The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 8
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$ 1 ""' The First National Bank „ _ , On? Trousers in _ Strips ftnd Mlitufes, the fittest goods ev§fofferedatSuctiLlttlePHees. , ^ „ TflUB NEW fiNGLAM). * .... «50,006 Special attention given to Collections. A. dALL.... ............President .Vice President £• YEttaUSON.... Cashier !•,"•> d,i>, SMITH.. Asst. Outlier j^Vj- 'piW6tt*s-^D. H. Hutehifts, S. A. Ferguson, PI ,', PhUlto DOrweiler, W. F, Carter, Ambrose A. v^l > qall) B. H. Spencer, Wm. K, Ferguson. &V •', >Ioney always oiiliand td loan at reasonable & -• rates to patties furnishing first-class security. ,, OASH CAPITAL, 860,000. ll.L, K 1 " i • ALQONA, IOWA.,. • 'dffleers and Directors— " A. D, Claflto, President, G. 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest., ' ' Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, L •> Geo, L. Oalbralth, Fred. M. Miller. 1 , Myron Schehck, ,' Thos. F. Cooke. l\", , <•", General Banking, i s ' ' PKirATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. \ ,t3T°tntere8t paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. ^*^»^%*^^^^%>^^KX < ^I*^*^«^^*^^^^WV ' CLAHKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. L 'E. ' H," CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. » ! 1 Collection agent. Opera House block. ' . , S. S. SESSIONS, ; V v , ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections., Money to loan on chattel ,.,> security. Over'store. , DAKSON &' BUTLER, ' LAW. LOANS, LAND. ' • ..'•" Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN <& McMAHON, T^TORN-EYS AT LAW, , Office in.Hoxle-Fereuson bljck. GEO. R. CLOUD, . ,« [Successor to W. B. Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, AI.GONA, IOWA. Offloe.over Kossuth County State Bank. E. ,V, 'SWETTING ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. ** ', ,ts. L, K, GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State St., one door east of Cording!ey. Residence, McGregor st., east of the public school building. PJV H, C, McCOY, M. D,, , P.HYSICIAN AND SURGEON, - '. - - Special attention to city practice. &>: i?V &V FTKJ. **^l. r 'I PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ;Algona, Iowa. DENTIST, ' Qffloe over the ptateBani?. Algona, Iowa, 4, j, Rrw, p< j?, s, j, , , • •' < '• ' ^ i • ,-£Qfia};ftnaesthetiQ for dea4enjmg pain Jn ^ i'' AX-ymtawhenestraptingteeth. , The date for Coflgfesstaafi Oollitrer's is Nov. 20. B'r'ecl, Munch »ott Guy Scott's bicycle in a raffle last night. Rev. Simpson of Gafnef preached for the Congregationallste Sunday. Will Grover and Lute Fairbanks have been building fine dew homes up in Portland this fall. C. A. Smith has 10 trotting colts on the face track training. Five of them are here from abroad. The Pretty Pefsian Friday night will be entertaining and enjoyable. Fun and good music. ' Special meeting of Eastern Star chapter, Saturday evening, at 7:30 o'clock sharp, for work. The Sterzbach-Cady orchestra will give a dancing party at Clarke's hall this week Saturday evening. Thos. Sherman of Bancroft is having typhoid fever In mild form. Dr. Morse went up to see him last week. Miss Anna Hamilton is in Dei? Moinos attending the state Christian Endeavor meeting as delegate from Algona. The Bradgate church In Humboldt has adopted T, H. Conner's plans for a new church. A. M. Coan has bid on the work. Judge Quarton was sustained last week by the supreme court in the first case appealed from him. It came from a western county. The new city hall is a wise expenditure by the city. The waste in tools and machinery left scattered about would soon pay for it. The city fathers have done well in condemning the worn out sidewalks. They s,hould make a supplemental clean up and take in a few more. Ed. Atkins has returned from Wisconsin and a marriage is reported to settle the little difficulty noted last week. It was, the square thing to do. Algona gets two iiew butcher' shops in the boom. One goes into the Heise building on Thorington and one goes into the building by the grange store. The fall term of the normal school closes next week Thursday for a few days vacation. The prospect is good for a big attendance the coming term. All stock subscribers to the shoe factory should be out tomorrow evening to help select a committee to deal with the manufacturer. It is the important thing. The Smale concert company was excellent last evening at the Methodist church. Miss Slatterbec, elocutionist, is an old Iowa City school mate of several Algonians. We intended to publish some market reports these weeks, but our readers have grief enough of their own without having the price of oats and hogs shoved before them. There will be services at the Free Methodist church next Sunday, at 11 o'clock and at 7:30, also-every alternate Sabbath, conducted by Mrs. Augusta McArthur, pastor in charge. Dr, Morse saw Walker Whiteside play Hamlet in Dee Moines a year ago. He says that he is the best Hamlet he ever saw and he has seen nearly all the actors who try that role but Booth. The deadly telephone wire has begun to get in its work in Algona. The victim was a belated prairie chicken which flew against one and broke its neck and made Link Singleton a good dinner, Geo, Holloway is having .the lame tendons in Kossuth's leg "fired" in the hope that be will be able to run again. If he comes, out all right George expects to haye the fastest horse in these parts, Thos, F, Cooke has bought his mother's residence on Call street, and is refitting it for his home. Mrs. Copke retains rooms, but will visit in other places considerably. It ip a handsome and commodious home. 1 The band, boys' prj?§ cornet won at Eagle Groye will be raffled, off Sfttur? day eyenjpg, The tickets are ftH sold,' 150 of them at froin one cent to $1,50. We will give » prize to anyone who will tellfn A minute hpw much, that brin'g,, , o« aM <?rac fl gnijth are, hoiae froffl sqhool at Ames, and Miss Margaret Upth§r/Qrd Qproes today, The school 1 ban closed on account pf Jyphpidfever,, -The water supply has given o»t and tfce college will baye to 5sait for »e, w weUg. ' The «a.le'of teats tor the,Pretty Awarded Persian Friday flight indicates that the Andrews will get their usual big hbUSe {ft Algona, They come with better notices from neighboring towns than they have eVef had before since they played the Mikado, The City has given Messrs. Dalton, Buttle, Ramsey, et. al. another month to settle the muddle ahout the south end of Minnesota street, During the past week' Prof Lilly has made a com-, plete survey of all that country for some of the interested parties. T. H, Conner has lost 350 fine hogs on his Seneca farm by cholera. A number of big losses are reported' in various parts of the county. It is said that the Chicago market is full of young pigs shipped in to escape contagion. Hogs will be hogs next year. The Congregational church have accepted Rev. a)avidson's resignation. He will supply the pulpit until Jan. 1, He is still in Chicago and it is not yet known whether he will be able to preach any himself again or not. His ministerial friends are filling his pulpit for him at present. The Presbyterian people have special meetings in the Swedish M. E, church each evening this week. You are invited to attend. Sabbath services as follows: Preaching at 2 p. m., at which time the Lbrdta. supper will be administered. Sabbath 'school at 3, and preaching at 7 p. m. Renters who think high in Iowa'will'be glad to hear Thos. F. Cooke's report about England. The cheapest rent there for tillable lands is one pound an acre, which is about $5. It ranges from that to $25 an acre. And they haven't a patch of ground like Kossuth county in the whole .kingdom. A 19-year-old boy at Burt, Ed. James, went into Stelser's house and stole a gun, accordion, and other, things. He was caught in Algona Thursday and brought before 'Squire Clarke on the charge of burglary and bound over to meet the grand jury. He admits the stealing but denies that he broke into the house. The Bancroft Register has a long sketch of the doings of Ken na, who broke out of the Kossuth jail some time ago, and who has escaped from several others since. Kenna is an expert jail breaker, but he evidently did not need to be here. The biggest doughenhead we have caught has got out of pur jail. A big canvas was stolen from 'the depot at Bancroft last Wednesday. Thursday Detective Hewitt traced it to Stelser's place in Burt, and Stelser was accordingly brought to Algona and fined $25 and costs by 'Squire Clarke. An appeal was taken by .Stelzer's attorney. Stelser is the man who shot Heath last summer. Rev. Southwell had barely got into his parsonage when he was called on to marry Charles Shackleford and Miss Mary Ward of Irvington. The brldo is a daughter of our harness maker, Wm. Ward, and the groom has his farm rented. They are an estimable couple and THE UPPER DBS MOINES joins in wishing them joy. Ramsay township has the biggest man in Kossuth county, and, we believe, in the state. His name is John Severeins, be is 25 years of 'age, and stands 6 feet 9} inches high. He is apparently slender, but. varies from 225 to 260 pounds, His parents are heavy people and he will undoubtedly make .as heavy a man, as he is tall, A very quiet wedding was celebrated Saturday evening by which Geo, W. Platt and Miss Emma Halvorsen united at the Halvorsen home by Rev. Southwell. George is ope of Algona's best young men and .the bride is well worthy of him, They have the esteem, of all who know them and they enter their new relations with every prospect of a happy future, George Boevers has completed his new house on the site of the old one, which tbe cyclone wiped out, It is on the same foundation apd muqh similar in style, and the old one, was a model farm house, He has h}a big barn completed, his windmill in piece, and but for-the 'Piles of old lumber &nd broken machinery still to make stove wood one might never know a cyclone had been along, H, J, Resseguie's boy wae arrested Thursday fop throwing a stone at Mrs., Peter Johnson, Be made no defense and was fined $5 and costs by .'Squire Clarke, which be paid. This is a new outbreak of an old, family quarrel 5 which was aired in court several times. The two families live on adjoining lota and a high board fence is not equal seemingly to prevent breaches of tbe public, peace, The outcpjae pf that Seneca creamery insurance matter bag been reached. Job?) g, Smith; who was to represent tbe ereajoery in an arbitration, wp«!d npt agree IP tbe company's third man, &IHJ1 $jt)@ CpKip|&By WQU*$ &Q$ @$l&Qtt fW in?p#rtolewb8titute, 6ajs dssKflid ttiti tort _. _„,„. _ t3'Sftan wmif, wtoelr fmtlb felsrKe tventte WnBhinjrlon oa last suaffier, bllftklHI thi lafid ft*af ff-otfi Mb * est&fsftiHes. Ifci* net ep^fi td and a fie» Contest JS OT* A j* Sttttedft ef -SftftWdB krHOng'ttteffl, hold &ontp&ct8 fof land from the Sioux City &» St, Paul' etsm* pany and they ask to b6 allowed to prove up atid bay th& gdvefflnlent pHce, and have eebUPed Mr; Clarke td ffi&ke the (Jontest. * HS ha§ 14 Such cases. The feqdattefs Who tire ott the land will fight this and try and secure title. . , N CottM buskers'wanted. d,L, Ltlfid. CLoAkS, dloake, clonks, cloaks! Capes, catieSj dapesl by the wholesale At Galbraith's. arrived this rabfnlfig at Gal* braith's, somethiog for the children in the Hue df cloaks and jackets. A. M. & G. M, JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surreys. Can give you a fine bar- gain.-Stf - _ Try those "Schoolboy'^ cookies at the Opera Housb Grocery." Two HUNDRED dozen underwear for men, women, and children, at John Qoeders.V Florida and Southeast. If you have any intention of going to the Southeast; this fall 01* winter, you should advise yourself of the best route from the North and West. This is the Louisville & Nashville railroad, which is running double daily trains from St. Louis, Evansville, Louisville, and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensacola, Mobile, Jacksonville, and all Florida points. Pullman sleeping car service through. Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of the Cotton States .Exposition, and tourist rates to ,all points in Florida and gulf coast resorts during the season. For particulars as to rates and .through car service, write — , GEO. B. HORNER, Div. Passenger Agent, St. Louts, Mo. J. K. RlDQELY, . N. W. Passenger Agent, Chicago, HI. C. P. ATMORE, Gen. Passenger Agt., Louisville, Ky. For Solo Cheap. Livery barn known as the Grove barn south of Tennant house. The best livery site, in this, the best county seat town in northern Iowa. Stalls for 45 horses, besides shedding. This barn has been thoroughly repaired from foundation to roof. City water piped in barn. There never was a. better time to engage in the business. Horses, carriages, harness goods, as , well as feed were never as cheap before. I desire to dispose of this before returning to California. 30tf Call on or address, M. L. CLARKE. FOB SALE— and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F. H. Vesper.-29tf ; Money Saved, without a doubt, by buying your groceries of Anderson & Stebbins, south of the court house. , Fixing the the Terms of Court in the Fourteenth Judicial District of the State of Iowa, for the Years 1896-7. It la hereby ordered that the terms of the district court In the several counties of the Fourteenth judicial district of Iowa shall be begun and holdeu at the times hereinafter specified, viz: 3t>( UO( 52f flllt •<Mtccnc H .oTn'ofo 10 to on d WH >.OoO OO O< A»d be it mrthev ordered that of said of court the judges will hold toe several terms written below their respective names In the fol IpwJpg tables, vi^s Counties, Buena Vista., \ v Look Long t ' = it 6fi yeur ifieffidry* If 8tdfid<! fdf all that is effitient, ecofioitiicdl eteaflty and dufabfe in heatefs ahd eS'otjb ers. With It as a guide you Will get What Will Satisfy you, Bold by 0, M, 3DDXSEE, Cook Without Waste of fuel or time, without any of the unpleasant features of the ordinary cook stove, on the Riverside Range. None Better. Soon saves enough to pay: for itself. Riversides are made in all styles and for all fuels. Sold by O. IM:. 3DO2CSBB, Fall and Winter Clothes...... The question now with you is: jBBa,^,^^ Where shall you buy your Winter Clothes ? The answer in all cases should be : Buy them at hom,e. Can we buy as good and cheap clothes here in Algona as we can'in any other city of the same size ? Yes, you can, by going to the shop of O. L. FOSS, who, for the next two weeks, will sell clothes at a great reduction. Clothes are made up in the latest fashion and in artistic manner, and guaranteed first-class fitting garment. Cutting and repairing done promptly and neatly. Buttons made to order. All kinds of woolen goods in stock sold at the very lowest figure. JS®" I sell steamship tickets to and from Europe on all the leading lines. O. L. FOSS. NSURANGE Also Land, Loan and Collection Business,Office over Algona State Bank. -Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, ' Phoenix of Hartford, , Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Bockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. 0-330. 3BA.TTiTT3T. CAPS. -January.... a , January,.., ?8 .Februftvyyir .Maw*,,. , March.., 1887, January.., FpWttftyy February March".?, APrtj,.. Arbitration -was syit was in DR-MOTT'S NERVERINEPILLS, "' •**** ""• A new line of fall and winter caps just received. Call and see them before buying. J, B, & C, J, Yours truly, ADMINISTRATION NPTIQE. Notice is hereby riven that tbe underelgne4 has beep appointeaancl baa qualtfled as ad' miuistratvlx ot^the estate ot" Augurt proym. JatefllKosautb cou»ty, jowa, Beee.ase4, Aii persons in any manner in4gbte4 W Bftifl PBtate will make immeaiate payment to tfee unawi sjgneas ana thoae having claims against the

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