrete roads were built .in tho ' 10 . pars ' ShdIe DOROTHY DIX Domestic Respites One of the most controversial ,n bitter disappointment. that 7nn' .i',, osmae tat 700 miles will have to be repaired A total of 735 miles of the 2 213 m , cs °L? s L h _ nI i: roads i" the .state i «* t,..V 1IIVTJ31. \-UJIbIUVUlHItU issues in matrimony is'the right of ,a husband to a night > out once a week. Innumerable .dark' and bloody battles are continually fought over that, for while .wives concede to the cook the' privilege of stepping out on her day off and going where she pleases and doing what she wants to do, they grant no such liberty to their'husbands. A wife feels that a married man's place is in the-bosom of ,his 'family when he isn't at work,_and that he should desire no livelier amusement than playing horsy with little IHIIUS 01 aspnait roads in the stnlp i ,"• ma " l j ' a ymg noi will need repairs ;or rebui dine I™." 11 * and. listening within the next -five venru trhic ballm account -of w --. —, . „ . Wl ,, euuilUJJlK - the next -five yearn. This ..— cost .an estimated $5,600,000. The department .assumed that a similar amount will be needed during the second five-year period, ihere has been no .gravel to the ver- . - what his wife said to the butcher .and the butcher said to her. And why he wants to go to his stuffy old club, where the men talk about nothing taut business and politics, or to- a poker lion if , x "cre nas been no .gravel rp- "" una P°nucs, or to-; a poker .-This'P^ement program on the state's »=™.g at ^hlch he will il.ta'e-money. K1 .n d :-;-6,100.miles of gravel roads, and as I W t! nth shc wanls for now curtains, miles I a res "!t-, 4,000 miles have an aver- shc ' can l > ma 6»ie. M-ihnii age ol 1 1-2 inches of ernuni in. 'ALWAYS ;GOOD -FOR .A 'nnu/ Friday, April 19 A pro-school clinic will be held at •. the office of the Hempstcad County Health Nurse In the Court house on Friday, April 19. Dr R. E. Smallwood of Arkadelphia will be the examining doctor All mothers with children Who will enter school in September or at mid-term are urged lo bring the children for examination. The clinic will open at 1 'o.'clbck in. the'.afternoon. ,.•" . . -' : iV —1—— •'••l.Hjj' Friday Music Club Mfctii]i: : ' ; ' With Mrs. Edwjn Stewa'Ht The Friday 'Music Cliib met Friday -evening at the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. The president, Mrs. H. A. Spragins presided over the business session and appointed the following nominating committee: Mrs. J. C. Carlton Mrs. W. E. White and Mrs. Dolphus Whittcn, Jr.. During the •business session Mrs. Spraggins Wiis elected a delegate to attend the State Convention and Mrs D. R. Picarcl was elected as aller- wouia consist ol 130 miles of grad-«| °' luu T" 68 ot S rav el roads, and as ing and-minor structures, fi5 miles I a resu !l-' 4 >°°0 miles have an aver- of concretes, 75 miles of asnhall OBe ol ' '"'• in " h °' ! " f •• ' 400 miles of gravel and 1:1 miles ol permanent bridging each year ' During me past 12 years onlv S3.U50.flOO, or about 85 per ceiU of the needed amount, has gone 'back " - nnuunl- -mu,c, n nnuun- y. fhis, Sadler said, was one of the ieqspns for the tremendous need at the present 'time. T . hc -h'Sjiway department mates ' " esti- 240 miles of concrete ;- - , .* - — -"^..^0 MI. gravel instead of the usual six inches. To replace this gravel .will cost -Slfi 000,000 during the next 10 years ' And so there you have it — .'$35 . 000,000 for oorrcrete roads, $ll,20o!- 000 ; for asphalt roads, and $16,000 - UUO for gravel roads — $02,200,00 in nil. FISH STORY mileage, must bo repaired, during n . nate. Several members club plan to attend. of the . Mrs. Dolphus Whilten, Jr., was program leader and presented the following: Mrs. B. W. Edwards who played Valse in E Minor. Mrs Henry Haynes played Etude Op 25 No. 9. Mrs. D. R. Pickard played Ballade in G Minor Mrs. Edwin Stewart played promptu in F Sharp Major. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Chcd. Hall will arrive Sunday from Little Rock where Mr. Hall was been a pa- St. Vincents Infirmary and Im- If your neck is long and thin, choose high necklines. , perhaps softened with ruffles. Hair should be long to minimize neck !:>ngth. (distress .. ..... 666 Liquid or Tablets .act as a 'mild Laxative and get at 'Cold Miseries internally . 666 Nose Drops or Salve 'begins to relieve stuffiness and cough! ig AT ONCE ..._._. makes it easier to breathe. "" y Works Great and .works fast •y Has salisliod millions. y Purest drugs yet .inexpensive compare results Caution OM> only as directed ,.., ...v.o.uci> mi: big-one thai eol away, fisherman Virgil Tyler had these -events to. bemoan: pole , he n V blg 'O" 6 "- 1 broke ;his and Tyler lost his line; his min- arc 71 from 'Pnvottn./!!!,; i "-v?"a ..uwa U juu, ne uosi nis lishins » Snr f~^o s S: ,"£"„„§• o^VUL^i- foi d County line, >G7 from ^Little Rock lo Cabot, G5 from Pine Bluff to the ordnance .plant, 67 from Prcscott lo Arkadelphia, 44 from ....*,, JH.J Jlllll- Jost his lishing line — „ ...... & of 12 'Crapies; he leaned over to. adjust a line and his billfold fell into the water, and when he tried to retrieve it he fell into the lake. Two companions rescued -him. by Hazel Heidergptt XXXVI Colin drove the car into the f ara .8e in the basement of the Medical - Dental Building, and Ann said, '.'I'll meet you at'Fred- erick's in an hour or so. I don't know how long I'll be." "Oh, I'm coming up with you " Colin answered. "But why, Colin? It's silly for you to^come up." "Oh," he answered .airilv "J understand Hint women always tall in -love with rtheir obstreti- cians, and I want to look him overhand find .out if .-he's • worth? That was Ihe last very clear memory Ann had dr the day. She saw the doctor, and the next thing she knew Colin was driving fast t'iA e ,_ h - 0 !P lt & try!"? not to show all," -Ann . .• --.--n ---.a itoxemia; — lots about at— it 'isn't necessarily dangerous. ,Not when there's a good doctor in charge" n«^ a '- ? - r ' .when..she ,was ,.-in rbed. ? nd momentarily unattended save by Colin, some ; - orchis obvious P an ' c ,, Jntectad her,; and .-she remembered more of "what she had read, : .about toxemia. "Look Colin,"- she said, "if I look as if I were going -to have a coin ~1°ve n^ towel between my Colin rang frantically for a s™ 1 and When she "PPeared! © Mncriic-Sinllh-Co. • NEA SERVICE. :1N(1 his alarm. . "But after f •ALWAYS ;GOOD FOR .A 'ROW Of .course, if he wanted to take her and the children along with :him, that would be different. But he •doesn t desire their company He wants to go off aloneV That fills her with deep suspicions and, if he persists in doing it, it is as good for a weekly row as Monday is for wash day. . Such .being the -case, it is interesting to learn that men have, at long last, taken their grievance to r°i! rtJa , 1 l d 'l ha ' t the law'-has established the husband's right to ,his night .out on the grounds that any man is .entitled to spend one night a week away .from his wife.' This may be justice for the oppressed and no doubt the decision will be hv m wtt y j . oy an 2 thanksgiving by men, but if any husband thinks that it is going to make his wife speed him -on his way to an evening out with the boys, he is due for P'or tho whole standing Army pouldn't enforce un edict that made wives- willing lo stay at home .and take care of the baby while their husbands were out enjoying themselves. The situation has to be handled by diplomacy and not by force, and the solution of it is compromise. •For women .get fed up with domesticity just .as much as men do. They get just as tirod of walking the same old treadmill, day after day, as their husbands do. They get just as bored with their husbands as their husbands do with them. The children get just as much on Mother's nerves as they do on Father's. And they want .a change, something to break the monotony .that gets them down and makes them cross and peevish. 1 It isn't because they have ceased to love their husbands and their children, or because they have any philandering tendencies, or because they want to do anything unbecoming a wife and mother. It is just : because they want a breath of freedom. It is because they want to go off by themselves for a little' while and do what they want to do themselves, instead of what some-' •body -else wants to do. Because' they want to see new faces. Talk' lo new people. Eat something they didn't cook themselves. So if husbands and wives would swap nights off, if hubby would slay at home on Tuesday nights,! sav . and take Care of tne children; while wife had her litlle spree, and' 1 if she would give him his Saturday' evenings' off without acting like an early Christian martyr, both- would come back lo Iheir jobs re-' freshed, and it would do as much 1 as any one thing to promote dom- ! eslic felicily. Suppose you Iry it, Mr. and Mrs .. (Bell. Syndicate, Inc.) News of the Churches FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor come down to the desk—" she Stiid. '.'And leave my wife?" Colin's i voice was anguished. "I'll stay with her. She's al You just run along now a nuisance here w i nc Wouldn't he, Mrs. Drake? . , weak ' but b ° und talk. "Colin, -don't you think it was smart of me to have twins, Colin '" seeing as we c-an't have ' D ° n ' t y ° U think so Tfou're a smart girl, darling- no question about it," Colin answered, uneasily wondering how Ann knew, so soon, that she couldn't have another child. 'Are they beautiful, Colin'' Does .the ; boy look like you and the girl like ;me?" 'Colin had 1 seen those twb {forlorn scraps of humanity before thev «,nn< inf^ +U,, -i nc ' ubat ^ r s °^ couldn't. -tell that, . n a, course. The .poor iamb was goins to have a tough enSugh fight . a l H> was without knowing that. He was silent so long .that Ann wor- ned, and weak as she was, be- " Ju st— Just .like babies," he answered feebly. They didn't of The nurse was calm. "If you 'i WE REGRET that we have been unable to accept all requests for appointments for the past week. To give further service next week Mrs. James H. Miller ' (HERLOISE) wljj't>e ihere on Tuesday, April 16th -Thursday, April 18th Friday, April 19th MISS HENRY'S SHOP For appointments — Phone 252 DINE AT THE CHECKERED Bring the Family CHEF LEON LADO MENU FOR SUNDAY BAKED CHICKEN AND DRESSING FRESH STRING BEANS STEWED CORN MASHED POTATOES PLAIN CAKE WITH bAU i DRINK —COFFEE or MILK CHECKERED CAFE "It Pleases Us to Please You" Phone 25Q Ark h,mn < , e e -nng human but at least he could tell Ann they looked like babies. By the time she saw them, 'they would have improved. They couldn't fail to improve some. . r W i ?S getti "? impatient. feeling pretty well, She we, - an 'Mn«. W ,fr nl( 5? l ? ' be up and around. Most ol all, she wanted to see her ^ U had nioer than child 11 rC, tn<jci uiHii cniiu really. She was proud .of herself lor having two al once. I want to name her Margaret " ^ C ^ a . ld '_': I . h 9Pe'-she'll be l-'nice And, !,,«„. V * — menu, uu you want to name him Colin?" I d rather not. Not unless you especially want it. 1 think, il's n handicap to-a child lo suffer under the indignity of 'Junior' " Ann nodded wisely. . :L_ do '*?.«>.." she agr course, Colin's greed "Of of trie fancy on( ?, of , the- fancy ones- Michael Drake, ' . Drake is a pice name -much Won' • f r p^P", 1 - w f, be ./ n 'ce family, Colin? Piacticaly jdeal, I think. A boy ... 1 V- 7 , »"--ai, J. II11I1K. A OOV and a girl - why, nobody could ask for anylhing more " 'I couldn't," Colin said Colin were sitting the rug in front of the fhe Place, each holding a baby Margaret and Michael, perhaps a little backward because of their poo? i f-r. were ]usl beginning to walk at fifteen months. Michael clutched Ann's outstretched finger desperately, while Margaret was hanging onto both Colin's hands ^l. twin S.^ ad "versed Ann's Michael [ike he,, and Margaret' lii,e Coin? Colin, do you s'pose she's going to have your nose? Your nose is perfectly lovely on you, but it would lake an awful lot of char- like that"" 8 ' 1 ' 1 t0 UVe down a nose "She's going to have a lot of .naracter, ' Colin said pridefully diVy d sor h t e yet." 111 ^ """^ "° Se oi Q f A lM'i | lEa V. e ^ a ", d kissed the back of Michael's neck. "Be a big man and walk to Daddy," she murmured to him. 1 r 11 ^ !? a . me , Ume Margaret let _ of Colin s hands, and the two babies staggered drunkenly toward each other, passed, and with a final burst of speed tumbled flat each into a parent's lap, where hey were picked up and hugged Ann kissed Margaret and ooked across to Michael, who was clambering up to Colin's shoulder nis father's hand holding him She looked around the and found it good. Here within her reach was everything she could ever want. And sud- ' she knew a .great truth, that -TT, Deen developing a long, lone whde. and.finally had blolsomed nto something incredibly beau" THE END " J •" » . J LTlUVS U.J11. Church School —9:45 a m . Morning Worship —10:50. Spec- if J^V 8 , 1 , 0 "°Pen the Gates of the Sermon "The Church" Youth Fellowship—6:30 p m Evening Worship—Sermon '"The Things Which Belong to Thy Peace" by Dr. R. W . ttoodloe. Choir Practice, Wednesday — 7:30 .FIRST CHRISTIAN Main at West Avenue B Wm. IP. Hardegree, Minister Sunday School— 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages.. Lloyd Cqop, Supt. Morning Service, Communion :and t: " The Tri - Supper and -CYF— 6:00 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ponder, Sponsors. -kvemng service, Communion and ' :3 °- Sub *<*i "A ui- que Event." , . f If you are not attending any other, service we would be happy to have you,come,:and. worship.with us. <*hearty weldome .awaitsiyou. «•• •FIRST PRESBYTERI'AN i: Thos. Brewster, Minister ; Sunday School —S:45'a.m., classes for all age groups.; ». Morning Worship—10:55, message by the Pastor. * ' • -• for War Relief. Vesper Service — '5 p.m. Young People .Meelin'g — 6-15 p.m. Monthly meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary, Monday—2:30 p.m. The women are asked to encourage their new president by making every effort to be present. Ouaohlta Presbytery which meet this week in Mena Presbyterian Church, elected Rev. Thos. Brewster and Ruling Elder Harvey Barr, commissioners to'the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian church which meets in Monti-eat, N. C the last week in May,•• You are cordially invited to wor.ship with FIRST BAPTIST f ; Cor. Main and Th!rd S: Streets 'S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School— 9:30 a.m. H. E. Thrash, Supt. Morning Worship, —id: 50 am with the message by'pastor. The choir will sing, "God So Loved the World" by Stainer. Baptist Training Union—0:15 p.m. .Evening Worship—7:30 p.m. with Ihe message by the pastor. The choir will sing, "Peace Be Still" by. Palmer. Monday thru Friday at 7:15 p.m. —Beginning Monday and continuing each evening through Friday & study course for all our young people and adult will be conducted n ev l- ^ & Pen 'y. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Nashville wiTi !SS ch4 .' Dl 'v, w - R- While's book, '.Baptist Distmctives", and the pastor will teach "Otulines of Bi- bl e Hislory" by P. E. Burorughs. Wednesday—The Fellowship Hour —7:30 p.m. We need you,, and you need the spiritual strength thai is to be had in this service of wor- •;hip in between Sundays. He will be speaking both monine •and evening -.his Sunday. If you have failed to hear him, or have not been able to atlend the revival services, be sure to attend this Sunday. One more Sunday now until Easter and two more Sundays before our Sunday School Conference. Worship with us this coming Sunday. Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship —10:50 Rev Armes speaking. Adult Bible Class —6:30 p.m. C. A. Services —0:30 p m Evangelistic Service— 7:30 p.m Jlev. Armes speaking. Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study—8 p.m. Thursday —Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. Friday —HI C. A. Brigade. OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE (Catholic Church) Palm Sunday •Rev. ;Jqhn J. Boyce, Pastor Every Sunday-Mass is at 10:30 a.m. During the..week Mass is at 7:30 a.m. Palm Sunday*! the Palms are blesse'd'-ahd distributed -among-'tlie faithful. On this'Sunday the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is read during the Mass. Sunday evening, at 8 p.m., devotions to the B.V.M. with Benediction following immediately. Maunday - Thursday or Holy Thursday, Mass is .at 7:30 am •Reposition of Ihe Blessed Sacrament follows immediately afler in the ceremonies of the Catholic Church. It commemorates the burial of Our Lord as well as the Institution of the Blessed Sacrament. Good Friday, Mass is at 7:30 a.m. This mass is called the mass of the Presanctified. Al Ihis Mass the crucifix is unveiled for the adoration of the faithful. It is not the crucifix that is adored, but Christ whom it represents. In the afternoon, the Three Hours Agony will be observed from 12 until 3 During the Three Hours, meditations on the Seven Last Words, will be read, with short prayers at the conclusion of each Word. At 2:30, the Stalions of the Cross will bring the services to a close for Good Friday. Holy Saturday, Mass will be at 6:30. Confessions will be heard Saturday afternoon at 4 until 5. Again in : the evening from 7i:30 until 9. Easter Sunday, Mags will be a't 10:30, with Benediction o'f the Blessed Sacrament following immediately. "Falher, into thy hands I commend my spirit." (St. L. 23:46.) To all a cordial invitation to worship with us. CHURCH OF CHRIST Sth and Grady Streets Waymon D. Miller, Minister Bible Classes—9:45 a.m. Morning Worship—10:45 a.m. Young People's Meeting— 6:15 p.m. Evening Worship —7:00 p.m. Mid-week Service, Wednesday— 7:00 p.m. Chinese Split in Manchuria Is Widened Kaiyuan, Manchuria, April 12 — Iff 1 )— China's political rift widened perceptibly today in this Communist surrounded, machinegun-,pro .lected city .as Gen. Liang Hwa- bheng told correspondents he would "sweep away" all Communists in a drive to northern Man churia. The arrival Tuesday of a cease fire team of American, Communist and government members served only lo worsen the situation. Liang told a press conference he had received no instructions regarding the cease fire team and declined to discuss its mission. He is deputy commander of government forces in northeast China. Expressing fear for the safety of communist cease fire team members, government military author!-' ties ordered them confined to their quarters. The Reds were told they could not go on the streets without bodyguards of government soldiers. u Murder Is Hinted in Theft Trial San Francisco, April 12—(UP) — The word' "murder" .was .placed in the regord JCpr the first time 'today in the .grand -theft and forgery trial of former -choir singer Alfred •Leonard .Cline. Mexican Divbrces Under Suspicion, Arkansas Reports ' • '<• •'. •'•; -• Litle Rock, April 12—(*>)—Mexican divorces : '.'are ,'J9oked upon with a great de'al of suspidion" in Arkansas, Attorney General 'Guy E. Williams informed a Newark, N. J., attorney rtoday; - The reason that these divorces "are received -\yith"extreme caution" is that ['in- so B many cases these Mexican 1 decr'e'es' are secured, without, the parties ever having acquired -an i abtual and bona fide residence. ,in iMexico," Williams said. , ' - : , He added that ,the general rule in Arkansas, hoWevei, was 'that if a divorce "is legal in/-the state or country in which ; it.was granted, it is legal herei" The opinion went to David B. Braelow of Newark, who had writ ten the state's Vital statistics bureau asking if -an individual holding a Mexican -decree could remarry in Arkansas, which has a 90-day divorce law! , o- •M-"^.. G 9 SPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor A very good week of revival has seen enjoyed at the Tabenacle. Wany of our folk have availed hemselves of these services. Rev. 3. H. Armes, Evangelist from Hot bpnngs has given the church of uome Sunday ana bring yo the rich treasury of his ministry, friend. You are always welcome. FIRST PENTECOSTAL West 4th and Ferguson Streets T. J. Ford, Pastor Sunday School—9:45 a.m. C. J. towe, Supt. Morning Services—11:00. Pentecostal Gleaners—6:30 p.m, Night Service—7:00. Friday, Bible Study—7:30 p.m. You are only a stranger once •at the First Pentecostal church. Sunday and bring your PHONE 1125 FOR RESERVATIONS PINE GARDENS Located ]/ 2 Mile East of Hope on Highway 67 FEATURING... • Good Steaks • Chicken Dinners * Bottle Drinks • Sandwiches of all Kinds Two Private Dining Rooms — Open from 5 P. M, to Midnight DANCING NIGHTLY pinner & Ponc$ Dencing Only No Cover Chqire $1 per couple •It was. mentioned .for the first time by the defense', which charged that the' prosecution wasi attempting to try Clinb for murder -instead of .theft- and -forgery. The district attorney's office contends that Cline .killed at least one woman associate to obtain.her estate, and- is seeking a murder indictment from a grand jury while he is on trial for theft and forgery. The prosecution yesterday called three witnesses to testify to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of two elderly widows. Defense Atorney Jake Ehrlich, turned .angrily to Assistant District Attorney Norman Elkington .and shouted:"As a matter of fact, 'you're try ing to indict this man here for a murder that you -say was committed in Dallas, Tex." Ehrlich referred to the prosecu- .tion's contention that a -Mrs. Alice W. Carpenter, Bloomington, Ind., died and .was cremated in Dallas, Tex., under the name of Mrs. Eva -Delora Ki-e'bs Cline, Chicago, in October, .1944. Elkington answered that the district attorney's office -now has on file a warrant for Cline.'s arrest from Dallas police, but-he did not mention that it charged ,the defendant .with murder. i- . , • Bitter classhes between defense! : and prosecution . .prbmpted the! mild-mannered Cline to rouse from his three-month silence -and whis-. per advice to his -attorney. Since his arrest,. Cline .hardly had .spdkeni to him, and at the beginning, of the trial, Ehrlich confessed him- self'at a loss how "to proceed. .. o ! Kidnap Pair Are Held at f Clarendon i ! Clarendon, April 12—(UP)—Two'; soldiers are held in the Monroe : county jail here today for hearing; ibefore the : grand jury ; Mon3ay on' charges of Kidnaping, robbery and attempted assault. The two, Pvt. Joe Stroud, 21, of: Seatle, Wash., and Pvl. James 1 Linidier, 17, of El Dorado, were arrainged yesterday after Miss^ S. L. Sewell of North Little Rock 1 identified them as the men who held her captive during a ride of more than 50 miles. Miss Sewell told officers that she was returning from Washington: alone when she picked up the two hitch-hiking soldiers 30 miles east of Memphis. . A few miles west, of West Mem-' phis one of the soldiers seized the 1 young woman, she told officers, and the other took over the wheel of the car. She said she decided the only thing to do was to wreck the car as it passed through a town. In Brinkley, by kicking the driver's foot on the accelerator, and striking his arm, she caused! the vehicle to run into a fence. • Miss Sewell said the two soldiers, seized her pocketbook, jumped out and ran. She immediately reported to officers, and the two were ap-: prehended a short time later. The service men told officers here that they have been A-W-O-L from Keesler Field, Miss., since!' last Friday. ; APL Stock Sale to Electric Power Co. Is Approved Philadelphia, April -12—(/P)—The Securities and - Exchange Com- 1 mission approved:.today . the sale by Arkansas Power &'Light Com-; pony to its parent; Electric .Power' & Light Corporatioh,- * O f 29Q;000 shares of common stqck,' 1 at par, for $3,625,000 'dash.'. •, i: Electric w ill, (acquire, 230(000- shares, immediately'. The • remain! ing 60,000 shares -will -be acquired after Arkansas: arrjends its.'"agre"e- ment .of ,consolidatibn ,or merger", to provide for increase of its common stock from --"lySOOjOOO -to 2,000000 «har«s. ••' ••:-.. Arkansas will.use .proceeds, with other.funds, lo acq'uire' new'.facilities 'and' improyerdts .present ones. Little Rock, April 12~'— (fl>)—Sale of $3,625,000 worth' Of common stock and acquisition/of ;a'$5(000;000 loan will complete financing of the-Arkansas' Power and ' Light Company's $20,000/000 expansion and .improvenient program. President C. Hamilton .Moses said -today. . . . Sale of .290,000 shares of A.P. &L. common stock to the ElecU'it Power and Light corporation wns approved 'at Philadelphia today 'by the securities and 'exchange commission. Moses said that'the power-company's plans called for rebuilding distribution systems in larger cities, including .Little .vRock, Pine Bluff, -Camden and 'El Dorado. Also included .dri.,\he planned .program and .estimated costs-are: Construction of the -Cecil Lynch Power station,. North Little 'Rock, $3,000,000; ;\ -•,,''. --.-•••Backbone 'high voltage -transmis- Tural lines 'to serve approximately sion lines, $2,000,000; Construction '."of 4;000 ,miles of 12|000 cXjstomers;' $4;000;000;. Conversion of, the,-^Little Rock street railway .System into' a mod ern transportation .system,. $1,300,- ooo. ,.,,.. ; ,•• „ •;,.'•;;,•'.,.; "On completion -of this' pro- 'gram," Moses .said,.""pur company will have one o'f the? finest physi- .cal ,properties'"in '-the :south." We also will have an .-excellent financial structure," •> '. : . Moses said ;A.P^&L.'was. borrowing., 5,000,000 ! on ten-year / notes from the -Central Hanover bank and trust company of .New York. ' Sauerkraut, like/cabbage,' 'has -a place with every .course at dinner; Kraut juice is a stimulating pungent drink to start the -meal. • Hot or cold,- this pickled vegetable adds zest and contrast:' tb-' ! milder-fla- DutcfiessGx i Pays Tribute ] to FOR -/ By MER.RI MAN,.SMITH. ' , "Hyde Park. N. *VT., April 12 •-* , CU-P) —-Leaders of 1he nation "Join • the country folk .of DutchesS county today in tribute to the memory of Franklin "D. Hoosewelt, One year ago today, .at 4r35 i^irt, •(ESTj "the .boss" died in a little white -cottage at'' Warm Springs, Ga... where he had gone in an' -ei- ort to throw off .a haunting weariness. .This'afternoon, on the porch" .of his graceful -old home high »on 'the banks of the Hudson, the politically magical name of Roosevelt will,be" ' hailed bv President Truman* ! Listening will be the old and new guards-of the Democratic pacty— Ihe new leaders who came into-<oi- tioe with Mr. Truman, and jthe fold • timers who made up the var-sity-of the .New Deal. f ,; And listening, to, will , be" a worldwide radio audience, the ••Radio hook-up today is one of the most ' elaborate , in • broadcasting 'history. The ceremonies will be sent'around the world in 26 languages. - The formalities -today consist trf .urning over the late president's home rto" the government. 'The sprawling, stucco -and rfield'Stone louse where he lived as a-'boynow becomes the property of the 'Interior-Department. w ". -' . It wifl-'be'a 1 national historic .s'ite open to the .public for'50 cents t a person. The .price -of admission includes. ;a visit to 'the Etfanklin -D. • Roosevelt -library. '"flf --^ • T 'It> ; was hard here in -Jlis' beloved Hudson valley today to realize -that "P.D-R.'-V.w.as -dead. To->those.'3f us who had,-come 'Tierfe so 'Often witb*'him;'%.ff>house -looked ;as if ihe had "just been rolled out/in -hi* wheell'chair..'lt rlooked as th'oughr&e was-coming back. f s v, ;,:On'"a .teble by .his big,'chair in the library;:of the ; house,' tnece-were decks of cards, a bingo .game and a jigsaw -puzzle. ^A ; pert -beanie with a jaunty red leather r- probibly belonging to one cif the grandchil- ' .children hung an the hatrack. - •; 'Liquor Stores of ' Sharp Co. Appeal Local -Option Vote Little Hock, April 12 — (JP) — Dewey Dark and Homer Wiles, Sharp county liquor dealers, ap~- peared to the Supreme 'Court today from a Sharp chancery .decree.dis- missing their suit challenging <-fche, validity of a local option liquor' election-..at: which the county 'voted Dark and Wiles'.made 22'separ- ate charges challenging the election's .validity, -claiming -among other things that the election was not conducted as a general <elec- . tion as' required by-law.,that'proper notice was not given .of the election call,"'that "the election 4 , was called by a minority of the election board, that ihe. date of the election was-not -made .a legal .holiday and that ?some -of the Judges were , not qualified electors. • ALLSOPP RIT-E6; HEL-D . *, •,, tittle -Rock, 'April 13—(/P)-£Funeral rites for iFrea<>\W. .Allso'pp, Little -Rock publisher, were.''conducted :here. yesterday and burial '£• was, at Mount .'Holly! cemetery ;. *Allsopp, associated with y }he Arkansas Gazete' -for f62 years", -died Wednesday night after a 'long -ill- rie'ss. He was "78. ' " ,', ' vored dishes of-:the r main course.prune whip. When .stewing .prunes .add' a small stick of ..cinnamon while 1 simmering, and several .slices <tff lemon, Good -for .'breakfast and '2or NOW • SATURDAY "WEST OF THE PJECOS" "SWING HOSTESS" Chapter 1 - "Jungle Raiders" —STARTS SUNDAY— —Featupettes ,-^ . LATEST NEWS .' , \ Odd Occupations Features at -1,' 3;04, 5:08, 7:12, Robert llen Milton Ea?on PHONE 11?5 FOR RESERVATIONS 3 BIG DAYS Starting SUNDAY VJ

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