The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1895
Page 1
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< s |^irj^- i (Eif®irTvw3Tj*a^ffi^«>vn*-r.! y^^fnf^n^ r ,'?^W~"-j'^'J . T.\ ' r '\T^)r^r ~ : ^ f r^if ^ //-, - r ! *y/.»^KW ., ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBMt 16, 1885, Pancakes. Buy Yankee Pancake Flour t the——— Take Notice, We call your special attention to our . 3ig Drive in Ladies' and Children's Underwear. &' 25 G. L. Galbraith M Co eft APPLES. APPLES. r ' * | Second car of apples arrived ; &' s •* ' * ' i f< and third on the way.,, .•d* ,No¥ ; :is the Time to Buy by the Barrel. i)on,'t : -Forget that 1-,-ani. Headquarters * * - f *» * t ' , • i L» ' ' r. For apples this,''fall b^y.>the car'or barrel'or any way, r James Patterson. line of fall and win- r """'$$? caps : fust received^ Call v' i- •*, ** ' face them before, buying, • I' It M,' ' 1'] I ' ' ' t 'I *, f <m - 'f' ©* • MS * |t> * SOTT fitte *W lta»« to the cowlw Woou, fcv VW*>/1H»»««WW.**«1* 4 Abstracts of Title i «H, v , ^ ' J t ' I 'J WKy ? , fWf*l V' ! j^W-w^fflP-p^^P S^i^W^fl^'llr* l4 ifc ^t.^V* '' REFUSED TO GO TO GAMP, Jag. E. Ryan of Port Dodge is Sued for 514 fic*cattsc He Did Jfot Go to Watefly. Methddl&td Resolve for itohibitlori at Wefaste* City—The Arettbttfg Fail- ute—Othet News Hereabouts* Dodge military circles life agitated over a question, which Involves Hit the companies of the state. Wra. T, Chantland, captain of Co. G M who was in Algona a year ago with a view of locating in the legal practice, is conducting the matter la court. Jas. E, Ryan, a private in Company G. refused to attend the Waverly encampment and gave no sufficient excuse. The military law .of the state is that a line of $2 a day in .such cases shall be collected, Ryan refused to pay and Captain Chantland accordingly sued him In justice court for the $14. Ryan resisted, claiming sufficient excuse existed for his absence and the justice upheld him. The captain then carried the case to the district "court, claiming that civil authorities had no right to puss on the question and that it rested with the military officials. Judge Weaver has upheld the justice on the grounds thut (is"the fines shall be collected in civil courts they have a right to pass on the law-of the case. Appeal was at once taken to the supreme court and the military officials are determined to uphold their position on the grounds of its necessity for discipline, or have new laws passed covering the point. This case is fortunate for exactly what power exists to compel the attendance of the military boys at camp has been in dispute in every town which has a company, and it will now be settled. ^__^ Methodist Resolutions. All four conferences in Iowa have adopted substantially the following resolutions of the Webster City meeting last week: We believe the liquor habit to be the most destructive element in human society. It destroys the homo, oppresses the • poor, wrecks manhood, threatens national life, retards civilization, hinders progress of the gospel, and is the crime of the ages. It, therefore, cannot be licensed without sin; and every institution, party or person, which in any way, by voice, vote, influence,; or affiliation, helps, shields, abets, protects or encourages it, is a party to its dark de.eds and unparalleled crime. We therefore record ourselves in favor of total abstinence for the individual and legal prohibition for the state and nation. We believe the mulct law of Iowa is a gross and wanton violation of the rights of the people, and notwithstanding the fact that it was created by a so-called Christian legislature, elected by a great army of Christian voters, it is nevertheless a great public crime and a base betrayal of every interest we hold dear, and those^responsible for this legislation should be made to feel the public odium, We denounce with all possible emphasis the effort to again introduce and legalize the manufacture of spirituous and malt liquors in our fair state, Therefore, be it Resolved; 1, That -no man • or party should receive 'our suffrages unless pronounced in favor of the total prohibition of the liquor traffic, both in the state and in the nation, 8. That we favor resubmission of a , prohibitory amendment to our Astute constitution, at a non-partisan election, to be held not sooner than the year 1897. More of the ArenberK Failure, Fort Dodge Messenger: B. F. Jaques,'the youngest member of the firm of Jaques & Co, of Des Moines, was in the city Thursday on business connected with the Leader, His object was to recover the goods bid house had sold Mr, Arenberg, which he did after summoning Coroner. Oarlock from Dayton and serving r.eplevy on Sheriff Woolsey, who ha,d the gppqs under an attachment, This step was necessary in-order to-.recover tbe goods,-and proves that which is not generally known that the coroner has authority over a sheriff in a county, The goods were shipped to Des Moines, The goods were in oases in the cellar and Sad pot been unpacked, If they had been opened the ownership would have been vested in Arenberg. RoBBiitU Potptp Story. The Palo Alto Reporter told a potato story and asked Kpssvith to. peat •it, The Wps\ey Reporter responds: The Reporter fails to etats this 86 pound and 10 ounce potato was grown by J, B, Swan nearLoveland, Colorado, However, Kossuth is not ashamed of her- potatoes) for we have, been told of a Jwmsv, .\vhjjo Vwnipg # ,!<?# PR hie farm. putting ope end of a large potato tn the fire and setting on ' the other until it was baked, and then reversing it, sat on the center and ate from the baked end,- _ _ » N»tHr»Hy FQilewB. '' Gainer Signals Tbe KossHth 1 Qop papers JiSjYe published "a ''good t toe e^ jf and eorij }n 'that c and we pyg ttp. sftjS8~ to Keep - up . with them; are. njjt SQB t, Q4t9 aM pern, g f panned out much the sfthle as ilid the county fair—-light attendance and poof exhibits. 'These anriual gatherings are designed for the benefit of farmers arid if they do not cafe enough fof them td attend and place on exhibition the best they have in the several departments it would be as well for the society named to go into a state of " innocuous desuetude." ToufiiniHeiit ni The annual fall tournament of the Rod and Gun club will be held at Em-' metsburg on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 23 and 24. There will be twelve events each dnyi The Tribune says: Nobody barred, and everybody invited to come and bring with them their shooting clothes and have a good time. ^^^ A Whopper. Ledyard Leader: Three Ledyard wheelmen rode from Armstrong to Ledyard Sunday afternoon ill 53 minutes, distance 20 miles. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS/ Lnmont Cowlos, n prominent Burlington lawyer, visited his brother Monday, M. N. Dayton of Codnr Falls visited his daughter, Mrs. J. W. Hobinson, last week. Miss Zoa E. Wartumn is expected homo from Chicago Nov. 1 to resume hor class In music. J, R. Jones went to Dubuquo today to attend the .Grand Chapter Masonic state meeting. A. L. Goddard returned Monday from a three weeks' visit with relatives in edstcrn Iowa and in Wisconsin. Mrs. Geo. B. Cloud is at homo and much recovered from her illness. She has been in Nevada recuperating. Frank A. Wartman left Friday for DOS Moines, where ho will take a course in the Highland Park Normal college. T. H. Lantry is back from his trip to see his brother, who is still alive but without much chance of getting up again. One of,the Dunn boys who lives over in Po'cahontas Is visiting the Irvington home. He says crops are enormous over,in his section. • Judge Quartan's father and mother visited him one day last week. They, live nonr Oskaloosa and own one of the biggest farms in that section. Miss Ingledew, who has been visiting Miss Nannie Frazer, has returned to Chicago.---She made many, pleasant acquaintances in Algona. Rev. Southwell will arrive this week and occupy the Methodist parsonage. Rev. Kennedy vocated'it Saturday and .preached in Spencer Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Will F. Walker are out from Chicago for a visit. ; He and Jos. W. Hays are in company in Chicago and are doing a good business, Geo. E. Clarke is just back from his Gai 1 - norlaw suit which lasted three weeks. The jury took the case Monday and was still out at last reports. Mrs. Edith Williams came home Saturday, her mother going to Minneapolis to meet her. She will spend a couple of weeks with her old friends before going east. Ambrose A. Call expects to go to Louisiana soon to look over his rice crop. The threshers are at work and 14 sacks to the acre is the yield. This is nearly SO bushels. The editors and friends who have been at Atlanta the past week are expected in Des Moines tonight, and will be in Algona soon. All the newspaper reports indicate they have been having a good time. We hope the rumor is unfounded that they were dined in a big brewery at Nashville and that Bro, Starr participated. Misses Jessamine Jones and Cornie Ingham, and W. P. Jones went to Livermore Friday to attend a reception eriven by a literary society there. They report a most enjoyable time. The Livermoreltes hod cut flowers by the bushel, • and everything was done in metropolitan style. A pleasant evening's program was given and was heartily enjoyed by the visitors. For Sale Cheap. Livery barn known as the Grove barn south ,of Tennant house. The best livery site, in this,' the best county seat town in northern Iowa, Stalls for 45 horses, besides shedding. This barn has heen thoroughly repaired from foundation to roof. City water piped in barn, There never was,a better time to engage in the business. Horses, carriages, harness goods, as well as feed were never as cheap before, I desire to dispose of this before returning to'California. Call on or address, 80tf M,.L, CLABKE, l , i miiiui . ini.i j n n i ij ti i i mil ' • IT MAY BO AS MUCH FOB YOU, ' • Fred Miller of Irving, III., writes that he had.a severe kidney trouble for many years with severe pains in his pault,'~and also that bis bladder was affected. He tried many so-called, kidney cures, but without tray good result. About a year ago he began Hie use of Electric Bitters find found relief at once, Eleptrlc Bitters is especially adapted to the cure of all kidney and liver troubles, and often gives alpqost instant relief, One trial will prove pur statement. Price only' 50o for large bottle at Dr,' Sheets' drug store. _____________ 6 KNIGHTS OP TUB MACCABEES, "" The State Commander writes ys' from Lincoln, Neb,, w follows; "After trying other medicines, fop what seemed to be a very obstinate qough in our two children we tried Dr, King's New Discovery and at ti»9 end of two days the cough entirely left them, We will not be wlthput it. Ueveaf ter, as our experience proves that it cures where all other remedies fail."—Signed F. w, stevens,Sj«9t9 Com,r-Why not give this' great medicine a trial,-as It la guaranteed and trial bottles are free at L. A. SHeetz' drug store. Regular 8i?e 60o. and *!• 0 The beet salve in the' world puts. sQres. uppers, salt rheum, fever teref tetter, popped teftdj, phUbffini, wras an ail skin, eruptions, and positively vuvea piles, pr no pay requirea. It Is gu&rfttiteed to give, sfttisfaptian, or*, money -ta JCffl® SW' , i IIIII <>J - """-^ • We Have Car of Choice Apples Call and get Our prices. Langdon & Hudson. The people have manifested such an appreciation for our Special Sales- That we have decided to place on sale for 10 days, only a full set of the celebrated Victor Bread Knives •,-. .•-.,.. , at only 39 cents a set. You have been paying 75 cents. 1 a set for the same thing. Knives fully warranted. If not satis-' _ _ _ ' ' s . . factory re•turn them' and get your money back. At this price every Kossuth county can afford to own a 'set. The set consists of a Bread Knife, Cake Knife, • and Paring Knife, Best cutter in the market for hot or cold bread and cake of all kinds. No crumbling. Sale will close, Saturday night, Oct. 26. C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware,. '. i-s FURNITURE! ; ' , V' ,. " l '4f?i W E call especial attention to our new-Book ,>',*/••/ ' Vi^ll Racks and Wall Shelves. Jusc the '•thing';*«<•;» ; >'M for cheap book case, • i''.'"'J ' fr ' ; '>?M r • ' •', ' ; .' ; ' M 0 *. ' ,'* <$ Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. Parmers'ofCeaar.Bapjas,--- Also Land, Loan and Collection Business. ' • i' Office over Algona State Bank, H. P, JUQGAltD, Painter and Paper Hanger, Haggard & Peek* " ' • * iM Abstracts, Real Postal «»y4pyfler§iBr9inpt}yAt!t«R«ea to. , I fnllft'ofmnc 1 ' ftU woyU w&rrautefl (or 8w years. Vwiyli vlv I,JM J J$. ,•''" ' * * ' •' , Carriage Painting a Specialty, mA^w^M *' v > ? * ' * * ? n^rr&W' (TIsSv ,^f Watft^ oi* 'No'.Pav'' 5 ,-tH'tVl u aitw,:-^;, 1^,44 ay*. i< •',%£#& ;.:•*..

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