Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 12, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1946
Page 5
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»\ - *Y V^'£fWp&$x&^^ *j*tyj$«y^:«n4iv- A '#"^^^ [^Si!^•;5t;fi•J(?.^^^•flg^^^M^;^ £ H:^^,^v^4.^/r^i^fcl^.•i j-^ Page Fc, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Is R rt b ft S n i IS I s i •«! I Blond ie By Chick Young lilpPlii Friday, April 12, . . SHE HAS BEEN C A NAUSKrv GlpL AND IS "•W BEING COOKIE/ I'M SURPRISED AT VOU' IT WAS JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS COOKIE ?J \ PUNISHED *"" "-• -7 XXW'l- ' V^-'-i^-.'vv--.'>^- i AROUND Mfe»&fei Side Glances cai cr>v]iat_ilcins for mv diary] ?unny Business By Hershberger 'ness what?. 1 saiv'ci'fobin.this TIK Freckles and His Friends By Blosser . t TOO BAD/- -I WAS HOPIM& VOU MIGHT COME OVER. TO MY "^S^^ST^f^^ ^^C'l-C 7- '^ . HOUSE SO WE COULOi BETTER. ACQUAIMTED / BUT L---7 SUGGESTION!! SEE YOU AROUND, MELLOW MAN! _NEA StRVICg, IMC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. QFf ^nd^S^r/ 1 ' 0 ? - hiS f !llSC Whiskcrs lo tllc kllob iPv^ and ficlb yanked in when Ihe door onftnsl" tw\ >/>^ Popeye ThirnbSe Theater Out Our Way Evlw 1 ? 1 ?^- 1 Y T ° 6EE HOW L/ NOT JUST A VOU A ^"-T ( »»;<9B^ ,-vW. '..LETDOWN- TUJ A f-|^-r>r \ L6TCOWM THFRE \ THF HI III GLAMCE, LK.T li SlMCE TH' \ BOTTOM'S ALOMtA ^ WAR, HE'S MAKIM- \ FELL SLn-.' • SECOMD.-/•.-... SOMF; MHVVS- NOT LONG ^.r-'ERS LOOK / AOO IF VOU HAP A APPLE l'.\ :\ STEALINJ 1 A \ THEY'P PEEL i ; ' '-. '. "^--, V'l-^,P trc? V-. ,-r/ THE; LOOSE GATE „„,,«.,„...';;, By J, R. Williams OurBparding House Wifh Maj^r Hoople •" . ' ' f • • . •:••.. ;. ii't.. < -.-... t; HERE'S VOUR no, ^ZfuMp ? F ^/ES/XD, BLBSG vou, ^A.V •Mi&TeP./-—T- HPvDD/\// THUS IS ifei Fir^EYOUMG SENiTLE— 'CHASE IT TVJO St EAABAR.- < : -\ M/^M/—M^K.-H/XK/ BLOCKS AMD ATeUGK )} R^SSlNlG /v\ BV THE \M/\V, I'M A60OT ALMOST TAGGED ME-j^ —MOT AS TO ERECT AM ICECREAM VESTERDACV X r-- } FARTHlMG J\ FACTOR.V OlO TKlS CAUGHT A HAT FOR. J -, A GOOD LOOKUPS BlKD A80OT SIZE AM 1 He / ~ '^W f AMD I'LL SEB THKV •- m \ VOU AGE REWARDED , POCKETS/ Ac"? , / V VACANT LOT Ac"? v QUO. GRFsND i»4« er MLA ^thvicc. IN", r. M T.EC v 6 PAT OFF. A. HEART OF GOLD = Uut I was too lato! I into the room and called /WHEW 00 *\7T/.._._ . YOU GET THAT \ HIPPO/ HE'S COWINS DOWN COP5TUFF? ARE I INTHE THIRD ELEVATOR// YOU ALL RIGHT, / V HE'S.GOT A GUN/ . CIIMTO / V ^** • CLAMS* WMCER CALLED VVHAT * WU MEfiN SO THIS EXPLAINS HOW MOLW. WELL, WHAT APS )'OU MlMl! ICAHTHAROLV BELIEVE IT} MENTIONEp VOUG. \ DOAK ear HOLD OF MEf •J!IG'<? SOWS TO DO?. BINS- UP, FORWARD, DOWCHA miNK THE SASS05 AND SAV/ I NO. I'LL Let THEA<\ THE OLD WITCH, PEAPIE TCNIIARUE l;?^. NEVER DGEAMEO VOU L RAN OUT 0,\J M& VEARS Afl " HET-LLO, MOM AW POP! is rue REAL fof; DlDNlT KNOW WHO THEY WERE.' B. 1946 nv'tfE^acByjeE. IHC. T. M. RE&, u, s. PAT. OFF, 'SHE'S UETTIN5 UCJ5E~ UP "T !N T? ? " THECE . . . WS'S'E .SOT TO BEAT THAT AVALANCH./ ' VC'U CAN'T •Ali.'E Off .i. BE ... Wff'KE / BURIEP RIGHT IN ITS s«^r^ w^K^w^.' m \x%r^?4wiM 1 i * a-; ^rtsxsH&L- "&ii -~..:^iaa§^=' THREE DOLLARS! THAT'S ROSEERY.' I \VON'T PAY ' THREE POLLA.KS? J 1 . BUT WE CANVI PAP&UMMEP SOON CHAN&E THAT/ J4/ OH,OH.'\ APPARENTLY TH 1 I PON'T 1 US. PON'T RATE LIKE ANV RESPECT =iti?- THIS; -< AROUMP HERE.' .*»». f j %*f BRUWO cor LOOSE- 'IX WHILE I SLEPT IK] > ?^"P.Mi*S^ TRAINED); GOSH, MI5TEP, WE DIDU'T I =1,^ TRAP TH 15 BEAR- HE ^ll 0 -!^ VM5 OIA5IIJG SIR GAWAIWET M Jg BE DA WOODS/.C^'I MUCH MOWEY/ vwf \5 GHOST •VOAcf 1? GRIZZLT WROUGH Friday, April li, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED th Thro, Ads Must Be In Office . All Want Ads Cash In Advance Mm« . . . 2e word, minimum 30. „. . / a c wocd. minimum SOe Ono month Raters are for Continuous Insertions Only YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL' Before Publication • Not Taken Over the Phone , Se word, minimum 75e IBc word, minimum $2,70 For Solo CO I 1 T O N PLANTING SEED first yeni- from brooder. Ocrmll nation 00 per cent. Sec T. S. Mr- D»vltt. 1B . it ^ Real Estate for Sale FOSTER-ELLIS SOW AND 0 PIGS. SEE W ~B ^Juifiglos or phone 31-.I-4. 0-Ot TWO POUND ^rTi^T^TorTsALir '^l^ch^lSlS South Elm. 10-31 ONE NEW HOME ON WEST AVE(\ nut B. 5 rooms with bath. One complete set of furniture. Pur- L toll & Taylor. Phone 195-J. 8-Gt, HIGH QUALITY iSTV OLO . clucks, also started chicks. Jlope Feed Co. 8-Gt 200 BoisD'A"RC~p~b~s"rr "S^'E , Floyd Portcrfiolci. 0-Gl DEEP WEIX~DmLUNG~EQUIP- mcnt. Mrs. A. S. Wells, Prcscoll. ; Phono 312. (i.fif FULTON. SIX-ROOM JOHN DEERE "RIDING PLANT 7 - er. $30. Sec Robert Rowe, Old Fulton road. ]Q-3l house, wood conclltion, corner lot, 75 x ISO feet, priced lo sell. WEST FOURTH STREET, NICE lot. SOxlfil) foci, bargain. BEAUTIFUL RESIDENTIAL LOT, 85-foot frontage, ISii-foot depth, in excellent residential district, abstract furnished. CORNER ELM AND EAST SEV- cnlh, large residence, 7rixl5() fool lot ;ind lliree fiOxino residential lots in rear. BEAUTIFUL LOTS, 50x145 FEET in new colored Shovcr Village Addition just oast Yerger High School, liuy now, choice lots available. Cash or terms. Foster- Ellis, 108 East Second. Phono 66 1 , LARGE TOKIATO PLANTS ready to set out. Red Velvet Porto Rico potato plants, 50 per 100. $3.50 per 1000 postpaid. Tom Watson watermelon seed. $1.50 per pound. H. A. Smith, Vt. "3. cast of Hope, Prescott, Ark. 10-31 _^ va L TWO ADJOINING RESIDENTIAL lots, each 50 by 150 feet. Park addition. Both for $400. "• 40 ACRE FARM, NEW FIVE room house, deep well, garage, Dolco system, five miles north cast of Hope, one mile off Highway 07. a-Gt 1930 DODGE, ),i TON PICK-UP truck, good condition, five goori tires, Bull frame, ice frame, ball and sheets. Mrs. Louie Front?. DeAnn. n. Bt TWO STORY. TWO LOTS, OLD house, well located. ON HIGHWAY, SMALL in LARGE BARN IN FAIR CONDI• tion. Bargain. Mrs. L. C. Hasol- man, Ozan, Ark. 12-Gt NICE BUILDING THREE, ACRES, FOUR house, well located. ROOM LOTS, JUST ,'CUSTOM-MADE METAL VENE- tian bimuo. Tilt-Ray Venetian ; Blind Company, 1123 County Avc- I line, Tcxarkana, Ark. 10-31 | ;ID39 FOUR DOOR FORrJrJELUXE radio «ncl hontcr. Clean inside ' and out. 10U North Washington "10-31 west of courthouse. SEVERAL NICE FARMS, WELL located at fair prices. GOOD BLACK LAND NEAR PAV- cd highway. 5 ROOMS. TWO ACRES AND store on highway. GOOD QUALITY BROAD BREST j OURS IS" A COMPLETE REAL ES- Rrr^lT/O T*l 1 l*lf r*\* TDrnilfr- rjj-.»-.1- ,,,,,,.. 1'l1r> Qri i«t r i i in <^> <U,-, ,.„!! — .. J 1 Bronze Turkey Poults, Book youi orders now. Feeders Supply' Co 10-lm PLENTY HIGH QUALITY BABY / chicks. All heavy breeds, $12 per 100 or 13c in lesser amounts. Feeders Supply Co. 10-lm For Rent I/: NICE FRONT ROOM FURNISH- ed, private entrance. Prefer .working girls, 517 West 4th St. 11-31 Notice talc Service, to the seller, the buyer and the loan Company, on a fair and .equitable basis to all concerned. C. B. Tyler, Licensed Broker, 11!) Cotton Row. 9-Gt WHITE FRAME FOUR ROOM house on Main Street in Emmet. ¥1050. Tom White. Emmet. 9-Gt NICE FOUR ROOM"7lbuSE~AND acre and half of land in Spring Hill. Gas, water and lights. Spe Mrs. Thomas Collins, Spring Hill 10-31. ADVENTURES IN SPACE: The Story of Radar Page Five No. 10: A Ticket to the Moon BY DAVID DIETZ NotC'l RclciuV •\Vrllcr; Author of "Atomic Ktiui'tty In the Coming Urn," TCtc. (Written /or NEA Service) J) "ROCKET CRUISE TO *THE MOON" . . . "SPEND YOUR VACATION ON MARS" . . . Some day there may be advertisements like those. For radur researchers now are sure to turn their attention to interplanetary rocket flight. No doubt the first attempt will be sin ell'ort to reach the moon. As soon as* radar contact was made with the moon from Bel mar, N. J., on January 10, 1940, rocket enthusiasts began to discuss the possibility of sending a rocket to the moon. Such a rocket would have to leave the earth with n speed greater than 11 miles a second to escape the earth's gravitational pull. Perhaps it will use atomic power. . (2) The flight of .-such a rocket would be controlled by radar while astronomers follow its path on the oscillo- graph tube of the radar equipment. Ob, viously it would not be poss.Uc to see ,i the. rocket in a-telescope. Space is full '/ of "meteors wh'ich do not reflect enough sunlight to be visible. Obviously, also, ' no one would travel in that first rocket •~- for many reasons, including the danger. of collision with one of these meteors. • •• Whether passengers might eventually, ride in a rocket would depend upon thc_ result of many trials. ; (3) It might be decided to let the' first rocket crash into the moon. Since this would destroy tho rocket, the decision might also be made to load i the rocket with' phosphorus bombs, which would give off: a tremendous flash- of! light at the moment of impact. Such' a flash would light up the mountains and craters of the region where the; rocket landed and we can imagine as-j tronomcrs at their big telescopes wait- v iing for this flash of light. Perhaps it/' .would yi*ld new facts about the moon. I (4) At the- 'world's largest observa-' tories—the Mt. Palomar Observatory, with its 200-inch telescope, and Mt. Wilson with its 100-inch telescope—the explosion of the rocket would be photographed. It must be remembered that such telescopes give a view of the moon equivalent to what would be detained with the unaided eye if the moon were less than 50 miles. away. The long shadows cast by the bomb explosion would light up mountain peaks arvj craters from new angles and perhary give astronomers information of the ut>, most value about their structure./' iMO/VDAY: Svnc.c Ships. . 46fh Season NICE SIX ROOM HOUSE, LOT and half, good neighborhood, can give quick possession. Floyd Por- tcrficld - 10-tf SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE _ t _ __ ___ and 0 ROOM HOUSE. 7 MILES SOUTH'- bargains. Phone 47G. 14-lm IF-YOU NEED GRAVEL, SAND or dirt, call 712-J. Quick delivery. 15-lmo. FOR, ESTIMATES ON'AWNINGS, and Venetian blinds write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th Street.. ; Texarkana, Texas. lS-2m For Sale or Trade '-&1939 FORD PIcFc-~UP^"ALSo"l937 Ford Tudor and 1931 Chevrolet ; tudor. Esso Station, Emmet. 12-Rt Lost TWO GILT PIGS, 3 MONTHS old, one red spotted and the other white. Reward. Mrs. R. B. Kindrick. Rt. 1, Hope. 10-31 DARK BLUE CORDUROY CLOTH purse. Mrs. L. C. Hasolman's Eastern Star card -and other credentials and about $24 in cash. Reward. Star office. 12-31 Opportunities Offered HOME AND' "AUTO SUPPLY Stores-Franchise and merchandise availauie now for new Associate Stores. Write or wire. Kenyon Auto Stores, Dallas 1, • Texas. 19-2m For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark oast Emmet. Write J. E. Woodul, Emmet. Pa. 1. Box 59. 10-3t NEW MODERN FIVE ROOM house, immediate possession. See Harry. Blanton, 220 East' '13th Street. ll-Gt 9G ACRES, TWO~MILES~OUT" NO. 4 highway. Modern (i room home with all modern conveniences, two rent houses on place. 40 ACRES 2'/ 2 MILES OUT SOUTII- oasl, modern G room home, gas, lights and running water, and other bargains. See Riley Lewallen. 12-31 Wonted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNl- turc, one piece or more. Any amount. Wnat have you? Phone 873. ll-im Found for Southern By the Associated Press Facing a season as unpredictable as any in the past, the Southern Association opens its parks today for the 4Gth campaign, but its first as a class AA league. There's little among the various learn rosters to indicate ;> resemblance of last year's personnel with numerous players back from the service, and that's where Ihe situation defies prophesy. It isn't a question of manpower, or iio\v strong a club may be, but how strong the opposition will be. Atlanta, the defending cham- mon, has only two players of its 1945 regulars, and practically the •"""n ior"*Hion exists elsewhere around the league. The sports writers favor the Crackers to retain the title, but the managers won't venture a guess. They maintain it'll lake a month of action for the clubs lo begin showing their true colors. ^Afternoon games at Atlanta and Nashville, and night games at New Orleans and Memphis, make up the opening card. The teams are idle Saturday, but play doubleheaders Sunday, are off Monday and then reverse the scenes for the second round of opening games on Tuesday, with the pairings the same. j An estimated 43,000 fans arc expected to attend, surpassing last gear's first-day crowds by 12,000 fapocial pro-game ceremonies are scheduled for all games cxce-it the Birmingham-Atlanta till In addition (o the 13,000 expected at Atlanta, 10,000 are looked for at Memphis whore the Chicks entertain Little Rock: 12 - UUO for the New Orleans-Mobile S amc - and 8,000 for tlie Chata- noga-Nashville tilt. Cloudy but dry weather was generally forecast for all games. o State Track SPORTS -If Booh i FaDcrtOB. Jr,- TWO RED ANS BLACK SPECK- led pigs about 5 weeks old. Came to my place April 1. Sec L. J. Blackmail, Rt. 4, Hope. Owner hnvo same by paying for 9-2w feed and this ad. TAKEN UP WITH MY CATTLE three hereford cows since April 1. See W. B. Ruggles or phone 31-J-4. o-Ol Wanted WASHINGS AND IRONINGS, bring lo Mrs. W. C. Ward, old DeAnn highway, two miles out. ll-3t Revived on Saturday Services Offered EXPERIENCED STAFF OF bookkeepers will keep your books for only §;1 per week. Mail card today for information on this nationwide new service. Dollar- A-Weck Bookkeeping Service. 304 P & M Building, Tcxarkana. 19-lm REGISTERED SPENCER COR- soliero, individually designed corsets, brassiers, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Dozier, S18 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phono 144-J. 29-lm LAWN MOWERS, REPAIRED^ Sec (Oscar) T. 15. Femvick, 1015 West Avenue B. Phone 195-W. 10-31 Lille Rock, April 12 — W)— The Arkansas High School Conference track and field meet, a war casualty since 1942;-will bo revived at Jigcr stadium tomorrow, and the bi« news is that Little Rock high school, winner of 90 consecutive cinder path trophies, is not certain of the championship. AUhouph their coach, loni? John ihompson insists his team is weak jm field events, the Fort Smith lUmzhcs arc .favored to ?ive the .Tigers the best run for their money since the Little Rock thinclads be gan their track monopoly 20 years The upstate Bruins are believed to have some of the best running threats ever to represent them in " conference meet, desoitc the fact that the Fort Smith school discontinued track competition ciurinc the war. The Russcllville Cyclones also arc considered a chief threat to Little v Rock's upremacy, and Hot Springs is expected to enter an otmcr stout team. Rounding out the seven-team field will be Camden, North Little Wanted! TELEPHONE All Dimensions — 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. Female Help Wanted EXPERIENCED WAIT RESS wanted. Diamond Cafe. Phone 822. 3-tf SEE US FOR - . . v Wallpaper Paint Glass Roofing Lumber Cement Sand Gravel Screens ALL BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 178 Harlan-West Lumber Co, Hqzel ond Division New York, April 12 —(/P)-f- Herman Koiser, tabbed the slowest golfer since Cyril Walker won the open, played the first three, rounds of the Augusta masters tournament wearing an old pair of dungarees turned up around his ankles . . . For the final day he came out wearing his "Sunday pants" and shot his worst round of the tournament . . . California Bill Kyne, bidder for the Suffolk Downs race track, wants to have Massachusetts people in for at least half the deal. .... Dan Reeves, who pulled a fast one on the rival football league by switching his Cleveland Rams to Los Angeles, made another quick switch lo get himself a California house. Meantime Chile and Adam Walsh, native Califos- nians, arc living in hotels. Shorts And Shells Carl Hcidcl, star southpaw of the Colgate U. baseball team, suffered a severe' shrapnel wound in his itching hand while on the Sieg- friend line . . . Delicacy, one of the best broodmares in America, Expect 5,000 for Hogs' Spring Show Fayetteville. April 12 —W) — Tho largest crowd ever to. witness an mtrasquad spring practice 'ooibail game at I!/a University of Arkansas is forecast for the annual Red- White dress rehearsal in Razorback stadium tomorrow. Predictions of athletic officials have ranged up to 5,000— which would surpass atenclancp j n v "-'any past regular season geaines. Ihe reason is that Arkansas :.'ans arc eager for a look-see at the Porkers under the new regime of "find Coar-h John Rarnhill, whom the U. of A. lured away from iennessco with a fivo-ycar contract calling for $10,000 'per. Also adding to the attraction will be the presentation of an automobile and the "university man of the year" award to Journalism Professor W. J. Lemke. The automobile is being presented by former students who received Lemke s newsletters while they served in the armed forces. For this work Lemke also has been named the univeristy's "Man of the Year " Two former Razorback athletes who won the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War Two, Foot- sie Britt and Nathan Gordon, will take part in the ceremony honoring Lomkc. As many as 90 gridnion—all who are left from an original spring squad of 125 — may see action in tomorrow's tussle. The practice tilt, however, cannot be billed as the final struggle for next fall's starting positions. Barnhill expects to add more than 30 outstanding 1945 prep stars to his roster in September and some of them probably will make strong bids for iirst-string berths. -o ,.. Arkansas Sportettes By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Writer Elmer Smith, new athletic director at Magnolia A. and M. College, proposes that another basketball tournament be added to the already heavy annual schedule of dribble parties in Arkansas. He wants to see the Arkansas intercollegiate conference stage a meet every season and will submit the proposal at the conference's next meeting. Smith, a navy veteran, suggests that the state's collegiate teams could play in both conference and AAU tournevs. although he op poses 'the latter. "Why shoiuu me colleges of Arkansas support the AAU?" he asks. "They never know what they're going to meet in the way of opposition, which in the last few years has included service and independent teams. We aren't in the same class. "Oilier college conferences have annual tournaments — and evei. the high schools do. We could still have our season championship races, and in event two different teams win the season and tournament titles, they could play it oft 1 ." The Magnolia athletic boss may have something there, but it's a good bet that the colleges will has a son, a grandson and a granddaughter eligible for the Kentucky Derby — Pot Likker, Little Tip and Hashcamp . . . Slu Adams, star Radnor, Pa., high school bas- kctballer, is reported heading for Long Island U. though west coast schools also have been bidding lor him . . . When Z. G. Clevenger, Indiana U. -athletic director, completed 22 years of perfect atend- ance in the Bloomington Rotary Club he was rewarded with a cig- aretc lighter. He doesn't smoke. One From The Book When Charlie McManus. who rc- -"vily retired as Natick, Mass., high school hockey coach, took the .n -. n-'ie -ears ago he never had played the ;;ame. . .Rather than juniu Ins ignorance and lose the job, Charlie bought a book and studied up ... It wasn't until his team was about to play its first game that the boys opened up and told McManus that ho was using an outdated book and that modern 'hockey is played with six men on i-a side, not seven. never quit the AAU event. Observation Dept. Manager Willis Hudlin of the Little Rock Travelers jokingly points out that only one team can win the Southern Association pennant. "From what I've read," Hud commented the other day, "every team except us is going to win — or so they say." At.least, Hud is glad his boys haven't been put on the iipot. Razorback's War Record Good Joyce Pipkin, University oi Arkansas fullback from Hot Springs, had one of the most dangerous jobs on record during World War Two, says Col. B. P. Purdue, head of the university's military art department. I Pipkin was a member of an j underwater demolition crew lor the I navy -.His job was to swim in and make reconnaissance; return to his ship for explosives and then swim back and plant the charges in any underwater obstacles which might |have prevented ships i'iom passing safely through the water. A volunteer after previous service with the Seabecs, Pipkin was with the underwater operators i'or two years and participated in the invasions of Saipan, Guam, the Philippines and in three undpi- water operations off Okinawa. He was overseas 1U months and was awarded the Bronze .star and Unit Citation. The former Hot Springs prep star played freshman football at the university before the war and has three years of eligibility remaining. Both Col. Purdue ana Grid Coach John Harnhill describe him las "a hard worker in everything 'he undertakes." Political, Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: • Congress, 7th District PAUL GEUEN BRUCE BENNETT 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON Hompstead County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. SUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER 'For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK Tax Assessor C. COOK By CARL LUNDQUIST Now York, April 12 — (UP)—Big time baseball came back to the bij; town today for the first time since the 1041 World Scries and 'coinci- clcnlnlly Hie opponents arc the same ns in lh:it .fateful year — the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees. In .fairness to the guys who kept the major leagues going during the intervening war years, it must be emphasized that there was baseball of a .sort from 1042 until 1945. The fans loved it, .the boys overseas regarded it as a cherished -vjnbnl of what they were fighting for. and the late President. Koosc- velt thought enough of jt as -a hoine-iroiu activity to give it an annual "green light" to operate. But as the stars went away one by one to the grimmer game, the brand of baseball grew progressively more inferior until at the finish few of the 16 major league imrns "'nulcl iip>'n boon ''bin 1n d' 1 more than to have made • a good *.n_u 01 u in a iirst rale pre-war minor circuit. Along with the return of first class talent and the prosperity that marked the first golden age of sport in the era after the last war, there are indications that this may be a most extraordinary year. There may be a new reign o£ wonderful nonsense." Throughout Ihe spring training days ball players have been jumping to the fabulously wealthy Mexican League, whose operators, 'ihc PasQucl brothers have more shekels than probably any of the major league owners. Some of the players have jumped back, making for a state of uncertainty where i anything can happen and probably Iwill. j Yesterday was as good nn ox- jnmplc of what to expect as any. [The Yankees and Dodgers playing •"i R'-iHimruv 1 had a fame called because small boys swarmed on to the field for close look at their ! heroes, in Richmond, Va., the IClovolnnd Indians not help from ! an electric light wire in beating j Uio Now XOI-K" Giants. 1 to 3. The I wire played a freak role. Pat Scer- ey of the Indians popped up a high fly that looked like a sure out until it struck the wire and :Ccll for a double. A minute later, Mickey Roccq singled Seercy home with the winning run. California occupies more than one-half the Pacific coastline of the United States. Home of UN New York, April 11 — W 5 )—JVTayor William O'Dwyer announced today the selection of the world's £air site at Flushing Meadow as the interim meeting place of the United Nations. The Sperry Gyroscope plant at Lake Success, Long Island, Ion considered as a possible site of the interim headquarters, was chosen as office headquarters of the United Nations, the mayor added. The announcement was made after a 20-mjnute meeting this morning of Trygve Lie, U. M. sec- retaiy general: Grover Whalen, who has been assisting U. M. officials' in seeking a satisfactory site in New York, and the Board of Estimate of New York City. O'Dwyer said the city had agreed to advance $1,250,000 for improving the Flushing Meadow Park aim the interior of the municipal building, now used as a skating rink. The municinal building is contemplated for meetings of the general assembly. OH, WELL San Diego, April 10 —(/P)— Ten Fat Tom 35-year-old nativo of China, became a citizen of the United States in 1943, but his naturalization certificate ir>"dvert- ingently gave his name as Tim Fred Tom. Now he has petitioned court to sanction the new name, because — sighs Tom — the army also listed him as Tim Fred Tom ,and he might as well make it legal. IT'S HXvPPENED C'->ion. Calif.. April 12 — (#>)— You've heard the one about ihi. '••• ..'l-i i ' n.i ai.jlo everything but the kitchen' sink. Bert Loomis of Chico is lucking for an intruder \\liu broki. iirn. i.., home and departed with li'.uLu but, — the kitchen .,iivk. For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative . Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Laney Appoints Advisory Group on Vet Recreation . Litle Rock, April 11 —(/P)—Gov- ]ernor Laney today announced ap.- Ipointment of an .advisory commit- j tee composed of representatives of various patriotic organizations to assist the Arkansas Veterans Recreational Memorial Association hi its plans for a recreational lodge for veterans. Governor Laney also said arrangements had been made fnr the association to lease approximately 40 acres in Lake Catherine state park.. The first meeting of the advisory committee will b£ Jield April 26 and plans \yill be made then to operate the recreational center this .season if possible, Laney said. The committee is composed of W. J. Smith, Little Rock, representing the American Legion; Mrs. Laura Lee .Cox, Hot Springs, American Legion Auxiliary; J. E. Garner, Fort Smith, Veterans of Foreign Wars; Mrs. O. S. Worii- ack, Hot Springs, VFW Auxiliary; (Nelson Thornton, Camdeh, United Spanish War Veterans, and Mrs. f™.™™ AH °9 1 l tze1 ' UNSWV Auxiliary. MATTRESSES Remade Like New, Guarantee to Use Same Cotton — All Work Guaranteed — Pick Up and Deliver Anywhere Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Hope, Rt. 2 Phone 34-J-2 Sportfolio Razorback Basketball Coach Gene Lambert thinks '.five of his cage lettcrmen will be back i'rom the war in time to play next season. They aie Jesse Wilson, Hubert Honea, Roxie Rankin, Alan Car.? ter and Chuck Lively, all former starters . . . "We'll need them, to," says Gene. "With so many veterans returning at all Ihe Soutli- .west Conference schools, comui:ii- Ilion will be lovigh." . . . Bob Mis- 'tele, Lille iiock righthander, NOTICE —WE HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for repairs, parts and supplies. We do hemstitching and make button holes. Buy, Sell and Exchange Machines. C. W. VANCEY, Singer Dist. P^one 57SJR 'learned his baseball under Razor- jbaok Uacki'ii'ld Coach Deke Bracket when the latter was diamond coach at Ilumpdon-Syndncy college .... Fort Smith High school will stage its first night track and Held |meiM in hisloiy April 10, with ten i teams slated lo compete . . . Ace 'Kell\r. ] r .n-ponnd frr-shnum, may be the "overlooked" back on the lAiKansas ;-!nrl squad. Brought up .from the "U" squad for a spring scrimmage last week, the "mighty •mite" ran his new varsity male':; ; ragged. JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICd For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Pnone 209 304 East 2nd COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane &»* Phone 370 Hope, Ark. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SH5VER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. i Rock and Benton. The nine other conference members had not signified today intentions of sending rey- rp -->ntiijv es < o th e meet. Preliminaries in running events Wuj uo reeled off tomorrow morning and the finals are carded for 2 p. m. FIRST LINE BATTERIES Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main Doug /"*| TV Carl Bacon V*«i I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 FRED'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE We soecialize in REPAIRS ON Chrysler, DodQf, Plymouth, DeSoto, all General Motors Cars Plione 202 4th and WnshinQton Wanted to Buy USED FURNITURE of all kinds COMMUNITY FURNITURE STORE 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs 1023 South Main Phone 382-J ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize In all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE . 209 South Main St. Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co r ;: "' 214 East 3rd,8t:, -. ...Jv PHONE 513V v ftWHi Appliance Repairs—Appliance* YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mottress Co, For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service In town- Bargains in Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 41 IS. Hazel Expert Repair Work On all makes of cars Phone 1118 BARNEY GAINES GARAGE 213 South Elm St. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Loe 7 s Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring ^-. • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Phone 222 for Private Dining Room Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark, Arkansas Bank Building

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