The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on March 31, 1958 · Page 3
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 3

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1958
Page 3
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Is She Real No, Says Ex-Royal Teacher WIESBADEN, Germany (UP) The former, teacher to the Russian said today Anna Anderson is.not Anastasia, youngest daughter of Czar Nico- laus.II. . Professor. Pierre Gilliard, 78, said he visited Anna Anderson 'several times in Berlin in 1925 and found she was not Anastasia: Gilliard, who lives in .Lausanne, Switzerland, testified before a German court attempting to ' solve one of history's most famous riddles — is Anastasia alive? Anna Anderson, now an ailing, gray-haired woman of 57, has been in and out of German courts TO HOSPITAL Cuba Rebels On 'Strike' Leave Cells BROWNSVILLE, Tex.. (UP)— Three hunger-striking captured Cuban rebels were moved from the Cameron County Jail to Mer~cy Hospital, last night suffering -from colds and'lack of nourish' ment. Thirty-three fellow revolutionaries — most of them natural ized, American citizens and New York residents— continued to •refuse food for the fourth day in protest against the scuttling . of their heavily armed expedi- " tionary force. , The 36 rebels and four Nicaur- aguan crewmen were captured last Thursday by the U. S. Coast Guard as they sailed to join the forces of Fidel Castro against the Cuban government of Fulgencio Bati. The doctor who has examined the prisoners daily said all but one of the :group had gone without meals'for two days before . they sailed, and thus haven't eaten for nearly a week. U. S. Turncoat Treated 'Well' HONG KONG (UP) — Larance Sullivan,.the first of three U. S. Negro turncoats who chose communism in :-Korea to return to the. Western world, told newsmen here he was well treated by-his "comrades" in Red China. "They treated me more than sufficient," Sullivan said soon after his'arrival in this British colony yesterday. He said'he is satisfied that he learned ail-about the international situation while he was working as a .lathe operator in an auto factory in Wuhan. "I think the world is in a state of ardent stirring for peace," he •aid. ' , Sullivan is the ninth of 21 ex- GI's choosing to. remain with their Red captors at the end of the .Korean war who has since decided td return home. He has been dishonorably discharged from the U. S. Army. since 1933 trying to prove she is Anastasia and that she escaped Bolshevik execution; with the rest of the Russian royal family in 1918. HIS WIFE SURE, TOO Gilliard's wife also said she is sure Frau Anderson is not Anastasia. The professor's wide Anastasia. The professor's wife when her husband was the court teacher. Gilliard said he first saw Frau Anderson after-receiving'a letter in 1925 from Countess Olga, the Czar's sister. Countess Olga said in her letter she had seen a woman in a Berlin hospital whom she believed to be Anastasia. Gilliard and his wife went the same year to Berlin and visited Anna Anderson then . known as Mrs. Tschaikowski, but found no likeness to the Anastasia they knew at the Russian court. Gilliard taught at the court from 1905 until 1918. The 'professor said lie wrote a book in 1929 on the Anastasia case in which he gave his opinions oh Anna Anderson. He said he has not changed his.mind since that time. Court officials said the hearings will continue, today with further testimony from Professor Gilliard. Felix Dassel, 68, Anastasia's former cavalry: escort, also will testify Monday, officials.said. CERTAIN SHE IS Dassel has said he -is certain Anna Anderson is Anastasia and says he has a photograph which shows Anastasia's likeness to Frau Anderson. Frau Anderson herself was not present at the hearings, and unconfirmed reports said she will not show up at .all. | The actual case is that of Anna ' Anderson versus . Duchess Barbara of Mecklenburg. • The duchess is a member of the House of Hesse, to which the last Czarina of Russia belonged; and claims that Frau Anderson, is really Franziska. Schankowski, born in 1886 in Borek, Poland. OUT OUR WAT By JT. E. WILLIAMS BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON US. Tops In TV, Radio Sets, But Low In Book Translation UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., statistics shows, the United States (AP) : -~ The United States leads j had. 42 million TV receivers in the world in the use 'of TV sets, j 1956, or, more than 75 per cent radios and telephones. But when it comes to translating' foreign .books/on-.the- natural and of the of'56 million. Britain was second with 6,570,Union sciences, " the United States • lags' f.' ' The United States had 15(r mil- behind. These are some of the findings from the U.N.'s 1957 statistical yearbook, now coming off lion radio .receivers, or almost 48 per cent : of the world total of 315 million. The Soviet Union had 29,600,000, of which 22,200,- the presses. Teenagers Tell All About Sex 000 were radio re-distribution A sampling of the loud speakers. The United States had,60,192,000 telephones •• or almost 55 per The United States had 60,190,800,000. All of Europe and the Soviet Union had 32,606,000. But,-the Soviet Union led 30 Report Urges Supply Unity WASmNGTON (AP) — A unified supply system for nonmilitary defense'-items and closer coordination of government hdalth programs were urged today be' fore the citizens committee for the Hoover report. • Both were among recommendations of a .bipartisan commission on governmental reorganization, beaded "by former President Herbert Hoover. The committee, formed to push f»r the recommended changes, opens a two-day . conference .to'check on progress arid - seek. more action. .• }Rep. Charles B. Brownson (R- Ind) said in a prepared address more unification of defense sup- pi^ ' systems -is needed to stop .what ne ^called "flagrant, unjusti- .fied waste." . '" Brownson and 16 other House members' are sponsoring legislation to., provide within the- Defense Department for centralized procurement of common-use items like food, fuel and clothing for all the armed services. -The Defense Department sev- .eral years .ago put into effect a single - manager system under which one service was. assigned procurement ; responsibility for specific Sterns for all the services. •;• ,'••'.._;.•. ' •• • • •'••'• . iBrownson said this "is a step in" thel right-direction, but it is -a far cry, from .the":-coordinated system" envisoned by the Hoover .report/' '- •-- ' • ,'•'•" ." ' . / •" . •••-; Each service still- maintains a large measure,of .control over its own supplies, he' said^ "andvthe : harried taxpayer winds up paying the' salaries of three times':-as many personnel as the job should required ; .:Worst o£ all, flagrant, "unjustified ./waste .continues to ?drain off previous defense dol- • • ' Light Plane Crash Kills Two Men MOSES LAKE, Wash. (AP)— Two Moses Lake men were killed Saturday as their light, open- cockpit plane spun out of control and crashed while coming, for a landing at the municipal airport north of here. Killed were Leo' Clair Haney and Arthur Selmikeit, both 30. They were identified by Coroner Richard Penhallurick after Grand County sheriffs officers worked •for about an hour removing the bodies from the crumpled plane./ •An eyewitness, John Thornburg, said the plane appeared to turn- too sharply and .stalled as it came in at low altitude for an approach to the field: The. plan* then flipped onto its back and spun to the ground, he said. NEW YORK (INS)—American teenagers are telling all about their love life—in the interests of social science. The volunteers in the first ex- •tensive "survey of teenage sex behavior" come from street corner gangs; the country club set and the middle class. The American .Social. Hygiene Assn., sponsors of the $92,000 survey, hopes to make' some practical application of the.candid reports. According to Dr. Edgar C. Cumings, of Asha, the pilot studies in Los Angeles, St: Louis and Boston may lead to better control of social disease among teenagers and change popular theories 'about sex education. PIONEER Any ham—UnH «r SmoN A*«M *< Tracks • Trail*** !QU«M » Me. j •xpwt A Till CO. BLASTING 2 French Duelists Make/f Up, 'Kissin' Cousins' PARIS (AP)—The Marquis de Cuevas and ballet master Serge Lifar were kissing cousins again today after a 'duel that ended with de Cuevas pinking Lifar's arm. The 73-year-old marquis and the 52-year-old ballet master met on the field of honor outside Paris yesterday after Lifar had challenged his friend for putting on an unauthorized version of his "Black and White" ballet. The duel lasted "only a few minutes and the disputants kissed each other on the cheek, their 10-day-old feud settled according to the code .of honor. "I was astonished to find such a strong foe in front of me," said Lifar, who learned to handle a sword as a cadet in Czarist .Russia. >"I was deepJy moved, too, at seeing my. mar. quis thrusting his-epee at me." "I was terribly mqyed," commented the marquis, whose knowledge of epees hadV;been-/limited -to stage props but who bankrolls a ballet company, his wife, being a granddaughter of the late John. D. Rockefeller. • The duel, which strongly resembled a scene- from somebody's ballet, was supposed to be secret since such things are illegal in France., There; were . ;cnly 100 spectators on Jhand, many of them news photographers and reporters'. .. .After three, two-minute rounds of fancy footwork -by Lifar and cautious ieints by de. Cuevas, the marquis flicked, his opponent's forearm and a few drops of- blood appeared:: The seconds stepped in and .halted " ' " American Wins Prize MOSCOW (UP)—Seven American pianists competed/ today in the international piano competition of. the Tchaikovsky Music Festival here. Joyce Flissler of New York was seventh among the eight winners of the international violin competition. She will receive $1,500 as her prize. countries, including the United States, in 1 the number of book translations published in 1955. The figure for the Soviet Union was 4,282, Germany East and West 2,056; Czechoslovakia, l,47ff, France, 1,424, and Japan 1,203. The United States'ranked llth with 818. Translations of works on natural and applied sciences in the Soviet Union totaled 945, compared with 66 in the previous year. The United States had 74 in 1955 and 43 in 1954. THE OGDEN STANDAW)*EXAMINER 3A PGDEN, UTAH, MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 31, 1958 REUTERS 'ROUND THE WORLD U.N. Seeks Ban On Child Marriages .REUTERS GENEVA, Switzerland. — The United Nations Commission on the status of-women has adopted a resolution calling for an international convention ,. forbidding the~ marriage of 'girls below the ajge of 16. _ The vote/was 15 in favor and none" against. Three countries, the United States," Belgium and Canada, abstained., -The resolution asks, the U. N. secretary/general to. circulate a questionnaire to all member governments and ><non-goyenimental organizations calling on them to fufnishireports on the question of consent of marriage, the age of marriage, 1 , and the registration of marriages. They Aitft CANBERRA, Australia — Sen. Dorothy Tangney protested against any plan which would bar- as immigrants unmarried middle-aged women. Miss Tangney, 47, Australia's first woman senator, asked if the immigration department frowned on women over 40 on the ground, they might not marry and rear children and thus become a burden to: the state. "I ask them to bear in mind, Genesis, .Chapter 17, . Verses 17-19, wherein it is stated that Sarah was 90 years of age when Isaac was born," she said. Sen. , Norman Henty said the immigration department , never presumed to say that any woman had ceased to be capable of fulfilling the func- • tion of motherhood. "The fact that nowadays there, seem to'be no children born to women of Sarah's . age suggests that women— and men for that matter— ain't what they used to be," Henry said. Smallpox Outbreak GLASGOW, Scotland — Dock workers refused to unload the liner Circassia because of an outbreak of smallpox among its Asiatic crew. They rejected an offer of $5.60 a day "discomfort" ^PQQPQQOQP 0000 00 00 0 0 OJ Do You Have Money To Invest At 6% Interest Realty Insurance 2415 Ki«i*l Ph. EX 2-7507 arjnrjni'a"o'c"o'a'fl o o oTrsmnrmr money to unload the vessel. They're Liquidated . PEIPING — All "rightist" civil servants have .been "disposed of," Hsi Chung Hsin said, in a speech published today. . ' . Hsi, secretary general of the State .Council (Cabinet), did not explain, how they -were "disposed." His speech, to. the. National Committee of the People's; Political Consultative Conference, was reported in the People's Daily, organ" of the Communist Party. The People's Conference meets yearly to hear government policy decisions. Its members, include Communists, Democratic Party members and non-party-people. Swiss Climb On KATMANDU, Nepal — An eighth-man Swiss expedition has SPRING CLEANING SERVICE for BUILDINGS AND YARDS Inter-mountain School Students Available Saturdays, 9 to 5 Boys: 70e per hour Girls: 60c p«r hour Call EX 4-4561 Employment Security , Office set out on an attempt to Kile 26,705-foot Mount Dhaulagiri, the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. U. S. Plane Boycott CANBERRA, Australia — Australia's two major internal airlines have been refused government permission to buy new United States and French airliners—and have been asked to buy British Viscount turbo-props instead. - Shane Paltridge, civil-aviation minister, who announced the de^ cision, said the government would; allow the airlines to buy Viscounts, instead . of American Lockheed- Electra turbo-props and French Caravelte jets; for which application had been made. High Cost Of Court ROME — Rome lawyers voted to stage a one-day strike'^April 3.0 in protest' against high; court- costs. BETTER VISION WfAfi CONTACT LENSES . All Day Wearing Time 'DR. PAUL K. NASFELL DR. H. MURRAY CARVER OPTOMETRISTS 24X0 Wash. Blvd Dial EX '2-8633 Soti'tfactJon- Assured HERE COMES -Easter ... and all its pretty trimmings REAL ESTATE LOANS r u o p $ 3,000 Itt or 2nd Mortgage Low Ratei—3 Yr». t<(T«y JACKSON FINANCE & THRIFT Phone EX 4-9418 2604 Washington Blvd. now that' the "Leggy Look" is the fashion news there's more of you to look lovelier in .Tin* «M| UUNIDWHIU YOU WAIT "^•^^""••••™» M«n«y Pwt- SWvic* •• tokM •* . Crotkvd Dwital TtlTH RlfUCID While YM W«H Denture Repair Laboratory All WOMC OUARANTIIO J:00 AM. *MO P»rtor-Av«. IX 3-1M7 perfect fitting leg size stockings In your own'.leg-size are the exact image of your ankle, calf, knee and thigh. No sag, no pull, no strain. That's why they look so lovely ... and wear longer, too. Hosiery, Upper Level blouses . . . . . . Feminine and carefree! A. Fritzie's, cotton boy-styled overblouse with modified V neck. Button front. Turn-backed sleeves. Brown/white, pink/white, grey/white. 30-36. 2.98 B. Ro-jays rich rayon and silk blend printed blouse. 'Cuffed short sleeves. Bow trim. Blue, -beige. 32-38. 4.98 C Perky cotton, and: dacron overblouse with gay cotton lace trim. Smart white in sizes 30 to 36. . 6.98 D.Judy Bonds: short sleeve cotton and dacron blouse in soft blue, pink, and pure white. Never needs ironing. 30-36. 3.98 B. E. Lace trimmed 100% dacron In white and pink. Sizes 38-44. Blouses, Upper Level ... the perfect Easter accessory flower and scarfette set a . • Adds a new fashion note to-your Easter ensemble with our. matching chiffon scarf and flower set. In bright shades and pastels. Wear together or separate. 2.29 Rounds, squares, triangles , . . and the new chemist panels. 6.98 white platter collars All in Spring white with ' exquisite hand detailing. Just a Jew shown here: B. Lace trimmed pique collar! 2.19 cuddly eoverupi . . « orlon bulkie kniU A. Lace linen like cotton Sweater news in heavy bulky knits . . . washable otioa trimmed with buttons • styled ^o smart looking sweaters for Spring. 3,Vo .- '. . - , ' Blousepn style with fringed wide white collar. S, M, L, 1M C.The chemise panel . . . a Cardigan style in pure white. S, M, L. '.: true silhouette-converter. ' . ...,.Neckwear,. Upper Level 3.98 Neckwear, Upper Level

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