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The Lyttelton Times from Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand • 3

Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand
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THE LYTTELTON TIMES THURSDAY JANUABY 24dI884 HedloaL 'Htooellaneotu XfeAXTKR'S LUNG PRESERVER haa bean establiahsd ersr a quarter of a eeatury and yawonieedby aU ranks of Soaioty and anfeys nceasi naparaUalad mistake Weighed it and put the stamp mi it The fetter waa then read It explained tU position of the accounts InStead (examination continued) The aooounta were handed to me on June 86 (Letter Wlitten by witness mi that day read showings balance duo by Desljorough of 4416 19s yd Those fetters wero not replied to I hart a statement showing tho dates when we naeived the batches of receipts the advance value of each batch the total advance value the date when we paid oaih draft the total amount of each draft and the after each draft On April 6 Deshorough was in credit 4889 on the 9th J566G On the 10th 437 on the 14th the 14th if the account of De borough is separated from the firm's it would show April 28 a debit of 4296 but in the interim Desborough and Crerar had forwarded wheat to the value of 41281 On May 7 if aooounta are still kept apart Desborough would be overdrawn 4996 but the firm had sent in wheat to the value of 43600 The firm would have been in credit 42600 supposing that the amount alleged by Desborough to have been received by him had been placed in account The Court adjourned at 4JQ pm till 1016 am to-morrow (Thursday) front door being closel wfl forced open the beck door On entering I saw the matting on fixe and noticed a strong smell of kerosene CmtoII mid I put out the fire I asked prisoner "What land work in this up to He answered there was plenty of water I oould put it out myself Thera was no fire in the kitchen range We put the fixe out and I then arrested him on a charge of arson He begged me to let him go saying he would olrar out The boards jwoduced were cut out of the floor by witness from underneath where the fire was The matting produced was that which was in flames it is soaked in kerosene The bottle produced ie the one dven by Mrs M'Connell to witness Carroll and had contained kerosene It was empty In another minute it would have been impossible to havo extinguished thVfiro Cross-examined by prisoner- I did nci see yon attempt to put the fire ont PrisontfVH advised to rewire is defence and was formally committed to take his trial at the ifext sittings of the Supreme Court PHsonertoplfed fra bail Sergeant Mneon said he didVpt Uh to prase fra a heavy tail as prisanelvhad a wife to support The Bench flxwl amount of the sureties for 4160 and two others at 476 each WAIAU Thcjhdat Jan 17 -v (Before Caleb Whitefoord Esq EM-P Bbxachxs or Thb Shxkp Act Thomas Fowler manager for Mole-worth Station on the information of A Scaife 8huep Inspector was fined 425 and costs of Court 410 8s and ordered to pay expenses 41 for negligently allowing 22 infected sheep to stray onto the Acheron Ron and fra negligently allowing two infected sheep to stray on to the Tarndafe Km the same person eras fined 45 and costs of Court 48 9s and two witnesses' expenses Oliver Scott Thomson for negligently allowing one infected sheep to stray on to the St Mary's Rim was fined 420 and costs of Coart 48 17s Civil Cask In the case of Low Jones there was no appearance of either party- TIMARU Wednesday Jan 23 (Before Stericker Esq and his Worship the Mayra) Child Desebtion Amalia Cferk charged with deserting her illegitimate child at the Immigration DepAt on Jan 8 was remanded till Tueaday next to admit of her ease being heard by the Resident Magistrate Breaches of By-laws Thoreau fra allowing a cow to wander Chivers and Morrison for leaving vehicles unattended and Grant for driving loose horses were fined 10s 10s 6s and 5a respectively with costs SUPREME CQUgT CIVIL SITTINGS -Wbumihdat Jan 83 (Bofrao His Honor Mr Justice Johnston end a apooinl jury of twelve) JOHN qwntau AND CHMHTOU' XBVMNN OF DMBOKOUffH NBW BIALAND OBAIN AQIMCY AND H1B0ANTXLI CON- PANT Mr Holinoa with him Mr FUher for plaintiffs Mr Joynt with him MrJSairper for defondnnta Thia eaao was returned At 10 ajd Lawrence Vivian Deaborough (to Mr Holinoa) i I am paid by Mr Crraar to wind np the business I have no other conneetion with the business On Maroh 84 I was entitlod to draw 48700 against wheat sent and had drawn 48800 On May 12 1 hod drown 46600 and ns entitled to draw 44400 I had overdrawn 48800 I had no grounds fra saying that the Bunk of New Zealand would guarantee Crorar After May 11 when the Firth of Lome sailed all whoat waa shipped on the noeount Grain ia afloat I should think whon the bills of lading axe issued as a ra1e that is when the ship is cleared Mr Joynt had not found any technical wuMuiiwg for "afloat" Witness (to his Honor) I believe that according to the custom of trade "afloat A wiAnna when bills of lading are issued To Mr Hcdmoss 1 never told anybody that the firm required accommodation James Yhwhling (examined by Mr Fisher) am omo of the inspectors of the Bank of New Zealand I was banking for the firm of Crorar and Deaborough at Sonthbridgo The Bank has given Mr Cterar no expressed or implied undertaking to him harmless in any lose he may sufrer in connection with this claim or anything else The witness was not cross-examined Here letters from Messrs Garrick and Cowlishaw to the defendants were pat in demanding payment of 42675 12a 8d amount stated to be due to the firm after certain alleged mistakes in tha accounts had been adjoated tho replies from the Company were also put in stating that the accounts were correct and asking fra the items alleged to be incorrect John Crerar (examined by Mr Fiaher) I was lately partnership with Des-borough I never arranged to take over the contracts of Deaborough with the Grain and never oanaented to become re-' for them in any way I did not know his wheat transactions were being mixed with mine Inf the Company The draft for 41000 of May 18 1 never saw before I knew nothing about contract until a few days after the partnership began I never spoke to Mr Stead in my life The drafts for 41000 and 41600 axe the only drafts I authorised the firm to draw on the Company I had a general Ma that Deaboroogh waa drawing on hia own account against hia own wheat None of the drafts went to the account I never sanctioned drawing on the Company for the benefit of the firm Cross-examined by Mr Joynt i A few days after the partnership began Dea-boxongh explained to me that he was entering into afresh oontract which would he more advantageous than the former one He did not particiilarly explain what the other one was I managed the books as my portion of the business Mr Dee-borough did the correspondence and principally the flwn'nntal part at that time He was the senior partner I had the larger share of the capital To a oertain amount the profits were to be equally divided after that he was to have two-thirds to my one-third He was paying interest to me 8 per cent on the amount I put in mere im hia I do not know why ne did not show me the accounta directly he received them I never asked for them because I distinctly understood I had nothing to do with his accounts The hatch of accounts sent in in Jane were distinctly kept from mo 1 never saw them I think till after hia bankruptcy I found a memorandum an the desk which ww evidently a private one from which I understood that the accounts had been sent in I asked him about fitem and he said they had been sent back for correction I saw the memorandum before hia bankruptcy on Jane 27 Be-examined 1 1 saw noaooounts from the Grain Agency I kept account with them in my pwn books Mr Knlnra proposed to pot in the original statement of dafanoe aa evidence of admissions Mr Joynt objected His Honor thought it a dangerous proceeding that a plea having been withdrawn the foot or its having been pleaded should be taken as an admission of its contents The question was a now one Mr Hnlmra contended that the document on the record It oonld not be with HS5MS not quite sure that they oould do so The letter just road was the first definite Intimation I had received that they would fully load the Firth of Lome if I would loud 1000 sacks I ultimately lont 1000 Books I acted aa far aa fondling was oon-oornod upon tho oorreapomfonoe Tho Firth of Lome cleared about May 11 or 18 Of a total of 6600 sacks 4600 were branded DandOraCandD The rest merely bora a railway brand spook in round number Mr Desborough saw me early in May and pressed me to make them advances I referred him to the letter of April 9 in which wo arranged that on the further quantity thefy were not to have advance until the wnent waa afloat He then said that there was a balance coming to them on tho first contract ho supposed they must do with that Ho then intimated that they would draw the balance due on the first oontract I think ho used the personal pronoun and said: "I will draw the bolanoe that we There was a balance of about 4700 due about that time This was against the 80000 bushels but more wheat than that had been delivered At that time there were 9600 sacks delivered The 4700 was paid on May 7 I saw Deshorough again about Mur 10 or 11 when tho venel was practically loaded though I had not received advices of the completion of the loading I told him I did not think hra loading waa quite finished He said I suppose tre can draw against I printed out that they were not to draw till the wheat was afloat by whioh I understood till the bills of lading were signed I ultimately consented to their drawing 41000 against what we always termed the further lot The 41000 waa paid on May 15 Before I saw Desborough again -toother draft by Desborough and Crerar fra 41600 was paid I have seen since that the 41000 of May 16 was drawn by Desborough in his own name They were to return 1000 sarin and that was why the accounts were delayed I waited fra over three weeks for them to return the wheat and'finding they had not done so I wrote in this beginning of June (Letter of June 1 trad) I saw Mr DesborouKh between June 10 and 14 He requested us to make an advance of 4600 in excess of the value of the shipment on the Firth of Lome I was reluctant to advance more than we were bound He printed out that there were over a thousand sacks in Lyttelton belonging to them which would be ample security I pointed ont that it was not a question of security but' that it was time enough to advance when the wheat was shipped I pointed out that they were entitled to about 4500 for the wheat 3h the Firth of Lome ihdnding the wheat returned to replace that font by tu I consented to let them have a temporary advance in excess of the value of the Firth of Lome shipment A day or two later a draft for 41000 waa presented and as this represented the 4500 due on the Firth of Lome and the 4500 1 had agreed to temporarily advance to Desborough and Crerar I paid it The accounts were sent and I saw them I wrote a letter with them Mr Harper asked the other side to produce the letter Mr Holmes had not got it Mr Harper propoaeato pat in a copy Mr Holmes objected unless the posting of the letter was proved The dork who posted the letter was sent fra and witness continued I never sent Desborough a private memorandum respecting the accounts On June 27 he saw me after he had had the acoounts returned to him He said I thought might have induced yon- to amend the accounta showing me your private debtor for I said certainly I should do nothing of the sort The accounts had been made ont in accordance with the arrangement and I could not alter them He replied WeU I suppose I must do the best I can I am 4500 out of my reckoning but I must arrange it when we had concluded our conversation about money matters he asked me about the other shipments and arranged that we should put their wheat through a odd blast machine and ship it for I did not-see Desborough again till the mlalig of creditors I waa surprised to receive notice that I was a creditor and attended to see why I was The accounts showed a debit tetenaw against Desborough and Crerar but nothing to the debit of Deshorough I found he had put the Grain Agency down as hia creditors for 41700 At the second meeting I fonnd that he had altered the amount to 41850 11s 6d Coming away from the meeting I told him he knew I had made the advances to the firm against their wheat He said I knew you were under a misapprehension and considered you were making advances to the firm but I did not oorrect yon I knew from your letters and conversation that you would not make uncovered advances to He said: When I came to your office last I intended to explain everything but when I got there I wae too ashamed He repeated the statement he had made at the meeting that it would not affect Mr Crerar as the Bank of New Zealand had guaranteed him He said that Mr Hanna of the Bank of New Zealand had the account we had in and that he had told Mr Hanna that we had advanced him personally 4600 and that he had not corrected that statement till hia meeting of creditors He asked for another copy of the account I arid Come into the office with He walked into my private office and I called Mr Cooke onr accountant I asked Mr Oookfl and him one or two questions with reference to an interview Desbraongh had had with Mr Cooke Mr appeaxed to me to prevaricate and I rather warmly I said "Surely you led me tobelievethatyou were obtaining the money from me for the He said "No I did not put it that I aid You quite understood I was making the advances to the firm and not to you" Ho replied We were talking at cross purposes You thought I was getting tho maniw for the firm but I wanted it for myseu I knew from your manner that you would not let me have money on my own I said "But you quite knew that the advances I was making wore for tho He said Yes for the firm not for myself I knew tfoit you thought you wore making the advances for the firm you did not grap that I was taking the money for my- CoHMniptfa Cpngha CoMa BnmohlUa Asthma a EFFECTUALLY RELIEVED AND CURED BY WO RRSERVER TESTIMONIALS i From WILLIAM REED Esq Shipping and Customs Agent Lyttelton Nor 18 1888 I have nasd your Lung Preserver in my family for tha last fourteen rears therefore have the greatest plaasnre in bearing testimony to ita efleaey in tha treatment of eongha colds bran Ibavei riiitia croup whooping cough Ac mended it to mr frienda who have also proved it to he a palatable and speedy cure far chest and throat complaints I have uniformly found a single does of Preserver chock a aerera paroxysm of coughing I shall on all oooasiona have mat pleasure in recommending it to aafferen aa I con-ider it a boon to From ISAAC ALLEN EsqM Commission Agent "Hereford street Christchurch Dee i lap "After seven yean' experience I have gnat piss sure in testifying to the efficacy of your Lnng having proved it ia my family to be a perifle for eoaghe colds Ae a finr doeaa iavari-abiy snbdning the nasty harassing cough and while relieving the throat and chest it dose not like other nostrums disorder tha digestive organs by inducing nausea constipation heartanha lose of appetite Ac I can heartily recommend it ne the beet cheapest and moat palatable mixture known for combe colds bronchitis whooping-cough Ac Bo highly do we esteem it that we alwaya keep a supply on From SCOTT Esq Buildar Ac "Some years mo I was recommended to try a bottle of your Elixir mid Lnng Preserver' for tightness of the chest I did ao and from that time I have never been without it In the I have found it answer in every respect tor eongha colds andaore throat and would strongly advise those that are suffering foom aneh complaints to try It" Tha Rev MYERS (ex-President of the United Methodist Free Chnnoh) writes "Hanover afaeai Leads March 35th 1871 "I have pleasure in testifying how rapidly and effectually Baxter's Long Preserver haa aetodfn allaying cough and irritation of tha cheat in tha caaaof my wQta whohasaevaral times been under the nearest ty of neing it during the winter' From Dr Ewart HJLCAL Ac I am very much opposed to patent medicines generally and totally discountenance the Balsams Oxymels EUxire Syrups and other emanation! of nnprincipled ampirica hot I regard your 'Lnng medirineadangwons and poaseiiad of those tonle and stimulating propsrtiea which render it a treasure to thoee who suffer from the axhaaating effect ofpulmonarydieeasrinnd chert affections generally In cnees of eathmii it quickly onto snort the paroxysm In chronic bronchitis or winter eongh it nsefnl the discharge of nans ia greatly assisted and the wheezing and diffcnlfr of breath-ing are greatly relieved by it In aente bronchitis it Is also kenefloial and while ft tends to cheek It f-n-n- MpMtnpmthB zeUeves the mbonone end mfllnult breathing ep general in these attack Aa a Cough Medicine tor paraon of all ages it la excellent From Rev WB Marten Wesleyan Minister a Chriotchorch 2nd August 187 Having suffered considerable annoynnoa dozing the post two years from hoarseness and affection of the throat which at times rendered publio speaking somewhat diffenlt and painftil 1 have mice my arrival in thiecixeiiit (in April last) bean indnoedto try your Lnng Preserver and I deem it only Inst to inform yon that I have ex-rianeedgrast benefit from its use being enabled preach now with a degree of aaae ana comfort to which I had been some time a stranger As yet I have used hot three bottles but shall certainly recommend it to all who snffer in a similar manner Yon an at liberty to make what nee yon please of tiiia oomnumicstMin" From Rev SAMUEL SELLARS Minister of United Methodist Free Church For the anka of anfEaring humanity I raoord the Unary cores which have been valuable 'Long Preserver: I in whom consumption had ao far progressed that his msdieal man ears aphis case as hopeless He however availed himsrif of your treatment and after taking few bottles of Long was so far recovered as to to resume hia business which he now regularly follows without winch inconvenience from pffa (ff wsAknMie'1 A Congh of many standing The rev writer of the tabove continues 11 An aged lady of my acquaintance was for many years troubled with a chronic congh ao severe that she an quiet alean After wending nearly all her sobstanee in meflrineehe was per-enaded to try your Preserver Ao which under God's hlrasing soon cured her From the Editor of the Independent "West street Leeds Martah 8th 1878 My famil ie rerticnlarly liable to affections Webavofoand Baxter's Lnmr Preserver a moat excellent remedy So highly do we eeteem it that we do not like to be without ft in the house For the first fifteen years not only my own family hat many frienda to whom I have recommended iti have food great benefit from it For bronchitis I know nothing eqnal to it "EDWARD F08TER" To he had of all chemists and statekswan in hotQe la 1 jd Si 9d 4s 6d and 11a sash Wholesale scents Baxter Chemist 81 Victoria street Christchnrch Messrs Hoymaa and Co Butebnry KIHsdom and Co and Kemotharne Promet and Co And may olao be of 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market We are hound to maintain this anperioritr and wo have as heretofore spared no expense to create with the aid of onr urn experience a eerie novelties for the Christmas season which we have no doubt will meet the expectations of the tnufr1 Wo have been atagtt-lar(r fortunate in procuring the assistance of ww mar of rvpieeentntive American talent in the preparation of designs and besides have secured the eo-operxikra of some of the moat eminent rnropom wtiiUe Our Bne ts now completed and onr agente are on the wml to mil on our patrons and friends An inspection of tha sample hooka will eonrinee them that in regard to originality and rarietjr of deaign oacellenrc awl richness in execution itfsr exceed onr last year's effort To give an idea of tha high artistic order of the line wo would say that it Designs by Miss Dora Wheeler Miss Roaina Emmet Miss Humphrey Miss I Comina EUhn Voddcr Walter Sotterlee A ABdOttel! Landscape Designs by Hamilton GQmon Thomas Moran Smith and others Animal Designs by Bensell and Harry BeenL Flower and Bird Designs by Miss Fidelia Bridges Mrs Whitnsr Jean Kobic of Brussels Oisoomelli of Farm awl others Tbs Literary matter in connection with onrd-aigno baa lwen carefully uttended among others by Mrs Celia Thaxtcr Mm Emily Shaw Forman and Joaquin Miller Our Regular Line of Christinas and New Year's Csrds will comprise plain cards fringe ends and double fringed cards vnrying in price from SO cents to Mdol per set of It Protectors are (tarnished with all fringed casds and also envelopes for nil series costing IDO per aet and more Besides onr recnlar line we would call special attention to the following NOVELTIES AND SPECIALTIES Lamp This is one iff the moot elaborate and elegant Christmas Gift Cants we have ever offered to the trade It ie a large folding card heavily fringed and provided with leatherette protector The front outside page is a design of peacock feathers on satin the left inside page contains a poem specially written' for thia itlt by Joaqoin Miller also on satin and aunmndad by a delicate border of oriental design: the right inside page presents Aladdin bearing his lamp after wfaiHiy by the eminent American artui EUhn Tedder and to complete the whale tha back is embellished with a most nniqne artistic design of liftnskin Calendar for At the solicitation of mas of onr business friends we have this year decided to briagoui a calendar and are happy to be able to that wo wall imao Cmlimdsr from John far MM Tliia consists of an artistic mount with Mock calendar hating suitable selections fawn John Baskin's works far each lady wellknown far her cnltimted taste and Judgment The mount has been designed by a ml known Boeton artist and coining bom her thought and tastefnl slrilLtha farm and ueconttion will he a fitting accompaniment to the words within This will a source of pleasure to aU who love and appreciate Raskin that they ana- have every mccnSSa jewel fawn the tr eaenre ofhis noble and A folding card with inside pages in colour stamped out in the shape of a sheaf of wheat Tied with silk cord and taste! The Christmas A surprisingly natural representation of an open book with floral designs by lbs Fisher and original poems by Joaquin Millsr CHRISTMAS ART 7RINT8 ON SATIN The groat success attending onr efforts in thia Una has induced us to bring oat a number of now awiea consisting of fiouura landscape and figure These are dtpafiy finished in aeverel styles in fringed tinted mats with cord and tassels on mount with silk fringe and cord in kook farm richly fringed and with leatherette pro-teeters and on rich plush mounts Prices vary from Idol Sbcente to gaols SOcents each We have made lama additions to onr birthday line comprising plain cords fringed and double fringed cards andart prints on satin Numerous aeries at popular prices have been added to our list of Scripture text cards New flower pieoes in mats fa Thanksgiving our line will also bo BOV Descriptive Pries lists of oar Christmas and NewYear Cards are now ready and will be sent on ppucnuvu PRANG CO Boston Buss UoSeAs New York: 38 Bond street Philadelphia: 1110 Walnut street Chicago: lli Monroe street 8sn Francisco 289 Commercial street TtaUBBOUGHES A WATTS 87 Market street Bk Manchester Bole Contractors to Her Saiesty's War Deportment and Admiralty Bil-lhodTkbtea from Urnhwea upwards Soiewenta for Best's Patent Registering BOlisnl and Pool Marking Board The Cement the best far tipping kOliard cnea Price Sd la 2s 3s Sole agenta for Fuller's Patent Cue Cramp the simplest ww wsi fof tippiw bUUud cuos Friosp 5s 6a Beats Settees and Xonnees of all prices and descriptions Steam Works Dean street Holism ntveet sad ut-bmoMd Buildings OflioM and Show 9 Soho Square Loudon and 87 Market street Manchester GRAND Discovery for the Unfortunate: 40000 cures have been effected by the follow- The Moroni Balm Us a bottle will actually cure debility loss of mental and physical parity inward decay nervousness low emrita and of the hands and limba hma eonanuptiva cough spitting blood internal teding Ac Pills No- 1 tare a speedy cure for recent cases of inL lumbago pains in the back rheumatism 3 are much famed far curing long- PiUs No lading cases of tha chore PiUs No 3 will acareh ont and purify the blood im contamination and effectually cure scurvey itches on the skin scrofula pains in the bones AU 4a 9d a box Bold by the Proprietor Kirkcnte Bomeden Vicar lane Harrison ridge street Leads Lund VVestgate Brsd-idfltadAststloiur Wakefield Thompson town VfooifardaiidCa Xlrkgsts (opporite laUcaseaof nervous debility akin disease Ac should be remembered that on visit to those jo are qualified and habituated to tha mraa- will be the bast means of avoiding future VIkd Co decidedly state and guarantee that no se within reach of medical skill shall leave them i til effectually and permanently cmrtdjCJom lints incident to females skufnuy treated adicinea sent to any part Private entranot first tor nn the passage to the right Xhak of testimonials and cures also one on gEfo fid and Itat Mg satic stockings knee eaps isane peas Ac 78187 AMERICAN INVENTIONS IMPROVED American Ice Making Meows for MsHng clear transparent lea with as everlasting framing crystal that will make fas or loee from any to day without entailing the destroc-tion of tbs crystal aa in all other freeriw machines now in nee The above machine is most rimpje for mU lee creams foe paddings Ae tbey kMg ready moulded far tbs table in six minutes with ice and salt Sizes and Prices of No 1 pint adth two moulds oomplete AS 10s No quart with two monlda complete A3 15a Pomplilet wl particulars of other sloes on application Inexhaus- aw 119 New Bond street The American Cabinet Meat JU batter fruit game poultry odourless whrie-eome iree fnnnUM cloee emeU of all other Befri-gerators Meat fish batten frutt Ac may ha ttogetharwtthoat one farnnanring the flavour of the other Hence mutton beef gnmw Ac can he pres or red until need jsnj finite sweet odourless and wholeseme Refrigerators nnAioe boxes from 27s fid ATMOSPHERIC CHURN COMPANY (Wolf and Co Proprietors) 119 Now Bond street London Country and Haywood Darby Wilaon and Co 80 King street Muehariwi Nelson and Sons 47 Briggate Leeds Finis and Col 18 Retifield atraet Glasgow Bennett Bros Victoria street Liverpool Leech Broa and Hoyle Old MiBgnte Hreehestari Mffler Prmoea atraet Edinburgh Walker and Emeley 48 and 44 Woodgate-street Newcastleon-TyM Sanderson York Waters and Woodhonas Scar-boro' Harrison Gray strset Nsweaatla-an-Tyne 177 No skilled labour is required in the application of thia stain TEPHSHS1 STAINS FOR WOODl far Dyeing Wood in imitation of Oak Mahogany Rosewood Satinwood Walnut and Ebony Economical sxtrameiy durable tha praaaaa cheap expeditious and without smell Have rw-oaived at Adakrida and Christchnrch thq only Grid Medals avarawardad far atains and ten othsr International Medals all highest awards PromectassB and specimens of atainad das fans Ay poatoeaaeBeationto atraet MAGISTERIAL CHRISTCHURCH Wxdnxssay Jan 23 (Before B- Beetham Esq BJf) Dbunxxnnxss Robert Jones was convicted of this offence and fined 10s or in default 48 hours' imprisonment Yaoxahct Charles Cooper was accused of being found by night without lawful excuse a house frequented by thieves and persons having no lawful visible means of support Inspector Fender said that the polioe had reason to believe that the accused was one of a gang who had committed aft assault and robbery upon a man in a house of ilLfame recently A remand waa requested in wder that further enquiries might be made Remanded to Saturday next to be brought up earlier if possible Civil Gases Judgment was given fra the plaintiff by default in the case Wilkin and Co Hogg elatm 488 4s 10d The ease of Davie White waa adjourned to Jan 30 LYTTELTON Wrannux Jan 23 (Before John OUivier Eaq BJI and JT Bouse Eaq) Rstosal or Durr Three seamen foreigners of the barque Ada Helmore were brought before the Court charged as deserters The captain stated that the men left hia vessel either on Saturday or Monday last and wen fonnd on the brig Neptune His vessel he expected would sail about the end of the month One of the men stated that the attempted desertion was caused by the ill-treatment of the captain on the voyage out The captain replied that this waa the first he had heard of such complaints Anderson one of the men said that the captain refused to allow him to go ashore to buy medicine for a bad leg from which he waa snffering The captain replied that the man had been laid up for the grantor part of the voyage The Bench decided to send the men to gad for 14 days Insultino Miner Dnn-can Mr Holder for complainant Captain Miner of the Sarah Hunt stated that on Jan 17 when complainant was standing in front of Messrs Gaxforth and premises defendant came up to him and used the language complained of John Gaxforth said that defendant on the day mentioned followed complainant into his shop and insulted him He (witness) told defendant he would not such language and took defendant towards the door Cross-examined by defendant Did not hear yon call the captain "A eon of Defendant made a rambling statement -against the captain Fined 40s and costs or in default of payment fourteen days' imprisonment-Sunday Tradino George Haxell licensee of the British Hotel was charged with selling liquor on Sunday Jan 6 Accused pleaded that the liquor was sold contrary to his instructions He was not on the hotel premises at the time Two travellers cftTT in from Christchurch these were served Shortly afterwards a drunken nun in demanded drink and created a disturbance wanting to fight To quiet him he was given a bottle of soda water Fined 80s and the conviction ordered to he endorsed on the license Atxnkftxd Abbon William Stuart M'Connell was charged with attempting to set fire to a dwelling the property of Mrs Ftott Isabella Ftott said lam wife of Robert Ftott ship's carpenter residing at Lyttelton He is now at sea He prisoner has rented the house in question from me for about twelve months Prisoner was in occupation of the house on Jan 15 The home is my personal property and ia situated on the Sumner road and la one of a row I own three cottages in the row they ore insured in the Liverpool London and Globe Insurance Company John Carroll fetter carrier residing in Lyttelton Was at prisoner's house on Sunday Jam 15 Saw Mrs M'Connell She asked me to get into the house and open the door which was locked I did so getting in at the front window I then noticed a strong smell of kerosene I met prisoner at the bottom of the road close to you his house I saidto prisoner" Whathave been up to He said I said Its no use saying that as you have nearly frightened the life out of your wife He replied "I will swing for her yet but not We then went into tiie house which was in darkness I lit a candle Prisoner sat down and took his boots off I asked him if he was going to bed He replied "No he was going down town ngaih He went into the Btyhen Prisoner said he had tried to burn the honso down He then threw tho lighted candle down on the mat It went out and I picked it up and put it on to the table I said he ought to be ashamed of himself to go on in that way He would not be quiet so at Mrs request I went for a constable On returning with Constable M'Cormock we met Mrs and went to the cottage Prisoner waa lying outsido in front of the honso on his face I roused him up and ho asked for a match I said I had not one He then said ho had matches of his own and tiiat lio would havo a illumination Ho then wont inside tho house and ahut the door I went to the house next door A minute afterwards the constable sang ont "tho houM is on I returned at once and we tried to open tho front door Wo could soo tho names through tho door Wo oould not got in at tiui front so we wont to tho back door and forced that open Tho coooanut matting was biasing up towards tho coiling Prisoner was sitting on a cliair looking on Tho constable and I then put the names out When it was nearly out prisoner stamped on it tho bottle produced It was taken out of tho cupboard by Mrs It appeared to bo empty and had apparently contained kerosono By tho prisoner: Prisoner was tho worse for liquor at the time Patrick polioo-cimsteble stationed at Lyttelton I wns odlod to place last 8undoy at half-post 9 I saw prisonor lying on his face in the right-of-way The house was in darkness Carroll roused prisoner up and ad-visdd hint to go inndo Pnwnw evidently the womo Star liquor He went inside and I left When I was about 100 yards from the house I looked round and saw a large flickering through the glass door I called to Carroli and we ran back to tha house The GOSPEL TEMPERANCE Sir William Fox is expected to visit Christchurch in about a month or six time when he will probably lecture on temperance questions and also lay a memorial stone at the new bnilding of the Young Christian Association The members of the Eangiora branch of the Blue Ribbon Gospel Temperance Mission held a meeting at the Good Templar Hall Rangiora on Tuesday to elect a permanent Committee to carry on the work of the Mission About 40 persons were present and after the meeting had been opened with prayer the Ven Archdeacon Dudley was voted to the chair The Rev A Dawson Secretary to the Preliminary Committee read a statement of the receipts and expenditure in connection with the public meetings held some time ago showing a debit balance of 11s lOd It was then resolved to elect a President two Vice-Presidents Secretary Treasurer and a Committee of twelve to govern the movements of the branch The following were then elected President the Ven Archdeacon Dudley Vice-Presidents the Rev Parkin and Mr Johnston Treasurer Mr Watson Secretary the Rev Hodgson Committee the Rev Smith Meters Keir Seed Allington Ayers Lewis Smith Sutcliffe Efford Smith Good and Foster Some discussion arose as to whether a Committee of ladies should also be appointed but it was agreed to leave the matter in abeyance until the next public meeting It was decided to hold a public meetingin the Institute Hall on Tuesday evening Feb 5 and tiie Secretary waa instructed to ask Mr 8 Mannering to preside and three other gentlemen (who were selected) to give addresses A few minor matters were then arranged and the meeting closed with prayer BOAJD BOARDS WEST EYRETOX A meeting was held on Jan 14 present Messrs Addinell (Chairman) Maindon-ald Sheat Smith and Waiting The outward correspondence waa read and approved The report was read and considered satisfactory Letter were read i From the Property-tax Commissioner enclosing snppJ ementary roll of Crown lands Cost Rood Board requesting this Board to have the embankment leading to the south side of the railway bridge at Bennett's removed The Cferk was directed to reply that the embankment cannot be removed until the Curt Road Board have made provision for the free 'flow of the water after fearing the North at the new railway bridge also through fence and that this Board think it unadvisable to take any stops in the matter until there has been an opportunity of consulting the ratepayers as a body A ballot was taken to decide who should be the retiring members at the next election Messrs Maindonald and Waiting balloted out Mr Andrew Frizzell asked for an extension of time to oomplete his contract for shingling until after harvest Granted Resolved That the next monthly meeting of the Board be held on Monday March Tenders fra ford on rood: Smith 410 John Smith 47 5s Accepted Mr Latto requested the Board to have the ford on School road lately constructed by A Frizzell completed Mr Androw Frizscll complained thnt the fords lately constructed by him were oomjjleted as near the terms of the specification as those previously constructed oy Smith nnd passed by the Surveyor Tho Surveyor at once requested the Board to investigate Mr Frizzell's complaint Mr Smith proposed oud Sheat seconded Thnt this meeting adjourn until 10 am on Monday next nnd that tho members meet on the Tram rood to investigate Mr Frizzell's Carried An adjourned meeting wa held on Monday on the Tram rood all the members The fords constructed by Mr wero tested in several places in each ford and considered to be constructed in accordance with the specifications and afterwards those constructed by Mr Frizzell tested in the some way and were considered to be done in a slovenly manner It waa then agreed that Mr Frizzel should bo called upon to complete his contract before Jan 80 next in accordance with the specification or the oontract to be cancelled and that in future the Board would bear in mind when accepting tenders the way in which these- works had been carried out Lord Charles Bererford addressing a large meeting of Conservatives- at- Tenby recently raid one man had objected to him as a candidate because he-had- a head like boiled Ttai might be true but thnt would not preitmit liim saying 1 what he thought drawn He quoted Taylor "On Questions of sections 700 701 708 and 724 His Honor held that the former statement of defence was not admissible Defendants here admitted that the amount claimed had not been paid to plaintiffs This dosed the ease fox tha plaintiffs Mr Joynt submitted that the plaintiffs sbpnld be non-suited The trustees of Deaborough were made parties to the action in order to give the trustees a flatus there must be evidence that debts had been proved in the bankruptcy Tfia Honor understood that the appointment of the trustees had been admitted Mr Harper had admitted (hat everything had been rightly done but bad not admitted the status After a short discussion Mr Joynt withdrew hia objection Hia Honor had made a note of the admission of tho status Mr Harper opened fra the defence and called the following witnesses George Gatonby Stead: Had arranged verbally and by correspondence with Mr Desbatough fra shipping wheat to the extent of 20000 buahels to England Afterwards increased the quantity Mr Deshorough intimated to mo that he had joined Mr Crerar and that he would have less trouble in carrying on the business That was after April 3 and before April 9 I gathered that he would be easier in money matters I wrote on April 0 (Letter read offering to continue taking wheat after old arrangement completed and to make more favourable forma) There were continuous deliveries of wheat up to that time About 80000 bushels hod been delivered' to Desborough I had received no communication foam tho firm to the effect that thr would nob continue sending wheat sent a telegram on April ll (Telegram read recommending the loading of the Firth of Lome on joint account) I received an answer on too same day- (Telegram read stating that all wheat sent iu the firm's account would bo sent to the Firth of Lome and that tho Ann would try to send 46000 bushels if possiblo) The Firth of Lome would toko no mow than 46000 bushels At that time! Mr Desborough was aware that nearly 20J)00 buahels of tho wheat forwarded by him boforo Mr Crerar joined him was on board the Firth of Lome I wanted the balance of the cargo suppliod I 011 April 19 (Lettor rood stating that the bulk of the firm's wheat was on board and offering to lend 1000 saoks to joint aooount) I received a statement (abatement read showing that 81)00 odd bushels had been dent down on Desborough account ud a quantity mi aooount of the flnm) I had had more than one interview with Mr Deaborough about loading tho Firth of Lome I never Mr Crerar I wished to know from Drabragh if they had resolved to load 1m fully He said thev would 10m to do so if they oonld get sufficient wheat in time but as the weather was very broken he was into my diary at tho time I was so staggered at what ho said Mr Cooke walked out of tho office and Mr Desborough followed him That was tho lost time! spoke to him Until the meeting of creditors I understood that tho accounts had been ahown to Mr Crorar On July 16 I received a letter from Mosers Gnrriok and Cowlishaw (letter road drawing attention to mistakes in accounts which it had only that day been shown to Mr Crorar Ac) Desborough never saidtiio accounts wore wrong until June 87 whon ho said that tho 4600 advance was to him Holmoro clerk in thl Grain Agonoy: Was in thoir empfoy in June Tha Dcstoee book was initialled by him fra tho fottoraho posted On Jvmo 20 ported a fetter to Dosborocgh and Crorar Tho postago was 6d It was addrassod to South- Mr" Holmes objected that other fottors might havo boeu sent Witness i Had posted no other fetter to Desborough and Crerar that day-Herbert Diggfe okj the Grain Agency i Had enclosed tho aooounta pro-SSced with tho fetter to Desborough and Crorar Sonthbridgo Had placed thorn in tho same envelope and addressed it Entered tho letter in the poetage book Crow-examined Was quite sura ha put the totter with the accounts Read" the fetter end euefeeed the aooounta A was BOaUpoerible that ha ootid make a tnat each trip far CHB19TCHURCH AkD OXFQftD.

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