The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1895
Page 5
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¥M1 IJt^tf B!M8 ItOiWBSf ItGOKl* IOWA, HROOLAMAT10N ffor & ffetiefal Eteclioh to bs 8etd h Kotfmber 6, 1895. la*, I, frrank D. .tackson, kt** e °% *?*?' do hereby predate that fttthe general election to be held oil the Tuesday next after the flrst Mofiday in No- jnBnnWt it Being the fifth aay of thatuionth, of the year one thousand eight hundred and nlnety-flvei the officers hereinafter ftafned are to be filled, to-Wit: .... „ By tote of all the electors of tfrg state: The office of jfovetttt* til the state ; The office of flettteaaiit-gdvemdi'! The office of judge, of the supreme court: The office of superintendent of public Instruction? The office of railroad commissioner. . By Vote of the electors of the several senatorial districts designated below : The office °J senator in the general assembly front each of said districts, (o-wit; The Second district composed of the counties of JefTersoh and van Burett. The Third district, composed of the counties of AppahOose and toavls. The Fourth district, composed of the coun ties of Wayne and Lucas. The Fifth district, composed of the counties or Rlnggold, Decatur, and Union. The Sixth district, composed of the counties of Taylor and Adams. .. The Eighth district, composed ot tlie coin- ties of Mills and Montgomery. The Eleventh district, composed of the counties of Warren and Clarke. The Fourteenth district composed of the county of Mahaska. The Fifteenth district, composed of the counties of Marlon and Monroe. Thfl Sixteenth district, composed of the counties of Madison and Adalr. The Seventeenth district, composed of the counties of Audubon, Dallas, and Guthrle. The Nineteenth district, composed of the county of Pottawattamle. The Twenty-third district, composed of the county of Jackson. The Twenty-fourth district, composed of the counties of Jones and Cedar. The Twenty-fifth district, composed of the counties of Johnson and Iowa. The Twenty-sixth district, composed of the county of Linn, The Twenty-seventh district, composed of the counties of Webster and Calhoun. The Twenty-eighth district composed of the county of Marshall, The Thlrty-flrst district, •composed of the counties of Story and Boono. The Thirty-second district, composed of the county of Woodbury. The Thirty-third district, composed of the counties of Buchanan and Delaware. The Thirty-sixth district, composed of the county of Clayton. The Thirty-ninth district, composed of the counties of Butler and Bremer. . The Fortieth district, composed of the counties of Allamakee and Fayettte. ' The Forty-first district, composed of the counties of Mitchell, Worth, and Wlnnebago. The Forty-third district, composed of the counties of Cerro Gordo, -FranUm, and Hancock. The Forty sixth district, composed of the counties of Ida, Cherokee, and Plymouth. The Forty-seventh district, composed of the ' counties of Kossuth, Emmet, Dickinson, Clay, and Palo Alto. The Forty-ninth district, composed of the counties of O'Brien, Osceola, Lyon, and Sioux. By vote of the electors of the several representative districts: The office of representative in the general assembly, the apportionment being as follows : For the First, Lee ; Twenty -first, Des Molnes ; Thirty-first, Pottawattnmie ; Thirty-seventh, Polk; Forty-third, Scott; Forty-fifth, Clinton; Forth-eighth, Linn; Fifty-eighth, Woodbury; and the Sixty-ninth, Dubuque, districts, two representatives each. For the Second, Van Buren; Third, Davis; Fourth, Appanoose ; Fifth, Wayne: Sixth, Decatur; Seventh. Rlnggold ; Eighth, Taylor; Ninth, Page; Tenth, Fremont; Eleventh, Mills; Twelfth, Montgomery; Thirteenth, Adams; Fourteeenth, Union; Fifteenth, Clarke ; Sixteenth. Lucas ; Seventeenth, Monroe; Eighteenth, Wapello; Nineteenth, Jefferson; Twentieth, Henry; Twenty-second, Louisa; Twenty third. Washington; Twenty fourth, Keokuk; Twenty-fifth, Mahaska; Twenty-sixth, Marion; Twenty -seventh, Warren; Twenty-eighth, Madison; Twenty-ninth, Adair; Thirtieth, Cass; Thirty-second, Harrison; Thirty-third, Shelby; Thirty-fourth, Audubon; Thirty-fifth, Guthrle; Thirty-sixth, Dallas; Thirty-eighth, Jasper; Thirty ninth, Poweshiek; Fortieth, Iowa; Forty-first, Johnson; Forty-second, Muscatine : Forty-fourth, Cedar; Forty-sixth, Jackson; Forty-seventh, Jones; Forty ninth, Benton; Fiftieth, Tama; Flftj -first, Marshall; Fifty-second, -Story; Fifty third, Boone; Fifty- fourth, Greene; Fifty-fifth, Carroll; Fifty sixth, Crawford; Fifty-seventh, Monona and Ida; Fifty -ninth, Cherokee; Sixtieth, Sac; Sixty -first, Calhoun; Sixty-second, Webster; Sixty third, Hamilton; Sixty-fourth, Hardin; Sixty-fifth, Grundy; Sixty-sixth, Black Hawk; Sixty-seventy. Buchanan; Sixty-eighth, Delaware; Seventieth, Clayton; Seventy-first, Fayette; Seventy-sec-. ond, Bremer; Seventy -third, Butler; Seventy•fourth, Franklin; Seventy-fifth, Wright and Hancock; Seventy-sixth, Humboldt and Pocahontas; Seventy-seventh, Buena Vista; Seventy-eighth, Plymouth ; Beventy-ninth, Sioux; Eightieth, O'Brien and Lyon; Eighty- first, Osceola. Emmet, and Dickinson; Eighty- second, Palo Alto and Clay; -Eighty third, Kossuth; Eighty fourth, Cerro Gordo; Eighty- fifth, Floyd; Eighty-sixth.Chlckasaw; Eighty- seventh, Allamakee: Eighty-eighth, Wlnne- shiek; Eighty -ninth, Howard; Ninetieth, Mitchell; Ninety-first, Worth and Wlnnebago, districts, one representative each. By vote of the electors of the First judicial district, composed of the counties of Lee and Des Moines: The office of district Judge in said district, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of J. M. Casey, and now temporarily filled by A. J. McCrary. By vote of the electors of the Thirty-fifth senatorial district, composed of the county of Dubuque : The office of senator from said district, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of I. W. Baldwin, By vote of the electors of the Thirty-eighth senatorial district, composed of the counties of Black Hawk and Grundy: ....... The office of senator from said district, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of J, Whereof, all electors throughout the state will take due notice, and the sheriffs of the several counties will take official notice and be governed accordingly. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my band and caused to be affixed the great seal of the state of Iowa. _, Done at Des Moines, this second day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five, of the Inde pendence of the United States, the one hundred ana twentieth, and of the state- of Iowa, the forty-ninth. Bythegoveruor: W, M, MoFABfcAND, Secretary of State, To the electors of Kossutb county: At the general election, to be held on Tuesday, Nov. Bil895, the following offices are to be filled by the electors of said county: The office of Treasurer, The office of Sheriff, The office of County Superintendent of schools, The office of County Surveyor, The office of Coroner,^ Whereof all the qualified 'electors of said county will take due notice a»d govern themselves accordingly. Done at my office in AJgona, this 2nd day of October. 1805, v 0. 0. SAMSON, i?9 Sheriff °t Kossuth pounty, Iowa- NOTICE T9 VOTERS. September, 1895, session of jlTJHltt t(^0 (OllOWiOGi pFOpOSj' ip» fcaYote of the people at the next general Now's your dhatice to buy. Flannels, Yarns, Underwear, Hosiery, and winter goods of all description, We are going out of business and the Goods Must Gcx^^ And at the price they will go, The Grange Store. THE PRETTY PERSIAN. The Andrews Opera Company \vlll Visit Aluoim Nov. 1-Ati Outline of tho Opera.- The Pretty Persian, which will bo the bill at the Call opera house Nov. i, is one of the most successful of the latter day school of comic operas. It has attained its favor principally from the ludicrous situations and laughable lines with which it abounds. It deals with the pecularities of the Persian marriage laws and shows that in that country a man has but to appear before the Cadi and repudiate his wife, and from that moment she is divorced. This easy severance of the marital knot, however, has its drawbacks, for if the husband repents of his action, he cannot remarry his wife unless she has been married and divorced from another man. To overcome this difficulty the profession of Hullah, or the marriage broker, has come in vogue, and it is his duty to marry the divorced wife for a consideration and divorce her again at the end of twenty-four hours. The plot of the Pretty Persian deals with the adventures of a Hullah, so it can easily be surmised that a libretis+i can build around this idea a story resulting, in remarkable merriment. In the hands of Mr. Ed. Andrews, the principal comedian of the. company, the part of Hoola-boom, the marriage broker,' is made excruiatingly funny, and he is ably seconded in his laugh-producing efforts by Jack Allison and Fred Clayton, as humorous a pair of comedians as has been seen in many a day. The music of Pretty Persian is light, tuneful and pleasing, and is written in the best vein of Charles Lecoq, and a pretty love interest gives him an opportunity to introduce a number of pleasing ballads. The costumes are entirely new and are exceptionally striking and handsome. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. A HARD coal base burner stove for sale cheap. Call at J. W. Robinson's. YARNS and knitting worsteds of all kinds. Best qualities and a good assortment of colors at'the Grange Store. HAVE vou tried our "Monsoon Tea," Sold by Langdon & Hudson. LOST—K. P. badge pin, Monday, Finder return to this office. BREAKFAST bacon at Langdon & Hudson's. _ WE make a specialty of fine teas and coffees, Langdon & Hudson, Try those "Schoolboy" cookies at the Opera House Grocery, OYSTER supper tomorrow night at the Congregational church, WOOLEN hosiery. We have handled only the best, this year will prove no exception, except that they will cost you only one half as much, TheGrange Store, 3PAIB AJPTOBMATH. L..H. Mayne visited the fair and reports in the E.mraetsburg Reporter; The Kossuth county fair, held last Thursday and Friday, was a great success in every way. The grounds haye been enlarged by nearly ten acres and- otherwise improved. Wednesday there were in the neighborhood of 6,000 people on the grounds, and Thursday's attendance was also good, The exhibit of vegetables was the best we ever eaw at a county fair, We were always aware that Kossuth. could produce a good many pumpkins, but weren't looking for such a display of immense squashes. The poultry, hogs, cattle and fcoree exhibits were also goofl, but the exhibit in floral hall wa pot eo very gppd, The race program was ajep very good, the best race of Thursday beiijg the five mile race b£» twees a &PP90 (MJ a 8 bioyojjsti ta wbiQJJ the horse came put ahead, One of, ' the f>est lectures of thf f$ir waf thf e«« §l«9ioo from the greuBfle pf all fakirs Wise toft g&TOhUBg flf Vises. JJh,e. fair- Wig a flaawifll BWMteae and thus dees with, the argument that such to? Jhe, produce and the entertainments of a refined order. The races were good. Farm products all bore the impress of prolific 1805. The implement display was bigger than the big county and stock was there as good us can be found. Games and milder forms of gambling were unbridled and such personal liberty as is consistant with eood government was allowed. A feature of the granger tournament was the music furnished by Algona's peerless band. Their playing was welcome at all intervals and made the occasion "one continous round of pleasure." The attendance was large and the receipts correspond. It puts the society on solid footing and reflects credit on the county, the management, the people. , R. D. Grow of tho Gernmnia Standard says: On Wednesday of last week ye scribe took in the county fair at Algona. To our point of view everything was a success, every one showing their loyalty to the county indurtry by attending. The exhibits were flrst- class. The races were exceptionally good although no . fast time was recorded. Whittemore Champion: The county fair proved to be a great success and left the society in good shape financially. Elmore Eye: According to the Kos- 3uth county papers their fail 1 was a hummer. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. i B. W, HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. IN the soup. Oysters tomorrow night at tho Congregational church. ARE you needing another lamp? See those nice new low priced ones at the Opera House Grocery. UNDERWEAR. If we can suit you in size, we can suit you in price. The iroodsare good, and the prices low. The Grange Store. YANKEE pancake flour at the Opera House Grocery. • Florida ami Southeast. If you have any intention of going to the Southeast this fall or winter, you should advise yourself of the best route from the North and West. This is the Louisville & Nashville railroad, which is running'double daily trains from St. Louis, Evansville, Louisville, and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensacola, Mobile, Jacksonville, and all Florida points. Pullman sleeping car service through, Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of the Cotton States Exposition, and tourist rates to all points in Florida and gulf coast resorts during the season, For particulars as to rates and through car service, write— GEO, B. HORNER, Div. Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. J, K. RlDGELY, N. W. Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. C.. P. ATMORE, Gen, Passenger Agt,, Louisville, Ky. A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surreys. Can give you a fine bar- gain,-8tf f _ f _ t ^__ r .^ A FULL line of children's three fold, three ply, three thread, fleeced lined underwear, Cheap, warm and serviceable, at the Grange Store, Special Sale, Eight-day clocks for $2,50, warranted for two years. Cowles Block, E. G, BOWYER, FOR SALE—A house and two lots on West McGregor street, Inquire of F, H, Veeper,-S.9tf , .. o.l depart at ST, VJBST, hts that c Npef departs at, . :, ,. ..... . , ..... 11 ;65 a PJ t 71 departs »* No. 3 depart? at ......... .., $0.4 departs at., The ODinion: Genera. amomg those visiting our for Ladies' and Children's poptr-f lar priced Jackets, Reefers and Capes A '\ That we have the best line in *? the city.. We can certainly interest you and all we ask is that you drop in and see our styles JfVS. Tf\YLOR. The Commercial Mutual "'-.''' f Fire Insurance Co—... ''"*$ Was" organized by over 200 wholesale and retail merchants of Iowa, for the express purpose of carrying their own insurance and that of others who may become members, and it is with much pleasure that we submit the First Annual Statement of business by the ''* Comrner r ' cial," which shows that this company has written more business and received more premiums during the first nine months than was ever written by any four insurance companies jn Iowa during the same period of their organization. f FIRST ANNUAL STATEMENT, JAN. I, 1895. I <;&•• $ M >".|a • _ fj*i Amount of Insurance written $705,425,00 Amount of Premiums written 43,618.05 Losses paid 2,330.11 Losses adjusted and unpaid None \i Losses reported ,,. .None ' .":\ Losses in litigation None ,$• r losses last year were about 50 per cent, less than other companies that write all classes-of "J insurance. We will save you a large percentage on your insurance, . '"'' ''./'*?! '.' • • . . • ' -'•-•: • •- . ' • • .-..•.'•-; • • ', J <?.'tM DOXSEE & SHAW, Agents, ,!•* •V-'-'A'! Partial List of Wholesale Merchants Now Holding Policies, 0, 0, Prouth Co Ainsworth & Bonbright Langan Bros Warfleld, Howell, Watt Co Harris-Emery Co Bwlng & Jewett Lathrop-Bhoades Co Phil Klumb H. B, Slokflls & Co M. Biegelroon & Co P. S, Holland Co Perkins & Perkins . • Todd & Kraft Iowa Seed Co Tone Bros West'n Newspaper Union Estey & Camp J, p, Seeberger Mennlg & Slater Bently & Olmstead Irwln-Pbilllps Co Wilkinson & Co Kellogg-Blrge Co Smith Haroill Co A. Weber & Co Grocers Implements Paper Grocers Dry Goods Lumber Stationery Cigars Implements Millinery Confectioners Coal and Lime Fruits Seeds Coffee & Spices Stationery Musical Instmts Hardware Vinegar & Pkls Boots & Shoes Dry Goods Drugs Grocers Grocers Hard ward Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Dea Moines Des Moinee Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Dea Moines Des Moines Des Moines Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Buck-Reimer Co Keokuk Queensware Co Chicago D, G, House Ayrea & Son Bowraan-Bowyer Co Wyman-Rand Carpet Co Drake Hardware Co Jno Blaul & Sons 0. P, Schmidt T. W, Barnydt & Co Robt, Donahue S. B, &,H, MoConnell Ohlttenden & Eastman Orchard City Wagon Co Standard Farm Maoh Co Morrison Mfg Co Geo, H, Schaffer&Co Sieg Iron Co A, P, Doe Egbert, Fidlar $ Co Beimera & Fernaid, Bobt, Krauae Co Franchere Bros Witwer iBroa J, H. Mert'lU & Co "Grocers g ueeneware ry Goods Jewelry Implements Carpets Hardware Grocers Hardware Boots & Shoes Hardware Harnesa , ,. Furniture Wagons & Veh Implements Implements ,, Drugs Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Keokuk Shoes Stationery ; Confectioners. ClQtbing ' ' Dry Goods, JUST recelvedi the largest line of carpets ever shown in th,e city, G, L. Galbraitb & Co, ICE! IDE! IOB! During t^e past winter I have ice house and now have OB hand fed my ol the Pity every day. Qrders j, A. HftmUton & Qo. Icet Artesian well coptraotor. I have tue only cable steam drilling machine owned In the eou»ty; stnfc wells for water supply lQV town?, cities, and railroads- Special attention to (arm well work. Estimates made, I eni' ploy only expert drillers. Address A, f Pafleyi AigQjaa. Iowa, W ANTRP-^Salesmen, Hardy pwftery sJaeK a»d ' ^tonllSS^ WATER 0$ $Q PAY, , H ". p, n j ,r r r, r ''^^ ^5^ V ^KS ' s, "w^^rfc J . *•* j f A /•**'•'•'i.'VTi'mm fmif.. {-*''>• v- * j-')' ?4 "'-*)»***•'^»3Ji t i fff^ ""* /lr«k jJ5 1*1

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