The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 23, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1895
Page 7
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No tiklnft ttit in tfi«f .tl&fill find'stkte banks of the United fold flat knot* ftt*f fielrtfr tvstfctifed Closed by In' oe free in the to* ANTE PUHE INDUSTRIAL, & habit Of tUfiiing ... he-f head when • Snaking ". ,witti a SBfflftgfeh' ' Mrs. A. & JPalmeff whd died ' ifi Oleveiftnd, taught James A. •, his alphabet. . -MiSS Llelewyn fiaViS, the leadet af 'the woman Suffragists of dfeat fifflaifi, ' in & remarkably handsbme womatii , Ateong the employes of the treasury •, dep'ar'tmeht at Washington is Mrs.-WiU CdX, & gfahdttiece of President Jackson. . It is said that Mrs. William R. Mor< rtsoa, who for years has been her hus* bahd'a edfastant adviser, is a very able politicifth, •' .Mrs. Mary £V Hansel, of fillenviile, • ,tt. ¥., became enough of a lawyer to be debarred for fraudulent methods in executing pension vouchers. ""' .Mrs. Harmon, the wife of the new " attorney general, is said to be an.un- usually fine conversationalist and a woman of rni'e intellectual powers. In St. John's church, Moline Ala., the largest church in the state (Episcopalian), the power to vote in parish meet- togs is expressly granted to women. >" MlSs Marnle Mackenzie, daughter of Sir- Alexander Mackenzie, principal of "the Royal Academy of Music, London, ,' is likely to make the stage her professions 1 . Miss Douglass, the champion amateur markswoman of England, recently scored fifty-seven bull's-eyes in succession 'with a revolver at twenty yards' range. ' • , Tho Value'of Trees. '•< How many farmers and others, too, whose places are destitute of fruit and, , shade trees. Again, how many rented places are devoid of trees of all kinds. Has the land-owner 6ver stopped to consider that a small orchard, a few .yard trees around every tenement house will greatly enhance the value, attract and hold a better class of tenants, make life more enjoyable and that too at practically no cost? We tell you there is a great deal of selfishness whea we look abroad and see how stingy and selfish many are with their ' tenants, and oftentimes perchance some Jgood farmer rents his farm and moves away and is so selfish as to reserve all, yes, all the fruit produced, denying even 'this to his tenant. Land-owners owo > their tenants and the public generally,a duty by planting at least a moderate ., .quantity of trees. This is a wise public policy.—Ornamental Tree Growing. ThU Calf's Tall Is In Front. Ay Scarboro (Me.) man has a cow which. recently brought an offspring into the world. The calf Is said to be all righ't*except as to the tail, and the tail is all right, only it is misplaced, being on the wrong end of the beast. It is said to grow from between the eyes. In fact, the animal looks more like u baby elephant than a cow. It was found that the calf was likely to' starve to death from its inability to suck and wag its tail at the same time, so it was brought up by hand. Bownre of Ointments for Catarrh That Contain Mercury, As mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange Uie- whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such ar- tides should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do Is tenfold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co,, Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon the .blood and mucous surfaces of the system; In'buying.Hall's Catarrh Cure, be ,sure you get the genuine. It is taken in< te,rpally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F,"J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by druggists; price, 75c per bot- tie. Hall's Family Pills, 26c. Judgment. "* She—"I am gpiug to throw a kiss to you. " , - , Be—"Suppose J.don't catch It? ,-• . r She—"Then you'll have to, pome nearer, BO that I cannot miss my aim;" Jt is worth a thousand pounds a year to have the habit of looking on. the bright 'side' of 'things, ' , , , Jn' thf pupljp schools of, Germany the bright pupils are separated from the stupid ones.' •Medical men do the sorting. '»>, • • i' ' - ,•, fe-V '' VBrioK fe A,f-tt" ij */ i • ,.' i ftf'V r tBBlito.^'iwiWlwA enjoyment wljej vfVfc ?JSW'W»» T»e jpny, who Jive bet* ' t9tbsj$»,p4 fSUOy'Hfe Bjpre, with ^ftQitor i &i py I&QF& "— WTT*ftf?T"f »»» , "w ~ 3fe S. Chief 6f Police ih Budapest, Hungary, is beyond dobbl: tO*day the happiest of all police chiefs in the world, lie has succeeded in recovering a quarter of a million florins for the ftoyal Hungarian. Post Office authorities, on whom a bold robbery was committed twelve years 'ago. Dr. Selley receives every day baskets full of letters of congratulation from almost every police chief (h Europe. ( Dr. Selley is sure to recive ten times as many letters from all over the world. The criminals are now In the clutches of the law, but they cannot bo convicted. On January 6, 1884, the mail was fixed up at three o'clock in the afternoon, to be ready for thg evening train to Vienna. On that memorable day the mail contained three fire proof iron, cases with money. One contained 60,000 florins, the second 120,000 florins, and the IMRB CSOMBOR. third 240,000 florins. The cashier duly locked the three cases and handed them over to the mail clerk, who, on his part, put the cases into baskets, then each one in a separate bag, and duly sealed them, and placed 'on each, three locks. Then he put them in the mall package store and locked the door. The mail wagon arrived at seven o'clock, and the clerk wanted to place the'three valuable bags> in it, but he found only -two. The most valuable, containing 240,000 florins, was missing. • The whole postofflce was turned up- Bide down; all the detectives were put on .the case; circulars were sent out all Over the world; a reward of 10,000 florins was offered; about two hundred persons were arrested and released; but no trace of the "postkistl" was fpund. In every comic paper- and in every music hall the "postkistl" was the object of jokes, and finally the word "postkistl"'became the meaning of what the police never could find. After nearly twelve years somebody wrote a letter to Dr. Selley that the almost forgotten "postkistl" was stolen by Imre Csombor, who kept an inn in Budapest and was considered rich. Dr. .Selley did not pay any attention to that 'anonymous letter, .which he considered part of-the old-joke, but when another letter ca,me, in ,which Joseph Suppicic, a rich land owner in Selve, Dalmatia, was mentioned as the accomplice of that robbery, Dr. Selley though^ it worth while trying. He sent one of his captains v to Selve. With the police of that locality he went to Suppicic's house. The latter immediately made a full'confession. After Dr. Selley had received from his subordinate a di&patch, he arrested Csombor. Not bnly the whole 240,000 florins 'if// JOSEPH SUPPIOJC. • the two piases.'but much jnbre.. The two tfcjeves had tbe aimoet dgubjed. tQ the bs ?r fly? yeajj-s b'sve state ftttoi l B?y or the '9949 $$ ^aliee 'n§yfi- s.tQppeid' A paper in Western Kebfaska tains the outline of a story that should be sliing intd Undying verse by a pflet as good as the author of "finoch Af* defl." S6iUe years ago, ih the tewft where thfe paper is published, thefe lived a man who had a wife and daugh> ter. He seemed prosperous, and hid Credit was good for anything he sired; One fine starlight night he dig* appeared, taking with him -nearly everything that wasn't nailed dowft. H6 had fflad6 about every man in town a creditor, and when he went away the people betook themselves into outer darkness for awhile and waited and gnashed their teeth. The wife and daughter were treated the same as the rest. They found themselves destitute. The fiend in human form who had so long officiated as husband and father had left them not a dollar. The lady and her daughter were, of course, looked coldly upon for a while, as people believed them to be in collusion with the departed. But they were not depressed by this. They went manfully to work like little heroines in a play; the mother did sewing, and the daughter <Md whatever she' could get' to do. They prospered, as they deserved to prosper. The older heroine in time established a millinery store which captured all the trade, while the younger became principal of the schools. They had money in the bank, and could eat ice cream whenever they wanted to. The other day a seedy tramp called at the back door of a lady's residence and asked for a drink and something to eat. The good woman looked at him intently, and recognized her husband. And now the really beautiful part of this story conies in. Did the lady kill the fatted calf for the prodigal and bid him welcome and forgive the past? Not to any great extent. She called the family dog, a large creature with a penchant for humain remains, and no man ever' climbed a tree quicker than did the erring husband. DUB Up n .Jar Containing Old Coin. Thomas Moore, Jr., and two other workmen, while excavating for. pipe connections at Market Square; in Chester, 'Penn., the other morning,, Unearthed a small preserving .•• jar, containing gold' and. silver Spanish coin, estimated to be worth at least $150. Some of the coin bore the date of 1800, and other pieces a later date. An old market house, erected in the last century, stood on the slte ( where the nfpney was found, and it was torn doWh in 1857. It is thought the money was buried by one of the marketmen. •She Wanted to Rule. Queenie Carroll, 16 years old, committed suicide at Creston, la., the other morning. Her father insisted *.hat QUEENIE CARROLL. - ' "" she should attend school, but she Ranted to learn the millinery trade. Rather than accede to her father's wishes she shot herself ' through the heart and died Instantly, Attempts to Abduct n Child. A bold Attempt was made to abduct Myrtle Corlin from her home &t Wich,. |tft, the other night. Myrtle is an at* tractive 14-yearTold girl. She was sleeping in the room next to that occupied by her mother. The would-be ab» jjuptor entered tbe room by cjittiog out the wire window screen and poured 1 chloroform over the pillows. The girl was only partially stupefied by the fumes 'and screamed when her assailant attempted tQ drag her from the bed, The scream wofc9 her mother, who hurried into the ropm, The mis- 'ereant ' jumped -frpm the window, got iiitp a buggy and drove rapidly away, There is np clew to b}s identity, of Tortured j>y Mosquitoes A "comb,inatl9B atlas an4 Trumbull county," published |p year 1874, tells » queer gtovy of early. froatjer Justice. "The flret tr}«l tribunal was epmppsecl of a seJJrprgaBlzeiJ fegfly -of men, whq tried, ana i)Q»Yict<$ fep stealing from a feJlov was convict^ p,a ^en^ncea te 0f- bis apparel, tied t« a |Q the bj^es Qf m.0sau however, flja,t JHtt? ,?r Locomotives are fiott turned out which weigh 96 totts. the electrical shops And factories all over the United States are Overrun With Of defs. | The 25,000 coal miners of Alab'amft,' Kentucky and Tennessee have formed a union. One-third of the cOal mined in Ohio is mined by machinery, ) If the Atlantic ocean could have & layer of water 6,000 feet deep removed from its surface is would only reduce] the width of that great body of water, One-half. i Labor organizations are not extend* ing in point of membership fast just now, but there is a determination among wage workers to have the full value of their labor. The granite belt in North Carolina is fifteen to twenty miles wide and inex- haustable; quarries are being opened and orders for street and curbing purposes are rushing in. At the Butcher's "Would you please chop these ribs across for mo?" "John, just break that lady's bones for her." _ _____ Grout or Depth*. Ho — "And did ,ho toll you he had saved me from a watery grave?" She — "He said he hod saved you front a worse place than that." 1 use Piao's Cure for Consumption botu in my family and practice. — Dr. GK W. , lukster, Mich., Nov. 5, 1894. 1 find the 1 groat thing in this world is not 80 mudh whore we stand, ns in what direction we are moving,— Holmes. B''ull Informal Ion respecting the best fruit and farm laud in Rivet-Bide Co., Cal. Address'Hemet Land Co,, Hemot, Cal. Up to tbe present, woman's rights generally have Veen, anything that man has left. '. _ FITS— AllFltsotonped froehy nr.Kllnc's Grout Jiorvo liestorer. No Kltsiifi.ur tliu llrtiuUiy'H use. Mai'vcloubciires. Trcntlsonnil 92 trial bottle frurt > PI! cases. Bund to Ur. Klliie.Oai Arch ttl,,l J WIu, t Pu, IP/The man of thought strikes deepest aud strikes safest. Du Maurter Js not coming te lecture in America, his health not permitting his accepting the proposals made to him. Francis George, the Liverpool bellman or cfier, who'is to retire from' business after sixty years' work, has cried 130,000 lost children in his time.' Mai Nordau, the author of "Regeneration," tells a Paris interviewer he has traveled all over Europe, and that he began to write at the age of 13, Although he has been singularly fortunate as a commander Lord Wolseley has been wounded, sometimes very seriously, in almost every action in which he has fought. It is announced in London that William Brown, son of the famous John Brown, for many years Highlands attendant of Queen Victoria, has been appointed her personal attendant John Morley is extremely nervous before going on the platform to speak In public. When he has once fairly start-' ed, however, his nervousness to a largo extent disappears, but he has admitted that the strain which he undergoes Is very severe. Count Leo Tolstoi, according to the London Daily News, is engaged Upon a new novel, in which the general procedure and peculiarities of the Russian district courts of justice will be do- scribed and criticised. Tolstoi is known to entertain very little respect for. Russian Judiciary methods. A few years ago, when ho was summoned to sit upon a jury, he declined to be sworn, and was fined 600 rubles. Count Tolstoi has recovered from the intermittent fever from which he has for some time suf- .fered, and he will soon go to the Caucasus for a rest. ^n.^ ....... ^.-,.^-..... J ,.. rJ -^,. - «fl_f~..t , _._. r . ,-_.^.— ir.,~-'-]^s^i!. l X.I. ^(-ft&ftj Western Fur Cc U WfitS for illustrated letfua and prleeHsl. H t sent oa ftppfoval,' a jS\ ' WliJSTfift^ 9 Wholeaftle tad MACHINERY Sioux City Knslno and 1M« Workd, 2j Stificesaorii to Pech Mf(f. Co. H Sloax city, town. , Tns Ro^rau, ft cttABt MAoniUKnt CO., ——.-, •« 1*14 Wd»k ElSventh StrcilJ, KaliRftH tillftt Mo./(|J will cure If tho Baby is cutting -reoth. Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy, MKB. Wwstow's SOOTHING 8tnm- tor Children Teething- Professor John MilriOi *. K M., the famous seismologist, has married a charming Japanese lady, whose, father is a Buddhist priest. • "Hannon'n Maf.'lo Corn Salve." Warranted to cure ur money rel'iinduti, Auk yuur drugrglut for It. I'rlco 15 cuuta. The largest clock' is said to be In Buffalo, N. Y. Its dial plate is 2f> feet in diameter. Ilp({oinan'»<'»iii|nn>r;<!«< will! Glycerine. Cures Chapped Hiiinl» anil Knee, TenUfr op Sore Feet Chilblains, files, <tu. C. G. Ulai'kuo.. Now Haven, Ct B Wrong principles are us wrongm politics as they are in religion. "A <'up ofl»isrlcw' TOJI at night moves the bowels iq the morning." It isn't the biggest horn that maizes the best music. Wnlklngr would often be n |>loiimii>o were it nul lor the co ns. Tljosu postu are euully ro- moved wlthlllndercorns. 16o, at druggists. A London flrm which has manufactured eiptbt of the eleven cables linking the United States to England mad ps 55 miles of cable each 84 hours. The more one n«c« Parker'* Olniror Tonic Ihomore ItHKuodquiilUiesHroruvoaledlndlsiollInu coldb, iudlgefcllon, pulus and overy kind of weukn Ja«, France has 7,842,058 houses, of which more than half have but one story, 331,7(10 have three stories and 05,487 only four. stories or more. RAM'S:HORNS. The devil never makes any flank movements for which God is not prepared. Put a pig in a parlor, and its first question will be, "Well, Where's your mud?" There are a good many things the devil can't do without the help of a hypocrite. Whoever gives as God prospers him, will never have to stop'giving for lack of funds. Until we are willing to do all in empower to answer our prayer, we do not pray. The man who can learn from his own mistakes, can always be learning something. Whenever God's chariot comes to a standstill, it is because there are obstacles in the 'Way that human hands can remove. Before we try to load others, we ought to be sure that we are closely following Christ. JusMllHble. Nurse—"Bertie, you naughty boy. leave of! playing with your, soldiers < directly. Haven't I told you that you muau't pluy with them on Sunday*" UBertio— "Yes, nurse; but this is a religious war." The Frank AiiBiver Inspired Wrath. Board School Teacher—Which letter is the nexc one to tho letter "H?" Boy—Dunno, urn ain, • Teacher—What ( havo Ion both Asides o£ ray nose" ' Boy—Freckles, ina'am. Kidney Troubles and blood troubles, BrlRlit'fl <Hs- , case, Innammntloit of. Wdtiejfd/ rheumatlsnV, • g o ti t, ncurnlgin, backache, headache,' Rlcepl ness, antemla, dfizluess, etc., curing the kwiicys'. *"- ± , |f TAKEAPILL. la Hohb's Llnls llrer Pills Don'i Silpe. 'Dr. Hobb's Little Liver Pills l will cure , Stomach Troubles heartbum, constipation, Indiges- -.', ^ tlon, flatulence, bad breath, palpi- , • i tatlonn, losa of appetite, etc. by I I gently acting; on the liver, and bowels. Purely vegetable and the j only liver pills that don't gripe. UrantiU Mil thru. * > .' Wrlfc for free boob. ' ' , J >'l HOBB'S MEDICINE CO,, . * Chicago. San Francisco.'" Such ills as SORENESS, STIFFNESS, and the like, OOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOQO> ST, JACOBS OIL WIPES OUT | Promptly and Effectually,! 5OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO to ';" California in a Tourist Sleeper. It is the RIGHT way,;'', Pay more and you are ex- f. travagant. Pay less and!',; you are uncomfortable. . & The newest,'brightest, ',' cleanest and easiest' rid- * ing Tourist Sleepert. ;ire''' used for pur .'',' Personally Conducted Excursions to 'California, . ; which leave Omaha every # * • Thursday morning reach- ,' ing San Francisco Sunday I., evening, and Los Angeles -'• Monday noon. , '•*, You can join tbeni at;; any intermediate point.', >'!/ Ask nearest ticket agent'; for full information, or 4 write to J, FBANCIS, G, P. A,, Owalia, Neb, • »H-*»»>-**«>»-0«*-pl'«W*-l«*»! MMMM*!!*-*^ SK* When answering advertisements mention this paper, '. V ., .i are few famous writers in Qrwt Britain or the United Stetes,., ^ whp have ngt already,contrived tp The' Youtn's Companion, W' •' some illustrloys recruits h«ye been found, who, elaborating with-" the pld favprites, will enable ifc enters to paHe the paper nPtiably '• '•- brjlllsnt during the coming year^ • , . * • Statesmen, ppets, famous scientists and travelers, 'einijient lawyers' and delightful ,storyrwriter§ .wjii proyiae entertainment.and tnstwitao' 1 • for p«r friends an4 subscribers in a-rieher iwmu/e than ever^efpre,' - '- ,("V" . ~^^ iM w 'V'S V-f ,'%, flil ^;; \ i»

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