The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 6, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1895
Page 2
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th« road, was WhlH a'fefabft !lvf*r^«ut;Mefi niites ffeni rtMittttatly killed toy, frbtfi"' ft hettb he was O IT-SSi fSiX ^¥1s> '>,?" .,* JSM.HS* ',7B.i- - '-•??.---'j^'.-.j. "- " -'-T-J* '£*>•?»' „ ,'* ^*ifi>&a fiftd roiled crdfflpletely Ov6r Wolcdlt had one fifm broken, hiS e^shfed, afid it }fe feared is fatally JflWd ititefaally, firemftH Caged with fattly Slight Cdndu'etdf Qftrnmofl, who Was so ; ttfidusly, injured Hi the wwdk blxty . toiles Sttjrth Of fisthelvillti that his lite • was despaired of, is bette* arid "Will ,j»f>flba.bly live. Besides haying one 6f , hislegsbroken in twoplatfea, hfj- Was v Injured about thc'nead and hips. He ^'isnttw lying at his home in Esthefville. '" In the autopsy over the body of Mrs. Jtelstrom, who died at Mason City and .yf&6 Vuified at Estherville, no trace of poison being found in the stomach, it "was decided that death resulted from '/fcatural causes. ; / V BLOODY GARMENT. *ell« a .Btury oFdanT^n the Scramon Murder Mystery. , '..jBFffEBSOir, November 3.—Sheriff •" Dodge has made some important ais- 1 <sover$es in connection with the murder ,', of the man found dead in a corn field near Scranton recently. -Investigation "1 reveals the, fact that the man was ' slugged 'outside tha 'tfcld, as wagon ' tracks leading froni the road to the ' spot where the body was found may be / .scent and here the tracks halt, shoW- Vine where the vehicle turned around ; ! and went back over the same route. About seventy rods; from rtbis spot a 'coat'was found upon .which are blood stains. The dead man when discovered -- was without "a ~<coat. Whether the garment belonged to him or to one of ' the party -who noticed the blood stains and threw*, the coat away to avoid I detection'cannot yet he determined. SherifrtDoflge is hard at work on the - case and f believes he will yet locate ; the assassins. \ / KILLED A,.BURGLAR. by es- tfoht ft C5at« t»ftd. Novembef 2.— Patrick Devafiy,<quite'a aotorious character at Scj*antott t has just comhlenced serving a two years 'and si* months sentence at -Fort MadiSoh for hog stealing. While a freight train halted at Scranton, he got into a car, opened the door and kicked out four hogs and then tried to sell them to the stock buyers next day. The dealer wouldn't tako them and upoii investigation the fact* were developed and he was taken and found guilty. An appeal was taken, but Devany was defeated. HARD BLOW TO DAVENPORT. . Alleged Criminal-at Washington Killed V,' 'by a SherilT, _ * WASHINGTON, October 31.—On infor- .'.'mationfromd^Carmichael & Son, of Eichland/ 'thatt ,'four s stores had been . burglarized there the night before, and '•' to look-out: for • well-dressed burglars 1 -with'*razors branded' "Cannichael & \fion" and* money," cutlery and revolvers ' in their possession; Sheriff Teeter sent Deputy^William Black and City Marshal John'lieath".to -the Rock Mand depot'''to'reconnoitre. A number of ' suspicious .characters were found near .the coaV'phute. Sheriff Teeter went \ down ' and while investigating was .attacked by 'th'e ganjr, whereupon he fired, killing one of the four. Help arrived!and the others were captured. The stolen goods were found in their possession. MISFORTUNES OF A RiVER BOAT. One Man Killed In n Disabling Explosion --Tlie Engineer Nearly Killed. ,' DAVENPOBT, November 1.—The Steamer Libbie Conger, of St. Louis, returned to Davenport from an unsuccessful effort to get over the Bock Island "Eapids. One of her flues col- ' lapsed, she lost her whole head of steam and drifted helpless in the current in ' • ope of the most dangerous passages on * thle'entire Mississippi, till" fortunately 1 ' her anchor Caught and held and other ,, boats came to her assistance.' - After '. the explosion Chris Batallia, an em- ploye, was missed and is supposed to have been blown-in to .the" river and drowned. He was 45 years old, lived ' at fit, I<ouis, and was a Swiss, with no ', relatives in America. ' , , IOWA FARMER IS ROBBED, One Hundred and Thirty Men Thrown Out of Employment. BAVExroivr, November 2.—The large band and gang saw mills of the Cable Lumber company were entirely destroyed by fire. The fire caught from the stack. The loss is about 875,000, well covered by insurance. One hundred and thirty men are thrown out of employment. Chrlotlau Endeavor DES MOINKS, November 1.—The Y. P. S.' 0. B. state convention elected these officers: President, R.ev. A. D. Kinzer, Perry; secretary, Miss Nellie Goodell, Spencer; treasurer, C. F. McNiel, Burlington; superintendent junior department, Miss Ollie Hoover, West Branch; pood citizenship department, Rev. D. W. Fahs, Independence; prison work, Miss Belle Powers, New Hamp- tqn; flower missions, 1L R Roberts, Postville. Fire at Mlnbnrn. Adel, November 4.—Fire at Minburn destroyed several stores and a residence. The loss will probably amount to several thousand dollars. It is supposed to have originated in a defective flue. - CONDENSED ITEMS. ,, ; 6tt v s ftlo* Jafielr-0 s|mckl says: News ttf Par* conflfttis 6t thfe' pmsage dl tfobpS the territory iof Veaeittisla, ltis trellefetl this will fcMng the intef- national oisputfe to a crisis at oiie€. 1 LOM)0»j Octobef Sl.^Thd 8t*6ct says it believes that most thoughtful 'Engiiehmeii Respect attd^npprove tho 'essential pfiadple of* the Mb«roe doefefine and do not cttfd to challenge of prevent its operation, "We do not t!f it adds, "Want to add to our possessions in America, and ofd therefore willing not to dispute when the United States gives us notice that she will consider herself injured If we try to-increase them. In the meantime we wish that the existing occasion could be utilized for a public understanding between us and the United States relative to the Monroe doctrine, and we would like to see a treaty concluded that would guarantee the recognition of that poctrine." NEW Yonic. November 4.—A dispatch Ifrom Barbadoes, W. I., says: People here have been startled by tho announcement that a commander named Eilbert, on board a Venezuelan coast guard,'has shot down Thomas Garcia, owner of the British schooner Myosotis on board that vessel while on a voyage from' Port au Spain, Trinidad, in a most unprovoked manner. The main facts of the occurrence have been reported to the administration at Trinidad and a report on; the same is now on its way to London for the information of the secretary of state for the colonies arid the cabinet. It is believed this will • give/England an excuse for declaring war against Venezuela. •••• •• * % . •. .,• . • ^ ' .• r . MURDEROUS TURKS. tit flu ftotat* tfrctbnii* 3l. fcs§ bfcet rtaeftsd tfet s«Hdr,«ihe M&frJptftgl .A&tetla Clufe fttid Attb^flSf i&ngril JttyWb-tthyl CbflrtStt* !s to- be Weflght to flock tdafcswef ta the, 4ssttfed> froth 'Maski tso'ttftiyf fight Is teinporaf ily poslpoheaj pend* ing a hiring la the casa, provided the clwli people entered" ifltd tbeatfWieBient ifa good faith, FitzsttntnObs has also be6n placed tinder afrrest fey the sheriff whocatfieda warrant swofn otit by the governor Th& militia has asainv Wed at Little Rock HOT Stttmes, November 1.—Last night was the time originally set fdf the big fight, but it did not take place, Corbett is here, but FitzsJmmotts is in Little ftock attending court. Lrm.fe ROCK, November 3.—Brady ( for Corbott, has made & proposition to fight; Julian* for Fit?simmons, has accepted it, aad if the latter's money goes up at once, the battle will probably come off at a place as yet in doubt. LITTI.E KOCK, November 4.--The big fight is off as far as Arkansas is concerned. The charges against the pugilists have been dismissed with the Understanding that they will leave the state without fighting. Ilootlto'Charge! Dropped, Galesburg, 111., Nov. 2.—The grand jury, which has been investigating tho alleged boodling cases here, returned their report yesterday, but not a word was said about the boodlers. The jury did not consider the evidence given of sufficient importance to return an indictment. . .. BRIEF ITEMS. Thieve* Take Bis , i' Containing Wl.400, ', CHICAGO, November 3-~-Peter Fleck, • 9 farms? living near Milo, Iowa, came - to phieagQ carrying 1 8J,4Q° in his inside ,'; pocket/ He , was, walWng along 'Custom House, njaee when two-colored, wome« stepped put of a hallway and accosted hi in, -Fleck attempted to P»§9 »l«ng» w hTO °w pf them seized ;-^ishat from, his head and ran back the hallway. Peck' Creston dispatch: A bold daylight robbery was perpetrated at the rooms of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Agnew, in the Dunn-Johnson block, between 5 and C o'clock p. m., and as a result of the visit of the robber or robbers Mrs. Agnew is minus two diamond rings, a handsome gold ring and a gold watch, while Mr. Agnew's wardrobe was depleted to the extent of a good winter overcoat. Mr. Agnew was at work in his dark room during 1 the afternoon and about 5 o'clock his wife came in from a snopping tour. She laid her watch and rings on a dresser in the front room, and after resting a few moments stepped into another apartment for a few moments. Boon after she discovered that a thief had been in. the rooms. Ottuinwa dispatch: Gracie Harper was not' kidnapped, nor did she elope with young StrSngfellow. This much has been discovered by her lover, James Velvick, of Nebraska, who followed the missing girl to Malcom. Gracie gqttho letter from .her mother at Malcom,. and ,later the telegram announcing the death of her mother,, but thought they-were a mere ruse to get her home, Velvick says that Mrs, Bishop had §2,000 in good notes, and as they are missing, V$slvjgk thinks that perhaps Gracie ha,s taken them and expects to realize on them, W. T, llpbbs, a neighbor >vho has the children, believes the woman poisoned herself to escape further persecutions of the man Peavy, whom many believe to be Jack Harper. Velvick hope's to find his sweetheart at Tama City. In the 'United States .court at Des Moincs last week the jury in the case of the United States vs. John Qollett, Gabriel Johnson, George Johnson and Hetty Johnson, wife of George Johnson, returned » verdict of guilty against all the defendants on the con* chargp and of guilty against feadaJnts except Mrs. Johnson on charges ; ,o? resisting a-n officer, nterfering" with an officer in the dis* Pharge of his flytfes? an4, shooting an with murderous intent wbil^ in, 'Th>/ " " LONDON, November 1.— The Standard prints a Constantinople dispatch, giving, under reserve, a report that 3,000 persons were killed during the fighting between Armenians and Moham- medans, at Bitlis. The Daily News has a Constantinople dispatch placing the number killed at 700. CONSTANTINOPLE, November 1. —A sensation was caused by the report, that it is generally believed three Armenian notabilities of Trebizond, including prominent ecclesiastics, will be executed;on the ground that they are responsible for the recent rioting in Constantinople.. There are grave fears that another 'massacre of' Armenians in Sassouri is imminent. "United States Minister Terrell advises missionaries to leave there. : , CONSTANTINOPLE, November .2.—An attempt has been made to burn the American college at Marsovan, Armenia. The incendiaries have not been discovered. Trouble has been impending there for over a year. Turkish officials charged a number of Armenian students in the college with connection with revolutionary plots, and on this presentation several of them were sent away. Several American professors in the college fell under suspicion at the time and Minister Ten-ill, nearly a year ago, notified the state depai-t- ment that these professors had been marked for slaughter. * DOUBLE NEBRASKA ELOPEMENT. visit t0 ftB thd bUJldiflg 11 fcieWplfed tts 'tfe«4 meat pf ifitiaf ^ftce. This? mend that eongfess, withflutdela,^a|H point a prepfef eofti!nksi6ti df professional men to ly and with eertdititj; itito the tectUl-al stabitttji 1 df the tf lilted States goveffiinettb printing office." Thefts ftre often ffom d,SOO to i,&00 pedple employed in the building, which has been repeatedly pronounced a death trapi Measures fof f eli^f have invariably been stopped by a disagreement between the two hotises of congress as to the hew site to be selected, charges of jobbery being always made either on one side or the other. DEMMSEY IS DEAD. Tho famous "Xonpafcll" Succumbs in vflalvtsilocfc el dfthdfni^east tfated at FoW Chafi, afid adds: fifitaih is sefiously seeking a . for deelafifag waf updn Cfaitsa, in der to doubter act, the successes of Ma'atkdwstbf^'het ••••"""•' —•- Two rolitlciaiis Lead Two l!)-Yoar-Old Ulrls Astray. WAVEHI.Y, Nebraska, November 3,— Dr. George' McCandless and E. R, Vining, prominent Nebraska politicians, have eloped with Misses Alice Miller and Margaret Ward. The girls are 18 j'ears old, and connected with the first families of this community. Miss Miller left home, saying she was going to visit friends in. Lincoln. Dr. McCandless left Waverly about the same time. The register of a Lincoln hotel showed tho following entry: ' *G. A, McCandless and friend, Waverly." The young ladies appeared in that city shortly after, ^he eloping quartette then left, destination unknown, FRENCH CABINET. the diechRrL'e of hj6 v-r . , «) ryi r i em f t . .''..* IMS M, Uourgemg Announces the Kecljilonts of Of the Portfolios, PAWS, November 3,—*M. Bourgeois has succeeded in forming a'cabinet, all the portfolios haying been accepted with the exception of that of tt?P foreign , ministry.' The new cabinet Js constituted as follows? Prime minister and minister of the interior, M. Bourgeois minister of war, M, minister of marine; M. LooUroy, ster of finance, M< Poumer; minister of justice, M, Riebardi ininister pf'the eo}oBi,es, ,M; Pombe^s, (Q^jster Of public installation §n^ wpr*h}p/M of pnbilie wprke* At Chillicothe, Ohio, a few dags ago, W. W. Wiudle, the bicyclist, broke three world's records which were held by Champion Johnson. He made, a half mile in 48 seconds flat. Johnson's record Was 51 seconds. The quarter was niade in 22 4-5 seconds against Johnson's record of 23, and the „ third in 30 3-5 seconds, against Johnson's record of 32 3-5. City Marshal Shultz, of Tiffin, Ohio, went to the country home of J. J. Martin to arrest him for attempted assault on his brother-in-law. On the way to town Martin managed to draw a revolver and killed Shultz. Martin was placed iu jail and after Shultz's funeral a mob gathered to lynch him. Sheriff Van Nest and three guards warned the mob baclc, but they broke down the doors and proceeded to the grating. Then the guards fired killing two of the leaders, one of whom carried a rope. The'mob gathered up the dead and dispersed. The local militia was called oat and to prevent further trouble Governor McKinley called out four companies. Martin was tnoved to Fremont. Advices from an Armenian source report the occurrence of a terrible massacre near Baiburt, on the road between Erzeroum and Tribizonde. These reports allege than five hundred Mussulman Laizes, armed with Henry- Martini rifles and supported by the Turkish inhabitants of several villages, attacked and murdered a large number of Armenians, and it is further alleged that a number of young' men and women were burned alive at stakes and that many women were outraged and horribly mutilated. Alter the churches had been desecrated, tho Mussulman mob pillaged the villages and stole'all the cattle and other property of value they could carry off. It is stated upon tho same authority that over one hundred and fifty Armenians were killed. The inhabitants of these villages liqd made application to the government of Baiburt for protection against the raids of the Mussulmans, but the government sent only tbreo gendarmes, who did not arrive until tho murder and pillage were over. San Francisco dispatch: The list of missing and overdue ships is increasing, The Lord Brassey has been eighty-one days out from Hong Kong fon San Francisco, Other vessels concerning which there is anxiety are the Lady Lawrence, from New ' Castle for Valparaiso-, the Noddleburl, New Castle for Tocopilla; the Soudan, Cardiff for Callao; and the Timura, Melbourne for London. The vessels in '•which tho San Franciscans are njost interested are the Star of Austria and Lord Spencer, which are considered as good as lost', and to these have been added the Earl of H«petoun> Tatoosh for Adelaide; the Nordlysol, Clyde for San Francisco; and Csissadonn, Clyde for San Francisco, On boa''d those of the overdue fleet for wblph there is no real pause tp feel anxious arp apowt IPO otflcsra there is pause fop some hujj n,Qt> serious' ' Ore., November 2.—- Jack Dempsey, the famous "Nonpareil" of pugilistic circles, is dead. Dempsey was never whipped until he met Fitzsimmons at New Orleans upon tho "Kangaroo's" arrival in this country. It is the belief of many that his death really resulted from the punishment inflicted by the Australian in the prize ring, although it developed into undoubted consumption. He was born at Newburg, N. Y. lie was a cooper by trade .and iflrst became noted in athletic circles as- a wrestler, later turning to pugilism. He defeated George La Blanche, the "Marine," •lack Foggarty, Johnny Regan and a host of others. A QUAKE AT ROME. Vlolont Shock of EarthquakiJ Damages UullUIngg. $ : '"• " , ROME, November 2.—This -city was visited by violent shocks of earthquake at 5:40 a. m. People were aroused from their slumbers and fled to the open squares and the greatest consternation prevailed. The convent of Santa Ma.ria Maggiore was greatly damaged. A portion of the outer wall was overthrown and a part of the ceiling has fallen, Four palaces and the Bank of Italy were so shaken that they are rendered iinsafe for occupancy. The Plazo Des Calchi, one of, the finest palaces in Rome and ' five other structures of that character, are seriously damaged. The building of the ministry of finance was slightly damaged. „_______ THE POPE'S SUCCESSOR. t October 31,— A dispatch, cekedffdm Seoul says the dfficidlS have announced thei? tidti «f evacuating Cofea at th§ tiffleoS the evacuation of the 1?Ufig peninsula takes place. The patch says that the disbanding' of Corean troops tfained by the Japalieser. as demanded by the Russian and French governmettts^is.regarded With anxiety in tfapdncso official'circles, as, ' it is claimed this would leave the king' > dom of Corea without any force with which to maintain order after the Japanese depart. LONDON, October 31.— The Vienna ( correspondent of the Daily Telegraph . learns that Russia admits that a seiz*- < ure ol Port Arthur, even With China's consent, would be a breach of interna* tional agreement, but she considers that tho railway concessions in Manchuria concern only herself and China. SHANGHAI:, November 4.—The repQrfc that a treaty has been concluded between Russia and China by which China would become practically a tributary to Russia, appeared first in the China Gazette of October 1C. It is believed that the story is based on the truth, but the Corean affair entirely upsets it. x SEOUL, November 4.—The report that thirteen Russian war ships have.' assembled at Port Arthur is confirmed. Latest advices respecting the Russian fleet stated that it was at Chee Foo.' THEY CANNED DISEASED HORSES. Ho the Will Not Be ft Foreigner, for Italians Rule the College. ROME, November 3.—The next consistory to be held will leave the Italians in a majority of three over the foreign cardinals in the conclave, and, art there will remain but three cardinals' hats vacant, the supremacy on the Italian vote is assured over any possible combination in favor of a foreign candidate for the pontificate. Accounts of tho pope's health are highly contradictory, and the truth probably is that he constantly over-taxes his strength and thus induces fainting fits, which alarm his attendants. Alleged Crime of a Hammond, Jnd., Firm of Meat Packers. v HAMMOND, Ind., November 2.^-Three employes of the Moerschkes' Meat Packing company have been arrested by Sheriff Ben Hayes and four deputies after a most exciting chase through the dense timber and brush in one of the loneliest and most inaccessible parts of Lake county. The men , were armed with heavy axes, which they attempted to use on their captors, but they were overpowered and brought to Hammond in a patrol wagon used in the chase. At police headquarters they gave their names as Ferdinand Grimm, William Ott and Matthew Meier. The charges against them are killing diseased horses and disposing of the meat for food. The men were placed under $300 bonds, in default of Which they were taken to Crown Point/ Meorschke, the owner and head of the concern, is in Indianapolis' trying to get an injunction in the United States court to enjoin the officers from interfering with his business. Warrants are out for his arrest and he will be-> taken just as soon as he steps inside of> Lake county. MAKE BRAZIL A MONARCHY. Plot The Government Has Discovered » to That Effect. Rio JANEIRO. November a. —The government, through the interception of telegrams sent to Europe, has discovered a plot to restore the monarchy in Brazil. The headquarters of the conspiracy is in San Paulo, with branches in Rio Janeiro, Bahai and other cities, Telegrams addressed to Comte D'Eu and other prominent persons in Eu rope and sent by Henry LowndeK and Comte Leopoldian are in tho hands of the government and orders for the arrest of the prominent imperialists have been issued. Mr», Waller, WASHINGTON, November 1.^—Mrs. Waller, accompanied by, her counsel, Mr. Langstou, called at the state department by appointment and had a Jong interview with Assistant Secretary Uhl, representing the cause of her husband, ex-Consul Wajler, during the course of which she gave all of the facts connected with his arrest and supplemented her statements by' affidavits, AN EXCITING REPORT. Large Number of Cubans Said f to JJe> Camped .on Florida Keys. CHICAGO', November ],—A ' special from Key West,, Fla., says; "Great excitement has been caused here byt , the report that bands of Cubans are, ' encamped on Cud joe, Howe and P?n6 < Keys, ready to sail for ^he island, There are said to be over SOO men ou> the three keys, and it is claimed they' J have plenty of arms and ammunition: -' The Spanish consul here complained to y ",i Collector Broane, and the latter has '•'-, ordered the revenue cutters, Winona/' -" and Morrell, to the Keys to prevent??:'" the expedition leaving." '; MADJUD, October 31,—Capt, Qen,/,'>." Martinez Do Campos has decided to ; l ! suspend further military operations in '' f eastern Cuba while the rains last. ''" ,> IJolmes Convicted of Mqrder. M(1 ,' ' PHILADELPHIA, November • 4,-r^Tha V Holmes jury at 8:}5, p, m, brought Jn^'w verdict of guilty of murder in th'e ftrgfi-^ I (•)prrrr>A H^hn rtn.RA \vn"A nlnnn, 4-r^ ^l.'Lt M , given' ) - «|cyt)ip Hccprds oo. LOUJSVJLI-S;, Ky,, November 3.—Otto JJeigler has broken another of John S, Johnson's records pf last year, It was the standing start paced twp>thirds, pf pf» mile, The record was 1:151. otto made it JB ' A,'* degree The case w»s given' to iury at o^Op', m. IUWA PATENT OFFICE DKS Mo^s^s, October Brown, of Cjearflojd,, Iowa, uljowed a: "' for regulating >tfte 4epth .pf ivv&av^-^. By pulling on % leyer, within tlje r«ftph""^ of thp plowman behind the 'r 1 " handles, the clenis at the front of •„,„ ,>• beam can be rea'diJy raised or JowerM, •' ant) retained at, any point of el«v as required to control the. depth. < glow as jt Ss advance^ $, 'p, ,f lowa, _ Jiae >be en "

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