The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 9, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1895
Page 1
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'-v--' •-*• - • > u,' f *:-V^^l^gfir/ T," £'*<-; ,v" , -.-' ./'•"'.-',. ' " ,_•'•*, . -<" - - ' ~\ \%5i ! *{':-'•-:'""' r? !<*•" 1 c c ^ ' *" u c-" 1 - BOTABMSflM) , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER &, 1S08, VOf/, . rresk rrmt> Confectionery, and- Grocer ies. "The freshest and best of everything to eat at the- Take Notice, We call your special attention to our. '. Big Drive in Ladies' and Children's Underwear. 25 Cents. G. L. Galbraith & Co, APPLES. Second car of apples arrived and third on the way.^«^ If is the Time to Buy by the Barrel, Don't Forget that I am Headquarters For apples this fall by the car or barrel or any way. James Patterson, Cowle's Block, ? How is It Done? By the Coupon System We give each customer making a cash purchase at our store a f coupon to the value of TEN PER CENT, of the amount of their cash purchase, These coupons are redeemable _at o,ur stpre in Silverware, which we mark down in price TWENTY TO THIRTY PER CENT, less than its ordinary retail valve. By this means our customers secure an average -discount on their general purchases of from 20 to 30 per cent. at the same, time secure an elegant and useful household NAME WAS A MISNOMER, The "Leader," Which Flourished at the Tall End ih Algoim, Has Trouble in Fort fiodge. A year or two ago a firm catae frotn tort Dodge and opened what was" called the Leader store in the Cowles block. It did not in fact lead in any* hing except to get a place at the rear of the procession, and in due season quietly left the city. Apparently it ms held about the same place at the Tort as it did hero as the following announcement in tlie Messenger would ndicatei The Loader establishment is hot doing business today. On the door s notice to the public that the stock is n the hands of S. Levingston for the mortgage. A mortgage for $0,000 to Arenberg was filed yesterday. ?hig is S. L. Arenberg's father, who ives in Des Moines. Joseph Hyman, ffho has signed notes with S. L. Aren- lavg amounting to about $4,000 at once evied an attachment on the stock and jegan proceedings to set the mortgage iside, alleging fraud, There is a little >ther indebtedness in Fort Dodee, trobably not over $160, but there are ireditors among the wholesale houses iast of here. The store is well stocked, , good lino of fall goods having just xrrived. Mr. Arenberg claims that he collapse was unexpected by him. ?he public was generally surprised as 10 was considered sound and safe. 3*' We guarantee this silverware to be full plated and equal to anything In the eti Call ftt <w Store and gee these beautiful gooods, Tow truly, J, B, & 0, J, DUTTQN, E, a BQWYER, Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, Hancock County Sate felawn Opett^Thft Methodists fit Webstef Clty^- Nofthwest News. any- The into Treasurer's Safe Blown ITy. An attempt was made a week ago to )low open the county treasurer's safe fct Concord. They did not get hing but did a lot of damage. Signal says: The burglars broUo 'ederson's blacksmith shop in Garner ibtained drills and other tools necessary or the job and proceeded to the court house at Concord. Arriving there hey burst open the office door and jegan operations on the safe by drill- ng holes through the outer doors and nserting powder and a fuse. The hieves were evidently not professionals ,s they put in too large a charge of jowder which after igniting blew the ront of the safe across the office, burst ut the sash, wrecking the furniture ind giving the office the general ippearance of having passed through a iyclone. Within the safo was a steel ihest with combination lock, which lontained the receipts of the day, some wo hundred and eight dollars and ome small change, this the burglars ailed to obtain, although they made ome efforts to get into it. By this ime either being frightened at the noise made or it coming near morning hey probably fearing detection left the n-emises without securing any booty, Algoim District Methodists At Webster City last week the pro- iding elders reported for their dis- ricts. Rev. W. A. Black of the Algona district reported more than 1,000 conversions in his district, with pecially striking revivals at Garner, Britt, Swaledale, Ben wick, LuVerne, Woolstock, Belmond and Livermore, while the great Williams meeting at ~agle Grove added about 250 to the Methodist church not to mention scores who joined other churches. There is an Epworth league membership of 2,000 in this district and over 2,000 lifferent meetings by the young people lave been held this year. The church mpers have a large circulation in this listrlct. Old debts were paid at Armstrong and Buffalo Center, Improvements have been made making prac- ically new churches at Belmond and /{ear Lake and Eagle Grove, Other churches have been improved. New churches have been built at Cylinder, Palo Alto county, Troy, in the Woolstock charge (the finest country church n the state,) Burdette and Goodell. Bun a Huce with the Northwestern. Ledyard Leader; Supervisor Burton wanted to go to Algona Tuesday morning. He brushed about town a little too late and the morning freight slid out and left him. Business of importance made it necessary for him to reach the hub so he hired Sam Portz to take bis grey team and catch the train., The iron horse bad spme minutes the start, but Sam was soon in pursuit, The chase was exciting, The steam concern hud the most direct road but Swi's team was freshest, At Bancroft Sam overtook them f landed Billy in Pullman upholstry to his ears, Sam's greys we flyers, TJie New A political equality banquet was presided over by Miss Safford fit City last week, The Journal saye; "Although she had been III and was n'dl^ able to attend, her efforts tpasj mistress were graceful, amusing and highly appreciated. She • bftd a few pleasant words for the introduction pf enoh speaker, and kept things rap^ly moylng." The banguefrwas in bpRpv of the "new woman." _ and among the speakers wa a Judge Q| Sheldon, Bar For SaUey'i itery about biftpjag rahaw pley aj' gaaorpft while he was at Brm bae sailed out various meat, The Q&rfler Signal,gap the battle and immediately went off and rot admitted to the field hospital. If ie didn't look so young and act so fiddy at times we could almost imagine .hat he had been ih the army before, his ear is so acute. That Big Ellsworth Hohie, The Estherville Vindicator says , S. Ellsworth's $8,000 fttrffi hbuse near Armstrong is about finished. It s said to be very unique in ftrcht* iectural design^ the lower story being )Uilt entirely bf stone and surrounded jy wide verandas, all constructed of ihe ordinary prairie "nigger heads" in their natural rough slate. The tippet story is of frame work. The building s large and commodious. How Liquor May He Sold. Judge Thomas made a ruling on the laloon question last week at Humboldt. !n his charge to the grand jury he italed that all sales of intoxicating iquors by a mulct saloon must be over he counter, and Unit if sales are made n any other way proof of such sales vas ground for indictment. No Blue Slty in This. Garner Signal: J. L. Sutton of Mgonn sold Mrs. Al. Hamilton a pair Shetland ponies last Friday, also larness and pony cart. The ponies are fray in color and well matched. .Irs, H. may well feel proud of her urnout. A Common Sttfht Hereabouts. The Loader says a Ledyard citizen ecently counted thirteen steam thresh" irs and one horse power machine at vork from where he stood on a high ;rain stack. To Speak In Ohio. Victor B. Dolliver left Friday for lolurabus, Ohio, to join the ranks of rators who will work there for republicanism until the November elec- lon. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Alex. White is enjoying a visit from tor father who is up from Eurloy. Dr. Ed. Watson came homo Friday. Ho s looking well after his long illness. Mrs. Geo. C. Call went to Minneapolis Monday to visit Miss Louise McCoy. Mrs. Judge Thomas is here with her hus- iand and is stopping at the Thornington. Mrs. Lafe Young came from Dos Moines Friday and spent a duy at Harvey Ingharn's. Col, Cooko sailed for this country Monny. He will be home the lust of the mouth. Chester Call has entered the law school of he Northwestern University at Evanston, llinois. Mrs. Edith Clarke Williams is expected loine Saturday for a two weeks' visit be- ore going east, Rev. Davidson went to Clear Lake Friday and has now gone to Indiana to visit and •ecruit his health. Mr. and Mrs, John War'sworth returned o Wisconsin Friday after a pleasant visit vith their sons here. Rev. Carter of Clear Lake will preach at he Congregational church next Sunday morning and evening. Rev. Southwell, the new Methodist min- ster, is a genial man to meet and comes with a good reputation in the pulpil, Mrs. Ed, Williams and daughter, Bertha, are here from Ipsvvltch to attend her moth- )r, Mrs. Waterhouse, who is again very ow, Rev. Kennedy will move to Spencer Saturday. Ho takes with him the best vishes of all who have met him during his ear in Algona. Mrs, F. D. Calkins is homo from her visit it Blue Earth and Mr. Calkins' father vis- ted in Algona Sunday on his way home 'rom the north, Cards announce that Mr, and Mrs. Durm Davenport will be. at home after Oct. 5. They are gettincr nicely settled in their home on north Dodge street. Miss Bertha Hancock has gone to Chicago to take a two year's course in Delsarte and voice culture. She is in the Auditor- urn school, one of the best in the city, Rev. Bonnet Mitchell came from conference to visit his son in Algona and will preach in the Methodist church next Sunday, His old Algofltt friends will be glad to hear him again, Miss McGregor, sister of A. D, McGregor, who remained in Algona to attend Rev. Davidson at the request of the Masonic edge, left for Chicago Monday, Site is a skilled trained nurse. Mrs, Jas, Taylor. Mrs, J. W, Tennant, and Miss Nannie Frazer are with the At- anta editorial party, Miss Frazer goes with Mrs. Fiunell and Mi s. Taylor and Mrs, Tea n ant represent outside papers. M, E. Sleioher and Fred, Ingham went to iowa City Monday to attend law school, Although admitted to the bar at Omaha, Fred, will take an additional year's study and Mr. Sohleioher expects tp do two terms work in one, Mr. and Mrs, Starr, Mrs. Ike, Finnell, and Mr. and Mrs, Warren went to Pes Monday for the editorial excursion to Atlanta, They left Des Moines last night, will spend a day »t the St. Louis fair, a day at Lookout Mountain, and BIX days at the Atlanta exposition, NOTICE James Patterson's ad, this week for bargains fair week,T-27t? Money ..,...,, without a doubt, by buying yp«r groceries of Anderson &S(ebbins, south of the court house, T££32 World's Pure Food Exposition-*-^ in Chicago recommends Sanitarium -^': roods. 1x37- tlh-eno.. Langdon In buying a heating stove three things should be considered. ."" Durability, Radiation, Style. Riverside Oak has all of these qualities happily combined. It is built for wear. It gives the greatestamount of heat for the fuel used. It is attractive in appearance. No smoke, no dirt in removing' ashes. Air tight. Holds fire '24' hours. When you buy a ' ' Riverside" you know you have the best. 1 Don't buy any other stove ' ' that's just as good.-" Others look like it but therere is Only One For sale only by M. DOXSEE, Hardware. FURNITURE! Sli-stcLes- w E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves, Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. NSURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business,. Office over Algona State Fanners' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, RooHford of Jtaojtford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New Yorte United Stales Life oj New Yo^" _ and jackets, fur and cloth, Galbraith &CVs. YOU qan just as well have a stove that's right as tq ex Jeug Painter and . Paper Hanger, Postal oav4 oyfleys prom}!... ,. 411 work warranted fop Ivs years, We sell U. It is the ROUNR QA& /, W. v LOCAL AGENT WANTED R58R ' ' M, P, Haggard & Peefc Abstracts, Real E8tate Collections, Hudson* I •••' >m '/v3 :: •$ 4*1 - *m PB, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat ''' ' "' faterorNo-EtolV^ i ' <•'" •*7.",V<i '-"A J$'4 "t ( j- > *_- ' •. j i i i *?• <sa*v H t jwyMHpuy^ j '», t -«^f'*v ^\ ' * v v 1 ,' *' , i * v'' 1 '* s-^ 1 t^t *«.3<-* v 'V , <•<^V&s-i'-i&T; "nr*L k.«»«. n ««». n .«i«i jt jIL*.j—~',i..lAiii. AL^'I_—w* 1

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