The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 6, 1895 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1895
Page 9
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, neve'r ttlk&s ,4nf fteltl for 1 which 66d is fibt pfe- pig in a frariof, and It! first will be, "Wefi> wheffe's yoiif fnefe a*e d.-gootl Wany minga the 'eanV do without the heljj of a r. WhUeVer gives as dod prosper* him, l never, have to stdp giving fdr lafek s. ' We We willing to do an la out to afiswef ouf prayer, we do noi ffiaa who can leaf ft ffoni his own fttftkes, can always be learning some- PABfftty .t HE WbtfLIEJ WILL, ^ of thfc Matt Whit toljfadffcrsd thfe jtittUB linii' I'l-M-entntitu tut ttohored fajr Alt CJtlilzccl Jmtidfli, if .Whenever God's chariot comes to a Standstill, it is because there are ob- llaclcs in the Way that human hands Att^f'einOVd. ffffie'fo're we try to lead others, We atlght to be sure that wo are closely fol- ;_;;'j Christ. I 5 ' iiahy are willing to do what God them to do, who don't want to i be What he wants them to be. . The man who puts the bottlo to his i'Neighbor's lips, first puts a nail through I'the.hand of Christ. fo The devil's Work in this world has al- fjjfrflys'been most hindered by those who Tere most like Christ. ^....matter what a man says in church. .y'Oir know what kind of religion he baa |when you know what kind of company 3. keeps.—Ram's Horn. » . Forced to Move. P' "Wonder why Jonos moved away frou* Where? He was doing a good business wasn't |hot" i| "Oh, yes-tliere wero other troubles. You Iknow how fond he was of telling stories?" fe v - l 'Yes. I guess I do." fo"Well, he's boon forced to take these |6tories to a new country." Quite True. j,' "Mamma, where do eggs come from?" § "Chickens, my dear. 1 ' "Well, that's funny. ,Papa says that tfickens comes from eggs." ,„„ Trips Undertaken lor Health's Bake IWill be rendered more benefloial, and tho |fatigue of travel counteracted if the voy- iager will take along with him Hostotter's I'Stomach Bitters, and use that protective P t and enabling tonic, nerve invigorant. and f apetlzor regularly. Impurities in air and I water are neutralized by it and it is a match"'' s tranqullizer and regulator of the stom- ss-^Ji liver and bowels. It counteracts fiualaria, rheumatism and a tendency to kidney and bladder complaints. mtf The Jewish population of New Y,ork city |ii now estimated at 800.000, or fully twice |as great an fifteen years ago. ' Deafness Cim Not Bo Cured local applications, as they cannot 'e'ach the diseased portion of the ear. 'here is only one way to cure deafness, d that Is by constitutional remedies, lafhess is 'caused by an inflamed con- ition of the mucous lining 1 of the Eus- itachlan Tube. When the tube is in- ained you have a rumbling sound or ^Imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness Is the result, and ^unless the inflammation can be taken io'u't and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for- .ever; nine cases out of ten are caused 'iy Catarrh, which is nothing 1 but an In- 'd, condition of the mucous surfaces. % We will give One Hundred Dollars for Jany case of Deafness (caused by Ca- l,tarrh) that cannot bo cured by Hall's \Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. BY J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. (•.''Sold by'druggists; 75c. ' Hall's Family Pills, 26c. Moderately strong salt and water, taken nyvtbe teaspoonful at intervals, is a cure *for catarrhal cold. ' 1 ' From Now Until Spring Overcoats and winter wraps will bo 'in fashion. They can be discarded, tempor- k arily, while traveling in the steam heated trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. For solid comfort, for speed and for safety, no other Hue can '^compare with this great railway of the OTIIS was bofn itt France, in 1822, and devotM bitn- self dtlritig his entire life to the stiidy of chemistry, medicine and the physical sciences i generally, gaining high distinction as an original investigator. His most famous achievement and that which has made his name familiar in every civilized land, was the discovery that "rabies," or the peculiar and generally fatal mental and physical disorder caused by the bite of rabid or "mad" animals could he cured by inoculation, and that human beings could be made reasonably exempt from liability to contract the disease, if bitten, by the same method of treatment. The theory of the treatment is practically identical with tnat of vaccination in the cure of smallpox. The patient or the person submitting to the treatment, is subjected to a hypodermic injection of a small quantity ot virus taken from a rabid animal, generally ji; rabbit, and usually suffers slight or no' perceptible annoyance in consequence. In , many cases where persona who have been bitten by rabid animals submitted to the operation, the disorder did not manifest itself or did not result fatally. When this discovery was first announced it was received with incredulity in many quarters,' but tho event showed that in many cases it was efficacious, and distinguishing honors were showered upon Prof. Pasteur, not only in Franco, but In other lands. Pasteur institutes were established in many places, and humanitarians gave them substantial encouragement. M. Pasteur took his degree in chemistry after having pursued a special course, in 1847, in 1848 his ability and attainments were recognized by his appointment as professor of physical m, , v * r mar iw! WfaainStreh nlet trof s, I'fc aiife." And she stdp^di atd picked tip ft elite* 1 quarter Iy1fig,d> before he> and sailed cago AN5 HIS the l"odn(r Mfl« tVh« Outrage tit liothefihild* 1 Bank. The man .who threw the bomb at Mi de Rothschild's bank in the ftiie Lafltt«» Paris, several Weeks ago, is hot an fttt« archist tie is one Of those discontent* ed individuals who Consider that the!* talents ought to have raised them to high positions, and who neglect the humbler Work they have before them. Marls Andre Victor Leon Bouteilhe— to give the criminal's name Ih full—Is the son of ofte of the "officers" of the commune. He was educated at a Paris unheeded by his mother and sisters, and they experienced a great shock on hearing who the perpetrator of the Rue Lafltte outrnge-wau. One of fiouteilhe's LEON BOUTBILHB. favorite topics was the absurdity of the country giving a man an education lycee, but ho never distinguished himself, and at the age of 18 he enlisted in a regiment of Algerian tirailleiirs, with whom he remained nvo years. On. his return he found some employment, and in 1893 ho was taken into tho service of the Western Railway company and passed into several offices nt Cour- &' '"Prince JHsmarck derives an annual in«', come ot $175,000 from various industries in ^, 'which he is Interested. 5*!h "FuU 'inflprjnatlon respecting the best r,s .fruit and farm land in Biverside Co,, Cal. I"' Address Hemet Land Co., Hornet, Cat . census report says that if all If fthe bouses in England w<?re placed side by side they would cover'a-space of'450 square '- I cannot spent too highly of Plso'g Cure ,«'<„*„., Concumption,—MKS, FJUJJK MOBSS, T, »2d {3tT, Nevy york, Oct. %', 1894. .,..., w -. „- flofer, the Tyrolese "patriot, is /V in b»VB ft colossal ^stati^e greeted to his >' /memory qn th'e t9p,ofc.tbe Kuohelberg. TYPES OF AMERICAN BEAUTY. services at Dijon; in 1840 he' became professor of chemistry at Strasburg, then a French university; in 1854 he organized the new faculty of science at Lille; in 1856 he received the Ruraford medal of the royal society of London, England. Then, in 1857, his'increas- ing fame gave him an appointment at Paris as scientific director of the normal school, and was elected member of the institute; in 1863 he became professor of geology, physical science and chemistry at* the school of fine art, AB&OLUTELY PURE AND !_-,*_ ... J Apples and peats Will life plentiful itt Indlaha. f here ftfe said to be nearly 600 ofdef a of nobility In teurofle. A cannon ball from the Kfttpp gun travels 2,88? feet per second. Mr. Gladstone's autographs bring only sixpence in the English market. Du Maiifier is not coming to America to lecture, all statements to the contrary notwithstanding. Ness Perce Indians will be paid at Lewistott, Idaho, for lands relinquished to the government. The hop crop ot the state of Washington is ft failnre, owing to the ravages of the hop lice. Sawyer county will not ho bonded for a railway, public sentiment being against tho- proposition. The report that the pope intends to establish a nunciature in tho United States Is denied at Rome. PITS— All Fit « ntopped tree by Dr. Kline's Great Norve Hestoror. No FlUafter the lirnttliiy'ii life. Marvuloil cures. Trentlfo ana 82 trial boll ft. fee l» J?ltc*»e». HeuatoX)r.Kllntf,83tArchBt.,l'ljlla. l l'a. be vole Saint Cloud and Asnieres. It appears, however, that his conduct waa anything but satisfactory, and after several reprimands from his superiors, Bouteilho left his station. Being thus thrown out of employment and greatly in want of money he went to live at his mother's house in the Rue Mont- parnasse. Mme. Bouteilhe, who lives with her two ' daughters, is much respected by- her friends and acquaintances, while her daughters are hard working girls, one being employed IB a bank, the other in a telephone office, The extravagant talk of Bouteilhe went and then leaving him without employment, The bomb was fabricated by Bouteilhe -alone in a thicket in the Bale' de Vincennes. The prisoner at first hinted that ho had accomplices, and also gave a false account of the cbmpo- sjtlpn of the bomb. The three tradesmen of whom be purchased 'the materials have recognized him, and subsequently Bouteilhe declared that ho committed the deed as a protest against the rich, and without any assistance, but be denied that he-sent tb,e explosive letter. He was a great admirer of Vaillant and EmJJe Henry, and sometimes expressed biinself In favor of their sort of "propaganda," and of a general strike, He was a conceited fellow, ap4 I on ene 'occasion when advised to go into, Urafle, be exclaimed, "Trade disgusts" \roe," Bovjteflbe. detested worfc that soiled his -bands, and on the -same oc- casipp be Piled, "Was J jn&de for those jobs?" HJs ambition ww t» enter <?»$ gt the big Parisian stores as ft clerk, was sentenced to three yesra . nonsense about the pe of the upas tree were dlssj leas agp. K Je. bewever, The good carpenter is a man of wlso If tho Ilaby Is CutMiig Teeth, llo nuro and UM> that old ami well-tried romody. Mill. WlNBLOW's SOUTUINU BVlior for Children •rceuiing. Live men nro of no use'to tbo undertaker.. _ "Hanson's Magrlo Corn Salve." Warranted to euro or money refunded. Auk yon* drugglkt tor It, 1'rlca IK emits. Tho royal plato at Windsor Is Valued at over $10,000,000.^ IIegeinnn>HCuiii|t»o. suxivitliOlycerlnts GurfthCVHVVMMHl RnuUn atul Kiwic, Tender or Sore Feev Chilblain*. Files, ftv.. O. O. Clark Co.. Ne w Haven. Cfc Sixty, thousand acres of land nro devoted to'Celery growing in tho United States. "A Cup bf*PurlcM* Tea at night moves tho Gowols in the morning." Three-fourths of the landed surface of, the earth is unfit lor cultivation. .Hofhcrs tipprito.lnti) tliu pooil work (rfj'nrkcr'a (JlngorToulo.-wltu lt.i reviving QiiulttlOR —a boon to t hu palu-st rlo.kon, BloojilcKK ami nutvutjB According to statistics and figures prepared by the provost marshal, t\ie wrrs ol 1)10 past thirty years have blotted out !i,500,000 lives. Wlton you ooinu to realign ' llint.yonr t'Ornu HI a goiiu, niul no more: pain, .IJOH- jSi'Moful you feul. All tliu work of VUndurconis, 16(!. F|A.pply castor oil once a day to wavtg from two to six weeks and they wllldltsap pear. ; AS! ft general f tile, i judge m & virtews, of VitfeS, bl-faiz ofiinynns b? Other, people., f , » When' a pollyticiaii glte rltcn,- td iz quite apt to wear hiz poiitikal pflii» clples az a kind ov elekshun hollyday suit. • 1 kno now that i am gitting old—i ktto it hi the grate Spatters oV sdft- boiled egg that 1 find on mi fresh shirt buzum after brekfast, and the chunks ov sassage, and loose pieces of bred and potatoze, that are froliking around on the krumb-cloth at ml feet. The man who dies the rifehest iz the one who leaves the least here, and tftkas the most with him. True philosophy, like tru philanthropy, iz' a work ov deeds, not words. The vanity ov mankind IK enuff to dam them, even if they waz angella itt every other respckt. Thare Iz lota ov people in this world who take a joke Just az children do kastor lie—becauze they kan't help it. The most disgusting kritter ov tho whole lot to me iz the one who will fill himself haff full ov cheap whisky, and then insists upon being konfldenshall to yu in matters ov no Yearthly importance, thus intensifying hiz nataral kon- demned phoolishness. "When 1 see a man who iz over anxious to prove ennything, i am very apt to think he Isn't very certain about it himself. I sumtlines indulge in profanity; and i wonder at it, for thare iz nothing that i so mutch regret in miself and despize in others. • No Now Tricks. "No, no; 1 wouldn't dare to havo my husband help when we move." "Why notf" "He's a depot baggageman, you know, and ho'd bo sure to forget himself." Strictly 1'ropor. Matron of tho School—You know the rules; why did you let that young jian kiss yourOmnd? ' _ . Prospective S. G, O.—Please ma'am, I-I had a-a cold SOTO. you know. The silverware belonging to Queen Vic" torla's table would keep her from starvation for the remainder of hor life if the woist came to the worst. It is valued at $12,600,000. * ijdkSlfja PATENTSJRAOEMA AUftUma CttiBM OlaiWti AVe, v WE TAN i , ^^* j * ,* j™ lAff, r.oon fthd ea'i'.oWay fdcalerilod't Keeb tiieiii PENNA, SALT M'F'G Healthy M JP A ' t m i j 1 **• * f t ! \ Jt ' & % Kidneys • '-: '*''' J " .ivi' make "" v I \ ^"Jb i'Pure-H^Pi • " /, , "^••••;- 1 *^ Blood When answering advertisements kindly mention tins paper. Pain often concentrates all its Misery in Use at once ST. JACOBS OIL If you'•want to feel it concentrate it» bcQlinff in a cure* i -I ilrtuly bellovo that Pisa's Cure k«pi mo from huvlng quick Oonsu'mptlon."—Mrs,' H. D. DABIiIJJG, Beaver Meadow, N. V,, June 18,1805, FOR Cures Where All Else Fails, BEST COUCH SYRUP, IT !-, Cure all Kidney Dleeaeee. . '; At all druggists,',''or-'.by, •( mail prepaid,' for £0c« a^fojt.^ 'j Send for pamphl$t*"f<i ^'$1 HAtth'c MprHHn^.rn. ''*>'. S! t. Hobb's Medicine Chicago, , r»i»* . 1 "-.- "•"•> •i-i, Blindness- -; u^ Prevented^ 1 , i c » f t, f ^ and CurcU \>y tbo Abtorptlon Troutmeut the wait «ucr««»l'ul and huraone , -" •' Treatment ever dcvlneU, ' The following dlneaKO». often raid to |i? Inoqrable, can now bo cured or greatly bopefltcd without' (he knlfeor rliki Cataract*, filint, I'amlyal», Qlaucoina, Amaurosla, Atrophy, Dotaqhod lietln«, Weeping Erei, Tumors, InllHmation, Ulceratlon oiiil araqulatea Kyo, Has. Wo prove till' by the hundreds who h»vo been' . buoconhfiilly trealoil at their homej and atourHnnl- tuijuin. 1( It la nito alone that tninitra our vidoii, , ilioumnda are Looomjiig prematurely ugeJ, and tbo iwe la not oqual to tlwfftUwnepf r«»orUng to itrong«r , Klaesei tp aitioolftllv relieve overtaxed or diBeaved -, eyea, It only lend* tu lilliiUne«>, pur panipblet la free, and give* the cuu«e or Impaired vl«io« ami '' JleoaMia eyot. How prevented and how' eared, , A " , , . ' , t»-Thu Offei- win not too made a«ain, ' ' ' - • GLENS; FA.I.LS,-N,Y-;." ) was at one time Istry fit tbe.Sorbonne elected an fts^pcjate of of phe?»- In J873 be was of tbe was mwl, e8}9ymeij . In addition to pursuing bis an'd aonowoJng their . results, at ttws, engaged t» cgntrQYprsies QR f^lqntl^P sybjects, "Tile Conpunloji >>M lJf»n growtag tetter, l>ri«lit»r «v«ir y»W f«r mor« ti»u lijty yean," "5J Time* » Vwr," SHbscrlptlvn, $},7S, , , - lt pf the next volume of The Companion is suggested by the titles and «ut|iors pf a fe\y 'of (Up ' \ • Articles 'announced for 1896,-as ^iven,be|o\v,, ' ;', • • ; A Not^He-Series;;/. ."-'V^-^ "-'l^W^ pjjjg Articles of exceptional yajue from tl^e ^iqk v Euiit?enV4^iUoritJes? >^ * ?l , *%' /' , fi ' t • ' ( '' " i> * ' f< i > \ fv ** '*• i " RAl> ACS A PPnWVQRTflW < VVfV V^fS?'^ r¥»*y" ^,* 4tPK*&ft»» ( r * " ' • ., ? n t *-v&f- PAR A3 A J?RQJ?*,§sra». \ ••• Jntfge Wiyw W?»4*H 8W«««." , .' , i-\^«-;. WHAT TBJS HOW A PRIMS MBH^TER Cabinet Ministers JJon, 'fhcmaa 9, ]Re$g, >-> : > /,-MrP.-"" -A.-"r-r"S-"''V % Naval Adventures, No Qttier periodical hns ever foeeu'nUl.e to (inuo |>y ihtcc CuUlnqt A OP TBB WTSRJOR. » OP AGRJ^VWyBg, »es, J, SECRETARY OF ! » , :( 4 fel Stories *, ;*•••

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