Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1912 · Page 13
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1912
Page 13
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OATUIXDAY IIOIOT1TG, THE PITTSBURGH POST. A TALE OF THE WHITE COUPAIIY Ul ITALY SIR JOHN HAWKWOOD. Qy MARION POLIC ANGELOTTI (Copyright by R. F. rM Compear.) ' INSTALLMENT Xllll. CKAPTSK Vla (Continued.) The Irishman was far more eoncsrnsd and distressed than ha would have heeu at tha prospect of a deadly conflict with Olannl Potrero'e man. and we making superhuman efforts to aootbo and reassure bar. Ha poured out protsstatlons that no barm was Intended, that she was aa safe aa In tha prince's palace at "V e-rona; ha declared that won h should rt and revive herself, and Implored her In tha ttndaraat manner to trust to him and have no fear of anything. Ha might bava spared hla breath to better advantage ghe heard nothing and aaw nothing: all her faeultiea were concentrated on keeping a arm bold around his neck and escaping from helne hurled to earth. As for 0Meara. despite hla distress In ber behalf. I think ha found a hint of pleasure In tha situation, fo J distinctly noted an expression of shame-faced rapture overspread his face each time ber, arms tightened convulsively about him. It was dark when wo seared tha and of our Journey, and. riding quickly through a dark-green wood, came on a tiny hill in its midst, crowned by the Asserted place known as Castel Paura. It fcevl been a noble stronghold one. and had still the grim lowering air of the defiant fortress. I breathed a prayer that my knaves bad prepared food and fire for our coming, for tha night air was cold. anf wa were one and all in need of comfort. Aa wo approached I Bounded tha horn that hung about my neck, and Immediately Ilgbta shone out at the windows and a hoarse cry of welcome was raised by tha nan within. We were at tha dark moat now. and a tottering unsteady drawbridge was being lowered to give entrance. Riding across tt in Imminent danger of being dashed down to perdition, wo passed under the portcullis and Into the outer court, where the man I had sent In advance came crowding round with lighted torches. 'Have you dona aa X bade, and prepared tha place for our holding? I demanded. Tou have patched tha drawbridge up. I see: good. What of tba walls? They are broken In parts, but are they so far gone we cannot man them. "Oh. wa have made a brava stand tn worse places than this. Sir John." ona of them answered cheerfully, then paused open-mouthed and stared at tha princess' figure huddled In my arms. Nona of them had gathered tba aim of my enterprise as yet. and. to speak the truth. 1 looked forward with no great sntlclpatlon to the moment wmn . should break tn on them. , "Wall, whv do you stand there staring Ilka a fooir I demanded sharply. -Have you kindled a Are and prepared supper for us? Lead on to tba ball, and let mo sea how yon have spent your time. Heaven send, for your own sakee. that you have not wasted it. for X am m no easy humor tonight. What, hare you never seen a woman before, that your eyea must pop from your head .at sight of a mask and a riding-cloak? They drew back tn a circle, cowed by my roughness, and wa rode through ti an Inner court, where wa dismounted. Bearing, the princess In my arms. 1 strode up a flight of stone steps and passed through a carved doorway Into tha great hall of the castle. At a former time, when hung with brocades and set forth with costly furniture. ' tlils apartment must bava been a magnificent one. Now tbe walls wer bare, tbe flor crumbling, and the cell-Ins cracked and hung with a thousand cobwebs. Tbe great sise ' of tbe DUce made it the more dreary: it seemed Ilka a deserted banquet-chamber, a haunt where ghosts might come at midnight ta hold their revels Nevertheless, tha presence of my men had already driven away a part of the gloom. A great nrs biased cheerfully tn the wide chimney, scattered cloaks and weapons lent an air of habitation to floor and walls, and meat roasting above tba flames sent forth an odor far from displeasing to ana aa hungry aa myself. X strode across tha room ta a broken wood settle that stood beneath the window, laid tha princess upon It. and dropping on my knees beside her began ta chafe her bands. She lay motionles. not stirring, not seeming to breathe. My mercenaries cama crowding Into the hall after me. and stood horded at a distance, staring at ma with round . ayes. X had no name among them aa a lover of women, and they were surprised enough to sea ma , bringing back two ladles In my train. "Where did ho got her. ehf ona demanded of another. "Who la she. and why baa ha brought her hero? Pierre shrugged his ' shoulders. "She Is tba Princess Qiulla. Delia Koala's cousin." bo answered.. "We carried her off from the Inn near tha black wood. Gianni Potrero was there for the same 1912 All wholesale and retail dealers and venders h fovls, wares and merchandise, all proprleTors of eating houses and billiard rooms, all brokere and auctioneers, etc. TAKE NOTTCi: that they have been appraised by the undersigned Appraiser of Mercantile License for tbe year 111 Said license to be paid to Frank J. Harris. County Treasurer. Court House on and after May J, 111 aa follows: rmn WARD. Alfred. Jseob, not rtftk ave ri. Arnhria, M.. ISO Fifth a., it. Addresaos-rapb Co.. M CtMMetoga Mafe. It. Aball. Roy. 40t Fourth a., rt. AlfrnJU. J.. 13 Diamond Market. rL Abbrocht. Wa, S3 Ptaasend Market, ft, Ait oh u) or. J. I. M Van Brans . rL Acme White Lead C. Was.. Set Third av.. rt. AaJrawa. Ttiea, KM Liberty, rt. Armaueas. Wolfe. XtmnMrmaa Co.. ft. Armatrenc. WoMe. aUsMoerBiea A Ce SM 3oe Water at. we. Avatta. fotar. tit Third ave rt. A vet la. rtr, 3X Third eve., wa Amer. Type reundere Co.. 123 Third ave. rt A mar. Type Vettndara Co.. O Third ave. wa. Aehhaucfk. A.. Diamond Market. rU Aihbauah. A.. t Diamond MarkaL a Amar. Brewors Supply Co.. M Bacod ava we, Amdurakjr Bros.. H Flrui ave.. wa. Alliaa. Cory Co.. Third and Uberty ave.. we. Allan tl Claae Co.. ta rim ave.. wa. Allay Lb. Co.. rerg-aae Bids., rt. Amor. r. Co.. reeples Be. Bldg.. rt. Adoiman. A. Ml House Bldg. rt. Aome White Lead A C Wka. ttt Third Amar? Vbt. Mfg. CO.. IMS reeples Bk. Bita.. rt. Anchor Lbr. Co.. CM fltsstimssas Bldav. rU Abarauld. Jno. A. Ill Ferry at., rt. Arhnstoe UincM. as) Wood. rt. ArHnsten Lunch, BUS Wood. o. h. Avnrr Livery Co.. 173S IMna. rt. Amr. Fub. Co.. 73 Wabaah Bid.. rL Anchor Mialtary Co.. l-3 Third ave.. wa Auattn Broa.. IU Wabaah Bade., we. Alaaamlar Co.. G. II.. 4i Wood SC. it. Ackermam Fisher. H rtftb ave.. e. b. Munac ttaurar. Fred, g Market at. rL Honachcurer. Fred. 3M Market SC. a a Bundvr. Uao.. U Forbes, rt. Baavr, jscoo. lass roroaa. n. Bvroalein. N., IMS Forboe ave.. rL Bauaaila. A . Fifth ave.. rL nuch.inaa. W. P.. Ti Coaeetoga. rt. Kaatolla. P.. M Third eve., rt. T'ooO Flxharteo Co.. 121 Diamond St.. H. hurk!e l'iuinbtlas C. SVt second ava, rL Iiarliii. M.. 113 bmlthfltld. rt. Hmnwri, .. Dtumond MarkeL rt. Hi ntt Baldwin Co.. ill ftrnithflcld. rL IHlrfluaor. li.. 13 Diamond Market. rL Hloaa, hrlt. tt Difnoa.1 Market. It. BUbop Broa.. e Siailhfteld. rt. J lomlii. r. M M Utxrty. rt. immtit. Mary. 131 Diamond Market. rL Hurko. J. J.. 33 Diamond MarkeL rL liuka liroe.. j Market sL. rt. gill purpose, but we worsted him and got the prise. That is her lady-ln-waitlng that Uesser. O'Meara is Jutt bringing m. As for the why and tbe wherefore of the business. I know no mora about it than a babe unborn." Jacques Joined them. looking sour and dissatisfied. This affair is not to my taste." X heard him mutter. "See you. if wa carry off tha prince's cousin we are surely no longer In the prince's service la not that common-sense? Well, and If we are against htm. how la thla to profit us. tell me that? We shall run great danger, and -gain nothing. What does It mean?" "I do not know, and., what la more. X have no mind to ask 81r John! Pierre answered with a grin. "Ton had best leavo him alone, too. If yon value a whole skin. For my part, X will trust him and ask no questions, even if he leads us straight on tha city of Verona. He has never yet undertaken an enterprise that proved unlucky for us. nor will he now. He has a better head than any of us, also why should wa aere under him as wa dor Francesca had coma tn, still clinging to O'Meara. Poor child, tha deserted Plaea and tha evil scarred faces turned on her In tha torohllght made her believe herself in a bad dream, and she looked instinctively for protection to tha Irishman, the only one of us all whom she know. Aa yet aha had not seemed to realise hla share In her misfortunes, though no doubt she would visit thla on him heavily later on. Tha sight of Olulta took her mind from her own selfish fears, and aha ran forward with a little cry, falling on her knees beside ma and catching har mend's bands. X rose to my feet and looked about tha room. Never before had X known what ruffians my troopers appeared. It filled me with anger that they should gaaa on tba princess in ber swoon, and tha thought of her terror should she wake to find them all about her struck me like a blow. "Have you got nothing better to do than stand there gaping V X aaked roughly. "You have left tha bridge down, I'll bo hound, and tha portcullis up! Pretty soldiers you! Begone and sea tha castle is secure or stop; la any room but this heated by a lira and la a state to bo occupied?" One of the men stammered that ha had kindled a fire in the room off the upper gallery, and had prepared It as -well as he might for my housing 'Good!" I answered, and raising tha princess In my arms I ran up tba great staircase of carved atone, through a wide fretted gallery that rang hollow and empty to my tread, and Into a room hung with faded tapestry falling to pieces for decay. A broken couch stood near the lire, and on this I gently placed tbe princess. Francesca had followed me closely, and now knelt by her lady and began to remove ber mask and cloak, quite forgetful of her terror the Instant another needed her aid, like tha true woman she was. "We'd best be leaving them alone," O'Meara said to ma from the doorway. X nodded. "Do you stay here and sea that none of tha men come meddling." I answered, as I swung round on my heel and went down tha stairs to the great The shouts of rude glee that cama to my ears aa I descended warned me that the knaves had found soma pleasant mode of - diversion. X was ready for anything as I joined them. but so completely had Ralmondo del Mayno passed from . my mind tn the hurry of tbe flight that I felt a shock of amassment as I saw his pompous figure la the midst of a crowd of my troopers. Ha had ridden with us all tha way from tha Inn no easy Jaunt for a man of his years and also. Since ha had mounted one of my horses and started tbe Journey beside me. my men had fancied htm a part of tba capture, and had kept close about him. cutting off all chance of escape even had sober reflection led htm to attempt flight. I think that at first tha wild rush and tbe hard riding had dased him; and now, finding himself pulled from hla horse and thrust none too gently into a ruined castle which his high-strung . nerves immediately colored as a fitting spot for a murder, it was small wonder if his heart failed him. His fat face was very pale above the splendor of his green and gold hunting-dress, and he . wavered somewhat on his feet, partly from stiffness, tout mora from alarm. Nevertheless it had apparently occurred to him that hla best hope was In a show of boldness, and he was trying to address my men In the Imperious hectoring fashion he used In Verona-a course of action not. likely to Impress them. "Where Is the princess? What have yon done with my niece, you villains r bo cried furiously, but with a quaver In Bursky A Cttpkoff. 444 Third ave.. rL Boll A Co.. W. B.. 413 Wood. rL Halrd Mach. Co., 1SS Water. rL Balrd Mach. Co.. US Water, wa Bovalrd Sefaaa U4 Second ava.. ws. Bevaard Satan. U4 Second ave.. wa bitsard A Co., 3 BmUhlle'd. rt. Bissnrd Co.. S Smlthflald, wa. Baker Ofnce Furn. Co.. SO Wood at. rL Baker Offlc Furn. Co.. 3M Wood at., wa. Baaaett Vosel.Co.. t Market at., rt. Baaaott Vosel Co.. Market at., we. Becaert. C. Jr.. U3 rifth ave.. rL Beckert. C. Jr.. 1&S0 Firth ave.. wa. Bennett. Holland Lewis. M7 Penn ave.. we. Bernatein. Waman a MUler. C4 tth ave., we. Booth Flaheriee Co.. 121 Diamond at. wa. Baaer Cork Co.. lis Water at., ws. Bornocheuer. B. F.. 41 Diamond market, e. a. Barrett. Margaret. 41S Fourth ave.. a k. Braee. Jan.. id floor. US Fourth ave.. a a. Bnlto. Dairy Loncb, 407 Fourth ave., a k. Balto. Dairy Lunch. 430 Wood. e. a. Buraky a Supkoff. Fourth and Grant. rL - Brahra Bone. Simon. 31 Diamond market. rL Braumm Bros., 913 Fifth ava.. rt. Beckert A Bro.. Ueo. W.. M Diamond mkL rL Brahav A. 1. 73 Diamond martfeL rL BuMseh. Jaa. IS Diamond market. rL Blind Bro.. H. L.. 31 Diamond market. rL Bromier. C H-, Diamond Bank Bids., a a. Barrett. Jos. O.. 133S Forbes, ws. Brlsss Mach. Co.. 22 Second ave., rL Cetaa F 301 OranL rL Cetaa. F.. 307 Orant, e. h. Carney. Ida. 1I8 Fifth ava. rL Carney. Ida, 1(33 Fifth ave.. a a. Clasty. ILw.. 1 Diamond market, rt. Curtln. Jno.. Mrs.. S3 Dtatrond market. rL Carver. Jno.. 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Third and Ross, wa Colonial fun. Co., 414 First ave.. wo. CottrelL Joa. W.. (Of Ferguson bids., wa cioUner Co.. A. H-. wu roroea, wa Cudahv Pkg. Co.. Fourth sad Liberty, wa Ctataold a Woods Co.. fM Third ave.. ws. Childa a Co., H. L.. Inc. 340 Water at., wa Chrietlan a Ca, Oeo. C. MS Ferry St.. wa Charier. The.. KM Fourth ave.. e. h. t pea-amors Auto "-up. Ca. 413 Diamond St.. rL Consumers Ante "up. Co.. 413 Diamond at., wa Cnmerst. Jaa. 71 Dlamnl market. rL Cncbee. Usate. 3 Urawt, rL Crown Jewelry Co.. 403 Smithneld. rL Crewa. O J.. u Water, rt. Crane Lbr. Co.. F. W.. 401 Hoesa Bids;., wa Cooke. Wilson Elec. gup. Co., Imperial Power Bids., ws. - , Cox Davis, en Fourth ave.. a h. Darlington Milk Co.. 1033 Forbes. rL Donakuo. D.. Mil Forbes, rt. Do Roy It Bona. Jos.. 311 Smithneld. rL Do Lucy, Rose. 2 Diamond market, rt. De Roy A Sons. 1-. Sli Market St.. rt. Dlbacco, Kate. 34 Diamond market, rt. Do Itoy Co., a D.. 403 Smithneld. rt. Dunn A McCabe. lm Forbes, rt. Deaey. J. U. tt Maeea. rt. Dillon. J. J.. Si Diamoae market. rL Dodge Mfg. Oa. 3X7 gecead ava. wa By TT AXTlSIt lAVl'USVllSLD. pedal Correspondent of Tbe Fast. NEW YORK. April 19,-In fiction it often happens in biography seldom the t It Is the author who counts and not tbe theme. This is quite obvious, sa few biographers would select an unpromising subject; fewer still, an unpopular one. Yet. this Is just what Philip W. Sergeant has done in taking that lady of many pasts but of few historians. Barbara VUllers, Countess of Castlemalne and Duchess of Cleveland, and writing about her in a book which he calls. "My Lady Castlemalne." This book Is published to. gether with many reproductions of por-traite of this much-pictured lady with the Imprint of Dana Eetes A Co., of Boston. A memoir of this intimate friend of Charles XL privately circulated in 1871 by G. 8. Steinman proved how hard ahe would be to treat of with anything like faithful characterization and still remain In the realm of nice literature. Yet Mr. Sergeant has performed his difficult task with becoming modesty and consummate editorial tact. For tbe most part he has let the CastlemsJne's contemporaries speak for her; his own pen Is employed In bringing their testimony within disinterested modern observation. Above all he is loyal to bis subject, looking at It from ber point of view of the psychologist and tha historian In much the same manner as she regarded tha humanity of her times. Probably one reason why biographers have shunned tbe career of the Castlemalne is that her career presents no tangible moral from which to draw con ventional precepts. There is no horrible example to be paraded. The career of Barbara Villlers. aside from the personal and psychological Interest attached to It, presents a little realised phase of the Caroline period. It is a picture of pleasure unrestrained and unfaltering and unrepentant.- For Barbara did not die In poverty, neglect, and frlendlessness; but in affluence, surrounded by her friends and children, and at a ripe old age. Nor did she die like her great rivals. LouUe de Keroualle and Hortense Mancln who respectively, according to their biographers, passed away "very old, very penitent, and very poor," and "seriously, with Christian Indifference toward life." On the contrary she drank llfe'e eup to the dregs and expired while rinsing the cup for more. With such a difficult subject Mr. Sergeant, has not only added to his laurels as a man of letters, first achieved by his "Empress Josephine, Napoleon's Enchantress," and "The Courtships of Catherine the Great." but has- actually written like a true moralist to whom nothing that la human la alien. Inside Baseball Stories. Early in May the Putnams will publish under the title of "Pitching in a Pinch" a series of stories about the big baseball men. by "Christy" Mathewson, the star pitcher of the New York Giants, in these stories tbe author la sale, to nave lifted for the first time the curtain which haa hitherto surrounded the inside working of baseball the reader Is taken behind the scenes, as It were. The Putnams are also promising at an early date a new novel by Patricia Wentworth. whose "prise" novel, "A Marriage Under the Terror." was published two years ago. ,v The new story, which is to be called Tne Devil's Wind," shows India at tbe time hla voice. "Are you mad to seise upon ua and bring us here? Speak, I say, tell me tbe meaning of airthto! Do yo think to hold us for ransom? Then let me tell you that this Is the most foolish act of all your lives, for we are kin to Prince Antonio, and he will -not pay you In golden coins, but in hempen cord. Oh. be will hang you high, never doubt it, and so avenge this unbead-of outrage! Take counsel, let us go at once, and per- haps we will spare you- " My men were in an eostaey of amuse ment. They louted low before him, with exaggerated gestures of respect that would not have tricked a child; they begged him in broken voice to spare them, to . plead with Prince Antonio for them, to have mercy on a set of poor but honest rogues who were his humble servants. They dried mock tears with' the backs of their hands, and fell sob bing on each other's breasts. Some car ried the Jest so far as to kneel with clasped sands raised in fervent appeals of grace. My, lord, growing paler and paler, stared at them round-eyed, as if doubting his own sanity. "Come, brothers, we dare not keep him prisoner, we must let him go." one cried, in a par oxysm of feigned terror. They surged apart and left an open way to the door. and Del Mayno, a gleam of hope light ing up his face, darted forward. Instantly they surged In upon htm again with a hoarse battle-cry that made him yelp wildly for frlgbt. It was boister ous horse-play, to be sure, but it was side-splitting, and I stood on the lowest stair laughing till the tears filled my eyes. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW. Dodge. Mfg. Co.. 337 Second ava. rL DuQuesne dud. a Extract Co.. hM Market at..rt Duqueuno Sup. a Extract Co., log Market st-.ws uiaowna rroauce lo., us f erry sc. rt. Diamond Proauce Co.. 41s Ferry at., wa. Dickson a Bro.. D. E.. 40, Diamond St.. rL Dickson a Bro.. D. E., 4 Diamond st, wa. Duqueane Sanitary Co.. 424 Second ave.. wa Dairy Product Co.. Us) Ferrv St.. wa. Draeger Oxygen. Appar. Co., a First ave.,ws. Diamond Milk cs, fc First ave.. rt. Daugherty Co.. Geo. S.. 231 Water ave.. rL Dickey a Co.. Kobt.. 127 Water SL. wa Daub Bros.. 100 Water St., we. Davidson a Co.. X.. 1143 IFarhaa. wsl Duquesae Lbr. Co.. 1004 Columbia Bk Bldg..wa iwungTon auut co.. usi Forbes, rt. Davis a Ca. C, Out House Bldg.. rL - Dlmllng. Jno.. 400 Market St.. a b. Dtmllng. Jno.. 409 Market sc. rt. Davis a Co.. R. 8.. 414 Wood. rL Davis a Co., R. 414 Wood, wa Dorrance, R. O., 63S Wabaah Bldg.. rL Dimming Marble Granite Co.. tt Wabash Bldg.. rL Davis. Joe.. 2X Magee. rL Doyle. Peter. 100 Diamond market. rL Demmier Bros. Co.. Flrat and Rosa wa Dalar. Geo.. 1M Fourth ava. a h. Katse, A.. 1600 Fifth ava. rt. Emmanuel. Louis, Ml Second ava. rL Eberhardt. M. B., 1833 Fifth ava. rL Evans. Ceo. W., 113 Diamond market, rt Eckert. Chas. E.. 102 Diamond market. rL Eckert a Son. J. A. 82 Diamond market. rL Eckert. Fray. 37 Diamond market. rL Eckert, Frey. at Diamond market ru Eble, L... Forbes and Magee, rt. Kllovlch. J. L. lftJt) Forbes. rL Elliott A Co.. J. A.. 44S Uberty are., rt. Elliott a Co.. J. A, 718 Wabash Bldg.. rL Engelhard t. A, 34 Diamond market, rt. Engelhardt. A.. 24 Diamond market, wa. Eckert. Geo. A. 27 Diamond market. rL Eckert. Geo. A., 27 Diamond market, wa Edroond. R. E-, 104 Wood at., we. Eaxar. Easel, 1443 Fifth ave.. ws. Enterprise Leather Co., 440 Fifth ave.. wa . Empire Lbr.. Co.. 1308 Arrott Bldg.. wa EdwanOEiler Lbr. Co.. 1407 Arrott Bldg.. we. Ebcrhart. A, 0 Diamond market, e. h. Eagle Lubr. Co.. 4.-C First ave., rt. Eagle Lubr. Co.. 436 First ave., ws. Eclipse Specialty Co.. 407 Wabaah Bldg. rL Eclipse Specialty Co., 447 Wabaah Bldg.. wa Edelson. B. M.. HIS Fifth ave.. rt. Etsei, Geo.. 62 Diamond market. rL Fllnn. Phil Estate. 30 Diamond at., rt. Fllnn Phil Eatate. 320 Diamond St., a h. Fllnn Phil Estate. 320 Diamond St.. a b. Fisher. M. Mra 22 Diamond market, rt. F.sher. James W.. 44 Diamond market. rL Fried. W. F.. t 14 Market, rt. Feldatein. U B.. 1&04 Forbes, rt. Friedman. M.. 1310 Fifth ave., rL Franklin Refg. Co.. 320 First, rt. Fine A. Pittsburgh Bank For Savtaga rL Fort Pitt Loan Ca. 410 Market sC. rt. FinesUver. H.. I Grant, rt. Flick. E EL. 114 Diamond market. rL Ft. Pitt Poultry Co., 21 Diamond market.. rL Flinn. Phil. Estate. 120 Diamond market, rt. Flegenbaum M., 4 a 7 Diamond market, rt. Frey a Son E.. 430 Ferry at., rt. Fireproof Material Co.. 320 Liberty. rL Frommer. M.. 1214 Fifth ave.. rL Flnegold. I. 1433 Fifth ave.. rt. Fisher, M.. 1814 Fifth ave.. rt. Fisher. P. A. 127 Water at., rt. F.sher. P. A. 127 Water St.. ws. Fried a Rememan Pkg. Co.. 23 Diamond market, rt. Flemmlng Sons- Co. Jos., Market at, rL . Flemmlnr. Sons Co. Jos.. Market at., wa Floyd, Richard, 408 Market at., rt. Fort Pitt Supply Co.. C8 Second ave.. rL Fort Pitt Supply Co.. X Second ave., wa Frtck a Lindsay Co.. Ill Wood at., rt. FinkeU Hackmeister Chem. Co., 110 Forbes, tt. FinkeU Hackmeister Chem. Ca. 191S Forbes, ws. .... . .. . risJralber Broa, MM Fifth ava, rL W9 of the Sepoy mutiny. The story is said to be full of romantic Interest, for aside from the dramatic surroundings of the love of the hero for the heroine there stands the barrier of a loveless marriage. The Harpers are publishing this week "A Captain Unafraid," by Horace Smith; "The Bantam." by Brewer Corcoran, and "Eloquence; Thoughts and Counsel on the Art of Public. 8peaking." by Garrett P. Servlss. who also has for immediate publication with the Putnams the simplest and most compact book ever written on astronomy from the popular point of view, "Astronomy in a Nutshell." "A Captain Unafraid" has for Its sub-title "The Strange Adventurea of Dynamite Johnny O'Brien, as Set Down by Horace Smith." Captain O'Brien's life has been full of adventure, from his service m the Civil war, through the Cuban campaigns, up to his piloting the wrecked battleship Maine on her last voyage to her grave under the Atlantic. The Century Company have three books down for publication this week. - They are John Mulrs beautifully color-Illustrated book, "The Yosemlte"; Avery Abbott's "Captain Martha Mary." the scene of which Is laid among Interesting and active people in Omaha, and C. H. Claudys "Tbe Battle of Baseball," full of episode and anecdote, set off with characteristic Illustrations, and including "Christy" Mathewson's story of "Hot I Became a Big League Pitcher." , , New McCutcheon Novel. " Dodd, Mead A Co. are preparing to publish next week a gayly written and brightly illustrated romance, by George Ban McCutcheon. called "Her Weight In Gold." which has for Its three leading characters a young spendthrift, a multimillionaire and a heroine whose fluctuations In avoirdupois cause various com-plloatlons. The same house will also' Issue a detective story by Harrison Jewell Holt, entitled "Mldiftght at Mears House." together with a seasonable book by Esther Singleton, "How to Visit the English Cathedrals." Miss Sln;!eton Is a well-known Interpreter of artistic and historic Europe, chiefly as editor and compiler of what the great writers have said on pictures, cities and sculptured monuments. W. B. Hale's "The Life of Woodrow Wilson." which has been running as a serial in the "World's Work." will be Issued in book form this week by Dou-bledayt Page Company. Dr. Hale's nervous, eplgramatic style and his forensic coherence are quite In keeping with his subject. The publishers will also shortly issue a new romance by those dramatic but always literary authors, C. N. ' and A. M. Williamson, which will bear the title "Tbe Guests of Hercules." The scene is laid in Monte Carlo, and an attractive feature of the book is the color illustrations provided by A. Buck-land and M. L. Bracker. John Lane Company Is publishing this week a couple of charming little 16-mo. volumes by Julian Street. "Paris a la Carte" and "Ship-bored." both Ulustra-, ted by May Wilson Preston, who. In line' and characterisation, has a genuine Latin quarter touch. The first deals with known and unknown Paris restaurants in a thoroughly sprightly and graphic manner, while i the second. In similar style, deals with the ocean voyage de luxe. They will prove especially attractive gifts for muoh-traveled friends who like racy ! reading in neat, artistic form. John Lane Company is also publishing thla week Paul Bertram's "The Shadow, of Power." an amazing piece of visualization which brings the last quarter of sixteenth century Europe feverishly before one, and James Bryce's "The Story of a Plough-boy," a la Jean Jacques Rousseau, which owing; to advance orders had to be postponed from last week. Journalism and Police. If Rufus Glllmore's detective story called "The Mystery of the Second Shot." published by D. Appleton A Co., this week be even an Illusion of reality then both Journalism and the police of Boston town are conducted on curicu lines. Herein we have two reporters on the same paper assigned to the same "story," but working utterly independently of each other, and no police quarters' Interrogation of the principal witnesses of a tragedy things unthinkable In a real metropolis. Still, these may be Boston's ways after all. At any rate. Mr. Gill-more has presented a rare story of mystery and crime on which the reader is certain to form more than one hypothesis before the end. It is a very clver story and cleverly written and anybody would be safe in offering a large prize for the solution of the mystery, which, when all has been said. Is "given away" half a dozen times by the author In the course of the story, but In a manner utterly un noticed by the average reader. It would be unfair to reveal the climax here. It Is certainly unknown to my experience In fiction, although an actual occurrence of the kind took place In Paris a few years FInkelhor Bros., 1000 Fifth ave.. ws. Floyd, Richard, 405 Market at., ws. Frledberg ft Nebron, 1108 Fifth ave., wa Fisher. M., 1614 Fifth ave., ws. Fomer ft Purviance. 211 Third ave., wa. Ft. Pitt Poultry Co., 21 Diamond mkt., ws. Fischer. Simon, 1007 Forbes, wa Ft. Pitt Hub. Co.. Imperial Power bldg., ws. Ft, Pitt Coal ft Coke Co.. 7 Wood St., ws. Fits. Jno.. 300 Ferry st., wa. -Fell A., Jenkins Arcade, ws. Foster. C. A.. 701 Wabash bldg., ws. Ferguson ft Hene. 1018 Fifth ave., ws. Frledberg ft Bros. A, 317 Water St., wa Fox River Bitter Co., 100 Ferry t., ws. " Follansbee Bros. Co.. Third and Liberty ave.. Freaer. W. H 40 Water, ws. Flchtel ft Son Fred. 228 Second ave., ws. Fritsch ft Ca W. A., 428 Diamond at., rL Fort Pitt Msrket Co., 443 Third; ave., rt. Fine, David. 2 Diamond market, rt. Fairmont Creamery Co., Ill Ferry st, wa Forst, Wolf Ca, 219 Third- ave.. ws. Fung, Yearn Co., 432 Third ave., rt. Fried ft Relnman Pkg. Ca. 23 Diamond market, wa Gledhill. Geo. H., 36 Diamond market, rL ; Geuber. Wm., S., 37 Diamond market, rt. Fred. Jacob Jr., 18 Diamond market, rt. Oroskleus, J. A, 3 Diamond market, rt. Guardlus. Tony. 81 Becond ave.. rt. Geiber. Betsy. 813 Second ave.. rt Gemot. Mary. 1009 Gibbon st.. rt. Gordon. Mrs. M., 1026 Forbes, rt. " Gill. T. O.. 1345 Forbes, rt. Golden. 9., 1630 Fifth ave.. rt. . General Chemical Co.. of Penna.. 39 Diamond square, rt. Green. Jaa.. S3 Diamond square, rL Griffith, . W. J.. 330 Third ave.. rt. Gedron ft Csender, 105 Grant ave., rL Guidl ft Bro.. A.. 11 Smithneld. rt. Gauber. F. V.. M Diamond market, rt. G ruber, A. W.. 91 Diamond market, rt. f Ganber, Jno. A., 80 Diamond market, rt. ' Garity, Anna, 8 Diamond market, rt. Geyer. E. J.. 35 Diamond market. rL Goodlow Corporation. 203 Smlthfield. ' Goldstsln, R. S.. 10S Fifth ave., ws. Garllng ft Splane. 612 MacChesney Bldg., wa Go'dberg. .. 902 Fifth ave., wg. Gordon, Iouia, 822 Fifth ave.. wa. Griffith. W. J.. 330 Third ave.. ws. General Asbestos ft Pub. Co., 312 First ava, ws. Gllck ft Co., Inc.. A L., 643 Fourth ave., ws. Grazier. Jna, lit Water, wa Oldte ft Son, C. H., 119 First ave.. we.- Grler Bros. Co.. The. 124 Second ave., wa. Gold ft Walter, 431 Water at., e. h. General Supply Co., 312 First ave., rt. General Supply Co.. 312 First ave., ws. Gardos. Joa, Second and Ross, rt. Gardos. Joa., Second and Ross, e. h. Gajdos. Jos. 8 Grant St., e. b. Green. M.. 423 Water, rt. Green Bros.. 214 Smlthfield. rt. ' - Grtswold Jewelry Kovelty House, 215 Smlthflald, rt. . Olick. Wm.. 1338- Fifth ave., rt. f Godfrey, J. C. 1708 Forbes, rt. "i t General Film Co., 119 Fourth ave., rt. Gillespie ft Co.. J. J.. 422 Wood, rL Getdel ft Dickson, 705 Wabaah bldg.. wa Goemann Grain Co.. 729 Wabaah Bldg.. wa Harris Pump ft Suo. CO., 320 Second ave., rt. Hurtner. B., 728 Fifth ave., rt. Huttner. B.. 728 Fifth ave., e. "it. Haviser. Oeo.. 1838 Forbes, rt. Hotel Toder. Forbes St.. rt. Holling-worth Bros.. 11 Market, rt. " HuklU Hunter Co.. 414 Wood at., rt. Harrity. - H.. . GO Diamond market, rt. Hockenberger. Wm. H.. 19 Diamond market, rt. Helfrich. Joa. 834 Second . ava.. rt. Harris Bros., 1S14 Fifth ave.. rt. . Henri tx. If.. 706 -Fifth ave., rt. - . H anion. ' U, rwopies nana ziiag., rt. TJek rerg., vu imra ave.. rt. ago. in this case the Insurance company paid the money to the beneficiary, the widow of the victim. Thomas Dixon's new novel which the Apple tons are also publishing la called "The Sins of the Father." Tt la the treatment Jn a thoroughly modern setting of the complication that may arise through race-mixture ra tbe South. It Is a vivid, vital piece of writing with a problem that Is solved more after the scheme of logic than that of art. Therein lies the convincing realism of the author. Love and Fire. "White Ashes." by Kennedy-Noble and with the Imprint of the Macmlllan Company, Is a tale of two consuming conflagrationslove and fire strongly outlined against a background of business Intrigues. , and plots and counterplots. The same house is also publishing- this week Gertrude Atherton's "Julia France and Her Times." To the word that I have already said about the latter may be added the facts that the hero is a modern San Franciscan with nothing of the cowboy about him and - that the heroine Is a most advanced modern woman. The scene shifts - from the West Indies, to England, India, and to San Francisco. The story Is divided into five books. In the fourth is an exposition and criticism of the English militant movement among; women. This is sharply contrasted with the first ,part of the book In which light Is thrown on the English divorce laws. Practical Socialism and the Bahai religion . also have their place In the story, which in Its sphere Is as strong and inspiring as any thing Zola ever wrote to expose and cor rect the vices of the French nation. Mrs. Atherton's appeal, however. Is cosmo politan. I hear from Boston that ' Houghton. Mifflin Company are publishing, this week the autobiography of Mary Antin. the Russian immigrant end graduate of Bar nard college. Her book is called "Tbe Promised Land." under which title :t appeared in serial form In the "Atlantic Monthly." The author says of her narrative: "I am one whose life has manned the eddies of historic trans! tiona. I can testify to things beyond memory. Born in a Jewish 'pale in the medieval atmosphere of a dark corner of T?iinlfl. I earlv fled from the scourge of despotism and took shelter under the American flag. I brought noininB wnn me but ray memories of an old order "r things and a great hunger for the bread of freedom. How I was fed and taugnt nil haloed till the scars of. my early martyrdom were effaced, how the democratic Institutions of America carried me In a decade through as many centuries of progress that Is the story or my me. LOCAL LAWYERS HONOR MEMORY OF ATTORNEY Lead in a Members of County Bar Association Eulogize Late Charles Dickey. Speakers yesterday at memorial serv jm of b Allee-henv County Bar aBO. elation paid respects to the memory of Attorney Charles Crosby Dickey, wnue most of the addresses were eulogistic, there were some speakers who recounted anecdotes, regarding the life of the late lawyer. Among the speakers were Attorneys F r -ipnrr w tc. shiras - Judee J. S Vmini Attnrrcv T MeP. Caroenter and Judge John D. Shafer. Judges present . . v w ,.t1 at the memorial services were: j. j. --ler, John D. Shafer, Joslah Cohen. W. D. Porter,' James R. Macfarlane, John A. -cvana Tneonh TfiV Swearlnaren. W. G. Hawkins and W. A. Way. The meeting was presided over by Judge J. J. -Miner, of the orphans' court. Late Fiction Any one of these new books will give you a delightful evening The Recording Angel By Corra Harris. The Sentence of Silence By Reginald Wright Kauffman. Stover at Yale By Owen Johnson. The Sins of the Father By Thomas Dixon. The Ulan in the Lonely Land By the Author of "Mary Carey." The Band Box By Joseph Vance. J. R. WELDIN & CO. 429-431 Wood Street. Hatch Film Co.. J. Frank, 109 Fourth ava. rt. Hebuer, Wm.. 1712 Forbes, rL Hoffman, Wm., Ill Diamond market, rL Helneirmn, J. V., 80 Diamond market, rt. Harrison. J. W., 77 Diamond market, rt. Heinslus. Geo.. 14 Diamond market, rt. HUdorfer ft Allman, 105 Diamond market, rt-Hildorfer ft Allman, 79 Diamond market, rt. Hirma ft Co., Jos.. 1718 Fifth ave,. rt. Holts, Chas., 1 and 20 Diamond market, rL Hartley-Rose Belting Co.. 425 First ave.. rt. Hartley-Rose Belting Co.. 425 First ava, wa Howe Scale Co.. 112 Market at.. rL Howe Scale Co.. 112 Market St.. wa Huck. W. H. ft U. 508 Liberty St., rL Huck. W. H. ft 7U. 508 Liberty at., ws. Hart Jo Paper Mfg. Co., 242 Second ave.. rt. Hartje Paper jMfg. Co.. 242 Second ava. wa, Hartxel Co., W. J.. 205 Ferry St.. ws. Harvey ft Co., R., 230 Third are., wa Holland Creamery Co., 105 Ferry, ws. Hyde Bros. Co.. 1406 Commonwealth Bldg.,ws. Horner Broa Co., 1010 Fifth ave., ws. Heckman, V. O., 1010 TJnlon Bank Bldg, wa Hammond Co.. O. H., 301 Ferry st.. wo. Hum LeathermSB, Inc.. 108 MarkeL wa HaeVett. W. H.. 203 Ferry St., ws. Hendemm Lbr. Co.. 170 Commonwealth, wa Helt, W. F., 928 Diamond at., rt-Helt. W. F.. 8 Diamond st, o. a. Holster CO., Wm., JHB Water, rL Holster Co.. Wm.. StS Water, ws. Hugo Lewln ft Co., 9t 8mlthfleld. rt. Huro Lewln ft Co.. SOS Smlthfield. ws. Hall Cigar Stand. Keystone Bk. Bldg, rt. Htlderbrand ft Gll'ander, 238 Diamond sL, rL Hendel. I... R5 Diamond market, rt. Hoffleld ft Son. Fred.. 230 Diamond st. rL Harman ft Heck, 723 Wabash Bldg., wa. Harris Pump Pup. Co., 220 Second ave., wa. Herb Bros, ft Martin, 708 Wabash Bldg., ws. Heck ft Co.. W. F.. 727 Wabash Bldg., ws. Hlasr.. E-. 542 Second eve., e. h. fTot Chotur Trlng. 430-Third ave., rt, Thrl. Wm.. 1628 Forbes, rt. Tnterstate Cord are ft Paper Co., 14 4th ave..rt Interstate Cordage A Paper Co.. It 4th ave..ws. Independent Film Exchange. 15 Ferry at., rt. Independent Film Excbamre. 4W Ferry sL. ws. Iron Cltv Produce Co.. 201 Ferry at., wa Tscs.rT. E.. 40 Smlthfield. rt. Indus trlsl I.br. Co.. 90S Peonies Bk. Bldg., ws Jobmrton. C. S., 24o Diamond St.. rt. Jordan, C. M 12 Diamond market, rt, Jon-s. H. E 07 TMamond market. rL Josephs. 8., 1210 Fifth ave.. rL .Tareckl Mfc. Co., fit First ave., rt. Jareckl Mfv. Co., 811 First ave., wa Johnston, Morehouse ft Dickey Co., 108 Market rt. rt. Johnston. Morehouse ft Dickey Co.. 108 Msrket rt wa ,Tohnton Pros., 12! Fourth ave., rt, .Tohnston Bros.. 122 Fo-tth ave.. wa. Junker. .T. A. H., 909 Water rt.. rt. Junker. J. A W9 Weter. wa. Jscnbron Co.. 8.. o wi'th ave., rt. Jarobson CO.. S., 908 Fifth ave.. ws. Jordan. H R-- 604 Fltrfmnrwn BMc, ws. Jeimston Co.. W. J.. Union Bk. Bids-., wa. jonton Darrls Lbr. Co., 515 Union Bk. i HM-sfe ws. jtwins-wsnvnie M. w., cn Wood st. rt. Johns-lWsnville Cn . H. W.. 1 Wood st., wa Keyvrone Rest.. 1S Fourth ave., rt Wevstone' Rest.. lflS Fourth ave.. e. h. WaV-btheler, B.. 27 Diamond market, rL Wrstmer. L, 80 Hooper, rt. Wornlnaky. Simon. V7 Vickroy. rt. -ffjimpf. 00. F. C. Macee. rt. vrevs. T. - f.. 100 Forbes, rt. Kennedy. Huarh. 13 Fifth ava, rt. Kriser. Jacoo. ifCf nrtn ave., rt. Wlingelhofer. W. L.. 142 Fifth ava., rt. Knov flertrlc Co.. IS Sixth ave.. rt. Treys'one Tsbor Co.. 7' Second ave., rt. Kiticsld Bros., 211 Water st.. rt. Woenblcm. J. ft I. R-. Arrott bids., rt. Kellev ft Jones, jr Wetes at., rt. "ir v. Jno.. 117 Dlsmonl market, rL -""'OTTfer. A. C II Diamond market, rt. Klmmlch. A. 101 Dianiend sssrket. rL Jtrooch. Waa.. 38 riiaiisl ssarTsst. rL Klachtbaler. P. J.. t Dlamoad aaaraet. rL Kalciitiiaier. Frank. 25 Diameod market, .rt. , Keener. John, ZJ Dlamoad market, rt. Kaplan ft liama. ua Fifth ave.. rt-Kaplan ft berris. 1223 Fifth avaw. wa. &im a ca. Geo. A., 3U Flrat ave rt. Kim. a Ce Geo. A 318 First ava, wa Keener. Jno.. 3a Diamond aa wa Kooary. Alex. A. 1110 Forbaa, wa. Keliey. W. H-. 204 Ferry, wa " - Kienuian ft Co.. M. 1034 Fifth ava. wa . Mmuiw am. M.mm r uia wa. Kinaer ft Ca. E.. VU Dlamoad Bk Mda. ' KeUey ft Jones Co.. 131 Water St.. wa Keasbjr ft Mattiaon. 90S Third ave.. wa Kacoronaa ft Verelea, 115 Fourth ava.. a I Kanneer Mtg. Ca. 707 House bldg.. re Kanneer Mfg. Co.. 707 House bldg.. wa Knapp Bros. C. 42 Diamond market. rL Knapp Bros. Ca. 20 Dtamoad market, wa King. Wm.. H-. 106 House bldg.. rt. Kimklo Dry Goads Ca. SU Market sL. fL Keeting Coal Co.. IS 20 Loeaat rt. Krteger Mfg. Co.. 1006 Fifth ava. wa Latnask. Chas.. 45 Diamond market, rt. Lippert. E. tt, 32 Diamond ntat-ket, rt. Upper. H. C. 4 Diamond market, Lietfander. L.. 79 Magw,rL ' Lafcatx. D., 1 Marlon, rL Livolel. jaa. ici Firth av.. rt. Levant. Max. ' 1430 Fifth avsv, rt. i Lambie. Urals. 1340 Fifth ava rt. Levy. S.. 1406 Fifth ave rt. Ludwlg. J. K.. 1306 Fifth avo.. It. Lunardeur. F., 1302 Fifth ava rL Laxrar. Mai. 417 Water at., rt. Lilly Co.. M. C. 401 Ferguson bldg rL Lapactron. C. 123 Fourth ava rt. Lachenbrech. David. 409 Smllhfleld, rL Lieberman. H., 1320 Fifth ave.. rt-London ft Son, M., 1020 Fifth ava rL Lovenson Bros.. 46 Diamond market. rL . Lsvenson. Ave.. 45 Diamond market, rt. Levins. Julius. 313 Market st rt. Levina. Sam. 1102 Fifth ave rt. Laird Ca. W. M-, 408 Market at rt. Iampus. Chas.. IS Diamond markeL rL LecVer. Nick. 10 Lll-erty. rt. ' Latimer, R. A. Diamond and Forbes, rt. Leonard Bros., 49 Diamond market, rt. Leonard Bros.. 49 Diamond markeL wa v. a. rv. tithn ana Ranid ava, rr Lu as a ft Col' John. 900 Second ave.. wt .h t a a7 nianuwM St.. rt. Letscher Co.. J. A. 607 Diamond St.. wa L. ft Z. Suitcase, The, 644 Fifth ava. rL L. ft Z. Suit Case. The. 644 Fifth ave., wa. Love. Montgomery Co., 209 First ave.. we. Lewis ft Co.. Geo. W.. 327 Flrat ava.. wa Levtne. Sam. 1102 Fifth ave.. ws. Ixmdon ft Son. M-, 1030 Fifth ave wa I Baltimore. R. S.. 105 Ferry at., wa Lippery. E. H.. 22 Diamond market, wa Latshaw. Feerst Co.. 203 Ferry at wa Lang. Jno. &. 202 Smlthfield. rt. Landau. Phil. 407 Market st rL Landau. Phil. 317 Market St.. rt. Landau. Phil. 817 Market St.. wa. Levtne. M.. 427 Water, rt. Lasier. Joe.. 134 Grant, rt. - Lehme ft Stype. 2C7 Smlthfield, rt. Liberty Film Renting Co.. 105 Fourth ava. I Lemlnger. M.. Mrs.. 19U Forbes, rt. Leavenko, Co.. 803 Wabaah Bldg.. rL Levy. H., 628 Fifth ave.. rt. Meyer. Henry F 22 Diamond eq rL Meyer. Henry F.. 22 Diamond eq.. e. h. Mendelson. David. 435 Water st a a. Miller. Frank. 425 Water at rL Miller. Frank. 425 Water st., e. h. Mangirl. J 1M Fifth ave.. rL Mangiri. J 1012 Fifth avo ah. Myers. A. 912 Fifth ava, rt. Myers, A.. 912 Fifth ave a. h. Myers ft Heller. 910 Fifth ave rL Myers ft Heller. 910 Fifth ava. ah. Mandarin, Rest, 546 Liberty ava. rL Mandarin, Rest. 546 Liberty eve- a . Miner. Fred. Jr.. 34 Diamond market, rL Minton. H. P.. 81 Diamond market rt. MUler. Charles A.. 17 Diamond markeL rL Morsn. Bridget. 1005 Locust. rL Malllnger. Samuel. Forbes and Olst. rt. Markowsky. B.. 2014 Fifth avo rL Mlslna. Anna. M26 Fifth ave rt. Morgan. H. B . 1502 Fifth ave rt. Morganstein Elee. Co.. 325 Second ava rt. Martin. Mary. 644 Second ave rt. Maxwell ft Crouch Mule Co.. 302 Penn ava, TV. Monteverae. f., n usnwaa nm v. Maturo. B.. 11 Diamond market, rt. May Drug Co.. Fourth and Smlthfield, rt, Markopulos. P. A.. 214 Third ave rt. Mason ft Muhl. 4?5 Third ava. rt. Metxger ft Co 238 First ave rt. Metxger ft Co 238 First ave.. wa Martin. Robt 219 Water, rt. ""!" r;-. .IL-V"- Tbled ava.. VL Merchant ft Mfrs. Paper Co.. 216 Third a vs., wa. atoxiey, wm. j., iw.. Moxlev. Wm. J.. Inc. 120 First ave wa Man. Wm.; 8 Diamond markeL rt. Mall. Wm.. 8 Diamond market, wa. Machinist Sup. Ca. 324 Third ave rL MaVraurl Barber ft Sup. House. 114 mltn- Mat'raurt" Barber ft Sup. House. 114 Smith field, ws. , . Matthews ft Co.. J. H Inc. S96 Wood. rL . . . . . xt tm as wm. a Macombe ft White Rope Ca. 424 First aye-.wa Muler ft mouison. una wm. . Morris ft Co., 807 Ferry sL. wa Monroe. Wm. T-. TM rtlstnond Bk. Bldg.. wa Messer Candy Co.. 1439 Forbes, we. Mal'insrer. Samuel. Forbes and Gist, wa Meyers, H 246 Third ave wa. Modern Water Sup. Co.. 210 Wood. tt. Modern Water Sup. On.. 210 Wood. wa. Manhullan. market No. I. 307 Msrket at rt. Matlack. A E.. Dlamona eq.. rx. Marino. Loula 40 Dlsmond market, rt. Mathlus. lraz rum ave rv. Mshood Hay and Grain . Co.. 78 Murphy Lbr. Ca. 608 Commonweslth Bldg .ws. Miller Bros. Lbr. Co.. J" ""S;, Morgan ft Co.. H. O.. 715 Wabash Bldg wa McSorley. Frank. 1850 Forbes, ire. MCMlcnneie, aioerx. mt v,.-v. . McCandlemi ft Gordon Co.. 310 Diamond at n. McKain. R. W mn nouae omj McTighe. Marr. 87 Diamond markeL ra MeCue Bros.. Third and Try. rL MeClme. J. ft C. 239 Water St.. rL-McCime. J. ft C. 2f Water st wa McKenna Broa. First and Rosa, wa McCann ft Co.. Inc.. 413 Market eL. fL McCann ft Co . Inc. 413 ilmrmt.. ws? McMillen Prod. Co.. W". J.. 30JFeriry sc. McCoy Co.. Robert. The. M9 Third .ava. wa McCaffrey s Pons Co.. Daniel. T14 5th ave., rt. McCaffrey' a sona to, vmjun, " -- McGlnnlas. Bmitn .o . w Kosskoff. Lv. 1200 Fifth ave.. rt. Neft Joshua, 4 Marion, rt Kegus McClaln. 414 Third ava. tt. Nusbaum. Morris. 1414 Fifth ava. rL Norton, F. L.. 2 Third aye.. rL N T. Belt, and Pkg. Ca. 420 Flrat ava. tC n! T. Belt, and Pkg. Co.. 4 M First ave wa Newman Bros.. Inc. 1J5 - N. T. Wall Paper Co.. 5LWSI.?'-' -m- K. T. Hat and Cap Ca. 1008H Fifth ava wa. NT. Pgh. Coffee Co.. 107 Ferry st wa Ncff Co.. Geo. TU. Third and Penn.avo.. wet Noble. Jno.. H.. RIO unloj. nana ""s. -t..k and Tradlnw Ex, Co.. 338 Wa! Droea ' Amia, 708 Second are.; rL rvii xxrll annnlv Cft.. 211 water St.. TX. OH Well Supply Co.. 213 Water j-fcw"- . O. & P. Milk JO mmmaaa - O ft P. Milk Co.. Diamond and Forbes, wa. O'Brien. G. G.. 100 Fifth ave rt. O'Brien. G. O.. 1002 Fifth ave.. wa Oeborn Ca. W. E.. 207 Ferry, wa Orrtnger, Oscar, Ferry st. wa. Pgh. Dairy Lunch. 444 Liberty, a h. Pih. Poultry Co.. 128 Fourthave.. rL Pgh. Office Kg- Ca. 206 Wood sL. rt. Pih: Oxvpathor Co.. 910 Machesney Bldg.. rL Ps-h. Portrait Co.. 630 Fburth ava.. rt- Pod Laundry ip. Co.. zw tenn ave r-plh. Calcium Light and Film Co-..12i Fourth Pghfl-nlcium Light and Film Co.. IX Fourth pjthf "inc? Sup. Ca. MOB Fifth ave rt. pjS: Inc. Sup. Co liog Fifth ave.. w Pgh Insect Extra Co.. 409 Grant st rL Pgh. Insect Extra Co 409 Grant, wa, Pgh. Moulding ft Pic Frame Co.. 668 Fifth Pah-'Mouldlng ft Pic Frame Co 808 Fifth Pgh. Flour Mills Co tot Ferry sL. wa Pgh. News Co.. 337 Third ava. ws. pih. Oxypathor Co.. 910 Machesney, wa iZt- r 'far sot Grant, rt. Pyle. c! W.. 407 OranL a . Plymouth oaw " 71 '. ' Pratt ft Cady Co.. Ferguson Bldg., rL perelatrlmer, X. 301 Smlthfield. rt. PabsL Gee Dlsmond niarket, rL Pascaalo. Rose. 9 Diamond market, rL prager. Wm 340H Wrdeye rL Pelnock. Jos. W.. 314 First ava. rL PernTCab. Trf. Co 304 Penn e.vs rL Proctor. Mrs. V. 400 Fifth are., rL DaMi.l fiam. 1423 nftb ave R. Price, F K Marlon. H. Patterson a o.. . y Patterson a vo., -, " " - sk. aTSa Wfsill 1 mta l"ainasaJL bTtZ Poerstel ft Co. Kmll. 1140 Forbes, wa. FennocK. job. w Penn Door ft Sash Co.. 908 Second ava, wa Ferry. W. J 346 Third ava wa Phillips Sona J. M.. 312 First ava. wa v ma ins StfUi ava. . Peet News Co 343 Third ava, wa Peet ysews vjo.. m t a dmiiii rre fa., sxi SJaeond ave.. wa Penna. Salt Mfg.. Cb 23 Water st. wa Petrenca ft Co.. Jno 16 Oraat et.. a. h. Petrte ft Son. W 46 Diamond market, it. Pgh. Plate Olass ' Co.. 101 Wood at rt. m... 1, Sf WiMil m mrnmt Pgh. Photoplay Ca. 413 Ferry at rt. Vmmm mi. Ona. fA.. StS tfHtfftlt .M mm" Pgh! Cigar Ca. t Smlthfield. rL Pgn. Haw o., mm noos oas., rv. Pgh. Vlsibto Typewriter Cs 308 Ualsa Sk. BtAasr as Pgh. Lunch. dS Smithneld. a. k. Pgh. Poultry Co.. 128 Fourth ave wa Photo Play Adv. ft Specialty Co 191 Fourth ave. st. Pow Wlag ft Cat. .447 Third ava. rL Pink. P., J tioopsr, it. Pyle. 'win. 202 Smlthfteld st, rt, Qnong. Turn Lee ft Co MS gecead ave rL Qnong. Turn, wan nai at ja au iniro mva.. Quaker City Rubber Co., 207 Wood st rL Quaker City Rubber Co.. 307 Wood st wa Quang. un Tang; mi v a u ava. n, Quang. On Tang. 511 Seonnd ava. wa. IT" wi a V, Urn tlarmn,! mmm w QuAfigT Tl rnrm 4fc Co.. sM8fmg4 .. mm. Z. exw. VHHa. sfX-a AJK lMJi aasa es HJH SJ Jim aaSSB, a UIHI vw vw s wmii w W Quang Ma Turm at is, w '"'m avsL, wm A T v. rllnA mmm mmw Qnans Turm Long Cm., 428 Third ave wa rir.cn. r.. m . ... Rich. S.. Grant St.. a. h. Tnenberar. -tforria. 9 Grant aL. rt. Rottenberg. Morris. 9 Grant SL. a B. Tiose Broa, si stsgee. rt. KosenDerg, JOB., un rui sive., n. Roth. M. U. 14 Fifth ava rt, r.n.- Sm, 9S nmM aa.. e. vtutbrlg. Max. S39 keened ave rL Keee a vo.. n- aaaraai. n. n AM v aa Van naM. rt RagsHo. P.. 49 Grant. rL Roberta J. A. 11 Dlaasead Market, it, C CM Rata, Vs. M9 Diamond Market, rL Koda-era. Jaa 3 Diamond Market, It, Rode ft Co A. 1M Diamond MaikaL ata Roaeer. M. J.. 99 Diamond Macks, rL Rectanwald. F. A 1900 Fifth ava.. rt. Rlsster. A D.. Ik IS Dtamoad Markst. r ' Roeeneoa ft Orasatarg, ISO SmltaSeU at, X , .:, sr m aa SB) Siar aesSf " - -- asa I Russsli, c, J t-onrtk ava and sTst;,.,: J , - SL." rL -T Rothaus. F.. 335 Oraat. rL txeaaeke Wagaer nmi a ava. rL Renneke Wagaer Tvmm 'ava. wa - Roes ft aaaaasaa, Us Weed, rL Roes ft Shannon. 119 Wood, wa Relck Co.. Edw. E U4t Fsrbos. rL Reiek Co.. Edw. K lilt Fat-ban. wa Robbiaa A Boa. L. 236 Third ava wa Robinson ft Orr. Sftt Gersnansa Be wa -Roth, Wm. r MS Third ave wa Roasnfleld. L 986 Fifth eve ; Royal Blue DaJry Lunob, 467 -Water at. 4h tk Rangdaie. Chas,. 21 Fourth ava. a n. Rengepin Broa. 35 Pis mend eg a a Retaa. O. J 337 Fourth ava. . ta Rodgers. Joa SB Diamond Market, rL Ji Rodgers, Joa. S Diamond MarkeL rL . Badgera, Jos., g Dlametid MarkeL wa Reymar Bras.. Commonwealth Bldg ft, Revmer Bros Forbes and Pride. rL Roymer Broa. Farbea and Pride, wa. Royal Jewelrv Ca. Smlthfield at rL. RosseU ft Co.. R Foarth and SnwOi ws-aivvab Vau ! arai . a ase Republlcaa Rubber Co, of Pgh Weed, 'Cab Relchblam Ca. V S Bmlthfieid at we. asboeman. Fred S 403 Third ava.. ft. Bchoaman. Fred 8 498 Third, a.h... SoRaah. Mary. 512 Second ava. a. k. eetea,- Oea, -a. tot Market at rt. Sotos. Geo. A SOS Market st a.- a. Shook. Loula 108 Grant, rt. Simons.' K..tt Serond ave rt. Simons. N.. tli Second ave ah. fchrelbor. 8 410 Third ave rt. Scbreibsr B-. 410 Third eve.; a Solomon'a. Smithneld ft Diamond, rL Setts Bros W. S 1344 Forbes. rL Setron. Sarah. 4 and 5 Diamond tfskeL SS uuciiicr visa ua, si uiamona saax wm Schaefer. H. H.. Dlamoad Mkt. ft. Stain hausar. Chaa 3 Diamond Mat rL Smollwlta O net Forbes, rt. ! atera. jenaM, Gibbon and Btevesoee Sider Jacob 312 Gist, rt. iMone, Oaaar. 3001 Fifth ava. ft. Shea. Jno 1636 Fifth ava.. rL Stein. A 1414 Fifth ave rL Simon Shoo Ca. 1208 Fifth ave ft, Schrader. Elisabeth. Hartje Bldg 8, eianoaro Typewriter ce 112 Baaewan rt. Saserla. X Stt Second ava. ri. . Spear. H. A. 23 Dlsmond aqwate. rL Schaffer ft Bra.. Otto. 414 Plata sot st ft, Shapiro. N 332 Diamond ex.. rt, . Snyder. Mrs. A. G.. t Third ava, ft. Scholnlok. X 2U Diamond OL. ft. ShlS. X Magee and Gibbon. rL Sltno ft Ce S. D.. ltt SmtthSala. rL -Setpel, Jna. 98 Diamond market, rL Smith Broa S3 Diamond tnarket. rt. Smith. Geo. F 9s Diamond market. rL Sebel. Heary. 35 Dtamoad tnarket. it. Bbdlm, O.. M Dtamoad aaarfcaL rL SelberL J. O.. 168 Cmltkaela. ft. Schwarta Loula. 36 Diamond mark at. ft. Sparge. F. P.. Arrott Bids rt. Singer Sewlag Macblas Ca. MS MS! Ska trt. Smith Brae. Ca. Inc. 413 Oraat, ft, Saalbaeh Bros 14M Fifth ava rL Staler. Roman, Ho Market at rL Stulen. John ft Son. m Market st Silverman. H. B.. lt Third ava, rL Sacks,- J 1999 Forbes, rt. Rtanhaaa. 1A . U00 Farbea. rt. Shearer ft Doyle Butter Co'' : market, rt. Speck Marshall Ca. 814 Second ana. rL Speck Marshall Co.. 314 Sacs ad ava., wa Standard Scats ft Sap. Co 343 Water, rL Standard Scale ft Sun. Co 843 Water, wa. Seager Broa.. KM Water, rt. Seaawr Bros., 831 Water, wa Scott Co L W. t and S Oerme et rL Scott Co., L W 3 sad t Oarme at-, wa. Schafer. H. A 909 Third eve rt. chafer. H. A 399 Third ava.. wa Ftemr ft Boesrttsy. 190 Diameod St It. Stemr ft Boeeruey. sto Dlasaonu ax wa. Sailer Co.. Jno 76 aae 92 vaunoaa a Seller Co.. Jno ti ead 99 Schleleln. J. ft W 74 and 9t ket, rt, Schleleln. J. ft W Tt and 88 et, wa. m - Schlrren Co Chaa A lit WseSL we. Scbirrea Ca. Chaa A. 966 Wood. rt. - 3. Scientific Material Co TIT Forbes et Wfc , Scientific Material Co.. TIT Forbes et rL Bcbetra ft Laaday. 839 Fifth eve wa. Shelmberg ek WeUberg. 1014 Fifth aveeSV Silicon Glass Co.. 734 Wabaah Bldg wa Scholnlek. M-. 1302 Fifth ave wa. ; Stengel Bros. Co.. 1506 Fifth ave wa . Sneer. H. A. 22 Diamond square, wa Solomon, Loula K" FCV. ; Schmidt ft Co W. G 11 Market eL, wa Standard Mfg. Co 439 WMw fL Stevenson Co.. Geo. W M7 Water eL, Sua Wing Sing. 601 Second ave rt. Sun Quang Wrig. 609 Seooad ave rt. Schwarta. Morrts. 530 Second eve rL Schwarta. Morris. 689 Secoaal ava, a a. Salaa, R 301 Grant, rt. Saiaa, R 301 Grant, ah. Schaffer. J. P M6 Wood. rL Schaffer. J. P 108 Weed. wra. Somers. Fitter ft Todd. 337 Water at taa Somers. Fitter ft Todd. 327 Water St wa Bcbenk. Edw.. 541 Fourth ave.. rt- . Shannon ft Connors. 239 Diamond a rt. Standard Clothing Ca. 908 Sraltlrsteld, St. . Sedler ft Co. B 204 Smlthfield. rt. ; . . i rv. At Third ava.. trt. Saaaana Michael, 41 Diamond rnarkeLrt. Smith Premier lypevnwr v Gtinaoa Kennedy Ce 307 Weed. rL chuottesa st -o- wm ruLai ft Co.. at.. Smlthfield ft Sela Schwab ft Ca. 311 Ferry at wa 8Iamuel. O. A-. leT Ferry at wa Smith ft Ca. J. W 702 Wabash Mda Stern. Joa.. 4ft Water at,, a, h. Tesh. D. H T Dlsmond market. rL Tapnay. .. 704 Second ave rt. Tsgress. Sam. 1514 Quince alley. rL Thompsoe, D 1931 Forbes, rt. Tepllts. R 964 Vickroy. rL ' " Took Chong Lcnb. 430 Third ava. rL Turnal. D. B 6 Sraithfield. rL TambelUn. M.. 211 6mlthflaid. rL Tweed Printing ft Publishing Ca. TenwcTft Ca A. 216 Market at rL Thumm Bros TIM Fifth ava.. rL Thumm Broa. 17M Fifth ava.. ft. Thornton Bros' 8U Market street. rL Teplltx. Z.. 304 MarkeL rt. Turner. C A. Inc. 117 Third ave rL Turner C- A Inc. 117 Third eva wa Tapolaky Son ft Ca M 826 Fifth ava. wa. Tweed ft Botsford. 9023 Farbea. wa -Terhume Lbr. Co 90S House bldg wa Trauter Mfg. Co.. 146 Water, wa Toy Jew Low. 812 Grant ava.. a. a. Tssmsdoa P. N.. 315 Th'rd eve ah., Thornton. Ladley Co., 6 Wood at rt. Thornton, Ladtey Co.. Wood St.. wa Toner.- Ellen. 1925 Forbes, rt. Totten. Albert 8 213 Wood. rL Thompson. DwIgbL 416 House bldg wa TJnlon Lunch Co First ft Grant. rL Union Lunch Co. First ft Grant, a IV Union Clothing Co.. 210 Smithneld. rL Un'on Elec Co 418 Wood, rt. Union News Co.. Fourth Avenue stattsa, ft. Union News Ca. . ft O.. Oep rt. United States Radiator Com 215 Weed, wa Union Dairy Lunch. 436 Diamond, a av Union Market. 4 Diamond square, a , Van Dyk Co. Ja.. 431 Market at rt. ! Vlsoo. Frank. 15 Diamond market. rL Veto. Tony. Bluff ft Magee. rt. Valley Supply Co., No. 161-201 Water St. trf, Valley Supply Co.. Na afll-281 Water at wa Vstx. Raul. 421 Water eL. rL Vata Loo is. 433 Water at trt. Verner. T. H,. UOt House btdg rL - Vaaka Steve. 311 Trent,- trt, Vinton. H. A.. 308 Market st rL Voealev OO Co.. BS9 Flrat ava. wa Waldorf Cafe. 432 Third eve ah. Waldorf Cata Vwurth ft Baas, rL Wbalea. W. F.. Fworta.a rtees. , a. W-asbingtou Reatauraat, 266 SniithBsld. ft. WaahlaetOB Kestsarant. sat nmnanoia. t Bk Walk. Leula tt Heawer. rt. Webber. J. H. S09 Bluff, rt. f Webtttieky. Max. 1321 Oibeaa tt. ; -Witt. F 71 Pride, rt- wnka E ltiti Fifth eva.. tt. Wttad ft Pafeutcb. M Flfrh owe ft. . Wolf. Tiydla C istn. St. Nleholaa tAagW . -tvwrtbela. Wtn. 418 Diamond at rL Wring, on Teaa Co 449 Third ave rL Winesteto. B.. 1423 Brujr. ft. W1IL E. H.. 1ST Bmltnnet. ix. Warmer Hat Sfore. kgmlthnkSa. 9. -Wmiamseo, W. J ttDtainoad trnarkat. ft. Wlrth. Wm. C 84 Dlamoad rnartaat. ft. Write. C. B T2 Diamond market, ft, walk Bna ft Cb.. 410 Smlthftelt. rL 1 Wilson, flea -It. IMsmond ft Wood. St. ' Wlraolg Drug Co.. 11 Smlthfield, rL Wilson. Wra tm Fifth aveft- ' ; Williams ft CO Inc. SB Perm eva tt. . Wria-ht Wire Oa. Cornroerelal bids ft. Zr Ji rtrea. 409 Market at rL Wlmtaer. W. F tn First ava rL Wimmer. W. F.. S3I West aye wa WoodwaTt Ce Joa. .tot Wons. rL wrtrtiaM ft Co.. mo-. West. K. M lex Frrv. wa Wallsca. jne. w.ZTZIz.J' . waiir a War rafts. 1694 Fifth atve wa. "a WetMan ft itv. set Wood, tt. ereldoa ft Kellv. S08 Wood, wa Webs eh natrv. tS4 TJTIwrtv ava.. a. Wabash Restaorsnt, waeaan mag,. a tv Wlke. -. Jea. Ill Grant. - rt, Webster Co.. F. S . t Pertt bldsx IL UrVks. Iarry. Fsnvthjft Feaa rL WetMter. M. 43.. tTt Ferbaa. rt. White Pewtae- 3lcb- ca. eta orttl aw Wabesh Dairy Tjoweb, a Uttertr. rL Va. to., n "Owe nsoa-..- wa. Weatera Fet-eau roev wm imsbj ev wa. Wravee. Ceateno t- xss enwaas avw.. wt whetted C3a. teg Fevrv. wa. - White House Res., a-eoetd ava. a tv wnufVr. fjew'wea, en? wsr sc. a. . Terd. C 8L. test eiaar. rwisei waa tL , Vasrt c-wai v - "" a, ax. Tawarh Coal Oa.. 18S ewd ava. wa Toeom. Fv-ard.rg TWeesaM raarkeL a tk ejerwaa. F ta Faailh ava. rL Veaa- F.. ! F""! l ava, an. gattman. David. 94 Twevaewd aaatwav, TL v . y.. t rw" ave rx. J., eva naimaa ex ra ffeber. Tiwa W ft TMH ava. rL TDaa w tea 1 nua aw W.. iST Oraat. fT-F 1ST frrwat. a A Woods n cm.. Jos., am wwt, ws. Wet Clothing fsa wjftk ava. rL WMf OotbtaW Co 909 Wftava.. wa ;: xrtr Tana Hardware Co., tas Weod et WAV

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