The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 23, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1895
Page 5
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*'. ' : '^T^y^i't jWp!?-.j~,.;c, , ' " W,, L' r ''-i¥t.'^ :' .-•v ^ £ „ TBB UPMSM DIB MOINBBJ AMbSA, IOWA, VflffiSfflAY, V *' "* "" < ' "* «**m i*^ •'>7'<' --. >^»M* ;',%.,-„.,/-,.-,/i, -yMt& ,-," ^'-ii'-i^i liiiSJ fits FBOOLAMAT1N Pot tt , Notembef 6, IS Putsttant to taw, 1, Pfdnk b. Jaftksofl, gotef- not of the state of Iowa, do hereby proclaim that at the general election to fie held on the Tuesday text after the first Monday In No- vetober, it being the fifth day of that month, of the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-fire, the officers hereinafter named are to be filled, to-wlt: By vote of all the electors of the state: The office of governor of the state; The office of lieutenant-governor ( Mdtetnent oft Foot to Secftf6 fbf . Aliform a Plant Employing three Mtthdf-ed Men. Algona fakes (told Vigorously and Sub* scribes the Amount in Order to Get It. The office of superintendent of public InstniO' tlon; The office 6t falmxid commissioner. By vote of the electors of the several senatorial districts designated below: The office of senator In the general assembly from each of said districts, to-wit: The Second district, composed of the counties of Jefferson ana van Buren, The Third district, composed of the counties Of Appahoose and Davis. The Fourth district, composed of the coun ties of Wayne and Lucas. , The Fifth district, composed of the counties of Rlnggold, Decatur, and Union. The Sixth district, composed of the counties of Taylor and Adams. The Eighth district, composed of the counties of Mills and Montgomery- The Eleventh district, composed of the counties of Warren and Clarke. The Fourteenth district composed of the county of Mahaska. The Fifteenth district, composed of the counties of Marlon and Monroe. The Sixteenth district, composed of the counties of Madison and Adair. ' The Seventeenth district, composed of the counties of Audubon, Dallas, and Outhrle. The Nineteenth dlstrlc't, composed of tho county of Pottawattamie. The Twenty-third district, composed of the county of Jackson. The Twenty-fourth district, composed of the counties of Jones and Cedar. . ' The Twenty-fifth district, composed : of the counties of Johnson and Iowa. The Twenty-sixth district, composed of the county of Linn. The Twenty-seventh district, composed of the counties of Webster and Calhoun. The Twenty-eighth district composed of the county of Marshall. The Thirty-fli'st district, composed of the counties of Story and Boone. The Thirty-second district, composed of the county of Woodbury. The Thirty-third district, composed of the counties of Buchanan and Deleware. The Thirty-sixth district composed of the county of Clayton.- The Thirty-ninth district, composed of the counties of Butler and Bremer. The Fortieth district, composed of the counties of Allamakeo and Fayettte. The Forty -first district, composed of the counties of Mitchell, Worth, and Wtnnebago. The Forty-third district, composed of the counties of Cerro Gordo, Franl.lln, and Hancock. The Forty sixth district, composed of the counties of Ida, Cherokee, and Plymouth. The Forty-seventh district, composed of the counties of Kossuth, Emmet, Dickinson, Clay, and Palo Alto. The Forty-ninth district, composed of the counties of O'Brien, Osceola, Lyon, and Sioux. By vote of the electors of the several repre? sentativedistricts: The office.of representative in the general assembly, the apportionment being as follows: ' ' For the First, Lee; Twenty-first, DesMoines; Thirty-first, Pottawattamie; Thirty-seventh, Polk: Forty-third, Scott; Forty-fifth, Clinton; Forth-eighth, Linn; Fifty-eighth, Woodbury; and the Sixty-ninth, Dubuque, districts, two representatives each. For the Second, Van Buren; Third, Davis; Fourth, Appanoose; Fifth,'Wayne; Sixth, Decatur; • Seventh.Rlnggold; Eighth, Taylor; Ninth, Page; Tenth, Fremont; Eleventh, Mills; Twelfth, Montgomery; Thirteenth, Adams; Fourteeenth, Union; Fifteenth, Clarke; Sixteenth. Lucas; Seventeenth, Mon- -, Nineteenth, Jeffer/; Twenty-second, iu. yfashington; Twenty fourth,' Keokuk; Twenty-fifth, Mahaska; Twenty-sixth, Marion; Twenty-seventh, Warren; Twenty-eighth, Madison; Twenty-ninth, Adair; Thirtieth, Oass; Thirty-second, Harrison ; .Thirty-third, Shelby; Thirty-fourth, Audubon; . Thirty-fifth. Guthrie; Thirty-sixth, Dallas; Thirty-eighth, Jasper; Thirty ninth, Poweshlek; Fortieth, Iowa: Forty-first, Johnson ; Forty-second, Muscatine; Forty-fourth, Cedar; Forty-sixth, Jackson; Forty-seventh, Jones; Forty ninth, Benton; Fiftieth, Tama; 'Fiftj-first, Marshall; Fifty-second, Story; Fifty third, Boone; -Fifty-fourth, Greene; Fifty-fifth, Carroll; Fifty sixth, Crawford; Fifty-seventh, Monona and Ida; Fifty-ninth, Cherokee; Sixtieth, Sac; Sixty-flrst-Oalhoun; Sixty-second, Webster; Sixty third .Hamilton; Slxty-f9urth Ui Hardln; i Sixty-fifth, Grundy; . ;leth, tmuymBK, J-'UJOH,D, Seventy-sec' ond"; Bremer; Seventy-third, Butler; Seventy•.fourth, Franklin; Seventy-fifth, Wright and Hancock; Seventy-sixth, Humboldt and Pocahontas; Seventy-seventh, Buena Vista; Seventy-eighth. Plymouth; Beventy-nlnth, Sioux; Eightieth, O'Brien and Lyon; Eighty- wottftfi Is tetter kfjofttt for gootf ., st &te«ds higher In the: esleeni of all who kno* h6fi Mr. Bushnell ftteo is W6H afid f&vorabty kno»U. A boat ot eerffd wishes folldw them, and TOE UP- frBft DES MoiJrfcs joihs ifi hoping 1 that Algoha Will b6 theif peMnanfiHt hotfie. Jighty-l flfthYFlbyd; Eighty-sixth,Ohlokasaw; Eighty- seventh, Allamakee:. Eighty-eighth, Winne- shielr, Eighty-ninth, Howard; Ninetieth, Mitchell; Nlnety-flrst, Worth and Wlnnebago, districts, one representative each. By vote of the electors of the First judicial district, composed of the counties of Lee and Des Moines: ' fill the, Vftcano; M. Casey, " McOrary,' . , By vote of the electors of the Thirty-fifth senatorial district, composed of,the county of Dubuque: The office of senator from said district, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of I,' W. Baldwin. By vote of the electors of the Thirty-eighth senatorial district, composed of the counties of Black HawH and Grundy; . The office of senator from said district, to ' fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of J, M. Rea. Whereof, all electors throughout the state will take due notice, and. the sheriffs of the several counties ^ill take official notice a»d toe governed accordingly. , In testimony whereof, i have hereunto pet my hand and caused to be affixed the great sealof the state of Iowa. Done at Des Mpineiji, this second day of October,.tn the year pf our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five, of the Inde pendenoe of the United States, the one hundred and twentieth, and. ; of t)ie state of the forty-ninth. - W the governor; ^^ D • w, M, MoFAWLAKP, Pecvetary of State. Algona is feeling hef oats this fall, A spirit of enterprise has burst into full bloom in a week, Notice Is served on Fort Dodge, Webster City, and the rest to clear the track. We tire after manufacturing enterprises if any can be found that will pay in this climate, and when we set forth something is likely to happen. Friday We met to talk shoe factory and Tuesday $20,000 was raised to meet the proposition submitted, and if tho other side can now come up to Its promises Algona will have a building 60x200 feet, of brick, three stories high, fully equipped and run by a manufacturer of 16 years' successful experience, before the coming year is very far advanced. If the other party is trying to sell wind he will find that he is dealing with people who are acquainted with "blue sky," and we will with unabated zeal hold forth a beckoning hand to somebody else. Algona has entered the lists for a front place among Iowa's A class cities. It Is a candidate for anything good that is to be had, and It proposes to carefully inspect everything that offers. The meeting Friday evening met to consider the proposal of a shoe factory to come here with an established business, build the building referred to, equip it completely, and run from 225 to 300 hands. The people were asked to ttike $20,000 in 'stock. On their agreement to do this the factory is to submit its business, outfit," credit, standing, etc. to investigation. If il is as represented the deal is a go. If not no money has been expended. The committee went out to solicit stock ana secured the $20,000 with astonishingly little difficulty. -The subscription Is given below. The subscribers will meet at once and take steps to investigate and If,all is found as stated, will send a committee to the present location of the factory. On their report the final action will depend. Another week will develop something tangible, and give a pretty good idea of what there is in this proposal. In the following list the bank contributions represent the directors, and, we believe the stockholders: For the purpose of securing the location of a shoe factory In Algona, as per the offer now before the people of our city, the undersigned agree to take the amounts of stock set opposite their respective names. When the full amount of $20,000 has been subscribed the prospective stockholders will then elect an Investigating committee of five members to go and make a full and thorough Investigation of the factory which is to be removed to Algona. Said committee shall be elected by ballot, each share of stock having one vote, and it shall require a three-fourths vote of all the stock to elect any person a member of said committee. If the committee, after making a thorough Investigation, shall report favorably, then each subscriber will pay in his subscription upon the terms they secure with the present owner of the factory. Said shares of stock shall be of the value pf $100. If the committee report unfavorably, this subscrlp tton to be null and void. First National Bank 84,000 Algona State Bank 4,000 Kossuth County State Bank 4,000 Geo. O. Call ana Estate of Asa 0, Call.., 1,500 GOP. E. Clarke 500 Gardner Cowles 500 Hay& Rice 500 0, L. Lund 500 E, J.Gllmore 400 O.E.Helse 300 J. W. Tennant 300 J. W.Rpbluspn...... 200 0. B. Durdall 200 James Patterson....,-. 200 Walker Bros 200 J.J.Ryan 200 L. ; A. Sheetz..., 200 J. F. Nicpulin 200 0. M. Doxsee 200 Durant Bros .• ; 200 JohnGoeders 200 W. E.H.Morse '.' 200 S.H. Pettibone..... 200 F.S..Norton.. 200 F.L.Parish 200 E, G. Bowyer ,-... 200 E.V. Swotting :... 200 F.W. Dlngley ,,,,,,, ,., ,,,,,,.. 200 Jas, Cowan,,., , 200 Doxsee & Shaw 100 John Grove.... 100 E! H.Clarke ,,,., 10ft M, F.Randall , lop 'F. M, Taylor,.,,.....,,.-.,. 100 J.W.Sullivan 100 O. 0. Samson 100 H.Hoxle... 100 G. O.Hudson 100 M. Starr , 100 Brownell & Allred 100 J,R.Lalrd 100 A. M. Johnson 100 Chas. A. Cohenour 100 M, z. Grove & Son , 100 Haggard & Peek ,..,., 100 Chas. J. Brown 100 E. E. Savers ,..,.., 100 A,F,Dailey , 100 S.O.Spear , 100 W. L, Joslyn...., 100 A. Rutherford Jr ,,.,,,., 100 , . Today ft marriage is td be eelebfftted ih Algonft which will unite Lorenzo Withata and Miss Potly Haas. Mr. Witham Is one of the best ktoown of the early settlers on Four-mile creek, and has been & prosperous farmer .and estimable citizefi. The bride is a middle aged lady, who lives oti the old Shefwood farm, and Is well spoken of. Money, I have utilitatted money to loan on long or short time, ' B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. mm a,ooo; democratic n6thtfte«e lot* are iMklhg ft quiet campaign, bill MS wa?fcifit fesfd, Tfebf haw li Hefldei 1 soti is tefeflsed to that Alg-ona, with All Hfef Jfolse, Mas tent 2800 People, He Was Gothplitnentftd by ft Lafge sites Wednesday Night Last A Splendid Speech. FftOOlAMATION, To the electors of Kossuth county: At the Keneral eleptlpn, to be beld pn Tuesday, Nov. Bi 1896, the following pfftQW »w to be filled by $e electors of saja county ; The office Pf Treasurer, The P p§6oe° of ppttirfy Superintendent 99 Th? oiaoe pt County Surveyor. pf. The office pf coroner, The pffloe pf one su ' the visor. itfted. eleotprs pf saW them- A QUIET MABBIAGE, Miss Jennie Mclntyre and A. N, Busbnell »re UnHe4 In t}»e Free* ence of R J"ew yrtejujs, kast Friday at 8 o'clock a very few personaHriendB wet at the old Mo* Intyre borne and witnessed • toe ceremony by Bev, Stevens which, \inlted Miss Jennie Molntyre and A- N, Bush' nell, They took the afternoon train (orBrewpter, Minn,, where they will b? some time, and where Mr, BHshnell has a big grain business, The bride has lived many years in Algona and no YARNS and knitting worsteds of all kinds. Best qualities and a good assortment of colors at tt^Grabge Store. HAVE vou tried our "Monsoon Tea." Sold by Langdon & Hudson. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. J. P. Tnylor is over from Charles City visiting her brother, D. S. Ford. A crowd is planning to go to Burt Monday evening for Dolliver's speech. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jones are planning a trip to Atlanta to be taken before long. Guy Taylor has been enjoying a visit from Mr. Glllespte of Spencer, cashier of the national bank. AlonzoD. Clarke bus been subpoenaed to appear at Fort Dodge Nov. 10 to serve on federal juries. Mrs. Day of Wooster, Mass., came out last week for a visit with her cousin, Mrs. J. W. Hay. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Smith are expected in Algona next Tuesday. They start for home tomorrow. Harry Lantry, who has been telegraphing; bere for a few days, will go south'this week. He doesn't enjoy the prospect of cold weather. D. K. Lincoln was up from Fort Dodge last Friday. He Is an old-time merchant at the Fort and father of the noted singer, Miss Elsie Lincoln. Mrs. John Grove visited in Anarnosa last week. She expects her sister in Algona soon for a visit. She Is a trained nurse and will be here some time. Wm. Starr, a half brother of Milton Starr, spent Sunday witb the latter. He lives at Maxwell, Story county, is 68 years old, the oldeit of the, family. He went to Emmetsburgfor a visit. A. N. Shaw has been secured by the city of Cherokee to establish a city grade and stake out the streets in accord therewith. Mr. Shaw will come home as soon as he finishes the job. THE UPPER. DBS MOINES was in error in announcing the departure of Miss Ingledew. She will visit in Algona until November and be accompanied to Chicago by Mrs. Geo. L. Galbraith. T. G. McDermott is at Iowa City taking the senior law year. He has been reading In Sioux City this summer and can graduate in one year. He will be one of the vising young lawyers of the state soon. Mrs. V. H. Stough, Mrs. Brad. Means and Mrs. Chas. Waldo came from Minneapolis last week to visit their Algona friends. Mrs. Stough returned Monday on account of the sickness of her baby, but Mrs. Means and Waldo will go to Ireton this week to visit their sister Emma. Bert Matthews went to Spencer Monday and will open his drug store this week. Last Thursday Dr. and Mrs. Sheetz gave a party in his honor and his friends were out to " speed the parting guest." He goes to his new home with the best wishes of all who have known him, and with assurances of success in his new field. Col. and Mrs. Cooke have returned from their European tour, They arrived in New York Thursday and spent a day there and visited Miss Bertha Hancock in Chicago over Sunday. They have been having a delightful journey and have taken in the foreign capitals very thoroughly, The Atlanta excursionists came home Wednesday afternoon and report a pleasant time, Bro, Starr denies the report that he tested the Nashville beer and the others sustain him. The Algona party were Mr- and Mrs. Starr, Mr, and Mrs, Warren, Mrs. Finnell, Miss Nannie Frazier, Mrs. Jas. Taylor, and Mrs, J, W. Tennant, "Uncle Steve" Pettibone is back from Connecticut, He has been spend' ing some time at the old home and has enjoyed himself. He says it isn't »s it used to be there and that the valuable farms of his boyhood are now worthless. He brings witb him a curious relic, a pewter pot and silver spoon witb which Geprge Washington ate porridge at the tavern, kept by his grandmother, It was given to -his mother and now comes to him. The spoon was made of silver coins melted down, Col, Henderson was complimented by a regulatiflh Kossuth county audl* ebce lust Thursday evening, and the colonel was not to be outdone in gallantry. He said that he was never more surprised in his life thfttt to find that Algona only had 2,800 people. From the audiences all tho public speakers reported and from the noise the town made in the state he had supposed we had 28,000. That of course put the Algonians in good humor and the colonel kept them in that state by apt stories, anecdotes, and sound republican arguments for two hours. The court room was crowded for standing room, which is remarkable In view of the lukewarmness of politics this year. And no one left till the colonel finished. He took as his text "How do you like it?" and he made it appear that no one liked democracy for what it had done nor for much that it had attempted to do. It was an enthusiastic, good tempered republican speech which made the colonel friends and helped tho cause he advocates. The colonel is looking well, although only eight weeks from crutches, and Is enjoying the campaign. He Is confident that Allison will be president. Doll Ivor's Meetings. ' Next Monday afternoon Congressman Dolllver will speak at Wesley at 2:30 p. ra. and in the evening at 8 o'clock he will speak at Burt.' These are his only meetings In the county and everybody should plan to hear him at these places. He is making a great campaign this year. B. I. SnllinKor ntl^uVcrno. Friday evening the brilliant oratoi of Manning will address the people of Lu Verne. • Mr. Sal linger is a number one campaigner and. will please al who hear him. St. John This Evening. Ex-Governor St. John of Kansas wll speak in the court house this evening in the interests of prohibition. He ii an orator and will have a gooc audience. ••'. •'. Political Notes. Election in 13 days. Let every republican plan to vote just to keep in practice. The state committee . won't give Chairman Crose many speakers up here where there is so little contest. Armstrong Journal: Kossuth county is to vote on the question of building i new jail.. If there is any county in th state that needs a jail it is certainlj Kossuth. It is reported that several of th WED Of ftfc 8» Alf cm& ia a Wesley Mef)6ftfeFi lYed Attofhey fellows, dftrf Way ftftd Vftfi Mists wfefe on, The 66u"ft bo-use was bf-ow'dedi The speech ft ftg eloquent, forceful and pointed. . i The Ledyat-d leftde? says . frank Wetffler's appeftt-ftfice In the political field is a case o! the office seeking the mart( This Is h&rdly, accurate, it is the nOfhtnatioti which has settled' on rank. The office is making ft grab for Samuel Mayne. .LuVerne News* County Suporih' tendent B. F, Heed was in the city visiting our schools on Tuesday, He was also looking up his chances oh re- lection this fafl. He has always made a number one superintendent and we believe it would be a good thing for our county schools to keep him there, Wesley Reporter: The opposition against Ben, Reed for superintendent is gradually subsiding, and before election he will be able to count on the full party vote with a good sprinkling from the opposition. His eiTorts in bringing our schools Up to their present liigh standard of excellence spenk louder than words. Bon.'s superior don't reside In Kossuth county. The Ledyard Leader snys of the jail tax: The proposition for a levy to build a county jail should, and no doubt will, carry by a large majority. No other County In Iowa Is in such good condition financially as big Kossuth, no one Is so able to have a good and suitable jiiil and no one has such a miserable concern for a jail as the big, rich county. Tlio friends of the proposition should Include every voter. FOR SALE— A house and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F. H. Vesper.-29tf A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON have just received avfine lot of farmers' carriages and surrPys. Can give you a fine bar- galn.-8tf . • A FULL line of children's three fold, three ply, three thread, fleeced lined underwear. Cheap, warm and serviceable, at the Grange Store. YANKEE pancake flour at the Opera House Grocery. • FOR RENT— A couple of good farms, and good residence property in Algona. Inquire of Frank Nicoulin.-31t2 DR. S. W. GRAY, an optician of 30 years' practice, and graduate of the leading ophthalmic schools of this country, will spend one week with E, G. Bowyer, from Tuesday, Oct. 29, Consultation free. Improve this op portunity to have your vision made perfect. , ' • '• ' . - • MIKE HUBBARD wants to do: teaming of ariy kind. Go and see him at the Milwaukee depot. Try those "Schoolboy" cookies a the Opera House Grocery. Bio drive in ladles' and -children'! underwear for 25 cts., at Galbraith'sl BH ^'/OlM ftfforfiffif ! • - " feftdl? InjfifeiMftie C. A, Mansfnith, who ears owned a Mftfl abbut west 6f Algona, died suddenly S t noon, He had dMvi$& .wi 'jdttg to the slaughter house to ' delf 1 iotne hogs tttid was coming back y' ie Was hailed at Afflbfbs&'Ar Oall?l Yorke and asked te bert Sackman, ttho had befett wood, and who had been hurt back by being thrown frbm the;,w1 Mansmith and Long went to aftet tfying to carry H*a6ki»aft?iii',M^ *agon, finally took him in Yorke and t)f. Stutlt and' iis home, the house south On tho way Munstnith cotuplaltfed^] Jacknian was heavy. And ng'&lft^ complained bofoi-e they feaohed^ 1 .house. Aflei- they laid Ha^ckmtin'ao^S ie straightened up and was stahdinY near the door. Suddenly he began to,i 'all backwards, spread his arms' catch himself, came down andbfea.thedii one breath after he was reached. - il^ef doctors worked over him several .>hotirfl aut failed to resuscitate him, He has;, not been in good health for several <V years, and once before had a sinki'n'gJ spell. He leaves a good farm and family with two grown sons. t Th funeral was held yesterday at lOio'olpblC; 1 ; at the home, and a service wtis conf/ ducted at tho Methodist church'in.'A'l: gona at 11 o'clock. He was 'bu'rted-j" the cemetery here. ' - '•*" > %,,'v* Mr. Hack man was thrown' from-aj, high box wngon by ,the wheel un6x-J poctedly strilsing a stump and fell von. the wheel across the small of the back. 1 He was paralyzed for the 'time being,' but is recovering. ' _____ , ^ ,^ Tho T"ay Ilolland Suicide. ,v!,i '< Last Wednesday Coroner Morse" '$f'ta$ called to the Archie Hutchison ,'farm \., north of Bancroft to view the remain^tl of Fay Holland.' Holland had gone/tofVI the Boone river , ostensibly to li 1 He was found with his face shot All the circumstances indicated suicide;.-^ It seems that he had given'seven flrst'|L mortgages on his crops, had sold/thefj grain, and still owed his rent.*. Hiaf-js creditors were pushing him' and/fb?a|" took tho shortest route out.. -He" t',y{aB,Jj 87 years of age, unmarried. ( / ,• ""i.- vv " A GOOD Beatty organ- Tor' sale 'or 'to';"? trade for a bicycle. Inquire' at >thi8 s office.—17tf ;;. Y ; GOOD butter to go with the pancakes'<; at the Opera House Grocery, JUST received, the largest carpets eve'r shown in the city. Galbraith & Co. , line" GjMi.VjJ i i: " •' The Commercial Mutual « Fire Insurance Co,.... Awarded Highest JKmQrs-WorW's Fair, B4WNG Was organized by over 200 wholesale and retail merchants of Iowa for the express, purpos. of carrying their own insurance and that of others who may become members, and it is much pleasure that we submit the First Annual Statement of business by the "C ci,al," which shows that this company has written more business and received more urns during the first nine months than was ever written by any four insurance Iowa during the same period of their organization. FIRST ANNUAL STATEMENT, JAN. I, 1895. ^ Amount of Insurance written $7°5>435)QO Amount of Premiums written 43,618.05 Losses paid....' , 2,330,11 Losses adjusted and unpaid Losses reported,. • Losses in litigation ,..,*; r losses last year were about 50 per cent, less than other companies that write all classes;,^ insurance, We will save you a large percentage on your insurance, • -, '--^ f \ i ' "* * DOXSEE '& SHAW, Agents, v I have unlimited money to loan on Iqng op ehort time, m W, WE make a epeo}a.Jty of ABE you, needing another lamp? gee those nice new low priced one? at the Opera If ope Gwery. - Partial List of Wholesale Merchants Now Holding Policies, 0, C.PrputhCp Aipswovth & Bonbright Langaa Bros, RoweU, W&rt evy Co & Buok'Reime.1? QQ Keokwk Queeaeware Qo Chicago.

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