The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 5
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TH! MOIH^^ :;'^ iV , &AMM. ^ e»di60, MftWAtltiJIS 4 M , f ML NO, 71 OSpftS at.; t ..j.. ..i...; ..... 6i40$m , A , , MftAUttBAS*. ..i * }fo. S defiaftg St ...... ,.;....».. ...... 16:63 ft ffl , 4 departs at...... ....... ........ ... 6:04 pm that catty pasSeftgers— NO. 84 departs ftt ........ ............. 1:45 btt „ ^ K i Ml*ed«....... 8'.13 a flSP>86, ....... SsOtpM PftSfl..,. ..... 3:27ptoMlied,... .... 6:20 pin flight. , . -V. S :30 a te Plight .... 2 !48 p tt Pass, arrives at Chicago »t 7 a to t arrives at fies Mollies at 8 :1B p m. Lv, DOB M. 2 :80 a tt Mixed connects •with fife? and arrives at ohl< «agd at 8 a. to. f- H. VasWsfl, Agent. If you -forget everything else, don't forget to go and see that splendid new stock of millinery goods recently opened up by Matson & McCall. Millinery \ . • Goods-^—' this season are wonderfully nice, and it seems to us we have this time secured a little the most desirable stock ever laid down in Algona. We want you to call and see what we have ; that tells the story. Come today. i *• Matson & McCall. P. L. SLAGLE, Manufacturer and dealer In Harness, Saddles, Whips, . DROBHS, -: •"> and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. I sell DR. JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA, Positively the best remedy for cholera In hogs or chickens. Come and see me, at new stand, adjoining Ohristensen's livery barn. E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand in the Cowlos block, 1 has a complete stock of AND FINE JEWELBY. GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of optical goods always on hand. 9 •Repairing of flne watches a specialty. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Pull assortment always on hand of drugs, med. cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only, and. DE. PEESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat First-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Operations for cataract, strabismus, nasal deformities, etc. Catarrh rationally treated and cause removed, Spectacles sclen 'tWoally,atte<J; fUjest qutflty lenses grpund to order. Office hours, JO to IS, 1 to 5, except Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Opposite Fork hotel, Mason City. Dr. Preston visits Aigona regularly, AtSr, Stall's office. CAMPAM A QUIP. 0SE ¥6t Boiiive* and Ottaiull Stiffed the finthtisffttft at fittft ofi ttofl« St. John's Speech It Fallfcd to Msfee Political Mows. » but Btirt Maintained Its reputation Monday evening titid turned out an audience for Dotliver which filled the kail long before the meeting began. At least a hundred could not get in and a great many times as many did hot attempt it who would have come from Bancroft and the neighboring country. Dolliver enjoyed the enthusiastic greet* ing and made one of the best speeches he has ever made in the county. At its close the ladies served an elegant oyster supper in the hall in the new bank block, atid the Algonians got started home along towards midnight. Burt never does anything by halves and always does its share to keep up the reputation Kossuth county has of giving public speakers full, intelligent, and appreciative hearing. Dolllver at Wesley. On account of a cold Dolliver did not attempt to drive to Wesley Monday afternoon and then to Burt, being still engaged, as he said, in trying to cheat providence with a spring overcoat. He will speak there this evening instead, which will suit better all around. Wesley will give him a big audience. The St. John Meeting. The court house was well filled for ex-Gov. St. John and the audience was highly entertained. The speaker vvas introduced by Mr. Atwood of Estherville, prohibition candidate for lieutenant governor, and on arising invited his hearers to ask him questions at any time. Wm. Cleary and' others took him at bis word and some lively tilts occurred. St. John asked why the silver dollar was as good as a gold one, at one point. One said because the republicans never made any bad money, and another because it had 30 years of republican rule behind it. St. John was witty, eloquent at times, and entertaining. But he failed, we believe, to be a convincing speaker, and he made few converts to free coinage and free ,trade_, which he devoted a large part of his time to. Politico I Notes. Don't fail to vote. , Congressman Dolliver is the best political speaker who visits Kossuth. Election comes next Tuesday. It will close the quietest campaign ever conducted in Kossuth. The new jail will cost what a big circus. usually takes out. We have had no circus this year. Dolliver spoke at Armstrong last evening. E. B. Campbell was at the Burt meeting and drove him over. The glee club, D. T, Smith, Fred Fuller, Geo. Hamilton and Guy Grove, Mrs. Grove at the organ, gave some good music at Burt, Samuel Mayne is having no active opposition. The boys concluded to accept THE UPPER DES MOINES suggestion and make it unanimous. Estheryille Republican: Kossuth county will vote on a proposition to build a jail. Let's sell them ours. Emmet county seems to have no use for a jail. Mr. Dolliver is not cheating providence with his light overcoat at present. John G. Smith traded with him at Burt and gave him his fine seal coat for his Armstrong drive. Ledyard Leader: Our Billy Burton is going to be re-elected supervisor and will have votes • enough to spare to satisfy an ordinary man. He has rendered conscientious and efficient service and deserves a nice endorsement. A communication from S. H, Taft of Humboldt on the importance of prohibition and one from S, D. Drake, who writes from Green Bay, Wis,, on the democratic tariff, both came to late for publication. We like to disseminate all views on all questions and regret not to publish these, B, I Sallinger had a lively experience in reaching his LuVerne appointment last Friday. His train missed connections the other side of Awes. Catching a freight he got to Bradgate (II t -§ • t t t i ja buy winter goods ., ' -T ' '.''" i ''''' ** 0 Sumbbtdt county find hired ft leftlffi 6 ISO mile drive. Md Arrived at Vefne at 10 o'clock ia the evenlttg, itlt rallieid the boys ftfld talked aB hotlf, 3d pfobosed ta meet his appdititmefit fit took all aight. , The fepublldafl county tidkst la gdtid fFoffi top to tjottom. Col, SpeficeP hfts been aa excellent ti-eftsurer, the county has had no better sheriff than C. C. Samson, Sufot, Reed is one of the best officials in the state, Sufveyor TelHer is ettgftged by neighboring coutitlee, Coroner Morse has responded promptly to All calls, and Supervisor Burton has attended to hia duties in a way to occasioa commendation, It is a ticket that should be voted straight. Weslev Beporter: .That oui* county should nave & secure place for its criminal class when arrested no law- abiding Citizen for a moment will doubt, and further, even for the criminal class the place to be occupied should be free from dampness, and where the light of day can occasionally penetrate. The present jail is a disgrace to Kossuth, the largest and best county in the state. Every voter$ regardless of party or locality in the county, should vote for the jail tax, M. D, O'Connell of Fort Dodge WBB billed for Bancroft by the state committee for Monday evening but no notice was sent to Chairman Crose or to Bancroft. When he arrived he found the crowd going to Burt and a telephone message from Dolliver telling him to come down, as a free oyster supper was awaiting him. He accord' ingly drove back to Burt, talked an hour there in his usual happy manner, and had a good time. He told the audience rfbout Dolltver's matrimonial plans in a manner to create great enthusiasm. , Every republican should vote for Supt. Beed because he was fairly nominated. The nomination did not come till the fifth ballot and then was made by delegations which were under no personal or political obligations to him. THE UPPER DBS MOINES was secretary and speaks by the card. His nomination was not railroaded through. His opponents had a full, fair show. He won because delegates who owed him nothing thought he would make a better official than the others. They knew he had been in office a long time but considered that his efficiency and work overcame the objection.' The convention was a big one, fully representing the county, it acted with deliberation, It made up as good a ticket as the county has ever had. Republicans should stand by it. Honey. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. A PULL line of colored cotton flannels, vertf oheap, at The Grange Store. YANKEE pancake flour at the Opera House Grocery. WE still have a good assortment of ladies' and children's fleece-lined underwear. There is good wear and great warmth in these garments for one-half th'e price of wool. The Grange Store. ',.••MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf. FOR BENT—A couple of good farms, and good residence property in Algona. Inquire of Frank Nicoulin,-31t2 YARNS—German knitting, Spanish, and Saxony—in a variety of colors, at jobbers' prices. The Grange Store. For Sale at ,f20. One Poland China boar, 'eighteen months old, with the best of pedigree. Apply to J. A. Vipond on farm west of town.-31t2 A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf Auction Sale. The undersigned will sell at auction, at the Henry Patterson farm, two miles southwest of Irvington, on Thursday, Nov, 14,1895, the following property: Five head of horses—one team of four- year'Olds, roan horse 11 years old, black horee 12 years old, grey horse 14 years old. Thirty-six head of cattle, consisting of 21 milk cows, one fresh cow, eight to come in soon, and the rest giving milk; four heifers 2 years old, sijc yearling heifers, five spring heifer calves; lumber wagon, buggy, two sets double harness, two sets fly nets, Buckeye binder, six»foot mower, hay rftke, new hay buck, corn planter and check rower, 120 rods of wire, 14-foot seeder, fanning mill, four*horse poysrer and feed mill, two'hole corn sheller, e tubt pie plow, two corn plows, iron harrow, milk tank, wooden pump, some milk cans, 200 gallons molasses in JO'ga.1, kegs, and some corn in the field. Terms: One year's time at 8 per cent, on all sums over $JO, with approved security, Sums.under $10 cash, F}ve off for ossb, Sale begins {it JO a, m. Free lunch at noon, Mas. J, BROWN, Administratrix. P, AJ Haggard, Auctioneer, SPEOIAI- prioeg pn bats, caps, gloves, and mitts at John Goeders,' FOR tjro^ loa«? on real estate a ppiy a,t Kossuth Qounty %fate BaBK% IN addition to ft large assortment of pppl^r styles in js,4Je«' jfto^te" we are 8b9^i»g a big Uwe of Dieses' and pjiu^ {•.es'i garments. Galbr&itb & Q« t fep Jess, . 5* SvlMBAYt ttw. is DOVU-& G. Bo-wygp's isUl TOuta %t§ jpe $a Mnndt Ww ta do not delay. Kyeu PROSPECT IS NOW QOQB, Rot Much fowl Itt thl 3h6t but This tteadlitio pi-esses the ef the Piattt Will fie S'rottt Soott-OdtuaiSttt by There is hut little hew to report in the Shoe factory matte? this week. As soon 6.6 the necessary stock Was sub- 1 scribed the promoters of the enterprise were notified at Etataetsburg and also at flock Island. Saturday a letter was received from the Bock Island mab, who has the whole thing in charge, stating that he had written to the manufacturer and that as soon as a re" ply was received it would be forwarded here. He added that the conditions would be fully met and that our people would find everything satisfactory upon investigation. As soon as definite information is received, the, local stockholders will make such inquiries as they think necessary and will then send a committee to view the plant as provided in the conditions of the subscription, unless it should develop that that step should be unnecessary. It now looks as though everything will pan out as has been promised and as though we are about to get a well established institution, Meeting Tomorrow Night. A telegram has been received asking the citizens to have their committee ready for Monday. A meeting of the stock subscribers will be held tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock in the court room to elect the committee. Our Shoe Man Married. The young man who started Algona after the shoe factory is Wm. S. Jackson, whose father is Episcopalian rector at Emmetsburg. Last Tuesday while Algona was raising the wind he was getting married at the 'Burg to Miss Robins, one of the finest young ladies of that place. They have gone now to San Diego, Cal., for the winter. The Democrat says: Not long since he made a proposition in person to the Algona board of trade to locate a shoe factory there. The stock required to be taken by the citizens Is all subscribed and an increase has been asked. It is likely that be will engage in the enterprise mentioned. Factory Notes. Elmore Eye: Good for Algona. Whittemore Champion: Good for Algona. We hope she will get it. Bancroft Register: It's a good thing, and our county seat has the right kind of men to push it along. Germania Standard: The tnstitu tion will employ 800 men and we hope that Algona will push the matter to the front. .-.-.' Wesley Reporter: Since Algona has decided on having a shoe factory what's the matter with Wesley making an effort to secure a packing house and tannery. Of course Algona would patronize us. Estherville Republican: The shoe factory scheme has fallen through. The promoters wrote that the company could consider no proposition from a town that had only one railroad. Algona is now working for it. LuVerne News: From the looks of things at present all indications point to the fact that Algona will soon have a shoe factory. We hope that they will be able to • make the necessary arrangements and Algona will have her shoe factory. pBurt Monitor: After all isn't Al gona a rather light town for a shoe factory? Emmetsburg, you know, was going to do such wonders with her packing house. A shoe factory at the way, aofe te wof fclfif lot, & testa??, n is a em fof one, and they should hurry up and get in during the fifiei weather^ while the lasts cafi be made out of ddots where there is foom. Those bald hills afs good places to work, Let the Alg6na gifts step oft the side hill barefooted and; have the tracks filled with fcbtfd befdfe • the Sfibw comes. Good echeffle, shove it, Forest City Summit! Aigbtm and Estherville have propositions from eastern shoe factories looking tot* a chftnge of location.' Both propositions* of course contain a clause providing for either a large subscription of stock of a bonus of some thousands of dollars, Iowa needs \ manufactories and cannot have too many of them, and we trust our neighbors will succeed in getting establishments which will he of great benefit to their towns and counties, and hope that later on they will not find themselves in the position Emmetsburg is in with its pork-packing establish* ment and liable to nave to pay yet greater sums in order to make their investments at all secure, Too many factories change their places of business simply to strengthen a depreciated capital stock and work in a lot of old machinery at high prices and to afford an opportunity for the original owners to escape liability and make somebody else pay for their experience in business. ; ' ' ; ; -' - ........ OOTTOH STATES moSITIOft. Atlanta, On., September 18 to December 81, 1895. The schedule printed below is acorn- S rehenslve guide to the best and most eslrable route to Atlanta from the north and northwest, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Terre Haute, and Evansville. Palace day coaches and Pullman sleeping oars are attached to all trains shown in this schedule. Extremely low rates have been made to Atlanta and return, via the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway. All trains run solid between Nashville and Atlanta, except train in *last column. The train in third column, which 30 p. m., runs the route of leaves Cincinnati at 4 solid to Atlanta. This is the famous "Dixie flyer, through "all the year round" sleeping car line he- tween Nashville, Tenn. and Jacksonville, Fla. ass 10 in t- HlOM wwt- nisi rtftp. SS0 saa aaa ftrtrt d"d"d" od aaa Pirtri m aaa saa PiPid OOin aaa ftdrt oo'o room to co co JJJ icon 333 Pirtrt OOO moio ddd PI PI A <NI>O UHH 333 333 ocoo HIMO wen 00*3 For further information address Brl- ard F. Hill, northern passenger agent, 328 Marquette Building, Chicago, 111.-; B. C. Cowardin, western passenger agent, 405 By. Exchange Building, St. Louis, Mo,; or D, J, Mullaney, eastern passenger agent, 69 W, Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio, W, L, DANMSY, G. P. & T, A,, Nashville, Tenn. Passed dtrt Aft« a §ti«f IflftSss^tSfttiii 7 ; Selieved ta Havt B*efi a feload Vea§«l, ' - /*£-.irM .„ _~ ^*--^ fhe death t D fil?i 4 _^ and so uatimely that the afinefl was scarcely etedited ftV £"***' been out Friday ta Alex. DP. Ed. Wfttlofi While there Just as he west into his buggy he felt' back carried to the house, and was brought home', was much better, but in the' had a relapse, Then in the 1 evening he-•'' rallied again, About i o'clock in morning he sent Dr. Keaeflck Judge Quarton and made a will.; H'e "iji signed his name as legibly as be ever- -Am had and was perfectly in. possession Ol $» his faculties. At 7 o'clock he waB dettd» v A half dozen brother physicians were--) m with him and seem to agree 'that - "' bursted blood vessel or a clot in tL_ , brain caused his death. As the news • spread a feeling of sadness pervaded^ the town, for the, doctor has al way si- been popular, He came to Whittemore '• i in 1870*at the founding of the town 'and •?, was the only doctor on the west side of ^ the county for years, Baking friends,'', there as he has everywhere. He had (< come from Hampton, where he studied with Dr. Harriman, anfi ,where, his parents had located in 1867,Jwhen#| he was 18 years of age,, ' _,,' ',,. Seneca county, Ohio, where' theft -weref'ij pioneers. He was a graduate', of/theVf,, Iowa City medical school In ' the .classes of 1878, and, was successful in >/ htB-Vi practice from the outset. ' A few year's,!'? ago he sold his Whittemore drug .store.; and practice and 'located' in , Algona'. jf,' A year ago he built a .beautiful home, ana had just got comfortably, settled in/ it. His practice was large, and * grow- -I Ing and the future had only pleasant,•" prospects. The doctor was in his 46th ,>' r ; year. He was born in Ohio, May 8, -V 1849. In 1880 he was married >to- Miss j x Mary Brown, who survives him and-whol E has the deepest sympathy ', of,' the;; \& entire community in her sad affliction; r4| The funeral was held yesterday at\V 3:30 p. m. at the house. The 'Knights , of Pythias and Bedmen,- of both ; v 6f,v;<$'J which he was a member, atte'nded ',ii%¥" uniform. Delegate Knights from. Ban-'t»J croft, Wesley, and Whittemore^weref over. Aside from ^hese-there J'wi large gathering' of "citizens; ''mariy peclally from Whittemore > and', country intervening. Bev.»' Stevens",! 5 ^ spoke in appreciative terms , of the deceased, referring to his excellent .character as manifested in all his varied re-? lations, Dr. Bist sang' two solos, and • Dr. Sheet? read the burial service of\T the Knights' ritual., At the conclusion-, of the exercises the hearse,, attended; by carriages of friends, carried 'the re-/ mains to the depot, ,where they we're" w taken to Hampton on the evening train, ;'*,|| to be buried there. - Mrs. Pride, her;;?.;>| brother, and Dr. Pride's sister attend; "** ed them, '. .' Money i I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, B, W, HAGGARD. , *t^ WE make a specialty of collections. >4;^ Cloud & Haggard, ' "'' * Two HUNDRED samples ingrain oaE^^ pets—cost us 35 to 40o each—tak^y.^-™ pick for 25o, The Grange Store.''' *• ' " v^l ARE you needing another Jamp?' .Pe^iS those nice new low priced,' at ' i t' 8 Opera House Grocery. ' i '. i , ~&if& Cloaks, Dress Goods, ^'<>'tm ^« ^.y^'ii^r^?'^'' "»' v-^ t T^T^W^^T^S^ 1 : >TOI n< '#t*r'* i - v ' X! '' Ki ''"" • ' >i V-^^> ., .r^S 1 ' .- -tAtf'lfat , - t'0Wx ",. -$m 4 ; • :%1 v.'fif 4 *l*S'&

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