The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 23, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1895
Page 2
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MAfffef?B MIXEb. J ^&t«'a,v^i>?r<AinjW<-n ^ y t ^ Ms a rcep'ted- ; 'lfaS.'td|^ fefofte'S * It *&&&*&**{&&*. ttfehlftftd biiak • 'feBflrt^wlllt lttk»,!Btr &8?S»6fJ8 of pid^ -•'i Wir, ,is eM«ft f aiW eeatiMf Cfl iMml.!! " - ' tip as doliateVai to A. ti, tJhafltOfl, the cashier, lias goae fid dfife kfldWs WhefS, ftfid it ife thOiif hfc fat ( «a»{ed With hitn fin^whefti ffOiB 140,000 to SC6,000. So far as the tatilt 6flh6,6aiikshc5ws ) ,lh6f6 is very little aftsets, yet the safe has not been open' ed t as no one knew the combination btit dharlton, and an expert .Will hate t« be employed, yet ad. one believes hilt that it is empty. « Quite a .number »l tten will be ruitted, in' 'fact the loss Will effect the entire business of both town and country -for some dist ande .around. RlCnLAND, October 21. — As the investigation of the failure of the bank here progresses the darker grows the trickery in the deal. Starker has turned over to his creditors his private notes, amounting $35,000 or 838,000, which pauperizes him. He kept his private notes in the bank for safe keeping, where his partner. Chart ton, had access to them. Several thousand dollars worth of them ave missing, and it is known that Charlton disposed of them as collateral, j WAS' NOT CAUSED BY TRICHINA., State Hoard of .Health Does Not find Trichina In the Sabula Case. 1 DEB MOINES, October 19. — The state board of health officers are now quite confident that the wholesale poisoning of 100 persons at a Sabula -wedding some time since was not caused by trichina, as reported by prominent physicians of Chicago, and the matter is still a great mystery. The Bulletin of the state board of health, in speak - ing of the examinations made by the .board, says: "A portion of the spleen, intestine, diaphragm and chest muscles . were sent to this office and examined very minutely for several days by Mr. Bay, bacteriologist of the board, and by Prof. Clifton Scott, of Highland Park College, and no trichina in any stage of development were found, nor any pathological conditions surely indicative of lesions produced thereby. " INDICTED "FOR' MURDER. ' | Mysterious Death of Mrs. Conklln Ke- callecl By an Indictment. OSKALOOSA,'October 18.—The grand jury of Mahaska county finally took action on the Conklin case and has returned a charge of murder in the first degree. Conklin was placed under 1 arrest and imprisoned to await his ' trial, which will probably come up in about one w.eek. On the morning of , July 10 Mrs. Conklin was found dead in the garden near her home, badly burned. The theory immediately adopted and corroborated by the coroner's inquest was that she had committed, suicide by saturating her clothing with kerosene and setting fire to it. » TO THE ASYLUM. The Murderer of HU Son Taken to Independence. CLINTON, October 20.— -Deputy Sheriff Woldenburg took August Swansen, who chopped off the head of his little son, .with a hatchet,' in 'Clinton last spring, to Independence. The asylum authorities «were instructed- to notify the sheriff of Clinton county if at any time the prisoner recovered his sanity. This step was taken by Judge Waterman in view of 'the fact thai Swansen ;showed strong signs of sanity after ;the jury had declared him insane. In the event of recovery of his senses, Swaneen will be brought back to Clinton and tried for his horrible butchery. V * *r ' f 1 • -ii • i' i mi i . V-. i GREASED THE RAIL. Terrible Stre'et~Car 'Accident at Burlington, BuBWNSTpN, October i9. —An electric «»r, got beyond the control of "the motorman on Valley street hill, Jhe jnost dangerous street in.the, city, The wr was going at a rate of thirty miles 'an hosr when' Jt struck the Central avenue* curve and left the track, going Jjead first intp » diteh. $, G,, Seg^er, a' traveling ealesmap, \yap badly bruised and h»s wife received a serious in* t'jury t9 her pnine, Everyone in, the car •was injured more or lees..' That all •were not killed in the* crash is •'little Jess than iv miracle. The par to a lf, t TJfc fraely bad *i,eit$4 Winters?* r ffMtti^lofetlt «s years o ll tehigh^ 3fte fciSteS J« •"•*''Ytsefc-*'cWb ftfil trta's .... and she died* Sheriff Wdoissy, a! Befdge, weal to- tessfc tttis fcegrU ..~~ Binftk^art ifffce a &r ssstefifibXf to- l&^tiis cmt-bifc with tnt. shrift' Whefi ha ttdtn the foohi he had.fc gun, ftfid befoffl his intentions were realized^ he fifed, the bullet passing through Sheriff Woolsey's ear and fatally injuring a woman named Bafber. Smith, the mufderep,'escapgd and the last trace t tiiw was at Jejfrell JunetioH. ' LOOT A BANK- f he SI, Gazette fflakeS 'sefisalitifiai §tat6fflgiits which itfeM t» shew that the disfrate Got i'ajiflfs and feiotf in' Stiver »Hd C6ld< GfcttfNiiiAi October 18.—The private bank jot G. Segar 1 Gilm'att was robbed at S:30 o'clock a. m t The burglars blew open the sale, shattering the bitilding and blowing the safe door out on the floor. They carried away a tin box, containing papers and about $100 in silver and gold. CD BOATMAN AND CUNN iNDICTkiD. Held for tho Mnrdor of 17-Venr-Old . Irene Scrert. OSKAI.OOSA, October 10.—The grand jury of Mahaska county has indicted Dr. Iloatnmn and J. A. Gunn, both of Fremont, for murder in the second degree, in bringing about the death of Irene Severt by abortion. Guilty of Maiiftlaughtert CLINTON, October 19.—The jury In the case of Fred Jbhannsen returned a verdict of manslaughter and recommended the prisoner to the mercy of the l court, Johaunsen killed Hans Rogers at a dance in Bryant last May. The deed was done with a club. Van Iieuveii Pardoned. . WASHINGTON, D< C., October 19.— The president has pardoned George M. Van Leuven, sentenced to two years' imprisonment in the Anamosa penitentiary and $1,000 fine, for violating the pension laws. CONDENSED ITEMS. Injunction proceedings have b'een instituted against twenty Burlington saloonkeepers. , Osage , dispatch: The verdict of the coroner's inquest shows Prof. Evans came to his death at the hands of some unknown person. Two bullet holes were found in the brain and one passed through the body at the apex of the heart. Evans graduated from Iowa college this year. The body was taken to his home at Williamsburg and buried. At Sioux City recently Ludwig Terr- mann, a larmer near that, place, repeated the time-honored experiment of blowing out the gas at the Hotel Fowler, with a slight variation of his own invention. On retiring, Terrmann, realizing that he knew little of city ways, decided to leave the gas burning rather than take any chances. The light bothered him so much, however, that he finally resolved to extinguish it,* and having heard that it must not be blown out, fanned it out with his nightcap. Fortunately the transom was open and ' the rural gentleman escaped with his life, although he is "still very ill from the effects of the experience. • A Sigourncy dispatch says: There is greet excitement here" over" the bank failure at Eiehland, tbis county. A. C, Charlton and Allen Stocker formed a partnership at Richland and have been in th^" private banking business for a number of years, On the IQth Charlton left and left a note for his partner saying that he bad, sfone to get some more money and 'asking him to run the bank until he got back. He hasn't been seen since. The liabilities are reported at $60,000 and the attachments filed amount to $30,000. Charlton, the managing partner, is still missing and is supposed to be in Mexico, , Public sentiment generally exonerates Stocker,'the other partner, The safe is not yet opened. A very peculiar and unusual case has been instituted in • the district court of Union county. The amount involved is not large, only 834.53, but the issues are of great importance to the t$x payers of Union county. The history of the case is as follows; In tbe,'month of February, 1895, a child of Andy Pnrnett, A fireman on the Burlington road, was taken sick with- Diphtheria. Dr, Sc'bifferle, ihe health *ofn"cer, quarantine^ the home pf Jiwrjiett, and, in consequence of the s^i(j quarantine, Burnptt, was compelled' to cefwip from work; His child cl;'ed ,the undertaker's and drug bill to $3,4,53, which Burnett 'to pay, claiming 'the county was responsible, owing 1 to his being pf the Bur»§tt wanted the board, of pa/ Hie- claims, wbipb anA.opw has tseednia T 6fy s>fa*fe. it says .that Mofl. JoS6Sh bhaftiberfain, sSBfelatfy of state for the colonies, has instf acted the goteftibf of British Gliiafia to obtain without delay two Maxiifl guns to be staUdfled dtt the frontier whefre the Veaezu elans may attempt to cross. This is evidence that the British government intends to hold the frontlet* within the Hchoinhtffg line by force if necessary. Ch&mberlam also •urges the cttttifig of tnilital-y rdads to the frontiel 1 to enable the govern'ttient to better repel attempts at Venezuelan aggression. He also recommends an increase in the number of military and police and the erection of barracks on the frontier. WASHINGTON, October 30. — In view of the position taken by the British government in the Venezuelan affair as outlined in the dispatches from London, leading diplomats in Washington consider it settled that Great Britain will insist that arbitration will not, under any circumstances, embrace the tract on the British Guiana side of the SchombUi'g line. NEW YoftK, October 20.— That. the Venezuelan question'is approaching an acute stage, • with possibilities of .resistance by the South American government to. British aggression, was signified by disclosures made in New York on the best authority. ' The government of Venezuela is providing itself with modern .armament, arid among obher supplies has ordered ten improved Maxim guns from the British firm which 'manufactures' them. .The order was placed through a New York firm, and the English house, it is supposed, does riot know the destina-. tion of the goods. At the same time the syndicate of United States capitalists which has secured concessions on the Venezuelan gold lands claimed by Great Britain is preparing to . send a large force of prospectors, miners and workingmen into the field. TURKEY CONSTANTINOPLE, October 18. — An irade has been promulgated announcing that the sultan has signed the Armenian reform; scheme demanded by the powers. \ LONDON, October 18. — An Odessa ,dis patch says the Black sea Russian fleet has been hastily ordered to cruise near the mouth of the Bosphorus. LONDON, October :'19.'— A dispatch to the Daily News ..from Constantinople says: "An eye-witness, of the Trebi- zond massacre says that the Armenian quarter there was completely . sacked and the mob only desisted when nothing was left to pillage or kill. TKe soldiers assisted in tho massacre with their :rifles. ! The better class of Turks gave protection and shelter in their own houses to the Armenian women and children, so • that none of these were killed in the town itself." The Chrdiiicle correspondent says: "The sultan has so much fear of exasperating the Musselmen by consenting 'to the reforms that the ministers were obliged to implore him to sign the document. It is feared that English opinion will be greatly disappointed when the terms of the reform scheme become known. But nothing better could be obtained without the appearance of the British fleet in the Dardanelles, which would have involved the instant -disruption of the triple entente between England, Russia and France, and probably a Russian occupation of Armenia " TEN STATES TO CONFER, MINNEAPOLIS, October 19.— Governor Clough has issued a formal invitation to the governors of ten states and to the mayors of the principal cities therein to sen a representatives to a convention to be held in Minneapolis November -SO, The object of the meeting is to take the first .^teps toward holding A great midcontinent exposition between Minneapolis and St. Pawl in 189,7 or J 898, The states invited are; Wisconsin, Michigan. Jowa, North Dakota, South/ 'JMskats, -, Nebraska, Montana," Oregon, Washington ?and Wyoming, ; ., __ , CINCINNATI,- October .?J, ^-Special, -r ReportS'say thftt ft leading l»f e Insurance cpmpipy is accepting' risks' tQ, tbe amount of ?300,QOO on lives of eo,n* suroptives taking the AmicU Chemical Treatment for !««# diseas Amick chemical Company, of ,n»ti, is actually paying tbe QJ»! this insurance ,»ud ppUcies to their patjent?. * This tQ hftye tb» »Jp6t state thai JPfettier .Salisbtfy s6nt afi i6,f%esldefit e^sfsd, wh'ibh out the dsHiaMs bf the fof aec-otmt of the &ff«st of £ afid ifisffedidy 6f puttee at teokft^ bat a1 S8 states the tet-fns dti which CJf6at tiHtaitiwill definitely determine the houfldafy dispttte. Satisbufy and CHanlberiaia ai-e ifl perfect agreement as to the necessity of ending' the ffohtief dispfltei 'eVen il Veneiiuela^aS to be hf otight te tetHis by tnethads the most effective in reaching att iittder< standing with the South American i-eptiblic." • \VAstttsfotttlr, Octobfei-Sl.—Att dflleial statetoehtfi'Ofn the 1 Venezuelan foreign ofBce covers the policy of Venezuela Ja case the British attempt to build the military road fecotntnended by British Minister Chamberlain in his letter to Governor Lees, of tlritish Guinea. The Venezuelan statement closet) with the significant sentence that on the ques* tion of building this road, the course of Venezuela has been such that the "invading neighbors" cannot Inake another step further on the Venezuelan side of the line "without at once prbvoking collision." PRIZE FIGHT. HOT SPRINGS, October 18.—Champion J. J. Corbett was arrested on a warrant sworn out before Justice W. A. Kirk by Prosecuting Attorney C. V. Teague and asking that he be put under a peace bond, Corbett refused to give bond, and his attorneys, Greaves & Martin, decided at once to apply for a writ of habeas corpus. Should Corbett be released on a writ of habeas corpus, of which there seems to be little doubt, it is believed that there would be no fnrther.interference on the part of the governor, since the grim ting of the writ would in effect be a judicial declaration that boxing in Arkansas is not a violation ofi : the law; HOT SPRINGS, October 31.—The Corbett habeas corpus case terminated with the release of Corbett. Chancellor Leatherman holding that the state has no statutory prohibition to prize fighting or glove contests., The attorney general will appeal. It is now b«- lieved the fight will come off before the matter can be finally .adjudicated, CUBA. :MADiun, October 17.—El Nacional says that the Spanish government has not received any threat' from the government, of the 1 United States respecting the treatment of the'United States consul at Havana, Mr. Ramono Williams. El Nacional adds that the government of Spain, in consequence of the friendly representations of the government of the United States, has recognized the American consul as a diplomatic ageut. HAVANA, October 18.—The insurgents in Santa Clara have notified the inhabitants not to use the railroads, as they have decided to blow them up with dynamite. . ; KEY WEST, Fla., October '21.—Infor raation has be'en received in Havana that the Cubans have completely destroyed, Guantanamo. • -In ; ', Kicked His Urlde to Death. OBTONVII/LE, Minn., October 20. Grant county, South Dakota, Frank .Kaatsitz went home drunk and kicked his wife to death. A peculiar story is told of the couple's marriage. ' Kaatsitz attended the wedding at which the murdered woman was married to another man. Enraged at the apparent preference of the bride for Kaatsitz, the husband at once left the house and shot himself. The bride and widow immediately married Kaatsitz. Credo, Col,, Durned Out, CBKPE, Col., October 30. —Fire destroyed three blocks of business buildings, including tliirtyrfour business houses, the postofBce and two newspaper offices. Loss, $150,000, BRIEF Advices frqm Honolulu say the cholera scare has subsided, but that the government is threatened'with filibustering 1 expedHipns. The porte appointed a commission to inquire into the- recent Armenian ^r? rests, and has proraispd the powers to deal severely with anyone who is fpuj\d to have tortured the Ar.ftienwine jn prison, • ( The Qreek consul at Trebizond, Ar' roe'nja, reports. (Q his 1 government that' 400 persons' \vere" ' killed or wounded during the recent 'conflicts tti'ere between the T«rks ' . , finals et ttff* State idtgtftitfliBWMtuy 0t«9'* note to ®tm firflftffl oh ft* VgfieBttsiaB Sis* $uie-. ft Hi IgftFft&d. ftmwtw, that paftietsia? sig-a-ln'dinc'e is attached* to tfa e Iset thai G>eal tiftttlft thought It fiec-essafyllib- gfte ihefflattef jfetfaeted eofisiderattesu This .wetild seeta, te ifidiaate- thai the fttit* cbfttalaed sdftWj thifig tflbre th&ri'a Wefts inild, assertion of the MbBfOS ddctttfie. It is suspected thftt tifeat BHtaifi i* takifig ,tiififi,-ttf aflof d an opportunity 'to, consult with other Eufopeafi powers with South American interests, such as France ftHd Spain, with a view t6 a concerted stand touching the Monroe doctrine. GOOD ROAD FOLKS. National Road 'fArllaftteht Assembles at Atlanta. ATtAMTA, Ga. ( October 18.—The National Road Parliament, the greatest gathering ever held in this country for the agitation of the good roads ques* tion, assembled in the hall of the house of representatives, in response to an invitation extended to all interested organizations and individuals throughout the country, by the governor and general assembly of Georgia, the mayor and council of Atlanta, the authorities of the cotton states and international exposition and the various local, commercial, military and social organizations, together with the National Road conference and the National League for Good Roads. TEXAS TRAIN ROBBERS. Masked Men Hold Up an M., K. & T. Train Near Temple, T«x« DENISON, Texas, October 18.—Northbound passenger train No. 1, on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad, was held up by two masked men near Temple. •' The robbers uncoupled the express car from the train and compelled the engineer to draw the car to a point nearly a mile away. They, forced open the door of the express car and used dynamite in an attempt to open the safe. ; Their efforts were ineffectual, and becoming alarmed over the delay, they finally abandoned the car and fled to the woods. None of the passengers or crew were molested. A posse is now in pursuit of the bandits. SERIOUS SITUATION IN COREA Japan Holds Ohliin Responsible for the (juwen'g Death. SKOUL; Corea, October 20.—The king will be provided with a new queen at once. The .'Japanese'minister has asked t lie Chinese minister of war to sign, a paper assuming all the responsibility for the recent murders at the palace. The Corean minister to Japan has resigned and Kioka Chin, chief of those concerned in . the conspiracy, who wants to leave the country, has been appointed in his place. There have been disturbances within the last few hours in the neighborhood o' the palace. . SPAIN'S BL.OODY HANDS. Raising More Troop* For Assault!) onCuban Liberty. MADRID, October 19. — Queen Regent Christina presided over a cabinet council at which It was decided to summon 85,'000 men for active military service before the close of the year. Of this number 24*000 will be assigned to the colonies. The cabinet also decided to draft a bill dealing with the dynamite outrages which have been committed by the insurgents in Cnba. KILLED BY DYNAMITE. Serious Accident to Laborers on a Wlrt Kentucky ' Bond. LOUISVILWS, October 19,— A special from Sharpsburg, Ky., says: While a party of workmen were engaged in building a turnpike in the Flat Creek neighborhood, a charge of dynamite that h'ad been prepared for a blast prematurely exploded, killing three men' and wounding three others, More Olilneie Outrages, LONDON, October 30.— A dispatch from Shanghai says that it is reported that anti-foreign riots occurred at Chang Pa, fifty miles southeast of Amoy, and FuKjen, where-the chapels of the English mission were destroyed, the mandarins openly refusing to interfere, ' Fifty ferry boat with sixty passengers collided near Cairo with a steamer at anchor, The terry papsized and fifty passengers, • mostly workmen, were drowned, < Strain, Provltlpm apd Stpctg, One hwdred pages <tf useful information _ * ^ V. n win »1»itt« -PAW «*na+. QQ iraaiia •will VIA fif(5vide& »•<»», —-. o -- — of the chief- ienja*iBiJu.n u6 CnfistiafiS Ol *n u»^v ^ca, according to the Jtifcllflatignfii the population, Isut eithef ths |fff - at *- i •a* vice-governo? Must be a the appointment to be confirm 1 the ttowefrSi Local iHstead, «! bfUciais are to collect the ta»Ss Si afiS: enough to be detained to !^a^,. 'taT extietlse's of the local admihistratiofi Complete changes will be made ifl ,th\ judicial systew. Torture will "W abolished. The police will he C6W*, posed of Chf istians and Turks equally;»1 The laws against, eotnpulsory conVfeP, sioUs to 'Mohammedanism will .be* strictly enforced, The high comffiis- 1 sioner to carry out this reiofin Will' be a Christian. _ , k _ > ^ ' j EVIDENCE IN WALLKR'S CA§B.,;| Fntnl Flaws Pound Sufflclent to beriifthiiT-j HU Release. "J""': WASHINGTON, October iS.-^-It has.\" been understood all along that the fate t of ex-Consul Waller. Who is still held , in imprisonment by the French ,'afc v Marseilles, hinged on the proceedings!" of the court martial which sentenced ' i him, and therefore the state depart*, J ment has directed its efforts mainly, to « securing a copy of the record of the 1 ,! „ court. It has been ascertained the court was composed of five whereas the French military regulations require at least six persons to 's\ in the court. But more tant than this, it has been covered that Waller -was not tried as charged, but that as .the trial^ progressed evidence was taken .on an'-.-' other charge not included in the .brig-*; inal matter, and. that it was Upon what';; might be called a supplementary,. 1 -;' but irregular, charge that Waller was . convicted. ^_ '! '• SLOW PROGRESS. ^ Kangas Has Decreased 3,603 in Population 1 , In Ten Years. TOPEKA, October 18.—The Kansas board of agriculture, which the law requires to surpervise the taking and, compilation of the state's census each; tenth year following 1875, 1 has'com-^ pleted the tabulation of "inhabitants as returned by the assessors for 1895. Compared with the enumeration'of one." year ago forty counties show an increase of from 11 to 4,144, aggregat-' ing 33,909. The net decrease is shown to have been 3,663. .Waller V Moved; s PAKIS, October 30.—John L. Waller,", formerly United States consul at" Tamatave, Madagascar, who was sentenced to twenty years imprison-", ment on'the charge of conspiring with the Hovas against the French author- 1 ities on that island, has been removed ' from the Clairvaux prison to the-prison'., at Nimes, the .capital of the department, of Gard, the climate of the latter place 1 ' being better suited to the prisoner, , who is far from enjoying good health, IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. iKl DEB MOINES, October 14,—Three ',' -)j hundred and thirty-four United. States,' ^ $ patents'w.ere issued for the week end- •< f -'f ing October 8, of which number nine 1 ' ^* were for Iowa inventors. Five^' '^ thousand nine hundred and forty-five , applications are awaiting action. ' The'' L -« rt United States circuit court, eastern v /,'4|i, district of Michigan, has, declared th&'ijH trade-mark, "Syrup of Figs," descrip-...')P| tive and therefore invalid ahd'V?/ 1 deceptive, because it.s active ingredient ,i*£ f > is sennn, and not the juice of figs, "A*^ court of appeals for the District pfJ.l- Coluoibia has been established andiT^ has jurisdiction as tallows: "That the} determination of' 'appeals from the\i decision of the commissioner of paterit^V''A now vested in the general term of" tb&'f '' supreme court of th,e District, pf , Columbia, in pursuance of the provision^! of section seven hundred and eighty pi.' the revised statutes of the United^ States, relating to the Pistrtct ,'pf-, Cplurabia, shall hereafter be and/"" J * same is hereby vested in the courv^ v appeals created by this "act;' and ,<j addition, any party aggrieved by-itjw' decision of the commissioner o^at.^^ in any interference case may '$pp$u^ therefrom to sajd 4 courtof appea),s,i"','Af patent has been -'allowed 1 tQ? 3,, -WiS Walter, of Valeria, low^, for Al improved means pf connecting"a; B ^ yoke with horse collars anc} to y prevf gt« the apcidonts incident to ' objects cpmjpg in C9ntacl Of tho neylc yoke. J, G.' ( x, Iowa, has been &; . , , 'or a combi»^4 d»mpep ventilator in s^ove pii damper is opened ',t^»; j automatically closed, and qlpsed the yentjlatov is pppae4 t9 ft in cbepkiB£ the B ^| 'afl^, to 1 the-room-and, al§.o reduce the' ,^^ »t«re therein, it bas beeR}B,p^ot] use • as an sinQient *"" 1 ~ • greftt to any address. ' 'T/JK'^^.^l ! ^ v ^lw?"Sf^P'*»?**P. >*&(>&} »Wy* .wwj w ff*^- ipflMjflWe li ,r f * > .it ..riss, fFTT/%-« i a a A. T T> . _ L **.— .u^jffi?- 'PS.!, 3at'Rastus PinkloTT'sVl^nfl? miw MnargMl S

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