The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1895
Page 2
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%y t»fifr«6S wilt %8 td wvet th§ iteoiifit tj* wWbk the tftMfifflissioBefa ap- d tdleiile- wittf the fivgf istid fafffieffc have allowed. TTie Original of $325,60b has ftbfe b&Sft exhausted,, and the Conv fierSi wh« afe just finishing Up ifaeif Uttftl work, say H6afly as ffliich again tiotlld be used. The money ttOW ftft feafid will be distributed, pfO fata, ftmottg the settlets, aad aa effort will be ittafte to g et^aaothef apptopriatioa eoag fess meets la IOWA dENT RAU Cal-g flnd the fettfrihe leave the Track and Several Bnrfi. October ll,— Aa Iowa Central switch engine and sixteen empty cars, runaiajf east near Carbonado, from some uuknown cause left the track, being completely wreck- «cL Engineer Al Weaver was carried beneath the engine and sustained ia* juries from which his death is expected at any moment. His head was terribly mashed. Conductor Dan Hays aad friremaa Moore sustained severe injuries, but will recover. The wrecked cars caught fire from the engine and were destroyed in full sight of huadreds of spectators. _ ' HOQ CASES. tftttttli tJctdtsSf , AifiblefV df Its weti4ts8wfi . Awbie* A; Sot, in edttif any %ith Cleffe fribtjy, w,as shdt fefid kiilcid My ihe aeeldeatal disehatgn w his gtia. The load tdok gffeet 8Vef the left eye ahd eaftied a^tty the tojs his hskdi It appears that hfe getting iMdiiisbtijfgy ^hefl tl^ slipped from hts haada afid discharged. Hewasoae of the faost prominent mea of the town G6Mf»ANV MUSt PAV, nsttrailoe Oolhpftt.J- Mfcst t^fty for Propefty ., October 13.^The case of the Lesufe Lumber 1 Company vs. the Mutual Fife Insurance Compaay of New York came to a stiddea termiaa* tiou. The evidence for the defense was so weak that the jtidge instructed the jury to return a verdict for the plaiatiff for «10,66S. This is a case re- stiltiag from the big lumber fire of eighteen months ago. 4i*4_- ' •^•"" l| "' *' '•" •'"••• " . FOUR MINERS ENTOMBED. CUBA, Jasper County nog Stealing Cases Nearlng an End. NEWTON, October 13.—The celebrated hog cases that have been pending in our courts for some time, and that have agitated the whole eastern half of Jasper and adjoining counties, are at''last approaching <an end. The leader of the gang, Darius Clark, has been convicted. There are four other cases pending, but it rests with the court to issue a special venire for a jury, so it is not known whether the other cases will come up for trial this term or not. BICYCLE RECORD GONE. Awfnl STate of Unfortunate Workmen Near Story Olty« STOBT CITV, October 14.—The shaft house of the Summit coal mine, three miles south of Story City, burned at 9 o'clock Friday night, imprisoning four miners. As yet nothing can be heard from the imprisoned men, although the mine has been explored for two hundred feet. There are grave fears for the safety of the men. Iowa Railway Surgeons. DBS MOINES. October 13.—The Iowa State Association of Railway Surgeons elected these officers: President, C. W. Coyt, Missouri Valley; vice-president, B.H. Criley, Dallas Center: secretary, A. A.'Dcering, Boone; treasurer, D. S. Fairchild, Clinton; judicial committee, J. M. Warren, Sioux City; C. H. Philpott, Ottumwa; V. F. Knott, Sioux City. The next session goes to Marshailtown. CONDENSED ITEMS. 6« the best Authority that the H government has notified the _ r ministe!- at WashinftSfl it is fieiee-s&ary ?df S^aitt to act ftf ia eittshifig the Cuban frebeliidfi, fhis aews has caflsed a pi-dfottad sensation herd. CntoAoo, October 13.—An address has been seat out by the -eotaaiittee appointed at the Mass meetings held to express sympathy with the Cubafts ia their struggle for independence. The committee appeals to citizens thFoiigh-> out the union to call similar meetings not later than October 31, and where* ever practicable to ha held oa that day, in order that the movement may derive benefit from Mich simultaneous action in adding to its impressiveness. Says the committee: "May we take the liberty of suggestiug to you that you call oa your mayor and confer with him as to the desirability of inaugurating a similar movement? A number of cities have already done this, and it would seem desirable to have all thus take part." RIOTING IN SPAIN. Fast Time for Half a Mile Made at Council BlnftV. COUNCIL BLUFFS, October 13.—At the National circuit bicycle races at Union park, given under the auspices of the Gannymede Wheel club of this city, E. C. Bald made a new world's record for for one-half mile in open competition, going the distance in one minute flat. There was some dispute about some of the starters getting away ahead of the pistol shot and the race was run over, Bald going the distance a second time in 1:01 _____ Board Will Investigate. DES MOINES, October 13—Dr. Kennedy, secretary of the state board of health, has received a section of the stomach and a section of the biceps of tone arm of one.of the victims of the strange wholesale poisoning which took place recently at Sabula. The sections referred to were sent to the state board for analysis, for the purpose of determining the cause of the poisoning. Drs. Crawford, of Miles, and Guilbert, of Dubuque, who forwarded these portions of the victim's remains, state that they made a post-mortem examination with •theiresuTt'of finding evidences of" trichinae. The analysis about to be by Dr. Kennedy is expected to confirm the results thus obtained. DBS Molnes Miners. ' DES MOINES, October 11.— The situation among the miners in this district remains practically the same. At a meeting of miners the demand for a 10-cent raise was reiterated and the operators were given until October 16 to answer. Another meeting will soon be held, at which it will be decided whether or not a strike will be ordered, Road-agents In CJBDAB RAPIDS, October 11.— Two highwaymen held up two farmers west of Cedar Rapids and robbed them. They met the farmers in the road, and climbing into their wagon, made .$&«,m gjre up their money at the" point of a revolver. They got 945 and a gold watch from ope and 83.50 from the other, The robbers are 'still at large. While His 1'arouts Slept, October 11.— Coroner Sam' 8. jummonpd to the house O f C. , K o$fe. wbpje S-mpotbs-old child been found dead in bed. The put the child to sleep at night apparently in gpofl health, bu* the Mttlep.nediedin'tlie night alone and unattended, while the parents were Hoy AeeiaenHtUr Rtllnd. Upjon, October 18.— Ralph , tfl* J8*year-old son pf ^ farm- f f f SYS mites BQutbwest of here, acei* iWI^Uy k^eS himself by drawing a "»JMrt g»» towards himself by the muz- rjUJfrlRf »pw»r*[ and Two cases of leprosy have been reported to Gov. Jackson, though their location is kept secret. At Belle Plainea few days ago John Seerbe, 18 years old, was buried in a 16-foot well. He was removing the old.brick curbing and the sides caved in, about 5 feet of^ earth falling upon him. When found he was standing upright, but was stone dead. He had been in the well for--nearly an hour and. a half. '•'••-." ;. Recently four r"f>n w-••'7 p :•?•«>'.-<? over their faces came to the :cz flencci of Fred Tiedmanns, who > it* ...^r distance, south of Burlington. IWo o them entered carrying revolvers! am while one of them stood guard ove Mr. and Mrs Tiedemanus, the othe went through the house and took al the loose money and jewelry on th premises. The'other two stood on th outside guarding the approaches to to the house. When they had com pleted their work they took a hurriet departure, leaving no clew to their identity. Rolfe dispatch: The deadlock in the republican representative conven tion has finally adjourned without making a nomination. The convention first met July. 16 and has', been -'in session off and on since. Pocahontas county voted for several Humboldt county men except Finch, but Humboldt was bound to have Finch. The total number of ballots taken was 7,137. A petition has been circulated and Hon. James Mercer, of Fonda will be the candidate from Pocahontas county It is reported that Humboldt county has nominated Finch by petition, thus making an independent candidate from each county. A few evenings since Joseph Seller murdered John C. Otto in cold blood and then committed suicide. The double tragedy occurred in the little village of Low Moor, ten miles west of Clinton, on the Northwestern railroad. Otto was sitting in^the rear of his residence, milking a cow, whe.a Sejler crawled up on a low 'shed near by, and, loaninjr .over the gable, fired a bullet into Otto's head. The shot did not produce, instant death, and the victim staggered to the fence and fell it. Seller followed'him up, and leaning over the'prostrate form, shot Otto again in the head, Seller then crawled baqk upon the roof of the shed and fired two bullets into his breast, one of them penetrating the heart and causing instant death- Otto was 40 vears of age and .leaves a wife and seven children. Seller was, 40 and had a wife and three children. The tragedy was caused by domestic difficulties, Seller accusing Otto of havjpg estranged his wife from him. Bad blood bad existed between the two wen for the p»«t two years, and Seiler had many times threatened to ttjfce Ottq's life. Ottp was a. well-to-do Store bfeper^ Sejl^r Wfti rj»$pd, 'Jr., while out nut* , pear , wad threw* frsina Socialists Smalh the Windows of a Palaoo. MADBID, October 13.—At Ferrol, the son of the captain general of the province (Coruna) assaulted the editor of a socialist newspaper and afterwards arrested him. A mob of 400 Workmen made a violent protest against the editor's arrest and marched through the streets to the palace, several of the large windows of which they smashed with stones. The military finally disposed of the mob, whereupon the workmen in the docks declared that they would go on a strike. Ferrol is one'of the principal naval arsenals of Spain and a large number of men are employed there as dockmen and in other capacities. WOMAN KILLED TWENTY-THREE. A Borgia Whose Victims Were Little Children Only. CATANIA, Sicily, October 13.—A woman known as Gaetana Stomoli has been arrested here for the wholesale poisoning of children with phosphorus? She administered the poison by mixing it with wine and prevailing upon the children to drink it. Her victims already number twenty-three. It is stated that all died in fearful agony. The woman has confessed to having committed the deed and offered as an explanation that she >, wanted -revenge for the death of two of her own children, -who had been bewitched. A crowd of people attempted to lynch the woman and were prevented with great difficulty. fiAti,A6 f Ootdtoe* IS.-i-fTit „ . Alhletle Clab has ntofed its he&dijaaf tefs lo ftoi Sfff ibf S, Arft., whSfS It will "'" its fcfleiiislie cUfnivai ol thfge ., October 3l r the date . sele-cted *nd already given out. All the parties to the cdntest hftfe fally agreed and the ttftltgf is settled. Aufitl*, October 36.^-The pHfed fighters have beea released, as the grand jury refused to iadicfc DALLAS, Texas, Octobet- IL—At a meeting of the Cbrbett-Fitssimttidas priise fight promoters, Martin Jnltaa, Fitzsltamons' representative, caused a sensation by making a direct proposi* tion to William A. Brady, representing Corbett, that Brady did not see fit to immediately accept. Julian's proposition was that in the-«vent the Florida Athleti<j club cannot briag off the battle aaywhere, thea Fitz Will fight Corbett for the stake alone, 810,000 a side, in private, with six men OB a side. Corbett has not yet accepted. LITTLE ROCK, October 12.—Governor Clarke says he will not permit the fight to take place in Arkansas. CHICAGO, October 4.—The fact"has been ascertained that the Corbett- Fitzimmons mill will beyond question take place at Hot Springs on schedule time. It is now i kno\vn definitely by those few to whom such information is absolutely essential, what course will be pursued, and regardless of the difficulties, all doubt is now removed that the fight is to occur on the date set and at the site already selected at Hot Spring. TWO YEARS FOR TAYLOR. th6 fik lot II definite reply td the LONG LIST OF INJURED. Twenty-Five Persons Hurt In an Accident on the Pennsylvania. PITTSBUBO, Pa., -October • 1'i.—One man was killed and twenty-five persons were injured at Manor Station,, on the Pennsylvania road, twenty-four miles east of PSttsburg, by a car on the west-bound mail train jumping the track. What caused the accident cannot be ascertained. For some unknown cause the next to the rear coach left the track while the train was running at a good'speed. Thecar that left the track turned in an opposite direction from that in which the train was going, This coach and the one following were wrecked, and it was passengers in these coaches that were injured. HOLMES' KEY DID IT. Supreme Court Modifies ami Afflrras His Sentence. PIEHBK, S, D., October 14.—-The supreme court handed down a decision on the writ of error in the Taylor case, modifying, the-decision of the lower court and affirming the decision as modified to two years Queen of Corea Killed. YOKOHAMA, October 13.—It is believed here that the queen of Corea was killed by anti-reformers, .who recently, headed by the king's father, their leader, forced an entrance with armed men into the,palace for that purpose. The supposition is that the Japanese-troops sent to prevent it and guard the building arrived too late. General Landrain Dtwd. LEXINGTON, Ky., October 14.—General W. J. Landram, of Lancaster, Ky., a veteran of the Mexican and civil ;wars, and a personal friend of .General Grant, is dead, aged 68; BRIEF ITEMS. fitted tbe Door of the House Wbere Peltzel Was Murdered. INDIANAPOLIS, October 13,—lnterest in the Holmes case was revived by the reappearance of Detective Geyer, of Philadelphia. He turned up unexpectedly in Irvington. Going to the house where little Howard Peitzel was murdered and the body burned, Mr. Geyer fitted a key into the front door night-latch. It worked perfectly, The key had been 1 found" on' the* person of Holmes after-his -ar?es.t in Philadelphia. Dr. Thompson, who bad lived in the bouse before Holmes occupied it, recognised the key as one bad himself carried for two years. IVIR.3. STANFORD WINS" Tb* Suit In Which tbe Government Claimed 815,000,000. SAJT FJUUCJSCO, October 14,—Judges Morrow, Hawiey and Gilbert in the [Jnited States circuit pourt of appeals, banded down their decision in tbe ca§e of the ( gprernwent-against the. estate of tbe late Senator Stanford to recover about fifteen million dollars, Tbe de< fusion was read by Judge Gilbert and m» Judge RP*S, who decided tbe i» favor pf Mrs. Stanford, 4tt T McKUsiek, representing tbe government, s*yi'be will appeal tbe ease to tbe United Stft^a supreme court, . "MS***" ms eigBwJ • leas. »t The steamer Maria Cristina recently arrived, at Havana having on board fifty officers and a thousand soldiers. A dispatch from Moscow announces that 100 persons were drowned by the capsizing-oAa large raft on the river Oka. -i :••••_•...• The dispatches announce that the French forces in Madagascar captured Antanarivo, the capital, on September 27. The queen, the members of her household and the ministers of state made their escape and fled to Ambo- sistra. The news of the fall of the Malagasy capital reached Vatomaudry on October 3. 3ln the city o^ New York the county conventions of the republicans and the state democracy have nominated a ticket which had been agreed upon by the conference committees of the Chamber of Commerce, Good Government clubs, republicans and state democrats to run against the Tammany candidates. General Wra, Mahone died at Chamberlain's hotel in Washington recently from effect of a paralytic stroke sustained September 30, He had been totally unconscious for more than forty-eight hours previous to death and died seemingly without pain. The members of his family were at the bedside when the end came. General Mahone WAS Q&years of &ge.< General Roderiquez, of Cuba, in a letter 'to President Palma, of the junta, repeats the declaration that the revolutionists need only arms and ammunition to assure the triumph of their cause, and earnestly pleads that the Uutted Spates give them, aid. ftyderiquez, who is chief of "staff for Gen. Roloff, says: "Every day hundreds of young men from 1 towns and villages flock to our ranks, but we have no arms or ammunition for them, and though lull of zea} and patriotism, the^ are unable to aid our cause. We want arms and ammunition badly, and bad we these, we believe tbe war would not last vary long, and ip a very short tiroe Cub* would, achieve ber independence, it is only » question of time }n any pftsp. Get the United states to permit our friend* under Hi flag to ihip us arms And ammunition, and, before y<?u realize it, " be •tudAUA^aj. WAJUUXU uji«cfcviisu A «*\*v«uv*^ hafaded 16 thi Turkish £dvefMinettt •!& behalf ol theif f£SjS«ctiv'8 g'dvefnmfents and its which thgy B't6'c{f> the frefofms lot ArmeHiai which, ia their dpifiion, should be ieeepted by the government of Turkey, and promulgated in an imperial decree. Suggestions, semi* official notes and visit* df government officials to the envoys of the powers followed the receipt Of this identical communication; but the distinct, categorical reply of the Turkish government seems to be delayed first by one reply and then another, until the patience of the European governments is becoming exhausted and definite action apon their part may shortly be expected, ta view of the increasing gravity of the situation, the •British Mediterranean squadron remains at Lemnos, (Stalimni) 'within short steaming distance of the entrance of the Dardanelles. The obstinacy of the porte under the circumstances is not generally understood. No reply has been made to the request of Sir Phillip Currie, the British ambassador, made shortly after the massacre, that he be allowed to visit the prisons in which the Armenians charged with rioting are confined, to take their depositions for transmission to the various European 'governments interested. CONSTANTINOPLE, October 12.—The Armenian refugees who took refuge in the churches at the time of the riot, and who have persistently ' refused to leave these edifices ever since, being fed there with provisions brought to them by their friends, have been persuaded to return to their homes. They evacuated the churches in the presence of the dragomans of the embassies of the different foreign powers, who were present on behalf of their embassies to insure-the safety of the refugees, and to report on their return to their homes to the ambassadors. CONSTANTINOPLE, October 13.—It is stated on good authority that the number of killed, wounded and missing Armenians, as the result of the recent riots, is over 700. Additional advices from Trebizonde show that .the Turks attacked the Christian qxtarter of that town and killed many Armenians. Russia has decided to send a warship to Trebizonde. WASHINGTON, October 12.—At the request of Minister Terrell, for the protection of American missionaries in Turkey, the "• United States cruiser Marblehead has been ordered to the gulf of Alexandretta. Terrell also telegraphs that orders have been issued in all provinces to protect Americans. • CHINESE OUTRAGES CONTINUE. Another Mission DcHtroyed—Inflammatory Tracts Distributed. LONDON, October 13.—A dispatch to the Times reports ' that the Catholic missionary agency at Lyons - has received letters reporting aggression against the Europeans and Christians of the central provinces of China. The mission stations at Nan Ching have been destroyed, and some of the Christians killed and others .wounded. The Russian consul, in the absence of the French consul, was appealed to. He insisted that a telegram be sent to the local authorities ordering stringent measures for the restoration of order Nevertheless, the disturbances' continue. Advices from Shanghai say that the Choapans' infamous 'anti- foreign prints are being again distributed throughout the central provinces. ..-':.; • .- ; / ; 0 ; ;' : .'.'• : TIDAU WAV* AhTER A CYCLONE, ,, tt, 9»«|«f!irs9W- w asl?i|r»84 ty « * « s " * T^T- m ,".,» * - « . • A Town In ioirer California 9»Jd to HUT* Been Utterly'Destroyed, ' SA.N FRANCISCO, October 11.—Private dispatches say that La Pa?, Mexico, has been completely destroyed by a hurricane. The storm was followed by a tidal wave, the waters in the bay rising to an unprecedented height, invading that ' portion -of • the, city fronting on the bay and carrying out to aea, men, animals and ings as'the tide subsided. One hundred and twenty-lour houses were destroyed. Four lives were lost and about twenty-one persons were wounded. Nineteen crafts, including an American sphooner, parjly loftd.e$ with dynamite, were beached, and a government gutter was sunk. Gardens and orchards were washed away, Tbe Queen Effepfi a jpe»'gt, PAIHS, October JL—Tlie queea of Madagascar bag «iftde:p<jftc« with the Frencb. ,Th.e,,Tem p? wyB tbe, eondi, MQJJS: of peace provide tbftt a rigorous French protectorate shall be main* Madagascar not to be, annexed ~- "'*' owev$r, and tbp m|n «j prime minister, who ie the husband of ia ta be t3l me JMUumey i/umpnuy c* onw-icaoo^CT ( has bectt feSufned. Otis S wail SOB, wto lives *!x fflilSB fidfth< was dfifefi his hettae-jusi filter breakfast, , household effeets were loaded !ft»j Wagons by the liidiafi poliee ft&t*' 'and his wife and family started off reservation, fcefofe the- prOcfisslbH gonefaritwtts met by J. F. Mfci manager fof the Floufney Cdrnpliiif, aftd Uhited States Deputy Marshal " 7 Garret. These latter immediately iaV- terfefed with the eviction. Mfr MeylSfi- told the Indian police that they ffluSt not pfodeed to evict or ia any way ifi*- terfere with the settlers who claim 16 hold under leases from the Flotirney ' Company, fie said that it was not the ' intention of the 1 Court that evictidtt', should be made by the Indian police- \ but that<Uttited States.marshals would be set to work after it became neces*- sary. This assurance did not have the effect desired by the speaker, as the Indian police questioned his right to- interfere, Some warm words passed and Meyers ended the quarrel 1 by lay«- ing his hand on his revolver and threatening to kill the first Indian who meddled with a settler, Just what will occur next can only be guessed at, but it is altogether probable thatCapt. Beck- will proceed to carry out his instructions from Washihgton without further delay. All whites on the reservation who hold the Flourney leases were greatly worried over the turn the situation has taken. They now fear the3' are to be turned out of house and home at the beginning of winter, losing their.crops and all. It will leave many of them in destitute circumstances. NORTH ATLANTIC SQUADRON; Important Plans Announced for the Winter.. WASHINGTON, October 13.—The winter plans of the North Atlantic Squadron are important and very significant in ; view of the situation in Cuba and the attitude this country has assumed toward British encroachment in Venezuela. The North Atlantic Squadron is to be greatly strengthened. Trans- - fers will be made so as to assemble in that squadron about all the best ves- vessels in the navy, and instead of, ceasing squadron drill for the winter it will continue in southern waters. An impressive demonstration of force will thus be made, but will be under the guise of practice drills. The excuse for adding vessels to the squadron and going into these waters will be that it is desirable that every one of the new vessels have practice in squad- ron.drill,and : it is necessary to continue the practice during the winter. These evolutions without question are to be carried on for the .purpose of having a- powerful fleet in; the vicinity of trouble ' if it occurs, and should occasion arise, as it is feared it may, for something; more than display in the Venezuelan and Cuban matters. The powerful fleet will be within an hour's com muni- ' cation of Washington and at the same time within twenty-four hour's sailing distance of the probable seat of trouble. It is also said the secretary contemplates holding the South Pacific Squadron in the vicinity of Valparaiso, where, in case of need, it could be- readily communicated with by cable. SPAIN ARMING SHIPS. *•; 'tj V*i !-3 'I 1 TVi •J 1 Cuban Affairs Take on an International' Aspect. MADHID, October 11.—The minister of marine, Admiral Beranger, confirms the report that the steamers of the Spanish Trans-Atlantic .Company are- to be armed for service in Cuba, but he declares that this course is not due to any idea of a possible international conflict, but is merely, carrying out an arrangement previously made with the company for the use of its steamers. Two Huudrod Killed. VIENNA, October 18.— A dispatch; says that the recent riots in Trebj-- zonde resulted in 300 persons on both sides being killed. The Armenians were only protected from butchery by the police imprisoning them, The Russian consul at Trebizonde has asked .that > .warship Jbe se,nt. '-.^^ -""•"" IQWA PATENT OFFICE. REJPOpT • f >i « **\ - ?s$ l 'J -'I •4 i m I '« :& "'•t DBS MplNiis, October 7,— States patents "were 1 ; issued to 'Jow» investors' fpr th«*,week ending OctoberV 1, as follows; To a GK Bosch, gt 'D»y enport, for a malting machine, ,"W. H, Cox, of Woux City, for an automstis type distributor and bolder; J. L, Dpan,, of-Winterset,-for a'devjce, for -binding CQrn' sbpcks, etc.} J, Douglas, of Onawft, for a wateh'bezel'reftmer; J, F, Harvey and J. H. Hoover, of an apparatus for g T»CUUTOS i L, H Ki un^,; fora , of- FwirAeW,, for a tree; & & MwrpWsqe, Q| WWia for »(«B9»>w(rp streteber and 1^, Peterson, fi f Madrid, for »»4 treUey peJe, »n4 to g, T, i tmt «94<>r tbs tprm* French

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