The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1895
Page 7
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- fJ 'Y'" t --c'&W'J*. I'"' . -*-- - • *•¥ ?$?&' ^ L . 1 v *, \y- y "<• ^3 ~ >• ~ Nf t- ' TOPffiH MS fflOlNE§! ALG(3NA. IOWA. WfflPKftgftAlf. OOfOBBK 18, 1885. ; *^«\ ^,;T J ' '• i', WOMAS'S Wofitt), r<itt Aftit MAIttoS, nn<1 Saelrtt Slift Hldta tlie ttfitt hold flife Wottinn in business who sue- deeds in Winning tbe good opinion of tte inen ttitli whom she comes In coin tact is the due Who is not continually toil the lookout fa* evil ahd who uu- |.derstdllds thoroughly tllf* difference that eilsb between social and busi- fiess life. The girt Who starts out e*, pectihg ttieti to fall dowii and Worship ,- hef Will hdVe a-very nlde shock some day When hcf etaiployei 1 gives hef 4 nn Gi-dei 1 Without the preface "please/* &ttd her whole Bowl will revolt When , Blie finds that there are men so thor- .•ougilly calloused to the claims of Woinanhood that they can keep their hata on when they ride with her on the elevator and have no scruples about taking their coats off if the day Is inclined to be sultry. The young missionary wh6 enters an office expecting to revolutionize the moral tone of it will probably occupy ^,lier position about a week. She is too much of a mental disturbance to be en- ured longer, but the girl who buckles down to the dutjos of the day with no question in her' clear eyes regarding what other people are doing will be pretty sure to win her way into the good graces of those about her and without any fussing, or frowning on her part the minor courtesies to which she is accustomed will little by little be given to her naturally tiutlK the missionary work is'really accomplished without so much as tbe elevation of ttn eyebrow on her part to Indicate her wishes in tbe matter. No practical business is run on the basis of charity; therefore the woman who aspires to a prolonged stay in one place with the assurance of an increase of .salary some day must prove .that she can give an adequate return In good work for the money paid her. JA pretty, winsome creature in an office is. not the power she is in a drawing room, unless she proves herself capable. Mere prettiness will "not bring a salary to her if she is employed to accomplish anything of consequence. "iBven the pretty .typewriter has had ,her day, and now the plain one who 'attends strictly to business corrals the .best positions. If you start out In the brond field of labor with men as competitors you must lay aside the idea that you were born to be adored by the opposite sex, and replace it with a determination to do the best you know how, working fairly for "the money paid, but never, .even In the hardest strife, laying aside 'jthe garment of pure womanliness /which is the most winning factor in 'both business and social relations.— Philadelphia Times. Qne way to trim sleeves! Perfanien for 'Women, A Word is due about the daiuty woman's perfumes.' Scent out of a bottle she should never use, but instead should bathe herself with delicately- perfumed soaps, She uses violet bags in her morning tub; she sprinkles Sue refreshing toijet waters in her basin; she lays delicate smelling things ' among her .garments. What these things „ are > will • be according to the varying tastes of different women, l^One of the nicest is that root of tropj- . - jea} lemon grass known as vertlvert. ' Orris roof in loose silk* bugs }s excel- lent and some women' like lavender. One has been known 'to use dry balsam. Jl|% ftpd cerfcilijjy tl{e_ pdor as of a ptn0<'foresMn the'sun which ah«in» 8ted from her belongings was very ;; pleasant, to the dainty and .'fastidious nostril- Another never uses anything . {jut sprays of lemon verbena. The best , the most costly of ajl, is dried rose ;, leaves; not the • eo«py-s.mel}ipg stuff .,, S9W In Oriental 5 shops in potpourri, - put Wg, fresh roses laid to die Jn one's flrfWjWJ, TlireetfrssJ}'American, beau* 'flea will so potently* perfuraea drawer tbat'4-nythlng laid away i|Itfor ft d ft y "'' bring «n pdor mope, subtle, pene- ing and }ntQ$le^tJng fh#n anything . »ut> scent shops have to pell. It is said , ,th»i only those who have the blood of , nobtes IB their veins can smell the per* fiwne pf strawberry leaves, »nd tbe JMsb-bre4 dainty noje }s required to, jperceh'e the true Hirer of dead.rpgeg, •Which will be t>l\}Bt«4' on vulgju? t»q»- With fhe at boitte claf itt the leTf-tiftfttt eofhef, the e'figfftfrhig titeg whert It. is not in' good Mm f6t iiiiy' ladj-, inarried-of single, to* iKite 11CT fitiflibfef find street etigrntext open tief Visiting cord, that being & ciistbin With A class of women who uisfet move In respectable society; Init that. pI'ejtMlco seems to have died oiit. nftd iii this day. When onfe has such a-lafge utinibef of calling ncquaihtancesr, the Address is perfectly correct and ftd- ftiisstble in polite society. The Usage of the visiting card in the social world has, from its importance, commanded a certain language of Its own. society has recognized its value, and now puts upon the small riece of engraved pastoh o'-d the many duties Which In tho were considered to require pet- tttentlon. It greets and bids ndlti the tnost graceful iiifltiher' ( congratulates most delicately but decidedly, attd oftlmes tells more than written or spoken Volumes could con-> vey. Its story of fondness or disinterestedness Is told in the promptness or method of its arrival. Velvets tttitl For*. Furs will be in greater favor, and employed at a rate larger than ever heretofore. Furs like sable, dormouse and sealskin will be the principle ones for consideration, while ermine will in all probability be hot seen at all, except, perhaps, as lining for wipes of pressed or plain velour or plush. Piessed cloth will, during the winter season, be a prominent uouveaute. Velours, from the Lyons looms, as well as those of cotton, will be again in urgent demand; especially the cache- mire velours, printed with Indian designs and very similar to the nice foulard blouses, that are So well liked. I saw most charming regal evening cloaks made from this stuff, hi a soft fancy shade, with fine patterns upon a light creain-colored fond. The sleeves are very wide and furnished with nice sable for cuffs; u • high• standing'col- lar of the like fur surrounds ,the neck, from which drops a full velour hood, trimmed with narrow fur and within lined with vleux moire of bluish sheen. The hood Is in front, tied with a full bow with pendant ends of moire rib- •bou, the color of which harmonizes -with the Inner lining of the hood. AVImt Do Children Tltinltf I wonder what women suppose their children think when they hear them tell a deliberate lie? It is. a continual street car experience to hear arguments between conductors and parents as to the ages of children. "I'll have to get a fare for that one," says the guardian of the indicator. "I never pay for her," replies the parent haughtily. "Well, I'll have to ring up 5 cents for her; she's over age." "Why, what do you mean? They never charge me on any other line," is the response." "Ain't that child over four?" asks the ringerup. It is obvious to any one with half an eye that thrf object of discussion is | fully six, and not.small for that. The I mother, has avoided making the state-' uie'nt, but when questioned point blank she says: ' "No, she ain't; she's only three and a half." And I wonder how she can look the child in the^face.—New York Recorder. ,When She HldeH the Key. It is a singular instance of the simplicity of the average mind to watch the entire good'faith in which the Country housekeeper, when she takes her walks abroad and locks up her house, hides the key for its discovery by any other member of the family.. As a matter of course she tucks it away under the doormat. It never seems to enter her dear, motherly head that every other woman in the place does 'precisely the, same thing, ^ind perhaps every other woman in every.other suburban town. She never seems to thinii that that is the one place that any student of human nature, who had burglarious inclinations, would:seek entrance to the house by simply lifting the doormat. He would be sure to .find the key ready for him there, Hounehoia Hints. How much more happy and comfortable the baby will lie if the laun- dress'is not allowed to put starch into its clothes, To remove a rusty screw, apply a red'hot iron to tjie bead for a short time, the screwdriver being used Immediately afterward while the screw is still hpt.'. A delicious tutti-frutti cream may be'made by taking a tablespoonful each of many kinds of preserves awd" adding to it a quart of sweetened cream,- using half a pound of sugar to one qiwrt of cream. A slice of bread toasted to a delicate brown and moistened with 'the juice from ft hot, rare beefstake is a little vacifttion from the, regulation toast and appreciated by the invalid to" whom small attentions wean a good deal, Among the newj pieces pf odd china Is, tbe pancake dish. It is a. deep, dull green In color, like a great saucer In shape, and has a cover that fits closely i and, jg Ble.vF.sfl with several s^wlj boles to allow the steam to pass out The stqve about to, , be poshed Should first, toe cleaned of. cinders aoij aaaea. Jt should then be thoroughly freed from all dust ana all grease spot* snopld be wiped ,»ff with ft damp clotn. A pair oy stout leather gloves should be donoe<| for the occasion, the lJ*M)t Jttejug Jhofto known as 'ires,' AnXT'whteb are fprttw purpose; then, MJQHW be applied by whleb tbe etovju »h'p»i(j be weji - with ' ' ...... rspW aaj ,*ith. ifcMj. &m. SotrblFdirJetQeiinlbfiBaok AN bPfeRATION WAS UNSUG ' GESSFULLV fh» tatlcnt Wa* t-ln«!ff Ali«» f fotii Vb6 Ettfiing {Tc»«, NeWnHt, fT. i. ABtmt eighteen years ftgo, Whtsn Mrs. Anhie Dale, of ^ feriicfe Stwot.Wfis a bright, toen-y Softool girl, she *fts tiken ill with scarlet fever. She recovered, but &hd was ft very tliftefent girt frota a physical standpoint. She was dtifod of the sctkriet lovei? but it loft he? With bn aftcctioh of the brtck- As she grew oldef the t>&i& seemed to ih' crenso. H&t sufferings were intensified by her household duties, but she never complained, 6hd with ohe hand pressed tightly to her back she aid her work about her cody hom6. "I Wiis fonrteea years old when 1 wits attacked with scarlet fever, afad have noW suffered with toy hack for eighteen years. "flight ahd day I suftored. It really seemed as if I must succumb to the imin. ahd then to make matters worse, my head ached so badly that 1 could scarcely sec, at times. Finally I Went to St. Michael's Hospital, at the corner of High Street and Con.tral Avenue, and thoro tlio surgeons performed n difficult, operation tm my back but it did no good; it was like every thihg else. I was told at the hospital to return for another operation, hut the first had left me so Nvoalc I could not po back. Thou again I had become discouraged and my three Children needed my attention and care at homo. The pain became harder to stand and my back was almost broken, it seemed. I thought I would never know what it would bo like to he well again when I was told to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, With many doubts, a faint heart and an aching back I went to get tho -pills, and little dreaming that they would prove the elixir of a now life to me, I began to take thorn. Only a short time elapsed before I began to improve. Could it bo possible that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were doing what everything else had failed to accomplish? I asked myself tho question many times and before long I was enabled by my improved condition to answer the query with tin emphatic 'Yes. 1 Now tho pain of almost twentyyears is cured by these Pink Pills In a few months. 1 have no pain of any kind now, but I have got some of Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People, and while I do not think it will ever be necessary to uso them again, 1 shall certainly never he without them in the house." . Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all tho elements necessary to life and richness to tho blood and. restore shattered nerves. They are also a specific for troubles peculiar to females. such as suppressions; Irregularities and all forms of weakness. They build up the blood, and restore the .plow of health to pala and sallow cheeks. In men they eftcut a radical cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork or excesses of whatever nature. Pink Pills are sold in boxes (never in loose bulk) at 60 cents a box, or six boxes for *2.60, nnd may bo had of all druggists, or direct by 'mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Scheneotady, N. Y. PRINTERS' INK. The good ad makes itself felt, as well as seen. Meet the reader half way in your ad —and make the first advance. "Out of sight" Is an expression that •will not appropriately' describe good advertising. A' \tcation is sometimes good for un. ad, InK a substitute should always be provided. Advertising is like a bellows; It makes the fire of',• trade burn with greater vigor. It in just as'important to put your ad In the right medium as to ship your goods by the right railroads. K'jarly every reader possesses a good imagination; not attempt to ex- pliijn every thing in your ad. AToid elang in your ads; some per- eono aro offended by It, and those who are not never regret its absence. ft iffitgh6*H« tnirf* tented ut . Fort Scott special 46 St. Leuls Democrat: A herd pf Te*a8 fiteeftt, lltef ally Intoxicated on th& fermented JfiJc6 of rotten apples, is ah emergency net contemplated by the atithofs of the Kansas prohibition law, and Its fleet* 6ral amendments; yet such ft spectacle was recently witnessed by the chief ttf thcs metropolitan police force dt this city and tho sheriff of Bourbon coiinty, who have explicit instructions from the department of the state to rigidly suppress the use of intoxicating llquof by the people of their respective jurlsdic* tlons. Patrick Gorman, an extensive stbck feeder, a few days ago shipped to his ranch, ten miles northwest of this city, a herd of wild steers from the plains of Texas. During their first night oft a Kansas ranch they stampeded through the line fence of the pasture* Into an apple orchard of the Alf Cleat farm. The prbllnc fruit season made it unprofitable for Mr. Cleal to gather but a small per cent of his early apples, and the burdened trees had dropped their ripened fruit to tho ground full three layers deep. The apples had rotted and were In a ntate of fermentation that makes them a most Intoxicating feast- for cattle. Until the next morning the beasts glutted themselves, and were found in a condition of inebriocy that caused them to conduct themselves with that boisterous hilarity In which man Is want to indulge when overcome by the effects of Kansas "applejack." The effect .of the fermented apple juice was as varied in the cattle as it would have been In as many men. Some of 'them bellowed and contorted in drunken debauchery, others were on their muocle and dangerously vicious, while some of them laid helpless and harmless. Their demonstrations attracted the neighbors for miles about, "and when tho facts became- known In town crowds of people drove out to witness the revelry of a 'steer beer garden." They were rounded up and corralled with much difficulty by a score of experienced cattlemen. Not unlike human drunkards, the effects of the dissipation on some passed off soon, while others were In the "sobering up" process for two days. Knte^Flold In Denver. DENVKH, September lO.-^My journey from Chicago was over the Chicago, Burlington & Quinoy railroad, one of the best managed systems in the country, I should say, judging by the civility of tho employes, the comfort I experienced, .the excellence of its roadbed, and ,'the punctuality of arrival. , I actually reached. Denver ahead of time. The Burlington Route i? also the best to St. Paul; Minneapolis, Omaha and Kansas City. Some people are willing to give tbe devil any room in tbe boutse, it be will only pay good rent. , ' State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas ^ County—BS. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is the senior partner of the firm of F. J, Cheney & Co., doing business in the City of Toledp, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of One Hundred Pollars for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure, FRANK J. CHENEY, Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this 8th day of December, A,,P,,1885, , A, W.^OI^ASON. (Seal.) Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of tht system. Send for testimonials, free, F.'J, CHENEY fc CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists; 75c. Hall's Family Pills, 25c. Tbetrephle'iffcjvsi! tbi«; There are too many church members, find pot enough CbrUtjans. • A M»p pf the United State*, Th» wall m»P issued by the Burlington route is three feet wide by four fwt long: is,printed in seven colors; is mounted on rollers; shows every stftt¥, county, )mpoi- tant tows and railroa4 Jp the Union and forniji « very desirable »nd useful adjunct to imy household or business establishment.* 'Purcbow4 m large quantities, ,thp maps cost tbe Burlington Route more t)i»n fifteen cents «nch, but on receipt of that amount in stamp tb« u»d«rsigne4 will be pleased to send you one. Write immediately as tbe supply Is limited. J. FBWOIS,' 0, p. & T. A., WrllngtOB Route, Qmaba, Neb. Tb« tipn is traveling m the wrong direc- thinks money pan roafce Mm rfel tytf Ol Biff, BM ApplM, b .01 .«> apHTf »8d Int^rMtJna; haok, hsudsomeiy ru^Hitti Ti*w*^ Pa^fti; MtoRvi WHEN JEWS HAD THREE EYES. A Strange Tradition Hold by'Hebrews I-tvliig; Jn tho Orient. The Jews of eastern Palestine and Asia Minor have a queer tradition which has survived from ancient times and tells of a remote perlocl in their history when every, fully developed Israelite was equipped'with three perfect eyes. The two main optics, according to this curious old-time legend, were situated in the front part of the head, just as Jewish and other eyes are; to-day, but the third—the ohe 'that made the early patriarch a monstrosity —was located fn the back of the head, just above the nape of the neck in the edge of the hair. This wonderful third eye in man was.»not ".evolutod' out of existence, as useless organs generally are; (according to the ideas of tho progressive scientists), but was closed by the divine injunction on tho day when Moses was given the tables of stone on Sinai. You remember that God's command on the day that the tables were renewed was to the effect that no man should be seen in the vicinity of the holy mount. (See Exodus xxxiv., 3). The believers in the three-eye tradition says that Moses supplemented God's command by ordering the faithful who were encamped in the valley to turn their heads' from the mountain. This they did, but took good care to uncover the eye that was situated in the back of their head. Moses, noticing this show of duplicity on the part of his followers, asked God to close the third or rear eye, and since that day the Israelites, in common with the remainder of humanity, have been forced to depend on two eyes only. Both Trolley tt ad Cable, A rather unique device is in use by a San Francisco railway to overcome a 26 per cent grade on an electric line, There are two tracks on this grade for cars going in different directions. On the grade there Js a conduit like that for cable roads, and It contains an endless cable passing over pulleys 'at. the" two ends, An up-going and down- going car are .this oable by men stationed at the grades, and the two cars then work together by <the use of their own motors, the one going down hill assisting the one which Is going up, The system' was tested ,a few weeks ago for the first, time, and-was- found to operate successfully, it has since been working to perfect sattsfac^ tlon. It wai found that the power of tbe down*g9ing car Is far wore than, is necessary for hauling tne ascending car under any possible conditions of load, The mother say* t&st this child io nervous, fie ebQiUd never bear this of bimeelf, H« will «oon learn to the expression as an excvuw for ioeei, Trafn hfm to regular of li{«, secure ;or blw simple, by n»ry«« by ajjfl if Latest If. §, dst't IfM l.J.vl.1 \ 1 * , .4. * PURE , "Thlstrolletroftd IB tt great undsl'tafe' me,'* remarftea the gamtlous eitieen. "Yes," was the reply j "I have reason to know that." "Why?" "I'm in the wadertahlog wlf." At A AtetfaddUt Convention, Sir Yellow Leg— Well, m&d&m, pray what are you cackling BO loudly about? Mme. Yellow Leg— (jii&t off the nest)— Htimpt Got & mighty Mght to cackle I 1'tn & lay delegate. That Joy/ol Fc*llng (With the exhilaratlftjf sense of fftflfiWea •health ahd strength and Internal clean* llness wh'lch follows the use«of Syrup of Figs is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old time medicines and the cheap substituted BometimeB offered but never accepted by the Well Informed, Before ho had won renown as a poet, Joixquin Miller had failed as miner, lawyer, and editor. ^ _ ' ____ I'bst Yourself About the Burlington's now short lino to Montana, the wonderful country it runs through, the timo it saves to Helena, Butto, Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma. Our advertising matter gives full information. Write for it. J, PJUNCIS, G. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb. _ ^^ Shouting In otiurch during a revival Is one thing and paying the preacher in chips and whetstouoa is another. Uurllnffton ttouro Homo seekers Excursion. Oct, 22— South, Southwest and West— Just about half rates. Call ou nearest ticket agent and got full information or write to 3. PUANOIB, G. P. A., Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb. »•.'•- •'. Lord Roscberry's house 1 in Berkeley Square is one ot tbe hnndstomcst in London. He is constautly making additions .to it. • ; .. •••' , -:-.'-,•• • -'. •• •. IPnll Information respecting the beat fruit and farm - land in Riverside Co,, Gal. Address' Hornet Land Co., Hemct, Cal. Ex-Senator Edmunds had made Philadelphia his home. Fiso's Cure cured mo of a Throat and Lung trouble of three year's standing. — E. CADY, Huntington, lad., Nov. 12, '1)4. Wisdom can live on what fools trample under foot. _ ' PITS—AH Fltnstoppoilfroo by Pr.KIInp'Bdront Merve Kentorer, i4uFIUatl.ur thu lirBKIay'o UK). , . Marvelous cures. Trout l»o nnil S2trlal bottle free t > I'ltciue*. Bunatoiir. Kliiiu,03lArclibl,,l'Uilu.,i i u, The Australian aborigines aro the lowest known species ot humanity. It the Baby IB cucjnig 'xeeth. Begun and use that old and well-tried remedy, Him. WIKSLOW'S SooniiNo SYBOT lor Children Toethlnc- Queen Victoria has gone to .Scotland to remain until November: • "Hanson's Hatflo Corn Salve." Warranted to cure or money refunded. Auk yottr lor It. l'i-lco IS cento. Your greatest ;joy but balances your greatest sorrow. ' Coe'a Cough JlnlBRin It tho olde«t (Old best. It will break tip a Cold quicker tliau anything else. It la nlwiyn reliable. Try it. You don't havo to be bappy unless you •want to be. '•• :• • ... '.:- ; "A 'Cup,, of IPasrlcs' Tea^ at night moves tbe bowels In trie morning," A wrong desire to overcome is a temptation resisted. -. JTu«t how It doe* It !• not (he question. It IB enough to know Hiui. 11'ndoroonm lukusouttho coma, mill u very plouslng relief It In, 16o, ut. druggists Governor Culborson. of Texas, is only S3 years old. Ha is tho youngest man chat ever held tho office in that state. "I have tried Purker'i Glnenr Tonic and beliovo in H,"e<yu a mother, iintl sowl.l you nay when familiar with Its revitalizing properties. Lieutenant Colonel Craijrie Halkett, an Engliili soldier, has not drunk a drop of water for twelve years. Since 1861 t haw been a great mtfftre? from tatafth, I tried Ely's Cream Balm, and to a!f appearances dtn cured. Tenlbte headaches from uMch 1 had long suffered are gone, *W.J. Hitchcock, Late Major United States Volunteers and A. A* Generat, Buffalo, N. tils "Arabella hfl« ft freckles," said that ybuhg I,*' replied the maft 1 ^ ttflflif u& his sunlmef feedfl . . "She got 'em all at the BeashareV* .*••- "t suppose sd, i didn't kfiflW yoa? took so much interest in Why, 1 studied th&l glrt'S face for 20 minutes yesterday. She Just 61 freckles, and they cost fno actly $63.2& aplede." "Oh,"What a lovely baby !. fioyor ' ' ' "Isn't she lovely t You dear little ootsy* tootsy I How oldfltoose?" 4 - "KOUf months old last Friday," » "How cunuiiij?! Is she the youngest}" -' -. - - .--'-• -- J .-u l »i.a..i-._i ____ n-- — "A bad man most hates the thtuga that ' would do him most good. -> > , CATARRH CREAM BALM opens ahd ulennsdi fchit wbttgi's. Allays vain and inttnmmntion.lfeal* • the Hurra, nroteutH the llcmbi'ano from OolUi, Ho- <. »tovp«th« Senses of Ta-ito nnd Smoll. ThuDulmU' quickly abturboil and elves rollol at onco. • ; •:;.,:;! A particle Is applied Into cnch nostril Anil Is tvtfr'do.' >• k able. Price BO con I sat Druggists or by mall., ,i,?t ELT BBOTflEBS, 66 Warren St., Now.7ork.. ^ Pains In your Back, your Miia- j.! cles, your Joints, your i Head, and all diseases of , Impure Blood, are caused by sick kidneys. Sick kidneys can be ; cured, strengthened, revitalized by ^sar^^'fgzzii&sis&isb rap?i!is' v They relieve the pains., purify the blood, cure all diseases.of which sick kidneys are the cause. At all druggists, for SOc. per box, or mailed postpaid on receipt of price. ' Write for, pamphlet. > HOBBY'S MEDICflNEj CO.,, CHICAGO. SAN FRANCISCO.' "t!ONE3 HE PATS TUB Farm and Wagoii, SCALES. '• United States Standard All Sizes and All Kinds. < Not made by a trust or controlled by A combination," * r or Free Uool: and Price List, address ' ; JONES OP BINOMAMTGTtf. , ' i»iuai»ttinto»,N.Tr,,n;,s.A. BRUISE i ;• •'.."' ^ • . - • . . •. . • . . mm^^m^^ iiiiiv fiPHT^ Use \T lAflflR^ flll nnd watql » the'color vril B O Oli JHUUDO UIL tno soreness disappear, IT IS WIACICAL. i' r OUT, ,'1 t "^ ''i «? ItWU J vg ( \. Timely Warning;/ The great success of the chocolate preparations ot tho house of Walter Baker $ Co. (established jn.1780) has led to the placing oh tH© market many misleading aad unscrupulous Imitation,*, • ; 'of their name, labels, aritK^vfapR^Sr < Waft^r .. BaKer.& Co t are. the .Qlde^t^rtd Jatjgegt m 311 ' 111 facturers .of pure and high-grado Qospas Chocolates on this continent,,, No cHemicale wsed In their manufactures. '1 ( - Qonsumfirs shoufd^sk for^and b th"ey gef7the'genyine"Walter Baker s fe%p;'s' i WALTER BAKER & CO,, Limited DORCHESTER, MASS, , ',4 AK '$8 :$ "n . ' >',« "f-Wi bofrowlog from »:,* If you have bow>w«cl (rQnj-m health to'satisfy the dema.n'dsw-1 pf business, if your blood 1te,^ not geulng that cohslft^r'"' supply of"f§t froni y<?ur fa^ It ghQwld Imve, you nujij$3|Ji pay baek from fQm^whi.rgi^S ™ l 1 ' < * nH tj fV^* -}s CwlSKn • •••'W*ffV V' > > ^ .'^4-^1 MM"

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