The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 9, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1895
Page 2
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»' 6h&rl8s . %hl6h' fasjleftfttiwit lisS <te,-hil h8ta^ abdtft He was i& feteniflg 1 tlfess and , lt« «wi&is can be assigned for his disappearance, excepting &'sadden aberration of miadi He liad Wen eftttiplkking io* ,& few days ef feeling Aifiwell, .He has beea a, clerk • at SeHmnim's dry gaoda stei'ef dry eats. He had not drawn his salary iae the last month, 'Me wad a, great favorite and Was a young nmn of good habits. Hi& brother is scouring the city for a •• «lew. Many of his friends are joining ^ r ifl the search. f SHOT BY MIS MISTRESS. tt sfeegifaftkef arid I ttifcf/aeigf , wlS *ftfc ifldwB kfiM An Ottumwa Man May Dlo—Ttvo Women 1U Jail. i OttuMwA, October B.—B. E« Hesen, A well known painter, is lying at the . hdspital with his skull fractured by a pistol ball. Lulu B. Zee, a stylish dress maker, and her comely neice, MyrtleiSparling, aged 10, are in jail, charged with the shooting. Miss' Zee came to the police station early this /tnorning, reporting that Hesen was in her apartments, acting strangely. The police found him in bed with the clothing smeared with blood. Later, Hesen rallied and charged that Miss Zee, who •was his mistress and whom he intended to marry soon, had done the deed , through jealosy. He is in a critical condition. , GRUESOME SIGHT. Prominent Farmer Hanging to a Bridge Near Bedfleld. REUFIKI/D, October 5.-Brank Beasley, a highly respected and apparently well-to-do farmer near Redfleld, hanged himself to the Mosquito wagon bridge, one mile west of town. The cause is unknown. He was 40 years old and leaves a wife and six children. He placed his knife and hat on the stringer and stepped on to a brace and swung off the bridge out of reach. Later, a man was crossing the bridge when he saw what seemed to be a piece of new rope lying on the bridge. He got out to get it, when the awful discovery was made that a man was suspended at the other end. ,' STRAT.HBERRY DISAPPEARS. Humored That the Animal TVas Sold for 875,000, ' OSKALOOSA, October 4.—Strathberry did not make his appearance for his second exhibition. His driver is the •only thing ot the outfit left in the city, and he, with hundreds of other people, is wondering what has become of the horse. He disappeared, forfeiting the $200 which he was to receive for his exhibition. It is reported that Scott was offered $75,000 cash for his horse by a resident of Mahaska county 'and and it is thought the deal was closed and the horse was delivered. RED OAK'S POSTMASTER JAILED. Charged With Drawing Clerk Hire In Excess of That Paid. ' RED OAK, October 4. — Our city is somewhat excited over the sudden arrest of Postmaster R, B. Hill, •w.ho, •was taken to Council Bluffs by Deputy United States Marshal flelwig. The air is full of rumors of the causes leading'to this action, but the charges seem to be the drawing of clerk hire in excess of the amount actually paid to his assistants,' and selling stamps' in quantity to South Omaha packing houses, thereby increasing the business of the office and his own salary in the ' process. , VICIOUS ASSAULT PY TRAMPS, Compelled Women to Strip and Dance " . - Naked. DVJHTQWE, October "O.— An infamous . 9utr»ge was perpetrated in the suburbs 'pf this city, A party of picnickers •was assaulted by several tramps. The wpme» took refuge in Mrs, Olesen's 'Jjpuse, where they were followed by the tramps, vrho cpmpelled the women 1 to strip oft their clothing and dance W| feed; the tramps firing at their feet. pf the p*vrf>y had gone up the police. Two of fche been arrested iind a, is being made for the 8HPT'P6AP. to $6. 6& was ptsiitig & Kacek was walking near the find Englnee* 'Wilt Dofttk. felted hiffi. The mftfl Bfidgtitly b«eahie and stepped directly , ifl ffoflt df the cah M« Was aMg^ed'&boat 100 leet, and -. was badly mangled, both le^s, btt^ ai-m and his chest being crushed. Kueek Was 42 yeafs old ftnd lifeaf es a wife and one (Shiid, 3 weeks old,- Se was a hard drihkef ttnd it Is supposed he was intoxicated, as & bottle of whisky was found on his pgittdtt. _ ,, HAb TOO MUCH WORrtY, , stinger in to WJH*, ' Qffloep .was caught with f i'edeflok tentjtenjfof, of Cottncll Comtnttk Suicide. CoTNOlL Bt-UfFB,, Octobef 7i— FredeJ-" ick Leiitzengef, one of the oldest resi* dents of Council, was found dead in bed, h&ving committed suicide by taking a dose of carbolic acid. The suicide was caused by worry over two breach of promise damage suits that were pending in the courts. Miss Clara Uhlenholst, of St. Louis, asked $35,000 and Mpllie Graham, of Council Bluffs, asked $26,000. Leutzenger was a wealthy retireid banker who became complicated with the Graham woman some months ago. . A few days ago she sent him word that she would kill him unless he settled with her. SUICIDE OR MURDER. Body Found nangrlng; tinder Susplclotig Clrcumstiincos. DBS MOINKS, October 7.—The body of Peter Hendricksen, of Slater, was found hanging to the "K. D." bridge over the Des Moines river by early passers. The manner in which the body was hanging, and its general appearance indicate that Hendricksen was killed before his body was hanged to the bridge to give it the appearance of suicide. Deceased was a bachelor and not known to have-any relatives in America. ; CONDENSED ITEMS. fie Miners numbering 55,500, in the Centerville district, have demanded the' $1.00 scale. Judge Husted, of the Dubuque court, instructed the grand jury to indict the gambling house keeper* The newspapers applauded. Later all the local newspaper men were called before the jury, but none, of them could'give any information. ]•: '-/-•'•/• '«:•'*' .: •'.;•••• At Dubuque recently Dr. Emma P. Pinney, whom the, coroner's jury held responsible for the death of Mrs. Emily Johnson, was given a hearing before Judge Fink. She waived examination and was placed under $3,500 bonds to appear at the next term of court. The required bail was secured, and the woman was released. An effort was made to rob the county treasury of Hancock county, at Garner. About midnight, robbers entered the court house, broke out a window, and, proceeding to the vault, blew the large door off with dynamite. They then attempted to so through the smaller safe. It was burglar proof, and the robbers worked faithfully until dawn, when they h'ad to. give St up,' There' is some clue. : • • > At Oskaloosa last; week over 4,000 people saw Strathberry beat the world's pacing record on a half mile track. Strathberry went to beat his former record of 2:08 % andlowered the world's rec ord one-Jialf of a second, making the mile easy in 3:07%. When the horse started he was paced by a runner. The latter was too slow, however, and was soon left far behind. The pacer went to the quarter in :3l, half in 1:03J<, three-quarters in 1:34 and finished in 8:07% Clinton physicians have been summoned to Sabula, where, it was reported eighty people are stricken with typhoid fever. They report that the disease is not typhoid fever, but that the serious sickness was caused by eating pressed chicken, The other day'a large wedding was held in that neighborhood^ and nearly eighty of the guests gat down to supper, at which pressed iphicken was served, and shortly afterward every one was stricken. Nearly all of them suffer great pain, and require constant attention. No fatalities have as yet resulted, John Briggs, who killed Michael Holleran at Des Moines recently, by striking him over the head with a board jn which a screw had been driven, and who was indicted by the grand jury on a charge of murder in the first degree, came into court and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, His J^e w^s ready to waive of time for the passing of sentence a.pd, desired to know at once wfeat his punishment would be. The cpurt accordingly sentence^ jiijn to, sis years. J» the penitentiary at hard $he term being two years Jess, f-lr-e-fy Hiftytt bf ttfwft and tillage thfbtrgh- owtihe UMited States, will b;e advised and feqBestdd bf th<* executive 1 mittee 1 of the Ciibftii sympathetic meeting, held in Chicago reeehtly, to cotife* with the most prominent and public Spirited citizens withitt tfaeli* i-e* 6p6dtive mlitficifalitiea td arfang® fofa national hiass meeting the night of Thufsday^ Oct. Slj fof the piifposri df awakenifsg a kindly feeling toward the etiffefing 1 aad patriotic- Cubans whb ate struggling 1 iof liberty. The eommittee will ,also call upon every prominent oi*gani^ati6n in the country foi? the co** operation of its branches in every section. Chiifches of every denomination and all fraternal and benevolent societies will also be called upon for assistance in making the mass meetings on October 31st a great wave of public opinion and sympathy for the Cuban cause from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from British Columbia to Mexico. '' FOUL FIEND KILLED. A Mob of 860 Men Lynch B tfegto Near Chattanooga, CHATTANOOGA, October 0.—Miss Maggie Henderson, daughter of Col. W, A. Henderson, a prosperous farmer residing near Carpenter's Station, on the Nashville & Chattanooga railroad, who was visiting her uncle at Coal City, Oa., was foully outraged, after being beaten into insensibility, by Noel Smith, a negro convict at the Coal City stockade. Miss Henderson had gone out for a walk near the residence of her friends and was overtaken by the fiend, who had been allowed by the guards to go 'about as a trusty. Her throat was horribly lacerated, her skull crushed and her body found lying in a pool of blood that flowed from the wounds made by her brutal assailant. / Two hundred and fifty armed men demanded the convict of the guards. He was drag-god with a rope about his neck to the scene of the crime. He confessed the horrible deed, and the lynchers riddled his body with bullets. ', V 'V»>-,,, CONTEST ON MANHATTAN FIELD. Englishmen Compelled to Yield to American Superiority. NEW YORK, October 7.—Once more the Englishmen had to yield to the better^brawn and muscle of Americans at Manhattan field. Two weeks ago the representatives of the London Athletic Club were whitewashed by the New York Athletic club in a pro- gramme which consisted of eleven events. Some of the men who contested in that Waterloo were in the contest between the Yale and Cambridge college teams. The experts expected that the Cambridge college men would win at least five of the eleven events, but it was generally conceded that the Yalenians had the better end in the international struggle. The Cambridge men were only successful in winning the quarter, half and mile races. _ MARRIED HIS VICTIM. , Biace fifjtfaio Biil shoWM faefe a tndfitli aphalllhfe jtifgaftls I» to^n'iia^ toned' (savages. In afi alley off fhifd sti*get fife cowi)an?oHs eapiWed the S" yfeaf-old S8n 6f A«drgW VafidifiS and tied him to a stftko. 'they fifed t&y pistols at him and flflally piled Shavifig-s abtfut his feet and started the fife" ifi ttne Indian style. -" Neifhbo« fesdiiftd the boy, but aot until his clothes had taken fire and he was badly CUBA. Father Wagner Does What Reparation la Possible to Maud Stoldol. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., October 7,—Justice of the Peace Fitten said the words that bound Dominick Wagner, the Catholic priest, and Maud Steidel together tor life. Mrs. Steidel, mother of the girl, consented reluctantly to the match. She was prostrated after .the-ex-priest, and her daughter were married. She may not allow the girl to live with Wagner. All the property belonging to Wagner has been turned over to Alex, Podevant, to be held fpr the girl. The grand jury has not returned an indictment against Wagner, but it is expected that he will be indicted. ITALY'S PROTEST BEARS FRUIT. October 3.—Another ish warship hds been lost. The crulsef Cristobal Colon, wicked Hear Caps Atttonid, is believed td be a tdtal Ibss. Brazil to Grant Redress for Outrages In the Rebellion. ' BUENOS AYKES, October 4. -—Presidept Moraes received the Italian minister, Sjgnor Martino, and offered assurances that immediate attention will be given to Italy's demand for redress for outi rages alleged to have been perpetrated upon subjects of that country during the rebellion, It is known in political circles that the Brazilian government' has received a not/3 from - the quirinal exceedingly energetic in tope, and this, it is. said, caused the audience to be accorded to the Italian, minister, UTAH ABOUT TO ENT5R UNION- | totts. She fdfmed a part of the -Spatt» ish fleet patrolling the Cuban cdast, CottiitHlA, S. C., Octobef 4,— The constitutional convention passed a resolution calling on the federal government to recognize the Cubans as belligerents as soon as international law will permit. Cholera In itussla; ST. PETERSBURG, October 4.—The cholera reports received from the province of Vorhynia for a fortnight of September are sensational. It appears that during that period there were 7,827 new cases of that disease, and 3,085 deaths* In the province of Hodolia, during that time, 61 new cases were reported and 19 deaths. May Shave oil Sunday. CHICAGO, Octobor 0.—Every barber shop in Chicago, whose proprietor so desires, can be open on Sunday and no prosecutions will follow. This was the information sent out .by the Barbers' Sunday Closing Association, which has been forced to admit that the Sunday closing law passed by the last legislature is a dead letter. Respite For the Taylori. CARROI-LTON, Mo., October 5.— Judge Ricker granted a stay of execution in the case of the Taylor brothers, undeY sentence to bo hanged for the murder of the Meeks family, pending an appeal to the supremo court, • • -'t, ... . BRIEF ITEMS. r, Otittftef eoifi^M'-fcy las ai-aioutf that ihe east, thai bfee-aitffMriftc'gttf estttifcefit&l carriage, tiAi' toAofefr t» fiftiefa yMrs. TfiB sitftathffl at Cdnstafatifiople is threatening itt* the extfeftse< , The massacres bfAttfletolftnS ifl tfie streets of the 6iiy» ifc'eif %wafagfeitfj?e>tn-'diigh armed, in the tstiifeheij the brutal kill* ing tif eome°y &eih afte> arrest, and aboVe all the fevef of religious hatred that is sweeping d?ef the Moharriedan population, forebode events which at any moment may precipitate acastis belli and involve Russia, England and possibly 1 all Etirope in ft Woody eon* Sick The news ffdfli the porte is awaited here with impatience, and in^ ternal affairs are quite forgotten in the discussion of the all-absorbing theme of the Armenian question and the possibilities of an eastern war, CONSTANTiNorLE, October 5.—After a Conference of the ambassadors energetic representations were made to the Turkish foreign minister complaining of the excesses committed by the Musselmen populace on the prisoners and wounded on Monday and Tuesday) many of whom were dispatched with bludgeons, while others were cruelly maltreated. The representatives of the powers begged the foreign minister to take measures to prevent the foreign residents of Constantinople from suffering and to restore order. It is said the Armenian and other churches are still crowded with refugees. Nearly 500 are in the Patriarchate church alone, and the authorities threaten to storm the building unless they surrender. MAY GO INTO MEXICO. •i^Wj iW^iiiS.jJ it: I4ist Report of JJer Territorial Governor If as JBeeu Filed, WASBJNQTQN, October 4.—Governor Caleb West, of Utah, has submitted his last annual report to the secretary gf the interior. Jiefpre Another report can be made, the territory wjH becpine a state. • Tije population is, according to the census pf 1995, 847,334; property valuation, §97,9,48,15}. The monthly treasury statement of receipts and expenditures shows a surplus for the month of September of nearly $3,000,000. In round figures the receipts were 827,500,000 and expenditures $24,000,000. As compared with last September the receipts were nearly $5,000,000 greater and expenditures $4,500,000 less. De Lome, Spanish minister to the United States, telegraphed home .that the United States government, at the request of the secretary of state, and in 'accordance-with"th'e demands of justice, has decreed that all arms and munitions intended for the Cuban rebels shall be seized, by the American authorities and not returned to 'their owners. ; Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians, on the reservation near Oklahoma have become ugly, .and are holding war dances and disregarding tho agent's orders to keep on the reservation. Kunners from Anadarko are in communication with them and it is said the Kiowas are ready for the war path, The cattle men in western Oklahoma are thought to be partly the cause of the trouble, as well as dissatisfaction with the agent, ,-who is very strict. •.'•',..'• • : The constitutional convention of the state of South Carolina has decided that there shall never be a divorce granted in South Carolina for any cause. Senator. Tillman did his best to have the divorces 'of other states recognized in this state, but his appeals were heard with a deaf ear and he was voted down, ' The bible was quoted from very freely during the debate. The parliamentary clincher was put on after the matter was adopted. At Philadelphia last week the United States cruiser Brooklyn was successfully launched at Cramp's ship yard, At tha recent gathering of the fleets of the world at Keil -the New York attracted the most attention among" the naval experts and was admitted to be the finest vessel of her class afloat, and, consequently, as the Brooklyn is superior to the New York, the claim that she is the finest war, vessel in the world is founded on the opinion oC naval critics- The chairman of the yacht committee makes the following eta, torn, opt: ' 'Within tho last few flays.' Lwd Dunraven asked me what would tie the'chance of having it accepted if he should present another challenge for the America's cup. I answered it was my belief that such challenge considered, but the race could not be sailed until after the race between. the American yacht and. that of.O-P.,B.o5e, Ia,lso expressed a hope that such challenge would be presenters then we> could twp ."<?* to the to, pyegep^y pfltjtjojj LABEDO, Texas, October 3.—It appears that the Florida Athletic Club has doubts as to its ability to pull off the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight in Dallas and has secured by telegraph an option on the amphitheatre and arena used for bull fighting in Neuvo Laredo Mexico. This would seem to indicate that the •' fight would be pulled off there. The option is for one month, but further particulars could not be obtained. *!? ' '<3» * AHDMOEE, I. T., October 4.—Active effects are being made to have the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight take place here. The best legal talent in the city concur in the opinion that there is no legal impediment in the way, as the Arkansas statutes, which are in vogue, make prize fighting a misdemeanor 01 assault and battery, made punishable by only $200 fine. The Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe railroad has offered to transfer the lumber for the large am- phitheatre from Dallas to Ardmore free of charge. ABDMOBE, I. T., October?.—The Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight is coming to Indian territory, of which there is not any doubt. Dan Stuart has stated as much. At what point the mill will take place is not yet fully decided. VENEZUELAN BOUNDARY. v/lllUAKrv) v\.www«. -• -- - nalfbff»f tfes reeelre* af the Fr'st iioltal Sink !a Peila,;loW&j, 5S i*" _.i t as' it is described he^ IBS tors'6f thg p«si ' institution sland some show bf _ a fair return oil thfeif- investments the bank iti the shatjis ttMeposlts, hasbfeerikftdivn gefid#aliyi *•"" of the dgppsitdfs w.ent fr*om hands through^a fies Moiises 't house into the hands bf Chicago ---,„ mission men t where it was lost without- niuch question after a perfectly legittr' mate manner so far as the bbard'ol trade.methods go. The result, Ilttw* evef, w'as the same,, and Mft CassattV; trusting depositors had their moft§y\ ? stolen and squandered oh fJctititJU^, grain in Chicago. The intention of , Receiver R. R. Beard is to action against the commissS&fl mfifi , with whom Cassatt dealt, to recover the amount of his losittga They Were in the neighborhood of $78,000. The first suit will be for 040,000. If it is won, ' ' the others will come as a matter of „• course. Mr, Beard is reported to have received assurance from members of the board of trade, as well as from men high in the legal profession, that he can count on recovering a portion off the money 6f loWa's poor people lost by Cassatt. Of course, the suit involves' much more than the recovery of these funds, In principle it will probably establish a precedent from which other suits by the creditors of other ruined men all over the country, ruined through the board of trade speculators and their agents and accessories in Chicago, can recover their money. REPORTS ARE CONFIRMED, Minister Terrell's Dispatch Regarding-' Turkloh Klots. WASHINGTON, October 4.—Secretary Olney has received the following dispatch from Minister Terrell: "Several ' hundred Armenians marched on the t porte, professedly to ask redress for, grievances. The patriarch tried to prevent it. A conflict occurred between the Armenians and police. Probably about sixty Turks and Armenians were killed, among others a Turkish major, and many were wounded. The Armenians carried pistols. Next day several more were killed, and during the night there were eighty killed. Several hundred have been arrested. The porte had notice of the demonstration, which it said was organized by the leaders of the Hunchagist revolutionists, whom they have captured. Much terror exists. I think the porte will be able to restrain fanaticism." \ \ S-.*' UNCLE SAM TALKS. An International Question Abont to Come to an Issue. WASHINGTON, October 0.—The great international question of the hour is the Venezuelan land boundary dispute. Secretary Olney. has prepared' a dispatch to Ambassador Bayard which .will soon bring the 1 matter to an issue. This dispatch is of a most positive and unequivocal nature. As soon as it shall be placed before the British government it will raise an issue which can be settled only by the retreat by one or the other government. The stand taken,by the United States in this dispatch is pne which involves the oldest and, most ,sacred tradition of this- government—the enforcement of the Monroe doctrine, Secretary Olney's dispatch is in substance a declaration in the most positive language that the United States will never consent to British occupation of the disputed territory in Venezuela, unless that nation's right there is first determined'by arbitration. A World's Champion lilUcd. SAUI,T STB. MAHIE, Mich,, October 6— The world's champion shot putter," John McPherson, fell from .one of the lower gates at the new lock to the lock flopr, a distance of forty-six feet 'and was fatally injured, Cheap .Excursion South, • The Farin, Field cmfl Eiresafd,, Chicago, js doing a most excellent' work in helping those who want to batter thejr condition to secure homos in ft more C9ngeuial climate, or where,tho opportunities for getting a start in lite, a; e better. Its colony pjfvu Is very popular, awti enables home-seekers to secure u, chunk o£ excellent Innd at almost half the usual price. For its Oct. 15 excursion ¥Q ttjroou Coye Springs, Fioricte, the lowest rwtos ever givofl to that state bays' been secured. 4 splouqid train \yill &e run ft-oro Chicago with special oars from Oma- ba, Kansas Uity, Bt. ff aul and Cleveland, and a steamer froaj J?ew York. The tvftin wjll be couipoeed.'mainly of sleeping oars, vhich will Co used for hp<Js throughout th.e trip. Fifty -six thousand, acres pi the best laud in/ tlie st&t« ha? been scoured, the greater payfo^ which will be sold at $o,OQ an acre.. Any of ouv-veaders-wha-Avant to join this excursion abound write the farm, Fiel4 ftityi Fire$i4e a£ ppce. They <wi}| ' Tolls John Bull Ho Will Enforce tho Monroe Doctrine, ' LONDON, October 4.—The Westminster Gazette in an article under the caption, "Turn about is fair play," says: "The other day Lord Salisbury sent an ultimatum to China, and now, according to dispatches received from Washington, Ambassador Bayard has been instructed to notify Great Britain that unless the Venezuelan question is submitted to arbitration within ninety days the United States government will enforce the Monroe doctrine. It is to be hoped that if the settlement of the question can be hurried up Lord Salisbury will do, it, but surely Presi dent-Cleveland cannot wish to rush us out of just claims." MILES AND RUGER. The Orders for Their Promotions Signed WASHINGTON, October 3.—Ths order appointing Gen. N, A, Miles to com' mand the army has been signed. The same order assigns General Ruger to the command of the department of the east. < IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT." ft' lew nights pe£§|uj 8^§jn,pt ,s?m wads to blow ppen toft ,£* ttip P"»Jt?4 SHte.8 VUWttur W PT! fa^B-J?-?, f ^PIPf T '»« f !-' ,P <"!'!, "«, DES MOINES, September 30,—Mrs. K, E. S, Cokenower, of Des Moines, has been granted copyrights for three works of art (paintings) to-wit: Elf of Mowers, Queen of Flowers and Fairy of Flowers. James Garett, of Boono, Iowa, has been allowed a patent for'his, trade-mark consisting o'f' the, .word'symbol ".Hogg'Upgg,", used for a medicine for the prevention and,' cure of hog cholera. B. W. Howeil, of Indianola, has been allowed a patent for means' adapted to facilitate con-' neoting thills to a vehicle as required for hitching a horse thereto, and, alsp adapted for instantly disconnecting th$ thills as required to free a» horse ,frpn\ a vehicle to preyent the danger's, an4 accidents incident to runaways,. ft &, FJsher, pf Des.Mpines, has been allowed.,, a patent for a'Chegk or card t'ecg adapted to be fixed in a rajlvmy •_ . register the passengers seat and destina* tion, and to'retain<a record of -aU^tfia passengers, that paid and, pQcupied, .sea. t$ • > during each ti'ip J oS a passenger eaj» ? , from one end of the conduptor'B rowt§ < to tjje other, Seven U, S, patents war^r issued,' to JJowa inventors last weej^, ' Valuable information, about obtaining, yaluing ^nd Beijing patents sent fvt$', 3. ' Printed'cionies 9! the' Specifications of a,ny " *i UPQnreoeiptof3.§r-- ^n >Jtr T TJ Llr T*»-r f\-nt '•$ to any drawings S,

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