The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 9, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1895
Page 5
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THB UPPttft BlB-MOtlfl8ra.L60MA f IOWA, ,v-^ 'V'. THe Famous Rounc. Oak.. Is better than ahy other heating Stove Onffs, OlesoB', eierts, *f. n. Sengsteiij Stela ttwkgfcrt^-J. *., ftobt. O. R. LeWiS ; cleffcs, & 0. AnditlSS, Konejr. tM$6.t d— Sfttee as last J-eaf . ^ Lotts Creekr-John Markgref, win. Dan. S. L. Scott; clerks, Silas Houpe to appoint ' ' ever made. It is made of better material, is made better, fitted, perfectly, The results an enormous business. Has 450 imitations, trying hard to sell on the reputation of the ROUND OAK. You can get the genuine if your eyes see this. SEE THE NAME ON THE LEG. Sold only by J. W. ROBINSON. We have just bought twenty-five cars of the best dry wood in the market which we will deliver to any part of the city as follows: . LtrVerne— t P. ftftrrison.A. fc da|i8aa- d!6, John Benke ; clerks, O. H. LJchty to appoint assistant. Lln<fcltt-J6hh M. Stewar t, Wm. Warbtif toP,Cortfttpt>rnt-&p; <jl6i*9, Sam'l War- bunon. Ezr<t Overton. Portland— Wm. Shanor. M. S. Allen, HughMcDon&ld; clerks, W. A. Chiptnab, Fred. RlngSdorf. ._ . ,, Plum Creek— M. L. Golden, Fred. Miller, P. S. Ferguson; clerks, Jacob Altwegg, Wm. tiohtt. , . .. . . Prairie— Frank Arndorfer, M. Ratitfi, J. A. Longbottom; clerks, Q. B. Ludwig ( 3. B. Barrecks. Ratnsfty— Satne as last year. RiVerdale— Geo. Stewart, Jaspar watbu- Ug, J. O. Paxsoa; clerks, JercmaFinhegan, John Spei&er. Sherman— Ffahk Devlne. Chas, Sample, Max Miller; clerks, G.M. Parsons to appoint assistant. Springfield— Same as last year. Seneca— C. O. Fish, A, Jacobson, P. W. Jensen ; clerks, E. W. Van Dorstatt, Jas. W. Shaw. Swea— Jas. Carroll, 0. A. Mollnder, Chas. ttolbergj clerks, Albion Burgeson, Geo. Davis. Union-R. W. Barrett, W. F. Hoflus, Wm. Dodds ; clerks, W. F. Jenkltison, C. B. Hoflus. ' Whlttemore— .T. A. Simpson, P. H. Jen nett, H. A. Lillibrldge; clerks, H. P. Hatch, A. Yale. Wesley— Same as last year. ROUTINE MATTERS. Chairman Chubb and Auditor Calk- tre wen appointed to lit up the vaults. Thoy want to buy metal filing 1 oases, but will use wood racks for the books. Two copies of the county atlas were subscribed for by the board. The board drew fees na follows: Chubb $4.24, Barton $6.08, Burton $7.48, Hollenbeck 56.44, Smith $7.36. Vacation of road asked by N. C. Marvick granted. Vacation of road asked by John Hel- tnei's granted and new road established as reported by commissioners. Road asked by E. J. Nicholls granted. W. J. Burton committee. Grade asked by L. C. Barber granted. Burton committee to build. Recorder's fees July 1 to Sept. I, $680.71. Auditor's fees April 1 to Oct. 1, $178.00. 4-ft. Hardwood, per cord, 4-ft. Mixed wood, per cord 4-ft. Soft wood, per cord, $4.85 3.85 3.50 We also have this wood sawed in stove lengths, which we will deliver as usual. This is a rare opportunity to secure your winter's supply 01 wood at very low prices. J. A. Hamilton & Co. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of .collections. BIG REPUBLICAN RALLY. Colonel Henderson will Speak In Algona Next Week Thursday Evening at Court House Hall. The Eloquent and Able Congressman's First Visit to the County—Other Political Notes. The republican campaign will open in Algbna next week Thursday with an address at the court house hall by Congressman D. B, Henderson, The colonel is one of the best political talkers in'Iowa, or in the west for that matter, and all who. need a little inspiration for the campaign should turn out. Col. Henderson has never spoken here. He was billed once a few years ago but missed his connections at Goldfield, and a crowded rink was entertained by local talent, This time there .can be no miss as he comes from the west on the Milwaukee. This will be the best meeting doubtless held this year and republicans should be in. Chairman Crose is en titled to credit for getting the here so long as this county is seat of any particular contest, T|ie Primary System. The primary election system adopted by the republicans of Hancock, Emmet and Clay counties this year for the first time. The papers of Hancock and Emmet endorse the change emphatically. In Clay the result was not go satisfactory but the News says: . "The News sees no objection to the primary system that does not apply with.equal force to the Toauous system; and on the other hand, it sees njuoh in favor of tue former wbPhpannot be urged in behalf of the ^rttwlwcl we believe the ppunty central committee, in deciding to continue the system another year, Pursued l." colonel not the was anothe at meets public approva . The primary system ie now in vogue in ivery adjoining county to 'hut PftlP Alto, , _ »«)IJivWs B»S Speech poUlvep evidently did htopelf lull ijusttoe at GlWden last Tbursaay. The tows was crowded and tfee enthusiastic coprespondenti of the Begietep exhaa^s of miee. Here is his ol 8$ being a vepy sjntral and can accomodate the crowd setter. _ Coming Speeches. Chairman Crose has the promise of wo speeches in the county by Congressman Dolliver and one by Lafe Young, but no dates are given. They have no superiors t as campaigners. Skips by Judge Babb speaks at Emmetsburg tomorrow and at Mason City Friday. Money, I have unlimited money to loan on ong or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty iloud & Haggard. of collections. JUST received, the largest carpets ever shown in the city, albraith & Co. line G. of L. ELECTION JUDGES. The County Board In Adjourned Session Appoints n Jjot of Them— Minor Matters. The county board met last Tuesday ;o appoint election boards and to do a ittle other business. The following joards were appointed: Burt—Judges of election, H. L, Kimball, A, H. Nafus, Geo, M, Patterson; clerks, E^ E. Cook, t. 0, Smith, Buffalo—M, Gray, C. Kiebsamen, W, Doege; olerks.E. L, Tuttle, J. P, Gray, Cresqo—C. Rickard, L. Millen, TV, A, Witham: clerks, O, A. Potter, Lorenzo Witham, Eagle—John Ray, John Peterson, Robt. Gallion; clerks, Geo, Twist.O, E. Hand. Greenwood—Geo. Sinitn, R. I. Br&yton, JobnBronbardt; clerks, A. B. Adolp&son, , E. Davfson, German—J, Gingrich, Kobb Tjaden, On- noBruns; clerks, P. E. Johnson, Levi Good, Girfleld-Jonp Mertz, W, A, Scott, Henry BeUj clerks, Paul Compiler, Louis Clave- Grant—John Sptceher, N, H, Beard, A. M. MoAmioki clerks, R. P, Stockman, C. I. Sutherland, Hebron—Herman Dpege, H, L. Baldwin, H, W, Boevers; clerks, R. A. Richardson, M, H. Smith. Harrison—J. A. Carlson, P. G, Keister, A GOOD Beutty Organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf " THE Original Tennessee Jubillee singers will give one of their fine entertainments in the Congregational church next Monday evening, Oct. 14. This is a rare musical treat,- come and hear them. Tickets for sale by Miss Dodd at the postofflce. Reserved seats 50 cents; general admission, 35; children, 20. .. TWO IIVES SAVED. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction City, 111,, was told by her doctors she had consumption and that tbere was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery complete! v cured her and she says it saved her life. Thos. Eggers, 189 Florida street, San Francisco, suffered from . a dreadful cold, approaching consumption; tried without result everything else, then bought one bottle Dr. King's New Dlscov ery and in two weeks was cured. Naturally he is thankful. It is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in colds and coughs. Free trial bottles at Sbeetz 1 , Regular size 50c and $1. 5 01D PEOPLE. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bitters. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor other intoxicant, but acts as atonic and alterative. It acts mildly,on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion, Old people find it just exactly what they nee,d. Price flfty cents per bottle at Dr. L, A. Sheetz' drug store, . 5 BUCKLKN'S ABNIOA SALVE. The best salve in the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tette". chapped hanus, chilblains, corns and all skm eruptions, and positively cures piles "r no pay requlrea, It's guaranteed to give erfeot satisfaction or money refunded. hard at th§ «6ftte"8t agle Grove Thtiflday" f&f loff t Side, the score standing 84 16 14 i& fftvW tit Claflofi, ftnd had the' bmifery SB deslfe'd th& 14 could have beet! boiled. ddWft W 4. B^ftffe the game begafi ites were'very confident of Btfecesl "backed their judgment" Id the tune of about $200, eve>V cent ol wM&fi they lost in additioti to the $60 plifse. Put* ting up a "cold hand" Is a job* that more thati one set of men can play fit. The Minneapolis battery was "not i« it" and weakened the moment it Was known who was to pitch and catch tot Clariott. The Algonaites have out- sytnpathy(?) John V. Cruflj, the Iowa spflntef, on his way to his home at Bedford froffi the east, was ititervlewedi He in» Umates dissatisfaction with the Work of his trainer, Murphy of Yale, and seems of the opinion that Murphy did not do what he should to put him in condition for the events. Crum says he believes he can beat wefers in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, He says he will go to Greece in 1896 to take part in the great games there, and will try for the world's championship, for which, with the constant training he will have from now on, he believes he stands a good chance, Bancroft Register! Algona's base ball season, which started out as gloriously, ended in a thud of tho dull sickening type. Algona should buy up some stock In otte of the big leagues, and then they could claim a part of the glory when the pennant was awarded and not be subject to such trifling annoyances as being sold out by an individual or having their players disgrace them by committing petty theft. Bailey: ' The Algona papers can't talk anything but base ball lately. They have whipped Garner and Sexton and several other good teams, and the editors have got base and ball and home runs In their heads until it makes them talk foolish. Some town that has a base ball club go up there and wind the fair ground fence with their cold remains. We call on Forest City to do it and will go and see tho game What do you say Chase? All railroad fast time records were broken by the New York Worlc special which carried that paper from New York to the democratic state convention at Syracuse. The distance was 148 miles and the run was made in 130 minutes, an average of 08.3 miles an hour. The train went over the New York Central railway. THE genuine ROUND OAK pleases hundreds of thousands. It will please you.-28t2 GRAPES for fair week House Grocery. at the Opera WHENEVER it is said to you this o that heater is as good as the Round Oak, investigate before buying.-28t2 UNDERWEAR, the best thing on eartl for 25 cents, at Galbralth & Co.'s. MONEY to loan on long or short time Geo. C. Call.-tf MY 80-acre farm for sale; 2i mile from creamery. N. C. Taylor, Lott Creek.-28t2 OMING ALGONA, AT HOTEL TENNANT, Saturday, October 12, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, ffiitst ttJolnslnlin" jsik ft Kea tt We of lfr§ _„. re of this ihsttUitibfi, find ftft&tt li distant of Catafrhal AND WILt. Free Treatment Celebrated eye, ear, noso, throat, catarrh, chronic and nervous disease specialist, of the famous Southern Medical arid Surgical Institute, Louisville, Ky. Dr. Rea will have an assistant with him and will be prepared to perform any surgical operation', no matter how difficult. He has all his portable instruments, apparatus, etc., including onoo: the improved Baltimore Chloride of Dry Silver Cell Galvano-Thoraputtc batteries and an electrical apparatus for examining the throat, nose and rec turn: Itie a small incandescent eleo trio light, the most wonderful discovery of the age and the only one in uso in the state. There is a class of sufferers that he wishes his electrical treatmon to reach, particularly those who live a a distance, as they can come in and be treated, returning home permanently cured. With this treatment there i but little'pain, no soreness, no stopping from business, nor interference wit! regular habits. The Southern Medica and Surgical Institute of Louisville Ky., formerly of the old class school o medicine, was one of the first to em brace the new theories of modern med JOnSUmpuon; rsroncnitiof oroaoa afth, CdfislittitidHai Cateffft* 0i [ft, Sick Headache, Stbtnac foubleS, RbeliffiaUsttU S"6i tlca, BMght's dtsease-, Dlftbew ey, Ltvef, Bladder, VMMO6 aale-diseases', NefvoTis Dehilltj Hftl Weakness, ikSst Mftfl ess, Nervousness, Ind nterrupted Nuififcioti, Ohildfeti, and all Wat. dults, Matty eases 6f ,,_ tig ia the Bafs, Loss ol Myselfht, ,1 act, OOSB Eyes, etc",» that BaVS 1 , fflttfOpefly treated OF begledtedfei... _. asily restored. Defdrittltles") Olob feet Curvature of the Spine, Disease Oi'tni Bi'aiH, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Heart N ase, Dropsy, Swelling of the L? to., properly treated. Blood and Jiseases, tecaemn, Varicose Veiae, , codele. Stricture, Opea 'Sores, pain ifi.- he bones, glandular enlaPgementrand' f ill acute and long-standing diseases. Dr. Rea devotes special interest to the' removal) with electricity, of Cancers,' Tumors, Moles. Warts, Wens, Birth* marks, Granulated sore eyes, $aeial blotches, Red nose, Pimples, find Suvs >erfluous httir on the face of neck. Df., Sea holds diplomas from some 'of the.' )est colleges In America, and has »ra6*'^ Iced his professfoh in some of the-lafg' f est institutions ib the world.. He'ufl*, dertakes no Incurable cases • and' Will your, neighbor or relative. Consultation, esc*,, c> amfnation and treatment free, except 'or medicines only, which in no case,: exceeds $5 for month's treatment. -'%" ; WHAT THE PRESS SAYS OF HIM. The wonderful benefits of tho'new methods : %"| of treatment practiced by Dr. Rea are attract-, "~ inK much attention among the suffering In this city and vicinity. The wonderful success of,„*»« Us methods, which have been discovered after , « years of patient study and observation, malce,,v iiim one of the most noted specialists of the <V; day.— Louisville Commercial. >., r 'C'ii He is a skillful surgeon as -well as a physl 4 ;,'? clan, and the success attendlnR difficult opera- . tionsthathe has performed Is equally areatf; as that of his treatment of diseaBe.-p'!l."<w i «» t ; Constitution. , ' ' . • ,. , )A J Owing to the new discoveries In surgery Dr.-. h Rea of Louisville is able to perform the most difficult and intricate surgical operations in'a, manner that is almost painless. In the treat- _' ment of diseases he uses an improved electric- ; al apparatus that is so devised that the cur- > rent goes direct to the' seat of the malady, thus \ removing at once the cause of the disorder.—• Indianapolis Setitinel. '.'' , , ' - , " , Dr. Rea of the Southern- Medical Institute^ '• was one of the first physicians in the new .; world to adopt the methods of Dr. Robt, Koch, < the celebrated German physician, in the treat-,"/- montof diseases.— Cincinnati Post. , -'* Dr. Rea's treatment of diseases, both med- (t . T ically and surgically, is one ot the astonishing,; *3 things of the times. As a professional man;, T ,'f none stands higher, and his'.success;,in tho?;,;", treatment of all chronic diseases is phenome-. .• " nal.—Terre Haute Express. .', '' X'j , Dr. Rea of Louisville, Ky., is an excellent,?^ physician, who has had thorough training for V his chosen profession, to which is added years"; of successful practice, He is without doubt av; perfect gentleman, and should you conclude to consult him you are assured of honorable >/ treatment., His many successful cases in this • community will speak for themselves,— Peoria Journal, ' t * ; or no pay required, !£tIs guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refun?-" Price S5c a box, Sold by L. A. Sfteetz, The Commercial Mutual Fire Insurance Co,.... Was organized by over 200 wholesale and retail merchants of Iowa for the express purpose ,$ of carrying their own insurance and that of others who may become members, and it is with ,;.| much pleasure that we submit the First Annual Statement of business by ( the " Commer- ' cial,". which shows that this company has written mor* business and received Awarded Highest Fair, CREAM •JPBJ(FiW I^W^^ff^^^^^*^P ™ ^^^^ PBIZE riaHTEB3 SNOOKED OUT, The Big Prize Fight Will Not Come Off In Texas,- Qov, Oiilberteon Makes a Record. As noted last week. Gov. Culbertson called the Texas legislature together to enact a law against prize fighting as soon as the courts had decided that Texas had no such law, The members met last Wednesday and for a day the hottest political flght ever seen in Texas was waged. Dallas, where the fight was to have come off Oct. 81, was present in force to defeat the governor, but us the time came on to vote it became more apparent that he would win. When the bill actually came to vote only one senator and flve representatives voted against it. It is a very rigid law and take's immediate effect, an'd the priae fight is off and Bro, J, W. Bartlettj'p town is in deep mourning. How the result is accepted by the general public may be judged by the unanimous comment of tne Chicago papers. The Inter Ocean says: "The governor of Texas was right In convening the legislature in special session for the purpose of enacting ft law prohibitory of prize fighting," The Tribune says they "have, earned the admiration and respect of all decent men, everywhere." The Jferalfl SMS; " Gov. Culbertson's victory over the prise fighters is ample witness Q| the power of resolute moral pwppse work* Jng Against eelfljh interests an4 hafl er counsel," The c£rp,njote . T^v^ w«v,,,w »,.~ j written more business and received more ^ urns dur^g th?firsrnlne months r than was ever written by any four insurance companies ,in|, Iowa during the same period of their organization. . •' •'-*"•• FIRST ANNUAL ST/VTEMENT, JAN. I, 1895. Amount of Insurance written ,$705,425,00 Amount of Premiums written......... 43,618.05 Losses paid., ...'......... '.' 2.33 0 - 11 Losses adjusted and unpaid None'. ^ Losses reported, ,.,.,..., Nono,^ Losses in litigation , * Nbn?'^ _ ur losses last year were about 50 per cent, less than other companies that write all classes insurance. We will save you a large percentage on your insurance. DOXSEE & SHAW, Agents, Partial List of Wholesale Merchants Now Holding Policies, C, C, Prouth Co Ainsworth & Bonhright Langan Bros WwfleW, So well, Watt Co Emery Co & Jewett ^ s Co Phil £umb U, H. Sioteels M. Riegelmpn. P. @, JJolin4 Perkins « Kra|t SeeJ. CO Grocers Implements. Grocere Dry Gopfls Co Co Stationery Cigars MiUinery BwaW aap: "The psople si T?aite4 States ewe fiy» tta few itife tfee in the Wfttop fit Dee Moines Des Moinee Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Moines Des Mpines Dej Des Mo BupK-Reimer Co Keokvik Queenswftre Co Chicago P, Q. JJouse, Son Dr^lce Dei Me Mp Dee Mp, ges nes

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