The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 7
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^ - T -"" ' ' .,:„....: *,. Kate tfani, the flfgt Ikwyeir ik'^'frft^^ be admitted id the bar ia;cttlefc8e^hr:' t f»})| ?«« bstfi. ^ i -Ifeft art. ». if. ng; clerks turn tdtetiasto?? Wfl M»**i.6vi*netti, &fid th& reporter. f ffafc Satectiififif gotid, Kg usilk}, settled *« tfdtofarUbly- fa % cfe&ir f f<Si ftred trt We hte Undivided uttentiofe lothemrefekef. to jjsttnteoii A<*(ftt6du6t Street, *f«tv f. J,, ftfid who hftnds out aSedlcltiS C'otti>t6lf ef Dr.ABdr6#*\ Birfk- utore at 2ft Orafip Street, — ?,'I»effifipS f Cftfa do b6ihmg bitter<" h» i 'jH,o6g&Br' <4 tusa to tell ybu the SBcrot of ray &. tf8oti health. It is & story that 1 bare told ^. tjjjmatty, *6cisnilft imd an it resulted to 0 listen'to it. To befcifa with, iw»* .„_,_. ... JAj « string and robust, as I am no*, [,i*Lbfig hours of work and bard study hftd |f Ifttt ma l& & wretched condition. PH* MM i,, lingering bead&cbfes found me ft v[6- jft tiin, ana at times 1 was »o nervous that the tff dfop^iug of & pin Would cituse me to give a |5, Violent start, aad then I would be seized """•"•• fit Of tteiflbUug that was, to put It ,, etceftdingiy bothersome. Well, JL to doctor myself, Now I Butter „ : that I know something of medicine; n,fatot<>«lth all r .my knowledge, I cotild find notBinpr that would cure those 1 terrible jhoaaiK'.tios or put au end to iny extreme , ;ao!fvo»i>.ness. When I picked up a bottle ;;. my hand would shake as though 1 had the chills, and if it was a powder that I wad handling I stood a good chance of sprinkling it all over these black trou»era. Things Went from bad to worse, and I soon realized that a matt of my physical condition had better not attempt to mix any medicine. " 'Try a box of IV. Williams' Pink Pills,' Dr. Burkhardt, one day; and as YOU flow the doctor's advice is always worth following. I got the Pink Pills and began to tike them. Would you believe it? Before , 1 had taken the contents of one box my ;,, headache began to give me a day off occa- / 'sionally, and soon it left mo entirely. How ,(• about my uervous&esst Well, the pills put 'ah end to that with almost startling ab' ruptness! • YOu see 1 know enough about, the business to appreciate the importance /of following the prescribing physician's directions, and by paving strict attention hto those given by Dr" Williams with each i'boxof'bis Pink Pills, I was soon another fUfellowt Look at me nowl A picture of ^'.health, eh? Well, that is what Dr. Will- t|lam»'-Plnk Pills will do for a man, or a |v\vommi either. BOB, I can hold a glass of fr.'water out now without spilling a drop, but fsl couldrt't do that two months ago and— Tjv "What is it ma'am?" he asked as a neatly dressed woman came up to the counter. ''A box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills." "Yes, rma'am, fifty cents please. Thank you." fai t',ThcBe Pink Pills are great things," said s Tklr. Maier as he turnea to the reporter t, again, and ,the latter, after all he bod heard, tj.thought so too. A" Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all the |'elements necessary to give new life and ^richness to tho blood and restore shattered "jaervesi, They are for solo by all druggists, tor may be had by mail from Dr. AVilliams' IMedfclne Company, Scbenectady,N. Y., for |BO cents' per box, or six boxes for $3.50. ITEMS OF INTEREST 'One-fifth of the entire African con- Jv+inent is a trackless desert. M Nine brothers In Sweet Springs, Mo., fpnave.formed a baseball club. They are w negrpes. >.' 'ice lasts longer when the blocks are I'-allowed to rest on their ends than when - laid flat. . A, garbage crematory is In use In Alii' legheny, Pa. It destroys kitchen re'•''fuse, and. there is no odor. The leaves of the talipat palm, in 8"Ceylon,' sometimes attain a length of foj,twenty feet. The natives use them to ^make tents. §rf,.;,Twelve cases of rare old wine have "*.'; ri preserved in Bremen for 250 years. B4.This wine is now carefully guarded in *" '-'. cellar of-the .Hotel de Vill'e. ;'Big' sleeves are condemned in the frBlble, ' In Ezekiel XIII., 18, we find Ihese words: "Woe to the women that j, to .all armholes." ^t?".'Medical authority asserts that tho ';£ v herring is a most nutritious flsh. It 7''.gives the_ muscles elasticity, the body x'-ntrength, apd tho brain vigor., si'. ,]C A 'Chestnut tree over one thousand t|>y4ar» old still flourishes at Torv/oth, the fe'iresidence of the earl of Duncie, near '--'•• - - it-is fifty feet in cir- V ballot-box, inyeated by a man in I^Jefferson City, is something unique, a ballot is deposited, a "bell automatically, and the number ?,ballot Is displayed, "of Flat—t gee po room for this • l yours. - r'JHff9'»! } «'*?l' ua ' t ''' 1 wl >at I'm kicking about. Everything jg^rowded IP this place. > _ ,„ „ j offenvOn^ pundr^d Dollars reward Kpp^any case.Qf CflitftrrJv that cannot b«» loure^by.Hairs'ratarrh Cure, " • l^'/.-'Fj J: QWE3NBY & CO., Toledo, O. "- "••) yndersiened, have kpown P. "'"•-,the; last 1 W ye^re, and be- i- < j,,qjU?ney_|jfir,the', last J5, years, and Slleye. h}n|'-perfectly',,honorable in ^HBlness^r^psarUons,' and; flnancl KIJVNAN $ MARVIN, ™.,, ,. w .,,, n . 1 e Druggjats, Tqjedo, Ohio, *aH'g JJatftiTh Cure is taken internal. •>"*<"- .^i»-»+i» upon the blood and system.,,Twtl- , 7Bc per bottle, fl,JigaiW 0669 their mwne fl» l fJi?M — — tell ,^oii. my tli« gfeiif thrbtig w&t of Had out vt thine, but Into ttfe frttfo fHWilatlon, that spftg'ofl to? jo tufit T-ointeg noiv und tlrefi, thrfhk t6 oft*n tbfc htitriWest of JUS w-ps-.-omidft A. l»icfcc in Jls Trihtltie. The IJilsschgcrs smiled! tfor the twentieth time the'tnitn in the middle of the car was renrrnnpiiig his luggage. A dozen times before they lind supposed he was pfeiinriug to leave the train, but bo hart stayed on. "Do you think ite is Rolut? this time?" said ft lady on the opposite side of the car. to her husband, "I give it up! 1 ' ho responded. "It looks like-it, but it has looked like it before." And he didn't KO. Stations eitmonml weH but he remained, only wi'minK to get more nervous its W0 nearert New York. "I think the nmn's craxy," wittl tho lady. But he didn't look like an limnnu person, though his flcltouH \vi-ro cin 1 - talnly queer. Sometimes he would drop his head oil his breast in "deep thought. Then he would smile—softly nt llrst but: tho smile would grow wider and broader., nnd finally threaten to beeomo a burst of lauRhtcr; but before it; broko out he would suddenly remember where IIP was and put Ills hand over his mouth or turn and look out of the window. Once when he opiMtod his -bijr port-, manteau and the .lady obse'mnl that- it wnfis,filled with parcels and when he petSp'ed into ouo of'.'the.'-packages- with a satisfied stulln, she discovered a ylecc of dress'goods of a'Very gay "I Think tht> MIIII'M. Crazy," S«Id the pattern; iiKaiii she su\v a doll's legs sticking out of a parcel, aud then she concluded that he was a good husband taking a bag full of presents to his family. She knew this must bo so when she saw him take u photograph from his pocket and kiss it slyly when he thought nobody was looking. At last, after examining his watch a half dozen times and holding it to his ear to discqver i I'M t had not stopped, turned to_ the • gentleman at: tlie other side of tho oar and inquired .the time. The. gentleman told him und then he wanted to know if the train wasn't late. No, it was on time. • "Someway I thought it was late," said the stranger. "You'r pretty anxious to got to your destination, I imagine," returned the gentleman. "Yes; and the tniiu'B so slow; it seems to me it will never get Tlipvi?. I've been five days OH the road. Come through from San Francisco.',' ' "Do you live tlwe?" "No, I live ir. Now York," he le- turnctl, "but I've been gone two -years and I'm getting pretty nervous, Someway it don't seem possible I'm back," ,"Hnve you. a ttuuljy in New York';" "Well, I should say," he exclaimed, rubbing his 'hands ami smiling. There was ft pause lor a moment, when ho took the photograph from his pocket nud passed it over for examination. ("That's .my wife," he said. ."If was taken ten yews ago and looks kind' o' old-fashioned, I guess, but its t\ll the ouo I got/' , v ' ' They looked at it with Interest, It was a pleasant face, a hopeful ftu face to trust iu ni\d depend upon. , t'lTo-ve you i-hlVlreu, too'/" (iii the Indy. Stroufil» wh,it trivial things {u'toj'ttst nnd attract us on a .railway twin. " "One," lie ivpliyd, ".ygirl eight ymw ot ngo, "We hail n llttlo boy, loo, eighteen months old, but ho died a year ago," "Ah, thqt wn£,toQ bad," said tho lady, "Yes," he responded, "and pl|p lind WltiPU we so much, about Uiw that l fejt just na If I'd beun with tho lirilo fejjow right along, J deplnve wlion she wrote ho was dead,' some way I l^ad to sit dowi| and cry over it Just as I! }\<i Und been jli'Qwn up, you Kno\y, • I eoujdn't help U, but' 1 think U was moye OH hoi 1 account than the baby'n f felt SQ bafl, She >vns so wj-ap- un^uj^ip.'.flna Imfll wovn hwvseji' tiding 'to 'save Jiijn. 4»d alono. , and, poor, yfl« know, U was mighty touul}.? 1 ' , "ttfl-ypfl'vp been 1 gawp two 'years." tUe My, - "WPft't Blip ,be gljia to u came walking down, n. little uudet the hinttotieo of HqUor, 1 gUesS, for his logs fceemed to bo laligled. lie wan looking toward the city foi' a boat, I suppose, when suddenly he reeled to ouo sidu and went plumb over into tho Inke. Tho water was 10 or 1ft foot dcop where ht? went in, but 2& feet nearer shore a inn it could touch bottom. I was sitting close to where ho went over, nnd without,a thought I just slid in, grabbing n loose board on the plet' as I went, nnd when he camq tip I pushed the board under him and toWed him into shallow water. It: was all done in Iwo or three minutes, and didn't unmet much attention from tho people, though maybe a hundred gathered round QH lie caiuo out. Ho asked me to get him H-chair and have him whee.lcd to the ue.ui'CBt7?xit, uud 1 hurried up, and when 1 got It I wheeled it out myself. Then J got him it carriage and as he got in lie asked mo iny name and address, aud, handing me $10, told the driver to go t6 the Auditorium Hotel. A few clays afterward a mail came- and requested me to call on the gentleman. 1 went there, nnd lie asked me a lot. of questions,, and tlnally said lie would like, to have me go with him to California. 1 didn't: hesitate long. When'wo got to Han Francisco I -found he wn« a big gun—noi. like Mnckey and, that class, you know, but worth a lot; of money, 116 was preparing to build a row of houses, and; he put mo In charge. In a. wiuok lie took me off, and said ho was going away for his health and 1 liuiHt go with him, and in three days more we were on ;onr- \vny to Honolulu, He was a fetrange man, and (is lie got woi-fio he would have no one but me. near him. He had no family but plenty of-other relatives. After u while, we returned to San Francisco, and a few weeks later he died. I felt blue 'and lonesome -enough then, but wlint do yon think— when his will was opened lie had left me -fao.OOO. It i;ouldn' paid to me just then, and .1. was. so:afraid that there might be sonie:-slip about it that: J never wrote homo a word of my good luck, but: just said I was coming back. Ten days ago they paid me the iiioney-clean stuff, you know; I've got. three 'drafts' for it in iny jiockot—and then I thought: I'll just wait ami surprise her. And so:iny wife don't: know a thing about it, .and. won't till I tell her to-day. But, "good heavens!" ho exclaimed, "It has seemed as though we'd uuv»f get there. I've been afraid the cars would run off the track and kill me, but then I says, "Well, if I think I'm not'going to get through safe that's a sure:sign I .will," aud so hero I am. I. got a. letter from her in Chicago, and telegraphed her to meet'me.' 1 :.' "Aud is slit! well?"-.queried the. hidy. "Oh, yes! Imt: good .'Lord! you don't know \vlmt she's been through! She's been darning'-clothes and iwlmpfng herself to'send tho.little girl to school,, and taking hi washing to get. tilong. j Wven the money 1 sent her she has hoarded for fear of,sickness. I know hoAy it is! She'll como.rtown to the depot shivering in clothes,made for last, summer, hut not thinking anything about that—only thanking God that I'm back at last. 1 tell yon what it is'boys,".'he continued, looking round lit those who listened, "there's nothing on earth like a faithful wife!" and some of the passengers turned away their bonds while their lips trembled, Aud the train spejrl en I Newark was left behind, and tlien amid clanging bells the train entered tho depot at Jersey City. The stranger was sitting at the window silent and rigid. Ho was looking for the famijlar face, but the train WHS too far down the track to recognise people in the waiting crowd, And he grasped his bags and bundles and was aMhp door, when the. car stopped. The passengers wh6 had heard his story followed him with eager eyes. They saw him go stalking up the platform looking right and left. Away ( np at tho head of the train ns if pushed nud shoiihlevod buck by A stbtti- wttM A moliAt,. Ihe "1 heat that you nnd Charley benn »uiflwHng of late." saht tn<s girl with tiio hair looped over her cam, "AVc liuve," said tltt girl with the dimple in hep ohtn, "and it Avas ttll his fault, too. 1 hfttc jitst Rnished n letter telling that it was all oVef." "You 'surely wouldn't throw him over witii all the money lie hits'?" said the girl with her hair looped over her cui-s^ "it wouldn't be half as easy to get him back as if he had none. And, then, he spends it just Us freely as he would if he were quite poor." "1 don't care," flashed the givl with the dimple in her chin; "I hate him. He—he Is awfully quarrelsome, nud he would die before he would confess that he was in tho wrong," "We'll, so would you. wouldn't you?" "IV Of course I would, but that Is n very different matter. M'liy ho would pfobiihly remind mo of it next time— men have no tact. Besides, he actually gave Lulu n bunch of lloWers yesterday." "Well, ho was something of n flirt before——" "1 don't sec bow-you come to know anything about It. But I'm sure I don't care how .much he flirts after this—provided he can llnd anybody to Hirt. with." "Oh, somo girls will flirt with Just anybody to keep in practice. There Is Lulu—but you say you don't care any more?" "Of course I don't; she is welcome to what 1 have refused." "Oh, she won't believe thai; he will tell her-" "I'm sure I don't care what ho tells her!" "Of course not. If you did I would not tell you that I saw .them out driving together this afternoon." "Care Indeed—not 1! Did they—were they having a very nice time?" "They seemed to he. By the way, I never noticed before that his nose was quite crooked, did you?" "('rooked Indeed! It Is perfectly straight. You ought to wear glasses, even If they are not becoming." "Yes he is an awful flirt, I believe he would make eyes at any girl who would let him. Why, there was Nellie, who " "He is not a flirt. It is not. his fault- it' the girls will run after him!" "Humph, 1 don't know about that. Besides, as you say,-he has an.awful temper, and It is just aw well " "I don't see what you know about his temper. I consider It very good, and I ought to know." "And : then his stubbornness is a great: fault. You are quite right, after all, to throw him over, and I don't doubt: that .Lulu—why, what are you doing?" "I. am touring up the horrid letter. 1- wrote him. I—I have been treating him badly of late and I shall toll him' that out quarrels are all my o\vu fault! and 1 hope you are stitlslled, now that you have tried to make mischief be- twneu us and failed!" "Well, I've done my duty," sighed the girl with her linlr looped over her, as Mho went out, "but I have certainly lost my chance of being bi'kles- mald."—Chicago Times-Herald. ABAOJ.UTEI.V PURE Uusli fop |ier. >voll ilfpHBoO tjivonjj, >vtis a little wojnnu "irt or, thereabouts, Jn a \VPll wan» UJtti'U Bfic-Ji jiufl u dross faded, and poor, but nent fitting n,»d well brusltod, iSho luii} a loolj jUuioet paHifuJ JH its tutpusHy, flllotl wjtll bo|l) lippe four, »nd eagerness of suppveseuJd vitojueut. 8Uo was looking -half wllderpfj nf Uio, approach}! of p^RspB^ej'g, bqt %W nqt J-pPOgHJ^f t)(o brog*} SJ^QilWW'Pfl njan Ills Wfly towfWtJ ber, 'IwJwW ,d.roj)pefl, |wtjuaflt|pa^ RMlue PJBWWJ f eteU prtw SOgpnjs, fs ! 4£py*wi°vK lff&?'.«ywy ,w'iek lMab9aa».l58jiyipg.Qliri8toaj , irttwaw* t« tt Un jipryously }J tfeey sa \vftUe WIDN'T AVANT THIS AH Moon IIN Slio Smv Itn CoiiteiiiN Site l)>'i»llj)l<>S II. TlilK afternon, when huslness wns liciivie»(. nt the Termlniil station, and pouplo Avcre crowding in every direction to take their respective trains, an Innocent looking bundle slipped from beneath the -u-m of a stylishly dvossod woman and fell to the pint- form, fays the Philadelphia llulletln. The bundle lay directly In the path of the people. Many 'daintily gloved hands were extended i award the package, but withdrawn as the owners recollected themselves. A little knot ol inon formed around the package, each trying to make the 'others think ht). had other business than watching the parcel. Finally ft well-known business • man of this , city, conld stand the suspense no loi'ger, A boy was'tnken to on" side,, and. when ho left the was seen" putting something In his pccket. He walked over and picked up the package, find, elbowing ills way through tlji» crowd, handed it lo the mftll vbo had tipped him a nickel. The package was quick'- ly undone, and, resting side by side wore . a Uu'gcj slice of cheese and ft half pint flask fijlp.d with liquor.. Slipping tljp tlnsji into ivu inside 'pocket, t)H< man was about to walk off •when tho some stylishly dressed .woniiiH came up to him, "I understand you hftvo a package that belongs to me,'\ pho sold. The mail .excused him^Plf nud wont down into l Jils pocket, Tho liflnrt was withdrawn and extended toward the woman. She gave one look til tho flask, and w}H» o glance, at itjm man that might H'vve klllpd nt forty yards, turned nrpund and wont to MOI* train- • } Tho latest medical Invention is a small but Intricate wnchlne'not more tbttu an Incb au4 ft h«lf wU]e and of the eanie heigljt for tjie purppsp of rpgist0rlng ti»e pulsations of the Jjenrt, TUe Jijiyeqtor of tho new register, which is looked, upon }jy iuedic»J wen whfl,h,ftYe pxfti»k-p(l It a»4 seeji it work ae marvelous, is A Qermau clock,. >mafc$i< res^lnfo' Jji tb,e spner pois-itlQn pj th,» pity* The pulsation* are reglp- o^ & ^««i s U slip pf paper -which feat. of a 'typewriter, from, {to beKJt a AH fen o. af Hostesfi—Now, itf. £ot6m, you Must gpetad one more evening with Us be> tore we go into 6tif Hew house s Mh Borem (gfacldUslyJ^Mbat certain^, with pleaeui-e. Whsa do you move? Pair Hostess (ddubtWlly)—Pft is unfitt 1 * la jtist wheti. that Will be, butnofcfofn fear or two at < he least. tool Nd Niutie tdi- it. "Tell me,'* said ft lady to an old soldier, when you «*ere iri the arniy wefe you cool, IM time of dauger?" "Coolf" atiswered the truthful Veteran, "1 fah-ly ghlVered." A Oil lid Utijdys Tho pleasaht flavor, gentle notion and soothing effects of Syrup of figs, when In need of a laxative, and if the father or mother bo costive or bilious, tho inost gratifying results follow its use; BO that it IB tho best family remedy known, unfl every family should havo ft battle on hand. Anthony Hope, the "Zenda" man despises poetry. Ho says it causes him real distress to have to road anything in Verse ••'till Inibniiitlloii respecting the best fruit and farm land in Riverside Co., Cal. Address Hemet Land Co., Hornet, Cal. Historians are now trying to prove that tho little village of Yaleta, Tex., is the oldest settlement in the United States. For Whooping Cough, Pigo's Cure is a successful remedy. M. 'P. DIBTEH, Or Throop Avo., Brooklyn. N. Y., Kov. 14, >04.' There'sno particular advantage in model ine; one's lite upon the week points of u grout man, FITS—All Kltnotoppct»fniebyDr.K)lrie»Mflreiit Korvo ICestorer. Ku Fits artur tho llrnnlixy's HBO. Murvolousoui'i.'s. Treatiseinnl $2trial botlli'friH'tJ tltcuaco. Kcnaiotir.Klliit;,lWlXrcUWt.,l 1 lillu.,l J a. The bark of the lime tree is an admirable substitute (or, and strong rope 3an be made from it. i If tho Buby IB Cuttlug Tooth, Bo sure and use that old and well-tried remedy. Mils. WINSLOW'B gouTiima HYKUP for Olilldren TootUlue. Talents arc best matured in solitude; sharacter is best formed In the stormy billows of the world. "Hanson'o Majflo Corn Balve." AVarrmited to euro or money refunded. Auk 3'oni' for it, Prlco 16 cento.. Nearly one-half of our voting strength in 1880 was either foreign-born, native-born of foreign parents or colored. IB tlie oiliest and bent. It will hrekk up.aCold quicker than an ythlnc olfio. . It IH always ralldble. Try it. Madagascar's queen is described as looking very pretty and piquant in light blue silk kuickerdockers. "A ««ip of Vmrlftt'' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morning." Prince Mohammad All, heir presumptive af Egypt, is vastly popular, well educated and rather cv spendthrift. What a HOHBC of relief H |» to know Jlmt S'<m havo no inoro norns. UliuleroprnsTcmoves and vury coinfortliiK It Is. JCo. in Industry keeps tho body healthy, the mind clear, tho heart whole and the pulse Cull. ____ _ H Ginger Tonlo IH popular !or Its «ood work. Buffering, lirod, aleouloss, norv- }ns womou llnd uotulns BO uoothliiK . und reviving. Bong of Hie shad fisherman :;"Hoe, bi-oth- jr.roo." td seme ttahah, id ite A marriage but 6f Just oecufr'dd In'Oafeiaad, tie's, aw fcheny ton,' and they had been Srigajerib* twenty yeaft. . • ' • A •„ .. ,. A Milwaukee minifetef hafi'jWt.f*- fueed to aar ry a cowrie becaiiae ib'a' young, lady was !'just out 6f .shftrt, skirts." JRe'cetit nuptial events i« Mll\ waukee 1 Would lead btte to.belieVe Uint a young lady did not need any skirts to be married in that 6ity. u ( >., A girl of 13, the daughter of a Minister in Manchester, Tehn,, has warj;J<!il a man of 60, with ihe approval ? 6:P her parents, The bridegrdom ia, a ,we]14(Ji do man, and the father of the.brld^ is supposed to be a man with a facility for making the best of it. the old world boasts that Ainwka . has no grand old man. This, may 'w;< may not be true, but With an fib-yea?- < old woman suing for divorce !anfl'> grandmother supervising an olopetunnt tho grand old women of the' new world are making a fair showing. -, > » Both the preaolior and tbe Hhceiuuker are supposed to save Bouls. ' > r S , f , *;, *' ".'.' *:'t¥,i *'•'"& '.*t "tf *^£ i r V 5 v,| j; lA Jf .- H A • t.^-% S ~ The Kidneys are supposed to filter the uric acid out;of 4 the;; — blood. When they are sick^J they forget ih .'• r ,> H',' Uric acid is tlie cause of,Rheu- i matism, Gout, KldneyTroubles"' and other dangerous diseases. The only way to cure these, , diseases is to cure the Kidneys. 1 , cure the Kidney sand help them to filter tne uric acid out of the blood. , ( • All druggists,'or mail-' nd prepaid for BOo. per box. i Write for pamphlet t ., ,, HOBB'S MEDICINE CO., Chicago. San Franc! W.3J.U—D.BI—12IH' When answering advertiaomonts kindly'/ mention tins paper. ' • Ihe nervous system U weakened by the Every nerve Is strengthened In the cure of It by i' Timely Warning. Tha great success pf the chocolate preparations of, '5 the house of W.alter Baker & Co. (established ' . ii in 1780) has led to the placing on the rn,arket , ?$ many misleading^and unscrupulous inrjitatioris / .'^ of their name, labels, and wrappers. Walter '<>, ''^ fcr t Baker & Co, are the oldest $nd, largest ,manw facturtr^ 9f v pure and .highrgra^e, Cqcpas 9n$$, -,. i Chocolates, oh tnis continent? 1 No chemilcals are\ , ' ^ used in their manufactures, , ( ^, ,/,V . ^ Consumers should ask for, and be sure, that " ; t ii; they get; the genuine Walter Baker & Cp.'s gpod^- , " ! ^ WALTER BAiin^R.ft CQ,^lif$itefr \ ^ :^l I -, , ' t, A& 1 ' 4/1 ' ' ,' &£ •.i-'fcj. M *. Jtt^sV, ISsiiF?' '.^^^.X'-^i.'^* .&$Q$!i$ff*Jjf mi^mwm\jrWM> - i#8UD Film AHP HOg EpIv^V.A;! 1 n i°^S^S1SSiiS ^^M®!mP^vf'^.i^^.3 T* fi* /O * "• t . t •;' ' -. V „ „ ji* ; 'JK &Y^^w?{^^^^^A*i^|if|^^^^;jra^;mi

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